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How to Maintain Your Weight Even While Attending Holiday Parties

Much like the Christmas tree and the jingle bells, holiday parties are as much a part of this time of year as Santa Claus and reindeer. Although many people use this as an excuse to over indulge themselves, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Get ready, because you’re about to discover the 10 best ways to eat during this holiday and actually loose weight.

10) One of the easiest and cheapest ways to silence your growling stomach is to drink enough H20. That’s water for you non Chemistry majors. The best thing about water is that it fills you up fast and helps breakdown those naughty foods faster in your stomach.

9) Eat before you go! When attending the many holiday dinners and parties take the time to eat a healthy snack. When you do not go hungry, you will be less likely to over indulge.

8) Eat smaller portions. Rather than going through the buffet line with a normal plate, why not take a moment and grab one of the smaller cake plates. The reduction in plate size will limit how much you can pile on and will still allow you to enjoy without feeling bloated and heavy.

7) Don’t skip meals, when you get busy it is easy to skip breakfast or lunch because you know you will be having a big dinner later. Save yourself the calories and eat normal meals all day long.

6) Try something new for the holidays. Instead of making tons of pies and candies, look up some healthy alternatives. Choose a healthy exotic treat of fresh fruits instead.

5) Add more physical activity to your holiday routine. Parties and dinners are fun events during this time of the year but when you can add some ice-skating, sledding, or a walk with friends to the mix.

4) Keep up the good work. If you are like most people, you will use the free time you have during this time of year to rest and cut back when in reality that is the worst thing you could do. Don’t be guilty of abandoning your workout routine for a life of leisure.

3) Take a strategy to dinner with you and not just an appetite. It is not too reasonable to believe that you can attend these holiday gatherings and not eat anything you like. With that in mind, why not develop a strategy beforehand of exactly what you will eat and how much of it you’ll eat. As an example, if fruit cake is your adversary, why not have a piece but turn down the pumpkin pie.

2) Burn fat by building muscle. The quickest way to destroy fat is by building muscle yet many of us refuse to do any “heavy lifting” during this time of year. Sure you could opt for some over priced personal trainer but why not just give that holiday turkey a lift.

1) Take time for you to relax and meditate. This is the time that depression is at a high. Depression can lead to overeating and then more depression. Beat the blues this year by relaxing and not letting worry and frustration overtake you.

And there you have it, the top ten holiday eating tips that will keep you fit and trim. Look at that, you don’t have to wait for the new year to get started trimming those unwanted pounds.

Author Dorthy Weatherbush observes everyday famous people like Kristy Swanson of Knots Landing fame use this advice plus diet programs like Medifast to trim unwanted pounds. Read Dorthy’s review of the Medifast Diet by visiting the site above.

Holiday Nutrition Tips In Toronto

The holiday season is here, living in big city like Toronto means hosting and attending lots of parties. We are talking Friends, Family, and colleagues, all looking forward to catching up and socialize with those not seen for a long time. This wonderful time of the year can also be a very hazardous time of the year for your health and fitness.

If you are anything like me, for most part the holiday season is more about food than anything else. I said it before and I say it again, there is no good gathering in my house without plenty of food to share, especially on the holiday season. So what is the problem with that you say? well for one thing as always there is just too plenty of food and Drinks to share. The problem then becomes the temptation to eat and drink the most. .

We are talking a holiday season filled with some of my favorite foods. From decorated cookies to mashed potatoes, its one food event after another …at the risk of gaining the wrong weight, I’ve had to teach myself to use the holiday season as a time, to exercise control over my eating habits.

Controlling my eating habits particularly during the holiday season is no simple task. However the idea is that by doing so, this will simplify things for me in the nutrition department hopefully throughout the year. I want to focus on the things that really matter to me and at the end of the day, looking good and Feeling good matters to me.

The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed by all, and as such, we should all enjoy the food and gathering. However during the holidays, I also want to minimize my food intake, watch my weight and waist line, and while at the same time maximize my social holiday plans. I’ve come to appreciate the value of a strategic eating plan for the Holiday season.

Am going to state five tips that have helped me through the temptations of the holiday season. Also note the beautiful holiday hummus recipe that is a hit at some of the holiday parties. Leave me a comment, send me an Email with your questions. I will be sure to answer you as soon as I can. Have a happy holiday and a happy new year.


TIP #1: Eat something satisfying prior to the social event.

I prevent over eating at the party. Eating too much at the party happens and usually arriving to the party hungry will not help the situation. Prevent weight gain by eating good healthy food at home first so that you can be Conservative and pick your food the party.

TIP #2: Do not feast on the dessert, it is to be tasted only.

Eating sweets and savoring them is a tempting urge almost irresistible. You must resist at all costs. make the affair with sweets a one time one night experience. You are better off sampling a little bit of each but do not commit. Don’t give in and devour every bit of it. Look at desserts as something to savor, not something to fill up on.

TIP #3: Say no to calories in a cup.

Pop, Juices, Alcohol. these are all drinks that will lead to high glucose levels. All these beverages are plenty by the dozen all year round, but during the holiday season , we consume tremendous amounts. Not very wise to over indulge on these drinks.

Besides acting like a fool, Instead of worrying about my waist later, I do rather watch my drinks now. It is very easy to pack on the weight if the calories are coming from a cup of juice of alcohol laced with sugar. Drinking 2-3 cups water at the party may seem out of fashion, but a the flat stomach and good physique always is in style. Liquid calories keep you hungry and wanting more.

TIP #4: No second serving of food.

At this point am already full anyway. With the sensible meal I eat at home already in my stomach, this rule is never less easy to keep. It is not easy limiting me to one plate at these holiday parties. However, now I can fill my plate with what I want, but only once. No going back for seconds.

TIP #5: Bring some healthy food to the holiday function.

Healthy snacks are a good way to become the hero at the holiday function. As you may be aware, healthy eating is the last thing on most peoples minds during this time of the year. It is also good when everybody can bring small item for the social engagement. Being the health conscious fellow, I know that most people expect that of me and rightfully so. I take great pleasure in making sure that everybody is involved and is a part of the holiday celebration.

Here it is: Bring this Hummus recipe to your next function.


Served either with pita bread or some well cut vegetables, simple dip the vegetables of pita bread into the delicious red and green texture of the Hummus. Portion: 12 Servings

You will need the following:

garbanzo beans 1 (15 oz) can

One Tablespoon tahini

oil 1 olive Tablespoon

juice1 Tablespoon lemon

One water Tablespoon

garlic cloves 2 , mashed

1/4 salt teaspoon

soy sauce2 teaspoons

4 sun-dried tomatoes

cup basil leaves 1/4

Get a food processor put everything inside, blend until smooth like peanut butter.

Nutritional Information: One serving equals: 6g carbohydrate 2g protein, 2g fat, , 2g fiber, and 55 calories.

OKs folks you can now confidently enjoy your holiday season without gaining a pound.

But what about the rest of the year?

Wouldn’t you love to make 2010 the year that you transform your body?

How would you feel if you could be ready for summer all year long? Wear the bathing suit you’ve always wanted to wear?and have all your friends, family and colleagues compliment you.?

I can help you, it is easier than you think.

However you have to take action now.

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Hoping all is well, Spread the word. Forward this Blog Post to your family, coworkers and friends. Cheers

Personal Trainer Mr. Steven Olema is a Health and Fitness expert who writes articles on Local Toronto health and fitness, go to G.T.A Nutrition Tips and visit Mr. Olema’s site to get a copy of Nutrition Guide Toronto.

How the ideal Corporate Parties should be?

Are you tired of your corporate office work? Do you really want to party and have fun? Well then the idea of a corporate holiday theme party can be the best idea. Corporate people are always busy with their packed schedules and party is one of types of refreshment for them. Corporate holiday theme party is mainly organized to gather all the co-workers, clients and customers in a memorable and seasonal way. After a long day’s work you can entertain your guests with a shuffling of cards or a game of dice.

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This theme can also fit into a low budget simpler party. Casino Parties LLC perform their work in such manner that a detail themed party can also be pulled together at the last minute. The best reason behind hiring Casino Parties LLC to organize the corporate holiday party themes is that they offer food, drinks and also you can gamble throughout the night without losing a cent.

Now that is what every guest prefers! All the corporate holiday party have different agendas, thus when a particular theme is being chose it helps to promote the spirit of the season for everyone attending the party. Introducing themes at the corporate holiday parties will make wonder as that will help you to know all your clients and colleagues even much better.

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How To Survive Holiday Parties

Holiday parties and colder weather means wearing your little black dress. They can be your worst enemy if you haven’t been getting regular exercise for a while. So now is the time, with the party season just around the corner, to start working out in earnest.

Holidays equal food and socializing with your loved ones. It’s quite a challenge to keep up with all the craziness while trying to stick to your plan to slim down. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and still enjoy the party:

Eat before you go. If you have a decent meal before hitting the scene, you can avoid temptation of indulging in foods that don’t fit your diet.

Choose vegetables and fruits. Skip the dip and avoid the potato salad but enjoy the crudits.

Fill up the tank with liquids. In order to avoid ruining your good work, drink lots of fresh water or iced tea so that you’ll feel full all the time. You can even share your favorite beverage that you’ve brought to the party.

It’s not a good idea to stand near the food. Keeping your distance is important if you want to avoid unnecessary eating.

If you must eat, put your food on a smaller plate. You can put your food on a salad or dessert plate because it’s less damaging than filling up a dinner plate.

Do a little exercise. Dance if there’s dancing. If you dance for 2 hours, it will help burn off the dessert you just ate.

Keep your mouth moving and your eyes forward. If you concentrate on the person you’re talking to and don’t eat at the same time, there’s less chance of overeating without thinking.

Put down the loaded plate. If your plate has been filled up by your well-meaning hostess, put it down and then walk away. If you don’t want to clean your plate, then don’t be bullied into doing so.

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Holiday Parties And Small Talk

With the Christmas season fast approaching, millions of us will soon be attending holiday parties including the company Christmas party. If we’re the employee, chances are we’ll know plenty of people to talk to, but if you’re the spouse or partner of the employee, you may know only one or two people. Unless you’re comfortable spending time alone at your table, you’ll need to get out there and mingle with strangers. If small talk is not something that comes easily to you, read on;

Make a plan

Before the party season even starts, write down the causes of your anxiety. Read it over and make sure it’s realistic. Most people worry that they won’t have anything to talk about, so pick three or four safe topics of conversation like the new James Bond movie, how difficult it is to buy presents for parents who have everything and your love of hiking. An easy opener is the venue and the food. Make an open ended comment about the decor or dessert and give others a chance to voice their opinion.

Men and women are equally self-conscious about their appearance, so get a haircut, and treat yourself to a manicure and a facial the day of the party. Make sure that your party clothes are clean and pressed.

Find a mirror

Still not comfortable? Try this. Stand in front of a mirror, preferably full length, and practice. Oh stop laughing! Once I got over feeling like a complete idiot, I actually found this very helpful. It allowed me to observe my own body language and tweak it so that my discomfort wasn’t so readily apparent.

Enlist a friend

If the mirror just isn’t doing it for you, try role playing with a friend. Go through the introduction, the hand shake, and the minutes after the handshake so that when you do this for real, you’ll be at ease and not at a loss for words.

Don’t be a wallflower

Rather than sitting around and waiting for people to approach you, be direct and make the first approach yourself. Put on your best smile, introduce yourself, and ask the other person their name. You may be pleasantly surprised by their reception of you. Remember, there are plenty of other people at this party who are probably just as edgy as you are. By taking the initiative you’ll appear confident and relaxed.

Enjoy yourself, but don’t overdo it

And by that I mean, limit your alcohol intake, particularly if this is a company function. You don’t want to be remembered as the life of the party if that life consisted of dancing on the head table in front of the company president!

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Celebrate Your Style This Holiday Season

Looking and dressing stylish for this festive time begins with getting organized. Look at your social schedule and plan each event ahead of time so that you will be prepared no matter what type of event you’re attending. Factor in each detail of your outfit, including accessories, shoes, jewelry, and handbag.

Perfect party dressing

– A black suit.
– Something in sequins.
– A little dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black as this season vibrant colors are a nice change from the traditional black dress. Don’t be afraid to stand out in purple or red.
– High heels, evening sandals, and a clutch bag in a new metallic like pewter or bronze.
– All out glamour in a metallic frock.
– Add “bling” with a chunky gold necklace or a colorful bauble that adds texture to your outfit.
– Something red.

Here are some suggestions about what to wear for different types of holiday functions. Read your invitation and be aware of dress codes.

Casual – Dressy jeans with a sparkly top and a pair of the season’s hot shoes such as the Mary Jane platform.

Family party or open house – A cardigan sweater set with a skirt or pants will work by adding some glitz with your jewelry, metallic sandals or heels. Make a statement with jeans, a beaded top, or a short leather jacket. Note: If you are going to attend a religious service, before or after a party, then you really need to dress appropriately for that occasion.

A party at your own house where you are the hostess – Since you will be on your feet most of the time, look for comfort. A skirt or pants with a satin top and comfortable shoes such as a ballet flat.

The office party – Please remember, that an office party is really a festive business meeting and that certain etiquette must apply. Forgo any bare skin, even if that’s what you see all over TV and in the media. Never go braless to an office party, wear a halter top, or anything with a plunging neckline. Keep in mind that, even though you are there to have fun and it’s a party, you really are socializing with people you work with so make sure that you don’t dress in a way or do anything that night that you’d regret the next morning. Go for a classic look like, a satin dress with a sequin Bolero jacket.

After five cocktails and dinner – A tailored suit in satin or velvet or a black suit with a sequin top will look very trendy. Carry a small clutch in silver or gold.

Semi-formal affair – Mix classics like trousers, or a skirt in a rich fabric like velvet, with a white long sleeve blouse in silk or satin. A drop-dead gorgeous short strapless dress with earrings, shoes and a bag in gold or silver. Try a new combo like a deep, dark chocolate dress with bronze or cooper accessories, or a rich wine color that’s almost Merlot and pair that with silver or pewter accessories.

Black tie affair – All out glamour. A tuxedo suit or a gown.

Makeup tips for a holiday look

Holiday parties can cause havoc on your skin, so a good idea is to get a facial and a brow wax beforehand. Remember, great makeup can do only so much. It’s the skin that is the canvas that you are applying the color to. And make sure you adjust your skin care routine during the winter months when you are spending more time indoors, in artificial heat. It is very important to keep your skin well hydrated day and night.

Lipstick- A bright lipstick will energize your ensemble and immediately update your look. If you wear one of the new red lipsticks, make sure that you do a very muted or soft eye. If you are doing a very dramatic eye, then you want to keep the lips soft and neutral.

Eyeliner – The dramatic or smoky eye is really in, but not everyone can use a liquid eyeliner which requires practices and a steady hand. Best bet – use a kohl pencil which is easier to handle and will give you a better line. The best way to do a liner is to use the pencil and smudge along the lash line, using short strokes. Then you can take a small smudgy brush and just go over it. What you really want to create here is color not a definite line.

Some tricks for creating that smoky eye look:

No matter what color you use, it’s the gradation of color that is the most important thing to consider. The color should be the darkest by the lashes and then lighten up as you go up towards the brow bone. Go for violet or chocolate brown as opposed to a deep black, which can be too goth and can age a women’s face and skin.

A professional makeup artist trick that will help you avoid the “raccoon eye.”

When you’re putting your eye shadow on, especially dark shades, apply some loose foundation powder under the eye before applying the shadow. This will catch all the fallout. This way, when you’re done, all you need to do is sweep away the powder with a brush.

Lashes – One thing every holiday face should have is great lashes. Use a thickening or lengthening mascara. For thin lashes, use defining mascara and use two coats. You can enhance any mascara by using a coat of eyelash primer under the mascara. This will add volume.

To complete your look, don’t forget some fabulous perfume. One of the tricks that I use is, when I am getting dressed and still in my underwear, I spray the air and then walk into the mist. This way you don’t run the risk of getting the perfume on your clothes.

Follow these simple suggestions, and no matter where you go during this festive season, you will step out in style. Coco Chanel once said. “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”

Georgia Donovan is a fashion stylist and makeup artist who helps women raise their style consciousness and elevate their self-image. Click here for more ideas, tips, and articles, and a complimentary subscription to her newsletter.

How To Safely Survive Your Next Holiday Party

You should be concerned about your personal safety at your holiday parties. I am going to discuss this topic in a frank matter[not sugar coated]. In doing so, I am making some general assumptions about the behavior of many holiday party goers in today’s society.

It is common nowadays to attend more than one holiday party in the months of November and December. With that said, whatever type of party you attend; remember that drugs and alcohol DO NOT mix. Their use can have an effect on your ability to make decisions. It is important that you manage how much consume.

1. Always get your own drink. If possible, watch it as it is poured.

2. Never leave your drink unattended.

3. Don’t share, drink or taste anyone else’s drink.

4. Dispose of your beverage if you think it tastes odd. If this is the case, be sure not to leave it around for someone else to drink.

5. You may not realize that anything was added to your drink. Drugs used to spike drinks can be colorless and tasteless.

6. Be aware of the behavior of your friends. Is the way they are behaving out of character? Do they seem too – out of it – for the quantity or type of beverage they had to drink?

7. Watch out for your friends. It is the responsible thing to do. Are they drinking or taking too much. Are they making safe decisions? Are they OK?

8. If it appears your friend needs to sober up or straighten out, be sure to check to see if they are OK. Are they alone? Who is with them? Are they safe from harm?

9. Encourage people who appear drunk to drink water or to eat something. If you can, keep an eye on them.

10. Ask yourself, do you really trust those you are going home with? Are you sure that they won’t make you do anything you do not want to do? Will they take NO for an answer?

11. If you are going home with someone different, let someone else know. Introduce this person or persons to your friends.

If You Are The One Throwing The Party

1. Know who you have invited to the party. Plan ahead what you will do if there are any gatecrashers.

2. Provide food and non-alcoholic drinks such as water, soft drinks or juice, as alternate beverages

3. Keep a look out for your guests. Make sure they are safely having a good time.

4. Offer to organize taxis for your guests. Also, make note of which taxi company you called.

5. Create a safe atmosphere. If you know that, someone is harassing or intimidating someone else, do something about it. For example, you can let that person know you are watching; ask the person to stop; ask the person to leave; find the victimized person a safe place; do not be afraid to call the police.

Stay safe yourself and ask for help if you need it.

Bill Wallmuller is the founder of Merokee Enterprises. Two of the author’s concerns are personal safety and crime prevention. You can learn more by visiting the Website:

There’s No Place For Drunk Driving During the Holiday Season

With the Holidays come family gatherings, office parties, socializing with friends and Year End football game get-togethers. These are occasions we look forward to all year. But there can be a dark side to the holiday cheer: drunk driving and the injuries and deaths that result.

Every December we see a spike in highway fatalities in the United States during the Christmas and New Year Holiday periods. In 2005, there were 193 deaths involving at least one impaired driver during the three day New Year weekend. Another 160 people died over the three day Christmas weekend in 2006. These grim figures do not reflect the other horrific consequences of such accidents: a child’s loss of a parent, a wife’s loss of her wage earning husband, and the severe injuries and lost income innocent passengers may suffer.

It’s up to each and every one of us to do our part to prevent these tragedies. Remember, everyone has a role to play in keeping drunk drivers off the road.

The driver. No one is more responsible for preventing drunk driving than you, the driver. No excuses! If you drink, you can’t drive.

Line up a sober driver to take you home if you anticipate drinking alcohol during an evening out.

Call a cab or set up a ride with a program such as Safe Rides or Sober Rides, which provide free rides home to intoxicated citizens.

Watch what you drink and eat. Never drink too much too quickly. Put soft drinks or coffee into your mix of beverages. Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

Make sure you eat food at the same time you’re drinking.

Stay overnight in a nearby hotel or motel, if you’re going to attend a Christmas party and you know you want to have more than one or two drinks during the evening. That way you can walk to your hotel room after the party’s over.

The host. Most of us enjoy hosting holiday parties for friends and family. However, with the decision to serve alcoholic beverages comes the responsibility to make certain our guests don’t leave the party so impaired that they are unable to drive safely.

Serve a variety of food, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Keep an eye on your guests as you circulate during the party. If you observe someone take more than one or two alcoholic drinks or you see someone who shows signs of intoxication, be pro-active. Determine whether the person expects to drive himself home. If so, intervene and ensure that a sober driver takes him.

Provide a list of phone numbers for local cab companies and post it for your guests.

Take the keys away and call a cab. Or call a family member or friend to give your guest a sober ride. If you can’t take care of the situation on your own, ask his friends (or yours) to help.

The family. Many of you know family members who drink too much at holiday parties. You recognize your husband, boyfriend, sister, or mother risks his or her life and the lives of others when he or she gets behind the wheel in an intoxicated state. Take a stand and be firm. No drinking and driving.

Offer to take your family member to the party and pick him up afterwards.

Arrange a ride with a responsible friend or a cab.

If you are a parent worried that your teenager or young adult may drink and drive, try to establish an understanding or agreement on the subject. Explain that you are available 24/7 to pick your child up, wherever he is, if he or his friends believe he is too intoxicated to drive.

Friends. We hear it repeated again and again, but it’s true! Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Do what it takes to keep an intoxicated friend from getting behind the wheel. Take his keys away. Move his car to a place where he can’t find it. Drive him home yourself. Call a cab, if you can’t drive him home either because you don’t have a car or because you’ve had too much to drink yourself.

You. Yes, you. You have a role to play in keeping drunk drivers off the roads. Watch out for them as you travel the highways and roads over the holidays. If you see driver conduct that suggests a motorist is driving while intoxicated, call the police and report the suspicious behavior immediately. Give location, vehicle make and model, and license plate number whenever possible.

For your own safety, think twice before you travel the roads and highways late at night during the Holidays. There are more intoxicated drivers on the road in the late evening and early morning hours. And be selfish! Don’t get into a car or onto a motorcycle operated by someone you know has had too much to drink!

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Family Holiday Parties Can Be Fun, Not Frantic

Holiday parties can be stressful and planning them can be somewhat frustrating as well. This can become even worse if you are less than excited about the party invitation guest list. Your own family can sometimes be difficult, so it may be even harder when your party must include the in-laws. However, there are some things that you can do in order to minimize the chances of a complete meltdown on your part.

When considering how to plan a Christmas party that will include a large number of many family members, you should start with what you know. For example, if your dad does not get along with your father-in-law at all, then do as much as you can to keep them separated, especially at the table if you will be having a sit down dinner.

With Christmas family holiday parties it can be a little tricky when it comes to serving alcohol, as it may prompt someone to mention things better left unsaid. In order to avoid this consider serving something like an eggnog or setting up a fancy coffee bar; complete with different flavored creams and a few liqueurs. This adds to the festiveness of a party but will limit the intake of alcohol, which may help to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness.

Holiday party ideas of this type also need special planning when it comes to the menu, as some people have very strong likes and dislikes. However, that can also be a plus when it is a party that involves family. You already know up front what most of the people do and do no like and if you cannot work around that, or if you are worried that both mom and mom-in-law are going to be offended that you did not use their great stuffing recipe, then just come up with an entirely new and different menu. Just make it completely different than anything that has been served before, other than the basics of course. In this way no one can be upset that you did not include this or that with your dinner.

Holiday parties can also be a little difficult when you have to come up with a gift for Christmas party attendees that includes family. Sometimes people may feel that someone else got a better present, etc. There are a few ways around this, as you can just pass out gifts for the children and let them open them and give small, similar presents for all of the adults to take home and open, perhaps something that you have made yourself, or perhaps a goodie plate with cookies and candy or similar type items.

Donna writes for the Holidays and Occasions site. You may be interested in her latest posts on Chinese Christmas Traditions and Christmas Nativity Scenes.

Corporate Holiday Parties

Is this what your corporate holiday party looks like? The office invitation goes out. On the night of the party, you get dressed up. You and your spouse show up. There’s quiet conversation during cocktail hour, then dinner is announced. You search for your seat and realize with dread it’s next to someone you don’t like. This is going to be a long night. Halfway through dinner, the VP or President of the company gets up. He gives a speech about how great everyone is. He tells a joke or two and someone laughs a little too loudly. You keep checking your watch to see how soon you can escape.

Someone in the office would put together seating charts. Many people dreaded getting stuck next to someone they didn’t like and having to spend most of the night making polite conversation. Instead of boosting employee morale, holiday parties did the opposite. Monday it was back to work and people breathed a sigh of relief that they wouldn’t have to repeat this ritual until the next year.

Nowadays, holiday parties can be fun. Some companies realized that creating a fun atmosphere creates happy employees. The formal dinners are gone. In their place are Casino Nights, Cabarets, Themed Nights and more. Instead of a sit down dinner, appetizers and buffets are letting people mingle with whom they want to. Having a blackjack table or roulette table lets people get to know each other without pressure. It’s a fun way to relax after a year of hard work.

Another idea for a fun holiday party is Prom Night. Think ball gowns, bands, and buffet tables. There might even be a Flamenco guitarist for out on the balcony where lovers of all ages escape for a breath of fresh air under the nighttime stars.

For companies that like to include the entire family, consider a storyteller that tells stories for adults and kids. These kinds of events let people dream again. Inspiration breeds creativity.

If it’s an adult-only celebration, why not have a Cabaret show? Let people sit back and be entertained. For those who are daring, let them join the cabaret. People will be smiling and laughing. It’s a great way to bring people together. Besides, you might find out that someone in the office has a lot more rhythm than you thought.

By creating a fabulous, fun environment, employees become more social with one another. At a holiday party, the goal should be to encourage bonding and to get to know co-workers in an atmosphere outside of the job. It’s amazing how quickly people open up when they are relaxed and having a good time. The goal is to engage employees. Holiday parties should be fun. Get creative and enjoy the results.

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