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Make Your Event Memorable By Hiring a Bollywood DJ

Disc jockeys or DJs as they are popular up till now have been around ever from the time when radio took to the air. The work of a DJ is to play music that the people want to hear and in this manner make that particular radio station or program admired. Since then the job has been extended somewhat to include those trendy guys which make entertainment spots come alive. These days, the best of them are treated like celebrities. They were almost certainly in their peak years in the 1960s however today’s celebrity DJ has much more technological equipment at his disposal. No more scratched records or hissing sound tracks – with promotion shots done in photo booths – for the modern entertainer!

The club DJ really works at mixing the sounds of changed tracks, from time to time coming up with a unique blend of sounds, and he will also ‘scratch’ records to well in with the beat going on as well. These people are repeatedly equipped with technical gear so that they can speed up or slow down the following music number to keep the rhythm going which is what the folks regularly like. In actual fact, a good DJ can create or break the reputation of a disco and, once the people starts to like what they do, they will follow him to either venue he chooses to play at.

For more normal folk, hiring a Bollywood DJ for a wedding or social event is probably about as near to knowing what these guys do as we will ever get. Certainly, if this is a one off party, like a birthday or wedding, it is very important to get just the right person to do all the mixing and to exactly put on a show. This part of the DJ entertainment is likely to make it totally memorable or one event that will be talked about, for all the wrong reasons, for many years to come so it is essential to get it right.

The cost of the DJ is not always an indicator to how good or bad he is. If he has too many dates available at holiday times, probability is he is not very good! Facing difficulty in booking a DJ up a year in advance proves that this guy actually knows his job. Try to get a preset rate and a condition that if the party runs over the agreed time, an extra fee will be paid. This saves advice at the end of the party when everyone is screaming to hear more music. Moreover, if possible, try to visit at a party that this guy is in concert at before booking him so that the vibe can be observed. People don’t usually mind if permission is granted first.

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Orange County & Entertainment?

When you think of entertainment mecca’s of the world, Orange County, CA probably isn’t at the top of your list. For certain, it’s a nice area, but it’s not like it’s acclaimed like Hollywood or Las Vegas. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained in Orange County, CA.

The main entertainment attraction in Orange County is Disneyland. For over 50 years, Disneyland has been providing family fun.

One thing for certain the OC is known for is weddings. From breathtaking views in Laguna Beach, to the reception halls in Newport, weddings are a flourishing year-round industry.

A popular wedding feature is the photo booth. Brides and grooms are flocking to bring back the experience of a photo booth right in their wedding. When it comes to photo booths, there are many different options to choose from including open air booths and fully enclosed booths.

There are other activities in Orange County as well. As December approaches, companies are starting to throw more holiday parties. Themes are popular at these functions and a great photo booth can bring the experience to life.

Birthday parties happen every day as well. From Sesame Street themed parties to Star Wars , parents go to great expenses to make their kid’s special day extra special. Some awesome venues for birthday parties include community club houses, house parties, and city parks.

In the Jewish community, Bar and Bat mitzvahs are a type of birthday party that’s celebrated when a child reaches adulthood. In the Hispanic community, a quinceanera is a birthday party that is celebrated when a girl turns 15, also symbolizing her entrance into adulthood.

Schools also do things to entertain your children and more importantly raise money. Carnivals are a common way that OC schools raise money. It’s not uncommon to find games, rides, and photo booths at a school carnival. Kids love them because, well, what kid doesn’t like a carnival? My favorite thing at a carnival is funnel cake. What’s yours?

Some people really enjoy their time in Orange County. You could even take a trip from Huntington Beach at the most northern end all the way down to San Clemente on the most southern end via the Pacific Coast Highway. You’ll pass plenty of landmarks and get a chance to really take in some great views. Make sure to bring a camera and take some pictures.

So the next time you’re in Orange County, check all the different entertainment options and have some fun!

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Photo booths – For the Great Day

If you are searching for a photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California, look no further than Creative Event Services. Our planning professionals can cover all of your event needs. They are established and experienced, with state of the art equipment. Excited to bring you the latest trends in the industry, their photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will make your event special and very memorable. For private or corporate events, our reasonable and affordable prices for photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will be above and beyond your expectations.

For any party or event, photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will bring an effortlessly accessible photo booth for guests to make use of and produce enjoyable, memorable pictures. Imagine 10 old buddies, all crowding together in a booth for a photo chance. Photographs supply a ideal party favor. By utilizing photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California, you obtain specialists who’re devoted to meeting the customer’s requirements initial. Weddings, communions, and graduations are all events exactly where photographs are extremely essential. A photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will give your guests high resolution prints inside 30 seconds.

The holidays are directly around the corner. Photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California adds just the right festive touch at any holiday party or family get together. Food is a vital part of your celebration this time of the year. Create Event Services can serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for sit downs, buffets, or stations. Each individual involved in your gathering will gain instant keepsake photos. Photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California provide great fun, energy, and a physical timepiece of a wonderful life event. Please call and book prior to your event to provide ample time for planning. Many unique event ideas can be utilized around photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California.

Your day is of the utmost priority, and Inventive Event Services acknowledges that. They deliver incredible levels of top quality and service. Photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California hold 1 to ten folks. Instant photographs offer added entertainment in the course of your gathering. Within 30 seconds, a high resolution print of a second in time will likely be forever recorded. Be one of the 1st to use photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California at your celebration.

Whether or not you see your guests daily or each and every once in awhile, a photograph from a photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California should go straight to your memorial album.

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Rent a Photo Booth for Weddings and Parties

Just three years after George Eastman introduced photographic film in 1885, the first patent for an automated photography machine was filed. The machine was mostly likely never made. However, a working model did appear at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. These early versions of the beloved photo booth were simply not reliable enough to act as anything other than a curiosity. As photography continued to advance, these devices became more prevalent and profitable.

The first successful version of the apparatus was the “Bosco,” which was produced at the end of the 20th century. Since most people did not own a camera, folks flocked to it in unprecedented numbers. Lines would regularly form outside of cheap photo booth rental machines. But it was not until the Roaring Twenties that the apparatus became more than a mere novelty.

The photo booth as we know it today, with the bench and the curtain, was introduced in the 1923. For a quarter, it snapped, developed, and printed 8 photos. In was must have seemed like magic at the time, since the entire process took less than ten minutes. Whether in a major city or on a suburban boardwalk, most of these machines served hundreds of customers each and every month.

Where are we now?

In the digital era, when photos are far less expensive to develop than they were in the past, it is no wonder that cheap photo booth rental machines are once again considered a bit of a novelty, albeit a nostalgic one. They are rarely found in pharmacies or even at arcades or county fairs anymore. Most now rely on digital technology and can process photos in under 30 seconds. In addition to the traditional strip of pictures, some booths now dispense postcards, stickers, and other items with photographs on them. Almost all of them operate under computer control and are relatively easy and inexpensive to use.

Because of technology, cheap photo booth rental has become a bit more selective. They are no longer prized for their convenience, since most people own their own cameras. Therefore, they don’t need miniature headshots for passports or holiday greeting cards. With that said, photo booths have become wildly popular at special events.

From weddings to birthdays, anniversaries and bar mitzvahs, there’s nothing partygoers enjoy more than crowding into booth and posing for a few impromptu photographs. Nostalgic, exciting, and spontaneous, cheap photo booth rentals are often the hit of the party.

When to rent them?

Contrary to popular belief, most folks like doing things on their own. But at a large event like a wedding or anniversary party, people often get lost in the crowd. The professional photographer is typically instructed to spend most of his time snapping shots of the key players, while the rest of the guests mill about. Cheap photo booth rentals give your friends and family members the option of posing how they like when they like in a comfortable and controlled environment.

For two decades now, Fotoboyz has provided cheap photo booth rentals for graduations, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, and corporate events. With a showroom in Boynton Beach, Florida, the company can help any customer rent a photo booth for a party or get-together.

Photo booth prep for this holiday season

The holiday season is already upon us and you all might be busy preparing for delicacies, gifts, decorations, and the usual prospects of a celebration. The two most important days of the year, i.e., Christmas and after that New Year’s Eve give chills to the spines, isn’t it. There are various ways to multiply the fun for yourself as well as your guests and make these events more interesting and memorable. The best idea would be to go for photo booth hire. They are never out of style and you will be surely credited as the best host like always.

If you have not made any proper preparations for capturing the moments at the most special time of the year, don’t panic. Photo booth hire is the best last-minute ideas you can easily adopt and make your holiday season count. You can easily find a provider who can provide service to you whenever you want and wherever you want. To make it more interesting, you can share the ideas that you have in your mind with the service provider and ask them if they could be implemented.

Photo booth party hire

For parties, there are a plenty of ideas you can adopt to make them interesting. These photo booths come with all kinds of elements that will make sure that the guests have the best time during the photography session. What makes these photo booths distinct are the following entities:
* Backdrop: A big and uniquely designed background gives your photo all the attention it requires. All kinds of themes are available when it comes to choosing the backdrop. Standing in front of a wall or anything is old school now. With these customized backdrops, you can provide the best background to fill the frame behind.

* Lighting: No more issues of low or bad lighting with this photo booth hire. With all kinds of high quality lighting systems, the photo booth is ready in the most creative manner. You also have the options to control the various light settings so that you can create the perfect environment for the photograph. Various neon lights combined with compatible props can help in getting some cool snaps too.

* Prop: And now comes the fun part. Props are something that actually gives photo booth party hire the reputation that they have. There are various kinds of funky and hilarious props that will leave you laughing unstoppable once you come across the photos in the future. These are easy to make on your own as well.

If you are in Sydney and want your year to end in a mind-blowing way, go for the photo booth hire Sydney. This is one of the services that actually gives you the perfect feeling of a celebration. There are all kinds of options available with them and you can make all your events memorable. Search on the internet to find the best options in Sydney. Shortlist the names and take suggestions from friends and family to find the best provider. is ready to help you in making your new year’s celebration special. Avail our Photo booth hire amazing services at the most reasonable rates in the industry.

Fun Express Paper Carnival Photo Booth Stick Prop Party Supply Greet Holiday Art

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Photobooths, Photo Booth Hire, Photo Booths From Funky Photo Booth

Funky Foto booth Operating from Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast and out to Toowoomba. Greater Sydney, Newcastle to Wollongong and out to the Blue Mountains and now Melbourne, offers customizable photo booths which are perfect for any type of celebration. Funky foto booths are taking mobile photo booths to the next level and capturing memories that last a lifetime.

Funky foto booths can print in both black and white and color. You can also choose to print the photo strips horizontally or vertically. Funky foto booths takes four different poses. There are duplicates of every picture taken, so one strip can be pasted into a momento album or 2 guests can each have a strip to keep. The print time is around 15 seconds and the photo strips land dry. Their standard hire is up to 4 hours of unlimited photos with a funky crew member on site, online access to all pics and a CD to keep. Additional extras like the prop box, extra hours, event logo or name, photo albums and photo frames are available. Funky foto booths are taking mobile photo booths to the next level and capturing memories that last a lifetime. If you want the funkiest addition to your next event then you have found it. Their mobile photobooths provides entertainment for all ages with just the push of a button. With the latest technology, having funky foto booths at your next event is sure to have the guests queuing and it is all that they will talk about after the event they promise. They offer a standard Photo booth hire period of up to 3-4 hours and no limit on the number of photos you take; in addition they have packages and extras to tailor their services to suit your event. The funky crew does all the set up and set down just allow them a maximum of 30 minutes either side of your hire period. All they need is a 2mtre (approx) space and good access to safe power and away they go. Their crew members will be at your event to assist your guests with the photobooth, giving you the freedom to enjoy. The funky foto booth takes 4 consecutive photos (or 3 if you want a logo) and prints on 2 strips that your guests can keep or one for your guests and one for your momento album. They can brand the booth to suit your event with logos for a product launch, exhibition or conference. Magnetic signs or banners work well.

Funky Foto booth Operating from Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast and out to Toowoomba. Greater Sydney, Newcastle to Wollongong and out to the Blue Mountains and now Melbourne, offers customizable photo booths which are perfect for any type of celebration. Their mobile photobooths provides entertainment for all ages with just the push of a button.

The History Of Photo Booths

Everyone loves to have their picture taken, or at least most of us do, there are some who are camera shy. But even those of us who are camera shy often can’t resist the lure of sitting behind the little curtain of a photo booth, where we think no one can see them having our pictures taken. We pass by photo booths all the time in shopping malls, and even though we do use them, we don’t usually give any thought to where they originated, and why. For example, did you know that photo booths first made their appearance in the world in the 1950’s? Or that they were usually found in drug stores, and not in shopping malls?

Early Photo Booths

Before the age of digital photography, photographs had to be developed by using a number of different chemical solutions. Early photo booths worked along the same premise. There were different tanks that the negatives would go through, each tank a different stage in the developing process, until they would go to an area of the machine where they were dried, then would drop down the slot into the pocket on the front or side of the machine. The process took about five minutes or so, and it was a fun and exciting thing for people to experience, having their photos taken and seeing them in just a few short minutes.

Early photo booths were usually stationary, so it didn’t really matter how heavy they were. These photo booths were often made from wood, and could way as much as 700 pounds. They were not easy to transport, and would often stay in the same location for many years at a time. There are not many of these machines still around today, but there are some, and they are available for sale and for rent, although they are extremely expensive, and because they are so heavy, unless you have your own means of getting them to your intended destination, the shipping costs are going to be huge.

Modern Photo Booths

Today, photo booths are not nearly as cumbersome, and can be transported from place to place fairly easily. For one thing, the cabinets are not made from heavy wood. And, instead of having all of the developing equipment inside, modern photo booths operate digitally, using a computer to generate the images taken by the camera. Because today’s photo booths are so much easier to use and transport, a whole new way of doing business has popped up in the photo booth industry. People are now renting photo booths to have at their events, and the booths are delivered and attended to while guests enjoy having their photos taken, and reliving memories of yesteryear by playing in a photo booth.

You can rent a photo booth for your next event, and give your guests something fun to do and a lot to talk about later. This is something that you are not going to see at every party, and your guests will appreciate that you actually took the time to plan something fun and different for them, and don’t just host the same old party everyone else does.

Howard Symington is a Director of Paparazzi Studios and Mobile Photo Booths, Australia’s largest suppliers of Mobile Photo Booths to the Wedding, Corporate, Parties, Conference and Events industries. Paparazzi’s are the only mobile photo booths in Australasia that automatically download photos and videos to your favourite social networking websites for instant sharing.

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