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Stag Party Ideas – Dos And Don’t’s

Stag parties have had a bad reputation ever since the first one was held hundreds of years ago. Actually, stag parties originated as quite innocent get togethers, not the uproarious gatherings of today. If you need to throw a stag party, here are some stag party ideas to keep you out of trouble, and not do too much damage to the bank book.

A stag party certainly doesn’t need to be raucous, noisy, in bad taste, or held in a place that you wouldn’t normally go with married friends. You don’t need questionable themes, loud music, or illegal activities. You just need to have fun, and there are many ways to do that and still retain your purpose and your good behavior record.

Stag parties started in the middle ages, and they had nothing to do with a man’s last night out as a single care free guy who was about to be tied down for the rest of his life. A “stag” party was similar to a coming of age party. Much like a Sweet 16 is for a girl nowadays, stag parties from hundreds of years ago simply meant that a man was now a stag, or, “of breeding age”. It was a coming out party of sorts.

Although the connotation hasn’t actually changed all that much over the years, new age party revelers seem to think that partying is the major focus as they say goodbye to their single friend, heading off to servitude.

So, if you are planning on giving a stag party, simple and cheap is just fine. Take your buddy out for drinks, play some video games, go to a local casino if you’re within a legal gambling area. Find a designated driver or hire a limo for the night and go club hopping. Have a theme party that involves his favorite sport (for instance, if he’s a Yankee’s fan, take him to a game!).

A stag party is supposed to be fun – for everyone. Even the strangers around you. Don’t let it get out of control.

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Best Easter Gift Ideas for Kids-Select Cute Easter Baskets for Them

How time flies! The much-awaited 2014 Easter is sneaking in! So far, do you have any novel Easter gift ideas to amaze your kids? Wanna prepare a fantastic Easter gift to delight your kids? Here this article will share with you the top ten best Easter gift ideas for kids with a desire to help you pick up the wonderful Easter gifts for your kids.

Top 1 Easter Gift Ideas for Kids-All in One Easter Basket ($ 24.99)

This cute Easter basket is brimmed with delicious Easter goodies neatly wrapped inside, like jelly beans, bunny candy corn, foil-wrapped solid chocolate eggs, milk chocolate malt balls, milk chocolate Easter bunny and more. Apart from the scrumptious snacks, you will be also beyond pleased with its delicate appearance that it’s decorated with white rattan, along with a polka-dotted cotton liner. And you may also find your kids name since this Easter basket is embroidered with up to 10 names. More incredibly, it provides your choice to pick the vibrant color for the liner, such as pink, blue, green and more. Certainly, you are free to personalize it and make it look far more wonderful.

Top 2 Easter Baskets for Kids-All in One Boys Easter Basket ($ 39.99)

If you intend to select the special Easter gift for your boys, this all in one boys Easter basket is the unmissable treat. Compared to the former mentioned one, this Easter basket is a deluxe version for boys! You see Easter basket is awash with a helluva lot of yummy goodies and a huggable white Easter bunny sporting a dapper bow tie! Covered with green Easter grass and crafted of natural rattan, it’s available in 3 sizes like the picture showing. Assuming cost doesn’t matter, then it’s advisable to splurge on this cool boys Easter basket.

Top 3 Easter Treats for Kids-All in One Girls Easter Basket ($ 39.99)

A Personal Creations Exclusive for your princess! This “egg-stravagant” Easter basket is also filled to the brim with a bonanza of toothsome goodies and an adorable spot clean polyester plush bunny. This girl Easter basket is accented with a cheerful liner in Polka Dot, Pink Bunny or Princess design of your choice.

Top 4 Essential Easter Gift for Kids-Classic Easter DVDs for Kids ($ 8-13)

Sending kids with the DVD version of Easter movies for kids is a second-to-none choice, since you can enjoy Easter movies with your kids together and also they can learn more about Easter. The most famous Easter DVDs are It’s the Easter Beagle,Charlie Brown, The Easter Bunny Is Comin’ to Town, Hop and alike. All of them are the lovely yet funny animations, which will bring you and your kids great deals of laughters.

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Top 5 Easter Present Ideas for Kids-Plush Easter Basket ($ 16.99)

Super cute Easter baskets! The cuddly yet easy-to-tote fabric Easter baskets have darling details and sufficient space for candy and Easter treats. I bet you will be very satiated with the outcome of the personalization that it’s downright at your disposal to choose blue bunny, lamb, chick, frog, pink bunny, bumblebee, butterfly or ladybug and also opt for any name, up to 9 characters. Every customer who uses it speaks highly of it.

Top 6 Easter Gift Ideas for Kids- Big-as-a-Basket Easter Egg & Pet Rabbit ($ 18.98-49.98)

How beautiful the Easter egg is! This basket-sized amazing Easter egg is benefitted from the hand-applied antique print from Germany, which grants it an eternal old-world quality and feeling. Still, look at the vivid plush Pet Rabbit fitting perfectly inside, which makes a big surprise for your kids to discover.

Top 7 Easter Treats for Kids-Ukranian Egg Decorating Kit ($ 8.98-26.98)

Thirst for enhancing your kids’ operational ability? This Easter gift can achieve it with no sweat. As is known to all, the Ukrainian people have perfected the art of “pysanky,” a wax-resist and dye process on eggs for centuries. Now your kids can learn to create these unique treasures with this decorating kit like a cork. It’s overflowing with 8 packets of vivid, water-soluble dyes, two “kistky” tools for drawing the linework in wax, a beeswax patty, full instructions with design diagrams, and color photos of finished eggs, all attractively boxed. It’s recommend for your kids aging 8 or older.

Top 8 Easter Present Ideas for Kids-Easter Chocolate House ($ 26.98)

Where do chocolate Easter bunnies live? Surely chocolate Easter bunnies live in chocolate houses which have sweet windows, doors and roofs. Build one just like theirs so you can celebrate spring’s sweetness in sunny bunny style. This comprehensive kit contains pre-formed solid-chocolate sides and roof, and pink, purple, yellow, and green candy-writer gel pens for both “cementing” the house together and surrounding the house with sunshine and flowers, and two containers of colorful confetti (Eggs and Easter Assortment). A fun family project!

Top 9 Stylish Easter Gift for Kids- Wooden Easter Bunny Hutch ($ 21.98-45.98)

Spring has sprung in the bunny-full hutch. There’s many things here for kids to see and do: an eight-piece fence to set up; the carrot house to visit; a dinner of eight carrots to fix in the bowl and get into look after busy bunnies; the water bottle to fill& it may start as pet care play, but exciting bunny-ville adventures are sure to follow. Your kids can also add their own toys into it, like adding more plates, bunny beds, bunny animal friends and more.

Top 10 Self-made Easter Gifts for Kids-Easter Fluorescent Eggs

Besides buying the ready-made Easter gifts for kids from online stores, there is another way for you to get Easter gifts for children-made by yourself. All you need to prepare is the glow sticks and plastic eggs and the whole working process is easy to death. The first step is to put the glow sticks into the plastic eggs. The next step is to hide them in the house and turn off the lights for the hunt. Done! Then you can play the hunting games with your kids. Much fun, right?

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Five Vegetarian Appetizer Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

Vegetarian friends attending your party might need some foods requiring a little pre planning. Salsa, guacamole, French onion dip, spinach dip and hummus are naturally vegetarian dips. Man cannot live on dips alone, you might say. So, what other common options are available, needing little effort or extra planning?

Five Vegetarian Appetizer Ideas

Pesto is nicely vegetarian and is delicious spread on some crusty bread, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and broiled until the cheese is bubbly. Most people love these. Pesto can be mixed with some cream cheese and used to stuff little hollowed out cherry tomatoes. Making pesto at home is a very simple thing. In a food processor combine 2 packed cups each of basil and parsley, half cup shredded Parmesan cheese, 3 tablespoons pine nuts or walnuts, 2 or 3 minced cloves garlic and process to a paste. Slowly add in a half cup of olive oil until combined. For a taste change, try making pesto with arugula substituting for some or all of the basil.

Little mini quiches are a hit with the entire crowd and are also vegetarian. Mix together in a bowl, 8 ounces of shredded cheddar cheese, 6 crushed saltine crackers, 4 eggs and 3 chopped green onions. Drain a 12 ounce jar of marinated artichoke hearts, then chop the artichokes and add to the bowl. Mix well and scoop into greased mini muffin tins. Bake them for 20 to 25 minutes at 350 degrees, or until set and lightly browned. These little quiches are excellent served with some hot sauce on the side. If these are made without the crackers mixed in, the texture is slightly looser, but equally good, and naturally gluten free.

Cheese balls can easily be meat free. Those found in the grocery commonly contain no meat. If you make one at home, you have control of what is added in. A nice combination might be 16 ounces cream cheese, 8 ounces other cheese, such as shredded cheddar or Parmesan, 2 teaspoons of curry powder or Garam Masala and 1/4 cup mango chutney. Mix this combination well, form into a ball or balls and roll in chopped nuts or parsley to serve.

Little skewers of cheeses and condiments will make an excellent vegetarian combination. Use assorted cheeses. You may use a common cheese such as cheddar, colby or jack, or you might get fancier and use cheeses like Manchego or Gruyere, among others. Pair the cubed cheeses on skewers with slices of sweet or dill pickle, pitted olives such as black, green or Kalamata. Other things such as red or yellow cherry tomatoes, chunks of bell pepper and leafy herbs such as basil might be added. Other tasty additions are marinated artichoke hearts or roasted red peppers.

Medjool dates are excellent additions to any party. They are luscious and sweet and pair well with savory additions. Try stuffing them with chunks of feta cheese for that savory bite, or cut them in half around the middle and insert one pecan half for beautiful presentation.

As with other specialty diet considerations, it is best to read labels carefully in order to avoid little pitfalls. So many items carry ingredients one would never have realized. Be aware, and note how many wonderful foods exist that are completely and naturally vegetarian.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope it was informative and helped you along your own culinary journey. You will find many more recipes and helpful tips on my web site. I am on Facebook at A Harmony of Flavors and share a recipe or tip each day to the fans that have liked my site. I hope to see you there soon.

My name is Chris Rawstern, I have been on a cooking and baking journey for 42 years. Many people have asked what A Harmony of Flavors means. Have you ever had a meal where the visual presentation was stunning, the smells were incredible the taste was so remarkable that you ate slowly savoring every bite, wishing the experience would never end? Then you have experienced what a truly harmonious meal can be like.
I began my cooking career in Guatemala, in 1970. I moved there as a naive 20-year-old, and set out to learned about cooking in a foreign land. I will pass along special recipes that I have been making for 42 years, and new ones. I will also pass on tips or notes with things to watch for and what just plain works better. I have amassed huge quantities of recipes over the years, and recently have begun giving classes.
My passion is to teach people how to create a Harmony of Flavors with their cooking, and help pass along my love and joy of food simple and exotic, plain or fancy. I continue my journey in ethnic and domestic cuisines, trying new things. I would love to hear from you, to help me continue my journey to explore diverse culinary experiences and hopefully to start you on a journey of your own.
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Sweeten Your Party beforehand with Candy Invitation

Your party is candy party and since you are going to a lot of trouble finding the perfect invitation pick from a company that designs the perfect invitation for you and one that is not mass produced. Choose an invite for your party not only with a ‘sweet greeting’ but with add the extras and offer you something exclusive. Invites are ordered for all kinds of special parties and events. If your party theme is sweet, choose an invite that is not only exclusive, but one that is custom designed in your colors. A popular Invitation that with candy, bows and other adornments attached to them tell your guests from the start that your birthday is really going to be very special event. An idea that is most popular is a lollipop attached to the invite decorated with a bow and a decal with the honoree’s initial or birthday year on it and in a matching design to the invite.

Custom Invites that are modern and contemporary will not only give your guests a sneak preview of what to expect from your special party but will get them excited about what is to come!. If you are looking for a unique and special invitation find one that will not only match with the theme of the party but also the theme, or the party colors, table settings, centerpieces, the spectacular cake, the candy favors, and the dress attire and more. Try to coordinate all these elements that pull together your whole event. You can make your day even sweeter with our candy invites – an invitation with real edible candies attached. Guests love to receive the invitation with a sweet treat attached. The invitation design can be in any color and in any design to compliment the rest of the event. Select from extreme elegance, whimsical, avant guard, dramatic, bold, contemporary, therefore having the invitation become a gateway to your dream party day. An invitation can be designed like the cake or a special theme for that honoree. Lot’s of themes can be used in designing invites, Mardi Gras, Pirates, Candyland, Princess, !st Birthday Prince, Cartoon Characters, Hawaiian or Tropical, Beach, Garden, Sports, Hollywood, 50’s party, Under the Sea, etc.

When looking for a unique invitation, it is imperative you find a highly regarded merchant that sells quality original designs, exclusive ideas, an array of colors, as well as one that is printed with high quality ink that matches, quality papers and matching envelopes from a trustyworthy manufacturer. It might be necessary to view the customer base and see the comments from customers that have been satisfied with this product and how it has reached all over the world with satisfied customers. A company where you can actually speak to the artist and creator of the product has great advantage as apposed to dealing with a mass produced card sold on thousands of other websites and marked up. Many invite websites have templates customers must fill in and do the work, but a company that does that for you makes the invite less stressful and the final look will be balanced and include all the things you would want to tell your friends and family about the upcoming event in an elegant manner. Be aware of choosing a company that helps with the designing and placement of the text and not left to the customer to make all those decisions on an invitation template. A company that makes available designs that can match not only the party invitation but also can match the announcement party invites, save the date cards, thank you cards, RSVP and reply cards, menu cards, extra map cards, cards for just the ceremony or service, and of course matching address labels. Most companies on the internet are selling a mass produced product so in turn, that is what you get – the set design, set colors and spacing where they want it and all done by the customer! Remember full color denotes mass production.

A candy party theme invitation is a new concept and one that will be chosen by many that want that extra special touch to their invitations without having to over pay extra for it. Many people like the idea of adding their own personal phrase or poem in the invite. By adding the RSVP matching card it saves and gives you more space for venue, time, place and date. If two invites are needed, one for the ceremony and one for the reception the same design can be used with different text or a compliment design in the same colors can be chosen.

Choose a company that can offer the whole package and one that also has the candy wrapped with elegance so your event turns in to dream candy party and is as lovely as the honoree or honorees.

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Our Team Makes Your Marriage Exclusive and Memorable

This is the day where everyone wants to do some special on his special days and we all aware from this, marriage is one of the special day in life for a person. When we perceive sound this word marriage then a lot of feeling comes in our mind, whatever it’s related to your marriage, your brother marriage, your sister marriage or any one. It’s comes like a big festivals or we can say it’s a very important day in a person. And the entire relation person comes that day and want to attend good marriage ceremony. So seeing this point of view a good and attractive arrangement is so important for you and because of this you want to contact with one of the best weeding planner.

Our company is providing one of the best wedding planners in delhi and leading the number 1 place by providing a quality of services. Our team has a quality of member that has a capability to make you marriage beautiful and memorable. In a marriage mostly for thing is so important, first thing is place where marriage will happen. We have a special team that has more experience and idea about in this field. They will provide you some places nearby your home or after that you can select one place or other option is also available for you. You can also suggest some place then finely we will decide one place. 2nd thing is food facility. This is so much important for everyone and for this we have contract with best Delhi ncr hotels and from last ten years we never got any complain. 3rd is flower and we all know about this fact, how much this is impotent for a marriage and for flower we will provide some sample and then you have a multiple option to choose any one according to your knowledge or sample. And last one is music and now the days without music we can’t talk about marriage. This plays a very important role in your marriage and for this we have contract with one of the west band that have already given a fantastic performance to our customer.

Now we talk about another special day, yes this is birthday. A birthday is also a day in your life that’s you want to make memorable and do some special thing. Take one example your birthday is coming next month and you want to celebrate your birthday in different style. So for this you want to contact with one of the best professional party planner company. Our team has already given best services to the customer by providing quality of services or arrangement. The one thing makes us unique from other that is we provide arrangement on the basis of age and budget.
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Performing Your Sweet Sixteen Party Strategies

There are three enormous stuff that generally race by way of any girl’s thoughts: a superb wedding, a massive entrance for the prom, and, a massive sixteenth birthday. None is much better than the other, and each has to become perfectly planned and executed.

There are lots of themes and ideas that you simply may well have are available up with for your huge working day. Fantasies make wonderful concepts, but making them take place is what appears hard to most 16 years olds. Recommendations appear from how you might have seen other most people run their parties, read within the magazines or the net, or watched in films. This gives you a wide diversity and open mind to choose on the top or combine bits of different ones, to occur up with the most effective and most distinctive get together.

My greatest sweet sixteen bash concept was to have lots of customers turn up for my great day. I’m not a fan of tremendous crowds, but I liked the thought of having to draw the attention of so a number of men and women. As the working day bought closer, I felt strange concerning the total thought. That is when I decided that I would go on with my large special event, but after partying, choose out several of my pals to have enjoyable till morning.

Financing and catering for a substantial special event is very expensive and bearing the entire financial burden in your parents is the worst punishment ever. Since it is YOUR day, why not chip in. Use some of your savings to purchase some soiree necessities, or even the bash costume. As for the guests, don’t even think about sparing them a penny. Nothing in life, specially pleasurable, comes in for totally free. Other than bringing you presents, ask them to come with drinks and some snacks.

The social gathering mood is constantly noisy and loud, especially in the event you have a Deejay. Taking precautions will save you along with the rest in the crew from experiencing full enjoyable. If the get together is to be organized at your place/residential area, alert the neighbors prior to the working day arrives. The neighbors will then let you’ve gotten your soiree in harmony without having to knock in your door or call the authority.

The same applies when that you are hosting a party in a club. Early bookings give you freedom to select the very best lounge for that soiree and let the management organize the soiree for you before hand. All in all, anything will need to be set early-from the delivery from the invitations to the indicates of transport to become used. 1 minor hitch may possibly make the entire thing blow up in your face.

Your sweet sixteen gathering will only be memorable if you’re in a position to can come up with distinctive concepts and execute them appropriately. You are able to never have a perfect party, but a far better occasion is as fine. As lengthy as you approach early and do every part on time, every little thing will go smoothly. Keep in mind that its not concerning the amount of time, dollars or energy spent, or how the guests will praise you, it’s all about your happiness. If you might be happy in your sweet sixteen birthday, the happiness of others doesn’t need to matter whatsoever.

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The Big 3 Birthday Bashes in Life

For almost a century now, birthday experts have quarreled over which birthdays are the biggest in your life. Is it 20? 30? 40? Or even 50? Baby Boomers would even argue that 65 is pretty nifty these days, since Social Security kicks in.

If you’re birthday friendly and love a party for any reason, then nearly any birthday is worth celebrating, whether it’s your very first or your 81st.

At Happiest Birthday, we believe that all birthdays are important and need to be celebrated with gusto. At the same time, we also know that some birthdays are just more important than others and deserve to be recognized officially as our: “Big 3 Birthday Bashes”.

Being Sweet 16

Few girls would disagree that the 16th birthday is a big day. It certainly was for Miley Cyrus, as 5,000 of her closet friends gathered at Disneyland to celebrate her Sweet 16. Even if you can’t afford to rent a theme park for your birthday, turning 16 is still a memorable day for young women. For guys, well, it’s not quite as big of a deal as it once was. Back in the day, you could get your driver’s license on your 16th birthday that didn’t have any of the restrictions they have now. Your 16th birthday was your ticket to hi-jinks on the highways.

Turning 18

Wow! Who doesn’t remember turning 18? For most of us it’s time to graduate high school and enter the adult world. And if that weren’t enough, you get to vote for the first time and any restrictions on driving a car are lifted. Now that’s worth celebrating! You can also join the military, but you’ll have to wait for the final Big Birthday below to hoist a brewski with your unit.

The Big 21

If you’ve been waiting to get into a bar legally, your 21st birthday bash is the day you’ve been waiting for. You no longer need the fake I.D. you borrowed from your brother and you can tie one on with your friends until all hours of the morning. Turning 21 also is a right of passage that makes you feel like you’ve left the teen years behind forever and are now an adult.

And there you have Happiest Birthdays’Big Three – 16, 18 and 21! What we consider to be the Big 3 Birthday Bashes you can look forward to in your life. Of course, if you’ve already passed these milestones, that’s O.K. Any birthday spent with family and friends is a good one!

Barry Mcgee writes articles on birthday party and gift ideas and all things related to birthdays. You can read more of Barry’s articles at

Flower Delivery Ideas and Other Delivery Methods

Receiving flowers are a great addition to any birthday party or special event, but having flowers delivered through a flower delivery service will make the event even more special. Nearly all young girls and women enjoy receiving flowers. Whether it is a Sweet 16 party, twenty-first birthday party or anniversary receiving flowers will make the celebration very special.

For the most part, celebrating a birthday party or special event with flowers may mean receiving them from a flower delivery service while at school, working or at home. More often than not, the flowers received for a special event or birthdays are very special.

A beautiful flower delivery for that most special of birthdays “Sweet 16” will live in a person’s memory for ever. Most often Sweet 16 flowers are roses and are to the birthday girl while at home or school.

Retirement Party Flower Delivery: Retiring from a job or a position most often means having a celebration. Normally the retiree will receive gifts at a retirement party. Retirement flowers are received through a flower delivery service. Most often retirement flowers come in bouquets, baskets or planters.

A flower delivery for a graduate lets them know just how special and well thought of they really are. Many people graduate each year and the flowers can be either delivered or handed to the graduate in person. While any flower is welcomed as a gift, roses and carnations are often the choice for a graduation present.

Anniversary Flowers: Anniversary flowers are very popular and most often very much appreciated. More often than not, theses flowers are either red or yellow roses. Although red roses mean love many women prefer yellow roses or flowers therefore yellow roses are perfect for this occasion. These beautiful roses are most often delivered by a flower delivery person and may be delivered to a home or workplace.

There is just something extra special about receiving a flower delivery that says someone cares about you. More often than not, most of the recipients will offer a tip to the flower delivery person. In the past knowing what to tip could be a problem but now there are tip calculator apps on cell phones that can calculate the correct tip in a few seconds, which helps eliminates the fear of tipping too little. A good rule of thumb to remember is that one does not have to tip on the price of the flowers (more than likely a person did not order these for themselves). Therefore, when tipping for flower deliveries try to tip at least a couple of dollars for a simple flower arrangement and play the rest by ear. More often than not, the flower delivery person will greatly appreciate whatever tip he receives as long as it is fair and appropriate.

Mrs. Party… Gail Leino gives her two cents worth on fashion and entertaining. Plus, she generously provides information on free printable party invitations, activities, menus, recipes, party favors, decorations and party supplies. Creative tips and ideas including party conversation starters, theme music and movie song lists to match any theme celebration.

Ideas For A Customized Gift

You love receiving invitations to parties; however, you’re growing tired of giving the same gift over and over again. You don’t want the recipient to think of you as a thoughtless person, but you simply don’t know what to buy anymore. Well, no matter what type of party you’re heading to, here are some ideas for wowing the guest of honor with a customized gift.

Engagement Parties and Weddings

Even if you’ve elected to give money as the main gift for such affairs, you can include a personal gift along with the cash or check. Have a picture frame made with the bride and groom’s name on it, or purchase a sign that they can display on the front of the cake table at their wedding.


At showers, soon-to-be brides and moms often receive a number of gifts from their registries. Since you know they want the items, it’s never a bad idea to shop from the registry. Once you pick out a gift though, have it customized. For example, let’s say that you bought one of the baby blankets or towels on the list. Bring it to a seamstress or other such specialist, and ask the individual to sew the baby’s name onto the blanket. If a name has not yet been picked out, you could ask for a more generic message such as “Welcome to the world!”

Religious Celebrations

Whether it’s a baptism or bar mitzvah, purchase a customized gift that shows you know the significance of the day. A cross for the baby’s room that says “God Bless (Baby’s Name)” is quite appropriate for a Christian event. Purchase a personal mezzuzah for a Jewish child who is experiencing an important rite of passage. You could also sew a quotation from the faith’s holy book onto a pillow or blanket for the individual. Many consider weddings to be religious events, so you could purchase such a gift for these affairs too.

Birthday Parties

When a person is turning a specific age, have a customized sign made that says “John’s 60th” or “Happy 50th to Jane!” For people of any age, there are so many possibilities. T-shirts, coffee mugs, wine glasses and bumper stickers are only a few of the customized gifts out there. In fact, some websites allow you to customize any item that is purchased from the site. Consider a beautiful piece of engraved jewelry for a girl’s sweet 16 or a custom t-shirt for a new baseball coach.

During the Holidays

When Christmas rolls around, customized ornaments are a huge hit. Have “Our First Christmas” written on an ornament for a couple who was just married this past year. You can opt for “Our First Hanukkah” for a Jewish couple if they put up a holiday tree. Any time that you exchange gifts with other people is an opportunity for customized presents. At Easter, buy your grandchildren stuffed bunny toys with their names written across the toy’s clothing.

Customized gifts are really excellent options because they show that you went the extra step. You did not merely pick something off the Internet, and order it within a few seconds. The recipient will know that you took the time to pick out a special item and a special message. Choose customized gifts for all of your gift giving needs.

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Masquerade Party Ideas to Help You Create Magic and Mystery!

Masquerade balls became popular in Italy during the 16th century when aristocrats cloaked themselves with a mask and took on a new persona for the evening. This type of party has become one of the most sought after social get togethers, with growing popularity expanding worldwide. So, you might as well get on the bandwagon and prepare to host a masquerade extravaganza!

Here’s a few masquerade party ideas that would be perfect whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras, a Sweet 16 birthday, an anniversary, a masquerade birthday party, or to help you create a prom theme that is masked in mystery and intrigue.

So, if you’re ready to glam it up, in masquerade style, then check out these fun ideas and let the preparations begin.

MASQUERADE PARTY INVITATION – Instead of mailing out a boring or dull looking invitation that won’t catch the eye of your potential guests, you might want to consider mailing out invites that are made from cardboard cut-outs of fun Venetian masks. To make them even more interesting, you could take a simple mask and embellish it with feathers, sequins, stick-on jewels, glitter, etc.

MASQUERADE COSTUME IDEAS – Be sure to invite your guests to wear a mask to the party, along with dressing up in their fairy best, their stately attire of kings and queens, or they could opt to be a salty pirate. Remember, extravagance is A-Okay and in fact, is encouraged! Also, be sure to remind your guests that they need to strive to hide their identity through the use of a mask and costume.

Depending upon your budget, you can find many of these types of costumes at fancy dress shops, a costume shop, or even at thrift shops or flea markets. You just have to start early so you can pick up the necessary pieces in order to create a costume that ultimately has Wow-Factor.

PHOTOGRAPHER – Another good idea for this kind of party is to hire a photographer to take photos of your guests as they arrive. Place this person at your entryway and create a photo-op corner with appropriate masquerade party decorations as the backdrop. The people attending the party will love posing for photos dressed in all their masquerade garb. In fact, in order to be sure you catch all those candid shots you might consider having two photographers. To cut down on the cost, you could hire budding photographers from your local high school.

MASQUERADE PARTY FOOD – Since these parties have their roots in Italy, you might want to consider serving an array of Italian dishes. Most people love a good lasagna or chicken alfredo. Also, be sure to have plenty of bubbly on hand–Sparkling Apple Cider is always a great choice!

Bottom Line: This is one of the most fun parties to host and attend. Just think thoughts of glitz and glam with color and pizzazz. There are so many options for decorating your party areas, that the only problem you’ll have is putting on the brakes. So, go for the gusto, and your guests are sure to have a night of mystery and intrigue!

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