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The Best Softball Hitting Ideas And Tips Ever

Softball hitting is a demanding position to play when playing the game softball yet many would prefer the pose than the rest role. This is because hitting is a popular position that many softball players are best recognized because of it. On the other hand, this skill requires beyond swinging and hitting tasks. It calls for concentration, hand-eye coordination, equilibrium, and some vital others. For sure you want to know the fundamental requirements and some softball hitting tips that most softball players and professional softball coaches constantly trying to attain.

Lets take concentration or focus as the first softball hitting tip. This is where the head is steady focusing on the right direction at the right angle. In this way, the hitter attains an increased level of concentration to analyze and verify the speed, vector, and spin of the softball. This softball hitting hint is extremely essential for without it the chances of landing an impressive hit will definitely fail. This is the main reason why emphasis on participating in drills and practices that enhances concentration both visually and mentally is given much attention.

Another important aspect to consider when it comes to softball hitting is the coordination of the eyes and the hands. The fact that eye dictates when and where the hand should move to strike certainly calls the attention of coaches not to ignore this aspect. After the eye has carefully analyzed the situation regarding the speed and direction of the ball, the received data will then be transmitted into the brain and the brain signals the hands and arms to hit at the right angle and moment. When this aspect is also disregard, the chances of winning will be very slim.

Another vital aspect that also requires extreme attention is equilibrium or body balance. This softball hitting tip should not be overlooked. Even if you have the high level of focus but lacking this aspect you can never create a powerful hit. This is because when your body is on a perfect balance, you can put forth the right amount of power and force to strike. With equilibrium the weight absorbs the impact of the ball as it touches the bat resulting to an explosive hit.

There you have the three most important considerations when it comes to softball hitting, but your swinging force and angle should also be perfected. The direction and force in swinging is always of great importance to know. It is actually one of the best assets of a softball hitter. Performing this softball hitting tip would surely increase your hitting performance as a player.

Keep on practicing these softball hitting tips and techniques till you eventually master them. This can be your greatest weapon in the softball battle field. Learn from your experience as it is the best teacher and trainer. Experience can polish your softball skills as a player. Take these softball hitting tips into your heart and mind as they can aid you to achieve your dream. Let the world witness the beauty of softball and of course, your awesome softball hitting technique.

Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS, is a softball peak performance coach that helps players and teams hit with more power and be more dominant on the softball field. To get tons of great FREE softball drills to boost your game, visit us at:

Attracting Bats To Your Bat House

One of nature’s most enigmatic creatures, the lives of bats have been steeped in mystery for centuries. As of late, these amazing creatures have piqued the interest of not only researchers and conservationists, but bird enthusiasts as well. If you’re interested in setting up a bat house, here are a few tips to attract bats to your structure.

A few facts on bat houses

If you properly install your bat house and pay attention to other factors such as box location and availability to predators, there’s a good chance you’ll attract bats. According to statistics from Bat Conservation International, bats inhabit approximately 60% of all reported bat houses. Ninety percent of bat houses were used within two years, with 50% being occupied in the first year.

Attracting bats

Bats typically look for new roosting opportunities while foraging at night. In nature, they look for nooks and crannies that will provide shelter from predators. Though they are often used, bat lures or attractions (such as guano) are unlikely to attract bats. What is most important is that you properly set up and create ideal conditions in your bat house.

Where to install your bat house

Nursery colonies of bats tend to choose roosts close to water. In general, bat houses are the most successful in areas of natural vegetation that have a variety of agricultural uses. Having bats already in the area, especially if they are living in buildings or other human-made structures, is another good indication that a bat house can be successful.


The most critical variable when installing bat houses is making sure you have warm, stable temperatures, as such weather is ideal for mother bats to raise their young. During the summer, temperatures on the inside should range between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may have to experiment with different locations with your bat house to get the right temperature, as the amount of direct sunlight the bat house gets will be a big factor. Buy a thermometer and try a variety of spots with different sun exposure to find the right location. In general, mounting your bat house on the sides of a wooden structure is preferable to mounting it on poles because the temperature will stay more consistent

Keeping your bat house populated

Bats have a strong tendency toward nest fidelity, which means that they’ll often return to the same nest year after year. However, in order to ensure their presence, it’s important to keep your bat house in good shape. Make sure you clean out any wasp nests. Also, check for cracks or potential leaks or drafts. Remember, it’s always important to perform this maintenance when the bats aren’t in the box.

John Moxley has spent more than 30 years working as a writer in various facets of the outdoors and birding industries. He is an avid birdwatcher and buys all of his bat houses from Backyard Chirper.

Team Fundraisers: Earn Money With These Ideas

Team Fundraisers: Earn Money With These Ideas

Is your child’s baseball team always in need of funds for sports equipments, uniforms, and other expenses? Then, I am sure that you and your team of volunteers are really having a hard time thinking of different unique fundraiser ideas that you can use for your team fundraisers.

Helping out in team fundraisers is without a doubt one of the hardest obligations that parents need to do so that they can show their love and support for their children. If you want to lend a helping hand to your kid’s baseball team, take a look at the different fundraising ideas that I am going to present in this article and see if you can use something that will really work for you and your group of volunteers. One of the easiest fundraising ideas that you can do would be to hold out a flower sale. To do this, you can call up local nurseries in your community and find out if you can buy a certain number of flats at a discounted price. To get good discounts for your supplies, tell the owner of the establishment that you are going to hold a fundraiser for the purpose of helping your child’s baseball team with their expenses. Be sure to stress where you’re going to spend the money on. Once you get your supplies ready, you can now hand these over to the parents of the other members of the baseball team. Tell them to sell out flats of flowers to their families, friends, and neighbors. Before you start selling your products, make sure that you raise the price a bit so that you can get a good amount of profit in the end. Don’t go over the bar with your price as this might cause your customers to have second thoughts or hesitancies about buying from you.

When you set your price, you need to place it on a level that’s high enough for you to make a good amount of profit but don’t make it too high to an extent that it’s going to look really unreasonable or irrational. Having high-priced products may sound really great at first because of the high amount of profit that you’ll be able to get from each single product that you get to sell out. But, remember that if something is really high-priced, people won’t most likely buy it. This means that you’ll end up with zero profits if you go over the bar with your prices.

Aside from selling flowers, doing yard sales is also a really good idea as to the reason that you won’t need a capital for this one. All you need to do is to contact people who have a bunch of stuff lying around their houses that they want to get rid of. Gather these things and you already get a good number of products to offer your customers. Advertise your yard sale well and you will surely cash in big with this.

If you enjoyed the ideas for”;>team fundraisers that I have presented in here, you can catch more of these at the AIM Fundraising website.

Bat Surveys

Bat Surveys And Your Planning Application

There are 16 different species of bat in the UK and all of them, as well as their roosts, are protected by UK law. Bat surveys are becoming more and more common as part of a planning application in order to ensure that the bats in our country remain healthy and protected without their numbers dwindling as a result of being pushed out of their natural habitat. To prevent this local planning authorities may demand that work take place at a time in the year that is sympathetic to the bats lifecycle and plans may need to be redrawn and mitigation put in place should any damage or interruption occur.

Bats And Their Roosts

If bats are present then it is usually necessary to show they would be accommodated in the new plans. This first requires a professional bat survey in order to determine the required information about the bats and their roosts within a property. If a planned development has bats resident within the area or bats that roost or even rest in the building then it is necessary to apply for a Habitats Regulations License which is obtained from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Protected Species

Even if it proves unnecessary to obtain a Habitats Regulations License it remains a criminal offence to recklessly or intentionally harm, damage, or disturb a bat. This not only includes injuring or killing them but also capturing the bat itself or removing or damaging their roosting sites. Even the bats foraging habitat should be protected and this may require litigation being put in place. The sooner you consult an ecology expert that conducts bat surveys the better; ideally if youre aware of the existence or the possibility of the existence of bats then it should be one of the first things you do.

Bat Surveys And Your Planning Application

When a planning application is made, the local ecology is a serious consideration of the planning authorities. Initially they will determine the likelihood of their being bats and other protected species within the planned development area. They will consider whether the property you wish to expand or build will affect the life and breeding of endangered species like bats and your planning application could be adversely affected. Plan early and you can avoid the penalties and some of the more difficult regulations that could be enforced. offer fast, great value bat surveys & mitigation for developments. Visit us today for more information!

Bat Season Approaches

Florida is home to at least thirteen residential species of bats. They are an amazing animal–the only mammals who can fly! Their wings are very similar to a human hand, with joints that can close and grip. They sleep upside down by wrapping their talons around a branch or other surface. They exert little to no effort doing this, because gravity keeps their talons closed.They have many useful qualities that humans may overlook. A nocturnal animal, bats will eat hundreds of insects in one night. If bats are living on your property they could greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. The way that they find insects and other sources of food is quite unique. They use an intriguing navigational system called echolocation. When they make a noise, the sound wave goes out and bounces back from the first object it comes across. The direction of the returning sound wave indicates where an object (such as an insect) is and how big it is.

Another useful aspect of bats is their feces (called guano). Guano has an abundant amount of nitrogen, making it a wonderful fertilizer. Certain enzymes can be extracted from bat guano and used in laundry detergent and other cleaning products.Bats contribute greatly to the environment, and it is important for them to have a place to live. They normally live in trees or caves, but sometimes they become comfortable under the eaves of a persons house, or even inside the house.

It is dangerous for bats to live inside the house for a couple of important reasons.The first reason is that bats can carry rabies. Though uncommon, it is a possibility, and if a rabid bat were to become frightened and bite someone, the person could contract rabies. A rabid bat is usually indicated by heightened aggression and daytime activity. If a bat is easily approachable, that is also an indicator of rabies. Bats should not be handled. The second reason is that if bat guano collects in the house, a person could contract Histoplasmosis. Inhaling the spores of this fungus can cause serious respiratory problems that could be fatal.

The best and most humane way to rid bats from your home and put them back into the wild is by exclusion. Nuisance Wildlife Relocation will do a thorough search of the home for any holes or openings where a bat could get through. A one-way bat door will be placed at every opening so that the bat can get out, but not back in. When dusk hits, the bats will fly outside to hunt, and be unable to return. Once all of the bats have left the structure, all openings will be permanently sealed to prevent any further entry.This method is completely humane and no bats are ever harmed during this process. This company prides itself on treating animals with the respect they deserve. If a bat is found inside, Nuisance Wildlife Relocation is available to solve the problem.

Jeff Norris is owner of Nuisance Wildlife Relocation Inc. located in Parrish Florida. Jeff has over 11 years as a wildlife management professional and has been involved in Hunting, Fishing and Trapping since the age of 5. Jeff Loves the out doors and is a competitive archer. On January 5, 2003 Jeff Married his best friend Christy and not long after that year their beautiful daughter Haileigh was born, Jeff also has a wonderful son Keith that works for the family company during his vacation from school in the summer.

Bats Bats Everywhere

Choosing the right bat is important. Several things to consider are weight, length and type of bat. Once you select the right bat for you, you will also need to know how to break it in.

Bat speed is probably the biggest factor that should sway your decision in purchasing a baseball or softball bat. A heavier bat will give the ball more momentum, but the heavier the bat usually means a slower bat speed. With a lighter bat you are much more likely to make contact because you will have a higher bat speed. You will find that most players with high batting averages use lighter bats.

Swing as many different bats as you can. If your team doesn’t have a wide variety of bats to try, try a sporting goods store. Try not to select a long bat that will allow you to hit pitches that may end up going into the opposite batter’s box. Consider where you stand in the batter’s box to make sure that you can extend through the whole strike zone. If a pitch is outside of the strike zone, don’t swing at it.

Aluminum bat VS. Wood baseball bat? Aluminum bats are more durable and less flexible which makes the ball jump off the bat. Wooden bats have a classic and more flexible feel and are usually a little safer for the pitcher, less of a worry about those comeback here line drives.

Head to a batting cage to see how comfortable you feel when trying to make contact. Don’t be afraid to have a friend or family member video record a number of swings so you can examine your swing to make sure that the bat allows you to reach through the whole strike zone. Once you feel comfortable in the batting cage, you’ll know that you’ve found the right bat for you.

Now that you have selected the right bat for you, it is time to break it in. Aluminum bats don’t really need any breaking in. Instead, there are things to do to break yourself into your new bat and make sure you didn’t purchase a dead bat. Hit about 20 to 30 balls off a tee, rotating the bat a little bit each time making sure that the entire barrel of the bat gets touched. Then during a game switch between your trusty stand by and your new bat to make sure your new bat is performing properly.

To break in a composite bat you should hit 200 to 500 actual bats during infield practice or use a tee if necessary. Continuously turn the bat slightly after every time you make good contact until the entire barrel of the bat gets good contact. Avoid hitting the bat against a tree, or putting in vise grips, for these practices will void the warranty.

Wood bats don’t really need to be broken in either. A few rules that you should follow to help extend the life of your wooden bat are storing your bat in the house and avoiding extreme temperatures such as the inside of a car or in your garage. Also, there are 2 spots on a wood bat with the greatest possibility of failure, the logo and the area opposite of the logo. Do not hit the ball in these 2 areas. If you do, you are almost guaranteed to break the bat.

Bats these days are expensive. If you take care and break them in properly, the bat will last you a long time. In the long run, this will save you money and more importantly you will become a more consistent and feared hitter.

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what is talmud torah ?

Jewish education
“Talmud Torah kenegegued Koulam” (M. Peah 1:1): The study of Torah is the greatest mitzvah.
The transmission is a central concern of Judaism. With its rites, practices and symbols, Judaism has educational tools on a daily basis. The first transmission is home and even if the parents have not received a Jewish education, their incentive and their involvement is essential to the growth of the child. The texts of Judaism talk about all matters of life. More than a religion, Judaism is a lifestyle and a philosophy that informs all areas of life. Our tradition contains treasures of wisdom and a lifetime is not enough to study them all. The study is considered an essential commandment of Judaism. Alongside parents, the Talmud Torah is a place of learning must.
And this study continues throughout the life delo mossif Yassif Hillel said: “He who does not increase his knowledge decreases it” (M.Avoth I, 13)
An awakening to the wisdom of Judaism
Three good reasons to join us
1. A Talmud Torah who prepares an egalitarian girl and boy at the bar mitzvah and bat
2. A Talmud Torah which combines the study of texts, tradition and innovation
3. A Talmud Torah consists of a teaching team around the world, linking learning to reflect and encourage diverse artistic expressions of Judaism
our mission
3 to 17 years, we welcome all children whose parents wish to give a Jewish education, in accordance with the practice and beliefs. Traditional texts, the Torah and the Talmud are studied in a respectful and critical and are a source of inspiration for everyday life. Students are encouraged to have original ideas on tradition and thus continue a comment millennium.
Who are we?
Careful dynamic and passionate team to route each child consisted of 10 professors and students from around the world (France, Israel, Algeria, Argentina, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, U.S. A). Registration is open throughout the year.
Born 17 years ago the Talmud Torah Nitsa has already trained over 600 students.
What is our content?
Three fundamental points:
Hebrew: learning the language of our ancestors is essential for access to Jewish thought, ritual and prayer.
Knowledge of texts and ethics education: character study of the Torah and the Prophets, the discovery of rabbinic stories, discussions of the Talmud and Midrashim inspire and renew an essential ethical teaching everyday.
The study of the practices of parties, their ritual and Jewish philosophy: children learn through the history, practice and philosophy Jewish Jewish cycle time renewed for millennia.

Talmud torah levallois – mikve levallois

Best Ways to Know Israelis is here

A breathtaking location between the Mediterranean and Dead Sea atop the Judaean Mountains lays one of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem. Nicknamed Ir ha-Kodesh, Jerusalem serves as the official capital of Israel and is the largest city in the nation. Jerusalem and Israel have a holy connotation to three major Abrahamic religions namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Israel, officially known as The State of Israel, is one of the major economies in the Middle East. It has land borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan on the east, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the east and west, respectively, and Egypt to the southwest. It contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. There are various reasons why Israel should be on your bucket list of travel and here we point out some of the reasons that would definitely be helpful.

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Well, hey, this is the business tour ideas, but we have great tours that are customized to your needs taking into consideration you want to go for the Jewish tours or Christian Tours. There is also the option to go for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony and get to know the local customs. You would be easily convinced to hire Oren as your personal tour guide if you go through the reviews of Israeli tour guides. Oren’s way is a step ahead of the curve and will surely present you with the special treatment that you deserve.

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Twelve Natural Remedies For Depression

Feelings whether bad or good ARE feelings. When you feel, you are ALIVE.

When you resort to an anti-depressant you may not feel sad or depressed but you also won’t feel happiness, joy or playfulness either. Depression expresses itself in many different ways; not wanting to go out; being extremely sad for a long period of time; just can’t enter into the spirit of things; all seem hopeless; easy chores become huge burdens; the world seem threatening and unsafe. There are as many opinions as to the cause of depression as there are psychiatrists in the world, however it is generally agreed that the main CAUSE of depression is actually STRESS.

The dictionary defines stress as: “Physical, mental or emotional strain or tension.”

There are many natural non-drug remedies to help one deal with physical, mental or emotional strain or tension. Here are some suggestions that maybe helpful. I have listed 12 ideas that will eventually (if followed) take you out of the abyss you mat sometimes feel you are in.

But before we even begin, let me ask you a few questions. Please answer these honestly: Do you want to feel better? Do you believe you CAN get better? Are you willing to do what it takes to feel better (as long as it makes sense to you)? If the answer to these questions is “yes” then, read on. Now back to you.

Here are the suggestions:

BODY HEALTH – A primary cause of prolonged depression is possibly an undiagnosed health condition. When one is depressed, it is a good idea to see a medical doctor and get a full medical check up to ensure that any possible health conditions are diagnosed and properly handled.

EXERCISE – The body is there to be used. The more you use it the happier it becomes. Treat it as you would treat your car. If a car doesn’t move for more than 2 weeks the battery may die. You don’t have to be fanatic about it. Just take a brisk walk every day for at least 20 minutes. Feel your heart pumping and your lungs expanding. Walking is not just for the body but for the soul as well. Look around you as you walk, notice things in your neighborhood that you have not noticed before, smile to a neighbor passing by even if you have to force yourself to smile. With exercise it is important to eat healthy; get rid of all the junk food, processed food, candy etc. I’m sure you know what’s healthy and what not. Just be moderate in what you eat. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF THAT GIVES YOU PLEASURE – Every day do something for yourself with the intention of lifting yourself up. Make a list of things that make you happy. Choose one of them for that day and do it. The next day you can choose the next thing and so on. I’m sure that once you sit down and write all the things you like to do that make you feel happy you will end up with quite a long list.

UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS – Sometimes one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel… sometimes there are more than one. The most important action you can take is to ensure you are surrounded by positive relationships. Look around at all your relationships and determine which one makes you feel good and which makes you feel bad. Spend most if not all of your time with those relationships that make you feel good and avoid and/or get rid of those relationships that make you feel bad.

ADOPT AN ANIMAL – If you don’t have a pet, this is a great time to adopt one. Animals are wonderful to have around. They need love, which I’m sure you have lots of, and care. When your attention goes outward, away from your own troubles, your mood will improve. You will find yourself uplifted and extroverted.

PLANTS – get new plants whether for decoration, or for food; make an herb garden. You can grow them in your yard or on your balcony if you live in a condo or an apartment.

REARANGE YOUR HOUSE – The first thing to do is to go through your wardrobe and get rid of old clothes and clothing accessories and shoes that you haven’t worn for 3 years. Donate it them to worthy organizations. Do the same with other items in your house. Once you are done with that, go to the next task, which is to rearrange your living quarters. Move things around; change the arrangement of your living room, move pictures around or put new ones on instead.

SET SHORT AND LONG TERM GOALS – It is very important to plan things for the future. Do you remember the excitement and expectation you had before an important event you knew was coming? You may have prepared months for that event. Go back to the time when you planned for something in the future, whether it was a birthday party, a play you participated in, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, confirmation, wedding, and birth of a child. Now where was your attention during that period of time? Was it in the past? Present? Or future?

Yes, it was a little on the present and LOTS in the future, right? Make a short-term goal first. Let’s say a goal for the next week. Think of something special you would like to do, a place you would like to visit, a person you would like to spend time with, invite people over for dinner, etc. Put it on your calendar for the following week and DO it. Repeat this every week. Then when you are up to it, make long-term plans such as a trip out of town, tickets for a play? Musical? Opera? Etc.

GIVE TO OTHERS – Now that you treated yourself, the next thing to do is to think of others. We are most happy when we help another. Make a list of people you know and care about. Next to each name, write a few things you know would make them happy. Once you are done with the list, pick one person and do something for them that they would like. I know that my sister’s mood improves when I call her. I know that a good friend of mine just loves hiking with me. I know that my husband loves when I wake up before him and prepare him a nice breakfast.

DONATE AND OR VOLUNTEER – As I mentioned before, when we give we are happy. We feel worthy, valuable and needed. For an immediate action find a group or a cause that need donations, whether it is for Third World country, animals, elderly, education etc. Find things that you are passionate about and donate to them. Whether it is volunteering for one day a week, a few hours a week, just START. Make sure you have a certain day and hour of the day that is devoted for that purpose. The more active you are the happier you will be and your morale WILL improve.

JOIN A CLUB – It is very important to be connected to people and specifically those that you can share the same reality with. There are lots of groups and clubs out there that will appeal to you. There are singing clubs, hiking clubs, reading clubs, and so forth, you name it. Just decide what group you would feel most comfortable with and join them. Expand your circle of acquaintances. Make sure these are fun and exciting groups not those who dwell on depression and bad times. You want to be away from those.

FOLLOW YOUR DREAM – You may have always wanted to be a singer, actor, doctor, athlete, writer etc. Never give up your dream; even if you are not going to do it for a living–who cares. Just get yourself on the line of where your passion is. If you always wanted to be a writer, just start writing. Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t seek ‘opinions’ or approval from others. Believe in yourself and do what feels right to you. If you always wanted to be an actor and never pursued it then take acting classes; participate in a local theatre play. No matter how big the step you take, just take the first step and then the second and you soon be walking and running.

Ruti Yudovich recently released her first novel, I Hate to Say Goodbye, based on her early years in Israel. She is also the author of a two-part, self-teaching educational book entitled the joy of Hebrew. For more information visit at: and FB at:

Celebrate Your Daughter’s Life with a Charm Bracelet

She’s your princess. And whether she’s eight or 18, you may have noticed your daughter is growing up way too fast. Just yesterday, she was the chubby baby who provided hours of fun and sleepless nights. Today, she’s still providing the laughs and plenty of sleepless nights as your daughter grows into a young woman. You may obsess about whom her friends are, how well she’s doing in school, and what course she’ll take in life. She may be your princess forever, but she’s not a baby anymore.

Perhaps you want to show your daughter that you recognize she’s growing up. Maybe you’re searching for a way to express pride and support for the person she’s becoming. Many parents look to jewelry in such situations. There’s nothing more exciting for a girl or young woman than to receive a special piece of jewelry from her parents, and nothing represents that token of love and sentiment quite like a charm bracelet.

The Charm Bracelet Comes of Age
For centuries, charms were considered a kind of talisman to ward off evil or to bring about good luck. Using wood, stones and gems, the wearers of such charms carried them in a special bag or around their neck or wrist. In the 20th century, World War II servicemen purchased trinkets for their sweethearts back at home. These charms were fashioned after landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower to represent the liberation of cities like Paris. Over the decade, charm bracelets then evolved into a coming-of-age symbol for girls turning 13. Nearly every middle class family presented their daughters with a charm bracelet on her 13th birthday. Bracelets charms were chosen to represent the young woman’s interest and hobbies. Later, she added a charm for her “Sweet 16th” or wedding.

Today’s charm bracelets come in a range of styles and designs. Some prefer the traditional charm bracelet in sterling silver or gold with bracelets charms that dangle from the wrist. The Italian charm bracelet has been a popular form of jewelry worn by many young women. Rather than dangling, these bracelets charms snap into place along a modular bracelet.

Perhaps most popular are the Danish-inspired charm bracelets featuring sterling silver and gold chains as well as bracelets charms. Designed to express individual style and taste, the bracelet’s threaded sections allow bracelets charms to be added or changed, depending on the wearer’s preference. They twist and rotate slightly with the wrist’s movement. Bracelets can also be decorated with enameled bracelets charms, Murano glass beads, and precious and semi-precious stones. When combined together, the charm bracelet creates a ring of beauty around your daughter’s wrist, reminding her of the love and support surrounding her life.

Occasions for Giving a Charm Bracelet
There are a variety of special occasions in which to present your daughter with a charm bracelet. Here are just a few inspired ideas:

Obviously, birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate your daughter’s day with a charm bracelet. Why not place it in a new jewelry box to replace the one she’s had since she was little? Mark her entrance into the teen years with a colorful bracelet that can be added to as the years go by. A charm bracelet for her “Sweet 16” or 18th birthday can include a special, more expensive charm to represent the priceless treasure she represents to the family. Include grandparents or aunts and uncles in the gift giving as well, allowing them to choose a special charm to mark the occasion.

Bat Mitzvah or Quinceanera
Various cultures celebrate the coming-of-age for a young woman with special celebrations such as the Bat Mitzvah (the Jewish celebration for girls of 12 years of age) or the Quinceanera (Latin American celebration for girls of 15 years of age). In the South, young women and their families often participate in cotillion, or “coming out” party to polite society. These, as well as other coming-of-age markers, are an ideal occasion to present your daughter with a charm bracelet.

Graduation from high school or college is another perfect occasion for the giving of a charm bracelet to your daughter. Choose bracelets charms to remind her how much she means to you and how proud you are of her accomplishments. Charms can be added as she reaches new milestones in her life.

The First Job or Marriage
Now that she’s really grown up, a charm bracelet is a tasteful and beautiful gift to give the daughter who has landed her first big new job or is preparing for marriage. Host a special brunch or dinner in her honor and surprise her with the gift. It will be a wonderful reminder to her as she launches into her new career. Include other family members, especially prior to a wedding. Imagine her joy as she wears her charm bracelet down the aisle, decorated with charms that her family has lovingly and carefully chosen.

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