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Selection Of Themed Birthday Party Sets

Birthday party of any individual, especially of a child is celebrated with great enthusiasm each year. It is celebrated with friends and family, and utmost care is taken to make each birthday memorable and fun. The countdown of every birthday begins from the beginning of the birthday month. Games, gifts cake and goody bags, everything is looked forward to with great impatience.

A popular way to celebrate the birthday is to have a themed birthday party. Many companies provide complete themed party arrangement. One can book the themed birthday party outside as well as in the house. For arranging the birthday party, one can use the different party theme sets.

These birthday party theme sets includes the decoration items, party supplies, food, snacks, invitations, games, etc for a specific theme, or party. There are many birthday party themes, which are easily available in the market, some of these are princess party theme sets, pirate party set, tea party set, beach party set, superhero party set.

Birthday party theme sets are designed to suit the theme of the party. It includes colours, logos, pictures and games that match the theme. Everything from the cake, balloons, caps, costumes and invitation cards have to go with the theme of the party. You can either buy a complete set from a party supplier or make it at home yourself. Party suppliers take care of everything from A to Z, and you do not have to worry about a thing.

The themed birthday party sets make the whole theme real for the children. The children actually feel like pirates, fairies, frogs, or any other character, because of the real surroundings provided by the set. The children just love pretending to be their dream characters on their birthday, and the whole activity adds a lot of fun to the party.

The general colour for a themed birthday party set for girls is pink, and for boys it is generally blue. The party sets for girls have lots of flowers, hearts and sweets while that for boys have swords, stickers, tattoos, toy guns, and balls, etc.

The most common themed birthday party set for girls birthday party is a princess birthday party set. The decorations in this set make the whole place look like a small palace. There are frills, ribbons, and laces used to decorate the house. The young princess and her friends wear crowns. The invitation in a princess birthday party set are royal scrolls, and castle invitations. Other items include red carpet, small flags, crowns glitter. The games included kiss the frog, passing poison apple etc. The goodies included in the princess birthday party theme set are chocolates hearts, and Cinderella favours.

The common themed party set for boys is the pirate birthday party set. The decorations in this party set are small anchors, ropes, treasure box, pirate flags, pirate posters, treasure maps, cross bone, and skull pictures, etc. The invitation cards can also be small treasure maps. There can be bottled invitations, and pirate picture invitations. The general colours of the pirate birthday party sets are purple, black, and white with a little golden for the coins, tooth and treasures. A complete themed birthday party set will help to create the right mood for the celebration.

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Birthday Party Supplies – A Shopper’s Guide

Event management during birthday bashes are rejuvenating. It does involve honest toil and endless periods of quality time – but at the end it is worth it as it helps parent-child bond formation like nothing does.

The first step towards planning out a birthday bash is not the preparation of a list of birthday party supplies as you may think – it is, instead the thinking up of a suitable theme for the party; for party accessory choice is subject to the theme. Party planners have several themes to choose from – as for example gender-based themes:

For Boys:
Sports – basket ball, baseball, foot-ball, cars, etc.
Superhero themes like Spiderman, He-man, Batman, Tarzan, Popeye, et cetera.
Speed racer
Bob the builder
Pirate themes that can include specific costumes and accessories like the pirate ship, flag, eye-patch etc.
For girls:
Disney Princess
Hannah Montana
Beach Party
Cute Kittens
Barbie girls

Now that you have hit upon a suitable theme, let us make a list of the birthday party supplies we would need:

1. Party lights: The party setting can be made more alluring by innovative glow-items. The same come in all possible sizes. For instance, they can be bought as glow pens, light sticks, light straws or glowing cups. Also, the vividly hued fiber lights can add the extra glow to the party.

2. Birthday party balloons: Balloons must match the party theme. For instance, a Disney Princess theme demands balloons in the form of Disney characters. Animal print balloons, Hannah Montana Print Balloons and customized balloons containing personal messages and snapshots of the birthday child are other more exciting options available.

3. Pinatas: These are toy and candy filled colourful and attractive containers that must be broken open by blindfolded children. They come in several forms so that all popular party themes can have matching pinatas. For example, there are High School Musical, Disney Princess, Cookie Master and several other types of pinatas.

4. Centerpiece: The party theme can best be accentuated by the centerpiece. The centerpiece can be placed atop a table or it can hang from the ceiling. Go for the centerpiece that matches your party theme to a T: gold star, silver star, disco, Hollywood etc.

5. Confetti: Weddings may be the traditional parties where confetti is used, but even birthday bashes are open to it. Floral or sports confetti can be used in children’s parties. Metal confetti is not an option for the kiddies as they might come to injury over them.

6. Personalized Birthday banners: Banners can be personally designed for one’s party. They must be complete with birthday wishes and messages for the birthday boy or girl – what better way to express one’s love for one’s baby?

7. Air blown decorations: These are air-filled outlines that may adopt life like sizes also and add magnificence to the party. The Birthday cake, say a donkey or Disney characters may be the shapes the inflation’s may adopt. Also, birthday party balloons would look absolutely fabulous in any setting.
We have not reached the end of the journey yet, as Accessories are still to be bought.

Some accessories a host might need would be:
1. Costumes that suit your theme.
2. Jewellery – garlands, necklaces, bracelets etc.
3. Boas can be used to add colour and style to your party.
4. Wrist streamers look festive enough for a party.
5. Poms poms and batons look sporty and cheery and set the mood right in the party.
6. There are also tiaras, sashes, Hula skirts and hats in the birthday party supplies.
The decor and accessories in place, the taste buds are waiting to be tickled, too. Food items are the next-to-be-tackled birthday party Supplies:

Party Food:
1. Birthday Bake: The important birthday party food is the birthday cake. It would excite your kid to have a cake with his favourite cartoon character on it. It should reflect your party theme. Be very careful in giving specific orders in terms of material used in the making of the cake. It should have the recommended food grade and should be edible for safe consumption.

2. Drinks: Drinks are important in parties – light and bracing drinks feel great. However, the health of the children must not be compromised during drink selection. Fresh fruit juices are a good bet. Lichee and strawberry juices mixed with honey and mint is a nice, colourful option. For a more creative effect, top up the drink with theme-supporting figures or characters.

3. Chocolates candy and treats: Nothing like sweets to please the taste buds. Make sure there are enough candy treats for the child guests. Candy wrappers can be custom-made for special effects

Party favours: Candle favours are very popular. They come in different themes – peace, clowns, stars etc. There are also personalized key chains, candy tins and chocolate bars.

Birthday party supplies list is unending but who cares, birthdays are here to celebrate life and its blessings, so what are you waiting for, let go and splurge. Have a wonderful Birthday Party.

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Birthday Party Supplies – Making Birthday Special

Birthday parties cut across cultures, countries and caste barriers and are celebrated with as much enthusiasm and zeal as any other festival. This commemoration of one’s age anniversary has taken the public fancy and how!

The history of birthday party celebrations is age old. Soon as the human race began to be able to read the cycle of the moon and calculate when a full year had passed, they began to hobnob with the idea of anniversaries. Believe it or not, the first birthdays were celebrated as a means to ward off evil spirits by conglomerating all one’s kith and kin in one place.

Traditions most popularly encountered at a birthday party are:

Birthday cake – cakes used to be round previously; today they come in many shapes
Birthday candles – number of candles is traditionally equal to the person’s age; some people take one candle more than the age and leave it aflame for good luck
Blowing out of candles/Birthday wish – if all the candles are blown out in one attempt, the person asks for a wish secretly and gets it!
Birthday song – ‘Happy Birthday to you’ is most popular
Birthday gifts and cards
Birthday decorations -balloons, crepe streamers, confetti, whistles and cheerfully coloured long pointed paper hats

One cannot do without celebrating one’s birthday with a party. Especially because planning a birthday party has become very simple these days.

Birthday party supplies were never so freely available. Cakes, candles, balloons, crepe streamers, return gifts – you name it and you have it – in packets neatly arranged according to popular party themes.

Birthday party supplies are themed, too –

Age – birthday party supplies for age-themed parties are easily available for all ages – one or seventy. All décor items bear the figure or come in the shape of that figure.
Colour – select a colour and order supplies in that colour. Choose solid colours or prints or stripes.
Culture – choose your theme from among many like Egyptian, Oriental or Island.
Apparel – the dressing up theme is a great hit with children. Themes like fairy tales, toon characters, world leaders is selected and the guests are asked to dress according to the theme – also, the birthday party supplies are ordered accordingly.

All birthday parties are incomplete without birthday party balloons.

‘Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon,’ was what Winnie the Pooh said and summarised what every young one felt.

There is a history behind balloons. The first balloon was made in 1824 by Professor Michael Faraday in the Royal Institution, London for experimental purposes. Hydrogen was used as the filling gas.

Toy balloons were first made in 1825, a year after their experimental usage. Thomas Hancock, a rubber manufacturer, made them. The balloons, though, that we see today were closest in appearance to balloons made as late as in 1847.
The earliest models of today’s balloons were made by J.G. Ingram who used vulcanized rubber.

In modern times, latex is used popularly as raw material for birthday party balloons. Latex being biodegradable, is one up the other material used – plastic.

The toy balloons are available as many variants.
* Colours – solid colours, prints, polka dots, stripes
* Themes – balloons carry messages like ‘Happy 70th birthday to you’
* Shapes – animal shapes, heart shape
* Filling gas – helium or hydrogen filled balloons stick to the ceiling owing to the lightness of the gases and give a different type of celebration effect – they may be utilized as a piñata modification!
* Walking balloons – these are the latest modification of all. Favourite characters are fashioned out of foil or latex into life-like figures and inflated with air. Thick paper pads are provided at the base of the figure to allow it to ‘walk’
* Foil cut outs – these are life size cut outs that float. They are filled with enough air to make them stay afloat for about a week

Colours – solid colours, prints, polka dots, stripes
Themes – balloons and other décor items carry messages like ‘Happy 14th birthday to you’
Shapes – animal shapes, heart shape
Filling gas – when helium or hydrogen is used as filler in the balloon, the balloon sticks up to the ceiling as these are light gases – this gives an innovative décor and such balloons may even be used in place of piñatas.
Walking balloons – these are the most modern changes in the balloon usage. Figures of popularity are cut out of latex or foil in large sizes and filled with air. Thick pads are provided in the base of the figure to weigh it down and help it walk.
Foil cut outs – life sized cut outs of favourite characters that have been designed to float. They are filled with air and volume of air helps it stay afloat for about a week

Make your birthdays fun with the all new birthday party balloons. They are so much fun!

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Choosing Silver For Your 25th Birthday Party Invitations

Your 25th birthday should be celebrated in style, denoting a quarter century milestone. Steal a page from the 25th anniversary playbook and make silver your signature birthday color.

Why Choose Silver Birthday Party Invitations?

Silver is a versatile metal that is used on casual jewelry, as well as formal silverware, serving ware and picture frames. For these reasons, it is also a versatile color that can signify a formal or casual gathering, making it a perfect choice for 25th birthday party invitations.

Your 25th birthday is the quarter-century anniversary of your birth, and stretching the silver anniversary theme to include your birthday puts a fun twist on the theme.

Selecting 25th Birthday Party Invitations

If you decide to have a silver celebration, it’s essential that you prominently display this on the 25th birthday party invitation. This will allow guests to dress appropriately, as well as perhaps silver-themed presents for your celebration.

Silver birthday party invitations do exist apart from anniversary invitations, ensuring that your choices will not be limited. You could choose to print your 25th birthday party invitations on silver paper with black lettering, mailed in a black envelope with silver foil lining, especially for a more formal gathering like a cocktail party. A casual silver birthday party invitation could have a colored background, such as light turquoise or dark green, combined with silver lettering and accents like a silver striped border.

Planning a Silvery 25th Birthday Bash

If you want to host a large party, you might consider an outdoor party or renting a venue to hold a large group. If you choose to host your party outdoors, this doesn’t mean the party must be casual, depending on time of day and the setting you create. You could set up a sheer silver tent, either renting one or draping silver fabric over poles secured in the ground. Then set up tables beneath with silver tablecloths and silver candelabras holding ivory tapers. The party time should be in the evening, creating an elegant ambiance and the perfect setting for a delicious dinner beneath the stars.

If you decide to rent a venue, lay silver tablecloths, whether you’ll have a sit-down meal, buffet, or drinks and dessert only, and use silver urns to house flower arrangements. If you’ll have the party catered, request silver-rimmed plates to match your theme. To set the tone before the party, you could send a tri-fold 25th birthday party invitation with a glittering champagne glass on the front and words “25th birthday party” embossed across the front.

If you want to host a fun party with silver accents and your birthday takes place during a warm month, consider a pool party. You could sport a silver bathing suit, and if you’ll play water games, could buy a silver volleyball to tie in with your theme. Your 25th birthday party invitations could be aqua or light blue and have pool party printed in bold silver lettering.

Don’t think you have to wait for your 25th anniversary to host a silver-inspired party! Go ahead and apply it to your 25th birthday and send silver birthday party invitations to announce a stylish party guaranteed to shine.

Whether you are celebrating your 25th birthday or your 75th, sending out chic silver birthday party invitations is always in style. Be inspired by this regal color when you are picking out the perfect birthday invitations.

Birthday Party Checklist: A Great Tool For A Successful Party

Your girl’s birth day is around the corner and you are planning it to be great. Following show you the birthday party checklist of things to buy when preparing your child’s birthday.

Things To Do 4 Weeks Before The Party

* Determine the date, time and venue of the birthday party. * Get the birthday child to participate by allowing them choose the theme. Themes may vary from a highly interesting character to their favorite interest (e.g. zoo, bouncy house, or famous landmarks) or time of year (e.g. a summertime luau theme for seasonal party).

3 Weeks before the Birthday Party

* Make the invitees list. * Choose if you will need to organize for party helpers based on on the size of the invitees list. * post the invitations. * Determine the party how-to’s, you can include something like scavenger hunt or a piata where it’s easy for everyone to participate excited moment. * Plan the decorations. Plan for a welcome sign and decorated streamers. This is a welcome preparation for the birthday child to lend a helping hand with the night prior the real day. * Get the entertainment. Will it come at a time where you will have to serve pizza or chicken fingers for lunch, for example? Or, will it be held in the a time where a snack may be required? Are you hosting the party outside? If so, does the place makes available special arrangements concerning food? * Plan the party Gifts. interest-related packs are a perfect extras to a themed-party, though not necessary. at times seasonal bags offer a good change, such as a bucket (which can be the party bag) packed with a shovel, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or many items for a special party.

Birthday Party Checklist – 1 to 2 weeks Before The Party

* Get the special birthday gift for the birthday boy or girl! * Buy the party items, decorations and presents. * Get the birthday cake (unless you plan to bake it yourself) and the birthday balloons.

Birthday Party Checklist – 1 to 2 Days Before The Party

* Determine an total number of invitees count by getting in touch with those who have not responded. * Make ready the party food. * Dress the party premises and arrange for all events and games. * Pick up the cake, helium balloons and whatever other necessary items.

What To Do On The Day Of The Birthday Party

* Position the food, plates, napkins, juice boxes, etc., or order the food, such as pizza, as convenient as possible. * Place your gift meant for the birthday child in a place to serve as a precedent for where guests should drop off presents. * Place the bags in a location where you can remember to give them out to invited guest immediately the party is over. * Ensure that your camera is within reach! If you feel you will be busy managing food and other events, give a trusted friend or family member to take photos of the events or video it.

Above all, do not forget that this event is being held to celebrate your child. Don’t panic if you end up one juice box short, or if things goes abnormal with one of the proposed activities. Once the program commence, relax and encourage the joy on your child’s face.

The right birthday party checklist will guide you safely to a successful planning and organizing your anticipated party.

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Planning A Child’s Birthday Party

When planning a birthday part start with a budget, how much are you willing to pay for this and how many people you want to invite. Do you think your birthday party should have many guests, or do you prefer a more intimate and small birthday party? Try not to plan a long party; children usually start to break down after a hour and a half. So a good length of time for a birthday party is about an hour to two hours.

The 1st birthday for a child is a very special event for the parents. Deciding on your party theme will help you decide on what kind of party invitations you need to send out.

Proper planning is the key. Don’t forget to add your small personal touches to the party. Careful party theme planning will take care of this. This is especially true of children’s parties. Party planning must be done in advance. What stops many a party in it’s tracks is a warped perception of time and money. Creating a party theme does not have to be cost prohibited, you can come up with many different themes that will cost half the price as buying a theme in box.

Birthday party themes come in all sizes and shapes, you can find these different themes on the internet and at your local party store. Party ideas can also come from the guest of honor who may have some desires of his or her own.

Birthday candies, birthday confetti and chocolate fountain are some of the mouth watering recipes. The birthday cake is the piece de resistance of the party. Create a simple party checklist, this way you can keep all tasks in order and not forget anything when planning the party. Forgetting to place an order for the birthday cake is a disaster. The birthday cake should be prepared in accordance with the age of the birthday boy or birthday girl and the invitees. Candles that represent the age of the birthday child are used by many families. When placing the candles on the birthday cake you will need the exact count of the child’s age plus one more for good luck.

Decorate your room with paper streamers, a flashing light and other decorations; this will make the birthday room look festive and inviting. Nicely designed plates can hold the food and drinks you will be serving your food on, don’t forget about the party favors, these can be banks, key chains or any other fun item. Don’t forget the party prizes, music and the most important thing the party favors, the party favors are a way of saying thank you for coming to my party. When choosing party favors you need to remember that the favors will be handed to many party guests so keep the cost to a minimum. Favors are one of the highlights for children at a birthday party.

Remember you do not need to go overboard. The main thing to focus is that you give yourself enough time to plan the party. Make sure you are able to carry out all tasks, this way your child’s birthday will be great.

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Set a Birthday Party Theme for Everlasting Memories

The birthday party is always a special occasion for everybody as they celebrate the biggest day of their lives and call in friends, family, relatives, and everybody else they know to celebrate the occasion and party together. But to plant everlasting memories in the minds of all the attendees it is necessary to plan a birthday party theme to engage the hosts and the guests alike. A thematic party always is a massive hit if it is specially organized as a birthday party for kids.

There are a lot of ways to make it special by planning a birthday party theme for your loved ones. The kids are the life of the party and arranging a theme for the birthday party for kids adds sparkle to their enjoyments and fun activities. Themes add a unique flavor to your birthday party for kids. There may be a lot of birthday parties being celebrated in the town but only a few families bring an exciting zing to the party with a birthday party theme. With a theme set one can do and organize a lot more different things for the kids and adults alike. The right idea is to set an entertaining birthday party theme for the kids to enjoy.

Planning a birthday party for kids is always a tough job as the children expect significant efforts by their parents in making their party a success and an everlasting memory. The birthday party theme too should be set according to the tastes of the kids as well. The kids are the ones for whom the birthday party is being organized hence it has to be their right decision to set their birthday party theme in order. Yet, there are some common strategies to follow here to celebrate the occasion successfully. Firstly, the parents should communicate with their children to plan the birthday party for kids and set the theme. The birthday party theme varies according to the sex of the child – i.e. the girls may like the idea of a fairy tale theme in which they get to play a role of a princess and the decorations are too set with more delicate taste such as pinks and whites. The boys though, like the idea of superheroes more than the fairy tale lands. Some of the common birthday party themes among the children of this information media age are inclined towards the cartoon characters on the Television and the comic superstars. The birthday party theme also varies with the age of the child and hence a birthday party for kids is supposed to acknowledge their ages.

On setting the birthday party theme for kids the organizers should make a list of invitees. A point to remember here is that it is a birthday party for kids and there should be more children invited – all the friends from school and neighborhood. While making the invitation cards, the hosts should also make a note of designing the cards on the basis of the birthday party theme and should mention it clearly the theme on the card as well so that the guests are well prepared to attend the thematic birthday party for kids. The party place too should be well decorated with a significant space for the kids to play games and exult their youthful energy. The games too if planned according to the birthday party theme would add to the thematic element of the birthday party for kids. The cakes, confectionary, drinks, and prizes too should be arranged to compliment the birthday party theme.

Following these strategies would obviously enhance the zing of the birthday party for kids as a birthday party theme always helps to make the occasion a massive hit and inspire awe and everlasting memories from all the attendees.

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The Secret to Organizing the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Child… Planning

Planning is the secret to organizing the perfect birthday party for your child. Here are a number of key points that you should cover when planning your party.

Choosing the Party Date & Time

Needless to say, the date of the party should be as close to the birthday child’s actual birthday as possible. If your kid’s actual birthday falls on a weekday and you can’t have a party on that day, do not fret. You can throw the party on the weekend closest to the actual day. For example if your kid’s birthday is on a Monday, you can choose to have the party on the day before, which is a Sunday. If your kid’s birthday is on a Thursday, then consider throwing the party on the coming Saturday.

However, if your child’s birthday falls during the school holidays, it may be prudent to have the party earlier as many of his/her friends and classmates may be out of town on vacation. Have your child inform all friends and classmates at school about their upcoming party and make sure that they know who can and cannot make it. Alternatively, you can contact the parents of your child’s friends directly to inform them about the party.

Next, choose a party time that would suit most kids. It is seldom possible to choose a date and time that would suit everyone perfectly. Late mornings or mid-afternoons on weekends are a great time for a party. As some children may have other extracurricular activities (e.g. swimming lessons) in the late afternoon, it is best to have the party earlier in the day, leaving the rest of the day free for your guests to enjoy other activities. Simply choose the time that would fit most guests and your entertainer, if you are hiring one.

As a general rule, set two possible dates for the party and determine the actual party day based on which day most people are able to make it.

Now that you know what you’re going to have at the party, where you’re going to have it and when it’s going to be, you can now start sending out party invitations! Send your invites out early to make sure you get as many RSVPs as possible so that you can adequately prepare for all of your guests.

To ensure a smooth program, don’t forget to indicate the expected time for the guests to arrive in your invitation cards. You can also include the program in your invites so that your guests know what to expect and will be eager to arrive on time! You can also indicate if the party is just for the kids. This means parents will drop off their kids at the party and be back at a designated time to pick them up.


The second step in planning a great birthday party is to plan your budget. You should allocate how much you can or are willing to spend on things such as food, decorations, renting a venue, hiring an entertainer and so on.

You can consult the birthday child to help you along with some of your choices, it’s their special day after all! Find out what your child wants or would like to have for their party and provide certain options so that they understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option before deciding. However, do note that you do not have to give in to every one of your kid’s demands. Consulting the birthday kid is meant to make it easier for you to decide who (guests, entertainer, etc) and what (decorations, type of food, etc) to have at the party, which can then help you plan your budget better.


Choosing the right venue for the party can play make or break a party. The choice of your venue can affect the number of guests you can comfortably hold, the party activities you want to have or whether you have to deal with the weather (for outdoor venues).

You also have to consider if the venue is easily accessible to most of your invited guests. While your child may enjoy having the party at the zoo for example, it might not necessarily be the most convenient location for some of his friends to get to.

From our experience, we have found indoor venues to be better suited for party activities or venues with both indoor and outdoor facilities. Naturally, if you are looking for a specific venue like the Zoo, Birdpark or amusement attractions, a large portion of the party will be outdoors. However, many of these venues also have indoor function rooms or restaurants that can cater for an indoor program.

If you choose to have an outdoor venue, try to secure the use of a sheltered pavilion or tentage for food and various party activities. This will also be shelter should the weather turn wet.

Here are some common and recommended party venues:

Multi-Purpose/ Function Rooms
If you are able to book your condominium’s function room or hall, it would be a perfect party venue. If you do not live in a condominium, you can try asking relatives who do to help assist you with the bookings accordingly.

You can also consider function rooms available for rent at affordable prices at your nearby community club. A typical function room has enough space, tables and chairs prepared for guests to enjoy the food and any entertainment you have planned.

Many restaurants have private rooms which you can use. Similar to a function room, it meets all the requirements needed in throwing a great party. In such cases, you get a 2-in-1 as you don’t have to worry about catering separately, since food would be provided by the restaurant.

A popular restaurant venue for a party in Singapore is the Lion’s Den at The Hard Rock Café. Not only is it easily accessible, this private room is big enough to comfortably hold about 80-100 kids and adults.

At Home
Why go out when you can stay in? If you’ve got the space to throw a party then having the party at home has many advantages. You won’t have to source for a venue. You can comfortably prepare the food for the party if you want. Plus, when it’s party time, there’s no chance that you will forget or leave anything behind. Doesn’t that sound sweet?

The only disadvantage to having a party at home is that you have to personally clean up after everyone has left. It’s a small bummer but at least you’ll have all the convenience of home!


You can hire a venue that can cater your food at the same time, or have the party at home which would save cost. Once you have decided on the number of guests, you can allocate the budget for food.

You may want to cater separately for kids and adults or simply just cater for everyone. Choose a reputable caterer for your party or you can choose to prepare your own food. Whatever you decide to do, always remember that the food at a party is one of the main things that guests will remember, so do not spare any expense in getting the best.


Decorate your venue so it truly looks like the place for a really cool party. Get a “Happy Birthday” banner or even a customized banner with your kid’s name on it for that special touch! A great way to add color to the event is to add some balloons. Balloons are always a hit with kids and a hundred colorful helium balloons to decorate your venue should do the trick. You can get them yourself if you have the time and resources or you get them at an affordable price from professionals like Mighty Magic Factory.

You can also use decorations to highlight a specific theme for the party. For example, some kids have specific preferences and likes such as Superman. You can then theme the party by having Superman decorations (i.e. balloons, coasters, banner, paper plates, etc) or just have a generic superhero theme. However in this case, having a generic superhero concept might be a lot more cost effective as you would not need to source for specific decorations and can instead find more economical alternatives.

Party Host/ Entertainer

A professional party host or entertainer can make a great difference to the success of a party. If you intend to book on, consult your birthday child to help you along with some of your choices, it’s their special day after all!

Find out if your child wants a magician, juggler, clown, ventriloquist or multi-variety entertainer. Search the Internet or get recommendations from friends for potential candidates. If you have a theme for your party (i.e. Superhero), then it would be a good idea to find a suitable entertainer who can fit into the theme as well.

If sourcing the entertainer from the Internet, ensure the entertainer or entertainment company boasts a good track record and this will be reflected on their website, party rate sheet and whatever promotional material they can provide. Professional entertainers and birthday party companies will have professional websites. Avoid websites that do not have good credentials, little or vague photographs and dubious copywriting. If you smell a rat, trust your instinct.

Good quality professionals will also have a promotional video with live performance highlights of their shows or talents. This is the best way to judge the quality and appropriateness of the act.

Take heed of entertainers whose marketing material contains bad English such as multiple typos, grammatical mistakes or poor sentence structure, this is usually a reflection on the quality of the entertainer.

An entertainer plays a HUGE influence on the kids as s/he will be the one who directly interacts with them at the party. While a good entertainer is one who can keep the kids entertained, s/he should also be a good role model. Choose a professional entertainer who speaks well as they are very strong influences on the kids. For example, a company like Singapore Birthday Party Company – Mighty Magic Factory has a stringent requirement that all party hosts and entertainers speak and communicate in good English as they know what a strong influence the entertainers are to the impressionable young ones.

A big consideration will also be your budget. You would likely have a pre-determined budget on what to spend on things such as food, decorations, renting a venue, hiring an entertainer and so on.

However, remember, you do get what you pay for! If you really do not have a budget for a quality entertainer, use the money to get better food, more gifts, a more elaborate cake or get creative and see what you can come up with yourself in terms of party games and activities that you can conduct.


While a kid’s party is a relatively simple event to organize, you still need to allocate enough time to ensure all elements will be in place on the big day.

Purchase all party items such as prizes, gifts and party treats early. This is so that you have ample time to make sure that you’ve stocked up on everything you need and that there’s time to get more if necessary.

Book your professional party host or entertainer as early as you can! Popular ones will require at least one month’s notice to ensure an available timeslot.

Prepare your party program in advance. Decide on the time you want your invited guests to arrive, the time for the food to be served, the games to start, the time for the birthday cake cutting and so on. When planning your program, the key thing is to keep everything as organized as possible, so that the party flows smoothly.

Finally and most importantly, involve the special birthday kid in the preparations as much as possible. It is after all their birthday party!

Shawn Chua AKA Captain Amazing is a professional birthday party host with Singapore Birthday Party entertainment provider Mighty Magic Factory. He is a Master Ventriloquist and award-winning magician. As Captain Amazing, Shawn heads a team of dynamic performers and has 6 years of live performing experience. Find out more about him at Singapore Birthday Party Entertainer Company

Kids Birthday Party Places

Is it time to plan your kid’s birthday party again? Every year around that time you’re wondering – has it been a year already? What are we going to do THIS year? I don’t think I want 20 kids at my house again… so, what other options do we have?

If you’re that mom (or dad), here are some suggestions:

Build-A-Bear Workshop

For the kids who love Teddy Bears – this is the ultimate Teddy Bear birthday party. Kids get to choose a Teddy Bear (or any other animal within the price range selected) and give it a personality by stuffing it, fluffing it, giving it a voice, dressing it up, accessorizing it, and giving it a name. There is also a “Heart Ceremony” where each kid gets to choose a “heart” and make a wish, before placing it inside his animal.

Each kid gets a “Birth Certificate” with his Teddy Bear’s name, and a little cardboard house to take the Teddy Bear home as a goodie bag. Teddy bears, voices, clothes and accessories all vary in prices. You can designate a price range (starting at $ 10) for each one of the categories that suits your budget. Parties are for 6 kids or more and include a “party leader” who manages the party process and entertains the kids.

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is a chain of family entertainment centers and has been a kids’ favorite for many years. It offers indoor fun activities and games for kids of all ages. From play structures, tubes, slides and small rides to Air Hockey tables and arcade games.

Birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese are fun and affordable. Parties are scheduled throughout the day, every day, and combine playtime with party time. Party tables are decorated and set up by the Chuck E. Cheese staff (as well as clean up) and are reserved for 90 minuets.

Every party gets a birthday performance featuring “Chuck E. Cheese and his musical friends” who entertain the kids with a little song and dance show. In a typical party each kid gets Pizza, soft drink, cake and game tokens (number of tokens depends on the package you choose).

The birthday kid gets a collector’s cup, cotton candy, a crown, and a helium balloon. Additional party options such as extra cake, goodie bag, or collector’s cup are available for purchase. You can also bring your own cake and/or ice cream.

Golfland Entertainment Centers

There are currently 9 Golfland Entertainment Centers throughout California and Arizona. Each Golfland has a unique theme and many combine different kinds of attractions. Birthday party packages at Golfland and SunSplash entertainment centers vary for each location. Golfland Birthday Party package ranges between $ 8.50 – $ 12.99 per kid (depending on the location) and requires 10 kids minimum.

Basic package may include One round (18 holes) of miniature golf, pizza and soft drinks, arcade tokens, party supplies, and complimentary round of golf for the birthday kid.

The Sunsplash Birthday Party package is for kids 14 years old or younger, and require 10 kids minimum. Each package costs $ 23.00 per kid Monday – Thursday, and $ 24.00 per kid Friday – Sunday, and may include all day admission to Sunsplash Waterpark, Hamburger & fries or Pizza and a soft drink, party supplies, and complimentary Waterpark Pass for the Birthday Kid.

There are also add-ons and upgrades that can be purchased for each package (where available): Miniature Golf, Laser Tag, Race Cars, Bumper Boats, Golfland Waterslide, Golfland Arcade, Birthday cakes, Goodie bags, and Ice Cream.


For kids 6 and older who love LEGO – this is a dream come true. This ultimate LEGO party offers 1 – 1.5 hours of creative play activity in the LEGO store. Each party is customized for the birthday kid and is led by LEGO party host.

There are different themes for boys and for girls to select from:

LEGO Star Wars
Mosaics & Creator
LEGO Racers

Party package starts at $ 10 per child, and the minimum number of kids is 5. Each kid get to take home a goodie bag with a set of LEGO, and the birthday kid also gets a LEGO Birthday Brick.

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

Each birthday party at My Gym is age appropriate and tailored to the birthday kid’s favorite activities and games. Birthday party packages vary from one location to another and may run for 1.5 – 2 hours.

Cost for each party also varies depending on the location and the number of kids, which can be from 15 – 25. Each package may include exclusive play in the gym and is facilitated by My Gym trained teachers.

Activities include games, gymnastics, Space Flight, puppets, rides, songs and other birthday festivities, where the birthday kid is at the heart of the celebration. All kids get to participate in all activities.

My Gym staff will setup and decorate the place, serve the refreshments and even clean up after the party. Party goodie bags can be added to the package at additional cost.

Pump It Up

Pump It Up offers indoor birthday party packages for kids ages 2 and up and features huge inflatable play structures in different shapes and sizes for climbing, sliding, jumping and playing. There are two birthday party packages to choose from:

“Classic party” is for up to 25 kids and “Mini-Classic Party” is for up to 14 kids. The kids get to spend some time in one play area, then move to another play area, and then at the party room.

Both Party packages include Color invitations, party supplies, supervision by trained staff during play time, and Party set up and clean up. Pump It Up goodie bags and inflated helium balloons can be added to each package for additional charge.

The Little Gym

Each birthday party at The Little Gym is tailored for the birthday kid and is facilitated by friendly staff. All parties feature fun activities with movement, and exclusive use of the gym for the duration of the party.

Birthday parties are 90 minutes long and can be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. Birthday party packages vary for each location.

The cost for each party depends on the location and the number of kids, and may include Two staff members to facilitate the party, setup and cleanup, “The Little Gym” invitations, party supplies, and “The Little Gym” T-shirt for the birthday kid.


The “YMCA” is a world-wide not-for-profit community service organization with a special emphasis on community development and
young people. The YMCA’s mission is building a healthy spirit, mind, and body and its motto is “We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities”.

Birthday party packages at the YMCA vary from one location to another. Depending on the facility, some parties may include swimming, games, and sports activities. Cost varies for each location.

For more details about each party place and photo gallery please visit the Birthday Party Places section of our website:

Dee Adams is a mom to a 7 year old boy and the owner of Cool Kids Places, a website for parents looking for fun and interesting places to go with their kids.

You Can Shop Online For All Those Kid Birthday Party Supplies That You Need for the Party

When you are arranging for your kid’s birthday party, you need to get party supplies. There are so many items that you need to get for the kid birthday party supplies. There are different categories of supplies that are needed to successfully arranging a birthday party. Here we are discussing different types of kid birthday party supplies that you might need and ways to get them.

Sending Birthday Party Invitations – For sending the birthday party invitations you need cards. You can get these cards in different shapes and designs from the shop. You can also custom made these cards for sending invitations for birthday parties. In fact if you want to give the cards some personal touch you can draw the cards yourself or you can actually encourage your children to draw some cards for their friends as well.

Food And Drink At The Party – When we are thinking about the food at a birthday party, the first thing that comes to our mind is the birthday cake. Order the cake well in advance and make sure you order the favorite flavor of your child. Don’t forget to arrange for the knife, spoons, platter, and of course the numbered candles to place on the cake. These are the little things that we often forget and spoil the mood at the right time.

Decorating The Venue – Decorating the venue for the party and getting supplies for that needs thorough planning. If you are planning a theme party you need to arrange the place according to that kid birthday themes. So select the theme of the party well in advance so that you can make the list of items you would need and place order for them at the right time. If you are planning a theme party, make sure you have details of the requirement and get the supplies ready before starting with decorations.

Arranging For Some Activities – Whether it is a theme party or not, having some activities at the party will surely give the kids great fun and they will simply love the party. So get the supplies for the activities as well. You can arrange for some board games, outdoor games if you have the space or you can simply arrange for some fun games that can be played in groups.

Apart from these must haves, you need to arrange for some essential supplies that are needed for any party that you arrange. Things like food and water, dishes, glasses, tables and chairs, music system, camera, proper lighting and even return gifts. You can order all these stuff online and get great discounts. You can even hire an event management company or a party organizer to do all these things for yourself.

Get the kid birthday party supplies for arranging the perfect kid birthday themes party,, get the supplies for decorating the venue that complement theme of the party.