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Choose Your Wedding Shoes With Care!

If you’ve decided on your dress, now comes the really difficult bit, the quest for the right shoes. When you are shopping, try on as many pairs of shoes as possible and go with the most comfortable.

Try them on at the end of the day when your feet may be tired or swollen. Make sure you select something you can walk and dance easily in, and will hold your foot in place. You’ll be on your feet most of the day and there’s nothing guaranteed to ruin that serene smile in your photos more than aching feet! The heel height of your wedding shoes is of utmost importance. Your dress will be fitted to accommodate the height of your bridal shoes, and if you’re not comfortable in really high heels, your wedding may not be the best time to try them out. 

If you want a bit of added height to match your groom, but aren’t used to stilettos, you can consider platform heels, or lower kitten heels. And, of course, flat, satin ballet slippers make beautiful bridal shoes. Matching the style of your dress If you’ve chosen a traditional bridal dress, opt for classic shoes with a lowish heel. As your dress is reaching the floor, you won’t see much of the shoes so it’s important that the bits that are visible complement it. If you are buying a couture gown, designers like Johanna Hehir offer a range of shoes, viels & accessories to complete the outfit.

Summer weddings

If you are planning a celebration in the summer months, you will be spoilt for choice. You may even be tempted by glamorous silver or gold evening shoes or jeweled sandals. 

Winter weddings 
A wedding during the winter months, can bring its own problems. You don’t want to wreck your elegant shoes in the snow or rain and sandals are a no-no. Some brides buy two pairs of shoes just in case one gets ruined.

Winter weddings

A wedding during the winter months, can bring its own problems. You don’t want to wreck your elegant shoes in the snow or rain and sandals are a no-no. Some brides buy two pairs of shoes just in case one gets ruined.

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.

Organizing Asian Weddings to Make the Event A Memorable One

Weddings are the most important and lovely day of everyone’s life. Most of the couples make their wedding celebrations a truly memorable one. For this purpose, most of the couples love to go for Asian Weddings. The couples believe that it is one of the best choices to have. The Asian wedding styles are very attractive, soothing and simple.

The Asian wedding styles are very colorful, have attractive costumes and beautiful decorations. They are grand and full of elegance. But organizing it properly is very difficult. Every minute detail is taken into account to ensure the event functions smoothly and properly. The families of the bride and the groom try their best to make the wedding preparations and even to make the event a memorable one.

Organizing an Asian type of wedding is not at all easy. To be able to enjoy the occasion truly, one has to ensure that nothing goes wrong. For this, proper planning and supervision of the entire event is required. Proper execution of the planning is needed so that nothing has to worry. Also, one has to ensure that the entire venue is attractively and properly decorated.

The Asian weddings have become popular in various countries as well. A large number of Asians residing in UK and USA hold and do carry out their wedding styles in these countries. These Asians when invite their friends of USA or UK, these British people get attracted to these wedding styles. Now even they like to conduct this type of wedding for themselves or for their children.

There are few traditional items to be included in the Asian style wedding ceremony. So, one has to be careful that they all are included. Also, all the arrangements have to be carefully executed to make it attractive and sober. Also, there are some colors that should not be included in the wedding ceremony according to an Asian wedding style. For example, one wearing white and or black colored apparels is considered as omen to wear in the weddings. So, this should also be kept on mind this style wedding is executed.

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Wedding Planning Miami Organizes Your Event Perfect

Wedding is no doubt the biggest day in everyone’s life and if you want to celebrate it in a grand manner look out for the wedding planning Miami services who shall organize the occasion so beautifully set up in the venue present at the coconut grove to offer that lovely ambiance of a historical backdrop in the 100 years old building that has been classically renovated with trendy lounge furniture in the cozy wrap around the verandah offering a comfortable place for the guests to relax.

Your wedding shall be organized in the breath taking venue of the coconut grove Women’s club building as we have a partnership with them and organize the whole event offering total services right from decoration of the venue to the dining, music, entertainment and all in the most professional manner offering you a very stress free experience of enjoying your wedding making it the most memorable day in your life. With our years of experience handling wedding planning Miami we turn the women’s club into the perfect venue creating a balance between the historical significance of the Women’s club and the modern luxuries that you would desire to have at your wedding event. While the warm wooden floors and stone fire place add an old county charm to your event our decoration and arrangements brings in the luxurious feel in the venue.

We design the venue with our professional decors perfectly planning for the arrangements of cocktail reception to the formal seated dinners at your wedding. We take the support of local Miami florists that offer exquisite floral designs to turn your wedding venue into a beautiful experience with the wedding floral arrangements. We also take care of the dining arrangements offering your guests the best food of your choice that shall be remembered for a long time.

With our perfect wedding planning Miami services no doubt that you shall have an elegant and stylish wedding arranged in the coconut grove women’s club for ever lasting memories of the event. However, you can also go through the gallery of the venue that erases any doubts present in your mind before committing for the place as your wedding venue. In fact the venue is not only used for wedding events but is also a perfect place to celebrate your parties, Bar Mitzvah, reception, Quince, birthday, business meeting etc for which we offer full services to create the perfect ambiance suitable for the event.

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Contact Wedding Planning Miami Experts to Celebrate Your Wedding With Elegance

You surely need a special venue to celebrate the most memorable occasions in life like wedding or birthday parties. Womens club Miami is one such venue which has a historic value being built in 1891 that resembles the old country charm in the picturesque location which is now upgraded with modern amenities as a blend of both the historic significance and modern luxuries providing a perfect platform to your splendid occasion. The coconut grove wedding venue comes with enclosed wrapped verandas, spacious green lawns and halls that are beautifully decorated by professionals to make your occasion a grand success. You can in fact contact the Miami event planning professionals who has lot of experience in organizing events at the womens club whether it be weddings, birthday parties, business meets, reception or bar mitzvah transforming the venue just perfect for the occasion.

You can meet the wedding planning Miami experts who shall understand your expectations for the occasion and accordingly work down for a pleasant and stress free celebrations in the womens club by coordinating with other professionals in the industry like the decors, florists and catering staff. The seating arrangements shall be made according to the number of invitees to offer comfortable space for everyone and the venue shall be decorated for a stylish and elegant wedding. The wedding planning Miami experts also takes care of either buffet or formal seating dinner arrangements preparing a menu that suits your taste and budget to offer best experience to all the guests. Live action food stations are also arranged in the verandahs for the guests to help themselves with delightful dishes and beverages of their choice enjoying every moment of your wedding occasion along with the live music band.

With plush green lawns you can also plan an outdoor wedding ceremony in case you would like to exchange vows in the natural settings. However, by going through the gallery of coconut grove wedding venue arranged by the Miami event planning experts you can understand how the historic hall shall be transformed into an amazing platform with all those decorations and stunning floral arrangements creating that perfect atmosphere for your celebrations. The Miami organizers take care of every small detail as they know the significance of the day in your life and give a professional touch to all arrangements handled by them.

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Contact Miami Event Planning Organizers to Conduct a Successful Event

For conducting any event or celebrations finding the right venue is half the job done as it creates a perfect ambiance for the occasion and offers good comfort for the guests. Womens club coconut grove is one such venue which is located away from the hustles of the busy city in a peaceful environment with all facilities and amenities suitable for celebrating your special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, events, business meets, bar mitzvah and many more taking the assistance of Miami event planning team who coordinates all arrangements to make your celebrations a big success. You can book coconut grove wedding venue for your celebrations and though the building is built 100 years ago was now upgraded with latest features like stylish lounge furniture, wooden floors and stone fireplace offering a blend of both historic value the place carries with an old county charm and also modern luxuries provided by the wedding planning Miami as a perfect venue for the marriage vows.

The womens club which is situated in the beautiful coconut grove has been renovated by replacing the old light fixtures with beautiful crystal chandeliers, seating arrangements are made according to your number of invitees and the occasion, live action food stations, buffets, formal seated dinners, music and entertainment are all taken care at the coconut grove wedding venue by the Miami event planning organizers. They make arrangements for your parties either indoors or outdoors depending on your choice as both places are very convenient to make arrangements for your special occasions and you can also make any suggestions in the arrangements which shall be customized as per your needs. You can also visit the gallery of womens club that gives you an idea how beautiful the venues are decorated and arranged by the Miami event planning organizers.

Moreover, the wedding planning Miami organizers take care of decoration with the help of local florists beautifying the venue; prepare the menus as per your choice to place an order with the vendors for food & beverages and also take care of the entertainment programs for offering relaxation and enjoyment to the guests. No doubt with these arrangements handled by the Miami event planning organizers your guests would surely be impressed with the venue and you can have the best time cherishing these beautiful moments throughout your life.

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The Vip Israel Private Guide Can Offer You the Best Holiday Experience in This Part of the World

A local Israel tour guide who is well informed about the history and culture of the place can make a lot of difference to your trip offering you valuable insights about the historic significance of the land and also the people and culture for you to experience the real Israel. When you are planning for a holiday to Israel it is better that you contact experienced guide like Ori Stern who has vast knowledge about the geography and history of the place with a master’s degree in the Israel studies who can surely offer you a unique vision about Israel. Being a certified tour guide he can help you plan the best holiday choosing the right destinations that meet your interests and explore the nation in its real sense. Whether you are planning family holidays, Jewish tours, Christian tours, adventure tours, lifestyle tours or the bar mitzvah tour your answer is Ori Stern for a perfect holiday planning. Especially if you want to conduct the Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Israel the Holy Land the guide offers you best support in making the necessary arrangements along with a chance for you to visit the holy places like the Kotel, Kabala, tomb of Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and many more places where you can still find Jewish culture and life continuing without any interruptions through the ages.

The Holy Land private guide also conducts tours to Christians who can follow the steps of Jesus walking from Nazareth to Capernaum along with halting in places like church of the annunciation, Caper Cana, Joseph’s house and many more places that have witnessed the miracles of Jesus. Other than religious places Israeli is also known to be a wonderful holiday destination for family offering something for each to enjoy their time in Israel. There are beautiful places like the open air colourful markets, modern life in Tel Aviv, historically significant places, wineries of the Golan Heights, views of the Mediterranean and also some wonderful festivities that take place at the Dead Sea for you to explore all this under the guidance of your VIP Israel private guide who ensures your safety and comfort throughout the trip. Israel being a blend of biblical times and the modern life along with people from difference cultural backgrounds living here for ages really offer a unique experience to the visitors that they might have not experienced on other holiday trips.

So everyone who are looking to spend versatile holidays can just pack their bags to Israel booking the services of the Holy Land private guide for a joyful and amazing holiday in Israel.

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Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate and Israel bar Mitzvah Tours gives a Unique Moment

Jaffa Gate leading into Jerusalem’s Old City is one of the busiest gates.There are two entrances in Jaffa Gate: a larger passageway for vehicles and a large Iron Gate entrance for people,to enter the city. The feeling of ancient time is given by the Jaffa Gate, which serves as a way out to history itself for the people who pass through.

On entering the Gate the first view that you have is of beverages and bread being sold by the Arab merchants. Through the gates, the foot traffic and taxis move forcibly which gives you the feeling of entering the old Middle East. While making your way through the congestion to a fork in the road, you will come across the Ottoman hotels mixed with Christian and Swiss hostels. You can get connected to the Jewish quarters through two ways, one of which is through the Armenian quarter and the other is through the ArabShuck (marketplace).With vehicle traffic blowing the horn and passing just inches away, you walk along a narrow road taking the fork to the Jewish Quarter. You come across by many religious people with strings flying from their shirts and blue, busy tourists and rabbis moving here and there, lovely children with their mother, etc. The bespoke tours by different touring sites like the Orensway will take you through these roads.

Israel bar Mitzvah Tours

Your offspring has entered the age to have family tours in Israel. This is the time to plan the Israel Christian tours usually incorporated with enjoyable trips around the country’s important areas and scenic, which you can relate with the whole family.

Mitzvah Bar in Israel will make you have the perfect plan for a celebration or an affair, may it be either a Mitzvah Bar tour with family in Israel or a personal Israel Mitzvah Bar tour. A lifetime lasting memory and a strong connection of your son with Israel will be given by a Bar Mitzvah in Israel,to your offspring.

You may go for the conventional places like the Kotel, Massada or end up with a holy place in the Golan or Galilee, for a Mitzvah Bar in Israel.

The Israel Mitzvah Bar tours’ schedule also comprises of the Latrun Armoured Museum. This museum depicts details about actual struggles and wars in the Jerusalem path all around the IDF tanks.

Additionally, for an excavated Roman theater tour, you may go to the ancient city of Caesarea. The residence of the Jewish secret organization leaders”Nili” in Zichron Yaakov may also be visited.The VIP tours you avail include this place in their package.

The venue for the festivity and the actual ceremony is to be chosen first, when you are planning more than just an Israel Mitzvah Bar tour in Israel. There are numerous specific locations in Israel that will present you with an amazing Mitzvah Bar for your son and your company.Apart from just foreseeing the sites, the Israel Mitzvah Bar tours will have a lot more. You can enjoy riding a camel, kayaking on the Jordan River in summer, heading on an historical dig, floating in the Dead Sea. So much is offered by Israel to do and see.

If you are looking for Israel bespoke tours, Oren’s Way will guide you throughout the state in an unusual and unforgettable way. I’m an expert Israel tour guide with more than 7 years of experience.

Find the ideal bar mitzvah photographers London service

There are certain occasions that are traditional to different communities. While marriage traditions differ in every community, there are certain other events and traditions that are unique to different communities. For Christians the christening of their children is an important event besides marriage and funeral services. For Jewish people, when children come of age, bar mitzvah is a religious and social event that is organized by the parents with much splendor at a synagogue and where families and friends gather to give their best wishes to the girl or boy.

When you are planning the bar mitzvah for your son or daughter, you would want the ceremony to be perfect. You have instilled the true values of your tradition in your child and this is the day when he or she will be inducted into the religious and social circle of the community. The coming of age of a child is a proud moment in the lives of the parents and they want to make this occasion a special one for their child as well as for their family members and friends. For that reason, making the occasion memorable is important and that is where the bar mitzvah photographers London service is sought. The bar mitzvah photographers London who have experience in capturing moments of this traditional event are sought so that they are aware of the proceedings and know the right moments that are crucial for the family.

For Christian parents the christening of their child is an important tradition. It incorporates the blessing of the child and he or she being taken into the same faith. Even though this occasion occurs at an early age, most parents want to make it a special affair. From decking the child in a beautiful dress to calling all dear ones to witness the christening, many people look forward to the christening of their child with great enthusiasm. As new parents they are also anxious to save the memories of the day and that is when the christening photographer London services are required. For these occasions, any odd photographer would not do as the person needs to have knowledge of how to photograph the moments of christening and be able to capture the little one in the best mood before he or she gets irritated and cannot be made to pose anymore.

These are some instances when an experienced photographer like christening photographer London is required who is well aware of these traditions and what they include. The moments that are important, the emotions that need to be captured and the groups that matter – most experienced photographers will be able to group the right people together to capture priceless portrait photographs including the child in question who is the focal point of these events. The same applies for different traditional events of different communities where an experienced photographer will be able to understand the emotions, the people who matter and capture the right moments without needing direction from others.

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Time To Plan A New York Bar Mitzvah – Bat Mitzvah!

It is amazing that the time has flown by so quickly, but it is time to plan the Bar/Bat Mitzvah for that special young person. There are certain things that must be done and it can be easy to get overwhelmed, but with some planning, you can get not only get through it but enjoy the day, too. It can be a great deal beneficial to find a place that specializes in parties for all occasions and can help you make this day perfect.

A Little History

A little background of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah can be helpful for those who may be non-Jewish, but would like to help you plan this religious celebration. A Bar Mitzvah is a rite of passage for a Jewish boy of the age 13. Up until this time, his parents were responsible for his following his Jewish faith. After the ceremony, it is the young man’s responsibility to adhere to the traditional beliefs and ethics of their faith; this is accompanied with the privileges of participating in all the areas of the Jewish faith. It is a common misconception that this ceremony changes a young man into an adult; it is a religious rite ceremony.

A Bat Mitzvah is the religious ceremony that involves a young lady of the age of 12. The ceremony is usually the same for both genders, however with some possible differences. The ceremony varies with the different denominations of the Judaism religion. For example, a majority of Orthodox Jews reject the idea that a woman can read the Torah, in public.

Most Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations involve the young lady or young gentleman to read the Torah and or the Haftarah portion at a Shabbet or other service. It may also involve them giving a d’var Torah which includes a discussion of that week’s Torah portion.

Party Planning Questions

There are certain questions that seem to come up when planning this special religious celebration; they include:

1. What do you do first, once you receive the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date? The first thing to do is find out what your synagogue’s policies or guidelines would be, regarding such celebrations. Next discuss the family budget for such a celebration and then book the needed hall and photographer; these are the two things that need advanced notice.

2. Should you plan an evening or afternoon celebration? This is truly up to you and your family. Many people base this decision on how many out of town guests will be attending and the role of food? Also, keep in mind that evening bookings tend to be more expensive then an afternoon affair. Some people plan a simple luncheon for their guests plus the whole congregation, while others will plan a formal evening event that includes close friends and family. Another point to remember is that a Kiddush luncheon or Oneg Shabbat may be expected, on the Friday.

3. How do you help your non-Jewish guests feel comfortable? The best thing to do is to explain how the ceremony works and what is involved, so they do not feel like the outsider. Also, it is best to check the synagogue’s policy to find out if anything is required of visitors; for example, if a kippot is to be worn by all males. Explain to your guests that this would be a sign of respect and not any religious statement.

4. What are some appropriate gifts? Money and gift certificates are very common for all gift giving; Bar/Bat Mitzvahs included. However, if you are looking for something different then you could consider the following:

Religious items, like a menorah
Memory book
Personalized picture frames
Music/jewelry box
U.S. Savings Bonds
Fine watches or bracelets – engraved with a special message

These are just a few frequently asked questions. There are several decisions that need your attention and it can be overwhelming, so why not contact the people that will ensure to make this day memorable and let them help you with the details, so you can enjoy this important day with your young lady or young man.

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