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Know Your Photography – Types and the Differences

It’s a beautiful world with extravagant splendor all around. We humans are always making memories we want to cherish for a long time. To capture and store away those memories what else can be a better way but photography? A photographer is a person trained in the art of taking beautiful and creative photographs. He is a magician who can turn the very ordinary and dull things of our daily lives into something catchy with the help of his camera. Photography is a talent not found in many and those who possess it can even give life to a lifeless object. It is an art that with its exquisiteness can portray not only the happiness but also the sad and bitter truths of life. It can also be called a vision or an imagination that can be made come true with the right tool in the hand. Taking pictures from a camera is a minor thing; it is the power of observation that counts and makes beautiful photographs.

The work is similar to that of a painter. Photographers can pick up even a basic camera and take exceptional images anytime because they are so perfectly trained and they apply the fundamental adjustments to alter brightness or optimize colors an lo and behold – you have an exceptionally beautiful photograph.

If you are an admirer of photographs and want to try your hand at it and discover if there indeed is a closet photographer lurking inside, here we are listing out some of the most common types of photography’s. Not every photographer is all of them, but every photographer is one of them:

* Landscape Photography – Fascinated by the natural beauty of the world? You’ll obviously love landscape photography, which involves photography of large areas of space or lands. It may also focus on man-made objects or disruptions of landscapes. A bigger fan? Fill your house with natural park photography prints. Or do you need an inspiration? Check out Montana scenic landscapes.

* Fashion photography – So you are a photographer and a fashion freak and want to work with the biggest fashionistas and fashion magazines? You must try fashion photography.

* Fine art – Your stretch of imagination is too wide? And you look at this world with your own vision? Try fine art photography. It is photography that aims to express the artist’s perceptions and feelings. You may visit Fine art photography galleries for more insight. The photography of nature-landscapes, seascapes, the sky and life combined in its natural form along with fine art can be described as Fine art nature photography.

* Portraiture- It is all about capturing the emotions, expressions and individuality of a being or a group by focusing mainly on their face or at times on their half or full bodies.

* Wildlife – Fascinated by animals? Become a wildlife photographer and document animals in their natural environment.

* Abstract photography – Abstract photography involves depicting an image that does not correlate itself with the objective world and has been shaped through the perfect use of cameras or by directly altering pictures, paper or other photographic source. It may be portrayed to produce an apparently illusory appearance from the actual object to express an emotion or a sensation.

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Get Jewellery Photography Done at Amazing Prices

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The Best Of Fine Art Photography

Photography is one of the best things mankind has invented. It helps us capture the beauty of the world around us to save it for future use and make certain events timeless and memorable. But over time, photography has evolved out of its normal boundaries and has transcended into an art by itself.

Understanding art photography

There is no clear distinction to identify a photograph as an art photograph but the general perception is that photographs that are artistic and salable, including those that are seen in magazines and exhibitions.
Stock photos are those that capture common places, landmarks, nature, events and people professionally and are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be reused for commercial design purposes. Thomas Schoeller Fine art photography has a huge reserve of New England Stock photos, Vermont and New Hampshire stock photos, Connecticut stock photos and landscape and nature photography including Glacier National Park.

Photographers have evolved into producing works with sharp focus and emphasis on formal qualities that fully exploits the camera instead of reducing its power. The camera is used as a tool to produce pictures of remarkable quality that might be considered marvels unto themselves. There are many types of photography including fine art photography, landscape photography, abstract photography and documentary photography.

Fine art photography

Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer. Fine art photographers take photos that are produced for sale or display rather than in response to a commercial commission. They are produced to fulfill the creative vision of the photographer and includes their perspective of what they see in the world.

Fine art photographers take huge wall décor photographs that can be used as wall art and tastefully placed and integrated with interior decorations. Fine art photographs express the photographer’s emotions and are also designed with the aim of evoking emotion in viewers by photographic process. This can classify these photographs as art rather than just works of technique.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is sometimes called non-objective, experimental, conceptual or concrete photography. In abstract photography, a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world is depicted. These photographs are created through the use of photographic equipment and materials.

Abstract photographs might also isolate a part of a natural scene (say focus on the inner patterns of a flower’s pollen or the veins of a leaf) and might be purposely staged to create an unreal effect from real objects. This might involve certain manipulations to the color, light and shadow to bring the texture and shape into special focus.

Traditional photographic equipment including the camera, darkroom or computer can be used to create abstract photographs though sometimes it may be created without the camera and by directly manipulating the film, paper or the digital presentation.

Photographs, overall, have a lot of value and aesthetic appeal and it is very easy to use photographs to add color and meaning to life. Photographs are miraculous captures of everything around us and can often be stories unto themselves.

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8 Lesser – Known Secrets to Boosting Sales with Ecommerce Photography

Most purchasers are visual customers and the data passed on by a decent product photograph can be inestimable. When taking a gander at indistinguishable destinations, a prospective client will more often than not purchase from the online store with better product photographs. In brick and mortar stores, customers can handle, hold and touch the product, with a live demonstration of its benefits. Conversely, on the web, the client settles on product choices in view of an elevated feeling of emotional fulfillment.

Great ecommerce photography will give answers to your client’s inquiries; addressing the product quality, color detailing, and material used, and its purpose and use. With quality ecommerce photography, the enthusiastic consumer is fulfilled prompting an increase in the purchase intent resulting in sales.

Great quality Ecommerce photography can lessen client service request.

By demonstrating different edges, zoom-ins, front, back, and sides of products, clients will have fewer inquiries regarding the product before buying, resulting in fewer returns after a sale. If a product photograph can answer a question the shopper has, you will save endless money on client service requests and returns. Let the photographs offer the product for you!

Why terrible ecommerce photography murders sales in E-businesses?

Let’s site an example. For instance, you are working with two photographs of the same product. Both photographs are of comparable workbenches. Both are sold on eBay at comparative costs. Both demonstrate the workbenches of the product, yet, one gives you a detailed view while the other offers a breakout view. The first offers different product perspectives including numerous angles, close-ups and alluring shots that connect with you. However, the other has no extra detail. Which one would you purchase?

Bad and novice ecommerce photography or an absence of different photographs slaughter sales much sooner than the shopping basket. Client service request expands as a result of ineffectual ecommerce photography, both before the sale and after.

Here are the 8 lesser-known secrets to boosting sales with ecommerce photography

1. If you have restricted access to the product or a constrained budget, begin by improving the photographs of your most imperative products first. Significance may be controlled by net revenues, most selling products, least selling products or some other aspect. The key is to begin and start to make upgrades now. Stay informed about changes in rates or sales insights.

2. Take photographs of numerous angles and close-ups of products. Demonstrate the front, back, sides, and zoom-ins of every product. It is recommended to display a minimum of 5 product photographs for each item; however, if you can display 7 images, it would be far better. 360 degree pivots can be a decent alternative as well.

3. Show distinct components or product assets. You never really know what a purchaser is searching for. Showcase photographs with distinctive utilization situations or elements in real life. Use illustrations if you are offering shoes. A purchaser may be searching for a particular color, size, design or purpose. Display photographs of the shoe in all hues accessible. If it’s a running shoe, demonstrate a man using it to jog.

4. Ensure that your site is displaying photographs as expansive as possible. The photographs in the indexed lists, category pages, and product detail pages need to be clear and without any blurs and damage. Keep in mind, your objective is to offer products, the site should not be more attractive than your ecommerce photography.

5. Offer Lifestyle-oriented ecommerce photography. As a rule, a product is best found in a domain, for example, an outdoor activity scene or indoor design shot. Lifestyle shots demonstrate an enthusiastic reaction to a photograph. If you are offering private lighting, offer charm shots of the lighting product in an upscale home. Intermittently, individuals purchase “trust” or accept that purchasing a product will accommodate them with what Lifestyle photographs offer.

6. Use basic foundations. The product detail page ought to have numerous product photographs, and these ought to be on a simple foundation, for example, white, dim, dark or some other shading. Basic foundations take into account the product to represent itself with no issue and don’t occupy from the product.

7. Edit the photographs for size, color equalization, consistency, and design. Photographs ought to be shot at the most astounding resolution that your camera allows. Yet, during the altering procedure you ought to exchange every photograph to 72 dpi at its greatest size. It will be seen on the site prominently. Higher resolution pictures on the site will make it load gradually. In case you have product zoom-ins, you may require higher resolution images. Conversely, this ought to be tried for most extreme adequacy. If you are using Photoshop® or any other image altering software, ensure that the color of all photographs is corrected to the same color offset. Crop each image for the best presentation of the product.

8. Hire an expert. Excellent ecommerce photography demands a lot of aptitude, time and the perfect photography equipment and gear. While it is conceivable to do it without anyone’s help, you will require a decent digital SLR camera, lighting, lenses, backgrounds, and the characteristic capacity to catch that flawless shot. Proficient product photographers will deliver better photography shots, much faster.

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Skug Photography-The Most Efficient in Photography Services

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Online product photography is needed these days because everything is sold online. All kinds of product and services can be seen sold through online websites these days. There are many merchants who try to sell their product through online websites. In today’s technological world we are running in context with it. We can say that because we are using the latest technology in terms of our equipment’s related to photography. Our photographers do the best online product photography at an affordable cost. Our photographers bring out uniqueness in terms of photography. They bring out the best from a fashion model when they are giving shot for online product photography. We have helped many of the companies to grow in their business when it comes about online product photography and we do it by helping you not to spend too much and do it within your budget.
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Skug Photography – Helping Clients In E-commerce Photography

We have helped many photographers who are amateur to get their portfolios done at affordable cost. Also we have helped many fashion models to get success in model hunts by providing them best kind of photography done for their portfolios. Our services have made us one of the best photography units in NCR. We are also known far and wide because of our services. Our clients come from as far as Jaipur, Ambala, Chandigarh and Shimla. We have always got appreciation for our work through our clients. So we will help you in any kind of photography and you can contact us on an immediate basis. Our services are one of the best in terms of photography. We have hired the best of the photographers along with digital mixing experts and spot boys who do not leave anything at stake in terms of photography. So for any kind of photography you can consider us as the one stop shop.
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8 Golden Rules for Capturing the Best Street Fashion Photography

It does not matter how experienced you are, as a street photographer, shooting several street fashion brands in just a couple of hours or at the most, half the day can be taxing. While shooting for street fashion photography, a photographer tries to maximize the efficiency of the entire process. Acting hastily might get the task done, but with no creativity, the task remains in vain. Moreover, each photographer carries his/her own style of executing street fashion photography while taking on situational demands. For all these and more, even a professional street fashion photographer needs effective tips and techniques to yield favorable and stunning images.

Whether you are just starting out have managed to create a name for yourself in street fashion photography, it is possible to run out of concepts and ideas. Also, it’s never too late to learn a couple of tricks and be an edge above other photographers. From photo shooting to lighting, editing to blogging about photography, it is good to stop and take lessons at street fashion photography and ideas from other experts.

Skug Photography is one of such agencies that comprehends your anticipation and understand that you are probably carrying tons of questions on your mind. Hence, this article will act as a handy tool to offer some of the best suggestions. If you really adore street fashion photography then, you ought to practice best sharing and take a few tips from interesting street photos taken by your counterparts.

One should have an eye for good style and angles in street fashion photography. It is something that is inherent and should come naturally. While you can learn the basics of photography from research and loads of practice, innate creativity is a gift one is born with – it cannot be cultivated.

Skug Photography experts have put together 8 rules to help you achieve the best street fashion photography results. You can thank us later when your street fashion photography is appreciated by clients and becomes legendary!


While all professionals use Photoshop, giving your images, a quick finesse is not so difficult and can go a long way. There are people who use Instagram filters, but for a more distinct, polished and captivating finish, use professional tools.


The background in a street fashion photography session is both essential and not, at the same time. What’s great about this style of photography is that the entire world is your stage. You can take pictures just about anywhere with minimal set-up and equipment. Be it a road, a waterway, a sidewalk or a park, if you notice anyone draped in a fashionable, trendy outfit, you can click away. However, you can pump up the game by putting a bit of extra effort, choosing backgrounds and depth of field that complements your street fashion photography session. Keep the foreground minimal and less busy and use various lines and unusual angles to help with the visual pop.


Controlling the lighting, similar to the background, is another occurrence where some additional prep time can have a major effect. Pick an area with warm common lighting that creates highlights and shadows without concealing facial components.

In street fashion photography, the sunlight direction has an immense impact. It is awesome to watch out for how amazingly it continues changing throughout the duration of the day, to such an extent that the impacts make each picture extraordinary. Right from the backdrop illumination to dappled light, an expert street fashion photographer must ask the subject to remain in the perfect place and position to accomplish shifted impacts. While it may feel unbalanced educating the subject on numerous occasions, it is a trick to get the best results. It is valuable know-how that dawn and nightfall are normally viewed as the golden hours to shoot.

The Border debate!

In Street fashion photography, there is something experts will never seem to consent with — whether the border or the square function are tastefully pleasing or not. Cutting a photograph into a box-shaped or including some perfect borders absolutely adds flavor to a picture and can even make it reminiscent of an old Polaroid. However, truly stating, we’ve all seen those occasions where a thick dark fringe loses its “wow” component. The fundamental thought here is to go simply with your gut. As it would turn out – the thing that street fashion photography is about – attempting new things and never getting excessively attached thus, making it impossible to stick to one strategy or style!


Individual inclinations are characteristic, yet contrasts exist. Street fashion photography is absolute best with a shallow depth of field that permits the background to obscure marginally, allowing the picture to pop out and assume the focal viewpoint. We suggest using a 50mm or 85mm prime lens with a wide or low aperture of F2.8. With this function, excess light enters and helps you in accomplishing the desired impact.


Suppose it is possible that you are enlivened by your good role model street fashion photographer, soaking up has no opportunity to achievement. In case you wish to showcase your work at an exhibition, the stage is set for you to draw out your exceptional style to the fore. In particular, when a pattern is singled out, varieties in capturing a few individuals, yet on the same subject, gives it selectiveness. All things considered, that is precisely the reason for shooting at a typical point. To get an extraordinary style fashion photography report, photographers must explore their imaginative ability to the most extreme.


While dealing with street fashion photography, it is crucial to scan for compositions, embellishments, prints or even adornments as needed. These are situations that demand a close-up shot or definite shot to wide-angle shot to sum up the patterns, or to highlight full length. This makes it key that a cross section of the look is highlighted as patterns are best highlighted in that style. Likewise, viewers concentrate all the more on how the shape, color or surface of the apparel is highlighted, without getting occupied by the subject. Street fashion photography demands this precision and hence, your focus should be on highlighting “street fashion” and not the “subject.”


In case you are attempting your hand in street fashion photography, doubtlessly, the background you pick should be helpful to your needs. At the end of the day, any background that conflicts diverts or surpasses the pictures will be a strict no-no. To accomplish the task, paying special heed to location settings would improve the shot. Some regular things to evade are billboards, advertisement hoardings, canisters or street signs. So it stands clear; being mindful of the environment is an element that street fashion photographers must possess.


It is shocking; however, countless people consider street fashion photography as simply capturing images of the fashion trends on the streets. They think of it as merely clicking pictures of energetic and spiritless subjects, in diverse styles. In fact, street fashion photography is about individual inclinations and character, to a great degree.

Lastly, in Street fashion photography, when you have settled in the style, location, light, and natural angles, concentrating on your subject’s comfort and reaction during the slight variations in position is of foremost significance. It is likely that the sack or perhaps the shoe or even the article of clothing’s cut can say a lot that would have otherwise been unnoticeable without the photographer sparing a thought for such crucial components. It is imperative that the photographer ought to catch the right moves at the accurate time, and this is what is called as impeccable photography dance.

The article mentions 8 factors to deliver an impactful Street fashion photography. The experts of Skug Photography offer these tips and ideas to help budding talents make a mark in the genre of photography.

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Discovering new avenues in Photography

Mauritius is one of the most favorite destinations for wedding and that is why Wedding photography Mauritius is so popular and in demand. Wedding photography Mauritius can capture the magic of your wedding in the most special way. Wedding photography Mauritius can create magical albums by capturing each moment of the most important day of your life. When we see portfolios then we dream of getting the same quality of snaps. Wedding photography Mauritius can get beautiful pictures of the same quality that you always dream t of. We all see our wedding pictures every now and then and nothing feels greater than seeing ourselves in beautiful poses. It feels great to see ourselves beautiful and in great poses.

Wedding Photographer that you select for your wedding has the greatest role in making you look beautiful and natural in your wedding pictures. Wedding Photographers are trained enough to capture each small moment in innovative manner so that everything looks natural. It becomes very important to find and book a Wedding Photographer well before time s o that you can get the best Wedding Photographer for your wedding.

Apart from wedding, people are crazy about Portrait Photography and they want the best. Family portraits are also getting popular and have become common for living rooms. Portrait Photography can easily help you in getting a perfect family portrait for your living room. You can also get couple portraits for your bedroom and can also be used in the special corners of your home. Before you decide to go to a profession who can do Portrait Photography for you, you need to be sure of the kind of portrait you want and what is your budget for Portrait Photography. Portrait Photography for living rooms is certainly different than the Portrait Photography that is done for other types of portraits. Photography studios Melbourne is fully equipped to get any type of portraits ready for you.

Photography studios Melbourne is also preferred by the people who look forward to stylish fashion photography. If you want to step into the world of fashion then you can walk to a good photography studios Melbourne for fashion photography. You can get great portfolios made for you at these photography studios Melbourne. Not only this but today even you can do Photography courses Mauritius and become great photographer. These Photography courses Mauritius are not only for the people who aspire to make their name in the world of fashion photography or do any other specialization like portrait photography. Photography courses Mauritius can also be just another way of nurturing your hobby.

Photography courses Mauritius are easily available and there is no age bar for joining these courses. These Photography courses Mauritius can help you in establishing your career as a photographer if taken seriously. You can do a specialization course in any of the fields of photography. Fashion photography is one of the most popular specializations that have huge prospects for a bright career. You can get help and information from renowned named like Clique photographers that have become a brand in photography.

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Ecommerce Photography-The Perfect Way to Display your Products

Photography has been invented in the late 19th century. Earlier if people wanted to display some goods and services they used to showcase those products through paintings which were not the exact replica of the product but were able to signify the product. People used to understand about the product through the paintings moreover earlier there was no such advertisement and people use to buy products through barter system. But since money come into being and people started purchasing goods and services through money and there was a large scale advertisement the need of product photography come into being and more people used to look at the pictures to understand about the product. With the invention of photography there was a need of product to reach people’s imagination through photography. So the need of photography comes into being and people also opted for photographs as it was the replica of goods in form of pictures. In today’s world people try to get the services through ecommerce sites. The services today are sold and purchased through ecommerce sites. Ecommerce is becoming very popular these days. From bikinis to bridal wear everything can be seen on ecommerce sites and thus photography related to ecommerce ha s become a necessity these days.
E commerce photography is the need of the hour because in the advent of 21st century everything is sold through ecommerce sites at reasonable rates. The products and services are liked by people on the ecommerce sites and people tend to buy it after liking the products on ecommerce sites. Skug Photography is one of the best studios which do one of the best ecommerce photography at reasonable rates. Not only ecommerce photography but also all other types of photography is done at Skug Photography such as jewellery photography, nature photography or tabletop product photography and even product photography at affordable cost. If you will take our services once you will be compelled to take our services again and again because of the best kind of photography at affordable cost. So if you are looking for any kind of ecommerce photography at affordable cost you can take our services. We do the best kind of photography at affordable cost. Our services in terms of photography cannot be compared with anyone because we provide the best kind of ecommerce photography at affordable cost from our state of the art studio in Noida. Not only in terms of photography but our other services are also in terms of web designing and digital technologies.
Ecommerce photography not only projects your goods and services in affluent manner but also helps you to choose the products and services for you in a better manner because if you will see the photographs of the goods it will be in the same manner as are the goods. We have one of the best digital mixing experts and eminent photographers and the best spot boys who bring out the best in terms of ecommerce photography. Our photography team do not leave any stone upturned in terms of providing the best form of photography at prices like never before. So our services are one of the best in terms of not only ecommerce photography but also all other types of photography such as the other kind of services like jewellery photography, product photography and other photography at affordable cost. We also do outdoor photography such as nature photography because our photographers keep themselves update with new techniques of photography. They also have one of the best photography equipments so that they should not lack behind in today’s competitive world. So if you are looking for one of the best photography you can contact us at Skug Photography.

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