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Ways People Use Embroidery to Enhance Family Events

These days there are so many items that can be embroidered, such as most items of clothing and pretty much anything that is made of cloth or leather. You may not have thought about having anything custom embroidered before but it can really help to make a family event that bit more special. It also means that you will have a special keepsake from the event to remember the day by.

Some family events for which embroidery would be nice.


A custom embroidered image on a sweater can make a great birthday gift. Maybe an image of the birthday boy or girl themselves embroidered on a polo shirt would make a fantastic gift. What about their favorite sports team? An embroidered family image on a new sweater will blow them away.

Custom embroidery is especially nice if the birthday is a significant one, like the 21st or 40th. Having a humorous picture or statement on a piece of clothing could really highlight the event.

Family reunions

A family reunion could be a great reason to get some embroidering done for the first time. Maybe you have a family crest that you would like to have embroidered onto a shirt or cap for everyone to wear. Or you could have an animal, object or some words that represent the family.

If you do have a family logo then it may be a nice idea to have napkins or a tablecloth embroidered with your crest on to make a family dinner that bit more special. You could also think about having peoples nicknames embroidered onto a garment to help make the event more fun.

Weddings, engagements and christenings

Embroidery is also the perfect way to enhance a wedding, christening, engagement or a bar mitzvah. If someone in the family is due to get married then you could have t-shirts, caps, or shirts embroidered for a the event.

You could have a small design embroidered onto a christening blanket or gown, such as the date of the christening, the name of the baby and the location of the event to make a special memento. This type of idea will also work nicely for a bar mitzvah or a young lady’s sweet sixteen party. The idea of embroidering napkins and table settings for a wedding with the date and the bride and grooms names would also be wonderful.

Miscellaneous Events

Aside from the ideas above, there are also some other occasions where embroidery could be appropriate. These include having a cap or gown embroidered for use for a graduation. You could include the date and maybe the degree or the college that they have graduated from.

Or maybe you are going on a special family sports day out and could have team names embroidered onto a t-shirt. In fact the list is practically endless, so why not give embroidering a try and see how it can enhance a number of occasions.

Author: Dean Zellman continues the family tradition in the clothing industry, started by his paternal grandfather in the early 20’s with the opening of Zellman’s Men’s Store. Mr. Zellman owns and runs Mr-Stitch Embroidery , specializing in embroidered business logos and custom designs.

Celebrate With The Fun Of Confetti

Using confetti has made parties more fun since it was first seen in France in 1891. Any party with these colorful bits thrown around the room or floating in the air is not meant to be sedate and formal; it is meant to be a time of merriment and lighthearted frolic.

First introduced in France in 1891, this mini party favor quickly became popular around the world. Once rounds of paper punched out in various sizes or bits cut with scissors, confetti now comes in over 2500 die cut shapes and in all colors of the rainbow.

The shapes make it easy to add a finishing touch to all sorts of events. For a baby shower, you can find blue or pink babies. Birthdays can have tiny balloons or packages scattered across the cake table. New Year’s Eve centerpieces look more festive with little champagne flutes, gold bottles, top hats and bow ties, and the Happy New Year slogan glittering all around.

Numbers help emphasize the importance of a birthday, the achievement of a wedding anniversary, the occasion of retirement, or the class year of a graduation. Red hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St, Patrick’s Day, flowers for Mother’s Day, high heels for a bachelorette party, and stars for any one of a hundred reasons are only a sample of the hundreds of unique shapes and words.

There are all sorts of fun shapes – snowflakes, horseshoes, bows, animals, stars, flowers, butterflies, and more. Check online for all the possibilities for your wedding, holiday celebration, graduation, bar mitzvah, or any other event. Make a private celebration into a ticker tape parade or use a selection of topical shapes to embellish centerpieces or even as the main decoration for tables or buffets.

Confetti only comes out at party time and using it makes any occasion an instant success.

The petal confetti will look beautiful at a wedding. We have great wedding confetti that will be sure to make your wedding look gorgeous.

Fun Ideas for the Kids on Your Gift List

Trying to find the perfect gift for a kid can be a real hassle. Too often people remember at the last minute that their nephew’s birthday is right around the corner, or that their own child has a playmate’s bar mitzvah coming up (and guess who is in charge of finding a present). It is hard to think of a bigger bummer than a child’s forlorn face when they open up a disappointing gift.

But how can you stay on top of the latest trends with so much going on in your day-to-day life? Well, here are a few fun and exciting gift suggestions that are sure to make any child’s special day one that they will never forget.

Table Top Games

Get the party started with an exciting selection of tabletop games. These timeless games will transform any flat surface into a thrilling children’s recreation room. A miniature billiards table comes complete with all fifteen balls plus cue ball, two pool sticks, and chalk to ensure a perfectly aimed shot. The kid-sized ping-pong table will put any child’s reflexes to the test. It includes two paddles, balls, and a net.

Your children can also get fast and furious on a pint-sized air hockey table. This comes with two mallets and several pucks. Do you have a future soccer star in your life? Treat them to a fantastic tabletop foosball game. Two players can compete in intense face-offs on this scaled-down soccer field. Each of these games measure approximately 20 x 12 x 4″ and will bring out the competitive nature in any child.

Coin Counting Bank

Teach kids the importance of saving with a fun money counting bank. Every time you add change to the plastic jar, the internal calculator adds it to the total amount and displays it on a screen. This item not only makes saving spare change fun, it also helps teach kids how to add. Batteries are sold separately.

Roll Out Key Board

Whether you know a child who takes piano lessons, or even if you have a kid in your life that has yet to discover their inner musician, this electronic keyboard is fun for any mini Mozart. The fun part about this particular keyboard is that it can be neatly rolled up, stuffed in a bag, and taken anywhere.

They can even play it on the street corner and take donations in their coin-counting bank! Musical games are increasingly popular with kids today and more and more children are starting to trade in their video games for real musical instruments. This keyboard is a great way to transfer from a toy to the real thing. It has 37 keys that produce a three-octave range, 16 tones, 99 rhythm choices, and ten demo songs to get things rolling. The intimidating undertaking of learning the piano becomes an exhilarating challenge when it is this easy to practice anywhere you go.

Pinball Money Maze

Putting money in a card is always a safe bet to give any child on that special occasion. Slip them a ten and let them buy what they want. But if you want to show them that you still put some thought into their present, the pinball money maze makes receiving a gift its own game. All you do is slide cash, a check, tickets or a gift card into the hidden drawer before you wrap it up. Later, the recipient uses the real pinball flippers to shoot three balls into a designated hole in order to get the money out. Don’t just slip a few bucks into some lame card that a kid isn’t even going to read. Make it an adventure with this exciting and reusable gift-giving game.

Zone Wireless Game Station

Playing video games today isn’t what it used to be. No longer does it necessarily involve kids sitting for hours, virtually motionless in front of the television, moving nothing but their thumbs. With the Zone Wireless Game Station, the whole family can get off the couch and moving around the living room with its motion activated controllers. No need to hunt down pricey games at the store either because the Zone has 32 games already built in!

Just connect the plug-and-play gaming system to your television and challenge your family members to the game of their choice. Swing the controller like a racket during a heated tennis match. Arch it like you are shooting a basketball (just don’t let go!). Dad can even practice his swing with simulated golf. After the kids have worn themselves out with the motion-activated games they can challenge their minds with a game of chess or a round of Sudoku. Make family night game night with the fun for all ages Zone Wireless Game Station.

With so many exiting options out there today, searching for a great children’s gift never has to be stressful again. So the next time you find yourself racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for any kid in your life, keep some of these ideas in mind.

Rob Reed is a freelance writer who writes about several topics including Gifts.

Civil Weddings Have More Options Than Any Other Form

When a couple gets into the bond of love and marriage it means they promise to be together for the whole life. The point here is not about love marriage and arranged marriage. It is all about making the life’s first occasion a memorable experience. There should be no limits on the amount of fun, enjoyment, arrangements and lot more. In some form of marriages there is certain amount of restrictions which is particularly found in the religious form of wedding where there is always some restriction and there is no such arrangement for the guests as well.

In the civil wedding form, the level of enjoyment is somewhere very high which includes no restrictions as such. For the wedding couple there are so many avenues and unlimited amount of activities which help in making a memory for the life time. For instance, there is a photo session going on for all the guests including the couple. At this point, mere 10 to 20 snaps would not anything. But, more than thousand photos will help making memory which everyone can look and cherish after the event.

The moment when the two of them gets into bond there should be some emotional feeling which needs some time to sink in which means the occasion, the environment, the ambience and the background setting should be something beyond perfection. Apart from the couple, there are many things which need to be taken care of and that includes arrangements. This includes music, food, seating arrangements, space, decorations, entry and exit for the couple, stage, recording camera and other.

The arrangements are supposed to be planned and scheduled. If this pattern is followed then there is less chances of any kind of confusion and delay. So, civil wedding needs someone who is expert in event planning. This will boost the overall environment and also brings charm to the wedding. They keep an eye on each and every detail of the wedding which results in something really appreciating. They put their best efforts in enhancing the level of joy in the occasion which clearly signifies their work and effort. Hence, for wedding they must be contacted to ensure the best arrangements.

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Jewish Brides: Wedding Dresses

While many of today’s most popular wedding gowns are sexier and more revealing than ever, styles that show too much skin – like strapless, backless and low-cut gowns may not be kosher under the chuppah. Below, are some guidelines for keeping on the right side of the Rabbi whilst retaining your sense of fashion and style.


When it comes to bridal attire, the three major denominations of Judaism – Reform, United, and Orthodox – have different requirements. Reform Judaism has few, if any, restrictions on dress. United synagogues usually require that a bride’s shoulders be covered and no jewellery worn, while Orthodoxy places even greater restrictions on attire such as wearing dresses with long or three-quarter length sleeves, high-cut necklines, ankle-length skirts, and covered backs.

The following guidelines should help you find a gown that makes you look elegant and stylish, but check with your Rabbi first. Rules regarding bridal attire can vary even among synagogues within the same denomination.

Go Undercover

Covered shoulders is the most common requirement for brides marrying in a United synagogue. Most brides find a strapless or spaghetti-strap gown that comes with a wrap or bolero-style jacket. This provides coverage for the ceremony which can simply be removed for the reception.

Make a Change

Finally, if you think you’ve found the perfect dress – but the neckline is too low, the sleeves are too short, and so on – ask someone at the bridal shop if the designer can alter the dress. Of course, you can’t turn a sexy, spaghetti-strap sheath into a demure ball gown, so be realistic. Some designers have styles that come in both short and long sleeved incarnations. Most others will make slight alterations, such as putting short sleeves on a sleeveless dress or raising a neckline an inch or two.

Pure Colour

A few final thoughts before you buy: Avoid gowns with too much colour. In Jewish custom, a white wedding dress symbolizes spiritual purity. But if white’s not your colour, don’t worry. As you can see on the Weddings section of our website, we have photographed brides in a variety of shades from the most delicate duck egg blue, to lemon and cappuccino. Also, ask the bridal shop to reinforce the hooks and straps that will hold the train in place for the Israeli dancing. Although we attend weddings with loads of safety pins and a needle & thread, our temporary attempts to hold the train up are not much better than the flimsey hook and eyes provided by most dress designers. And lastly, check that you can dance and move in your dress. It is all very well posing in front of the mirror at the bridal shop, but if your dress stops you from partying and having fun it can ruin your special day.

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue.

Judaism, we Hardly Knew Yah’

Living with the Judaism is a lofty and important concept. Devout Jews are expected to incorporate Judaic thinking and action into everything they do. To truly live with the Judaism Jews must learn at a young age to understand and revere the sacred document. Although this love of Judaism was usually instilled by traditional Hebrew schools, it is becoming more commonplace for parents to send their children to Jewish day school online to gather this knowledge.

Jewish learning online is such a great idea because it takes the ubiquity of technology and uses it to spread Judaic learning. Anywhere there is an internet connection a child can catch up with their Judaic study in a fun, one-on one Bar Mitvah lesson.. This brings Judaic study outside of the classroom and makes it a more natural part of life.

Kids may not be familiar with the history and platitudes of the Judaism, but they certainly know their way around a computer. Online Hebrew school takes this familiarity with technological platforms and uses it as the starting point for exploring the Judaism. The goal is to make the Judaism as important in the lives of children as computers and cell phones.

Although traditional Hebrew school serves an important function in the Jewish community, the benefits of Jewish school online are incomparable. Parents do not need to worry about bringing their kids to and from class. Kids get to learn in an environment they are familiar with and can access their lessons from anywhere they can access the web. For years Jews have been adopting, to strengthen and survive their internal connection, and this should be no different. If we want to teach a younger generation of Jews about living with the Judaism, we must be willing to change the way we teach.

A basis in Jewish learning is important for a future of Judaic studies. The same could be said about online learning. Electronic learning has become commonplace in the context of Judaic studies and education at large. Giving your child familiarity with the academic world online could give them an important boost in our increasingly computerized education system.

If you do decide to send your child to Jewish Day school online, make sure you choose the appropriate school. Take a look at the curriculum and the methods they use. Does it seem like something that would be affective for your child? If so, enroll your child and watch them blossom into a strong Jewish adult.

Jewish Online School is your online Hebrew School! Perfect for Jewish homeschoolers, our online school offers bar mitzvah lessons, online Judaic studies and everything you’re looking for in a Jewish School.

How To Plan Your Kids Birthday Party

If you want to make feel special your kids then their birthday is the best option to do this. Organize a birthday party that your kid will remember forever and appreciate the most.
It might be tough to organize this by your own, for this you can take the help of some professionals.

First of all decide where you want to organize this party at your home or some where else.
Now a days, economic climate is becoming increasingly popular and it became very costly to organize a party. But if you plan well then it can end up by saving you a lot of money along with the full enjoyment to the everyone who is the part of the party.

In this article, there are some helpful tips for you while you are going to organize a party. Usually, holding a party is a stressful task but again proper planning can be a stress free process.

1) Four and six weeks before the party date:-

Very first you might have the knowledge of the taste of kids. Discuss with your kids what kind of theme they would like. And also get the idea of the number of guests.

If you are looking for a surprise party then do not discuss anything with your kid.
Most of the kids party planning should be done at this stage. Keep in mind that “A timely effort will prevent more work later”. So, you must have to make some arrangement before the party date.

2) Three weeks before the party date:-

Now its time for the invitations, buy or make them and send them out. Buy the decoration material, party bags and prizes. This all depend upon budget to have decide for the party.

3) Two Weeks before the party:-

Now its time to search the ideas for game and activities which totally depends upon the age of the kid.
You may now also want to make planning for the food in the party. As a celebration you will want to serve all your kids favorite things like chocolate and all.

Confirm the booking you’ve made. So that there should not be any detail in the main time.

4) Two days before the party:-

# Most important do not forget to buy present for the birthday boy/girl.
# check if you already buy the decoration material.
# Prepare the goody bags.
# Grocery shopping, this is the most important pick up all of the necessaries for the food being served, cake and bun ingredients, drinks etc. Do not forget that you may also be having adult guests so ensure that you have the essentials (tea, coffee, wine and beer).

5) In the party day:-

Make sure that you have the contact number of each parents that have drop their child to the party in case of emergency.

In order to entertain the adults you have been invited in the party, you can take ideas from bar mitzvah party ideas

Rest have fun…!!

If you want to make feel special your kids then their birthday is the best option to do this. For more information you may visit our website :

Thrill Your Party with the New York City Party Magicians

When it comes to entertaining, it’s hard to beat professional magicians. It’s now bесоmе rеаllу popular tо engage а magician durіng parties and special events like birthday party, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, Christening, family reunion, communion, holiday party, day camp, graduation, night club, corporate event and school event as magician рrоvіdеѕ а unique type оf entertainment. Engaging thе correct Brooklyn party magicians tо entertain your guests аt your event саn bring enjoyment аnd delight аnd turn your party іntо а sensational day tо remember.

Hiring Great Magicians

Hiring magicians for your event is a great way to heighten the experience for your guests. Unlike other performing arts, magic has the unique ability to personally connect your guests and audience to something amazing. When hiring magicians in New York City, you want an entertainers who are professionals, will do a great job, offer a fun show, perform great stage magic and make your event memorable. You want magicians that can provide a great show that is designed for everybody, regardless of the age.

Whether you are planning a kids’ party, anniversary, graduation, corporate event, Bar Mitzvah and other special event in New York City, finding a great magician can truly add something special to your event. But, there are lots of magicians out there – each with different specialties and magic styles. Finding the right fit for your party or event can certainly takes time.

Knowing whеn аnd hоw tо employ thе services оf а magician іn Nеw York City or Bar Mitzvah magicians in Brooklyn fоr уоur special day dоеѕ call fоr а lіttlе planning аnd fundamentally оnе muѕt adopt thе bеttеr choice available.

You can hire a magician who specializes in stage magic for a big show on a main stage. You should always try to meet with a magician before your event to help them tailor their act to your special event. A good event magician is flexible and can customize a magic show for a particular guests, audience and age group. Highly experienced magicians will ask you about your event and your audience. They will tell you what they can offer to give you the best possible magic show. They can tie their tricks in with your theme, or you can consider a theme that incorporates magic.

The best magicians for birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, holiday parties, graduations, anniversaries and other special events are professionals with great attention to detail, speaking skills, creativity and charisma. If you’re planning on hiring a stage magician for your event, make sure to look for party magicians in Manhattan that have years experience performing stage magic and are willing to work with you to come up with the most appropriate and entertaining performance for your party needs.

Party іѕ nеvеr а thіng tо occur daily. Sо whеnеvеr уоu organize іt, mаkе іt а memorable оnе tо cherish fоr thе days аhеаd wіth thе aid оf thе skilled, dedicated аnd trained services оf reliable and talented magicians. Add some magic to your next event today and hire only a reliable New York and Brooklyn party magicians.

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A Guide to the Best Bar Mitzvah Invitations

A Bar Mitzvah is a very special celebration, one that holds its place among the oldest of religious ceremonies. While this is usually reserved for young men, there is a female version called a Bat Mitzvah.

According to Jewish Law, when Jewish children reach a certain age — 13 for boys and 12 for girls — they become responsible for their own actions. This era marks the coming of age for a young Jewish boy (or girl) and marks the beginning of adulthood. This tradition dates back several thousand years. Bat, being Hebrew for daughter and Bar, Hebrew for son; the child is said to become a son or daughter of Mitzvah, or “of the commandments.”

Before this pivotal turning point, parents bare the responsibility of a child’s observance to Jewish law and tradition. After the Bar Mitzvah, it is the task of the young man or woman to follow Jewish law by the strength of his or her own discipline. It is also at this age that young men and women are welcomed to participate in the Jewish social and community sphere.

Essentially, at the ages of 13 and 12, Jewish boys and girls inherit the legal status of an adult. They are able to possess their own property and get married. They are also legally, ethically and morally responsible for their own actions. They are expected to follow all 613 commandments of the Torah and take part in synagogue.

The Bar Mitzvah celebration, although popular in Jewish culture, is not required. There seems to be, however, two important parts to every Bar Mitzvah. First, there is the ritual at the synagogue and then a reception that follows. At the synagogue, the child will narrate a part of the Torah and participate in a special ceremony. A young man or woman must simply turn the appropriate age to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Nevertheless, the reception that accompanies this holiday has become a kind of right of passage and an event that children and parents look forward to. Great music, fun, fellowship, merriment and dancing are sure to make for a memorable evening.

Planning a Bar Mitzvah can be a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation and frustration. Knowing what to do and what not to do in preparing for one of the most important events of a young man or woman’s life can seem like quite an undertaking. Selecting a caterer, choosing the proper venue and drafting the perfect guest list can be quite an enterprise. Choosing an invitation, however, should be fast and easy.

Designing the ideal invitation shouldn’t be left to guesswork. There are actually some very straightforward guidelines when it comes to Bar Mitzvah invitation etiquette. While many of the guests on your list will understand the significance of the holiday, there will be those who have never attended a Bar Mitzvah. It is important to keep this in mind when outlining your invitation. While the specific wording of Bar Mitzvah invitations does not require much creativity, you can always make them more impressive with a scripture from the Torah, especially if it will be recited at the synagogue.

Tactfully including information about proper gift-giving is always in good taste when designing a Bar Mitzvah invitation. While most people know that gifts should accompany this event, many friends will not know what kind of offering is appropriate. If tastefully done, mentioning a registry with specific stores listed is suitable or informing guests that savings bonds or college fund donations are accepted is okay.

It may seem obvious but including proper contact information on invitations is essential. Be sure to make the RSVP process easy and convenient for guests and allow a variety of ways to respond. List more than one contact with working telephone numbers, postal and email addresses, and websites that would give guests an insight into the type of venue that has been selected. Verify all information after invitations are printed to avoid embarrassing setbacks because of incorrect information. When it comes to wording, include not only the date, time, and location of the event but also the child’s name as well as the names of both parents.

If all your guests will attend synagogue and the reception, only one invitation with both locations needs to be sent; however, if some guests will come to only one or the other, it may be wise to make separate invites for each event. Non-Jewish guests may appreciate only being invited to the reception to avoid uncomfortable discussions about conflicting religious beliefs.

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The Joy of a Bar Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah celebrates that special day when a boy comes of age at 13 years old. The term Bar Mitzvah directly translates as “son of commandment”, and it is when a boy transitions into an adult, where he is now morally and ethically solely responsible for his decisions and actions. For more information on what a Bar Mitzvah signifies, and how it is celebrated, read on.

The significance of the event

In Jewish tradition a 13 year old boy is recognized as an adult. Bar Mitzvah means the turning of age, and the festivities associated with it are merely in celebration. The celebrations are not necessary, but Jewish culture enjoys celebrating this important life changing event. It is also a very significant event in a young man’s life, so the celebration is a great way to mark that.

The preparation involved

The preparation involved prior to a Bar Mitzvah is lengthy. A young boy must study months in advance in order to prepare. Beforehand he will have studied Jewish synagogues and important movements within the Jewish culture. He will be expected to learn specific prayers, and will need to read the weekly Torah portion during a Shabbat service. He will also be expected to undertake a tzedakah (charity) project in order to raise money or donations for a charity of his choice.

How the event is celebrated

Being a major life celebration means a big celebration is usually enjoyed in order to mark it. The celebration usually involves plenty of food, dancing and activities. At this time the boy whose Bar Mitzvah it is will normally receive many gifts. Typical gifts include money (often in multiples of 18, as this represents good luck and life), and general frivolous and fun gifts such as gift cards, games and electronic gadgets.

The choice of food

As expected, the food at a Bar Mitzvah is food which must be “kosher”. This means it food that is suitable for those of the Jewish faith, and which conforms to the regulations of the Jewish dietary law. In order for food to be kosher, it must be prepared in the correct ritually proper manner, according to Jewish faith. This means animals which are slaughtered in the correct way, and the use of cooking utensils and machinery. Any foods that include the presence of ingredients which are derived from non kosher animals or products are considered unacceptable for consumption. This includes meats, milk, wine, grape juice (or their derivatives) which are produced without supervision.

The modern Bar Mitzvah celebration

Over time the traditional Bar Mitzvah celebrations have evolved in less conventional ways. This includes much bigger parties, which can last for many hours and includes lots of gift giving and indulging in culinary delights.

Post Bar Mitzvah

Once a young boy has celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, life goes on as normal. He will still be expected to attend Shabbat services and carry on his faith. As they become older, some young men decide to undertake torah classes in order to learn torah, and may decide study to become rabbi teachers.

Bar Mitzvah is an important event in the Jewish tradition where a boy transitions into an adult and makes his own decisions. Learn Torah from the rabbi teachers in Montreal today. Visit now to know more.