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Choosing a NY City Event Venue For Your Political Fundraiser

Political Candidates cannot survive without funds. Fundraising events are typical to just about every political campaign right from running for small town office seats up to running for President. There are a variety of events that can be planned to help raise money, but one of the most popular is a fundraiser dinner. Hosting such an event can take months of preparation and planning, starting with selecting an appropriate venue. Many people look to popular cities, like NY, when planning their fundraising events.

In order to have a successful political fundraising dinner you must combine the perfect menu with the just right price tag along with political campaign speeches or even entertainment. The perfect combination will get your followers revved up and excited about the campaign. In order to pull off a successful event you will also need to find the perfect NY event venue to host it.

As you get started on planning the fundraiser make sure you first set a fundraising goal for the event. Be realistic when setting the goal for how much money you would like to raise, and how much it will cost you to put the event on. With your goal in mind you should then create a budget for each aspect of the event. How much you want to spend on food, entertainment, decorations, etc. Once the budget is in place your next step is to book a venue.

Choosing the right NY event space is critical to a successful fundraiser. You need to find a venue that is in a convenient location for your guests and is able to work within your budget. You also want the venue to have great food options, spectacular service and plenty of room for your guests to mingle. You will also need to make sure the venue has a PA system and any other audio visual equipment you will be using during the event. As you are narrowing down recommended venue choices, be sure to visit your top picks and take a look around

As you are looking at a few locations to hold your fundraising event check to make sure the date you are looking for is available. Never book a campaign fundraiser on a Friday evening as Friday night events are generally not well attended. Finally, make sure the atmosphere and décor will be in synch with what you have planned for the evening.

After you have your location picked out you will need to decide on pricing for the fundraising dinner. This can be tricky as you obviously want to make money on the dinner, but at the same time want to make the event affordable for your guests. Depending on whom you expect to be in attendance can help you determine the price. A general rule of thumb is to price the event affordably for your target audience and then work to raise additional funds during the evening. After your pricing is set you can finish planning all the other logistics of the event.

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Party Invitations – Choose The One You Like Online and Enjoy The Party

If one is celebrating any occasion invitation needs to be given to all the near and dear ones along with the details so that they can attend the function. The best and widely used method of invitation is through cards. There are cards for every small and big occasion available all you need to do is to choose one from them and get the same printed. Be it a party or some birthday, invitations decide the number of guests coming and this in turn decides the success of the event.

The party invitation cards are very important as these are the first source of information to the relatives about the big event which will be taking place in your family. There is a range of party cards for each and every occasion like for wedding there are different cards, for birthday party, for dance party, for other ceremonies the look and matter of card differs according to the occasion. But the essence of these cards are the same and that these are a sincere request from the hosts to the guests to attend the occasion organized.

Like if we talk about marriage, these cards the most expensive ones as the budget of these cards is big and the occasion if also the most significant. The Birthday Party Cards are more colorful and trendy as these are for the kids so that kind of look is given to these cards.

These party invitations are available easily in the market as well as online also. It is good to chose a card online as these are just a click away and along with that a personal touch can be given to these cards their and then and above all the time consumed is very less. If you chose a card online you can get the same approved from the family members as well. It is very important that a party invitation should be big enough that all the information comes clearly on the card, since a messed up card doesn’t gives a good impression. So if you are planning for a big occasion at your place do visit the web sites and choose a card from these web sites and give a personal touch to the same. These online sources also provide the ease of delivering the invitations to the guests thus providing you with ultimate peace of mind so that you can enjoy the party completely.

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Five tips for how to successfully organize event/wedding in Israel

If you are getting ready to start preparation for your special event and want to make sure that everything goes just perfectly, read on for some great tips. Israel hosts a multitude of special events and is often chosen because of its spirituality as well as for the fact that Israel has some of the most beautiful scenery in which to host your special event.

1. begin Planning! Organizing a special event in Israel takes time and it is thus recommended that you start planning at least six months in advance, although starting a year in advance is not unusual (summer months are highly occupied).

2. Make A Detailed To-Do List! You can make your own to-do list by following the example here.

3. Set A (down-to-earth) Budget! A budget will help you stay within your monetary means and thus make the correct decisions as you go along. Remember, there are venues to be booked, decorations to be placed, food to be ordered, and professionals that need to be paid, just to name a few services that require payments in advance.

4. Location! It is of the essence that you feel entirely comfortable with the location you choose. Israel may be geographically small – but it is culturally diverse, and the range of options provides something for just about every taste and interest. For example, you can celebrate a wedding by the beach, a bat mitzvah in a kibbutz, a corporate event in one of Tel Aviv’s deluxe hotels, or a bar mitzvah in Masada. Keep in mind that distances are very short and if planned in the right way, you get the best of everything Israel has to offer.

If you find that you need some additional help choosing a location a great idea is to hire a local event planner as they are familiar with the area you have chosen and can be of great service.

5. Focus on what’s essential:

Make sure your message is simple and straightforward so as to ensure success.
Be aware of your guests. For example, if most of your guests speak Spanish then getting a Spanish-speaking Rabbi is important so everyone can understand the ceremony.
Bar/bat mitzvahs and should be centered on the young man or woman and celebrated in a way that he or she can enjoy to the full.
Have some tips? Share them with us!

Monica Events –

I started to organize events when I was still studying Psychology in South America.

After living in different places I came to visit Israel for the first time seven years ago and I’ve been living here since. I fell in love with the freedom I found in this place and with the endless possibilities this country has to offer.

Almost immediately after making aliya I became aware of the mentality differences that an ola hadasha can easily feel and which can be very challenging, but this was my new home and I had no other choice than to deal with it. The perfect place to tackle those differences was my job at conference organization and handling of international conference speakers and delegations, where I became an expert at it working with people from all over the world. At the same time, I worked with the best Israeli suppliers from the events industry (catering, décor, logistics, etc.), and got a lot of experience in corporate and private events.

After almost 10 years organizing events for different companies both in South America and in Israel, I decided to open my own event planning business and use all those skills to best serve couples and families from abroad or who made aliya and that want to celebrate weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs and other social events in Israel, but don’t have the time and patience to deal with all the hassle it implies.

Pick a Unique Theme for Your Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Invitation

People belongs to the Jewish belief rejoice either their Bar or Bat Mitzvas as an upcoming age of rite. This takes place on the 13th birthday for sons and the 12th for daughters, and depicts the voyage of turning into a man or woman. This is a crucial period for any adolescent of Jewish belief and it is also a time of honor for the parents. In fact, it’s a time for merriment and a time for family get together. This is a once in a lifetime occasion for you and your kid, hence it must be treated as such. Before planning your Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in White Plains, NY read this article.

When planning your event, you can add some excitement by picking a theme and then carrying that theme over into your Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations.

The 1st thing you must do is make a decision on a general theme for your Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations. So, you must be wondering how to pick a theme that’ll be fun and entertaining, but doesn’t outshine the religious significance? If your kid is an avid sports enthusiast, take into account having a sports themed function. Take that over into invitations which have the subject of sports behind them.

If sports are not your kid’s thing, take into account one that has a cartoony feel to it. There’re no guidelines or limitations for your invitations, allow your kid develop an idea. Don’t underestimate the fact that Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations aren’t the same as birthday invitations. There’re resemblances, but they must be treated differently.

Consider putting in colors into your kid’s Mitzvah also. Color themes are as crucial as picking the perfect DJ or the right cake. Colors represent emotion so pick color mixtures that reflect the emotion and tone of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. Then, carry that particular color theme into the bar & bat Mitzvah invitations. There are so many color options, so do some research to comprehend the sentiments behind colors and their harmonizing colors. If you have appointed an event planner, be certain to inquire them regarding their suggestion also. Once you have determined on a color and theme combination, you’re absolutely ready to develop a perfect invitation.

A party is always great, and rituals and ceremonies must be followed, but you can also modify some things to add excitement.

Don’t forget that this is a “Big Day” for your child! Let them have a fair amount of participation and choice in the planning, and ensure that the event you’ve planned is something that they wish to remember forever.

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How to throw a grand bar bat mitzvah party

Planning a grand event for Bar Bat Mitzvahs must be done carefully with all the right ingredients. The trickiest part of this ceremony is preparing the child and his/her tutor. Apart from planning, this ceremony must be arranged with specific synagogue which includes purchasing the kippot and publishing the guides for guests. Disc Jockeys have become a common method of entertainment in weddings.
Child events such as bar bat Mitzvahs must be planned with intrinsic details because the success of any party lies within the details. One can also take the help of professional event Management Company in order to make the most out of this occasion. Bar Bat Mitzvahs events can be hosted on both small and large scale depending on your requirement. The first task for this event must be related to catering and serving the right type of food amidst guests. It is also necessary that one must prepare the list of guests so that the dining menu can be chosen accordingly. If you want your party to be successful, it is essential that you must prepare for the festivities in advance. For hosting a grand bar bat mitzvahs events one must hire professional caterers, entertainers and party planners. Choosing the right venue is also an important task before hosting this type of event.
Choosing the right music for wedding ceremonies
A lot of people prefer the idea of having a classical wedding ceremony. This ceremony is unique and loved by the people of all age groups. One of the main ingredients of a classical wedding is the traditional classical music. Disc jockeys for wedding have become very popular in the recent times. This is the reason why a large number of people prefer having these events hosted by a team of professional musicians and jockeys. The traditional weddings takes place at church and the music that plays in the background is the traditional wedding ceremony music. The music is soothing and relaxing and gives a feeling of joy and happiness to the bride and the groom. Now a day’s the classical or the traditional wedding is getting very popular. Professional disc jockeys for wedding have a good collection of songs and music which are suited for every type of wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies must also have wedding planners and professional caterers so that nothing important is left out at the eleventh hour. The disc jockeys music is the most important ingredient of a modern day wedding. But the modern wedding ceremonies are not purely limited to traditional music. This is the reason why disc jockeys are hired so that music can be timely changes to life the mood of the guests. There are different types of the music that plays at the different stages of a wedding ceremony.

The author is a well know expert in the field of event planning and has written numerous articles which help in hosting a good bar bat mitzvahs events. The author has also explained the importance of disc jockeys for wedding in Maryland.

Hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ: How To Separate The Showman From The Salesman

If you don’t book through an agency, weren’t referred, haven’t previously seen his act or met at a Simcha Showcase, your initial interaction with a prospective DJ is the telephone.

That’s good for you! You’re on your home turf. He’s not physically in your living room giving you a face-to-face pitch, which either openly will, or subtly could, be intimidating. You’re under no obligation or pressure to then and there “sign on the dotted line.” Have pre-written questions by the phone and jot down his answers, since you may be interviewing several DJs.

A DJ is a showman and a salesman. He must convince you that (1) his service is better than the competition’s and (2) you’ve made a wise choice by calling him.

(1) I never discuss my competition directly unless I know my response will be a positive one. If anyone in sales disparages another by either personal or business name, that says a lot about him, too. (And, it’s slander.)

(2) If a prospective client mentions something like “You’ve got a great reputation. Give us more info,” “We heard wonderful things about you from a friend,” or “I grew up listening to you on the radio” then they’ve already softened me up. My response will be “Do you have a few minutes?” since I’m about to settle in and devote about a half-hour of initial phone time to this parent. Naturally, I enjoy a compliment. Flattery will get you everywhere! I’m here you. Pick my brain. (If you’ve seen the DJ you’re calling work previously and enjoyed his act, certainly let him know.)

However, if the first question I hear is “How much do you charge for four hours?” I immediately recognize: (1) They’re clueless regarding the interview process and have no idea what to ask. (2) They care about cost. They don’t care about quality of work, available music selection, equipment or DJ experience. And/or (3), I’m not going to get the job since my rates are somewhat higher than my competitors’.

I won’t cut my fee, but there are plenty of DJs who will. Others charge less to begin with and thrive on low-end functions where the client’s expectations are minimal. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I wish all DJs would just make up their minds which segment of the public they’d like to reach, and stick with it. Every market needs cost-cutters so the rest of us have a point of reference.

This doesn’t apply to agencies, but independent DJs set their own fee schedules. So, if he’s a fraction the price of another, that’s what HE feels he’s worth! So it IS what he’s worth. A movie star may make $ 10,000,000 for a role. A novice actor might be delighted to receive $ 10,000 to play that same part! But who’s the producer going to hire? Cheap is cheap. Unless you’re very lucky (or the DJ has no business sense) cheap does not equal proficient.

Some DJs readily admit (to other DJs, only) that, when asked what they charge, they’ll put off answering until they’ve delivered their pitch and had a chance to ascertain your budget.

They may reduce their fee to fill an open date or to sell a package, so be prepared for ol’ reliable: “It depends on…” or for a question such as: “What were you planning on spending?” or “What is your entertainment budget?” before you get a direct answer. Knowing your price tolerance, they’ll start high and cut if necessary. Bought a new car lately? It’s a game. I’m the opposite. Why waste each other’s time? If your only concern and first question regards the fee, I’ll answer it and that’ll be that.

Joe Pachino has been a Radio & Mobile DJ in Baltimore since 1974 and authored “DJ’s Secrets Revealed! How To Select (And Get The Most Out Of) Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah DJ” c 2001, 2007 EMI. It’s loaded with constructive, organized and valuable tip$ for Parents. He’s performed at well over 1000 Mitzvahs, so take advantage of his experience. (And experiences!) You’ll find loads of info and goodies at

Six simple rules to save money while hiring wedding photographers

Have you heard about the wedding and school photography? Are you planning to hire a photographer for your upcoming event? Do you want some useful tips regarding the hiring process? Do you want to know tricks to save money while selecting the company? If the answers to all the questions that were asked above are yes, you are just at the perfect place at the right time.

People have started realising the significance of capturing the moments by asking the pictures at the right time. The trend of school and nursery photos is increasing big time in the UK. Not only nursery, the baby and bump and the new born baby photography are also gaining popularity these days.

If you are organising an event or a party, it is always a good idea to hire a photographer; be it wedding, corporate event, a birthday party or Bar and Bat Mitzvah. This will save your time which you can invest into something more important; while leaving all the stress regarding pictures on the professional photographers.

If you are planning to get married, hire the best event photographer for your wedding. For one successful wedding, you need to spend a huge amount of money. So, it is always advisable to save a few amounts in every possible thing, one of which is photography. There are a few ways in which you can try to save money while hiring a wedding photographer. Out of the several let us discuss some of the best tips and tricks for the same. Here we go…

1. The first step towards saving the money will be in the very beginning while deciding the date of marriage. Well, it is always a good idea to keep it in off season and that too week days. Not only studio professionals, but everyone will charge you more during public holidays, peak season and weekends.

2. Once you decide the date and time, the very first thing you should do is start looking for the professionals. Booking early saves a lot of money. They will cost you more if you go and look for them in the last few pre wedding days. As they know you have got scarcity of time, so you will not look for more options.
3. If it is possible, hire a photographer and videographer together as a package deal. It will charge you lesser than hiring them individually.

4. As you will start early, you will have a lot of time. So, make sure you speak to many companies and get multiple quotes. Negotiate with each of them and then hire the best one; the one which gives best services package in the least cost.

5. Make sure there are no additional fees and surprise bills at the end. In most cases, professionals will ask for less money initially to attract you with their budget friendly packages, but at the end they will ask for more money in the form of additional costs.

6. Make sure not to forget to go on the web. Go online and check out for the best photography companies in your area. Also, check the feedback on various websites so that you get to know the reputation of the company in market. Check for the special discounts or offers going on and make efficient use of those offers to save money.

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Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Planning a Special Surprise for Your Parents’ Big Day

If you are a child of those lucky couples who will be celebrating their 25th or 50th anniversary soon, then you should definitely throw a big party for your parent’s special day. You can further make it special by adding a surprise element in it. This requires days long planning.

The biggest surprise for your parents on the day would be to invite guests who are very close to your parents. You can find out their college friends and office mates and invite them to the party. Though it is a difficult task to find out such old friends, but social networking sites will help you in this. Once you find out the guests you will require invitation cards to send them. Anniversary invitation cards are very important part of the celebration as it will convey your love, respect and honor towards the guests. It will make them bound to attend the celebration for sure. So you just choose a special anniversary invitation card.

The best thing you can do is to customize the card from a wedding card shop. This customization will help you to create unique and innovative cards. You can find out photographs of your parents early life and ask the designer to make a beautiful collage from it. You can also print some lovely and heart touching messages offering your thanks and gratitude to your parents.

Anniversary cards are available in different materials, shape, size and color. Most fascinating cards are available in hand made sheets. They look fantabulous when you add some decorative items to these cards. It will be wonderful if you choose the color of the card according to your parents’ choice. Do not go for a big card as it will cost you high. Nowadays, different types of small cards are available with attractive designs.

There are various online wedding cards shops where you can find a large variety of all types of cards. You can select a card of your choice by browsing through catalogue which mentions all the details about the particular card.

Make your parents happy by reviving their memories.

Scroll wedding is specialized in designing attractive Wedding Cards and other Bar Mitzvah Invitations cards.

Bar Mitzvah Planning Made Easy

Bar mitzvah planning is perhaps one of the most inspiring but most pressure-filled of all of the “life events” which your children and you will encounter. When that big day actually comes, you’ve been excited but waiting patiently for it. By the big day, of course we mean the day when you get the actual mitzvah date! Bar Mitzvah dates are widely distributed sometimes up to two years prior to the actual celebration but the time between day of receipt of date and the affair is utilized by families in many different ways. For some, there are various things to think about. The invites, the guest list, the catering hall and caterer, the entertainment, the flowers, the centerpeices, the wardrobe, the party favors and of course the menu.

Seasoned DJ emcee Reggie Williams adds “customers will sometimes come to me in absolute hysteria because they left everything until it was too late. Alternatively, we’ll have clients who will contract us two to two and a half years ahead so they don’t have to think about it!” Although in the party planning business, the best deals can usually be found at the last minute, however, sometimes a client’s mission to save a few pennies will end up leaving that client stuck because all of the good service providers are working already. The challenge for those stragglers is getting the most out of the least popular providers. There are no doubt pitfalls when booking providers in the final hour. Caterers do not have enough help to be able to run your party in the proper way. Equipment requests can go unfulfilled due to over-booking. Usable party space might not be available. Most importantly, the one item that will make the difference between a inspired and memorable party and the party you’ll want to forget is the DJ and his setup! DJs and emcees worth anything are almost always booked at least a year in advance of any bar or bat mitzvah party. The bar mitzvah is an extremely specialized type of affair and the last thing you want is to have some kid with an ipod and boombox running your family’s candlelighting or grand entrance!

The most useful advice we can give is when you’ve received your date — plan in advance. Interact with your friends and get tips from those who have gone through the process of planning a bar mitzvah and don’t try to do too many things at one time. There are a great number of party planning resources in the library and read the many available articles on the internet. Your sons and daughters only have this day once in their lives. If you’ve been given the advantage of ample time….use it! Throwing an affair together at the last second will only cause you heartache and anguish.

The Entertainment Company is a Huntingdon Valley, PA based full service entertainment company specializing in bar mitzvah party entertainment.
Offering DJs, M.C.s, specialty lighting, dancer-motivators, specialty multimedia projection screens and specialty variety acts.

Tips For Buying Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Picture Frames

Both the Bar Mitzvah and the Bat Mitzvah are special occasions that celebrate a time when Jewish boys and girls become officially responsible and can participate in events associated with adulthood. During upbringing, parents have the duty to instill Jewish customs into the child’s life, teaching about traditions, religion and history. Once a boy reaches the age of 13 and a girl 12, planning begins for these special ceremonies, once -in-a-lifetime events that parents want to capture with photographs. To remember every aspect of the event, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah picture frames are used for displaying photos and therefore they also make an excellent gift from a family member or friend.

The preparation for the particular event involves numerous details to include the names and numbers of guests, the location where the ceremony will be held, the purchase of appropriate attire, music, food, and of course, the photographer. During the ceremony, the professional photographer will be responsible for taking hundreds of pictures that show candle lighting, musicians performing, the reading of the Torah, which translates to “God’s teachings” or “God’s instructions”, dancing, and so on. Once the ceremony is complete, parents will take the opportunity to sit down with the photographer to choose the photos that will ultimately be placed in Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah picture frames.

Obviously, with this ceremony being such a vital part of the Jewish tradition, capturing each moment is a top priority. As a part of the event, family members and friends gather in a synagogue to watch as the young boy or girl makes a public proclamation of his or her acceptance of following Jewish traditions, laws and beliefs. Naturally, gifts are welcomed from people attending an event such as this, or those who cannot attend but wish to signal their congratulations. Some people purchase books, keepsake boxes, candleholders, or even give money but one of the most cherished of all gifts received is a specially-themed Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah picture frame, allowing parents and the newly-celebrated children easy means of remembering this moment in family life.

If the boy or girl has studied Hebrew, then perhaps you could consider Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah picture frames with the child’s name written in Hebrew or a Hebrew prayer. However, if the child has had the honor of visiting Israel, then any type of frame designed with themes of Jerusalem would be appreciated. There are even frames with designs of the Tallit, which is the prayer shawl or the Kippa, the skullcap worn by young boys. For a boy or girl, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah picture frames designed with the Etz Chayim, which translates to the “Tree of Life”, would also be an ideal choice.

You will even find special keepsake boxes that serve two purposes, that of a picture frame but also serving as a Tzedakah box, which is commonly used by Jewish people involved with community charities. The truth is, picture frames specifically for these occasions are easy to find and over the years, magnificent designs have been created. With this, photographs depicting various acts and rituals associated with a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah are captured and then beautifully displayed around the home or sent to other family members who were unable to attend.

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