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Breakfast Bar Chair

A kitchen with an island or kitchen bar opens up more space where people can visit while the homeowner prepares dinner, and while others may be sitting in the dining room. A breakfast bar chair fits easily into this house plan, since it allows a person to sit comfortably while they’re eating. These chairs are placed around your kitchen island or breakfast bar, and create a place where everyone can talk. They keep friends and family members close together.

The modern kitchen has many machines that make it easier to prepare foods. A breakfast bar chair is just one more functional part of the room. Any time of day, on any holiday or for any gathering, your family members and friends can relax and keep you company in your kitchen. Whether you’re making a meal or grabbing a snack, or perhaps having a cup of tea, breakfast bar chairs are a comfortable place to relax.
Breakfast bar stools may be some of the most popular seats in your home. Whether it is the comfort of the chairs, or the location right in the middle of food preparation activities, a breakfast bar chair is a place that will be often used. They aren’t used for only breakfast anymore, either. You can relax there any time of day.
Breakfast bar chairs are sometimes shorter than regular bar stools, so that they can better fit under the table top or counter where they will be used. Whether you use rattan, wood or other materials, a breakfast bar chair will blend right into your kitchen’s homey comfort.

You won’t often purchase one breakfast bar chair, unless perhaps you are replacing one that was used in the kitchen before. Everyone will enjoy the chance for a comfortable seat right in the middle of the food preparation action.

If you’re planning to sell your home, real estate agents will recommend that you spend the most time staging the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are the rooms that make or break many property sales, so setting up breakfast bar chairs will give the room a homey feel that you know buyers seem to gravitate toward. Potential buyers want to get that feel of the kitchen, and a breakfast bar chair row will grab their attention.
If your children feel left out of conversations, they will be more the center of attention up on breakfast bar stools. A breakfast bar chair can also encourage proper posture, by encouraging your back to straighten up. They make a nice place to relax while you’re preparing a meal, too.

out various models before you select a breakfast bar chair style for your home. You can look online or at local furniture stores. There are many varieties of colors and materials, and make sure that you choose sturdy chairs for your kitchen’s island or breakfast bar.

out various models before you select a breakfast bar chair style for your home. You can look online or at local furniture stores. There are many varieties of colors and materials, and make sure that you choose sturdy chairs for your kitchen’s island or breakfast bar.

Truck Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are bent tubes that serve as adornments to vehicles. They may be side steps, step bars, or tube steps… More than a styling accessory, these help you get in and out of your truck.


When going home after a tiring day at work or after an exciting night at a hip club downtown, these bars would give you the much-needed boost to your tired legs. Essentially, these offer the following advantages:


– Extra boost when climbing in and out of your car. If you yourself require a sturdy stepping board to climb in and out of your truck, just think of the children and older passengers that will hitch a ride with you. Surely, they would require something to step into to get in your car safely and easily. Therefore, whether you own a sedan or a monstrous truck, a Nerf bar would be a welcome addition to your ride.


– Stable and safe step in any weather condition. If roads are slippery when wet, much more when hopping in your car. So, if your shoes or slippers are scraped too much and causing you to loose footing on wet roads, it will ensure you do not slip or get out balanced when stepping in and out your ride. These are designed with all-weather pads with grooved design to keep water away from the step board. Therefore, even if it is scorching hot outside with no sign of wet surfaces anywhere, but due to unexplained circumstances, you accidentally stepped in a puddle of water, you will still get a grip on climbing into your truck with your heavy-duty Nerf bar.


– Heavy-duty function for long lasting service life. Many of the Nerf bars available today are made from heavy-duty, thick walled steel tubes. Stainless steel or carbon steel is used in the construction for guaranteed strength and durability. The all-weather step pads are strongly put in place with heavy-duty adhesive to ensure they hold for a long time. If you need to wipe your feet before getting inside your truck, these treaded pads will knock off mud from your shoes before it messes your carpet.


– Various shapes and finishes for added rugged appearance to your truck. Truck Nerf bars are available in chrome, black powder coat, or polished stainless finish. They also come in varied sizes such as oval and wheel-to-wheel. Most of these are easy to install, bolting on to existing holes in your car’s body.


Installed properly, a seemingly simple item will bring your mean driving machine to new heights. So, if style and safety is a priority to you, then invest on a heavy-duty one now.

Kay Zetkin writes information about everything on wheels. Get help in installing Nerf bar or truck Nerf bars for your vehicle.

Navel Bars

There are some choices for the shapes of the body jewelry for a navel piercing. The most popular shape is normally referred to as navel bars or belly bars. This type of bar has a small ball on one end, a large ball inside the belly button, and is curved. There are some styles of that have a large ball that will unscrew, but usually it is only the small ball that is removed to insert the jewelry.

With some endorsements by celebrities, better piercing practices, and a little bit of knowledge and understanding, the popularity of body piercing has increased recently. All of these things have helped to main stream many types of piercing and things like lip, tongue, and navel piercings that were relatively rarea few years ago are now an everyday occurrence. As body piercing has become more popular, the choice of body jewelry to wear through the piercing has increased along with it.

Navel bars that are made from plain bars just have balls on the ends, although the jeweled versions like the double jeweled titanium bars to some of the creations that have dangles and gems have all manners of elegance.

Dangle navel bars can hang from the top but usually have a dangle that hangs from the bottom ball. This type of piercing is popular with people who have the bottom of their navel pierced as opposed to the top rim.

Navel bars are the most popular style of jewelry and there are numerous styles that are available.

The standardlength for navel bars is 10mm and the standard thickness is 1.6mm. Usually a barbell that is 12mm is used for the first piercing to permit swelling.

However, it may depend on the person’s anatomy because sometimes it may be necessary tomake a piercing that is larger or smaller than the standard 10mm. But the gauge always needs to be 1.6mm. As a result of the growing number of people who have piercings that are not the average size, these days thereis more jewelry that is available in numerous sizes. Navel bars are currently available from as long as 14mm and as small as 6mm.

Navel bars usually have a 5mm top ball and a large bottom ball that is 8mm. Balls that are larger and smaller are available and selecting a size is a matter of personal preference.

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Home Bar Plans

You’d love to have your own home bar. Who wouldn’t? If you’ve been dreaming about building your own home bar but everywhere you look the prices are too high, I’d love to give you some ideas that will help bring the cost down.

A nice backdrop for the bar is always brick with surrounding cabinets and a mirror. But, who says you have to hire a contractor, a cabinet maker and an interior designer? With just a little creativity, you can be well on your way to a beautifully finished professional looking bar in no time.

First of all, you can build your own cabinets with 2 X 4s and plywood. If you walk through a hardware store, you’ll find so many things that you will want to use for projects all around your home. If you look for cabinet doors, you’ll find them of all shapes and sizes. You can get plain wood that you can paint or finish any way you like. 

So, you don’t have to buy an entire cabinet set. Just build the structure with 2 X 4s and plywood. Then, finish them off with the cabinet doors. You can finish your frame the same as you finish the doors. Then, you can make the surface of the counter look great in several inexpensive ways.

The most inexpensive way to make the surface of a counter look spectacular without spending ridiculous amounts of money is to use wallpaper. Get virtually any design you want and wallpaper the countertop. It’s that easy.

You can also use floor tiling to make the countertop look just the way you want. You’d actually have a more durable design if you get the square foot sections that adhere to the floor. Granite countertops are a lot more expensive. But if you have a small surface area, you might be able to fit it in your budget.

Your options aren’t finished yet. Wood veneers are great for making the counter look like it has a wood finish. They also make a good match for the bar itself. What’s more, the leather fabrics you can use don’t have to be that expensive if you only get enough to cover the surface of the counter and the bar if you want them to match. Leather is actually a touch of class.

When you are looking at applying brick to the backdrop, look at faux brick finishes. A small section of faux brick is all you need. Simply center it on your countertop and let it rise to the bottom of your cabinets. If you have a cabinet on each side of the brick, it will look great.

Finish the look with lights and a mirror and you’ve got yourself the start of a professional looking bar. Of course, the actual bar will look great if it matches the cabinets in your backdrop. You can build your bar rather inexpensively too with 2 X 4s and plywood. Then, visit your hardware store again for some good design ideas.

Trim for the walls often looks great when you use it to create designs on your bar. You can add dimension or just a touch of style when you look at all your trim options and choose some that really dress up your bar perfectly. Keep a place for your kegerator. Add a beer tap and a bar handle. You’re looking more and more like a professional bar every minute.

You’ll need stools and then you’ll want to add more and more to your bar. Mirrors cover all the walls. A Jagermeister machine sits on top of the bar. A television hangs on the wall. You’ll love what you can do. But, all it takes is getting started. 

Stan Schubridge is a beer enthusiast who loves tasting new beers and attending beer events. Staying up to date on new innovations in beer and beer products keeps Stan on top of the beer world. You can read a great deal about beer and what Stan has found at

Have Fun and Save Money Making Sushi at Home

Sushi is one of those common easy to make foods that has been marketed as a delicacy. As a result the cost for a dinner out at your local sushi bar is something in the neighborhood of outrageous. A great way to enjoy your favorite sushi meals and save money while you do is making sushi at home.

Experiencing the economic downturn is hardly the best reason for making sushi at home. Though compelling, saving money never stopped anyone from having a good time. Making sushi at home can actually turn out to be more fun than the most posh sushi bars in New York and Boston can offer. Get yourself a few bottles of sake, invite some good friends, and get creative. Once you learn how, making sushi itself can be more fun than eating it.

Sushi is blessed food. It’s beautiful to look at, fun to prepare, and very good for you. If you’ve never tried it I recommend you head out right now and get some for lunch or dinner. The experience will prove true everything I’ve written so far. You will find sushi addictive. It is filling and light creating a satisfied but not weighed down feeling. It is also very expensive. I’m not going to say it’s not worth it, I have been guilty of dropping many a paycheck on a great night of sushi and I don’t regret it but I’ve since learned a better way. The nutritional benefits are numerous; its high in protein, low in fat, high in nutrients, loaded with Omega 3’s, low in cholesterol, and is made from the best of every food group in a single roll. There is really nothing bad you can say about sushi. It is a perfect food source.

Making sushi at home is a skill you can learn. Like most recipes it requires direction but it’s easy to do and fun to practice. Do your wallet a favor and please you palate as well by learning to make sushi.

If you’re like me and love to eat sushi you have to make learning how to prepare it a priority in your life. There’s no time like now to learn more about something you love. Learn about making sushi at home to impress your friends or include your family in a fun style of cooking together. If your new to sushi or just want to find out more, feel free to check out for some great ideas about letting this wonderful passion into your life.

On Halloween, Fun Is More Important than Food

We live in a culture of excess, and this culture is a major contributing factor in today’s childhood obesity epidemic. To put it simply, kids eat too much, and this is especially true on Halloween. This Halloween, teach your kids that fun is more important than food.

When your children grow up, they won’t cherish the memory of the tenth candy bar they ate that night in 2010. You are not doing them any favors by saying “yes” to every plea for more. But that tenth candy bar – or rather, the attitude that it is okay to overindulge – could be the start of a lifelong struggle with weight. And it could lead to serious health problems. The momentary pleasure is not worth the long-term price.


3 Simple Ways to Put the Focus on Fun this Halloween

1. Make a costume together.

Instead of spending money on a plastic, store-bought costume, encourage your child’s creativity and sense of adventure by making a costume together. You can use materials from around the house or use your costume funds at a local thrift store.

2. Plan a party with Halloween activities.

Let your child be a part of the planning process. Instead of loading up him and his friends with candy and sweets, play games that get them moving around, and award fun little toys as prizes. Ask your child to search for Halloween game ideas online or at the library. Or make up your own games, like Pin the Tailbone on the Skeleton. Again, the point is to focus on the fun of Halloween, and to stop thinking of it as a holiday to eat enough to make yourself sick.

3. Keep Halloween a one-day celebration.

Allow your kids to enjoy a reasonable amount of candy on Halloween, but when the day is done, the candy is gone. Use this as an opportunity to teach your children both moderation and empathy in one lesson. Ask your children to help you think of places where they can give away their extra candy. Nursing homes, children’s hospitals, a Boys & Girls Club, even the local police or fire stations. Then take them to the place they chose so they can see how their gift is appreciated.


Be a Thoughtful Parent

The easiest way to deal with your kids’ pleas and demands is to give in, to say yes. Your kids can’t see the big picture, but you can, and that means that it’s your job to do what’s right, not what’s easy. Be a thoughtful parent. Think about what is best for your kids’ health and wellbeing.

Make this Halloween one your child will remember forever, not one that will get lost in a catatonic sugar haze. Make memories, not fat. Your kids will thank you for it some day.

Board certified pediatrician Dr. Marta Katalenas is leading the charge against the childhood obesity epidemic, perhaps the most widespread pediatric health concern faced by our society today. Dr. Katalenas has written a series of articles with practical advice for parents on how to keep their kids fit and health. Dr. Katalenas operates the Pediatric Center of Round Rock in Round Rock, Texas.

Energy Bars Pumpkin Bar

Pumpkin bars could be your nice energy boosters when it arrives towards a hectic itinerary with fatigue feelings and a hungry stomach. Of the pumpkin bars you could get within the market, the tastes ranging from spicy pumpkin, sour towards subtle sweet could very much earn you a consumer whom is greatly pampered via choices. From health conscious dieters, snack lovers towards sweet tooth categories, pumpkin bars are up for grabs for between meals and even for a rapid breakfast snack. These energy bars could be tweaked towards your consumption needs. Below are the pumpkin bars reviews made easy for your nibbling preference.

Listed within one of those greatest marketing grain bars, Kashi TLC Fruit and Grain Bars possess their pumpkin pie flavor priced round $ 28.00. These bars consists 6.7 ounce within each of six boxes granting a gross of 40.2 ounces. The ingredients of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger provides a powerful spicy pumpkin flavor and this crust is emphatically less of a sweet chew. This granola bar has a thick layer of gentle pumpkin topping as it pursues the hearty and chewy granola bar. Made with Kashi’s Seven Whole Grain granolas, these goodness bites consist 4g Fiber and 4g protein.

Clif Bar Company has its energy bar, spiced pumpkin pie priced round $ 18.00 within a pack of 12 within which each bar is 2.4 ounce. These wholesome pumpkin bars are made with organic oats and soybeans within which they earn nice filling food and evidently tall within protein. These delicious bars bid nutrition for upheld energy via steady increase of blood sugar grades pursued via the decrease. Also, they do not consist Trans fat and everybody natural within which 70 percent of these bars are made of organic ingredients. These nutritional bars are emphatically great energy boosts for athletes; also, the wet and chewy crust made from wheat-free and dairy-free ingredients are heavenly for casual snacking.

The VPX Zero Impact bar of pumpkin supreme flavor is a tall protein bar; priced round $ 34.00 within a container of 12. Also known as a meal substitute bar, VPX Zero Impact ensures that sugars of consume are low dextrose equaled, within which it has an impact onto dominating blood sugar grades and the Glycemic index. These pumpkin flavored bars consist none soy, Trans fat and hydrogenated oil; also, they are everybody natural with none artificial color, flavor and sweetener. These tall protein pumpkin bars are vital food cause for dietary thoughts which advocate rapid fat loss and thin muscle accrual.

Pumpkin FlaxPlus via Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bars arrives within 5-count boxes within a instance of six and for seven ounce each. These bars are third-party professional organic via Quality Assurance International; priced round $ 20.00. The uses of these organic bars arrive within abundance: none preservatives or additives, none synthetic pesticides and herbicides, none genetically engineered grains or ingredients which summarise the goodness for healthy consumption. With alone 90 mgs of sodium, these bars consist two grams of dietary fiber and three grams of protein. The pure oats and flax grain with a rich flavor of pumpkin are able towards grant you a novel sensation of taste-good crispiness.

Prana Bars via Pranabar with apricot pumpkin flavor are priced round $ 60 for a container of 24 bars. These gluten free bars are enzyme active, vegan and made with everybody natural ingredients. The subtle flavor of pumpkin and apricot provides a slow sweet sensation as you go onto with the next bite; it is a nutty chew at the beginning. These low packs are made convenient towards slip into your briefcase for emergencies of hunger and starvation ahead of the lunch hour strikes. The raw ingredients of these bars also rob care of the prospect stress towards digestive system as slow roasting is required towards denature the enzyme inhibitors they contain.

Among everybody else energy bars, you could already possess a taste of pumpkin whilst having your dosage of energy grades refilled. You should already be guilt- free towards nib a little of those pumpkin bars for they appear as healthier bites than the lie down of those tall carbohydrate munchies.

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Saddle Bar Stools Bar Stool

Have you ever ridden a horse? At the time you sit in a saddle seat bar stool, you get back the sensation of being within the saddle, and this adds to the illusion of the grand old wild west times.

And in a delightful development that has taken place during the past decade, what type have been once humble regional dishes have been tweaked, prodded, enhanced and ultimately glorified with international pizzazz. Quite often the old tried-and-true procedures still work best, but in other cases Lowcountry delicacies continues to be elevated to rival any of the world’s most suitable dishes.

Today there are lots of gourmet variations on the dish, Nathalie Dupree of Charleston, S.C. came out in 2006 because of the “Shrimp & Grits Cookbook.” In simply the Myrtle Oceanside locale there are cerainly not less than twenty varying but equally exceptional ways of preparation, from the basic butter recipe to ones with brown gravy or tomato-based sauces.

What to Keep in Mind
There are actually different things you need to just remember if you are new with on line shopping. First, you ought to make certain that you are acquiring from a reputable retailer. Make certain you read the customer feed back. Don’t decide to do enterprise with one simply as a consequence they’re providing the lowest price. Sometimes, if the deal is just too good to be true, it likely is.

Some western fashion counter stools have a round “saddle” rather than rectangular. They are still termed western counter stools for their different qualities, like wood as the material for both their legs and the seat. They’ll sometimes have 4 legs, and the neighboring legs will be joined with cross bars at assorted heights on neighboring sides, and similar heights on opposite sides, for stability and sturdiness of construction.

Sometimes the legs shall be produced from natural branches, with their natural curvatures, giving a seat a rustic, special look. Later, using the growth of timber carving machines, the legs would assume form of straight and of the identical shape, and would function basic round ornaments.

Take a while and consider what your alternatives are when you are thinking about buying them, and spend a little while watching into the rooms that they will go into. Think of how you are bound to be in a position to get forward and in addition examine which sort your choices are going to become whenever you desire to find a bar stool that is going to go well with you.

The first thing to have a look at is what type type of overall ornament you have in your particular kitchen. You just will want to choose whether the ornament is classic or modern, and from after this you should discover it a lot simpler to decide on the sort of bar stools which will fit in together with your design.

Another thing that you should contemplate when you are taking into consideration buying a saddle bar stool is what kind of room just one of those bar stools would most suitable suit? In the initial place, you are going to find that they’re perfect when you are looking for seating around a kitchen island or at a bar that has a fairly high surface. Take some time and give some thought to what your choices are and which sort kind of spaces this may suit.

Some contemporary style saddle counter stools have their seat formed in a downward curve, resembling the curvature of the saddle. Notwithstanding the rectangular shape of the “floor plan” of the seat, you may be in a position to sit on the chair searching forward, as if riding, and straddling the chair together with your legs, otherwise you will be in a position to sit sideways, with your legs together, and your behind safely seated within the curve of the saddle seat.

Some western pattern counter stools have a round “saddle” as opposed to rectangular. They are really still termed western counter stools for their different qualities, such as wood as the material for both their legs and the seat. They’ll generally have four legs, and the neighboring legs will likely be connected with cross bars at different heights on neighboring sides, and same heights on opposite sides, for stability and sturdiness of construction.

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Making Liquid Soap – Simple Clean Fun

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money then making liquid soaps on your own will be a wise decision because it is cheaper than buying branded liquid soaps in the market. You can use just only drop a small amount on your palm and you end up spending less money just by using liquid soap. Bar soaps can easily melt, washing your dollars down the drain. They are messy as well and make bathroom cleaning less fun.

On the other hand, you can benefit from the scraps of hard soaps. You can make the liquid soaps because you can create them out of leftover bar soaps. You will just liquefy the pieces of bar soaps and then after time you would have your own liquified soap. You can either put the soap in glass or plastic containers or bottles that have a pump top. These bottles can also be refilled and they are in quite a collection of designs. Another advantage from using the dispensers these soaps is that just like any other liquids it can be stored and conveniently dispensed. They are nicer to look at and their appearance does not decline.

Liquid soap exudes a more exotic fragrance that can be felt instantly once you put it in your hands and body. Aside from that, it is believed that they have contributed a lot to make the lifestyle of mankind safer and cleaner. Antibacterial cleansing and skin moisturizing benefit can be found in the liquid soap. These benefits are not given right away by bar soaps. They also have this power to really moisturize your skin better. They release dead skin cells, debris, and all the excess dirt that are found on the surface of your skin thus creating the process of exfoliation. The liquid soap also never leaves insoluble compounds because it is easily washed away.

Kids enjoy using this liquid form of soap a lot and the great thing here is they will be more stimulated in washing their hands on a regular basis. They surely enjoy using it in their bath as well.

The popularity of the bar soaps have been outshined by liquid soaps due to plenty of reasons. There is a possibility that by using bar soap the bacteria will be carried over to every member of the family because you are all using and sharing the same bar soap. But if you will use liquid version of soap then the exchange of germs and bacteria of the user will be reduced because you will not use the same bar soap over and over again. Liquid soaps, on the other hand, being in disposable bottles prevent the bacteria from getting into the containers.

Usually, when making liquid soaps, the biggest difference from the store brands is that the pH balances of the homemade liquid soaps are closer to your skin’s natural pH balance. As it is less harmful your skin will not likely suffer from irritation. Although it is a little more difficult to make than bar soap, it has many more benefits. Isn’t it time to try making liquid soap for yourself?

Lacy Newton is a Spa Product Making enthusiast. Visit Easy Soap Recipes for more expert advice and recipes for making liquid soap, and other spa products that you can create today and benefit greatly from.

Fun Facts For Elephant Lovers

Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world today. They can reach a height of 13 feet and can weigh an astonishing 15,000 pounds, that’s just about the same weight or more of an average school bus! The average lifespan of an elephant is 60 – 70 years old. African and Asian elephants are the only 2 surviving species. The two different species resemble each other from a distance but up close they are very different. You can easily see the difference in the size of the ears. African elephants have ears that can reach up and over their heads. The Asian elephant ears are much smaller and do not reach over the head. African elephants are also much larger in size and weigh more than the Asian elephant. Elephants do not have enemies because predators can easily be crushed by the mammals large size. Unfortunately, their little ones are usually the ones that get attacked by lions, hyenas, and tigers.

The elephant is usually known for its large trunk and huge ears. The trunk represents the nose and upper lip. The trunk alone contains 100,000 different muscles. It serves as a nose. hand, and more. It can pull a bark off a tree or even pick up small objects. like a coin for instance. The coin can be easily picked because the large mammal has two lobes on the tip of its trunk that act like fingers. The trunk can also be used as a snorkel inside the water or as a sign of affection amongst other elephants. The ears, on the other hand, are about five to six feet long and four feet wide. The ears are not meant for flying like Disney’s Dumbo but can actually help radiate heat away from the body and keep the elephant cool.

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