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Planning A Party?

Are you a real party animal? Do you just plain like throwing or attending parties? Or are you new to the party scene and still unsure what to send off and to whom? Well, if you are planning a party, then we have a lovely application that you can use to make your party planning easier, and more fun. If you are planning a party for yourself, or for a friend and want to invite your guests, then this is a really great way to go about it.

First and foremost decide on the guest list and the venue. Whether you want to have your party at home, at a restaurant, a spa, a bowling alley, amusement park …well the possibilities are endless!

Once all that is decided, all you have to do is go to our plan a party tab section at and login. You can create an account or just login with your Facebook, username and password. Then the party page will open up, where you can enter the event title and put it under a category listed there. For example, if you are having an anniversary, then name it accordingly, or if a get together is on your agenda, then name it so. You can make it more fun by uploading an appropriate picture for the event, and then name the host for the event. Then put in the phone number of the host, the location (It can be someones residence, a restaurant, or a club, wherever you want) and its address. Select the date and time of the event, and check in the following details: like whether the invitees can see each other or not, is RSVP required or not, and if you want to receive a copy of the invite. After that, you can enter the message to go with the invitation.

Then move on to the list of people you want to invite and just click on ADD GUEST. You can import your contacts from your e-mail, or put them in separated by commas, one by one, and fill in the details yourself. To import contacts from your email save your party as a draft and click on the Your Account link on the top right corner of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on address book. The add to address book link will show up, click on that link to import contacts from your yahoo, hotmail or gmail account. You can also preview a copy before sending, or save the invite for some other time by saving a draft of it. And when you would want to send them, just click on the send button, and Voila! You are done.

Your guests will get a copy of the invite in their e-mail, and they can then check in with the host through the RSVP number provided or through the mail they received.

So that was a fun and easy way to plan a party with UrbanZing. Try it out and you would see how easy it is to invite a lot of people and keeping track of the invites without the hassle of going through a lot of phone calls or meetings.

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Party Planning Information – How to Plan the Perfect Party

Is there a celebration coming up? Are you going to be hosting a party soon? If you are going to be planning a party, you will need to have party planning information to make it happen. Hosting a party is not something that can be done at the last minute. Party planning takes a little bit of time and well thought out ideas to have a perfect party. Otherwise, if you don’t take time to carefully plan everything out, it doesn’t usually turn out as good as it could have been. Some people might not feel that comfortable when it comes to planning a party. It is either because this is their first time or maybe because they don’t know where to start or they don’t have the information necessary to plan a party.

There are so many themes to choose from when planning a party. Your theme will depend on the type of celebration that you are planning the party for. Is it a birthday or a graduation party or is it a dinner party? Choosing a theme is the part of party planning where you have a chance to be creative and really surprise and impress your guests with your creativity. After you have chosen a theme, next you will want to coordinate everything else to compliment your theme. From the balloons, to the table setting, to the music and wall decorations, everything should compliment or revolve around your main theme.

Your invitations will also carry the same theme as your main party theme. After selecting your invitations, next is the guest list. Before you even started planning your party, you probably had a good idea of who to invite. At this stage in the planning process, it is best to write down a list of all the guests you plan on inviting to the party and keep this list in a safe place so that you can keep track of RSVP’s as they come in. It is also recommended to set a time frame or deadline on the invitation for your guests to let you know if they are coming or not. This will help you tremendously when it gets closer to the time of the party if you know exactly how many people are coming. If you don’t request your guests to respond, you might run the risk of more people coming to the party than you planned for and there might not be enough food or room to host that many people. If it is a dinner party, it is imperative to know how many people are coming to dinner so that everyone will have a seat at the table. Nothing is more embarrassing than not having the right number of place settings for all of your guests.

Another important thing to consider when planning a party is to estimate a time frame for the entire event, maybe even put the time frame on the invitation. This will let your guests know approximately how long the party is expected to last and if it’s a children’s party, parents will need to know when to come back and pick up their children.

Planning the food for a party is probably the most important element of a successful party. If done right, your guests will have a wonderful time. Food is often the main event in a party, and it is important to plan the menu carefully to insure there is enough food for everyone and maybe even a little extra. It’s always better to have a little left over rather than not having enough food. If there is food left over, offer it to your guests to take home. Your guests will appreciate it and they will remember what a great time they had at the party when they go to reheat the leftovers the next day.

Planning a party may seem a little overwhelming at times, especially if this is the first party you have ever hosted. Try not to get too stressed, though, because your guests are coming to have a good time. When it comes time for the party, stop thinking about all the details and planning up to that point and put your party hat on because every host should be a guest at their own party too. Enjoy!

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Planning a Holiday Party? Start with the Decorations

What transforms a gathering into a holiday event? Effective holiday party planning can make any holiday gathering memorable and magical. The things that make a gathering a special event for all involved are the many extra details added to enhance mood and atmosphere. Holiday party planning takes all of those details, from the obvious to the subtle, and brings them together to create a festive atmosphere.

Decorations Transform any Room
A key element in holiday party planning is the use of decorations. Professional planners will consider the theme, the mood, and the space they are working with before anything else. These choices will have a direct impact on the other preparations.

Using Decorations to Create a Holiday Theme
When party planning, sometimes working with a theme helps narrow down party planning choices and gives the space a cohesive feel. Consider this when working with a theme:

– Rather than choose decorations from the broader holiday, such as Christmas, consider narrowing down decorations to a snowflake theme.
– Less is often more in holiday party planning. Well-placed and thoughtful decorations can create greater impact than an over-abundance of holiday trinkets.
– Choose a theme that is appropriate for the guests attending.

Creating Holiday Mood with Decorations
Decorations are key in creating a mood for any holiday event. A skillful party planner can set the mood of an event in ways that many people may not even realize. Some thoughtful additions include:

– Banners to help direct party-goers to the right location, or welcome them to the event.
– The use of banners to give attendees a foretaste of what to expect before they even enter, whether the party is elegant, or high-energy.
– Using name cards will help prevent confusion for guest as well as add to the table decoration.
– Choice of colors will influence the mood directly and indirectly. Bright colors are not only exciting, they keep the mood bright, while cool colors create a relaxing and more sedate atmosphere.

Considering the Space When Decorating for Parties Good holiday party planning always considers the space in which the event will be held. Subtle things like a fire in the fireplace, streamers hung from trees, or a delightful centerpiece for a table can make any party seem extraordinary. When thinking about where to hold an event, consider these important things:

– Will the space hold everyone on your guest list?
– Will the placement of decorations obstruct the movement of guests?
– Will the choice of decorations withstand the conditions of their placement, or become a danger?
– Can your decorations quickly and easily be moved inside if needed?

With the proper planning, and great decorations, your holiday even can be spectacular.

Christmas is everyone’s favorite season at Andi Beark’s house. Christmas carols, egg nog and decorations help to create the festive spirit while holiday banners announce big savings are coming. Picking out the best holiday stationery for the annual newsletter is next on Andi’s list. She can’t wait to share all the great experiences they had this year.

Party Planning Guide: Theme Based Party Planning Ideas

One of the most creative aspects of party planning is the the determination of the theme and creation of a suitable environment for that specific theme.

The best part about the theme decoration is that it is not very expensive. In general it is possible to create a great environment by using very cheap materials. If you are really creative, hand made creations and objects can be used to decorate tables, walls and the rooms. Sometimes you can bring together natural objects together. Themes are great opportunities for bringing together different pieces for using non-traditional ways. If you be creative, you will be surprised when you find out what you can use for decoration.

Color is important because it reflects the sense of the theme. White is preferred for formal a dinner table, vivid colors for birthday and spring party. People will react differently in various colors and will find themselves in the theme of the party quickly with the right selection of colors.

Decoration materials are just the little details which should be paid attention. Private name cards for a dinner or flowers on each plate can create a special touch. Similarly the use of dried leaves and seasonal flowers for an autumn party will quickly help to create the sense of the theme.

Proper lighting adds a sense of attraction, mystery and excitement. A weakly lighting with the candles for a romantic dinner celebration is the most important thing necessary.

Music contributes largely to the settlement of party atmosphere and environment. Because people react to background music playing softly. For a local dinner party it will be great idea get local music to play in the background during the meal.

Table arrangement and decoration is a great place to how your creativity. Using suitable service plates, bowls and cups are great ways to create the atmosphere of your party. Here are a few tips for setting up creative tables for different party themes:

For New Year’s Eve parties you can use wide balls with pine ornaments and metal balls.
For spring parties, you can use the spring flowers and fruits as decorations of the table.
For an elegant dinner, you can put a single rose to the each plate.
Sprinkling appropriate confetti’s on the single colored tablecloth can make a difference.

The small details are the most important things of a party people remember most. You can create unforgettable parties by concentrating on the details of your party theme and make a list of things you can use for your party.

Internet itself is a great way to get design ideas for any party. You may not want to just copy the same concept from readily available party ideas, but can use these motives to fire your creativity to help you plan the perfect party.

For more information on party planning ideas , visit my site to download the party planning guide directly to your computer online.

Planning A Princess Party

When it comes times for a birthday party, most little girls will request a princess theme. A princess themed party is a dream come true both for the birthday girl and the guests.

What makes this even better, is that this kind of party is very easy to put on. There are hundreds of various princess party decorations, favors, and tread ideas.

The best ages for a princess themed party are ages three through eight. These ages tend to be in love with the idea of being a princess.

Even though this type of party is fairly easy to put on, you will still want to make sure that you plan it six to eight weeks in advance so that the items you order for decorations and such will have enough time to arrive through the mail. In addition, you will not feel rushed to find the perfect items, but you will have time to enjoy the process.

When you put something off and it becomes rushed, it usually becomes a hassle. Try to keep your attitude towards the party relaxed and cheerful so that your daughter’s happiness at the party will not be tarnished by how much work it is for you.

By planning six to eight weeks in advance, there will also be time for the invitations to arrive and for you to collect RSVPs. This will allow you to know how many people to plan for.

Likewise, you will be inviting people early enough that they will be able to set aside the day for the party. If you invite people too late, they often have other things going on and not very many people will come.

While you do not want too many at the party, you do want enough to show up to make your daughter feel special. In addition, it is best if your daughter’s best friends can show up.

Even if things do get crammed together at the end, you can still throw a wonderful party without getting stressed out. By planning at least part of it ahead, you will reduce the stress you will feel as the party gets closer.

The first thing you will want to do is write everything down. Write down a plan of when you will have certain parts of the party done by, what things you need to buy, who you will invite and so forth.

After you have written down everything you can think of that is related to the party, you will want to either purchase or make your own invitations. Homemade invitations can be just as cute as and incredibly cheaper than store bought invitations.

One thing you may want to do is have your daughter help you make the invitations. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and paste a cut out of a Disney princess on the front.

Write the words “Your Invited!” on the front and then write all of the party details on the inside. Another idea is to start by cutting out a card in the shape of a tiara.

Add glitter around the edges and then write the party details in the middle. Or, you can do the same thing only on a star shape and attach it to a stick to make a pretty wand.

You will have to hand-deliver these invitations as they will not go in the mail very well. It can also be a lot of fun, if you have the budget, to put the card in a padded mail envelope with a cheap necklace and ring pop.

This will make the little princesses you are inviting very excited about the party. Then, of course, you can order professionally designed cards online as well.

The next thing you will want to turn your attention to are party favors. It will be easy to find princess related paper plates, plastic cups, and silverware as well as princess tablecloths.

Pink crepe paper is also very cheap and found at most dollar stores. Anything you could possibly need under this category can easily be found online and ordered.

Of course, you will also want to think about games to play. One of the games you may want to play is called Kiss The Frog.

In this game, all of the players stand in a circle around the ‘princess.’ The princess has a chocolate kiss and is blindfolded.

The rest of the players each draw a piece of paper from a bag. Each of the slips says ‘animal’ except for one which says ‘frog.’

When you say go, all of the players must make an animal sound, but the only one who can say ‘ribbit’ is the one who drew the frog slip. The princess must find the frog and hand him or her the chocolate kiss.

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Planning A Fall Harvest Party

The leaves are turning gold and red, which means fall has come. Now is a great time to have a Harvest Party prior to your big Thanksgiving celebration. Below are a few ideas to hold a lovely get together with your family and friends.

1. Food – Make a great salad that includes ingredients from a early fall garden. Cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes are great additions, that are generally still growing this time of year! Your guests will love the fresh salad you have made. Food from the garden always tests better than store bought foods. If you have a small fire pit as it gets dark make s’mores by the fireside. If possible set this up in your garden or patio area. People will love the warm fire with the crisp air.

2. Favors/Decorations – Collect falling leaves from around your yard, or at a nearby park. Decorate the table with them. With larger leaves, tie wire ribbon to their stems and write guest names on the ribbon with a black marker. This makes for an unique place card. Also, take leaves and press them between two pieces of wax paper. Then cut them out and hang them around the house. The wax paper is great for preserving the leafs and keeping their brilliant colors.

3. Games – Why not add a game to your harvest party. A great game to play is guess the leaf. Collect leaves and glue them down to heavy card stock. Then put a number next to each leaf. Have guests figure out what leaf belongs to what type of tree. Guests will have fun figuring out easy leaves such as a Maple leaf, verses more difficult leaves to identify.

Hopefully the few tips above gave you some ideas on how to share the cooling of the season with your family and friends.

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10 Party Planning Tips

If you make your plans early enough, you can host a party that not one of your guests will forget. Do not wait until the last minute to try to get all your plans together. There is always a chance that you will forget something that is important.

To avoid this, it is best to start your planning early and plan everything thoroughly. If you are organized, it will help a lot in hosting a successful party. It is always very difficult to put everything together at the last minute, and many of your guests might already have plans.

Below will follow 10 tips that you can use to plan a successful party:

1. Decide on a date, preferably one that will be suitable for most of your family and friends.

2. Make a decision on what type of party you will be giving. For example, will you be having a barbeque in your backyard, or will you make use of caterers? Will your party have a theme or dress code? Will it be for adults only or family friendly?

3. Send out your invites early enough before everybody makes other plans. Ask them to RSVP so you will know how many people to cater for. Make sure that the invite has information on the type of party and dress code, so that everybody can be well prepared.

4. Decide what music you are going to play at your party, and if you are going to hire a DJ. If you get the right DJ, it will go a long way in making your party unforgettable. They will take care of all your music needs, set up playlists and play requests throughout the evening.

5. Draw up a list of everything that you will need for your party, and check it a few times to make sure that you do not miss anything.

6. Get all your supplies about a week before your party. If you forget something, you will have enough time to get it during the rest of the week. You can also buy most of your drinks and non-perishable foods during this time.

7. Make sure that everything is in order the day before your party. Your lawn should be manicured and your home clean and neat. Start getting everything ready the day before the party. Check your party list one more time to make sure you have not missed anything.

8. Check the menu for the party and make sure you have enough food for everyone so that there is a good selection of food that will also cater for your more fussy eaters.

9. Ensure that you go to bed early enough the previous night so that you get enough sleep. If you rest well enough, you will be more relaxed and calm on the big day.

10. Rise early enough so that you have enough time to take care of the last minute details. This will allow you more than enough time to get yourself ready before all your guests start to arrive.

Following these ten simple tips, you can ensure that you host a party to remember – good luck!

By Derek Jansen, founder of DerekJay Entertainment, specialists in professional DJ hire and wedding DJs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Your Party Planning Information

At some point in life most people decide to have some sort of party. When you were younger it was easier, because your parents went out of town, you could invite a bunch of friends over for pizzas and drinks. Sometimes if you had really nice friends they would bring their own drinks and all you had to do was order the pizza.

These days being a responsible adult makes things a bit more complicated when having people over at your place or organizing a party in general. There are Correct and incorrect ways of hosting a party these days and the expectations of your party guest goes up. No worries this is not a problem because you can find out all there is to know about planning a party right here.

First step; What kind of party are you planning to have. Is it a Birthday Party, Holiday Party or maybe a Graduation Party. Is it going to be a a Surprise party??

These questions are fairly obvious and once you most likely have already decided. Other obvious questions are; What is the main age group of the guests and how many people are you planning to invite. These simple questions will determine a great deal of the decisions you need to make for the party. 

To determine what activities to have at your party it is good to know their age not all games are geared towards children and vice versa some games are for adults only. Having a budget will also determine how many guests you can invite but also determining how many party supplies you will need to supply.

It is fairly obvious that you get your guest to come by sending them and invitation. These days it could be really nice to send out the old fashioned invitations in the “snail” mail instead of the growing in popularity online invitations. The one thing that is really good with online invitations is that whatever site you are using keeps track on who has opened their invitation and who has RSVP’d. and your guests and or friends can reply with a short message.It totally depends on the kind of party you are having. For more formal parties I would still send out a real invitation.

Another important decision is, where are you going to host this party?

If there is enough room at your place have it there, but if you don’t have enough room why not rent a venue. In that way you don’t have to worry about having enough room, setup, prep food or the clean up after. When you look at a venue and if it is going to be outside, make sure there is adequate shade for hot days or shelter for bad weather?  

Offering food and drinks is a party must! The most difficult thing about a party is to figure out how much food is going to be needed. Are you going to have a sit down or a more convenient way is a buffet. Are you going to make all the food yourself or are you going to have it catered? These are very important questions as people expect to go to a party and eat and drink. It will be amongst the first questions other people will ask about the party. How was the party? And how was the food? The food is also the thing that will determine your budget and have the most thought put into it.

There is so much to learn about what goes in to a great party and we have only touched on a few of the basics. Before you can call yourself an expert there is a lot more to learn but the information above should get your ball rolling.

Isabelle Schwimmer is the chief editor of, an information-rich site that discusses party planning secrets and how to plan the perfect party. For detailed information on party planning, visit Isabella Schwimmer’s party planning site at

Planning a Graduation Party

There are a few reasons for what you would want to throw a graduation party. May be your kids are big now and graduated  from elementary school, or from high-school. Or maybe they are taking their first steps into the real life and they just graduated from college. They worked hard for that and they deserve a party.

Planning a graduation party is not a big challenge. It is the same as planning another type of party. But, as you would do with other parties, you need to take in consideration a guest list. When you throw this kind of party for a young child, building the guest list is not very hard. This will become more difficult as the one you are celebrating is getting older. At this point you will want to involve him in this aspect of planning a graduation party.

 But if you plan to throw a surprise party, building the guests list will be a bit more challenging. So you have to ask other people to help with this because you don’t want to live someone out. Your guest of honor will have his preferences and you will have to talk to a friend from his school to obtain the names of the guests. Also if you involve a friend from school, he will tell you who you would not want to invite. If you are giving a party for a married person it is a good idea to speak to someone that is in the guest of honor spouse family. You also have to see if your guest of honor is friend with the neighbors or if he is member of a club.

After you finish the guest list you will start to send the invitations. Emphasize the fact that it is a surprise party! You don’t want that someone ask the guest of honor about the party and ruin your surprise. The only thing that makes hard choosing the decorations while planning a graduation party is that you have a lot of possibilities. It will be very easy to find specific graduation decorations. A good idea is to use the colors of the school that your guest of honor graduated. Put the year in the decorations and also put it on the cake. Throw a flash back party or choose any theme you want, it will make your graduation party unique. You have to make your graduate to feel good and relax, to feel that he deserve that party after years of hard work. So let your imagination loose when you are planning a graduation party.

I am also a party planning enthusiast and if you want more tips on planning a graduation party, or any other party planning, I recommend you to visit

Planning Your Child’s Party

When you are thinking about throwing a party for your child, whether it is to celebrate the end of the term, or due to a fun birthday celebration coming up, you will find that there are a number of things that you can do to make the event more entertaining! Coming up with a theme can help the party go much more smoothly and you will find that there are a lot of great options that are open to you. Whether you have a lot of time to put a party together or you are throwing one together on the fly, there a few suggestions that you might want to consider.

For instance, when you are thinking about how to entertain children, you may find that hiring a performer is a good idea. Clowns make for good entertainment, but you will find that one great option that might set your child’s party apart from everyone else’s is the presence of a magician. A magician is usually pretty good for engaging children who want to be engaged without being too pushy for children who do not. There are a number of games and treats that you can set up for a children’s party with a magician.

You may also want to think about a cruise centered party. Especially in the dead of winter, it can be fun for your kids to wear warm weather clothes and to play the games that you usually associate with n ship board. You can come up with a number of tropical themed foods and beverages and think about all the fun that the kids will have decorating the house for this party.

With all the latest Harry Potter news, you’ll find that your kids are going to love the idea of a fantasy party, and this is where your imagination can kick into high gear. Having a fantasy themed party for your child can be a great way to get everyone into costume and it can give you a lot of opportunities to tell stories and to play games. This is a party that can get wonderfully spooky if you are interested in giving your kids a great scare, so consider what you can do to make sure that you can get the right reaction from the kids in general!

No matter what kind of party you are planning for you child, remember that fancy dress is a great option to get them in the mood. By purchasing the right fancy dress outfit, whether they want to be a ballerina, a knight or a lion, you can show them how special this day is. Take some time and make sure that you consider what kind of costume they are interested in. This can make all the difference. Talk with your child and consider how you are going to be able to get the results that you are after!

Article written by Stanley Lewis for The Kids Window children’s dress up clothing web store.