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Photo Booth Rentals For Making Your Wedding Day Unique

A photo booth rental is a great way of adding a unique touch to one of the most special days of your life- wedding day. It can ensure that the day is not only memorable and fun filled for you but also for your guests. You can immortalize the beautiful moments of your life by these photo booth rentals. Funny faces, laughter, innovative posses can all be captured and kept for a lifetime. An exclusive photographic memory of your guests can be captured and gifted as souvenir to them. Brides these days are opting for the photo booth rentals rather than the traditional types of photographers as it adds fun and an engaging element in the occasion. It provokes innovative memories in the form of photographs forever.

You can hire the photo booth rentals online for making your wedding a great hit. You can choose from different colors -black and whites and vibrant colored for an ever lasting impact. You can also opt for the photo guest book for your guests where they can leave a personal message with their pictures. These photo booths are elegantly styled according to your taste and theme of the wedding. You can have unlimited number of pictures of your D Day without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can go for vintage or the digital look of the photo booth rental for your wedding. The vintage look would aim at invoking the vintage feel like the old school feel that will make your guest nostalgic of the best time of their lives. You can have these unforgettable styles booths for a classic feel of the booth. Digital booths can be hired by the techno savvy people, these booths are very light weighted and mobile. These are cheaper than the vintage photo rental booths. So if you are looking for the high resolution pictures in a cost effective way, you can go for the digital photo booths. Choosing the right kind of photo booth rentals for your wedding is made really easy by the various options that can suit your needs and budget perfectly. Get photo booth rentals and make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life.

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Types of Trade Show Booths

How you display your products and services at a trade show is an essential part of promoting your company. There are many different types of trade show displays to choose from. They also come in all shapes and sizes which fold up for easy portability.
The pop-up table top display offers convenience and makes set-up and tear down easy. They are effective marketing tools by themselves or as part of a larger display. Some table top displays also have lighting and most of them come with a case to carry them in. They come in a variety of sizes and most of them also come with a warranty. Usually pop up displays are made out of fabric, plastic, or vinyl materials and can contain graphic images.
A panel trade show display is more flexible as far as sizing is concerned than a table top display. That is because a panel display is composed of many separate folding panels that can be arranged in different configurations. The drawback to this type is the fact that they are harder to assemble and usually require more than one person.
Another type of trade show booth is the banner display, which is a good marketing tool and there are various types available depending on your needs. The roll up banner is light weight and portable. There are outdoor banner stands that are sturdy and can be used to promote your services or products. These types of stands come in single or double-sided units and the graphic size can be adjusted.
You can get banner stands that adjustable telescoping poles and are set up on a retracting tension spool. These are light weight and portable and take only minutes to set up. Some models have added features that include quick change graphics and removable graphic cartridges. You can also get a trade show banner display that is double sided. Most of these types of products are made of aluminum and steel and will give your graphics a sleek and professional appearance.
The briefcase style tabletop displays are easily carried and fold out to give you a large display area. This type is a self contained display and is perfect if you have multiple presentations to do. You can set up and tear down in minutes and then take your display to the next meeting or trade show. Most briefcase style trade show displays have a variety of options available including padded carrying bags, lighting, and printed graphics.
Another option that is available for using at trade shows to display your graphics is a fabric tension tabletop display. These are light weight and have a heavy duty frame that can support a fabric graphic mural. They are available in different sizes and have a wheeled nylon carrying bag.
No matter which type of trade show display you use; they can attract customers and give an overall professional look to your booth.

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Pop Up Trade Show Booths

Pop up Trade Show Booths are attractive Help Desks, which are designed to pull the maximum crowd and display the products and services in an exhibition

In today’s world where the companies thrive on cutthroat competition, trade shows provide a platform to bridge the gap and help companies convey their service benefits and products to prospective customers. Trade Show Booths are the most effective utility displays when attending an exhibition or putting up a stall and it can be transformed easily into different shapes to suit the space requirements. The pop up booths are the easiest to assemble and take few minutes for the same.

The success of a company in any trade show depends on how attractive the booth is and how many people are they able to pull to the stands. For this, the booth should be striking and should display products and services offered by the company. These Trade show booths are designed specifically to customer requirements and come with a lifetime warranty. The fabric used in the booth is washable and quality booths can be used for years to come in multiple trade shows. With cost efficient booths, one can draw mileage from a quality campaign.

Pop Up Booths

Pop up Trade Show Booths are made out of panels which “pop-up” and make the booth strong. The display booths can be made of fabric or graphics panel depending upon the requirements of the customer. These booths have frames, which can be made into tables, and the same can be lit up from the top or bottom highlighting the graphics.

Most Pop up booths are modular and are custom made according to clients need and are widely used for trade shows and stalls.

Frame Size

These Pop up trade show booths come in various frame sizes, which include:

1. 6ft

2. 8ft

3. 10ft

4. 20ft

These frames are made of aluminum and the most popular size is 10ft for an optimum trade show display booth. Some companies use the 20ft booth to attract huge crowds and display their products. These pop up booths can be blown into custom modular shapes and provide an exquisite look to the stall. The companies, which like to advertise extensively, use more than one booth to display their varied products and this also helps in increasing sales but the space rental cost shall be high if more than one booth is installed.

Why companies choose Pop up Trade Show Display Booths?

Most companies chose these trade show booths as these fit into all areas where space is a constraint and these are easy to assemble which is done in minutes. These are portable and lightweight which makes it easy to transport and these generally come with a warranty, which makes the choice affordable and can be used for several trade shows.

Online Availability

Manufacturers of these Pop up Trade show display booths are available online and the same can be searched and compared with other products in terms of utility and price, which can help the customer, take the best pick. Manufacturers usually make custom booths which suit the client need and space specifically thus giving the best value for money.

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Scene at the Election Booths

Election is a common feature in the continued governance of any state and any country. This is a moot point especially in democratic countries – where people elect their own government. For in a democracy, the government is supposed to be “of the people, for the people and by the people”. So much so good. Everywhere we can guess that elections could be more or less on similar patterns. The country is divided into smaller units of constituencies and each constituency has scores or hundreds of booths.

An election booth is the place which is specified and notified by the government for people to come and cast their votes. The booth is manned by officers of the working government to see that all goes well. The workers of each political parties involved in the elections are also stationed at the both. There duty is to see the there is no cheating taking place at the elections both.
An election booth in India appears to be a site of mixed feelings and mixed occurrences. It is more of a miniature battlefield all set with guntoting police and army on the prowl. At the booth, the officers stationed appear to be like mice in a lion’s den. No one knows when there may be a poaching crowd come to capture the booth, when there will be rigging at the booth and when there may be a firing spree to cap it all.

The serpentine queues at booths go to indicate quite a lot about the people. All types of people, old and young, men and women, interested and disinterested, pour in at the booth. Some seem to have come with first and one time curiosity to see what it is like at the booth, some coming with a vengeance to rout the reigning government, while a lot others coming just because others are coming.

In India the election booths provide a colourful scenario, in keeping with the variety that exists in the country itself.

At the polling booth, behind the closed door where the boxes are kept is a scene of utter disgust and shabby lethargic performance. It appears that on the one hand officers inside are too lethargic to be true to their task, while on the other hand one can smell the air of fear within the four walls of the room. Officers on duty appear to be on tenterhooks, for they do not know when there will be an emergence of nonsense. They do not know when a person who comes in to cast his/her vote may try to exploit the situation and create hullabaloo.

Elections are conducted in every country and electorate and election booths also must be existing everywhere, but the scene at an election booth in India is unmatched. Outside, the booth there appears to be an area as if earmarked to become a battle arena, and inside the booth, it is both the calm of eternity and silence of a graveyard.

When the booth gives this appearance, there could be little to expect from the results. The results coming out of so much gloom and danger cannot be indicative of anything other than gloom or danger.

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Portable Trade Show Booths

Once at the show, the cases convert into attractive counters with storage space for added convenience and functionality. The whole display can be set up in minutes and it will be wrinkle-free. The fabric is attached long-lasting hook and loop Velcro®. The booth can be easily accessorized with two halogen lights.

Your lightweight, affordable and portable trade show booth will make the kind of high-impact impression that lasts. You bring your targeted message directly to the customer with amazing ease and clarity. When convenience is key, portable tradeshow booth pop-up displays are the best choice in trade show exhibits. Portable tradeshow pop-up booths come in floor and tabletop models and can be used in combination to create trade show booths that are easily transported and assembled by just a few staff members. Each system is a “building block” which can be configured to meet specific space requirements and design needs. Simply add your graphic images for a customized look as unlimited as your imagination.

Portable tradeshow booths offer:

Ease of transport
Simple set up
Quick take down
Compactness and portability
Great visual impact
Customizable graphics, and
Interchangeable accessories

Your portable trade show booth system features a sturdy channel bar and locking system. The whole system can be opened in one single movement, making it possible for just a few staff members to set up the booth. The frame is like a scissor made from heavy grade aluminum. If the scissor is broken or bent from transport or handling, it can be easily switched out and serviced at the tradeshow site. All plastic parts are made form impact modified ABS plastic. This is a self extinguishing, nonpoisonous material that exceeds the fire safety regulations. The channel bars have a button magnet that fits to the button magnet in the hubs. There is a 1″ strip of magnetic tape on the channel bars so the system works magnet to magnet.

Trade Show Booth Essentials

Make sure your trade show booth focuses on the one thing you most want to tell your potential customers about your business.
Can your trade show booth answer the following in less than 10 seconds: Who you are? What you do? Why the customer should talk to you?
One thing must happen when potential customers view your display: the customer must know you have something to offer that they want.
Your graphic(s) must set a mood; it must get attention quickly, and identify what your company does, perhaps in a bulleted list.

With these essentials, you should save money and make your portable trade show booth as effective as possible.

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Truss Trade Show Booths

Truss booths are a great solution for exhibitors who want a trade show display that is sturdy enough to hold product, yet light weight and modular enough to break down quickly for shipping and storage. Truss Exhibits provide a large area for graphic presentation and give a high tech or industrial look to Trade Show Booths. Whether you need a preconfigured display that is ready to set-up right out of the box, or you are looking for a custom design to fit specific requirements; we offer several sizes and styles of truss displays fitting a wide range of needs. Today, lets take a quick look at three different 10 foot, truss exhibits that are available from These units require no tools to set up; and typically, can be set by customers without union labor. They are lightweight and can be packed in cases that are Fed-Ex/UPS capable. Being highly reconfigurable, they can be expanded with addition of more truss components; or broken all the way down to a table top exhibit. Their sturdy construction allows support of large LDC monitors up to 50, customer product, etc.

Our Pluto model- made by Orbus- is a good, economical model that will still lend that flair needed for Trade Show Booths. Priced at $ 4,616.00, it is made in the USA and comes with a (5) year warranty. It is a 6 box truss construction of (4) 36 truss lengths and (9) 46 truss lengths. Eight (8), six-way junctions and a full set of quick lock connectors make easy work of setting up this display (between one-two hours). It comes with one (1) adjustable tabletop; two (2) 50 watt spotlights; one (1) OCF shipping case and dye sub graphics. You can upgrade to inkjet graphics for an additional $ 220.00. Accessories available for this model include a case to counter kit (a hard case with wheels that converts to a presentation podium). This is an ideal model in which to incorporate one or two banner stands. The lead time on this display is only 5-10 days.

In the flat truss category, for our exhibitors needing audio visual presentations incorporated into their trade show booths, the Gallaga model made by Trussworks is a great choice. In addition to the truss frame and dye sub fabric graphics; this exhibit includes one (1) LCD mount and one (1) plasma monitor mount. An accessory table and four (4) 75 watt halogen lights are also part of the package, priced at $ 7,113.00. The shipping weight on this trade show booth is 230 pounds and packs into two (2) shipping cases. With a limited lifetime warranty and a set-up time between two-three hours, this made in the USA display might be just what you are looking for. A small banner stand atop the accessory table- with coordinating graphics- is a nice and very economical addition to this model. Please take advantage of our Quick Nav feature on our homepage, to look at the possibilities of adding a specialty banner stand to this model at a later date. Some of our clients have done this after two or three uses, lending a new look to their trade show booths.

Moving on to our modular Trade Show Booths that are constructed of 12 collapsible aluminum frames- a more substantial structure, we turn to the Jet model. A convenient choice for clients desiring storage space for printed material due to the eight (8) literature racks incorporated into the design. Dye sub graphics attach to the back wall truss frame and are included in the selling price of $ 7,897.00; an upgrade to inkjet graphics is available for an additional charge. Four (4) 200 watt halogen lights quickly attach to the top frame tubing to illuminate your graphics. It is often more comfortable for clients to approach vendors who incorporate free-standing counters into their trade show exhibits. Your team members can stand behind this podium type structure (included in this model) to create personal space between vendor and client. It can be centered or off-set along the 10 foot backwall. Four shipping cases are included and the total shipping weight is 410 pounds. This is one of our made in the USA models as well; and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. offers one of the largest inventories of all types of modular displays and accessories on the web for all of your tradeshow needs. Falling within a large wide price range, our display representatives will be happy to assist in finding the right trade show booth within budget for you.

What Is A Traveling Photo Booth?

We’ve all heard of the traveling salesperson. But, have you ever heard of a traveling photo booth? Yes, you read that right, a traveling photo booth! Gone are the days when photo booths were big heavy machines that were made from wood and held a miniature photo lab inside. Today’s photo booths are much more lightweight, and no longer operate the old fashioned way, by developing the photographs the exact same way a large photo lab would, only on a much smaller scale. Instead, modern photo booths are completely digital, and instead of a photo lab inside, there is a computer and a printer that do the exact same job.

Photo Booths Travel To All the Great Parties!

These days, it is not uncommon to see a photo booth at parties and other functions. Because they are so much easier to transport and set up, people are able to take advantage of having something really fun and different at their functions. This is something that is becoming more and more popular, although it is still unusual enough that you can still be the talk of the town if you rent a photo booth for your next party or function.

When you rent a photo booth for your parties and functions, you can be sure that you will have something that is really going to entertain your guests. No matter what you need, there are many different rental packages available that will be ideal. All of the photo booth rental packages include many hours that you can use the machine, and you can have unlimited photos taken. You will receive two photo strips for every set of photos taken, so you can keep one for yourself, and let your guests have the others to take home as souvenirs. Talk about cool party favours!

What You and Your Guests Will Get

Having a photo booth at your party for entertainment means that you will be providing your guests with a really fun activity that they can do over and over again for many hours. There will always be an attendant on hand to make sure things are running smoothly, and you will be able to take an unlimited amount of photos. Everyone gets to take home all of their own photos, plus there is an extra set of each that you may keep yourself. Photos can be done in black and white, sepia tone and colour, and you can even have Digital and Hard Copy albums made so your memories are preserved forever. You can also make videos with the photos, and share them online at your favourite social networking website.

The next time you are planning a party or other type of event and are looking for something fun and different for your guests, try renting a photo booth, which is sure to please everyone. It is a rather inexpensive form of entertainment as far as party planning goes, and something that everyone of all ages is really going to enjoy.

Howard Symington is a Director of Paparazzi Studios and Mobile Photo Booths, Australia’s largest suppliers of Mobile Photo Booths to the Wedding, Corporate, Parties, Conference and Events industries. Paparazzi’s are the only mobile photo booths in Australasia that automatically download photos and videos to your favourite social networking websites for instant sharing.

Photo Booth For Weddings: Snap Shots Of Life

Most of the pictures taken today are through the use of cameras built in phones or from digital cameras. Photographs are made available today at the quickest possible way to make sure that every special moment of our lives will go on to be remembered.

However, taking pictures on certain occasions such as weddings would require a photographer. You would not want to be taking the pictures yourself most especially if you are part of the wedding. You will most likely want to appear on every picture as possible. With this, it may require you to hire a photographer, which can cost some amount of money.

One of the ideas that have been taken into consideration is by using photo booths for weddings. Photo booths were one of the trendiest ways of taking instant photographs even before the invention of digital equipment for taking pictures. You can see them almost anywhere from the mall to the convenience store from your neighbourhood. You can get your pictures taken right after and you can have your lasting memory with you right away. Some of the most people a few decades ago have their pictures taken and produced instantly through a Polaroid camera or through the photo booth.

On the other hand, photo booths for weddings may not be the best idea if you want to capture those moments like the part where the bride enters into the scene or when the groom finally kisses the bride to conclude the wedding. On certain scenarios like these, you will need to hire a photographer and you will have to wait for some time to get those pictures done. And some of the people who attended the wedding will have to wait in order for them to view their pictures and it could take years for some because they may not be seeing the couple again soon. This makes it a wonderful thought to rent a photo booth for weddings.

Photo booths are being rented from a price range of $ 200 to $ 500. It may not produce a quality picture like most of the high end digital cameras today but it certainly has the characteristic of being able to catch the most important moment with the most important people in your life through the photograph taken.

Moreover, it can increase the fun of sharing when you have photo booths for a wedding. One of the payback is that the experience itself when people get inside the booth and you hear them laughing their hearts out and seeing their pictures instantly. Another thing is that it can make your wedding unique on its own because not so many people have given photo booths for weddings as great suggestion. The photos itself can already serve as a memento for those who have attended the occasion.

So, if you are planning to have your wedding soon, or a friend or a family member will soon be tying the knot, why not suggest a photo booth? I assure you, it will be fun.

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Party Ideas: Photo Booth For Party

Would it be great that if after a party you will have a lasting memento with your close friends or love ones right away with a photograph? Moreover, a hip and creative souvenir that you can obtain right away and keep it for a long time.

There is no better idea to make sure that your party will be kept in mind for as long as possible other than to have a photo booth for party. You may find the idea unusual but it does have benefits of its own. Photo booths can be seen almost anywhere from the mall to the grocery store. So, why not bring one into your party? It sure does have a class of its own apart from the high end digital gadgets that we have for our pictures to be taken. However, it can be printed in fun photo strips that will surely make your guests happy afterwards. Also you can store then right away in your wallets as a memorabilia of what happened during the party.

Sure enough, having a photographer to capture some of the moments during your party would be special but a photo booth for party is something unique. You and your guests will have more fun being themselves and being goofy at the same time. Moreover, with a professional photographer, it will certainly take some time to wait before the photographs will come out but with a photo booth, you can have them right away. Although you can still hire a professional photographer and a photo booth for party would be great idea as an addition. But if you are planning a small party, you can have a photo booth in exchange for a professional photographer.

For your next party such as Christmas, New Year, birthday, or anniversary, consider renting a photo booth. If you are thinking of a way to make your guests have fun and share the experience with everyone, photo booth for party could just be the thing that you are waiting for. You might be surprised seeing them line up for the booth and have their pictures taken and instantly have them. Afterwards, you will see those happy faces out of the booth. This can be an unforgettable experience for both you as the host and them as guest. Besides, you need not give a souvenir any longer which can be just a waste of money. The pictures taken from the booth itself with your personalized strip would be enough for them to treasure that moment in their lives.
Photo booth for party can be made through rentals. Try searching for a photo booth rental near your place. You can have them try to make you a personalized strip for the photos to make the occasion memorable. It can also save you a big amount of time and money planning or looking for a photographer and can leave you and your guests a 100% satisfaction. You can rent one from a cheap price of $ 200 only.

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Printers: What Michigan Photo Booth Companies Hide

So you have decided to get a Michigan photo booth and started contacting companies. You spend 10 minutes on the phone with each photobooth vendor. They find out what you need, and say what they can do for you. Quick question, did the type of printer they use come up in the conversation? That’s like buying a car and not caring about the engine. The Photo booth’s main goal is to create memories that will last for years, and if they use the wrong printer, then they might not withstand the test of time.

What They are not Telling You

There are (2) main printer types used by photo booth rentals in Michigan. One of them is called an inkjet printer, and the other is a dye-sublimation printer. I am sure that you have heard of the inkjet printer. It is most commonly found in a family computer room. The reason it is widely used by families, is because it is affordable and does the job. However, inkjet printer will create the illusion of an image by placing very small dots on the paper. This does not compare to a dye-sublimation printer which has a higher photo quality.

Which Photo Lasts Longer

When guests take photos in your photo booth, they will typically put the photos in their pocket until they get home. Dye sublimation printers have an over-coated protected layer to prevent the photo from getting damaged. This enables your photo to last for up to 100 years in normal conditions. The dye sublimation prints waterproof photos that are fingermark resistant. The output from an inkjet printer does not even come close to these standards… even with special inks.

They shouldn’t try to justify their photo quality with a protective plastic sleeve. This is just a short term patch for a long term problem!

Printing Speed

Time is of the essence, guests get anxious if they wait in line for too long. Dye sublimation printers can spit out a photo in less than 6 seconds. Some inkjet printers take up to 6 minutes. This is why many photo booth companies say you are allowed to take unlimited photos during the rental. They are limiting you on time not materials.

The Verdict

Any company that you consider should tell whether they use inkjet or dye sublimation printers. They shouldn’t try to justify their services with a protective plastic sleeve. This is just a short term patch for a long term problem. As you can tell from the information above, the dye sublimation printer wins hands down. This is the main reason why reputable photo booth companies use a dye sublimation printer. They want to make sure that your photos will last many years.

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