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Hannah & Grant’s Wedding

The Marriott Hotel Regents Park, otherwise known as the Marriott Swiss Cottage, was the venue for the fantastic wedding of Hannah & Grant.

I had worked with Grant’s family many years before when I covered his brother’s Barmitzvah, and Grant mentioned to me how he and Hannah would love me to cover their son’s Barmitzvah one day if they are lucky enough to have a son. How lovely is that? Now I really feel part of the family.
The weather was just perfect, and one of the highlights of the day was the few quiet moments we had going around St John’s Wood after the ceremony to take some outdoor photos. St John’s Wood is where I grew up, so we started off with the location that was the view from my childhood bedroom window; the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, made infamous by the Beetles in 1969. Hannah & Grant crossed the Zebra crossing (with their shoes on) to the delight of all the tourists who had gathered there.
Thereafter we went to Violet Hill where there is a beautiful, intimate, little park. The sun was setting behind the trees and the sky was all different shades of gold which made a wonderful backdrop for some romantic shots.

But probably the highlight of my day were the shots that we took outside the public lavatories in the park. Strange though this might seem, the Ladies and Gentlemen signs had just become illuminated and it tickled my sense of humour to use these signs together with Hannah and Grant for some of my more Vogue posing. They saw the funny side too, and I warned them that I didn’t want to be asked to Photoshop out the toilet signs later on for their album. They looked at the images on the back of my camera and promised me that they would stay as they were.

Later on in the day, Grant made a wonderful speech which even brought tears to my eyes. He talked about Hannah his wife and how he was the luckiest boy alive to have a wife who wears a nurses uniform most days of the week. They are a beautiful couple inside and out. If I could bottle and sell all the love that they have for one another, I would be a very rich lady indeed!

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.


Photography means portraying a moment with pictures. Pictures which are cherished, preserved and passed on to the next generation in the hope that they will live every moment with the same intensity as the previous generations had. Photography means life in suspended animation and in videography one flows with the pictures in the mesmerizing world of the bygones. Orlando photographer’s photography services were set up in 1996. They provide wedding photography, social photography, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, quinceanera , family portraits and corporate events. They uniquely combine photo journalistic and traditional photography to create a magic and paint every event special.

Orlando photographers are highly-trained, well-schooled and absolutely professional in their job. These masters capture every passing moment, every fleeting emotion, every essence of life with highly advanced photographic instruments.

Wedding photography is a tricky affair. The photographers need to sail through the guests without disturbing the function .Their aim is to capture every candid moment without attracting much attention of the bride and the groom .They never should be too conscious of themselves .Orlando photography portrays both traditional and contemporary moments because photographs are the only tangible portraits for the generation next.

Family portraits and kid’s photographs are a very emotional treasure for every parents. Inputs from parents are essential as to how they want to remember their children. But capturing the kids in their real exuberance, smiling, chirping without any hindrance to their natural flow is the real challenge and Orlando photographers do that with proficiency.

The photographs are transformed into digital prints and collages and in the process an actual book is created to display memories with the help of direct digital press technology. The designers meticulously designed layouts using amazing backgrounds and special effects. The designer keeps in mind the client’s personality, style and imagination. Customers can choose from different kind of albums like White Glove, Artistic Imagination ,Cypress Album, Publisher Album, Reversible Albums 800 , Flush Albums 300.They provide with other products and services like enlargements ,framing, metal murals, canvas wrap , custom bags, postage, attire , folios, thank you cards and postcards, thank you CD albums. The photography services also come in different packages like Bronze Intimate service, Premium service, Deluxe and State-of-Art packages.

It is said photographs freeze the moments and videography retells everything. One can hear every image talk, laugh and cry. Nothing but the best professionals can take care of such important events. A Magic Moment Orlando photographer uses the finest broadcasting quality equipment’s,completely wireless and portable and low-light cameras. Each camera is equipped with a photographer to provide the best possible coverage and is left to chance. Their professional editing team chooses the best footage and weaves a magical coherent portrait of the special moments. There are three different editing styles and the clients’ views are respected. The mission of Orlando photography is to tell the story of the special day with all its colors, sound and essence.

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Preserve Precious Memories With Orlando Photography

Whether it is corporate events, wedding photography, family portraits, social photography, quinceanera, sweet sixteen or Bar Mitzvah, it is very easy to find a well known Orlando photographer that provides exclusive video and photography services not only in Orlando but also at numerous wedding avenues and destinations across Florida. While documenting portraits and events, both traditional and photo journalistic photography is uniquely mixed!

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Photographers are well schooled, have unique talent and skills and have desired mastery in the photography art to capture almost any moment and essence of day or night! The photographer understands that the pictures taken are sure to take your breath away while the album is being passed around guests or family members. In fact, precious moments can be relived time and again by customers and that too for generations to come. This is because of the top quality Orlando photography services provided by the photographer in Orlando.

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After the wedding if a customer desires to substitute the album then too, the photographer is more than willing to accommodate. It does not matter what the preference is, customers can select from a wide range of contemporary, black and white, traditional, photo journalistic or color photographs. For capturing the excitement and fun of the wedding, the photographer works in an unobtrusive and low key manner and that too without annoying or overshadowing anyone!

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How to Use Makeup For Weddings And Barmitzvahs

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and every barmitzvah boy’s mother wants to feel young and beautiful again like they did when they first got married. It’s only natural to want your other half to think “Wow!” when he sees you all dressed up in your finery.

And, let’s not forget, your celebration will be captured for posterity in your photos, so it’s more important than ever to look your best – all day long. Hayley Lehmann Photography know all the tricks of the trade to make you look great in the photos. Lighting is essential for flattering photographs. Pictures taken in bright midday sun can create harsh black shadows under the eyes and chin so it’s often better to wait for an overcast moment or to move to a shaded area. Studio lighting is much softer than flash on camera for those all important family portraits. Angles are also important too if you’re to look your best. Instead of standing with your shoulders square to the camera, turn your body by 30 to 40 degrees – you’ll look half a stone lighter. Try the supermodel trick of tilting your face at a 45-degree angle to make your face appear slimmer, although beware of creating a double chin. And remember Hayley’s signature posing which includes “Happy hands and sexy feet”.

If you have minor skin problems like blackheads, clogged pores, dullness, or dry patches, then it’s best to start having a once-a-month facial at least three months prior to the wedding or barmitzvah. A good beautician can help you with a skincare regime to get your skin into top condition.

To look your best we think your makeup should aim for a more polished version of your everyday look. It’s a careful balancing act – looking natural without appearing washed out, looking well made up without appearing like a drag queen. We can only make the best of people that we have in front of our camera. We cannot correct poorly applied makeup, or create a natural look when the makeup has been plastered on.

You’ll probably experience some last-minute nerves on the day of your celebration, so it’s worth thinking about having a steadier hand apply your make-up by hiring the services of a professional make-up artist like Laura Leaman (no relation to Hayley Lehmann). Most professional makeup artists include a consultation as part of their pricing. Bring a swatch from your dress and pictures of how you will be wearing your hair. Doing so will give the makeup artist an idea of what he or she will be working with on your special day. Avoid going for a dramatic new image, but rather stick to a more natural effect, so that you’ll look like yourself – just a slightly more glamorous version.

Try to define your features as much as possible, but avoid the hard lines of eye pencils and liquid liners. The key to a flawless face is having a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. There is nothing worse than the face being one colour and the neck another. Pinky-brown lipsticks whiten teeth whereas orange or red can make them look yellow. If you have very pale skin, a cherry red lipstick can look harsh. Steer clear of overly pale or pearly lipstick. Put Vaseline on your front teeth. This trick will stop lipstick from getting on your teeth, which can ruin photos.

If you’re having black and white photographs take extra care with your make-up. Dark red lipstick and heavy-handed blusher will look even darker in black and white photos, while pastel colours can fade out completely. Make sure you invest in a good waterproof mascara – just in case you get a bit tearful.

Avoid shimmer as it catches the light and will look too harsh if you overdo it. It also rubs off and shows on men’s suits. Keep the shimmer out of your foundation or blush. Slightly matte skin is better, so you don’t look too shiny in pictures. Keep shimmer soft-a highlight on the brow bones, or a touch in the center of your lips is all you need. A little well-placed shimmer goes a long way. Overdone the shimmer can make you look hot and sweaty in photos.

Treat yourself to a professional manicure as your hands are likely to be the focus of many pictures. Try to avoid weird and wacky nail art as this might make you cringe when you look back at the photos in years to come. Talk to your makeup artist about timings and tell them that you need to be ready half an hour earlier than you actually need to be dressed. From our experience many makeup artists run late and cause panic on the day. Those we work with regularly know the importance of running to time. Carry a touch-up kit in your handbag with concealer, pressed powder, lipstick or gloss, lip liner, tissues, mints, and a mini sewing kit (for emergency clothing fixes like a dropped hem or popped button).

Hayley Lehmann is a Wedding Photographer Professional Wedding Photographer and School Photography.

A Photographer: Technology and Work

Personal Work: An Investment in the Future?

As a professional social & portrait photographer, I am always having a busy schedule processing images and albums inbetween bookings. That’s why my personal work is so important. It shows a love of craft over money!

I like my personal work to be an extension of my commercial images. It is my outlet to take risks, and to explore styles without interference or worry.
A concept will strike, and inspire the need to actualize it, play with it and create something which is different from my regular work but which in turn could lead to more interesting paid commissions. So really, personal work is an investment in the future – or am I away with the fairies?

Drylab Technology from Fuji: The Queen of Gadgets

The latest gadgets and gizmos always caught Hayley’s eye. Therefore it was only natural that she would invest in the latest drylab technology from Fuji.
It is not just because digital photography is the future, but because it’s the here and now, and her commitment to quality imaging carries through from the photography to the printing of the end product.

“I have always been passionate about photography, and have worked with numerous labs over the years for the processing and printing of my images. With my own minilab onsite incorporating Fuji’s “Image Intelligence Technology” I can further optimize images to ensure a consistently high quality. With high speed processing inhouse, the turnaround times are much faster and clients can see an image that they love and walk away with a print a few minutes later.”

Using this gadget led to reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating hazardous toxic chemicals used in conventional wet lab technology, and there are no fumes or ghastly smells. Also, the need for couriers delivering on a daily basis from external labs was removed. But best of all, we can manage and control the colour of our photographs, and offer our clients a faster service with a better print resolution.

The Fuji DL410 drylab compliments our two HP wide format printers for canvases and art prints, and allows Hayley complete control from start to finish.

SWPP Conference
This weekend I was invited to speak at the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) Conference in London. My topic was marketing and business for social photographers.
It was the first time in my career as a photographer that I had done anything like this, yet I managed to deliver what I thought was an exciting 2 hour programme of slides and information. I was amazed that at 8.00 in the morning so many people had turned up to hear what I had to say, and that the room was full with only one empty seat left!

I talked about USPs (unique selling points) and in particular my own which I believe sets me and my business apart from others. I illustrated the talk with references to fashion photographers who inspire me such as Nick Knight, and magazines such as Vogue which point me in the direction that I want to go with my wedding photography and album design.
I talked about branding for photographers and niche marketing, and rounded my talk off with a quick tour of business & financial planning which most photographers don’t do.
I hope that my audience enjoyed it and went away with some useful information that they could apply to their own businesses. I wish to thank those who have sent me lovely e-mails since. I am used to talking to loud crowds when my camera is hanging round my neck. It is a completely different experience clutching a mike and a remote for a slideshow.
I was very grateful to be sponsored by OnOne Software who kindly donated some fabulous software for me to give away and who continue to offer a discount to anyone who mentions my name, Hayley Lehmann.

Hayley Lehmann is a Wedding Photographer Professional Wedding Photographer and School Photography.

Choose Wedding Venue For Your Wedding

If you want a traditional sit-down wedding you will need to find a venue with a function room that is large enough to accommodate all your guests. A buffet-style reception can be held in a smaller room or series of linked rooms but this kind of event is unusual for the kind of weddings that Hayley Lehmann photographs.

The style of the venue speaks volumes about the type of celebration your guests can expect. It’s the place where you will spend most of your day and where the party and maybe even the ceremony will take place, so it’s crucial to get it right. Whether you choose a stately home, museum, hotel, or your favorite restaurant there are plenty of choices within the Greater London area.

If you’re having a religious wedding, the general rule is that your venue should be no more than 20 minutes’ drive from the church/synagogue, so that your guests don’t have too far to travel between the two. The same rule applies if you’re having a civil ceremony in a register office.

If you are planning to have a very large wedding you can create extra space with a marquee if the grounds of the venue are suitable.
Remember that if you are planning any outdoor elements to your function, that sufficient space should be available indoors as British weather is notoriously unreliable.

These are just some of the venues that recommend the services of Hayley Lehmann Photography; Avenue which is a very new and wonderful Venue at Holiday Inn Express Golders Green North. Say that Hayley Lehmann suggested you take a look! Suitable for weddings or bar mitzvahs.

As you look around the various rooms that are available to hire, think about the number of guests you are inviting. If you are hosting a small reception, you need a room that creates an intimate atmosphere. An overly large room, however impressive, will feel as though half your guests haven’t turned up.

Be guided by the banqueting manager as to the number of guests that can be accommodated comfortably in your venue. There is nothing worse than tables being jam packed in and guests being knocked and bumped around in their seats as waiting staff struggle to get through tight spaces. An empty ballroom will always look much bigger than it really is by the time there is a stage for the band, dance floor and beautifully laid tables.

You may need the following rooms:
1. Ceremony
2. Drinks reception
3. A space for family photos
4. Dinner and dancing

Many couples already have a firm picture of how their ideal wedding venue will look, so you need to make sure the setting – and the staff – are capable of working with you to fulfill your dream. As you view each potential venue, try to imagine your color scheme. A room with little decoration will provide an exciting challenge for imaginative, but often expensive, decoration whereas a beautifully decorated venue may stretch your budget but will need little extra adornment or lighting.
If the venue is spread over several floors, please consider stairs and access for the elderly or disabled. And will you have exclusive use of the venue?

Many couples already have a firm picture of how their ideal wedding venue will look, so you need to make sure the setting – and the staff – are capable of working with you to fulfill your dream. As you view each potential venue, try to imagine your colour scheme. A room with little decoration will provide an exciting challenge for imaginative, but often expensive, decoration whereas a beautifully decorated venue may stretch your budget but will need little extra adornment or lighting.

Alternatively, you may just hire the venue and bring in your own caterers. Some venues prefer you to use their recommended suppliers and may charge you for bringing in someone else. You’ll also be charged a corkage fee if you want to supply your own wine and champagne. Make sure you know exactly what’s included as the extras can quickly add up.

Expect to pay a deposit at the time of booking with the balance due a few weeks before the wedding day once final numbers have been confirmed. Now sit back, and start thinking about the menu and seating plan, and remember that on the big day to relax and enjoy yourself leaving all the details to the professionals employed to look after you!

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue.

Jewish Wedding Customs: Guide

Rituals & Customs

There are a number of rituals taking place in the weeks leading up to a wedding. A Jewish wedding is a great cause for celebration, and although there are many laws and traditions associated with the wedding day itself. In the past, it was common for Jewish marriages to be arranged by the parents, with the help of a match-maker, known as a Yenta, and some ultra-Orthodox communities still follow this practice today. However most of our clients tend to be secular Jews, who find their partners on JDate, in bars, clubs, at university, work or friends weddings!

Jewish wedding don’t have a specific traditional dress. Usually men will wear black tie or morning suit, while women will wear a white wedding dress – however, religious background will often dictate the type of outfit worn, with Orthodox women dressing more modestly.
The dawning wedding day heralds the happiest and holiest day of a couple’s life. This day is considered a personal Yom Kippur for the Chatan (Hebrew for groom) and Kallah (bride), for on this day all their past mistakes are forgiven as they merge into a new, complete soul. As on Yom Kippur, both the Chatan and Kallah fast but in this case, from dawn until after the completion of the marriage ceremony.

The rituals associated with Jewish weddings begin as soon as a couple are engaged, with a ceremony known as a Vort. It involves breaking a plate to symbolise the destruction of the temples in Jerusalem, as a reminder that even in the midst of celebration Jews still feel sadness for their loss. This is a theme that is repeated at the ceremony of itself with the breaking of the glass. In the course of this celebration, non-written assurances are received from the parties, in which they pledge to go through with the marriage. The more formal written agreement regarding the marriage and the conditions attached thereto, known as the Tena’im, are formalized on the day of the wedding itself.

Choosing the Wedding Date

The wedding itself can be held on any day of the week apart from during the Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath), which runs from sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday, or on major Jewish festivals such as the Day of Atonement or Jewish New Year. In the UK, Sunday is the most popular day for Jewish weddings to be held, or on Saturday night after Shabbat in the winter when the Sabbath ends early. Ultra-Orthodox couples often hold ceremonies on weekdays.

There is no specific time of year when a wedding cannot take place, although many couples tend to avoid the period between the festivals of Passover (Pesach) and Pentecost (Shavuot) which is known as the Omer and is a reflective and sad time in the Jewish calendar. As many people refrain from parties involving music and dancing during this period, it is not considered to be a good time to hold a wedding.

The wedding invitation may be a two-sided text. The left side of the text will be in Hebrew and the right side in English. The Jewish invitation often does not “request the honour of your presence” but to “dance at” or to “share in the joy of”.

The Traditions Just Before the Wedding

The week before the wedding is an exciting time. A special ceremony is arranged for the groom known as an Aufruf. This involves him going to synagogue and taking an active part in the Shabbat service, The service is followed by refreshments in the synagogue (known as a kiddush), where platters of food, drink and wine will be served to congregants, and then a private celebratory lunch for the respective families.

The bride will often visit a ritual bath known as the Mikveh in the week before the wedding, so that she may cleanse herself spiritually and enter marriage in a state of complete purity. Mikvehs vary from country to country – but most are modern and up to the standard of health clubs. In order to properly fulfil the requirements of the Mikveh, the woman must remove all jewellery and even nail polish before entering the bath and must fully immerse herself in the water while reciting a special prayer. She will be supervised and assisted during the ritual to ensure it is done correctly.

It is also traditional for the bride and groom not to see each other in the week before the wedding, as in other religions this practise is less common these days.

The Chuppah

Jews are traditionally married underneath a special canopy known as a Chuppah, which symbolises the home that the couple will share. The ceremony used to take place outdoors, but nowadays it is more common for the ceremony to be held indoors to avoid any problems with the weather, although many Orthodox Jews still have the ceremony outdoors. More often than not the ceremony takes place in a synagogue, but there is no rule saying that it must be held in a synagogue – as long as the Chuppah is present and the ceremony is under a rabbi’s supervision it can be held anywhere – these days it is increasingly common to hold Jewish weddings in hotels and other venues.

The Ceremony

Although the ceremony has to be under a rabbi’s supervision – as they will be familiar with all the laws and customs of the wedding – it does not necessarily have to be performed by a rabbi, as long as one is present. Most couples opt to have a rabbi conduct the ceremony, although it can be performed by a friend or family member, provided they have the permission of a rabbi.

The marriage document, called a Ketuba, is a contract, written in Aramaic, which outlines the bridegroom’s responsibility for and to the bride. The signing is done prior to the main ceremony and is in the presence of two witnesses and the officiator of the service. In religious circles this part of the ceremony is called the Tisch where the groom and his male guests sing and drink whiskey to get things going.

After the signing there is a ceremony known as Bedecken (veiling). This is a ritual based on a tradition which requires that the groom see the bride before the ceremony and cover her face with the veil. This custom dates back to the Biblical episode in which Jacob was deceived into marrying Leah instead of his chosen bride, Rachel, because she was hidden behind the veil.

There is no rule as to what music can and cannot be played during the ceremony. Most couples opt for traditional Jewish music to be played during the entrance of the bride and after the service – much of this is centuries old.

There is also no firm rule about who escorts the bride to the Chuppah, but traditionally it is the bride’s father who accompanies her (sometimes both parents will do so). The bride is the last person to enter, and upon reaching the Chuppah will walk round the bridegroom seven times.This is often very funny to watch when the bride has a particularly large dress and it gets entangled around the groom’s ankles!

The number seven is very significant in Jewish weddings – seven blessings (Sheva Brachot) are recited during the ceremony by seven honoured guests, and also during the celebrations afterwards. This is because God created the world in seven days and in doing so, the bride is figuratively building the walls of the couple’s new home.

There is a tradition to throw dinner parties for the new couple each night during the week following the wedding. At the end of each of these meals, after Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals), Sheva Brachot are also recited. In fact, these meals themselves are popularly referred to as Sheva Brachot.

During the service, the bride and groom drink the first of the seven cups of wine, and several prayers are said binding the couple together. One of the most important parts is the giving of the ring. The ring itself must belong to the groom – it must not be borrowed – and must be a complete circle without a break, to emphasise the hope for a harmonious marriage, and must be plain without stones or decoration. It is not a requirement for the groom to wear a wedding ring, but many men do. As with other religions, the ring is held by the best man until it is time for the groom to give it to the bride. When the groom gives the bride the ring he recites the following verse: “Behold you are consecrated to me with this ring according to the laws of Moses and Israel.”

During the ceremony, the Rabbi, will make a speech about the couple and bless them as they begin their new life together. The service also features a prayer, usually sung by a cantor, about the sadness of the Jewish people at the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. As with the engagement ceremony, Jews remember that even in their happiness at being married, they still remember this, and the fact that other sad events have happened in Jewish history, and pay respect to those who have suffered.

The ceremony ends with the breaking of a glass by the groom. Many men joke that the breaking of the glass also symbolises the last time a newly married man will ever be able to put his foot down! Once the glass is broken, congregants will convey their congratulations to the couple.

Immediately after the Chuppah, the bride and groom proceed to the Yichud (seclusion) room, where they spend a few minutes alone. Jewish marriage is comprised of two stages, and there are certain Halachic authorities who maintain that the final stage, the marriage, is not finalized until the groom takes his bride to a private area where they spend some personal time together.

The couple remain secluded in the room for at least six minutes. The Chuppah witnesses must ascertain that there is no one in the room besides for the bride and groom, and observe the door being shut and locked. They then wait outside the room for the aforementioned amount of time.

Inside the room, the couple breaks their wedding day fast. It is also a time when the bride and groom can exchange gifts. The bride also dons all her jewellery which she removed before the Chuppah.

As with all communities and religions, Jews like to take photographs of family groups, and often this is done between the ceremony and the wedding party.

(Seudah)The Festive Meal

The meal is begun with a blessing over a wedding challah (a large braided loaf of egg-rich bread). The wedding celebration is full of lively Israeli folk music creating involvement of people rather than couples. The music need not only be Jewish music, but whatever it takes to encourage the crowd to celebrate. It is a mitzvah (act of kindness) for guests to bring simcha (joy) to the couple on their wedding day. There is much music and dancing and some guests entertain with feats of juggling and acrobatics.

The “Hora,” or traditional dance of celebration when the bride and groom are lifted in chairs on the shoulders of their guests happens when things get really noisy. Sometimes the couple will be whirled around each other, holding the ends of a handkerchief or they may be paraded around the room.

In the Jewish tradition, a wedding meal should be Kosher with no pork or shellfish, and meat and dairy products not served at the same meal. After the meal, Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals) is recited, and the Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings) are repeated.

Hayley Lehmann is a Wedding Photographer Professional Wedding Photographer and School Photography.

Weddings & Children : Stories from a Photographer

1. Laura & Jonny’s Wedding

Yesterday I photographed a really, really stunning wedding at The Millennium Hotel, Mayfair. The couple were supermodels and everything about their big day was perfection. But when I do a wedding photography, the real beauty for me is in the body language of the bride and groom. Jonny cried inconsolably when he saw Laura for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes. They held hands all the way through the ceremony.Noone could have prized them apart. And Laura made a speech at the end of the party about her husband which had the guests oo-ing and ah-ing with delight. Whatever magic I create with my photographs is nothing without bundles of love and tenderness emanating from the couple.
Laura & Jonny had picked a new band called Musica to entertain family and friends. They are a sister band to Gilev who are well known on the Jewish Wedding circuit. Musica’s repertoire was just left of field to the normal wedding rhythms which made them so refreshing to listen to. And the guests didn’t stop dancing. Even at midnight the dance floor was still packed.
Laura and Jonny flew off to Bora-Bora today on honeymoon. I’m still living in hope that one day a couple will invite me with them to continue the wedding coverage!

2. When 1 + 1 makes 3

One of the highlights of my career is the ongoing relationship that I have with many of my clients.
When couples come to see me to book their wedding photography, I often take them around my photographic studio and explain that this is where they will come back and visit some years later when they have children. They all look at me and smile either with that “Yes hopefully” gaze, or “Let’s take this one step at a time” look.

This week I got a call from Michelle. “Hey remember me?” she asked. I know that I’m getting older, but my memory isn’t that bad yet. I photographed Michelle & Ron’s beautiful wedding in the grounds of Inner Temple exactly 2 years ago. “We’ve just had a gorgeous daughter who is 10 days old today” she continued, “and I would like some photos please”.

The following day Michelle came round with her mum and this tiny, beautiful, blond haired, pink baby. We had a lovely session where I photographed the baby from every conceivable angle using a continuous lighting system that I have from Photon Beard. I find that this type of lighting works better when photographing babies. The baby doesn’t flinch every time the flash pops, because the light source stays constant. It creates a warm working environment, and the bright lights seem to keep babies awake for longer.
Thank you Michelle for coming back to use my services once more, and for introducing me to your beautiful daughter.

3. Lee & Bernard’s Wedding at The Landmark Hotel
Today was Lag B’Omer, which is the 33rd day in the period which begins on the second day of Passover and concludes on Shavuot. It is the only day within that period when Jewish weddings can take place.
This morning I photographed Lee & Bernard’s wedding at the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone Road. It was a beautiful, little wedding in the Tower Suite, where surrounded by their closest family, and bathed in sunshine which cascaded through the atrium onto their chuppah, they finally tied the knot.

As Lee said to Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg “we have been blessed” as she pointed to their children and grandchildren.
After the ceremony but before a sumptuous lunch created by Michael Rose, I captured some family groups in the Marble Hallway. You should have heard Bernard chuckle as I asked him to hold his wife’s hand!
It is photographing joyous occasions like this that makes me wake up in the morning and love my job.

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.

Photography Can Lead Your Every Path

Are you looking for a Palm Beach photographer? If you are, you will be glad to hear that you can expect excellent photography services from this part of the world. They have professional portrait photographers, Bar Mitzvah photographers, Bat Mitzvah photographers, wedding photographers, or you name it.

There are many photography houses around Palm Beach and a lot of others all around Florida that offer their services to West Palm Beach. Out here, one of the most famous and widely celebrated photography is that of destination weddings. Also the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah events are incredibly enthusiastic and fun events.

A Palm Beach Photographer would be easy for you to find but there are a couple of things you need to make sure before zeroing in on a particular photography professional. First of all, you need to catch hold of an expert Palm Beach Photographer who is experienced with the area here, and is capable of capturing the scenic beauty of the place.

South Florida is a melting pot for civilization and races. This means one gets to see different clans of people and different cultures at the same place. For someone interested in taking Photography Pictures of people nothing could be better.

At these times there is an illusion as if the hot yellow sun gets merged along with the ocean. This is one of the best shots for photography in America. During these times the presence of sun along the beach produces a mix of effects in the ocean and the sand nearby. Photographers keep clicking their camera as every sight looks awesome. These shots can be found as wallpapers for desktops and also figure out as wall hangers. They also serve as a source for painting for artists. During sunset the area becomes warm and gives a golden visual effect.

Photographing these people in their local settings brings a new dimension to photography.
With its exotic animals, birds and animals, South Florida is a preferred destination for macro photographers. They give more importance to the details of Photography Pictures. These details bring out the unique features of the animals and flowers of the locality. The flora and fauna of the state provides more subjects that it is still not completely photographed and there are thousands of unique flowers yet to be clicked out there. Everything from foxes to bobcats, hawks, owls, Sand hill Cranes to pelicans, and many others animals are available to be photographed.

The local cuisine is yet another thing that provides heavy opportunity to be transformed into Photography Pictures. Otherwise known as Floribbean, cuisine of South Florida is something that is both a gastronomic and photographic exclusive. This is a new world cuisine where it adapts something from all over the world. The food photography here is an exclusive event given the foods, flavors, and ingredients here derive themselves from the Caribbean, Latin America, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Cuba, with streaks of India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Apart from these, the history of the state is also a much photographed subject. This brings out the true culture of the state.

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All You Need To Know About Christening Photographers In London

Christening is one of the very important occasions for Christian community and first big day of the child. In this regard, parents will plan for the event and makes the event more memorable and enjoyable.

The ceremony is usually takes place in the Church, so prior to that its best to meet the Vicar. The vicar will guide you about the rules and regulation of church in conducting the ceremonies and take you around the church to have a view of the ongoing ceremonies. They also guide in choosing the type of ceremony that suits as per your need. Moreover of those, entire meeting vicar is also a courtesy which will be appreciated by the vicar.

Remember that great photos are made and they are not taken. Generating an ideal image is in the hands of the photographer. Christening photographer London is very much experienced in capturing such ideal images; they connect the photograph to the story of the captured occasion. The christening photographers in London have incredible experience, flexibility and skills to capture perfect pictures.

Prior to hiring photographers for the occasion, check with the rules of photography and filming with the church. Some churches don’t allow for photography and videos during the event. The photographers in London are well versed all the skills of christening photography.

Bar Mitzvah – A worth remembering function

In Jewish tradition, when a boy turns 13 years, they recognize it as an event of entering into adulthood. The event is termed as Bar Mitzvah, the ceremony is held in order to honor the event. This event is celebrated so that the young man takes responsibility of his family and faith. It is a religious ceremony and his friends and relative are invited to attend the event.

The planning for the event is well done in advance with utmost careful planning. Usually the child is taken as the part of the event along with the guidance of the elders. A photographer for this event is very much important in order to make the event successful. Bar Mitzvah photographers London knows very well about the style and effects that has to be covered while shooting photographs.

There are plenty of eminent Bar Mitzvah photographers available in London city. They are experienced in handling the photographs of such events and thus make the event successful by delivering best pictures. Most of the photographers have great experience in the field since long time and come up with great pictures. They even provide frames and albums along with the photos they take. These frames are available for special event like Bar Mitzvah, wedding and other such special occasions. So in this regard, reach out to the best Bar Mitzvah photographers in London and register your name at the earliest so that there will be no hassle when the event is nearing.

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