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Use Holiday Parties To Network

Many people view the holidays as a “slow” time for any business, except retail. A time when businesses prepare for year end, putting new projects on hold and instituting hiring freezes until after the holidays. But viewing this as a time to put away your business cards and shelve your resume could be a big mistake.

The holidays are a great excuse to network and because of the often relaxed and jovial atmosphere of a party, you can be poised to make a lasting impression in a much more personal way.

Even though businesses may not be buying or hiring at this time of year, the people that populate those businesses are primed and ready to make new connections – connections that could end up generating leads for you in the New Year.

Dress for the Part

Whether you’re going to friend’s house or a business gathering, make sure you’re dressed appropriately in clean, dressy and circumspect attire. Though this is after-hours, it’s still a first impression, so make it a great one. You don’t have to wear what you would to the office but you should definitely leave the club clothes in the closet. Most important of all – wear a smile, it’s everyone’s best accessory.

No Hard-Sell

Networking doesn‘t mean marketing, selling or advertising. Networking is a friendly and informal way to let people get to know you and what you have to offer. If the boom of social media has shown us anything, it’s that people like to deal with someone they know and trust. So enjoy yourself, meet new people and when the topic invariably veers towards work – share what you do, whether you’re starting a new business or looking to branch out. If you make a connection or they’re interested enough to ask more about your venture, leave them with a business card. Just don’t palm your card to every person in the room – it’s tacky and won’t win you any new contacts.

Limit the Libations

It’s a party, invariably there will be drinks, but remember this is not happy hour with your best friends. Keeping your wits about you while maintaining a fun but professional demeanor will serve you well when that next potential client or future supervisor asks why you’re a better fit for their job opportunities than the competition.


People enjoy sharing about themselves. You endear yourself to others by being a good and interested listener. Nervous about how to approach someone new? Ask questions about them. Excellent icebreakers are those that get people sharing stories like, “How do you know (the host)?'” Avoid questions that only leave room for yes or no answers.


This is not a job interview, go ahead and have fun. Laugh, dance and chat people up. Be yourself – just at your best. Go, not with the intention of landing a new job or client, but rather a new friend or connection. Be genuine and of course, helpful. If the host needs an extra hand carrying out a tray of snacks or if you have a tip for your new acquaintance – share it. Give generously, by helping them solve a problem or just sharing your experience with a similar situation. There is no better way to make a great first impression than by being kind and generous of spirit (while networking) – especially during the holidays.

You never know what gifts those holiday parties could yield in the New Year.

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Memorable Hen Parties In Uk

If you are planning a hen party and are curious to find out about the makings of a memorable hen party, you have come to the right place. Here you can find out what are the best ways to make your hen party as memorable as possible.
Hen Party Destinations
There is no doubt that London is one of the best destinations for a hen party. Hen nights London and hen weekends London are renowned across the country as some of the most fabulous and fantastic celebrations. If you plan a hen weekend in London, there is no dearth of daytime activities that you can indulge in. There is so much to do and enjoy in London that it is highly likely that you will find the weekend a very short time to indulge in all the activities you would have liked to.
Hen Nights
There is no doubt that the highlight of a hen celebration is the hen party. What makes hen nights London extraordinarily special is that you can get more than just one dimensional entertainment. Comedy clubs in London offer shows that offer all round entertainment specifically designed for hen night celebrations.
Comedy Clubs
Comedy clubs in London integrate all the elements that make hen nights London and hen weekends London truly special and memorable. These elements include some of the best male strippers in business that will get the heat soaring, funny drag queen hostesses that keep the show together, unusual comedy routines that will have you in splits, a variety of games and gaffs that you are sure to enjoy, numerous gifts and giveaways that you will love to take back with you, top DJs that will make you dance till the wee hours of the morning as well as drinks and dinner.
you have stand-up comedy routine, but that is expected. Then you have male strippers and drag queens that will take your breath away. Then, you have unusual games and gaffs, numerous gifts and giveaways that serve as excellent memorabilia, dinner and drinks, hunky male attendants and some of the best DJs. Can you see how such an event can offer you complete entertainment in a way that no other one dimensional activity can.

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Debtor Examinations And Third Parties

“My debtor owns a second home, he has bragged about this, and I know his friend has been to the second house many times. The vacation house is not findable by me as the debtor’s name. How can one bring the buddy of the debtor to court to disclose what he knows about the debtor’s property?”

Sometimes, to try to get a judgment paid, you need to bring in the debtor for a debtor’s examination. Other times, you may need to bring in the spouse, business partner, or employer of your debtor as third parties, to gather information about the debtor that could lead to getting your judgment paid. I am a Judgment Broker, not a lawyer, and this article covers what I have done in California for judgments that I owned. The methods are similar in other states. To bring a third party to court, you need to get a court-scheduled hearing. You have to get a court (or lawyer) stamped subpoena, personally served on both the debtor and the third party. You may need to also at the same time, have a consumer notice served on the debtor.

You must pay the court for the hearing, and then pay a process server to serve all parties. You also need to fill out the right court forms (EJ-125), and supply the correct wordings. That is what the rest of this article covers. There are two ways to go, when you fill out the paperwork, to comply with CCP 708.120.

One way is to use only page two of the EJ-125 form. Where it says (2) NOTICE TO JUDGMENT DEBTOR, type or better yet, use a fillable PDF on your computer and print, the reason to bring in the 3rd party in this space, in CAPITAL LETTERS, as it states, because you do not want any party to have any reason to try to quash your subpoena.


If the reasons to bring in the third-party require more explanation, you must file a separate affidavit, stating who this person is, their relationship to the judgment debtor, and whether they 1) Are indebted $ 250 or more to the judgment debtor, or 2) Likely have knowledge about the judgment debtor’s assets.

On the EJ-125 form, on the back, you list the judgment debtor’s property under control of the witness, so you can effectively identify and lien the property, because a properly served subpoena creates a silent one-year lien on any identified property.

On a separate affidavit, on regular pleading paper, using a standard format, write “Affidavit for 3rd Party Judgment Debtor Examination.” For example, AFFIDAVIT OF YOURNAME, IN SUPPORT OF THIRD PARTY EXAMINATION OF MR. DEADBEAT DEBTOR. (or) AFFIDAVIT OF YOURNAME, ASSIGNEE OF RECORD, IN SUPPORT OF THIRD PARTY EXAMINATION OF MR. DEADBEAT DEBTOR. In the body of your affidavit, you write something based on your “belief and information”:

I, the undersigned, declare as follows:

1. I am the (judgment creditor/assignee of record) in this case. I am over 18 years of age. I have personal knowledge of the facts herein, except as to those facts stated to be known upon information and belief, and as to those facts, I believe them to be true. If called upon to testify, I could and would competently testify thereto.

2. Judgment for the plaintiff in the above-entitled matter was entered on May 1, 2010 in the total amount of $ XX,XXX.00 awarded against MR. DEADBEAT DEBTOR. The total amount plus interest and costs remain due.

3. I wish to examine MORTIMER SNERD, third party who is the (spouse, employer, etc.) of the judgment debtor.

4. I am informed and believe that MORTIMER SNERD has in his/her possession property of the judgment debtor, and that MORTIMER SNERD is indebted to the debtors in an amount exceeding $ 250. (Or that MORTIMER SNERD has knowledge of judgment debtor’s assets – based on your information and belief.)

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Then, you should list your Points and Authorities to back up your request. What I have done (only in California) to bring in 3rd parties to court when enforcing judgments I own, is to include points and authorities along with my declaration for a third party examination try to find debtor’s assets. Here are points and authorities I haves used, on the second page of my affidavit, and also placed in the third party request itself:


CCP 708.120. (a) Upon ex parte application by a judgment creditor who has a money judgment and proof by the judgment creditor by affidavit or otherwise to the satisfaction of the proper court that a third person has the possession or control of property in which the judgment debtor has an interest or is indebted to the judgment debtor in an amount exceeding two hundred fifty dollars ($ 250), the court shall make an order directing the third person to appear before the court, or before a referee appointed by the court, at a time and place specified in the order, to answer concerning such property or debt. The affidavit in support of the judgment creditor’s application may be based on the affiant’s information and belief.

CCP 708.130(a) provides that witnesses may be required to appear and testify before the court or referee in an examination proceeding under this article in the same manner as upon the trial of an issue. This includes the examination of any third person who has, or may have, knowledge of the judgment debtor’s assets and liabilities. This includes the spouse of the debtor who, it can be reasonably calculated, possesses special knowledge regarding the income and assets of the debtor.

This understanding of the meaning of CCP 708.130 is corroborated by case law. While there is no case specifically dealing with third parties, the language of case law leaves little doubt that the scope of a debtor’s examination is not to be unnecessarily narrowed. In the case of Kyne v. Eustice the court found:

The object of the proceeding is to compel the judgment debtor to give information concerning his property; and such judgment-debtor examination is intended to be summary and factual, according the widest scope for inquiry concerning the property and business affairs of the judgment debtor. (Coleman v. Galvin, 78 Cal.App.2d 313, 318 177 P.2d 606; McCullough v. Clark, 41 Cal. 298, 302.)

The purpose of such supplementary proceedings are to discover and reach assets of a judgment debtor so as to apply them to the satisfaction of the judgment. (Smith v. Smith, 51 Cal.App.2d 29, 31-32 124 P.2d 117; Coleman v. Galvin, supra,; In re Finn, 155 Cal.App.2d 705, 709 318 P.2d 816.) page 633

Accordingly, a third person or corporation alleged to have property of a judgment debtor or to be indebted to him may be examined concerning the same (CCP 717 now §708.120; Coleman v. Galvin, supra), and such proceedings may be properly used to obtain the possession of third-party debts after such examination. (Thomas v. Thomas, 192 Cal.App.2d 771,778 13 Cal.Rptr.872; Hathaway v. Brady, 26 Cal. 581, 589.) Kyne v. Eustice, (1963) 215 CA2d 627, 632, 30 CR 391

Further, in Young v. Keele, and cited in numerous subsequent cases, the courts asserted the wide scope of inquiry permissible in judgment debtor’s examination, to the extent that its purpose is “to leave no stone unturned in the search for assets which might be used to satisfy the judgment.” Young v. Keele (1987) 188 Cal.App.3d 1090, 1093 233 Cal.Rptr. 850; see also Troy v. Superior Court (1986) 186 Cal.App.3d 1006, 1014 231 Cal.Rptr. 108

Given the above, you, as the Assignee, requests that the court order the issuance of an Application and Order for Appearance and Examination directed to the above Third Party.

A Sheriff or Process Server will serve your papers, along with a copy of the Points and Authorities, so that it is clear that the witness is being served in the capacity as a person with knowledge of the debtor’s assets.

Especially if the third party is a business, the link below is useful:

Mark D. Shapiro – Judgment Broker, – where Judgments go to get enforced.

Parties Organized at Home

When we talk of parties, gatherings, festivities, and the like occasions, we smile for excitement. It is another time to together with friends and family. Other things that make occasions like these exciting are the food that will be shared together, the games, surprises and other activities that will be joined by everyone. And, not to mention the hassle-free and stress-free time away from bunches of pressures and loads of tasks. Parties are ever yearned to happen over and over again.

What are the upcoming occasions there are to celebrate? Are you planning of organizing a party or have it celebrated only by the members of the family at home? If you want to share the happiness to everyone, holding a party at home is a great idea. Celebrating the party right in your very home poses a number of positive points. For one, it takes the hassle of finding a good place where to hold the event. You can save your time and energy. Aside from that, the traveling expenses and charges from phone calls can be saved and used rather to be added to the main costs such as the food and other miscellaneous expenditures.

For parties that are held during the evening, a good lighting system has to be employed. It is to be made sure that the perfect ambiance is created so that the theme of the celebration will be felt as well as enjoyed. Install lighting that will give the dimness or the brightness that you desire. This isn’t hard to do. When buying for new lighting such as bulbs, ask information and assistance from the store keeper or whoever is assigned for answering customer’s inquiries. They will give you info regarding watts. If no one in the family is familiar with installing electric bulbs and other lighting items, call for a technician. They will take care of the installation and you can dictate how the lights are to be arranged.

Parties can be held on the living or in the garden. If the dining isn’t big enough to accommodate all of your visitors, better prepare your garden for the party. Gardens are excellent places where to set the event because gardens have a more comfortable ambiance than any other place in the house. It is more open and fresh air are rolling everywhere. Before the day comes, prepare your garden. This may require you to make new arrangements in your plants and decors. Some pots have to taken to provide more space. You can also redesign you plants and make new cutting styles if you want your place to look prettier.

Successful parties are the result of the well-preparedness of the event and when the invitees had a great time attending. Great parties can happen right in your very homes. It is only important that you prepare your home for the upcoming event. This will also be the time where your friends can peep to your house. Impress them by preparing your home that well.

Lauren B. Laughlin enjoys writing for which sells firepit and propane fire pit as well as a host of additional products.

Halloween Costumes and Parties

Halloween Costumes – Being Different

We all know that Halloween Costume parties are very popular, after all, it’s fun to dress up. Plus I’d rather have my kids home with me at a party than out on the streets Trick or Treating! It’s great fun to have everyone all dressed up playing party games and making easy Halloween crafts.

Now comes the tough part, trying to find a fun Halloween costume that’s a little different. No one wants to show up in the same costume. There are certain costume themes that always seem to show up in duplicate. Ghosts are popular and so are vampires (this year I suspect it will be the fangless Twilight Saga vampires!). Witches are another popular party costume. So how do you find a unique costume that no one else will have on?

Vampire Costume

Even if you wear a vampire costume you can make your character a little different. Wear some fake tanner and go as George Hamilton…remember he was a tanned Dracula in a movie! Find something distinctive to add to your costume to make it unique. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either, you can find accessories in your house. Just give it a little thought.

Funny Costumes

You can also choose one of the funny Halloween costumes that are out. I don’t think many people will go as a Woopie Cushion, a Toothbrush or a Baby in a Highchair…so any one of these would be a very unique, funny costume choice.

Couples Costumes

There are also some funny couples costume ideas for that special pair who likes to do everything together. Why not go to your party dressed as a Fork and Spoon, or a His & Her Plug & Socket Costume.

Group Costumes

The funniest group costume I ever saw was the Smurfs. Everyone had on white pants, blue shirts and knit caps…and their faces were painted blue…very cute! You could also go as the entire crew of the Star Ship Enterprise wearing Star Trek costumes.

Here are some Halloween costumes you can look at and see if you don’t find a good one that you like, and that is a little different than anyone elses! You can find infant, kids, pet, adult and Teenage Halloween costumes online.

Ms. Party Ideas is Jillian Gallo and she writes about fun party stuff! Halloween is coming up and it’s the next big costume and party day of the year. Find some unique or funny Halloween costumes at You can also find cheap party supplies at Get your free Halloween party planner and lots of party recipes for your Fright Fest!

Christmas Parties in Liverpool

Having a Christmas Party in Liverpool

If you think it’s too early to be festive think again, it won’t be long before our thoughts turn to the holiday season in December and if you’re in charge of booking the office Christmas celebration, you’ll know only too well that there’s no such thing as organising it too early! The UK is famous for its beautiful vibrant cities and there is certainly plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to host your annual social event of the year. The Christmas party needs to be memorable for all the right reasons and choosing a suitable destination can be a big part of the night’s success. Here we take a look at Liverpool and how its lively atmosphere can contribute to your Christmas party this year.

The Importance of the Office Christmas Celebration

The annual office Christmas party is a special social occasion and not just as way of allowing your guests to let their hair down. In the daily routine of office life, it can be easy to forget to take time to get to know our colleagues or employees, even those we work with every day. The Christmas party is a chance to bring everyone together in a relaxed atmosphere and give people time to laugh and joke about work whilst also getting to know each other. Coupled with a fun activity and the Christmas party can have a very positive effect on team building and working relationships.

Why Liverpool?

Since being crowned the European Capital of Culture in 2007, the city has received a lot of investment and as a result some fantastic areas have been refurbished putting some added glitz and glamour to the city’s nightlife. Whether your office or party group is located in the area or the surrounding regions, Liverpool is easy to get to either by the M62 for cars or Liverpool Lime Street Station by train. There’s a great buzz of nightlife in the areas of Fleet Street and wood Street where there are popular chain bars such as The Walkabout Bar and O’Neills. There are also some bars aimed for students where you will find a young and lively atmosphere, like the Jacaranda for example, or if you think live music should be on the agenda, it’s always worth checking out what bands are playing at the well respected Barfly on Seel Street.

Themed Christmas Parties in Liverpool

There are a whole range of party ideas that you could celebrate your Christmas party with. From festively themed nights, to specific tribute nights like disco evenings, ABBA tribute bands or even a Take That tribute band! For a city that is famous for its music scene, a musically themed Christmas party certainly won’t disappoint. 

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Halloween Parties and Costumes

Halloween is a holiday that many people love. This is a time that many people host parties and have fun creating costumes for themselves, their friends, and their children. If you want to have a Halloween party you need to get the word out! Halloween invitations can be purchased or you can make them yourself, it’s really up to you how much you want to put into the creative process.

If you want to create your own Halloween invites you will find when you visit your local home office store that you can buy paper for your printer that has a Halloween border on it. You can simply create your invitation by writing down the time, the place, and anything that the attendees need to bring with them and then print this information on the sheet. This is a quick and easy way to get your invitations printed and get them out to friends.

Of course, another fun idea is to use an electronic invite service. These are really easy to use as you create your invite via an online template, write in all of the details, and then send the invitations out to everyone’s email addresses. Most people today have an email address that they access regularly so if you have a busy life and you don’t want to mess around with printing or sending invitations you don’t have to. Many of these services will even keep track of who has RSVP’d and who has not so you know what is what and how many people to plan for.

Halloween is a great time to get dressed up and enjoy the holiday. There are many costumes shops online and locally that will allow you to choose from a wide variety of costumes ranging from baby Halloween costumes to kids to adults. With all the costumes and fun Halloween stuff you can’t help but get excited about dressing up. Combine the Halloween party with the costumes and have a wonderful costume party. If you have a lot of kids that are invited, just invite them to stop by for a party after they are done trick-or-treating.

Halloween is a great way to get creative and interact in a way that you don’t get to all year long. You’ll find that when you invite people over for a Halloween party they are really excited about the idea and opportunity to dress up, make and bring and eat good food, and just be with friends and/or family. Have fun with your Halloween party by sending fun invitations and dressing up as your favorite ghost or ghoul! You may not have had such a good time in years!

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. If you want to have a Halloween party you need to get the word out! Halloween invitations can be purchased or you can make them yourself, it’s really up to you how much you want to put into the creative process. If you want to create your own Halloween invites you will find when you visit your local home office store that you can buy paper for your printer that has a Halloween border on it.

Toy Fire Engine Birthday Parties

A Fire Engine Birthday Party is sure to please any little fire man. With bright red decorations, fire man stationary and a themed birthday cake, the birthday boy (or girl) will be delighted.

To start with, you’ll need to get the invitations out. You can make your own fire engine themed invitations on the computer and print them out in colour (or just email them to each child’s parents) or you can purchase them on Amazon along with all your other party accessories, games and gifts.

The decorations will be bright red and lots of it! If you’re on a tight budget you can use red crepe paper and red balloons to festoon the party place with colour. You can also get you’re own children involved in painting and decorating with pictures of fire trucks, fire stations, hoses and fire. But if you’re looking to make the birthday area a little more exciting you can purchase many decorations and party packs on Amazon. I was surprised at just how much variety there is available and the great thing about buying online is that you can check out everything that is available rather than being limited to just what is in your local stores.

Fire engine birthday party games can include building their own fire engine with large cardboard boxes (depending on age and group size). Just fold in the top and bottom so the child can step into the box and use string to hang the box over each shoulder. Paint the box bright red and use paper plates for wheels and the brown cardboard to make wooden ladders attached to the side. Or split them into teams and see which team can put out a (pretend) fire the fastest by emptying a large bucket of water using only small beach pails to transport the water from the large bucket to the ‘fire’. You’ll want to make sure it’s warm weather because you’re sure to have water spilling everywhere.

If you’re good at making and decorating cakes a fire engine should not be too challenging for you. A couple of slab cakes cut to size and placed one on top of the other can make the shape of the fire truck and as long as there is plenty of red icing I know the children will be thrilled.

For Max’s birthday, his mum Nicolette contacted the local fire station and they were happy to host a small party and even gave the children a tour through the station, a ride on the fire truck (WOW!) and a fire hose demonstration. It will depend on where you live I’m sure, but why not try contacting your local fire station and see if you can’t convince them to let you host your party at the fire station!

Even if you can’t have the party there, you may be able to take the children to visit. You can see pictures of Max’s fire station party and his fantastic birthday cake here.

Plastic Plates For Parties

We all like having a party and we all like going to one even more, it means there is less work for us to do and more partying. Either way, a party with food is a good one, we just should not serve any on good plates. With so many people attending parties it has become the norm to serve everything on plastic plates and then just throw them away later when it is time to clean up.

There are so many types of parties and some naturally have plastic plates with food on them for us to eat. These are parties like birthdays and house warming ones and any other where there is just too many people. And then there are the other types where proper plates are used no matter how many people are over for lunch or dinner. These ones include weddings, engagement parties and other more formal celebrations.

Having plates that are plastic at parties that are more formal is becoming more and more popular. This is because a demand has been created for them and the plates themselves in turn have improved a great deal. There is such variety in shape and color and quality that it is much easier to find one that suits your special day.

The quality can range from cheap and flimsy ones that you can buy from almost any supermarket to stronger tougher ones that you can use in your everyday usage in the kitchen. These ones will last quite a while and you do not throw it out after using them. With the cheap flimsy ones, of course you throw these ones away after a handful of uses.

When it comes to variety, there are now many solid colors to choose from. There are also black and clear plastic plates too. Some of them are multi colored or have some really cool patterns on them. With clear ones these can also be colored but are you can still see through them and are colored for additional effect.

Whatever your party needs are there is sure to be a plastic plate available to you that will meet those needs perfectly. This would be in size and shape and color. Let us not forget that the quality is important also. You want to be sure what type of usage you and your guests will be getting out of the awesome plastic plates you have purchased.

You can use plastic plates for most events because of what is now available to you as a host. There are some really great decorative plastic plates around the place too.

Kids Birthday Parties Food

If you’re planning to have some kids birthday parties over the summer, you’re probably wondering what foods you should serve to please your party guests. You know what party activities you’re doing, you’ve got some cool and fun party games for kids but what should you serve?

It doesn’t have to be complicated or even that expensive! Make sure to have snacks for the kids. Chips, pretzels, doritos and a bag of party mix are all good choices. For drinks, you can serve soda, ice water, or make your own punch. Punch will serve a lot of kids and tastes good on a summer afternoon.

You can match the food you serve to the theme of your party. If you’re going for a casual theme, hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are great. Or get different lunch meats and breads and let the kids make sandwiches. Check with your favorite sub shop to see if they offer specials on foot long subs, too.

Go to the dollar store and get the party star’s favorite color napkins and paper plates. Get some plastic utensils, too. Then pick up some balloons and streamers. Pizza is a favorite at parties as well. Depending on your budget and how many guests there are, you may want to consider a pizza party. Order it and there’s no cooking involved.

A basket of crackers, some cut up cheese and a bowl of grapes are nice sides to go with the main party food. If the kids like veggies, make up a veggie tray with some dip. Stores often have fruit trays and veggie trays already made up, so that’s an option as well. Kids like cupcakes and if you don’t like to bake, check at your local store. Or a boxed cake mix is good and not expensive.

If you’re serving ice cream, you can serve it in plastic bowls (from the dollar store), make milk shakes, or if you have fruit, make smoothies for the kids. A little creativity can go a long way. Another idea is to ask each guest to bring one snack food or one dish. That way you’ll have a variety of foods. If you want the guests to each bring a dish, let them know they don’t need to bring a gift. The food will be the gift.

With some imagination and creativity, your child’s party will be a big hit. Focus on what the kids like, whether you want to cook or not, and your budget and the party food will be as easy as playing kid games.