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Birthday Party For Kids

When arranging a kids birthday party it should have a theme depending on the age of the child and the group of kids that are going to be invited. One of the reasons a theme is important is because kids have short attention spans. When you just gather kids and ask them to stand around a cake it’s usually the recipe for a big disaster, because you will want kids to have fun or the whole point of a party is defeated.

If you don’t have any ideas for kid’s birthday party themes then the internet is a good place to search for ideas. Many of the themes pertain to western themes, the 1960’s, ancient times, pirates, and fairytale themes. However do your research and find the theme you think will suit your kid’s party best. There are some themes that some kids really love depending on their age. For instance kids younger than five years love fairy tales and dinosaurs themes, probably because they are fun and convenient.

Stargazing is amazing

Now it doesn’t have to be a birthday party to arrange a backyard stargazing event. However when you have it on your kid’s birthday it makes it very special. Kids get to learn about the different stars and look though a telescope at the moon and wonder just how large the universe is. This type of event is also very educational as it gets a kid’s creative juices flowing.

A fairy tale theme

Sometimes people think that a theme for a little girl is really difficult to arrange. People love arranging fairytale themes for their little girl’s birthday party. The thing is that these parties also don’t have to be expensive. You can have all the girls dress up in cute little costumes and you can also invite a person dressed up as a fairy tale character. Girls simply love this type of fun and entertainment.

The Olympics

Another very interesting type of birthday theme is the family Olympics. Family Olympics are fun and engaging. When planned and executed it can provide loads of fun. This type of party will even get your kid’s guests involved, and for maximum fun you can also get the parents who accompany the kids involved. This is great party fun which makes for an unforgettable birthday party. 

Party on a Farm

This type of party theme is really great and what is better you don’t have to own a farm to be able to host such a party. You just have to get all the kids who are attending the event to dress like in a farm like costume. The kids can down the costumes of farmers so that the party gets warmed up. Other kids can also dress as animals etc.

There are many more themes in addition to the ones mentioned above and the sky is the limit. With some imagination you can arrange a very entertaining birthday party that the kids will remember forever. You don’t have to spend lots of money just put in some imagination.

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Great Birthday Party Planning

Looking to throw a great birthday party at a party venue or home? Here’s how to plan your next party so you and your guests will have more fun than ever before.

Timing is everything. Choose the date of your party with care. The two busiest times to plan a party are December and June. Between Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, December is the costliest time to plan a party. Every party services vendor and event venue is busier in December than any other month. If you’re able to push your party off to January, you’ll have better attendance and a lower cost per person.

From Memorial Day weekend to the Fourth of July, you’re competing with three-day weekends and graduation parties. You’ll find that many of the people on your invite list will have previous obligations. Try to plan a birthday party in July or May when possible.

Of course, some birthday parties can’t be pushed into another month. If you have a party to plan for one of these dates, try planning it out at least six months in advance. This will give you a chance to strike a good bargain with the vendors and line up your guests before they are invited to other events.

Summer parties are wonderful when the weather permits. Always assume it’s going to rain and plan a great indoor party. If the weather cooperates, you can easily move it outside. Book a tent rental to protect your guests from rain or too much fun. A party tent is easy to light. If you’re expecting many guests and the event will be held outdoors exclusively, seriously consider renting a floor for the tent. Nobody wants to sit in a tent full of mud!   Winter parties are fun; just make sure there is plenty of entertainment. If you are inviting children, consider hiring a magician or other children’s entertainer to keep your guests happy. A good magician will entertain adults and children alike. The show can be performed in any open area or the magician can stroll around the party and perform sleight of hand while he mingles with the guests.

Think about how you can keep your guests entertained. Just providing food, beverage and music is a good start, but great party entertainment can make your birthday party a truly special occasion. Consider booking a magician, comedian, hypnotist, belly dancer or other fun party entertainer.

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NASCAR Birthday Party Ideas

Racing is something many kids and adults love. It is one of the reasons why NASCAR is popular across the United States. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, all like to go check out NASCAR from time to time.

Some kids are so into NASCAR that they will want to have a NASCAR themed birthday party. When your kids ask you for this type of birthday party, all you need to do is follow these party ideas, and the birthday is bound to be a success.

Helmets for Everyone

Since it is NASCAR, everyone is going to need to have a helmet on. You can ask the kids to bring their own, or you can supply some for everyone. This is a bit more expensive but it is a great way to get the kids into the mood for some racing. Let the kids decorate their helmets so that they can personalize them. These also make great party favors.

Speedway Living Room

If you are having a NASCAR themed birthday party, then you will need to get the kids in a NASCAR frame of mind. To do this, just decorate the entire room in NASCAR themes. Put up NASCAR posters, put up some NASCAR flags and also put up some racing flag strings. You can also get some NASCAR colors into the living room to make it look like a speedway. If you want, you can lay down a sheet and color it so it looks like a road so it seems like the track goes right through the living room.

Running Race

If you have a large enough back yard, why not have a race? All you have to do is get the kids to a starting point and have them run on a predesigned track. Whoever wins gets a prize. You can have several races so that everyone gets a prize.

NASCAR has been around for decades and millions of fans across the United States like to watch NASCAR. Your kids may also like NASCAR, and that can mean they will want a NASCAR themed birthday party. Luckily this is easy to accomplish with some help from these birthday party ideas.

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Your One Stop Birthday Party Checklist

Birthday parties should be a joyous and fun time. A birthday is a celebration of a particular person and their life. If you think about it, there is really only one time a year when you can dedicate a particular period of time to simply celebrating that one person. As a result a birthday is a very important time. If you have thrown a birthday party you know just how important they are to some people. A poorly thrown party often means hurt feelings for years to come. If you are looking for a way to get on someone’s good side, or to make them a friend for life, you need to throw a good birthday party for them. People expect their friends and family to throw them a particular type of party and to do so in a high quality fashion. If you don’t know how to throw someone a good birthday party then read the important checklist contained bellow. Following these sorts of guidelines will help you to throw a memorable birthday party.

1. Cake or other goodies. All birthday parties need to have some sort of food, and people expect to have something sweet at the very least. This could be cake, cookies, drinks, or anything you please.

2. Decorations. This is especially important if you are throwing a party for small children. It might not be as important for adults, although some basic decorations help to set the occasion aside as particularly special.

3. Presents. A birthday party is particularly lame when there are no presents for the birthday person. Gather all the presents together and have the birthday person open them at one time in front of everyone.

4. Invitations. Before you have a party you need to get guests to come. Send warm and inviting invitations to friends and family. Make sure to ask the birthday person who they would like to invite so that you don’t miss anyone.

5. Games or an activity. Not all birthday parties need some definite activity or game, but it can help to make things more interesting. Think about the guests and the sorts of activities that they would enjoy.

6. Music. All good birthday parties have some sort of appropriate background music to set the stage for their party. Without music you just have a room of people talking. Select music that will be appropriate for the people attending.

7. Time to talk. Even if your party is full of games and activities, you need to provide some time for people to catch up and to enjoy their time together. Don’t try to orchestrate the party if people just want to talk.

8. Party favors. This isn’t a necessity but it can make a huge difference in terms of the overall impression you want to make. A party with favors is one that has been carefully planned. It is a party at which the guests are honored and respected.

This is just a basic checklist for a standard birthday party. For special occasions like a first birthday party or someone’s fiftieth it is important to do a bit more. However, these fundamentals should make for a great party for you and some friends. The most important part is to get information from the birthday person about how they would like to celebrate the party. Follow their instructions and wishes, make sure that everything else is in place and you are sure to hit a home run. Use this checklist to ensure that all the bases are covered.

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Pig Birthday Party Ideas

There is something about pigs and kids. They love pigs and they even ask their parents for pig themed birthday parties. So when your child asks you for this type of birthday party, don’t panic about how to throw one as these birthday party ideas are here to help you.

Make Pig Tails
Along with the snout, the pig tail is what is most recognizable on the pig. These are really easy to make and easy to attach to the backs of the kids so they can pretend they are pigs as well. Just take a pipe cleaner, twirl it up and then attach it to the kid’s back with string or tape. You can even have the kids add things to the pig tail if they want!

Pig Impersonations
If they are going to have pig tails on, then why not have the kids pretend to be pigs with pig impersonations? Have each kid come up in front of everyone and give their best pig impression, complete with noises and movements. The kids will have a lot of fun with this and it’s a great way to set the mood for a Pig themed birthday party. Make sure all the kids get some type of prize at the end of the contest so no one feels left out.

Pie Eating Contest
Pigs love to get their faces into their food, and the kids will too when you put some pies in front of them to dive into. Have a pie eating contest and let the kids be their messiest as they eat like piglets at the table. Award prizes to whoever finishes first. Remember, its not who wins or loses in a pie eating contest, it is who gets the most food on them. Be sure to put something over the kids bodies so they don’t get their clothes dirty.

Being a pig is not always acceptable in society, but at a pig themed birthday party it is completely acceptable! Just use some imagination and you can have a great pig party for your kids, one they will remember for a very long time.

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A Celebrity’s Child Birthday Party

Think about it. You are 3 years old. Your celebrity mom and dad have bought you hundreds of gifts and have decorated in many pretty colors. This cost them up to $ 25,000. Are you going to remember this day? Celebrities who spend thousands of dollars on birthday parties for their child are not looking as the party to their child. The birthday, it seems, belongs to the parents of the child. With some celebrities such as Tom Cruise who spent $ 100,000 on his daughter’s 2nd birthday with a $ 5,000 cake. Some can argue that they have a bunch of guests to entertain. This is true. However, the minute the focus is turned off the child, the party stops being her birthday party.

Celebrity parents are losing the real reason why it is important to keep the party small. Your child is not going to remember that you spent $ 10,000 on presents. You are not going to be able to tell your daughter, “I spent $ 10,000 on your birthday party, be nice!” This is not fair to your 2 or 3 year old. Many skeptics are saying that celebrities are often having children only as a publicity pleaser. This is true to the public eye. But is it the same to the celebrities themselves?

A celebrity child birthday party is said to be packed with fun and gifts if you ever had the chance to go. However, by throwing the celebrity prince or princess a big party that is not showing restraint, you are only broadcasting to the world that you are spoiling your child. Many argue that is the life of a celebrity and that you need to have these big parties to prove that you are a celebrity. You are giving your child a complex. Whether these celebrities know it or not, they are raising the bar up to what their checkbooks may or may not be able to pay.

With the crisis upon America, celebrities are already cutting down on their little one’s birthday. A simple Barbie princess party is simple enough to show your child you love them. That is the main focus of having a child. Celebrities and their child’s birthday parties do not have to be a fame and fortune. Some complain that parents are forced to raise the bar to meet these celebrities. Save a penny, think small for once.

Dr. Barry Lycka is president of the number one source of internet guidance.

Birthday Party Fun Ideas

Birthday parties can be lots of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. Make sure you follow these guidelines.

Young Children’s Birthday Parties. A safe rule of thumb is the younger the birthday child, the fewer guests to invite. Very young children can get overwhelmed by the excitement of a birthday party. The smaller the party the less stress you’ll have.

Children Ages 5 to 9. This age group wants variety. Games that appeal to a five year old may be rejected by older children. Kids will not being treated “like babies.” Make sure your games and entertainment are age appropriate.

Adult Supervision. Always have enough adults on hand. The younger the children, the more adult supervision you’ll need.

Games. A birthday party is a great excuse to hide the video games and get the kids to play some real games. Pin the Tail on the Donkey is lots of fun. Musical chairs is another great game. Just be aware some younger children may cry when they lose. You may want to choose less competitive games.

Location. Have your party at home to give it a personal touch. A party at home means you’re in control of the day. It’s a lot more work than renting a party room but often you can save a good amount of money this way. Party rooms are convenient and offer plenty of activities. Many parents prefer a party room because they require little preparation. The party room takes care of cleaning up too. When the party’s over, you just go home.

Food. Buffet style works best in a restaurant. Let the kids choose what they’re actually going to eat. Of course, pizza is usually a great choice. Food allergies are becoming more and more of a problem these days. Any child with a food allergy should only be allowed to your party if you that child’s parent will be in attendance too.

Entertainment. Choose age appropriate entertainment. Magic shows are great for most ages. While a loud costume and bright wig look funny from the safety of a circus seat, to a young child it can be terrifying. Clowns can scare younger children so be sure your birthday clown wears only a touch of makeup.   Make sure your party entertainment is interactive and inclusive. Children should be encouraged to participate in the activities. Games and other activities should allow all children to take part in the fun.

A professional magic show is the most popular form of birthday party entertainment. Magic shows offer variety, surprises and laughter. A good birthday party entertainer will make the birthday child star of the show. Be sure to ask if your magician uses lots of volunteers. Children love to be part of the show.

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Circus Birthday Party For Kids


Use very simple decorations for this party like balloons and streamers. If you would like to spice it up for older kids, add a tattoo stand, face painting area, and some cotton candy in bags tacked to the walls.


Tightrope Walking Race – You will need 4 equal lengths of cord or yarn ( 15ft or as long as you can fit in your house) and prizes for the winners. Lay the tightropes out on your floor about 3ft apart from one another. You may choose to anchor them by tying them around books to keep them from slipping. Show the kids how to walk a tightrope by placing one foot directly in front of another and keeping heal and toe touching. By process of elimination or using teams you can decide who wins and give them the prize.

Ball Balancing Relay – You will need some empty soda bottles and jack balls (as many as you will have relay teams). Set the empty soda bottle at the turning point for each team. Give the first player on each team a ball. At the word “go” each player is to run to the bottle and balance the ball on top of it. He then returns to tag the second player, who runs up and brings the ball back to the third player. This player then balances the ball on the bottle again. Continue alternating this way until the first player is at the head of the line again.

Surprise Package – You will need to wrap a box filled with candy or small toys (enough to give about 4 to each guest). Wrap it with paper and a ton of string and or tape. Place a pair of large mittens, a dull butter knife, and a fork by the package. Explain to the kids that there is a surprise inside this package for everyone but in order to get to it they have to take turns trying to get it open. Give each child 10 seconds to attempt to open the box. They must be wearing the mittens, and using the knife and fork. Repeat this until the box is open. Share the contents with each child.

Food :

Have a hot dog fixing table and some pink lemonade. Betty suggests using her Angel Food Cake mix to make a carnival cake that is decorated with animal crackers and sprinkles.

There is no mention of giving out party favors. I guess kids weren’t as demanding back then ( yea right) but I would suggest some vintage toys like paddle balls, yoyo’s, and jacks, etc.

Birthday Party Thank You Notes

Birthday Party Thank You notes are often neglected, probably because they are thought of as a chore. But they can be fun if you give your child small cards – only a few words are necessary – and a selection of colorful stickers to use to decorate them. Choosing just the right sticker for each friend, or combining them to make a picture is a great activity for your child and will teach them a valuable social skill at the same time. If your child is too young, write the message for them.

Send your Birthday Party Thank-you note as quickly as possible. At the most, don’t wait longer than a week after the party.

A hand-written note on stationary paper gives a nice personal touch that is always appreciated. It’s not only considered proper etiquette, but a classy way to show your appreciation for attendance at your party or for a gift received.

Someone put a lot of thought and energy into choosing the right gift for the birthday boy or girl. Let the giver know how much their gift was really enjoyed. Always refer to the gift, such as “Thank you so much for the blue beach ball.”

Send it via snail mail (the old fashioned way).

Thank-you Note samples:

Dear Hayley,

Thank-you for coming to my birthday party – you made the day that much more special.
Thanks so much for the awesome jigsaw puzzle!

Dear Daniel,
Just wanted to Thank You for helping me celebrate my birthday last week.
I love the car book! It’s fabulous and I’m already enjoying reading it!

Tip: If you received a gift that is not exactly to your taste, you should still show appreciation for the thought that went into selecting it for you. You can always say…

Dear Tyler,
“Thank you for the bucket and spade.
I will always think of you whenever I use it.”

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