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Seasonal Wedding reception Favor Suggestions

Planning for a wedding ceremony and party is a stress filled time of a woman’s life. Every single decision will be checked out, not only by the bride-to-be, but by her mother, her bridal party, her good friends and her guests. Thankfully, a few decisions can be made easier with a theme or simply by borrowing from the season for suggestions for wedding reception favours and centrepieces. Utilizing seasonal wedding favors can be a sophisticated strategy to make your wedding unique and fantastic. You can even bring in your wedding theme.

Wedding Favours Influenced by Spring

When you think of springtime, what are some of the very first things you visualize? Snow melting away? Blooming flowers? Brightly colored butterflies? Bumble bees? These are all details you can think about integrating into your seasonal wedding reception favours. Should you have a theme, for instance a spring theme, a flower theme or a colour theme, that may make it a lot easier. Some wedding favours you may consider utilising can include:

* Jars of honey * Stylized butterfly photo holders * Fragrant soap (roses, cherry blossoms, etc) * Personalised mint tins with spring theme * Sandalwood fan (especially good if you’re having an outdoor wedding) * Aromatic candles (honey, lilac, etc)

Wedding Favours with a Summer Theme

Possibly each and every summer for the last twenty years, you have holidayed at the sea and you are carrying on with the custom by honeymooning there. You may choose to add a seaside theme into your wedding, including your wedding favours. Some additional areas to consider are whether it will be outdoors or indoors along with the ease and comfort of your guests. With regard to outdoor weddings customized mineral water bottles may be an ideal favor. Indoors or outdoors, consider:

* Shell shaped soaps * Starfish book marks or magnets * Flip-flops, picture frames * Tea light candles, formed into your favourite flower * Paper fans * Mini lantern candle holders

Autumn Wedding Favours

For many, fall suggests trees adorned with wonderfully colored crimson, yellow, brown and orange foliage. Fall wedding receptions are often beautiful and memorable, with striking photos you are going to treasure for many years. Several autumn themed seasonal wedding favours incorporate:

* Glass coasters with engraved leaves * Bronze leaf key chains (personalised with your names) * Pear soaps * Mint tins with leaves or popular autumn fruits * Acorn candles * Leaf-shaped chocolates * Sugar biscuits cut into fall designs

Winter Themed Wedding Favours

If your wedding is in wintertime, you may have a theme that involves snow, Christmas, snowflakes, a winter wonderland. Some favors which might compliment your theme include:

* Snowmen candles * Glittery snowflake decorations * Snowflake bottle stoppers * Holiday inspired bottle openers * Pine cone place card holder and photo frames * Mini coffee blend * Holiday chocolate-covered pretzels

Basing your wedding style on a particular season ought to provide you with inspiration for your color schemes together with ideas for accessories and wedding favours.

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Kate Moss to Wed in Ibiza?

Katherine Ann Moss, better known as Kate Moss, has been a fashion icon for over two decades. Moss has graced over 300 magazine covers since she began modeling in 1998 at the age of 14. She has appeared on the cover of British Vogue an amazing 24 times over the course of the several years.

The daughter of a boutique manager and an airline clerk, Moss was born in Addiscombe, Croydon in 1974. Her parents divorced when Moss was thirteen years old. She has a younger brother as well as a half sister and half brother. While she wasn’t often recognized as a good student, she was a strong athlete in school.

A lack of high marks in class certainly didn’t keep Moss from knowing success. She was approached at JFK Airport by a renowned modeling agency while she was on her way back to England following a holiday in the Bahamas. Shortly after, her first print campaign appeared in the British magazine called The Face.

Over subsequent years, Kate’s career skyrocketed. She ushered in the waif look of the early nineties with her shockingly thin frame and high cheekbones. Calvin Klein used Moss’s image extensively in his campaigns. By 2007, she ranked second in Forbes magazine’s list of the top-earning fifteen supermodels in the world.

Her personal involvements have been almost as interesting to her fans as her modeling work. She has been romantically linked with numerous celebrities from Hollywood and the recording industry, including Mario Sorrenti, Johnny Depp, Pete Doherty and Nick Corbin. Moss had a daughter named Lila Grace Moss in September of 2002, with Dazed and Confused editor Jefferson Hack.

British tabloids have long been fascinated with Moss’s recreational habits. She is a frequent visitor to Ibiza, and many tabloids have alleged that she and her rocker boyfriends often use cocaine to fuel their party-filled lifestyle. However, Moss successfully sued the Sunday Mirror for alleging she fell into a coma after a weekend of partying in Spain in the 1990’s.

In September 2005, The Daily Mirror ran an extensive photo shoot that seemed to show Moss and Pete Doherty of the Libertines using cocaine. She lost many major modeling contracts after the photos were released, but the British police dropped all charges against Moss in June 2006 due to a lack of evidence.

Kate Moss and her friends still frequent the party island of Ibiza. She is reportedly a huge fan of tech house music, and the island specializes in providing electronic music fans with the best talent in the world. The island is an idyllic paradise that caters to the eclectic tastes of club goers from around the world, and Moss is a big fan of all the island has to offer. She’s been seen with Sly Stallone, Jade Jagger, Sadie Frost, Davinia Taylor and most recently, Jamie Hince.

Online rumor mills reported that Hince and Moss were looking for a church for their nuptials in Ibiza in early August 2008. The couple was reportedly looking at San Carlos church and requested information on wedding receptions at Las Banderas Hotel. The couple has been dating since September of last year.

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Ideas For a Sweets Buffet Bar

A buffet bar of sweets alongside your savoury food buffet presents a fun and eye-catching alternative for birthday parties, wedding receptions, baptisms and bar mitzvahs.

Pour your sweets into boxes, baskets, jars, vases and any other container you think will work. Try placing them at different heights on your buffet table and surround them with decorations that match the theme of your party. Set it all up on a striking tablecloth for your guests’ enjoyment. Provide small gift bags or boxes so guests can take candy home as a favour after the party.

Match Your Colour Scheme

The beauty of sweets is the sheer number of colours they come in. Match your buffet to the colour scheme of your party using English or American sweets as required. Sugar coated sweets like M&Ms or foil wrapped ones like Hershey’s Kisses are ideal. Select all blue and white for a boys birthday or pink and white for a girl. Consider greens and browns for Halloween, multiple colours for Easter and red white and green for Christmas. Even weddings can benefit. For example, if you are staying with all white, choose white mints, and silver or gold foil wrapped sweets.

Match Your Party Theme

Sweets can match your party theme whether it is a birthday, Christmas or fancy dress party. For a space themed party, for example, choose Mars bars and Milky Ways, rum truffles can look like meteors and there is always Gobstoppers and other round sweets to act as planets! Include containers and table decorations that reflect the space theme through stars, suns, space ships and astronauts.

You could be having an American themed party in which case you will want a wide range of well-known American sweets, like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Duds, Baby Ruth’s, Tootsie Rolls and Twinkies.

Consider Your Flavours

Chocolate is always a popular sweet buffet flavour choice and could be created with truffles, miniature chocolate bars, moulded chocolates and chocolate covered raisins. Other flavours that would work with sweet buffets include citrus, cherry or mint.

Create height and drama on the table by arranging your sweet containers on decorated boxes wrapped in fabric or wrapping paper that is decorated with images of candy or mimicking the colours of the candy you have selected.

Use Your or Your Guests Personal Favourites

Base your sweet buffet on what you like best – or if it’s for a specific person, on what they like best. Select five to seven of the favourites pile them on your buffet. If the party is for many, ask around for everyone’s top three sweets and pile high with those!

You can really personalise your birthday or anniversary sweet buffets by adding photographs of the guest of honour to the buffet table in amongst the jars and boxes of sweets. Or, if it is a holiday such as Christmas or Halloween, add models of Santa, reindeer or Dracula and Frankenstein. Use your imagination and you’ll have a real talking point at your next party.

Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of American Soda, retailers of American sweets, drinks and food in the UK.

Top 5 Events for Online Cake Delivery Services

When do you order from an online cake delivery service? Are there times when paying for delivery is just not worth the extra expense? The quick answer here is that there is never a bad reason to order your cakes online. Many people routinely order cakes from food and catering Singapore services just to enjoy in their own homes and some have their cakes delivered very far distances. If you love cake and only wan to pay for the best of the best, there are five occasions when you should only order from a professional gourmet catering service.

Wedding Receptions

You will hopefully only get married one time, and that day deserves to be as special as humanly possible. You carefully select the wedding gown and the tuxedo to be worn by the groom, and you carefully select the location for the wedding and reception. You want your friends and family members to have a great time as well, so you have to choose the food with great care.

Not all online food and catering services will offer wedding cakes, but most will offer smaller cakes that make perfect additions to the dessert table at the reception. You can find a variety of unique flavors, and may even be able to order custom cakes with unique toppings that match your wedding colors.

Birthday Parties

Birthday cakes may be also be custom ordered through online cake delivery services. You can move beyond traditional birthday cake themes and get something original just for your birthday boy or girl. This may be a bit much for a child, but if you are celebrating a milestone birthday it is a great idea for those of any age.

Baby Showers

Little pink booties and diaper cakes on every table. Baby showers are tons of fun, but wouldn’t they be even more fun with a personalized gourmet cake made just for your event? There is no better way to welcome a new baby into the world than through delicious cake, and online Singapore catering services make some of the best cakes for baby showers.

Graduation Parties

Cake is a staple at graduation parties, so you will need to have at least a few different flavors on hand. The bigger the party, the more cake you will need to go around. Try to establish one table just for desserts, and fill it up with unusual flavors that most of your guests have probably never tried. This is a great way to get some attention to the food table and get everyone talking about your party.

Holiday Gatherings

Many people purchase desserts from online cake delivery services when they are planning elaborate holiday gatherings. They can select from cakes designed just for a major holiday, or they can order a variety of fresh cakes in different flavors. This is a fast and easy way to fill out a dessert table so everyone can find a flavor they enjoy. If you want your holiday gatherings to be memorable, this is an option you cannot pass up.

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5 Excellent Entertainment Ideas That Will Set Your Winter Wedding Reception Above The Rest

One thing a bride cannot do without at her wedding is entertainment. A wedding is a celebration as well as the official union of two lives for eternity. A bride wants to make the event both memorable and enjoyable for her guests. This is why the reception, also known traditionally as the wedding breakfast, is so important. A successful reception serves delicious food and has great entertainment. However the entertainment is not just music. It can be other events depending on the theme of the wedding. The point is that you want to come with events and activities that can amuse and interest your attendees and give them great stories of your wedding to tell your friend. Since it is winter most brides will be focusing on holiday and winter themes. Here are some great game ideas that can be used at your wedding reception.

The first idea is great if you are having a Christmas themed wedding. Since gift giving will likely be a big part of your wedding you can try playing Secret Santa games. The process is simple you can have each guest bring a gift to the wedding and when the reception starts have the Secret Santa game start. There are several versions of the game that goes by different names however each follows the same basic rules. Everyone takes turn picking presents and opening them. Then other guests can steal gifts or pick another one. It will be great fun to see what they end up getting.

Another Fun Idea is holiday karaoke. This seems to be a really popular idea for most receptions. You can randomly pick members of the audience and have them sing their favorite carols or holiday songs. You can also have a karaoke machine to give people a wider selection of songs to choose from. You can also do a small version of Showtime at the Apollo and have the audience vote by applause who did the best.

Something interesting you can do with the dancing is to have dance battles or soul train lines. Have everyone on the dance floor do their best moves and give all they got. Something interesting that you can do off to the side is set up a game of Dance Dance Revolutions and have attendees give it their best shot.

Another interesting idea I’ve come across is Naughty or Nice. This will be great for when you give out your holiday wedding favors. The idea is pretty much like the game of Hot Potato. Everyone picks from the pile of wrapped gifts and party favors. However one of them is a lump of gold and one of them is a very nice gift. The person who gets the coal is the “Naughty” person while the person that gets the really great item is the “Nice” person. This is a great game that is quick and simple and won’t take up dance time.

You can also trying involving the DJ by having a game of Musical Freeze. This is great for smaller more intimate weddings and can have interesting repercussion if the guest list is large. In either case, try to find people who can act as monitors for the game. Essentially, the DJ plays music and everyone dances. When the DJ stops the music everyone has to stay frozen in whatever position they are. Add to the fun by having the game monitors take pictures of particular interesting poses.

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Finding a Reliable Wedding Catering Service – Things to Know

Your wedding is the most special day of your life, and you are probably dealing with endless things. However, there is one aspect that perhaps needs more attention than other smaller things – catering. People often forget about other arrangements, including the décor, but they always remember a good meal. You would want your guests to have a good time, and an excellent service will just ensure the same. Finding a catering service can be confusing, which is why we have enlisted a few essential pointers for help.

More than a meal

Caterers do all sorts of events, but working at a wedding is very different. Weddings are often small personal events attended by a limited number of guests, and you will need a company that takes the job seriously. Food at weddings is more than just a meal – It often works as a conversation starter and can be a great way to dine with friends and family. First things first, don’t choose a company that’s just offering a few fixed menus. The concerned weddings catering service should understand your requirements and wedding theme, based on which they must provide their services.

Seek a quote

Wedding meals can cost differently, depending on what you want to include in the package. It is best to make a list of your requirements, based on which you can contact a few services and ask for their assistance. It is also wise to seek a quote in advance. However, don’t choose a service, just because they are offering the lowest price. Personalization and experience are two aspects that cannot be ignored at any point.

Consider the headcount

If you are going to have a big fat wedding, you need a company that can manage the requirements accordingly. The last thing you would expect is your guests waiting for a glass of wine. The services should be discussed in advance, with a clear list of do’s and don’ts. Professional wedding caterers know their jobs well, but in many cases, you might need to give special instructions, depending on the size of the event.

Talk about their services

There’s no denying that food is an important aspect of choosing a catering service, but how the team members treat the guests is also critical. You need to know their service highlights and whether they can actually handle clients and guests with patience. It’s hard to check this aspect at a personal level, but you can always ask their past clients about it. If a company claims to be the best wedding caterer in town, they must have references to offer. Just ask for a few names, so that you can verify their services.

Finally, you need to pay attention to tastings. Sadly, most companies will not offer tastings, unless you have signed with them. A better idea is to start early and ask the company to arrange for tastings, which can be checked at events, specials expos and other places. Once you are good with the price and food, don’t wait further, because you never know when a good service is booked.

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Tasty Table Catering
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Private and Corporate Boat Cruises in Toronto

Able to accommodate 50 to 600 people, a Toronto boat cruise is a luxurious venue that can be the perfect backdrop for any special occasion. Fantastic Toronto Harbor views are absolutely captivating and can set a wonderful mood that you and your guest will recall for a lifetime.

What may come as a surprise to most is that a Toronto cruise is no more or less expensive than most traditional venues – in some cases, it can cost much less.

Even so, people may shy away from renting a yacht believing that only the rich and famous can afford to do so.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Who rents Toronto Yachts?

An individual or a business can rent a yacht any time during the boat cruise season. Toronto based boat cruises are rented either by locals, visiting businessmen or tourists who enjoy the serene beauty of the Toronto harbor.

When planning a dinner cruise event, the primary organizer meets with the ship’s event planners to go over the details. During this time every minute aspect, from the food, to the entertainment, is discussed.

Party Affairs on a rented Yacht

Nearly any special occasion can be celebrated on a dinner cruise with the most popular events being birthdays, graduations, retirement and Holiday parties, Bar/bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions, anniversaries, business parties and corporate events.

Some have even celebrated baby showers or product launches onboard a Toronto cruise.

Toronto yacht Entertainment and amenities

Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands are just few of the glorious natural amenities that can be enjoyed by guests of a boat cruise. Others include a wonderful dining hall, dance floors and amazing dinners that are sure to please any palette.

Live entertainment like karaoke, casinos and game rooms can be offered aboard boat cruises as well. Comedians, caricaturists, fortune tellers, or even party bands can liven up the room and make the event even more stimulating. There is no limit to what you may find during a fantastic Toronto cruise.

Themed Toronto cruises

Private yacht events can be customized to the wants and needs of party-goers.

Of course, Holiday events have a set theme, but aside from those, one can let their imaginations run wild.

Some popular theme idea’s could include:
– Hawaiian Cruises
– Mexican Cruises
– Era and decade themes ( i.e. 60, 70. 80)
– Pirates
– Disco
– Circus
– Parisian
– Mystery

Of course, you can come up with something that is all new and all you – just be sure you discuss the details with the boats event planner so that you get precisely what you want.

Costs of Toronto cruises

The costs can depend on whether you are renting the entire yacht or sharing the yacht with the public.
Fares for Public cruises can cost anywhere from $ 20-80 dollars per head depending on the boat and time of day. Children may cost around 15-40 dollars with kids under 4 riding along for free on most ships.

As for private rentals – the costs can depend on the size of the boat, the number of attendees and the charter company used.

Just keep in mind that any nice event venue will cost you. In many cases, a Toronto cruise service will provide many things, like caterers and entertainment for you. These package deals may end up saving you money in the long run.

Now, most Toronto boat cruises are seasonal, usually starting from April to October. It’s always best to book they ate months in advance as certain times may be taken if you delay.

Private, corporate and holiday affairs can be celebrated a number of ways, but none can be as memorable as an elegant dinner cruise aboard a luxurious Toronto yacht.

NYE Cruises Toronto company offers private cruises, public cruises and corporate cruises for any occasion. When considering Toronto Cruises for Christmas, try Merry Cruises.

Wedding In A Castle Or On A Beach?

The wedding venue that you choose for celebrating the most important time of your life is decisive for the entire atmosphere that your wedding reception will embrace. Every girl dreams of her Prince Charming riding on a white horse and coming to take her to his wonderland. So why not putting that into practice and transforming your dreams into pure reality, at least, for one day in your lifetime. You can feel like royalty if you choose the right wedding venue for the organization of your wedding reception. A lot of celebrities have got married in castles because they provide them with the glamour and grandeur that their popularity requires.

Wedding reception in a castle is the right thing to have for a romantic and type classic wedding. They have magnificent banqueting halls already build for you, all you have to is decorating them according to your own tastes and personality. Moreover, the beautiful grounds are ideal for bringing the colorful history alive. There is nothing more romantic than the medieval surroundings for a romantic candlelit civil ceremony.

These locations are perfect for small receptions, intimate weddings which can be held in elegant rooms. Moreover, larger parties which require huge dancing space can be very enchanting in the French chateaux. Just picture yourself in a flower-filled chapel of a French Chateau or Italian Villa together with your closest friends and family. What can be more emotional than that?

The finest local food and wine can confer you and your guests with a moment to treasure for a lifetime. There is nothing more breathtaking than a midnight private party, having a wonderful time surrounded by 600 year-old ruins. Simple or sophisticated, fanciful or down to earth, these kind of weddings can turn your most remote fantasies into reality.

Less expensive sun-shiny outdoor ceremonies can also be very exotic and glamorous, as well. Beach weddings have become more and more popular ever since TV soap operas and “romance” type of movies have introduced the idea of wedding ceremonies on deserted beaches as a cliche for happy ending. There are very many countries which have been blessed with gorgeous coast lines, such as Italy, Greece, or Spain, but also South Africa or USA. Idyllic locations, perfect wedding settings can be found everywhere, with white sand and breathtaking sunsets which create a lush romantic and warm atmosphere.

Best Hotels in Hyderabad to suit your budget!

Hyderabad the capital of Andhra Pradesh is situated on the Deccan plateau. With the rapid change in time the city has also undergone remarkable transformation. The city is known for its glorious past which is of more than 400 years old. This old age city has now become an important center of software trade. The city of nawabs has still kept alive its age old tradition of giving warm welcome. Hyderabad has maintained a divergent uniqueness in its hotels. The hotels offer awesome facilities. The outstanding accommodation is given here at reasonable price.
These well designed hotels provide world class amenities. Like the hotels in any other part of India the holiday resorts here also tickle the taste buds of its visitors. This place is of fun and frolic for the wine lovers as the city promises to offer superior quality of wine at economical rates. The lover of nature can also get pleasure from the Eco-friendly hotel where the park with striking greenery sprawls all over the hotel premises.

Top Luxury Hotels in Hyderabad:
There are some well-known hotels in Hyderabad few of them are mentioned below:
The Golkonda Hotel: The hotel is located just 6kms away from recently built Hyderabad Airport Terminus. The hotel is beautifully designed and it has 4 banquet halls namely Anashahi, Taramati, Bhagmati and Baradari, these halls are designed in a theater style and can accommodate the seating capacity of 20 to 500 rooms. The Hotel is well equipped and has around 150 rooms. There are deluxe suites and executive suites as well. There is an special feature of the hotel, as it with open air “Bagh-E-Khas” it is a blossoming green party lawn for receptions or corporate dinners.

The Taj MAhal Hotel:
The Taj MAhal Hotel appeals a lot to food lovers as it has an operational multi cuisine restaurant. This restaurant offers mouth-watering Szechwan and Mughlai dishes.
The hotel has 45 well equipped rooms. For food lovers this hotel offers unparalleled culinary delights as it has one in-house restaurant. It is situated besides the commercial hub of the city hence one can enjoy easy accessibility to different parts of the city.

Hotel Taj Banjara is another such hotel in Hyderabad which actually stands up to its brand name the Taj group of Hotels. It is attractively decorated with superior rooms and Presidential suites. Both Executive and Presidential Suites have Jacuzzi. For recreation facilities there is a swimming pool, souvenir shop and fitness center.

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Buy any Dress on Oarry, Get a Bikini for Free

In the midst of summer heat, trendy dresses and bikinis are always the ones that allow ladies show off their figure while remaining cool in summer occasions. Oarry has a wide selection of short and sexy party dresses, wedding dresses and special occasion dresses that allow girls to beat the heat while look their best. In this summer promotion season, buy any dress from, you can get a free bikini, so you can be comfortable and look great during the hottest summer season. This promotion will last from July 25 to August 11. Check them out here:

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With a self-owned garment factory and an in-house design team, all dresses you ordered from Oarry can be customized only for you. All colors and sizes are available. You just need to pick the most favorite style. is dedicated to ensuring the hottest looks move from the catwalk to the high street in the blink of an eye. The high quality and fashionable special occasion dresses from them had won a wide reputation from customers in America, Britain, Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia etc. They already provided the products and services for customers for more than 200 nations and regions.

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