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Planning A Date

1st, is this the first time you and your date have gone out? You might need to run your plans by your date earlier than time. An ocean side seafood restaurant may be romantic, but not if your date is allergic to seafood. You might love listening to live jazz in an exceedingly smoky bar, however what if your date hates smoke? A simple run down of the plans can keep you from having any embarrassing situations with a date who does not want to participate in what you have planned.
Before you propose a date, spend it slow talking to the person you’re going out with. Realize out what they wish to do. If they casually mention that they love a sure restaurant, or a bound dance club, you might win bonus points for taking them there.

If you have got gone out several times, you may want to think about cooking dinner for your date at your home. Can’t cook? Several restaurants provide take-out service now. Although it is probably not a good plan to pass off the cooking as your own! Then your date will wonder later why in some unspecified time in the future you’ll be able to prepare filet mignon and the next you cannot boil an egg. A quiet night playing board games can be fun and romantic.
If attainable, try to arrange a date on a weeknight versus a weekend. There can be less folks out and you’re seemingly to be ready to talk additional and wait in lines less. If you are planning on visiting a specific restaurant, build sure you decision ahead to see about reservations. You furthermore may ought to let your date apprehend what activities are planned so that they’ll dress appropriately. You do not wish your date to be wearing jeans and flip flops if you’re visiting the opera and you do not need your date in high heeled shoes if you’re taking a five mile nature hike.

The night before your date, you might want to try and do some personal designing too. Build certain you have got the outfit selected that you wish to wear. Try it on and make certain you are happy with it. You do not wish to comprehend that your excellent date outfit incorporates a huge stain five minutes before you would like to leave. Create positive you have got directions to where you are going and your date’s phone variety in case you wander away or must cancel.

It does not matter if you are man or a woman, continuously bring enough money to hide all your expenses. Do not assume your date will procure your meal and then get stuck in an uncomfortable position as a result of you didn’t bring any cash. Also, if your date picks you up, you would possibly need to think about bringing cash for a taxi in case the date goes very unhealthy! It’s also smart to pack a few items of gum in your pocket or purse in case the date goes well and you want a good night kiss!

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Planning Your Garden

Most of us see a garden design and a landscaping project on two different levels of planning. However, while designing a garden typically does imply a smaller and more intimate project than an entire landscape plan, the main principles are indeed the same. You should take some time to carefully plan out exactly what you want to do with your garden before you begin.

To start ask yourself a few important questions. Do you want mature trees and plants or will you start from seeds or seedlings? Do you have room for certain trees or shrubs? Will your favorite plants grow better in full sun, shade, or partial shade? Before you plan anything on paper or put a single plant in the ground, you should become more familiar with the basic principles of landscape designs. Doing this will give you a better understanding about balance of color, form, choosing the right landscaping plants, and important qualities like repetition and contrast. It does help to understand even if you plan on creating your garden yourself or plan on borrowing ideas from gardening magazines or websites.

Ask yourself if your garden has a specific purpose or theme. If the answer is yes, you should be clear about it from start to finish. Your garden will be crafted to be a viewed like a work of art, an extended livable room of your private home. Your garden is meant to be walked through and enjoyed by you and your guests. Both purpose and function will go hand in hand in your special garden.

Besides the task of choosing the perfect combination of landscaping plants, trees, and shrubs, the shape is where most people have a problem when designing both gardens and landscaping. Of course the shape and design are very important since we all want our landscaping and gardens to stand out, be unique, what we envision and to be tasteful reflections of those things.

Once you have the purpose of your garden or landscaping in mind, you need to be prepared to draw out your plans as you put your ideas together. As you design a plan you will need to go through the steps of measuring, plotting, designing, and drawing your plans. These steps are all good to go through in person whether you plan on a simple pencil sketch plan or are considering using more sophisticated landscaping software for your garden.

If you are getting stumped and stuck for ideas, then research is what you will need to do. Magazines, home and garden television shows, and even neighbors yards can give you plenty of garden, landscape, and property ideas to look at for hours on end. As you look through these resources, you may get lucky enough to find a perfect match for your plot of earth. Usually though that is not the case, so it’s typically better to look for several different ideas that will work for your purposes and then put them all together with your own ideas.

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Sales Planning

The sales effort needs planned to suit the appetite of the business, and some ratios can be developed to rationalise the process.  It should be possible to gain some idea of the conversion rate of various sales streams in your business.

I worked in one business where 15% of the quotations put out turned into firm orders.  These ratios could be turned on their head to calculate how many quotation requests we needed to generate to result in the desired level of business.

I recently talked to an internet marketeer who reckoned that one order in 1000 hits was possible on a poor email list moving to one order in 500 from a better targeted list.  This allowed him to better plan his email and web activity.

There is the concept of the sales funnel where a large number of leads are qualified and processed to result in a reduced number of orders.  This sales funnel can be categorised into different steps of advancement for your business.

Each member of the sales team should have targets and be assigned a segment of leads at various stages in the sales funnel.  Some leads have merely requested information – a follow-up communication may result in an appointment or phone consultation moving onto a proposal or quotation.  Finally a few of these quotations will result in a purchase decision.

A sales person needs to prioritise and weight their opportunities.  This process should guide the amount of time they assign to each prospect.  Obviously the higher the likelihood of success or the higher the invoice value of a prospect, the more speculative time will be assigned.  Using their time efficiently is one of the key success indicators of a salesperson.  They should have unwavering nose for time spent in truly productive activity and time spent on less directly productive housekeeping, or even diversionary or displacement activity.  They need to be very honest with themselves and not retreat into comfort activity.

The sales team need to consider ways to increase their rate of sales closure.  More accurate classification of promising leads and more skilled handling of current leads will ensure higher rates of success.  Good training and confidence is vital.  Product and marketplace awareness are important.  However also vital is a good understanding and conscious control of the sales cycle.  Business should find time to train their sales staff how to sell.  This training should have a recurrent element as staff always need reminded, re-inforced and re-inspired.  The analogy is with the teacher or the coach.  Not only must they have sound knowledge of their subject or their skill.  They must also have skills and awareness of the teaching and communication process.  Likewise with the salesperson.

These didactic and communications skills boil down to simple things like ensuring your mouth and ears are used in proportion – twice the amount of listening to speaking.  Find out where the prospect is at and start your communication process from there.  Each person has a different understanding of their need, and of your offer.  Do not just have a set ‘spiel’ that cannot be adjusted and de-jargonised for each different recipient.  Ensure you continually see things from the prospect’s point of view.  Ensure you pitch your propositions in terms of benefits to him rather than listing the technical features of your product, or even of benefits to you of him giving you business.  This last tendency by the way is an endless struggle as the default always seems to be to retreat into your comfort phrases and stories, rather than reinvent and reinterpret for each individual you are communicating with.

Another key performance indicator is the length of the sales cycle.  Patterns will emerge in your business of the length of time from the first contact to the purchase decision.  There are ways to shorten this sales cycle, and some of them are in the hands of the sales team.  Good time management and the timely handling of each step can dramatically shorten the sales cycle.  Achieving this will improve the personal performance of the sales person.

Clear realistic goals and close monitoring of progress are also important in delivering optimal sales performance.  I have seen so many businesses where the senior executives, with little understanding of the sales process, try to inspire with insipid or unrealistic appeals for results.  Often they inadvertently depress and de-motivate the sales team with their superficial exhortations for more sales, with little or no understanding of what is involved, and also with no promise of, or even consideration of, additional resource.

The sales team need realistic and achievable goals but they also need clear rewards for achieving these goals.  Once again the business needs to understand the importance of this.  Many businesses do not.  They think that virtue is its own reward and a bottle of wine at Christmas will suffice.  A hundred times each day a sales person can either take the easy choice or the hard choice.  If they have strong incentives they will take the hard choice more often – to make that difficult phone call or deal with that difficult task.  They need strong reasons for doing this and those agreed targets and incentives must be respected by both the sales person and management.


Basil O’Fee

September 2010


Involved in all aspects of the sales, marketing and business development processes in a range of industries during my career – airline, airport, B2B, promotional, gift, lifestyle magazine, souvenir and sports. Managed an agent network, worked with brokers, with an in-house commercial team, and successful experience of preparing complex inter-disciplinary tenders, proposals and submissions. Enjoyed revenue from public sector, high street retail, defence sector, oil sector, general public and business customers. Had a period specifying and importing leisure goods from the Far East. Pioneering new markets – a range of achievements in this more challenging business development task.

Career Planning

Social culture is certainly an interesting phenomenon. Planning is ingrained into some aspects of our lives and completely shunned in others. Holidays, for example, are often meticulously planned because we want to ensure that we make the most of our time away. Weddings are another example of painstakingly thorough planning. Diets, babies, sporting endeavors and education are more examples of goals and events that are have culturally accepted planning phases.

What is it about these activities and events that lead us to invest so much time into their planning? When we consider that the risk or impact of failing to meet our objective is unacceptable we mitigate the risk by planning ahead. Nobody wants to waste valuable holiday time, nor do they want their weddings to be incomplete or disorganized. We generally recognize that some events will not naturally come to order and their success is dependent on planning. Career Planning, on the other hand, is often overlooked.

A common misconception about career planning is that the concept is about working hard in order to press for a promotion. But career planning is about working smart. It is about making the right decisions and focusing energy in order to maximize time and effort. In the workplace and during our education, we make decisions on a daily basis and these decisions shape our image as a professional.

Let’s deviate from careers in order to press this point. Which racehorse would you bet on?

Racehorse #1. Recently started racing – formally privately owned and lived in a paddock.

Racehorse #2. Has two years of racing experience and trains twice a week.

Racehorse #3. Has five years of racing experience and trains five times a week.

Racehorse #4. Has five years of racing experience, he trains five times a week and was bred from champion racers. He was raised by experienced champion trainers and began training as a foal.

In answer to our question, racehorse #4 seems the obvious choice. It appears that this racehorse has dedicated his life to the one career and that gives us good odds that he is better at his job than the others.

When your career is scrutinized by a potential employer the ‘odds’ that you are better at this job than the others are calculated on the same rationale. Choices that you made years before stand as confirmation of your long standing interests. Your level of skill and expertise in one field is proportional to the quality and quantity of time that you have previously invested in that field. The great Albert Einstein said “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”.

Career planning is about making choices that build on your skill set. Just like Albert Einstein – focusing your energy on just a few fields will drive you towards your career goals.

Want to learn more about careers planning?

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Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding may seem overwhelming. But with a very basic checklist you can accomplish some of the biggest goals and set your planning in motion.

First, decide on a budget.
This step is crucial. You need to realistically think about what you can afford to spend and then go from there. You cannot reasonably begin looking for locations or vendors without knowing the price you’re able to spend on them.

Make a guest list
You need to make a very rough sketch of a guest list. This will also help in all your further planning. You aren’t going to hold an intimate garden wedding with over 500 guests! And many venues have a “max” they allow in their rooms. Knowing a rough number will help you weed through various locations to find the perfect one.

Date and Location
Some brides have a specific date already planned and will be looking for a venue that has availability. Others know where they want to hold their wedding, and are willing to pick a date within a certain range that the location has available. No matter which you are, these two pretty much go hand in hand. Either have a specific date, or a date-range in mind and begin scouting venues. Pay attention to price and packages, as well as location and setting. Make sure the venue is going to reflect your taste. Also, remember that having an “off-season” wedding or a Sunday may save you a lot of money when booking your venue.

Color and Theme
Deciding on the color and feel of your wedding will set the tone for the rest of the planning and details. Make sure to pay attention to what flowers will be available during your season. You don’t want your heart set on a certain color only to find out it’s impossible to find flowers of that color during your season. (Unless of course, you go with candles instead of floral. Which can be a fantastic way to save!) After setting the overall theme of your wedding, the little details will fall easily into place.

You will need a variety of hired professionals for your big day. A DJ or band (or maybe both!), florist, hair+make-up, caterer, officiant, your venue, a wedding planner, cake designer, limo/transportation, etc. Make sure when booking with vendors you get a written contract with any specifics that you’ve agreed on. Don’t take anyone’s word on anything. All of these professionals are going to come together to make your big day what it is!

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Planning a Garden

Gardening is an activity that is enjoyed by practically hundreds of millions of people around the world. It can be enjoyed by the very young to the very old, as it is a very gentle activity that does not require great feats of strength (or great strength of feet!). It can bring enhanced value to a home, and it can provide your dinner table with fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, etc that you and your family can enjoy year round, with proper planning.

Garden planning starts with deciding what type of garden you want to have. If you’re blessed with a very large yard, then you’re not restricted to just one type, and you can follow the designs of the English country manor and have “garden rooms” in your yard – that is, different types of gardens in different areas of the yard demarcated in some fashion. However, deciding what you want to have is essential before you rush out and buy plants.

Many companies around the world offer garden design services, and there is even software that you can now purchase to help you design your own garden. If you want to do it yourself, and don’t want to purchase any fancy software, then all you need is some graph paper, a nice sharp pencil and perhaps a ruler. If you have them, look in your children’s pencil case for these items, or go out and buy them, they aren’t expensive!

While considering what you want to have in your garden, it is worthwhile walking or driving around the neighbourhood. Look at what your neighbours are doing in their gardens. Chances are they’re willing to talk to you about their trials and tribulations, and they will know what works and what they’ve tried that hasn’t worked. 

If you’re new to the area, then you’ll want to get familiar with the climate. Observe your yard for a few days or even weeks and see how the wind blows, where the shade is, where the sun passes overhead, and other similar things. Just don’t do what the author did and observe it for half a decade. Observation is fine, but the point of gardening is to get your hands dirty.

At this point, I want to stop and consider edible gardens. With the climate growing increasingly warmer, oil reaching “Peak Oil” stages with petrol prices rising higher and higher, food is becoming more expensive to grow and a lot more expensive to buy. In as little as 10 square metres, or around 110 square feet, you can grow vegetables, fruit and herbs, and with another 10 square metres, you could also have chickens with their very own coop. If you want more information on chickens, then check out the website below.

Everyone should have at least culinary herbs in their garden, even if it’s just some parsley and mint. Not only are they good to eat, but every time you brush past them, or the wind blows, you will have a delightful aroma waft through the garden. Plant your herbs somewhere convenient to the kitchen so that you’re encouraged to use them.

Still prior to purchasing any plants, decide on the hard landscaping features. This includes any paths, retaining or regular walls, landscaping features (fountains, ponds, ornaments, etc) as well as things like reticulation. The time to plan these and get them in is before the plants are in, as it’s much easier to fit the plants around the landscaping features than the other way around. Dig the trenches and lay the pipes for your reticulation first, and then work up from there.

Once you’ve drawn up your plan, and thought about your landscaping, then it’s time to get your hands dirty, and start building your garden. The only limit is your imagination and your budget. Enjoy!

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Bat Plush & Facts

What is it about bats that makes them so scary? Is it the urban legend that they will get caught in your hair when they fly overhead? Is it the fact that they only come out at night, a time when our innermost fears are heightened? Or is it the ongoing reference to vampires and how they turn into bats to help camouflage what they really are? Whatever it is, bat plush toys are on the rise in popularity due to Halloween, despite the fear bats invoke.

There are approximately 1,100 bat species worldwide and they range in size from 1.14 inches in length and 0.07 ounces to four foot wing spans and three pounds depending on the species. Contrary to popular belief and the famous idiom ‘blind as a bat,’ bats are not blind and have very good eyesight, though most of them depend on sound as their primary navigation system. In low light, most bats can actually see much better than humans. The large eyes found on a bat have been well designed in bat plush as they realistically resemble the actual animal.

Bats are often misjudged animals which is all the more reason to educate a child about them with bat plush toys. Despite their nocturnal life, they are actually fascinating creatures and are even considered symbols of good luck in some cultures. They are mammals (like lions and tigers) as they are warm-blooded, give birth to live young, and use their lungs to breathe air. Even though these details are not evident when purchasing a bat plush animal, they are nonetheless interesting facts to explain to a child so as to dispel the frightening myths that surrounds them.

Bats are classified into two species: micro and mega. Microbats are small and eat mostly insects. They can be found just about anywhere except in the Arctic or Antarctic. Megabats, on the other hand, are much larger and eat fruit. They are typically called fruit bats and live in Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, India, and the Pacific Islands. Luckily with a bat plush, you won’t have to worry about feeding it or ensuring it’s in the right climate all you have to do is love it!

Bat plush are made of soft fur-like material, similar to the real thing; like all mammals, bats bodies are covered in fur. The skin on their wings (which stretches over their arms and fingers) actually looks like it would be tough and leathery to the touch, but in fact, the skin is super soft. Some bat plush are so well made that they resemble the real thing right down to the tiniest detail.

If you’re looking for a different type of stuffed animal to add to a child’s plush collection, consider looking at bat plush toys. Even though you may not be fond of them, your child will find endless ways to entertain themselves with these interesting and often misunderstood creatures.

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Baseball Bat History

The baseball bat is really a basic concept but a pretty complex object. Here are some baseball bats info to enlighten you about its exciting history and design. It is essential to get a grip on the bat’s most fundamental concepts just before you make a getting choice. So, with out further ado, here are some intriguing baseball bats info:

A baseball bat is essentially a smooth rod that the batter uses to hit the golf ball thrown by the pitcher, signaling the other gamers to run close to the bases and eventually try and score a homerun. The thickest component of the bat, the element that is supposed to hit the golf ball, is named the barrel as well as the best component of the barrel for hitting the ball is known as the sweet spot. The barrel finally gets thinner and thinner until it types into the take care of. On metal bats, rubber may perhaps wind close to the take care of for very good grip. The knob is at the incredibly opposite end in the barrel’s tip and helps a batter to hang onto the bat to ensure that it does not fly away! Think about this earlier than purchasing that low-cost bat that no 1 else appears to care for.

Within the early days of baseball, younger players were most prevalent along with the majority of bats were handmade, so sizes and shapes varied wildly. But as baseball became additional of an official, regulated sport, so did the baseball bats. In 1859, policies have been created about the diameter of your bat, and to this day just about every sort of league has their personal individual rules. For that reason, be positive you might be clear on your league’s guidelines on baseball bat measurements. Though all bats look extremely similar to each other, you’ll find minuscule differences that aren’t apparent towards the human eye. I hope these historic baseball bats details had been helpful!

Americas Nationwide Pastime reached its Zenith of glory by 1860s. Alexander Joy Cartwright modernized the sport in 1845 to virtually its existing kind. On the other hand, the specs to baseball bats kept transforming with each and every innovation and have to have. The improvements altered bat supplies to your present aluminum alloy through the classical picket.

Despite the fact that entire of baseball gear has undergone a complete makeover, nothing has adjusted as considerably and as swiftly as the bat. There are lots of diverse sorts of bats designed for Small Leagues, Senior Leagues, college, and pros. Each and every coalition has a congeal of parameters for keg diameter and loop dimensions. It may be unconditional overwhelming when you take into account the range of baseball bat brands, resources, styles, and qualities.

Bat Supplies

Essentially you will find three categories but adequate for new comers to acquire bowled more than.

Wooden: usually willow wood from Canada and Australia goes into creating bats for their fantastic grain and fibrous structure. Seasoned wood is employed to create bats which is usually evidenced by the lengthy fibers of wider nature. One greatest advantage of wood bats is customizability as regards to barrel and grip. Contrary to beliefs, heavier wood bats create better impacts than lighter bats by virtue of the momentum. But these aren’t crack free of charge plus the sweet spots get decreased after endured usage.

Aluminum alloys: Get ready to spend about $ 200 on these. These are stronger yet lighter and enable generate higher swing speeds. The common alloy applied here is 7046; but special alloys like CU31/7050 with higher zirconium, magnesium and copper content gives higher strength and durability. Ask for far more choices in this category. Construction depends upon the selling cost; so we have single/double layered bats in distinct alloys for increased impacts, rebounds etc. Additionally, cryogenically treated bats give lesser vibration and increased distance.

Graphite/Titanium lined: Beauty of this choice is the lightest weight bats. Thinner walled bats lined with titanium/graphite present desired power and assist lessen the impact shock of hitting the golf ball away through the sweet spot.


USA Baseball, the governing body, issues charts for bat selection which benefits fresher. The bat is usually chosen either by age or by your height. The charts are available at just about every baseball club and more than the net.

For age among 5-7 years the bat size suggested is involving 24″-26″ which reaches 34 level for ages above 17 many years. The other chart begins for a height of 36-40 with 26 bat until 73+ having suggested a length of 34.

Bats are just component of the recreation and not the match within themselves. Bear in mind the saying, you can take the horse to the lake, but drinking water is his prerogative.

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Bat Control and Bat Removal Tips

Want to know more about the ABC’s of what this area under discussion has to propose to every human being who is willing to do things for themselves? During an inspection of the structure needing bat eviction I can determine the size of the colony and the best time of the year to remove the bats. During certain times of the year bats form nursery colonies. Depending on your geographical area the bats can only be removed when the young bats are able to fly. We like to use a one-way door or referred to as a valve.

These unidirectional escapes lets the bats escape not allowing the bats back in. This type of bat control eviction is approved by the organization Bat Conservation International. The utmost critical thing in bat removal from a residence is attention to all the little construction gaps. When closing all construction gaps, anything larger than an a quarter inch should be sealed. You have to seal the entire home to foil bats from getting back in. You will go as far as sealing any fault or construction crack. Ill need to exclude vents to keep bats out, let’s start by closing off louver vents, attic vents, and ridge vents if bats can breach them using 1/4 inch screen. These can be painted to match, but I have found it blends in nicely left unpainted.

Inspect chimneys, bricks and mortar may be loose forming gaps. Look for gaps around where the chimney goes thru soffit, carefully seal gaps and install a one-way door, if a bat way in is there. Ridge venting systems are feasible bat entrances. When looking at the ridge vent closely you’ll usually find the plastic ridge vents deform leaving gaps, I’ve seen where varmints have chewed a gap in the vent. I will do away with the previous roof vent system and replace it. Primarily, you lay down 1/4 inch hardware cloth this keeps the bats, mice and squirrels from getting through. We will install a one-way bat door here also if the bats were using this area. Finally you’ll finish the attic vent with a vent system referred to as Cobra vent, and then finish it with top cap shingles. We try to color match any calking, tin work and exclusion work to make it merge in as if we have not had to fix the construction defects. We use paintable caulking, the silicon based calks will tinge over time.

I build my own one-way doors. After ten years of bat control, I came up with an easy effective one-way valve for bat removal. You can purchase commercially produced bat cones but I personally think they are too short and have no airflow at the base where it is attached to the structure. These one-way doors are left on for about two weeks, to let bats leave. Then I can remove the one-way door and then block the entrance. After the bats have exited through the one-way doors the bats will try for several nights to get back in, by looking for another entrance, this is why sealing every possible entrance needs to be done. This is how to evict bats.Find out more by reading our other articles on this topic and other subjects we have written related to it.

VaMoose Varmint Wildlife Services has been operating going onto 6 years now; I am a nuisance wildlife control operator (NWCO) in the state of Michigan. NWCO’s perform jobs that entail the removal of nuisance wildlife from unwanted areas of homes and properties. Now after being a NWCO for some time now I figured I would try to share my stories with everyone else. If you need more information on a skunk problem or need help finding Pros who know how to get rid of skunk, review these links for Michigan and or send us an email for additional help.

Edible Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces – Candy!

I love when a centerpiece is not only gorgeous, but when it also does double duty too. And edible centerpieces are just that. They not only provide the essential décor for a party, they also serve as either the dessert or party favor.

My favorite way to make a candy centerpiece is to purchase glass bowls or vases at a craft store such as Michaels. They tend to be inexpensive. You can purchase all the same or a mixture of several.

Of course the next step is the fun part – filling them with candy. There are many variations possible:

1) Every table is filled with the same. For example, all tables have miniature Reeses ® cups, York® peppermint patties, Snickers®, M&M®s, jelly beans, etc. Or a mixture of all the same things.

2) Every table has a unique candy filling.

3) Every table has a color coordinated candy but the color is different from table to table. For example – all yellow jelly beans, all red M&M®s, etc. (I have a friend who purchased ‘umpteen’ large packages of M&M®s and she and her daughter spent hours separating the colors for specifically this purpose.)

Old fashioned candy stores are perfect when looking for unique candy fillings (remember – the candy doesn’t necessarily need to be wrapped (think chocolate covered raisin or nuts, Brachs®candies, etc.).

An elegant way to finish off the presentation of the centerpiece is to wrap a beautiful ribbon and bow around the glass container that is color coordinated to match the event (if there is a color scheme) or to match the color of the candy inside.

Make sure that eachtable has favor bags and a scoop so that everyone can help themselves to the candy before the night is over. Personalized favor bags are a nice tough and can be purchased through most online stationary stores.

Your guests, old and young alike, are going to love these centerpieces!

Cool Party Favors, Copyright 2009

Deb Rosenberg is a party planner and recommends these Bar Mitzvah favors