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Mobile Flipbook Studio – The Perfect Way to Create Buzz At Bar or Bat Mitzvah

“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain,

Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again.”

Bar Mitzvah is a memorable occasion in every Jewish girl and boy’s life, the moment when she or he is considered to step out from the immaturity of childhood to a position of responsibility. Before this, it was the parents’ responsibility to see that the child observed Jewish law and tradition. After Bar Mitzvah, children bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition and etjics and can participate in all areas of Jewish community life.


However, Bar Mitzvah is important not only for the child stepping into responsibility, but his/her family, relatives and friends as well. Therefore, for the celebrations to remain memorable for many a year, there has to be something unique about them. Of course, there’s no denying the importance of delicious food, vibrant decorations, entertaining music and enthusiastic guests. But to have a really memorable Bar Mitzvah, the should be something that sets it apart from the ordinary.


Having a mobile flipbooks studio as part of the Bar Mitzvah entertainment can ensure just that uniqueness. For those unfamiliar with flipbooks, it’s a simple but effective tool for capturing memories on paper. In simplest terms, a flipbook is a book with its pages filled with slightly changing pictures, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, they create an illusion of moving images.


While they were actually developed to simulate cinema before cinema came into being, nowadays videos can be converted into flipbooks for the sake of novelty. Flipbooks are also finding increasing popularity as a promotional tool. At intra-company and inter-company events, flipbooks are often used to spread and reinforce the company brand.


Photo booths at events like Bar Mitzvahs have always proved to be popular. People love taking home remembrances of any event they attend and photo booths meet this important want. A mobile flipbooks studio just carries this concept a bit further by not only allowing people to capture memories, but also to capture them in an innovative and fun manner.


All that is required is space to set up such a studio. With the latest technologies on offer, a 10′ X 10′ space will suffice. Once the setup is complete, the guests can pose for the video shoot in whatever manner they choose. From formal poses to clowning around, all memories will be captured by the camera. Now,using specialized software, the video is converted into multiple images that differ from the next one by only a small amount. These images are then printed on to the pages of a book at the studio itself. That’s it – your flipbook is done! On average, it takes less than a minute for each flipbook to be created.


These flipbooks can now be carried home by guests as fond remebrances of the great fun they had at the Bar Mitzvah celebrations. To ensure that your party stands out and is remembered by your guests, look at this innovative reinterpretation of an old technique today!


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How To Create Amazing Wedding Photo Books

In the wake of every major event, one typically finds hundreds of photographs to manage. Most often, they find their way into a traditional photo album. And a good number of photos may also get lost in the process.

Lets take the example of a wedding ceremony. Its an event that sees thousands of photographs being taken. Its not easy to get all of them printed (given the cost and time involved), then put up on a photo album, organized neatly and securely fixed. However, dont be disappointed if you find that youve accidentally missed out of a few good snaps after youve completed putting together your album.

Why go into so much trouble when you can easily add (or subtract) photos from your collection with a digital photo book software. It makes life so much easier.

Some of the best photo book software available today come with a host of very useful features and have very remarkable capabilities, such as built-in Special Fx that lets you turn colored photographs into beautiful black and white, or even add brown filters and tilt lens styled effects.

You can also make photo book that you can carry around and take places with this software. The software generates ready to print PDF files which will let you print your digital photo book and share with your friends and relatives. It requires no special skills or expertise to make the photo book. Just adjust a few simple settings and hit the print button. It has never been simpler.

Some of the other features present include the ability to ensure that only an Admin with a license key can modify the Print Ready Files, and integrate with other photo sites like Flickr and the ability to add images from the WebOnTheFly. You may have seen or made plenty of photo albums in the past, but few can match the fun and convenience of the digital photo book.

So go ahead, get all your photos neatly organized with the photo book software and make a photo book you will be really proud of. Youll love it!

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Real Love and Friendship

People crave real love and friendship without having an understanding of what it is all about. Love cannot be defined in words, it is a feeling that can only be expressed through words and actions. Real love is a feeling that would be the resultant of being loved and cared for. When there is love between two people there is no ego and there is no jealousy. It only is the trust and the care that two people have and share for each other.

Being in love with the right person is something that you need to figure out. You should know the person well before reaching a conclusion that he or she is the right person and would justice with your feelings. Having a new crush everyday is nothing uncommon, but understanding and realizing that the person is right for you.

Once you understand the quintessence of love you would automatically understand the importance of your partner in your life and also of other relations that you are associated with. It is important that you respect your partners’ thinking and give him his or her freedom. Love does not mean that you own the person. It is a respect, trust, care and devotion that you have towards your partner and his or her feelings.

For experiencing love in any relationship you need to be a person who understands emotions. You need to open your heart to all the feelings and understand what the other person feels for you. Love your partner more than yourself and you will realize that true love is a feeling that has no comparison and knows no bounds. It is an eternal feeling that gives you pleasure every moment that you live in it.

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Preparing For Holiday Party Planning

With any holiday coming up, you may be feeling a little stressed about all the things you need to do to prepare for holiday party. It may even seem as though you just finished hosting a holiday party, and now it’s time again to start your holiday party planning all over again. Because your last holiday party was such a success, you may even feel as though your family and friends almost expect you to plan all of the holiday parties for years to come. You should take this as a compliment. If you’re good at planning holiday parties, you should do it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your time catering to the needs and wants of others. Holiday parties are a time for everyone to enjoy, including the host or hostess.

If you want your next holiday party to be less stressful and more enjoyable to you, there are some things that you can do differently to make your dream come true. When feeling a little overwhelmed, the best thing to do is to remember that holiday parties are supposed to be a time to share and enjoy the holidays with those that you love. Holiday parties are not meant for one person to slave for hours on end for others to take advantage of.

If the holiday requires a large meal to be prepared, ask some of your guests to chip in and bring a dish. Make a list and assign different food categories for your guests to bring on the day of the event rather than you trying to prepare everything yourself. When someone asks “What can I bring to the party,” be sure to tell them. If you don’t ask for help and be specific about what to bring, you may end up with ten bottles of wine and no vegetables, salad or dessert. Hosting a holiday party can be expensive and just the cost alone is reason enough to ask for help from your guests. Try to plan your menu with food items that can be prepared in advance and if they need to be reheated, plan for something that can be heated in the microwave just before serving. This will save oven space and if the food item can be reheated in the microwave, it will save time too.

Once the party is over, be sure to ask for some help in cleaning up. Don’t be shy to ask for help, many of your guests will be glad to get up after a large meal and work off some of those calories anyway. Many hostesses feel like they must clean their house before the party and then after the party too. This is double the work and it is quite acceptable to ask your guests to help with the clean up after the party. In fact, your guests will most likely offer to help, and this is your perfect opportunity to take them up on their offer to help clean up.

Holidays are stressful in and of themselves because everyone is busy, but holiday party planning does not need to be overly stressful and can be quite enjoyable if you welcome the help of others and don’t try to do everything yourself. For your next holiday party, start thinking of ways to get others involved with the holiday party planning and you will be amazed how much more enjoyable the planning phase and the actual party will be. Instead of stressing about all the things you must do for a successful holiday party, turn your thinking around to think about how much fun you’re going to have at your next holiday party because others are helping you to succeed.

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Getting a Girls Number at a Bar

Getting her number, the goal of the entire night for many men across the country. Without a number, how will you get a hold of her and plan your next encounter? The number may cause most men their toughest sticking point. I will show you several ways to get that number tonight.

The most direct way of obtaining a number is to escalate the evening so much so that she really is practically begging to give it to you. If you can kiss close, your target chances are she will give you the number very easily. I want to caution against attempting the kiss close to early on in the evening. If she rejects your advances, you have completely blown yourself out and now become the creepy guy, good luck with that number.

If you are reading this, chances are you are trying to figure out how to get a girls number, that being said you may now have the confidence yet to attempt a bold action like a kiss close. In that case perhaps the cliché number request will work for you. We have all seen it in movies, the guy clumsily asks “So I was wondering if you weren’t doing anything later this week, maybe, I could call you?”. I don’t like this method and I tell all my readers to stay away from it. When you ask her for the number you have given her the power to say no. The number one characteristic that leads to successful pickup artists is to always be in control of a situation. Second, when you ask for the number in this cliché way, your actions of trying to get into the girls pants are loud and clear. Even if the target wants you to try and advance her, she will back out at the exact moment she feels like she is being picked up. She wants the ” it kind of just happened” experience.

My favorite way to get a number is by being natural. Try to incorporate your targets specific interests into your line. For example if she had mentioned she loved animals, specifically her dog. you might say something like “Hey I know this great dog beach down off PCH, we should take our dogs there this weekend, give me your number.” The key is to make it sound fluid and natural. Did you notice how I didn’t ask for her number? I told her to give it to me, remember always be in control.

As you become more and more confident in your pick up abilities you will be able to use these three number closing routines to your advantage. Good luck..and Keep charging.

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The Spotted Bat Or the Euderma Maculatum

Recognition: The Spotted bat is probably one of the rarer bats in the US but it does have some distinctions that make it different from other bats. It has extremely large ears which are pinkish in color and three white spots on its back. One at the base of each ear and one on the rump. The body is approximately 4 ¼ to 4 ½ inches long with a wingspan of around 14 inches. This bat weights in at 7/10ths of an ounce. This bats echolocation calls can be heard by the unaided human ear.

Range: The Euderma Maculatum lives from British Columbia to Durango, Mexico. Another Western United States bat with some rare appearances in Wyoming and Montana. Interestingly enough the first Spotted bat to be discovered in Montana was found as it flew into an open window in Billings MT in a private residence. This bat is mostly found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Southern Utah.

Habitat: The Spotted bat lives in a variety of areas, including desert scrub, coniferous forests, low deserts, basins, juniper woodlands, limber pine or Douglas Fir. It is believed that they will range from sea level up to around 7500 feet although nothing has been confirmed on these bats. They will roost in rock faced cliffs and very remote areas of the country. It can crawl quite easily on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Food Habits: As like most bats in the United States it is insectivorous and primarily eats moths and beetles. It would appear as with most bats, they do not compete with each other over food or territory. They will forage between 15 to 45 feet above the ground or over water. One of the few bats who’s echolocation abilities are in the lower range and therefore we are able to hear them as clicks.

Problems; Nothing much has affected these bats as far as danger to them until recently. Because of their remote locations they are not affected by man except in some small areas and this is because more people are doing rock climbing. As far as is known this is still fairly rare and ONLY in a few areas.

Ken Rudman
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Wedding Photos of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Unveiled

The celebrity couple Joel Madden and Nicole Richie experienced their memorial wedding ceremony at  Lionel home of Nicole’s father at the Los Angeles estate on Saturday, December 11, 2010. After 4-year dating, the pair officially tied the knot under the sight of relatives, close friends and distinguished guests. In fact, Nicole Richie wants to keep their wedding photos secret; however, some have been revealed on People Magazine. It’s wonderful that their two children, 2-year-old daughter Harlow, and 5-month-old son Sparrow were taken to their parents’ wedding party. Let’s have a look at the most breathtaking photos during the wedding ceremony of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie on December 11, 2010.


Nicole Richie’s smile and eyes was filled with happiness when she was hand in hand with her hubby Joel Madden along the church hall


As a wife and a husband, the celebrity couple danced together for the first time during their wedding ceremony


That’s a great and luxurious wedding cake of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie


The 29-year-old bride and the 31-year-old groom posed happily with their adorable kids, Harlow, 2 years old and Sparrow, 5 months old


The beautiful bride was spotted with her two most important men in her life, father- American singer-songwriter, Lionel Richie and her husband, Joel Madden


Names of the bride and groom were embroidered on Nicole Richie’s wedding gown


A lovely elephant attended the wedding party of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie


The Hollywood couple  started dating in December 2006 and had two children together before they decided to tie a knot by such a nice wedding party


The couple’s night wedding party was simple serving guests with a red green salad, butternut squash ravioli, filet mignon or tuna


According to People Magazine, the wedding between Joel Madden and Nicole Richie is a big end-of-year, “Best of 2010″ special event



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Commercial Photography

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Show the quality of your projects with Commercial Photography

Let others witness the wonder of your schemes as they are being created and then captured with Commercial Photography.  Your cutting-edge architecture could be breaking new ground and quiet rightly you should be fiercely proud of this fact. Highlight your fine architectural features with Commercial Photography and let still pictures represent a true reflection of your work. Experts in Commercial Photography can produce the most amazing results as they capture a stunning series of pictures. Need professional pictures of your projects? Work with the experienced photographers who produce captivating Commercial Photography for numerous blue chip clients. They’ll provide you with expertly taken photographs that promote your projects in all of their glory, wherever they might be.

Achieve great aerial shots with Commercial Photography

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Meet Women at Parties

It may seem a bit old-fashioned in today’s futuristic dating world, but you can meet women in person for the first time and ask them out. Although I would never knock online dating, which has served me well over the years, there is just something that must be said about meeting women at parties.

Sometimes you find someone online and on paper you are a perfect match, but when you meet in person there just isn’t a bit of chemistry. That spark is missing, but until you come face-to-face, you would never know.

That is one reason I think meeting women at parties can be so successful. When you see each other in person, you have a chance to examine each other physically, watch each other’s personalities and see if there is a spark there.

Yes, it’s true that all this can be determined at a bar, but there is a reason why meeting women at parties is better than meeting them at bars or clubs.

Besides the impersonal atmosphere of a bar or club, they are often too noisy to have a decent conversation in. In addition, bars and clubs are typically known as pick up locations and women are wary – and probably weary – of anyone who is going to come up to them in such an environment.

Thirdly, a lot of times women are not out at bars looking for a boyfriend. Therefore, if you are looking to meet women that you want to date more than once, often bars and clubs are not the best places to find someone.

The other great thing about meeting women at parties is that there is a better chance of having something in common with her than meeting her at a bar. How’s that? You ask. Because often if you are at the same party, there is a mutual acquaintance involved. Even if the host or hostess is not a mutual friend, usually the people who have something in common hang out together. Therefore, you have upped the odds of being compatible.

Another benefit of meeting women at parties is because this is a fun atmosphere where people are most likely relaxed and responsive. A party environment is one where conversation flows naturally and people are out to have a good time. People are also prepared to attend a party and meet new people, so meeting women will seem natural and not obtrusive.

In fact, it is very natural to smile and wander up to someone at a party to meet them. A party atmosphere is very nonthreatening and cozy. People feel safe and are open to getting to know new people because they are often at the party with at least one, if not more, friends.

When you are at a party, conversation just seems more natural. It might have to do with it being a private space and not a public one, but for some reason I’ve had more luck meeting women at parties. I tend to think her being at a party also shows that people like her enough to include her, which is always a good sign.

Bill has been a pick up artist for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one, as well, including how to text a girl. The original article can be found here: Meet Women At Parties.

5 Great Holiday Party Ideas

The holidays are a great for spending time with friends and family. But for the hopeful host or hostess, throwing a holiday party can be stressful. Here are a few helpful tips for eliminating stress and throwing a great holiday get together.

1) Send invitations early. The holidays can get busy. With people going out of town or relatives coming into town, school parties and all the other things-like getting your picture taken at the mall with Santa-a must do, right? Calendars get full, so make sure your party is on everyone’s calendar before Jingle Bells even hits the radio waves, which seems to happen earlier and earlier every year.

2) Throw a theme party. Making decorations or refreshments can be a hassle and can take away from your own fun as a host or hostess. So why not throw a baking party or a wreath or ornament making party. You could even throw a tree trimming party that will help you get your tree trimming and decorations done. If you’re not baking cookies or serving hot cocoa, you can really create that holiday ambience with a fresh scent by setting out oranges filled with cloves.

3) Do something for the kids. If you are inviting the whole family, make sure to keep the kids entertained. Why not play an old Christmas classic like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for the kids. Or have kids paint their own ornaments and frost cookies. Decorating or baking parties also eliminate the need to make party favors or goody bags.

4) Frugal is the name of the game. Stock up on any necessary items, such as serving trays and punch bowls by borrowing from friends. Make your own party gear look extra festive by spray-painting them with holiday colors like white, silver, and gold. Pick up a can of crystal frost spray to give your decor a wintery feel, and string white lights above the door and in the house, while you dim your own lights, to set a calming, festive mood. Ornaments aren’t just for the tree; hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire and pins.

5) Include activities. Exciting activities make the party and get people socializing and enjoying one another’s company. Don’t count on great conversations to just pop up. Have guests write down their favorite or funniest Christmas memories or gifts and then tape them to a poster board for other guests to enjoy or giggle at. Gift exchanges can spark conversation and laughter, especially if you set a theme or a dollar limit-why not try dollar store gift exchange. Of course, the classic fun of singing Christmas carols, especially to those in need such as a retirement or convalescent home will bring the holiday spirit to all the partygoers.

Gunter Jameson lives in Utah. He enjoys writing about adult continuing education, social media and internet marketing.