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High Fashion Women’s Clothing For Wholesale Prices

The fashion-conscious woman often struggles to find the money and time to fuel her passion and allow her to purchase the designer evening gowns and celebrity styles she needs to look her best. With, we meet that need by offering top-quality woman’s fashion clothing at the most affordable prices rivaling those of wholesalers, yet without the need for any special wholesaling privileges. Our conveineint online shopping environment makes shopping fun and removes the time constraints that keep some woman from looking their best.

How We Get Our Prices so Low is able to offer our customers these low wholesale level prices because we offer trending clothing by YOCO fashion and YOCO dress, as well as other Japanese and Korean fashion lines like Little Piggy, Yumi, Melissa, and Imagine Style Meow Meow. These designers have learned how to create trendy, high-quality clothing without a huge cost, and they pass those savings on to you, the customer. For a fraction of what you would spend on just one homecoming dress and the accessories to go with it, you can build a full wardrobe, complete with a wonderful black dress and a couple of prom dresses or evening gowns, when you shop with us.

You Have Found Your One-Stop Shop

At, we have made it our goal to provide everything you need for a stunning, trendy wardrobe. While we specialize in formal dresses, including Bat Mitzvah dresses, evening gowns, Quinceanera dresses, prom dresses, and homecoming dresses, we also have an extensive line of cocktail dresses, as well as cute clothes like t-shirts and casual, sexy blouses, skirts, hats, and socks. You can also complete your outfit with a stylish purse that appears to have come straight from the runways of Paris, yet has a price tag that allows you to purchase two or three to stock your closet. Don’t forget to look into our black dresses and sexy dresses by designer fashion creators while you shop.

Shopping Made Easy

When you visit the mall to shop for the hottest styles, you first must get over the shock of the price tag. Then, you must spend your entire day walking from store to store to find the right outfit. While shopping can be fun, putting together a whole outfit at the mall is time consuming, because you have to find all of the pieces in just the right size, which may not be possible at just one store. By shopping online with us, you avoid this hassle. Everything you need to build a complete, fashionable outfit is found on our website, from socks to hats.

Not only does shopping online with us take less time, but it is also more convenient. You can shop from any location where you have an Internet connection, any time of the day. You do not have to confine your clothes shopping to the hours that the mall is open. When you have computer access, you have access to the hottest clothing styles and designs through our site.

Shop Today

At, we believe every woman should have the chance to feel beautiful and trendy, no matter what your clothes shopping budget may be. From junior to missy sizes, we have everything you need to build a trendy, classy wardrobe. To get started, browse our online inventory and fall in love with our pieces. From evening gowns to that sexy blouse you need, we have the designs and fashions you are craving. Start shopping today, and take your wardrobe up a notch with our trendy YOCO dress clothes. Let us show you how affordable and convenient shopping for a high-fashion wardrobe can be.

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Stunning Bracelets for Semi-Formal and Formal Engagements

Bracelets are a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe and jewelry box. A simple outfit can easily be classed up and dressed up with the addition of a great bracelet. Unlike earrings, which often get hidden behind fancy hairstyles at formal and semi-formal engagements, bracelets always stand out. They move with you on the dance floor and sparkle in the sunlight, and they’re sure to make a statement regardless of what outfit they’re paired with.
Whether you’re headed to a wedding or a Bat Mitzvah, a prom or a family reunion, your outfit won’t be complete without a bracelet. Many women forget bracelets when they’re decking themselves out in accessories, which is odd, given that bracelets can often make more of a statement than earrings, rings and necklaces can.
Consider a white sundress for a summer wedding. A necklace might overcomplicate the neckline, and if you’re wearing your hair down, you might not be able to see your earrings. But given that it’s summer, and most sundresses are sleeveless, your arms are open and begging for some decadence. Give them what they want with a series of gold bangles and let the fun begin. Now that you’re starting to understand the importance of bracelets, let’s talk about what kind of stunning bracelets are applicable to semi-formal and formal engagements. In short, what to wear, and when.
If you’re going to a summery party and wearing a vintage sundress, consider wearing a piece of jewelry that’s vintage-inspired to match the vibe of your outfit. A conch shell cameo bracelet set in thin gold is a perfect way to take on the future while paying homage to the past. This hinged bangle showcases a gorgeous cameo motif set inside a pink conch shell. The cameo is accented with beautiful white sapphires, which are sure to catch the light as you wine and dine in the great outdoors. Conch shells, which are often sold in the Caribbean, are actually a byproduct of the animals that call them home, which are harvested for meat and used in seafood dishes by many cultures. For some cultures, it’s food, but for others, it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry.
If your formal event is a daytime wedding and you need something to compliment your simple LBD, look no further than an 18 karat gold vermeil bracelet with blue green apatite stones. This elegant bracelet features gems that seem to have been pulled straight from the ocean, and is adorned with a classy leaf design. A show-stopping piece of jewelry, this bracelet hangs loosely on your wrist and can be crafted in your choice of platinum or 18 karat gold (most are partial to the gold, which complements the aqua stones perfectly). The blue/green apatite stones are placed in prong settings, and they make for gorgeous shimmering accents against the gold base. This is a beautiful bracelet that is perfect for your more formal events, but it also wouldn’t look out of place with a simple outfit, such as a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.
Speaking of gold, sometimes the best choice is a simple gold bangle with great textures. A gold bangle is one of those pieces that every woman needs in her jewelry box. It looks just as good with a ball gown as it does with a plain black suit. It fits with a white t-shirt and a halter dress, an LBD or a flirty white sundress.
No matter what you’re wearing, your outfit will benefit from the addition of a simple gold bracelet. Consider a bracelet that features multiple woven strands – a bracelet that almost mimics rope. Like a rope bracelet touched by King Midas, this piece of woven gold is a showstopper, but it never looks over the top or gaudy.
One of the hardest lines to walk with jewelry is finding the line between grabbing attention and looking like you’re trying too hard. Gold bracelets help you walk that line, and perfectly. They attract attention, but they’re never too flashy. The perfect piece for both semi-formal and formal events, you’ll want to go out and buy a gold bangle if you don’t already have one. Consider layering multiple bangles on top of one another for a look that’s more fun than black tie.
If simple and sophisticated is your thing, consider a gorgeous cultured white and black freshwater pearl hinged cuff bracelet. This beautiful silver bracelet looks as though it’s a metal snake coiled around your wrist, and features a white pearl at one end and a black pearl at the other end. Classy and classic, we’re picturing this bracelet with your favorite LBD at your next formal event. Want to look like you mean business but still have great style? This is the bracelet for you.
As you can see, bracelets are the perfect accessories to dress up an outfit for any occasion. Find your favorite designs now.

Kevin Williams is a freelance writer who writes about fashion apparel such as bracelets.

Cheap Party Favors Make Great Gifts

Having a beach bash, birthday party, retirement party, bridal shower, graduation, wedding or some other event? Don’t forget to thank your guests for celebrating the occasion with you. What better way to say thank you than to choose inexpensive party favors for your guests to take with them when they leave the party.

Many people, when they think of party favors, think of sitting around the kitchen table stuffing party bags. How boring is that? Usually, the same old candy, mints or confetti end up in the favor bag and the people receiving them really don’t care if they get one or not. Make your party extra special by giving your guests a party favor they will really want to receive. Party favors these days are very nice and many are less than $ 2 or even less than $ 1 each.

Choosing a party favor that matches the party theme is the easiest way to go. For a summer beach bash or 4th of July party, choose party favors that shout SUMMER. Inexpensive beach theme party favors are perfect for this type of event and include flip flop magnets and margarita gel candles. Many people do not expect party favors at summer picnics so be sure to surprise them with a nice memento to remind them of this fun day!

For a fall event such as a wedding, retirement party, birthday party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quince or more, choose a party favor that incorporates all the beautiful colors of the season such as chocolate brown, burgundy and gold. These colors are available with so many inexpensive fall party favors such as bookmarks, favor boxes, and photo frames. Many favors are not only lovely, but practical too and also would be nice used as place card holders at the Thanksgiving table.

Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve are just a few of our favorite winter reasons to have a party. Match your party favor to this fun time of year by selecting snowman candles, snowflake ornaments or a beautiful blue gel candle with a snowflake on it. These are great inexpensive favors for winter birthday parties too. And did we mention winter weddings? Some of the most gorgeous weddings are held during the winter months creating a winter wonderland for the bride and groom. Any snowflake party favor would be the perfect party favor for this type of event.

All things begin anew in spring. For events such as Bridal Showers, Weddings, First Communions, Baptisms and other spring happenings, select wildflower seed favors, floral party favors or butterfly favors or ladybug favors to give your guests at this time of year. These favors are also great all year round for a birthday party, Sweet 16 party, Quince party and more.

All of the party favors mentioned above cost less than $ 2 each and many less than $ 1 each. How can you afford not to thank your guests with these inexpensive party favors? To be double sure your guests love your party favor, choose one that you yourself would like to receive!

Denise Sanger is the owner of several party supply websites including which features an extensive catalog of party favors and wedding favors and wedding decorations. Great customer service is only a click or phone call away.

Catering For Churches

If your church is looking for that perfect place to hold their next event, look no further then Chateau of Spain restaurant! Located in downtown Newark on Franklin Street, Chateau of Spain is located close to many local churches and temples. For your next church celebration or fundraiser, invite your congregation and the local community to a night of food, fun, and fellowship.

Treat your parishioners to a delicious banquet for your holiday celebrations catered by Chateau of Spain. Our beautiful Galician-style dining room can seat up to 130 guests. With its elegant place settings and traditional Spanish-influenced decorations, the upstairs dining room is the perfect place to hold holiday parties for your church. With dozens of entrees to choose from our in house party menus, you can enjoy the best food Chateau of Spain has to offer. Our entrees include traditional buffet dishes, like Italian sausage and peppers or meat balls. You can also enjoy your favorite Spanish dishes, like beef and chicken fajitas or paella. Pick your favorite side dishes to complete your dinner, like Spanish potatoes and rice and beans. Party reservations include 5 entrees, 4 side dishes, 4 hours for the use of the beautiful dining room, and drinks for the entire party.

Due to its extensive array of seafood and fish, Chateau of Spain would also be a perfect place for Catholic families to hold their Feast of the Seven Fishes, or The Vigil. This traditional Christmas Eve dinner stems from the Roman Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on certain holy days. The only difficulty in planning this holiday dinner would be trying to limit your seafood choices to only 7! With dishes like filet of sole, tilapia, clams casino, and shrimp in garlic sauce, Chateau of Spain would make a memorable and delicious Christmas Eve dinner for your family and friends.

For fundraising events, the Chateau of Spain staff will work together with your party-planning committee to set up special pricing and offers for not only a great party, but also a successful fundraiser. Whether you are looking to donate to important causes like earthquake relief in Haiti, or to raise funds to remodel your sanctuary, Chateau of Spain will help with every step of the planning process. We can create a simple price that combines dinner with the allotted donations to help create an easy and well-designed fundraiser for your congregation. Chateau of Spain can also run raffles for restaurant gift certificates and other great prizes throughout your event. Our dining room is also a great place to hold silent auctions and other fundraising events. Let the food be the least of your worries when you plan a church fundraiser with our restaurant. Chateau of Spain will also bring our great food to your church hall with our off premise catering. You can choose the atmosphere of your party and have a personalized buffet menu brought right to your door.

Chateau of Spain is the perfect place to celebrate your son or daughter’s first Holy Communion, Baptism, Bar-Mitzvah, Bat-Mitzvah, or other religious rites of passage. After a somber religious ceremony, celebrate your child’s religious journey and accomplishments with an elegant reception at Chateau of Spain. The restaurant offers 3 different in house party menus for your child’s important day. Starting at only $ 19.95 per person, you can have a beautiful confirmation party while not going over your budget. So whether you’re planning a church party, or a holiday family dinner, Chateau of Spain has everything you need for an enjoyable experience.

Bill Oliveira is the owner of Chateau of Spain Restaurant located in Newark, NJ. The restaurant is conveniently located close to the Prudential Center. This establishment offers a wide variety of food for dine-in, catering, and more.

Tiny Treasures

Jewelry is a delightfully appealing way to mark a moment in time with your child.

From birth or adoption to graduation and everything in between, there are so many “firsts” to celebrate with your child: first birthday, first day of school, first time being a flower girl or ring bearer, first ballet recital or soccer game, first time being a big sister or brother–even everyday rites of passage such as losing a tooth or sleeping away from home for the first time. For all these memories-in-the-making, there’s a perfect piece of jewelry to delight your child and help you cherish precious milestones–big and small.

Birthstones have a long tradition of being a cherished “first jewelry” gift. Each time your child wears her birthstone, share memories from the day she was born: “Grandma and Grandpa few all the way from Ohio just to meet you.” Or: “Daddy ordered us a pizza right in the hospital!” Try a new twist on birthstone jewelry for a first-time big sister: incorporate both her birthstone and her new baby brother or sister’s birthstone into one piece of jewelry. She’ll feel the honor of being a big sister, connected to her new sibling, and very grown up.

Most children have at least one occasion in their lives that calls for dressing their very best, whether it’s their own christening, a family portrait, first communion, a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah, or the invitation to be part of a bridal party. For these most formal rites of passage, very special pieces of jewelry can honor family or religious traditions and mark the importance of taking part in ceremony. A luminous pearl bracelet, a tie clip accented with a small diamond, or a delicate cross or Star of David pendant can be the start of a new tradition in your family. It may even become an heirloom handed down for generations to come.

Lockets help loved ones feel close-to-heart during some of those “firsts” that can be a little bit scary. Having a picture of Mom or Dad close at hand can help calm the first-day-of-school jitters or the sleep-away camp blues. Lockets can also help ease your child’s sadness if you often have to travel away from home. Tuck a tiny note inside the locket to remind your child that you’ll be thinking of her every day. Lockets can also help comfort your child at times of loss. Place a picture of your child’s beloved grandparent or even a favorite pet inside a locket. Share the symbolism by saying that although people and animals sometimes die, they will always be near and dear to our hearts.

Jewelry can help keep your child safe, too. ID-tag necklaces and bracelets can be engraved with your address or phone number in case your child gets lost while hiking, camping, or vacationing in a new city. If your child has a medical condition such as diabetes or epilepsy, a medical ID bracelet can help rescuers quickly pinpoint the care your child needs. Bracelets with colorful sport bands can help children overcome their reluctance to wearing medical ID. Matching sport bands with plain tags come in adult sizes, too, so the whole family can show their love and support.

Charms are an easy way to express pint-sized individuality and style. No matter what your child’s interest–butterflies, soccer, hearts, bugs, cars, flowers, trains, dolphins, teddy bears, or fairies–there’s a charm to capture it. A single charm makes an adorable necklace, bracelet, or anklet perfectly scaled to fit your child’s body. Add charms as interests and activities develop. Before long you’ll have a piece of jewelry that tells a story about your child, a story that he or she will love to hear over and over again. While you’re in the doctor’s waiting room or standing in a grocery store line, “read” the charm bracelet with your child. Explain that each charm is a memory that makes up the story of his or her life.

No matter what jewelry you choose, encourage your child to get creative. Wear a bracelet as an anklet or a hair tie. Try a pinky ring on a big toe. Mix and match earrings. Wear two necklaces at once, or wear one necklace as a multi-strand bracelet. Jewelry is a wonderful mix of tradition, fashion, and fun. It’s never too soon to encourage your child to develop his or her own personal style.

Jodi Goldberg is the editor of Fine Jewelry News,

OMG it’s a real life Superhero!

Children have long been drawn to superheroes – Robin Hood, Superman, Bat man, and other powerful characters of fairy tales. Your kid dreams of being a superhero or heroine.
This is why he can easily don his “Spider-Man” outfit for an entire week, or find a way to fit “Batman” in the Biblical scriptures. If your child is at this age, you should certainly consider throwing a super hero themed party for his/her next birthday.
Why superheroes?
Superheroes are defined as larger than life, powerful, and courageous beings capable of overcoming any predicament with outstanding prowess while doing good deeds at the same time.
Your children are facing the challenges of acquiring new skills, causing them to feel small, fearful, helpless, and troubled to accomplish what they desire – the opposite of superheroes.
Superhero play, on the other hand, causes them to feel fearless, brave, in control, and powerful enough to overcome challenges.
Choosing a Super Hero
Before you can even think about hosting a super hero theme party for your child, you will probably have realized your child’s obsession with a particular character – dressing like them, acting like them, or doing something else that is specific to that person.
Once you identify the character, you can surprise your child by inviting Spider-Man, for instance, to spend a couple of hours with the children at the party – birthday party, baptism, bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, corporate event, or some other event.
Party Princess Productions offers top superhero character entertainment for children parties and special events. The superhero or heroine (Wonder Girl) characters are full of energy and unique superhero skills that provide exceptional hero entertainment for your boys and girls.
The characters will interact with the kids, teach them how to be real superheroes, participate in the ceremony (party), play games, do face painting, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Some of the things that you can expect include:
* A grand entrance – if you have the Spider Party Character, for instance, you won’t want to miss the hero’s entrance and welcome, as he pops in with startling moves and demonstrates his capacity to fight crime
* Superhero training – the superhero character will take some time to show the children and other participants (parents and guardians) special moves that they use to fight crime
* Games and prizes – the superhero character will lead the children in a mixture of fun-filled related games, possibly with prizes for the winners
* Photo session – the superhero character will pose for as many photos as your child would like, so he/she remembers the fun times with his/her favorite hero
Parents are sometimes concerned that encouraging their children to act like superheroes promotes violence, since most superhero programs involve fighting and destruction, but this should not be an issue. Party Princess Productions’ superhero characters emphasize that discipline, respect, and good behavior are important attributes of a hero.
To learn more about planning your very own super hero party please check out

To learn more about planning your very own super hero party please check out

Get The Party Started With Customized Merchandise

Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish way of celebrating a birthday. It marks the day when a young kid is being prepared for the better responsibilities ahead of him/her. Just like any other parties, a bar/bat mitzvah should be commemorated in a colorful and gaudy manner. It is not enough to acquire a cake with cute little candles erected on it. As a parent, you should perk it up by dispersing customized promotional materials that are very practical to the young ones and young-at-heart.

Balloons with a twist- balloon are always present in most children’s parties. In fact this is what most kids are waiting for aside from the cake and the games. For a bar/bat mitzvah party, you should swerve away from the customary. Try having promotional balloons that are shapes as the celebrators’ face or body. Truly, his/her birthday will be very unforgettable.

Playing Cards-Promotional playing cards will be edgier if you try to print something on it that would reflect the celebrators’ attributes. Or try to create an on-the-spot printed promotional card by setting up a photo booth where you can have your wacky images taken and laid on either an ace or a king/queen.

Toy Animals- Promotional teddy bears and toy animals is not just furry but it also serves as a gift to your birthday party. You can either embellish you message on it or simply place a card on its neck with a personalized dedication written in state-of-the-art paper that is also custom-printed.

Yoyo- Promotional yoyo is a marvelous toy for approximately all ages. Even the adults can indulge playing on it and its assorted tricks. Having a yoyo beside yoyo can break your boredom and can also establish great companionship with other enthusiasts.

T-shirts- Having your birthday theme embossed on a funky t-shirt is really cool. It will be a continous reminder on how your bar/bat mitzvah turned out.

Sunglasses- promotional sunglasses is one of the most products that gets the highest sale. Transform your party from cool to extra cool with colorful sunglasses. This is perfect for pool parties that is done entirely under the heat of the searing sun.

Your bar mitzvah celebration should be one-of-a kind. Go follow these suggestions and have fun.

Katya Reonal is a promotional products writer for promotional toy animals and promotional playing cards . Read more articles by Katya Reonal here.

What Is A Chai Centre And What Can You Do There?

A Chai Centre, or Chabad house as it is otherwise known, is a Jewish community centre that serves the needs of the Jewish community. They are very popular in areas densely populated with the Jewish faith, and provide the followers of the religion with support and the care that they need. This article will outline some of the activities and ceremonies that can be held in a Chai Centre, to give you a better understanding of their purpose in the Jewish community.

Torah Classes

One of the most common activities held in Chai Centres are Torah classes. Torah is the Hebrew word for the first five books of the bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament. In these classes, people will learn about the history of the Torah and the characters within the text. It often referenced to the modern day, and helps people understand how the Torah can influence their lives and their relationship with god.


Chabad houses also provide a synagogue service known as a Shabbat. Shabbat is the Jewish Sabbath, which is celebrated every week from sundown on Friday to nightfall of Saturday. Shabbat starts with the lighting of candles by women and girls on Friday afternoon, followed by evening prayers. The Jewish community will then enjoy a festive meal which is opened by the Kiddush blessing over wine or grape juice, followed by the Hamotzieblessing over two whole loaves of bread called Challah. This meal is an integral part of oneg Shabbat “delighting the Shabbat”.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are common events at Chai Centres. They not only provide the synagogue service, but also somewhere for the ceremony party to take place.

A Bar Mitzvah is the initiation ceremony of a Jewish boy who is now able to observe religious precepts and eligible to take part in public worship. When a boy reaches the age of 13, he is said to become a Bar Mitzvah, which literally translates to “son of commandment”. At this age he now has the same rights as a fully grown man and is ethically and morally responsible for his decisions and actions.

A Bat Mitzvah is the initiation ceremony of a Jewish girl who has reached the age of religious maturity. This age is always 12 years and one day. When a girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah she is now a daughter of commandment and has the same rights as an adult. On this day she is now also responsible for her actions on a moral and ethical level.

After either a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a celebratory party usually takes place where there is food is eaten and gifts are given to the child.

Other Activities

Other than religious ceremonies and events, the Chai Center also gives the Jewish community somewhere to learn and to interact with other Jewish people. There are often friendship circles provided in each Chabad house, which allows everyone to get together to participate in fun activities, such as charity events and raffles.

If you need more information on Chabad Chai Center, don’t hesitate to check out this site here!

Light Up A Bar/Bat Mitzvah With LED Lights

While much study and reflection leads up to your child’s Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah, this is definitely a moment to celebrate. While you don’t have to make it a huge, lavish affair, using some cool LED products is a great way to make it an amazing event for your son or daughter.

Your first step in planning the party is to select a great location. This can mean renting a room at a community center or golf club or even using the largest main room in your own home. If you have a great room that opens out to your backyard, this can be an ideal venue. Just move the furnishings out of the room and turn the space into a great party room. Rent some dining tables and buffet tables and place those outside, leaving the inside space for socializing and dancing.

Each of the youngsters that attend the party should receive a fun glowing goodie bag upon arrival. Place some sweet treats inside, such as chocolate coins or chocolate bars with special custom labels that list the event and your child’s name. In addition, include some cool glowing items such as glow bracelets and glow sticks that feature a Jewish star.

You can purchase fun light-up LED pendants for all of your guests. These feature the Star of David and are available in a variety of color choices. Blinking light-up LED pins are another option that can be fun for all of your guests and these come in shapes that range from Hebrew Chai letters to Menorahs to Stars of David.

LED items can make decorating a breeze. You can place huge balloon arrangements that use LED technology around the room. Consider the fun of glowing white and blue balloons and how they will impact your overall decor. You can also use LED serving trays for your food buffet. Just place clear serving bowls and plates on top of these light-up trays for a fun effect.

There are cute cups that feature light-up Stars of David at the bottom, and these are perfect items to place around the punch bowl or drink station. You can also serve wine and other libations in light-up LED glasses, which come in dozens of styles and colors. There are also light-up LED ice cubes that will make your drinks really glow, and these can even feature a custom message.

Katelynn Mochizuki enjoys blogging and organizing parties. For further information about promotional LED products like LED ice cubes, or to know more about other products like light up rings, please check out the LightGod website today.

Hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ: You’re Being Warned, So Stay Calm

One of your major party considerations is time of day. Prior to deciding on one over the other, consider the following points of view.

Luncheon Advantages/Evening Affair Disadvantages:

1. Synagogue service. “Great party. And Mazel Tov, once more!” “We’re so-glad-you-enjoyed-yourselves-wonderful-seeing-you-again-drive-back-safely-bye-bye.” Finis.

2. Out-of-town guests who can get home in a few hours won’t have the additional expense of a hotel room for the night.

3. Depending on your (literal as well as figurative) tastes, you might opt for a less extravagant meal. Omelets and bagels vs. prime rib and garlic toast.

4. Fees may be lower for your DJ, caterer, photographer or hall. Ask and you shall receive…occasionally. You may not be offered a price break, but there’s no harm in trying.

The opposite may be true. It’s not unheard of for DJs to tack a concealed surcharge on a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. They feel a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is more work. They’re right! (But, hey, that’s not YOUR fault!) They’ll justify the heftier fee if questioned, but you’d never think to bring it up.

Want to find out? Surreptitiously have someone call back and request a rate for a Reunion (a piece-of-cake gig). Some DJs keep their hourly rate fees standard for any type of affair, any time of day, any day of the year. Some don’t.

Luncheon Disadvantages/Evening Affair Advantages:

1. DJ’s make themselves available 24/7. (For most Conservative and Orthodox families, it’s 24/6!) But, presuming you have a Saturday afternoon affair, your guests won’t have had a chance to unwind after services. Evenings allow a respite.

2. The “mind set” and atmosphere at a luncheon is quite different than that at an evening affair.

From a DJ’s point-of-view behind the mic, I suspect that the exact same music played in the exact same sequence would elicit a far different response from the exact same crowd during different times of the day.

It’s often tougher to motivate an afternoon crowd that seems to be more talkative than active. Is there a dentist in the house? Getting some people off their tush is like pulling teeth! That’s not to say that a luncheon won’t be a wonderful and complete success. My wife and I had three. But, if liquor is offered, guests will drink more and assume a “looser” posture at night.

So, if the dance floor isn’t jam-packed for the duration of your luncheon, it’s not your fault, your DJ’s fault or your guest’s fault. It’s the human body clock. Some bones just weren’t designed to flail to The Chicken Dance at 3:30 in the afternoon! (But if you invite a fun-loving party crowd, the time of day won’t matter. They’ll wear a hole in the dance floor.)

3. If your banquet is on a boat cruise, no one’s jumping overboard prior to the last dance! But if not, this isn’t a Broadway show where they feel they’ll miss something leaving before “THE END.” Guests with baby-sitters, the elderly or out-of-towners who drove may exit early, especially if they also attended morning services.

Luncheon or Evening Affair, You’re Being Warned, So Stay Calm:

Invariably, when you check the place-card table, there will be unclaimed names. They’re not sick in bed either, but you almost wish they were! Seldom do 100% of expected, healthy guests show up. (And you had to pay for them, too!) It’s aggravating and extraordinarily rude, but don’t let it ruin your day. Anticipate it.

Joe Pachino has been a Radio & Mobile DJ in Baltimore since 1974 and authored “DJ’s Secrets Revealed! How To Select (And Get The Most Out Of) Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah DJ” c 2001, 2007 EMI. It’s loaded with constructive, organized and valuable tip$ for Parents. He’s performed at well over 1000 Mitzvahs, so take advantage of his experience. (And experiences!) You’ll find loads of info and goodies at