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High School Fundraising Ideas: Candy Bars Will Help You Earn Big Money

High School Fundraising Ideas: Candy Bars Will Help You Earn Big Money

Take a good look at a candy bar. What do you see? Others see candy bars as sweet and delicious treats, which they can enjoy during lazy hours or as a source of a quick energy surge while others see dollars signs. Yes, the latter is true but not literally of course. Selling candy bars is among the easiest yet most profitable high school fundraising ideas today. Each of the products that you’re going to sell in this type of fundraising campaign costs at a dollar to two dollars only, which means that selling them will be easy.

High school fundraising ideas like selling candy bars work as a product fundraiser specifically as a direct sale fundraiser in the sense that you’re going to build up a team of sales volunteers for this who will be roaming the streets of your community to sell to people. It’s really easy, you sell to people and you get money in return. This is a total no-brainer but this can help you earn a lot of money in the end. With brands like Nestle, Mars, World’s Finest Chocolate, and Hershey’s you will surely draw in your customers to make a sale. The products that you will be selling in this campaign will be placed in carrying cases that contain packages of 12, which means that each of your sales volunteers get to sell out 12 products from a single purchase.

An important thing to keep in mind when you’re doing this fundraiser is to shop for suppliers. This is essential to do as to the reason that competition for this can be really tough because of discounts that usually exceed 50 percent. Based on this, it would be a wise decision for you to look for a supplier or fundraising company that’ll be able to provide you your supplies at a really low cost so that you can lift your profit margins and your net profit. When you look over different fundraising companies, make sure that you eliminate ones that charge expensive shipping fees. Some fundraising companies offer free freight deals and these are the best ones for you to choose. Looking for a company that features incentives that can help you to encourage your customers to buy from you and your sales volunteers to generate more sales would be really good. In this way, you can place in some in motivation in your game play. A good incentive for customers would be including coupons on the backs of the wrappers of some of your products. These coupons can be for discounts on pizza or sub sandwiches. For your sellers on the other hand, you can reward your top 3 sellers with a prize. This will spark up competition in your team, which will in turn cause your sales volunteers to work really hard at selling your products to their customers. Motivation is one of the key factors that make a fundraising campaign successful. This works for both sellers and customers.

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The Benefits of a Home Bar

If you find that your home tends to be the gathering place for your family and friends, you enjoy entertaining and throwing parties, or you have a supply of many different types of alcohol, drink mixers, and accessories with no good place to store them, then adding a home bar is the perfect thing for you.

You get to set the scene

Have you ever gone out to a bar to catch up with friends, only to find that you couldn’t have a real conversation because it was too loud?  Or that you just couldn’t stand the kind of music they were playing?  Have you ever gone out to a bar after a long week to savor one of your favorite beers, only to find they didn’t carry the brand you wanted?  You get to set the scene at your home bar.  You get to choose the music, the volume, the drinks, and the ambiance.  And most importantly, your favorite beer is always on tap at YOUR bar!

Your guests feel like they belong

A dedicated entertainment space in your home shows that you really love entertaining and enjoy having people in your home.  It gives your guests their own space and creates a feeling of belonging.

Keep your home organized 

A home bar can be a great way to neatly store and organize all of your liquors, drink mixers, and bar accessories.

Leaves the kitchen for cooking

Setting up the kitchen counter as the drink mixing area can cause a real problem when you are trying to cook dinner or mix up appetizers for your friends and family.  People coming in to the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge, glasses out of the cupboard, ice out of the freezer, and standing at the counter mixing drinks and chit chatting can add too much congestion in the kitchen area.  Creating a home bar gives your guests an area to congregate, while giving you the space you need.

Check out the Guide to Choosing a Home Bar Design.  The objective of this paper is to guide you through the process of choosing a home bar that suits your budget and meets your unique entertainment needs.


Written on behalf of Glastender Home, manufacturer of Cocktail Station Options for Home Bars. By: Krista Moon, Inbound Marketing Specialist,

Listen to Stories in Lounges, Bars, and Elite Customer Waiting Rooms For Article Ideas

If you are a prolific online article writer then you know it is very difficult to come up with ideas of articles to write about. One way to come up with interesting articles is to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations and think about what they are saying and their personal stories and how that relates to other topics.

You will find if you go to the right places to listen to stories that you will have an unending number of potential articles to write in your queue.

Some of the interesting places that I like to go to in order to find great stories are in lounges of five-star hotels, bars, and elite customer waiting rooms at airports for those with a huge number of frequent flyer miles. They are obviously well traveled and thus, have endless travel stories.

Another place to pick up interesting tidbits in stories is to go to the jet Center at the airport and sit in their lounge. It is amazing what you will learn from people with dynamic situations, who are world travelers, or who are successes in their own right. After all, not a lot of regular people are part of the Jet Set!

You will meet people from all types of businesses, from every economic level, and from all over the world if you hit bars in tourist areas. You will get probably no better perspective on life and all the things going on this way. Using this strategy to help you write unique articles works.

Although the prolific online article writer generally employees all the strategies to get decent content at one time or another, this is one that I hope you will choose because it has worked so well for me. I sincerely hope you will please consider this, and I guarantee you will have fun doing it.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

Guide To Building A Bar

It is an easy task to build a bar. Building a bar in a home is a wonderful idea and it can be simple like designating a kitchen cupboard as a liquor cabinet or it can also be more broad such as building a wet bar in the basement which contains all the amenities. This article explains a simple and basic guide to build one’s own bar.

The guide to success is keeping a few simple tips and measurements in mind. A bar will be a perfect centerpiece for parties and social gatherings whether it is attached to a wall or free standing.

Materials Needed
–  Pine boards of 2?x4? for accommodating the size of the bar that is preferred to be built. Studs, corner legs and top framing designed for load should be considered.
–  Facing board
–  Drywall
–  1.5? screws
–  Nails – cut & finish
–  Counter top – any preferred material of choice
–  Wainscoting as desired taste
–  Plumbing materials if accessories are intended

Tools Needed
–  Hammer
–  Stain finish
–  Tape measure
–  Paper
–  Pencil
–  Skill saw
–  Drill with various bits for cutting cable holes, drilling, recessing, screw holes.

Measurements – Getting the right measurements is very important for doing the work effectively. This is mainly correct if a small space is being dealt with. The bar should be laid out so that there is plenty space for someone to walk behind, in addition to half their width again. The preferred height should be within 1 inch of 44?. The distance from the floor to the bar top should not go beyond 45?. A box width should be wide enough for supporting the top. It must be remembered one foot should be allowed for overhang on the patron’s side and an 11? overhang on the side of the bartender. Besides the size of the box, the area behind the bartender should also be considered for easy movement.

Box Building – This step requires building a box for supporting the bar top and other accessories of the bar. The top of the bar should be allowed to reach 45?. If the plan includes cooler or sink areas, this is the time to include them in the floor layout. Every horizontal corner of the box must have triangular 45 degree blocks that are drilled for screws. These blocks are to be installed in horizontal corner places after nailing a rectangular box into shape. The advantage of these corner pieces is that they will help the box to harden. If a longer bar is being preferred for construction, joists and studs should be placed at even intervals for accepting a face coating.

Dressing Out The Box – This stage requires addition of support members to accept coolers, shelving and sinks. A 2?x4? stock can be used but cheaper and thinner stock may be the ideal way to go ahead. As one looks at a dressed out box, it should be considered where the holes will go for valve, electrical cords and drain lines. Although this information would already be going on in one’s mind, now is the right time to work on placing the holes for the selected amenities.

Top Placement – If one intends to make use of wood, select the desired one and cut it to the required size and shape. It can be stained to taste. If a stone top is being used, a box inspection can be called by the manufacturer. This is because the box frame can be believed to be fit for the weight of the stone top.

These were the basic procedures and instructions to build a bar. It can be given a try if one prefers to do it DIY style.

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Burger Bars: A New Way to do Buffet

Burger bars are becoming the new it thing for social gatherings. It is not necessarily a buffet but it is as easy as one. The great thing is that each person is able to create their own master piece. The best thing is that as the host you aren’t slaving over a plated meal. Burger bars can be fitted to each individual guest’s dietary needs. If you have vegetarians you can have special burgers just for them but also beef burgers for those guests who prefer the real thing. Burger bars are perfect for any type of gathering. Throw together lots of toppings, a few sides, some chips and you have yourself a low key almost maintenance free event.

With so many toppings available how do you decide what to put on your burger bar? You first must decide on the level of work that you are willing to put into maintaining the meal verse socializing with guests. Maybe you want to throw the burgers on and let the rest take care of itself. In this case you need to stick to ingredients that are not going to spoil after a few hours out of the refrigerator. If you are able to balance maintaining the bar and socializing then go for the gusto. Add items that can be maintained with an ice bath so they don’t spoil and all the other extras.

It is a simple concept to throw together on short notice. There many things to consider when putting together a burger bar. First consider what type of meat you want to use for the patties. I suggest making sure you take into consideration each of you guests preferences. Veggie burgers are popular and can be purchased ahead of time. Beef burgers can be bought ahead of time however I would not recommend this type for the serious burger fanatic. Use a mixture of beef that contains a decent fat to beef combination and combine different seasonings for added flavor. This will suit many different taste buds. As for toppings below you will find a thinks to think about for your next burger bar gathering.

Buns: I am shocked at how many types of rolls and buns are out there for use with hamburgers. For the burger bar I like to use things that people wouldn’t think of when making burger at home. Bagels, rye bread, onion rolls, buns that are covered with seeds, pita bread and of course plain buns for guests who like to keep it simple.

Cheeses: Decide whether you want the cheese to be melted on the meat or can you place the cheese on a plate and have guests choose from there. I would suggest a variety of cheese for guests to choose from. Some to think about are Swiss, Cheddar, American, Provolone, Mozzarella or whatever you can think of. Some people even use cream cheese so really prepare for all of your guests different and unique taste buds.

Vegetables: You can choose to sauté the veggies or leave them raw. Many guests would love some sautéed onions, mushrooms and peppers. A quick and easy way to make this happen is to throw them in a packet of tin foil and butter and grill them ahead of time. You can then use a small crock pot to keep them warm for guests to eat later. Other veggies to consider are lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, sprouts, dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, relish and cucumbers. Some fruits to consider adding are apples and pineapples. Fruit adds a tangy, sweet kick to every bite.

Other Meats: For those meat eaters who love to pile it on cook some ham, bacon, lamb or sausage ahead of time for guests to have on their beef patty. This will be an added bonus for meat eating guests.

Seasonings and Sauces: Don’t forget the seasoning salt and ground pepper. Consider putting out Cajun spice for those guests that like to spice up there burgers. Sauces to consider are hoisin, barbeque, A-1, ranch and sweet and sour. You will also want to add the standard mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise to complete your burger bar.

Of course not everything in this list needs to be added for a successful burger bar gathering. Include the items that will satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Then sit back and enjoy all the praise you get for the best gathering idea ever.

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Top Hen Night Venue Ideas

A hen night venue can only be picked after you have decided what will be the theme of the hen night. The second point to consider before picking a hen night venue is that, all the guests that you pan to invite should easily reach it. A hen party is a special occasion and you will want everyone, especially the bride to be to remember the hen party.

Therefore, you have to choose a venue that will appeal to all, and especially to the bride. Therefore, you must know what type of a hen party is the bride to be is expecting. In addition, you need to know her likes and dislikes. After all, you don’t want her to end up hating her own hen-party.

Most hen night parties are held at a friend’s home, in a bar or restaurant or in a hotel. If you plan to hold the hen night party in a bar, club or restaurant you will need to book the place. Some hotel chains cater for hen night parties.

They are perhaps the easiest options, as they will make all the arrangements and decoration at the venue. However, this really takes the fun out of planning and holding hen night party. This can be done only if all the women are busy and cannot take time out to decorate the venue, cook the food and make other party arrangements.

If you happen to live near a river, lake or the sea, you could plan to hold the hen-party in a boat. You can charter a boat to take the party out and this can be a lot of fun. You and your friends can decorate the boat in the theme that you want for the hen-party. Another great venue would be to fly out to a resort and hold the hen night party there.

Alternatively, you can book a coach on an overnight train and have that as the venue of the party. If you all live in a city you could plan a party on a beach or in a forest reserve. You could have a bonfire, play games and generally have a lot of fun. Contrary to that if you happen to live in the country you could plan night on the town and venture into a city and have the hen-party in a bar, club or restaurant.

Another important aspect is the time that you may have for the hen-party. If you plan on travel then you will all need to take time off to get to the venue, hold the party and get back. A country club could also serve as a venue for a hen party and offer hen night dares.

Depending on the time of the year, you can have the hen party at a ski resort. If the bride to be loves concerts, the party can be held at a rock concert in the summers. You can select so many great venues for a hen party. However, it will all depend on the theme and all that you want to do.

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Bar Stools – Home Bar Furniture Tips

Your home bar should be a fun, inviting space that your friends and family want to socialize in. The one element that can change the warm and positive feel? Low quality, outdated bar stools. You can instantly give your home bar a facelift with the right bar stools, but where do you start?

If you have a design style in your home bar, you’ll most likely want to find bar stools that match it. Traditionally styled models might be constructed of antique-washed hardwood, while contemporary stools might have rounded aluminum legs and a microfiber seat. You can also choose your stool based on its material. Leather barstools have a classy, rich look to them, while unfinished wooden barstools are suited for a cozy, cabin-inspired bar.

If you want to update your current design, bar stool colours can make all the difference. You might want to keep the colours dark, just in case of a spill. However, leather is easily cleaned, so if you want a bright and bold look, coloured leather will get the message across. If you want a modern, try one a base that is made out of all chrome or aluminium. They will resist rusting and give a current look to your home bar.

You can choose from three different types of bar stools – backless, backed, or backed with arms. It all depends on what kind of stool you prefer to sit on. Backless stools are popular in bars because people can sit on them at all angles and not have to worry about turning their chair around. However, if you like the back support, there are chairs available that are backed and swivel 360 degrees. Take comfort a step further with a backed, armed chair that you can kick back and relax in with a drink in your hand.

A few features you might want to look are:

A foot bar around the base for your feet to rest on
Gas lift height adjustment – perfect for when you have guests over since they’re all different heights
Cushioned seats for the maximum in comfort
A sturdy base – make sure no nails or screws are falling outAll you need to transform the feel of your home bar is a chic pair of bar stools!

My name is Nicolette Teek aka Interior Design Diva. I have over 20 years experience in helping people like you to design and redecorate their home and offices. I love to see the before and after pictures for home and office design. You will find me giving furniture and design tips at my blog, hope to see you there!

Elephant Gift Ideas

Elephant Gift Ideas

Buying gifts featuring elephants for nature lovers is a great idea. Those who love nature and wildlife are sure to enjoy these gifts because they show that you pay attention to what they are interested in and want to give them something they will treasure. One of the best parts of buying elephant gives for your loved ones is that you may be able to support a nature-related charity with your purchase. Many museums and conservation societies sell elephant gifts and other nature items to raise funds to support their efforts. Knowing the types of elephant gifts that are available will make it even easier to pick the best gifts for your loved ones.

Elephant Apparel

Many types of apparel can be made into elephant gifts using iron-on transfers, screen printing, and other processes. If you know the sizes of the people you’re buying gifts for, you can choose t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and other apparel items that will look great and let them show off their love of nature. Try to find apparel that benefits a conservation group or nature charity so that you can support one of these organizations and give a great gift at the same time.

Elephant Stationery

Another great elephant gift idea is purchasing stationery with elephants featured on the paper and envelopes. Some companies manufacture stationery out of recycled paper or paper that’s actually made from elephant dung. The dung is cleaned and dried out and then used to make beautiful stationery in a wide variety of colors. Not only will you be buying a great gift for a loved one, you’ll also be purchasing a product made from recycled materials and helping to conserve natural resources.

Elephant Journals & Diaries

If you have a loved one who enjoys writing poetry or just likes to jot down notes about each day, an elephant journal or diary is the perfect gift. You can get journals and diaries in a wide assortment of colors and styles. Some have lined paper and others have blank paper so the recipient can draw instead of write. Again, you should try to buy these gifts from a source that gives some of the proceeds to a nature organization so you can give a great gift and support conservation and environmentalism at the same time.

Elephant Books

If your loved one likes nature and loves to read, elephant books can be the perfect gift. These books may include poetry and stories about elephants or be reference books about elephants. If you know of a young person who is interested in nature, you can give them an elephant reference book so they can start learning about the different types of elephants, where they live, and how they survive each day. Some nature organizations publish reference books about specific animals, so you may be able to support these organizations and find a great gift at the same time.

There are many great elephant gift ideas if you know where to look. Simply find out what kinds of gifts your loved one would like to receive and start hunting for elephant-themed merchandise.

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Present Ideas For Men

It’s a well known fact that guys are harder to buy for than girls. But are they impossible? I certainly don’t think so. The longer I am in the gift industry, the more creative juices I see flowing. The latest one I saw that grabbed my interest was how you can use your man’s love of all things Holden or Ford to spark your creativity in gift giving.

We all know that there are plenty of mugs, keyrings, and mouse pads available in every car brand imaginable probably from first hand experience, as you have probably given him every one of these as previous birthday or Christmas presents!

So how do we get outside of the box? What creative present ideas for men are out there that you have not yet discovered?

I know we just determined that mugs are always given, but there are ways to spruce this gift up. Rather than giving a regular Holden or Ford mug, go for one that has flashing LED lights as the headlights of the car. Or if he’s one of those crazy coffee drinkers who needs twice the amount of caffeine as anybody else, find a jumbo Holden mug that will get him revved up!

Custom Designed Framed Prints
I saw one of these prints be done recently, and was amazed as I watched the process. I saw the original photo the client submitted, the specifications of wheels, colour paint, and the custom licence plate. Then I saw it come out the other end of the process as a stunning framed print the wheels had been custom drawn, the paint specifications matched perfectly, and there was no mistaking whose car it was with the personalized licence plate. The customer was happy with it, and I was amazed at the quality of work I saw done! It was given as a Christmas gift to the guy, and well, all I can say is that this was one pretty lucky fellow.

Bar Runners and Drinkware
If your man has a bar and a Holden, the combination is perfect. Spruce up his bar with everything Holden there are some great commorative bar runners out there the last of the Big Bangers, Brock bar runners, and other historic icons. Get matching drinkware to boot, and you’ll have made his day!

BBQ Pack
Maybe he doesn’t need all the gadgets to go on his car and he doesn’t want anymore dust collectors…but most blokes love to have a good BBQ each year (or many!), and as he gathers around the BBQ with his mates, they’ll have a good chin wag why not provide something he’ll be proud to talk with the guys about? Holden and Ford (or any other automotive company that produces licensed merchandise) often put out BBQ packs, including BBQ aprons, mitts, and sometimes even BBQ sauce. These packs would make great present ideas for men, as it combines their interest with their social bent.

Wall Clocks
I’m not just talking about the tick-tick-tick wall clocks. I’m talking about ones that every hour make that glorious V8 rev sound, the ones that send chills up your spine with the glorious sound…ok, so considering it will mainly be women reading this article, perhaps we don’t have that response but I can almost guarantee you that your man will!

Gear for Work
Almost anything could fit into this category…a Ford esky for his lunch, a Holden desk set, cufflinks, tie pins, baseball hats, Peter Brock and the Bathurst 1000 t-shirts…you name it.

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Guidelines To Get Cool Results When Trying Advertising Bags

Whenever anyone has a corporate event coming up, having event bags made to give out to people is a great idea for those who want to give away some free samples. Custom bags are great little spaces for advertising all kinds of events and ideas and can even be used for coupons to come back in future.

Today, many people prefer not to take those goods which is not recyclable. The ‘greens’ among us will proudly proclaim that they would not go near anything that has not been recovered or reused in some way so that the earth can be saved. But this does not mean that the container has to be expensive since reclaimed ingredients often mean a lower production cost for sure.

One of the best ways to get people to sit up and take notice is to give them reusable goods that will last for some time. Making the container robust enough to take the wear and tear of everyday life is the best way to get them to keep on advertising the company after the event or promotion is long gone. It also means that those with good intentions will always come back to this company because they will use up their resources in a good way. But the good thing about using this type of container too is that they often are very cheap to produce. When bought in bulk, the unit price will be as low as possible. So low in fact that many different kinds of promotional ideas can be displayed throughout the year to make sure that the name of the outfit is always in the public eye at all times.

But big corporations are not the only people who order up special sacks to give away when the customer buys something. Personalized containers are great for those families who are constantly at other functions, and when they are usually the giver of a gift or two. Imagine always having a small gift to give away, even if it is only a piece of cake at the end of a dinner party, but given in a container with the name of the people hosting the event on it. Even bar mitzvah gifts can be given out like this and no one loves to receive a gift more than those where family and friends are the guests.

If these styles of sacks or containers are to be ordered in bulk, make sure that the company who is producing them is able to store most of them up until the date that they will be needed. This cuts out the need to have separate storage facilities and the producers often have temperature controlled warehouses where the goods will be held in proper temperatures which cuts down on damage. By ordering in vast amounts too, the unit price of each piece is brought down to an absolute minimum and can be used without worrying about the cost. Do not forget that many outlets will only have to have their logos printed. Indeed, when a company has gotten this big, many will start to stylize the logo on the sack so that people have some fun working it out.

Connor R. Sullivan recently purchased several cases of custom bags for his restaurant. His wife ordered several cases of event bagspacked with goodies in it for a fundraiser at his restaurant.