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Want a Naturally Sweet Gift? Give a Monthly Fruit Club

Are you racking your brain for a memorable gift idea? You should consider giving a membership to one of the many popular monthly fruit clubs. Though similar to the traditional and much beloved “fruit of the month club™”, today’s fruit-by-mail subscriptions are even fresher and offer a larger variety of selections for the modern shopper such as organic or exotic fruits.

Everyone feels special extra special when they receive a “special delivery,” so you can’t go wrong with a fruit by the month membership. Each delicious package will serve as a reminder of how much you admire your colleague or friend.

Here are some of the benefits your recipients will get from a year-long subscription to a monthly fruit club.

A Beautiful Basket of Fruit, Delivered Fresh Every Month

With a fruit club membership, recipients will taste the sweet flavor of seasonal crops like never before. Many gourmet gift companies pick and package the club’s selection at the farm, so each harvest arrives straight from the grower – sometimes, it’s even delivered the same day it was harvested. It doesn’t get much fresher than that! Nutritious, ripe and juicy, this is a gift that satisfies both the taste buds, and fullfills your friend’s recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

Most gourmet gift subscriptions deliver anywhere from one to five pounds of handpicked, succulent fruits every month. Membership lengths vary but are usually sold in three-month increments of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

If you go for a shorter subscription, then choose a variety packed membership that offers the opportunity to taste as many different items as possible. A variety-themed club will include 2-3 types of fruit in each delivery. However, if you are going to sign up for fruit by the month for an entire year, then definitely choose to go with a seasonal club. A seasonal membership will pack up each new fruit selection at the height of its ripeness, so every sweet bite is an example of the perfect specimen.

Newsletter Help Consumer Learn More About the Food They’re Eating

“Connecting” with our food and the farms from which our food came is part of the growing sustainable food movement. A fruit gift of the month club helps consumers connect with the history of their food through a monthly newsletter. Each newsletter informs members about the selection and harvesting process as well as offering gourmet recipes to inspire amateur chefs with new ideas for fruit preparation. Usually these newsletters, which are available exclusively for members, are a good chance to acquire firsthand information about the high-quality produce that arrives at their doors each month.

Deluxe Gift Subscriptions Include a Larger Bounty of Gourmet Goods

Most companies that have monthy fruit-by-mail clubs also have deluxe gourmet food memberships offering the finest gourmet gift items such as cheeses, sausages and other lip-smacking goodies. All of these edible goods are carefully harvested, processed and packaged to present the best food products available from a world-famous collection of orchards. If you really want to impress your friends, colleagues or even a boss, then a deluxe gourmet gift of the month club should be at the top of your list for gift ideas.

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A Fundamental Attraction Ideas To Feeling The Exciting Break At Cozumel

Guadalajara Itinerary Choices

You will find yourself in the midst of rich Mexican culture when you visit the city of Guadalajara. Here you will find beautiful views and a multitude of mariachi bands as the attractions of Guadalajara are not much on the beach but on Mexicos exciting festivals. The Encuentro International del Mariachi is a competition of local and international bands during the Independence Day on September 16 but expect daily shows and festivities throughout the whole month. Vacations in Guadalajara are more centered on activities like sightseeing, dining out and shopping. The city is rich in historical 17th century and Victorian buildings as well as is imposing and unique cathedrals. There are also many local restaurants that will give you the authentic taste of Mexican cooking. Beach lovers though can also have fun at the beaches of Guadalajara with its white sand and endless sunshine. Guadalajara is certainly a wonderful addition to your Mexico vacation.

Cabo San Lucas Vacations

One place that should form part of a Mexico vacation is a visit to Cabo San Lucas which is considered as one popular tourist destination in Mexico. This place has stretches of beautiful white sand beaches and several restaurants. Cabo San Lucas is known as one of the best places for tuna and marlin fishing and hosts the worlds biggest marlin fishing competition which has a $ 1,000,000 jackpot. Whale watching is one of the favorite activities in this city where you can spot groups of gray whales migrating from the colder climates into the warm waters of Cabo to give birth or to wait out the winter. It is just so heartwarming to see these gigantic marine mothers swimming with their calves in the waters of this city. October 12 marks the feast of the Todos Santos patron saint which is a sight to behold with the festival sports music, fair, dancing and a dazzling array of Mexican cuisine. When you go to Cabo San Lucas during your Mexico vacation, these activities and places are guaranteed to delight you.

Fall in Love with Mexicos Dolphins

You get the chance to swim with the amazing dolphins of Mexico when you include a visit to these amazing centers. Have a close encounter with these fascinating marine mammals and discover their intelligence and friendly demeanor in a safe and entertaining environment. Several dolphin centers or dolphinariums are open in Mexico for visitors to get this chance. Apart from the incredible beaches, Cancum, Isla Mujeres, Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Maya also houses facilities that allow you to swim with the dolphins. In Cabo San Lucas Marina is the Cabo Dolphin Center that is considered as one of the most exclusive dolphin centers in the world. Atlantida is located in the Wet n Wild aquatic park of Cancun and has dolphins in the fenced open waters. The Delphinus is the biggest dolphinarium chain in the Mexican Caribbean and the Riviera Maya region with facilities at Xcaret, Xel-Ha and at the Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen. You can play, swim and interact with the dolphins right In the waters at these dolphinarums. Go for this dream come true experience and include this in your itinerary.

Excitement of Sports Fishing in Mexico

One of the worlds most popular fishing spot for sports and deep sea fishing is Mexico which offers hundreds of fishing spots. Whatever type of fisher you are, Mexico has a fishing spot where you can enjoy and be challenged. You can go deep sea fishing the whole year round in Cabo San Lucas. Blue and striped marlins are the most abundant throughout the year and swordfish during January to June but there are 800 different varieties of fish in this area. One other famous fishing area coupled with its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife is Cancun. The different types of fishing such as deep-sea, flats, fly and spin tackle fishing can be enjoyed all throughout the year but the summers months are always the best. Families can go shallow water bottom fishing for their lunch or dinner meal treat while adventurers can go deep-sea fishing at night. Include this activity in your Mexico vacation and add a notch up your list of unforgettable memories.

Always include the amenities and tours in your Mexico Vacations. Get a taste of Mexico’s best during your very cheap flights.

The Finest Visitors Ideas In Enjoying A Amusing Vacation At Acapulco

Guadalajara Vacations

Guadalajara should be a part of your Mexico vacation itinerary if you want to immerse yourself in authentic Mexican culture. The picturesque views and the exhilarating festivals of Mexico with its mariachi bands is more of an attraction in Guadalajara than its beaches. The Independence Day on September 16 is the date of the Encuentro International del Mariachi which is the biggest international mariachi band shows but the celebration lasts the whole month where there are shows and parties almost every day. A trip to this city is focused more on sightseeing, dining and shopping. The city is rich in historical 17th century and Victorian buildings as well as is imposing and unique cathedrals. There are also many local restaurants that will give you the authentic taste of Mexican cooking. For those who crave the beach, though, the beaches of Guadalajara offer endless sun and white sand. Guadalajara is certainly a wonderful addition to your Mexico vacation.

La Playa del Carmen Vacations

La Playa del Carmen is fast becoming a favorite travel destination for travelers going on Mexico vacations. This beautiful coastal city is located just right across the channel from Cozumel and shares with it the many attractions in the locale. You can go shopping, eat and be entertained at choice places including bars and nightclubs at the city center 5th Avenue. Those who love to go shopping have a wide range of choices from the latest fashion to the colorful and quaint Mexican handicrafts in the area from 5th Avenue to 30th Avenue. La Playa also boasts of beaches with crystal clear waters and fine white sand. Include in La Playa tours are the sites of Mayans ancient capital, Chichen Itza, Coba which still has a real Mayan village, the tallest pyramid in Yutucan which is Nohuch Muul, the beautiful city of Tulum and ecopark Xcaret which is natures sacred paradise. La Playa should definitely be part of your list.

Acapulco Vacation Attractions

The white sugar beaches and the vibrant nightlife of Acapulco make it a favorite vacation spot for party goers and those just wanting to spend a holiday away from home. Those seeking some breathtaking adventure can try jumping off 130 feet into the surf at the La Quebrada Cliff Divers that is Acapulcos most popular attraction since the 1930s. The Magico Mundo Marino is a fun family water park with stunning outdoor and indoor marine life aquarium exhibits, swimming pools and slides and a glass bottom boat to take you to Isla La Roqueta for snorkeling. The 52-acre city park Parque Papagayo named after a luxury hotel has been packed with various attractions and activities for all ages such as a roller skating rink, go carts, bumper boats, a space shuttle Columbia replica and the famous life-sized Spanish galleon model. The Zocalo, located opposite the fishing harbor is the town center of Old Acapulco where you can relax under the shade of giant rubber and mango trees. Acapulco just has so many things to offer to visitors that have included this city in their Mexico vacation itinerary.

The Gray Whales of Mexico

One can never quite describe the awe and wonder you feel at seeing whales frolicking in their natural habitat after your anticipation have built up while scanning the waters looking for these graceful mammals. Gray whales migrate annually every fall from the cold waters of Northern Bering to the Sea of Cortez to give birth and spend winter months in the warm waters of the Pacific that are rich with food. It is best to watch these whales swimming with their babies in Magdalena Bay which is located just a little off the coast of Los Cabos. The best place to go to is Los Cabos than any other place in Baja or even the famous San Ignacio as there is a better chance of sighting the whales there especially during the last week of December to the last week of March. Whale watching tours make sure strict rules and guidelines are followed in order to ensure that the whales are not harmed. When planning your Mexico vacation, dont fail to include whale watching in your itinerary.

When you want to go on a Mexico Vacations, make sure to include all sites and attractions in your itinerary. A very cheap flights will be memorable if you plan early and find out the best places to go to.

Sweet,sweet Family

The most wonderful thing in the world is to stay together with your own family. When you are suffering a lot in life, the family member is your comfort. If you are having great joy, it is much nicer to have some people share the happiness with you.

People are all afraid of loneliness and betrayal. But seldom a person would talk about his loneliness to other people because he doesn’t want to expose his weakness and solicitude. As to the true family, it refers to selfless love and eternal loyalty. You can ask for company from them whenever you want without feeling shameful.

While enjoying the warmth from the family, many people forget that building a sweet home takes a lot of efforts. Before you try to get anything from it, you have to sow the seeds at first. Family is a mutual thing. If you want to seek comfort and love, you ought to show the same concern to the family members, your wife, your parents and your children. How much they love you depends on how much you love them back.

If you are so used to focus on your career life and money is all you can provide, no way you may receive that much of concern and care you thought you deserved. As a matter of fact, this is the most common fault a person would make for that money do play an important role in life and power blinds people’s eyes.

But it turns to be that money doesn’t work well inside the family. Family is actually the simplest and fairest place in this world. Even if you just play sports with your family member, for example, play hockey once a week with your children, you will be more welcome than give them hundreds dollars once a week.

So, do remember them, your family member. They are not your employees that the paychecks won’t be enough. As the thanksgiving day is on its way, have you thought about the thanksgiving gift yet? Preparing a sweet and considerate thanksgiving gift for the people who is always supporting you and encouraging you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, instead, think what the family wants. If you haven’t spent the weekend with them for a long time, then spare them the whole thanksgiving day. Take them to a luxurious lunch or play sports together.

Love goes the mutual way and it is too expensive to buy. If you are still not ready for the thanksgiving gift, why don’t you hold their hands, look into their eyes and say “thank you” sincerely?

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In search of tablet computers’ sweet spot with screen size and battery life

Here’s a question: why is the screen of Apple’s iPad 9.7in across? Why that size? Why not bigger? Or smaller?

If we examine this question, we may be able to figure out the answer to another question: how are the slew of tablets being released now (hello Samsung) going to fare in the market?

Consider what the iPad was going up against when it was being designed: the range of Windows-based tablet computers, which would have had screens in the 12in to 13in range; the Amazon Kindle, a dedicated e-reader, with a 7in screen; and the Kindle DX, launched in May 2009, which has a 9.7in screen.

Apple’s engineering and design team will have played with all sorts of screen sizes, and they’ll have compared the Kindle and Kindle DX screens to see which was the more satisfying in terms of user experience – because that’s where Apple really sweats it, on the user experience. You can imagine Steve Jobs wandering around with prototypes with differently-sized screens, trying to figure out which was the ideal. Given a certain screen size, you get a certain battery life. Or vice-versa.

Apple plumped for 9.7in, with 1024×768 pixels, and stuck in a huge battery too, which is what has given the iPad its (alleged) 10-hour battery life. Though for once, that claim seems to be backed up by anecdotal reports around the web: the iPad really does seem to last through the day.

But that battery life is also the reason the iPad weighs more than other tablets: because it’s got a big battery. acer aspire 3000 battery

Now we come to all the other tablets, which have been built and launched in the aftermath of Apple’s January announcement – and may well have been designed since January too.

Here comes Samsung; here too is Viewsonic, and Archos, and we even got an email from Binatone, one of the really old British consumer electronics names. It’s offering the “HomeSurf” for £130: 7in screen, 800×480, resistive touch screen “with stylus”, 2GB storage, Wi-Fi, Android (2.2 we assume, but it’s not specified), MicroSD card slot, plays MP4, H.264, XVID. The claimed video playback time: 3 hours. Plus there’s an 8in version for £180: 800×600, touchscreen with stylus, 2GB storage, video playback MP4, H.264 (but not XVID, apparently), video playback time 4 hours.

Toshiba has also launched a tablet, with a 10.1in screen (interesting) with Froyo; apparently the 16GB version will cost about £399 – making it a challenge to Apple .

Samsung, which has attracted a lot of attention with the announcement of its Galaxy Tab – whose specifications were well-known ahead of the launch, apart from the price, which then didn’t get announced – might struggle to make a big impact. Why? Because of the price: Heise Online at IFA says that the price for the unlocked 16GB 7in Wi-Fi/3G Galaxy Tab will be about euro800. And Expansys has (since this article went up) set the price for the 16GB unlocked version at £680.

Does that sound reasonable? Well, if you compare it to the 64GB Wi-Fi/3G iPad, which costs exactly the same amount in Euros, and only £19 more in the UK, then … no. The suggestion is that Samsung is actually letting the mobile carriers – which will be the only retail avenue – decide the price. Mobile carriers may be able to lower the up-front price through 3G contracts.

Next, battery life: the Samsung will manage seven hours of video playback, it’s claimed: we’ll have to see whether that’s the case. And you do get a camera on the front and back, plus other little extras. acer extensa 5220 battery

Tim Bray, formerly at Sun and now looking after various Android-y things at Google, has had an early hands-on with the Galaxy Tab. “The world still isn’t sure just where it is that tablets are the right tool for the job,” he notes

His other thoughts on the product:

“It’s got a phone but (at least on the pre-release model I used) you can’t hold it up to your head, which is a good thing as that would look supremely dorky… Did I mention that the screen is beautiful? Also it feels really good in the hand and looks pretty nice, and is obviously in the first microsecond’s glance not an iPad.”

So what will he do with it?

“I know what I’ll use the Galaxy Tab for: to show off Android. The big screen just makes everything easier to see and point at, and graphics look outstanding, and it passes from hand to hand easily. Showing off Android is part of my job and this will help me do my job better.”

That leads him onto his thoughts about what tablets are for:

“Which leads to a general theory, reinforced by informal observation of hipsters with iPads in coffee shops: a tablet is, crucially, a more shareable computer. A laptop, with its fragile hinge-ware and space-gobbling keyboard, is just not comfy to share. A tablet is easier to bring to the café, easier to hand across the table or along the sofa, easier to seize in the heat of the moment, easier to hold up in triumph, easier to set aside when you need to meet someone’s eyes.”

Key question:

“How big a market is that? Anyone who says they know is lying.”

At which we turn to Ray Chen, the president of Compal, one of the big Taiwanese computer assembly companies – which builds tablets for companies including Dell, Acer and Lenovo. He thinks sales of non-Apple tablets will “not exceed” 15m units in 2011, and that there will be a fearsome shakeout soon after as the market turns out to be tougher than expected. Compare that to Apple, which says that it sold 3.27m iPads in the three months since the device launched in April. Clearly, Apple works out as the biggest player in that market.

But come around again to that question at the top: why is the iPad screen the size it is? If Apple thought that 7in was the sweet spot for this, it surely would have built it that size. Ignore the lack of features; remember the Slashdot observation when the first iPod came out: “No wireless. Less space than a [Creative Labs] Nomad. Lame.” But what the iPod did have was size (the Nomad was a giant compared to it) and battery life. acer travelmate 3260 battery

I think the same applies for tablets. The specs, and things like cameras, are all subsidiary to the main things that people want to do with tablets: browse on them and share them (per Bray) and use them for long periods without having to hunt around for a power source. True, it would be nice if we could browse for hours on end on our laptops, but the choice there seems to be between netbooks offering long battery lives but pokey screens and keyboards, or nice big laptop screens but unsatisfactory battery life.

And even for the former of those categories, things aren’t going well:

“Chen also noted that Wintel netbook sales have recently been devoured seriously by tablet PCs and if the two firms [presumably Microsoft and Intel] do not consider dropping prices or improve performance, sales will continue to drop.”

This chimes with something Jack Schofield posted at ZDNet: while sales of desktop and laptop PCs are rising towards 1m per day, “Gartner also sees diminishing sales of netbooks, which it calls mini-notebooks. Netbooks accounted for 20% of mobile PC sales at the end of last year, but Gartner expects it to fall to around 10% by late 2014.”

Netbooks are even beginning to look like a brief spasm in personal computing’s history; Apple’s disdain for them, and its refusal to produce one in the face of analysts and press who thought it was cutting its own throat by not doing so, now looks well-placed. Certainly, better to be the leader in a sector like tablets than a follower in netbooks.

But until more people have bought and tried out these tablets, we’re not going to know if a 7in screen can do the job – or if, as one ever so slightly suspects, it’s the 9.7in measurement that actually does the job best.

Chen’s forecast is definitely one to watch – and it will be interesting to see if tablets turn out to be a sort of computing flash in the pan, like netbooks are looking, or if they turn into the equivalent of the MP3 player, and carve out a whole new mode of use. And if the latter, the really interesting question will be: what’s the best-selling screen size? And how long is “long enough” for the battery? And is there any other essential element to a tablet that guarantees sales?

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New Marketing Ideas: Community Marketing To Ceiling Industry Tasted The Sweetness – Ceiling,

With Ceiling Sell Fierce competition, even in the season, into the community to sell, has also been pursued by a growing number of dealers, that is, “Let Marketing Going out to customers, please come in! “

So, how to market it into the community?

Targeting: targeted cell, they can then carry out thoroughly, the first classification of the properties for sale: a fund-raising house, commercial houses or villas; and then find out about the plot developers, residential households, size, facilities, opening hours. For instance owner account number, availability, has been Decoration And not the decoration, property Management Departments and is responsible, have been resident Home improvement Companies.

Publicity: the new real estate property management to public relations, positioning for a lower cost. At the same time 5-7 days in advance publicity, such as distribution of “free Home “Design of leaflets, small Gift Or in the district to publish information on the activities bulletin board, so that the information be disseminated rapidly.

Estate owners to collect information: According to the event of a design model Unit plans between renderings, through which to attract owners to participate. Providing free design services for owners, customers benefit by focusing on the space point presentations, sales consultants exquisite service, and owners in the process communication, so that in a very relaxed, no alert mental state to tell you about product preferences, purchase products, contact information, provide an important basis for future sales.

Virtual model shows: the general store are located in Hall Building Materials Market, too far away from the district, the owners do not want to go to visit the exhibition hall. If the district has showroom, so that owners can experience the products that can truly allow owners to see the effect of decoration; or the decoration pictures and renderings sent to the cell, integrated solutions that allow them to worry and effort, so that he can assured pocket.

Do follow-up re: According to the cell-site information on the activities, the establishment of a complete customer records, telephone bill, about their experiences, etc. into the shop to follow up, tracking the success rate improved significantly one. According to statistics, more than 50% of customers will be traded, because through your personalized service, brand and product they have left a deep impression on my mind, directly led to buy your product.

Short, intense competition in the ceiling in the market today, only innovation can develop a new room for growth, ahead of the competition to win the core competitiveness; the contrary, the conservative model can only lead to depletion of resources. To enhance the quality of life as a life interest and enjoyment of ceiling products in the sales must go consumers to grasp the pulse of the consumers, a deep understanding of the psychological needs of consumers, and even he needs help consumers specify the psychological feelings, then our quality of service, get their trust. The only way to get a place in the competition.

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Wireless Energy : WiTricity (16)

WiTricity is an exciting company with an even more exciting idea. WiTricity was founded in 2007 in response to the invention of wireless electricity. That’s right, electricity can now be transferred wirelessly! A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed this wireless electric power transfer, and WiTricity is delivering it to consumers.

WiTricity is implementing wireless electricity into buildings, vehicles and other devices that require energy to operate. Basically, this wireless electricity works with magnetic coupling. As WiTricity explains, “magnetic coupling occurs when two objects exchange energy through their varying or oscillating magnetic fields. Resonant coupling occurs when the natural frequencies of the two objects are approximately the same.”

WiTricity has some big dreams. They dream of a future where cell phones recharge themselves without being plugged into a wall, making phone chargers obsolete! They illustrate the new living room of the not-so-distant future (they estimate within a year or so) where a large, flat screen television is mounted in the middle of the wall, and there are no wires dangling below it. is very excited about the possibilities they are proposing!

WiTricity is going to benefit the environment in many ways. For starters, their wireless electricity technology could help to commercialize electric hybrid vehicles. Instead of needing to plug a vehicle into a charging station, electric hybrid vehicle owners could simply stop near charging stations and wait without having to even get out of their cars. This simplified charging would make it easier for consumers to charge their electric hybrids more frequently, which would translate into smaller batteries, and thus, a reduced cost for the vehicle.  Making it simpler to charge electric hybrids will also make them more appealing to the average consumer.

There are other environmental benefits to electric hybrid vehicles as well. Renewable energy systems, like solar photovoltaic cells or roof-mounted wind turbines, could be installed onto roofs without needing any physical connection between the solar panels or turbine and the electrical system! 

If WiTricity’s dreams become a reality, life in the United States as well as around the world will change drastically. Americans may one day enjoy a cordless, more energy efficient life. Consumer will no longer be “tied down”; you can drive your hybrid vehicle to your house at the end of the day, and the solar panels on your roof will power your hybrid vehicle without you needing to do anything further.  Can you imagine what you would do with this kind of freedom? 

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Good Presents For Men ? Ten Sweet Boyfriend Gift Tips

Good Presents For Men – Are you browsing for sweet boyfriend gift Tips? Do you not wish to spend a lot of cash, yet still find some good presents for men for Valentine’s day, his Birthday celebration, or maybe X-mas? Do you wish to something outside with the run-of-the-mill which he can keep in mind for a long time? Here are ten lovable boyfriend reward ideas.

1. M&Ms with your initials on them. The M&M’s company can make personalized candies. You can select two colours as well as 2 imprints. These special M&Ms doesn’t just tell him that you really like him, it will also say that you just had taken the time to think of some thing distinctive. You will find these candies within the official M&Ms site.

2. Love Cards. Get a few coloured index cards. On each card come up with a coupon for a “service” you would provide him. Some might be romantic such as a hug, kiss, or maybe massage. Others can offer a service like picking up his dry cleaning or walking his doggy.

3. Create your own Boxer Shorts. For ages, fun boxer shorts have been one of the top sweet boyfriend present tips. But take it a step further. Get a bare set of boxer shorts and spruce up these yourself using colorful glue. You could also have boxers made at cafe press.

4. Teddy Bear having a Message. You can get an ordinary teddy bear and then wrap a message to it’s neck or maybe you can get an individualized teddy bear through the Vermont Teddy bear Company. Teddy bears is one of your most sweet boyfriend gift ideas.

5. Create a Scrap Book. You probably have lots of photographs from the both of you. If you have got paper mementos from dates – ticket stubs, restaurant bills, etc., you can them as well. He’ll truly appreciate you went to all of the work that will memorialize your romance.

6. Complementing Jerseys. If he’s got a favourite player at a favourite sports team, try to get both of you jerseys to match. Include a message you could wear them the very next time you watch a game. He’ll love the sentiment of the jerseys and he’ll also appreciate you’re eager to shell out time together with him when he is watching the game.

7. Message in the Bottle. Write him a fabulous love letter and put it in a bottle. It’s very romantic not to mention extraordinary.

8. Inscribed Watch. Watches are jewelry in these contemporary times. But an inscribed watch is really a classic gift.

9. Mouse Pad. One of the sweet boyfriend present ideas which i like is to take a snapshot of you in a rather racy position and after that have it converted into a mouse pad. This way, while he’s playing World of warcraft, he is thinking about you.

10. Recordable key chain. Go to an electronics retailer and buy a recordable key chain. Then leave a loving or sexy message on it. He’s got to keep his keys near – and that means he’ll keep you close too.

So, there it is, my top ten lovable boyfriend surprise suggestions are from the site below, at which you find lots of gift suggestions for him, no matter if he is your boyfriend, husband or that special someone, you’re looking to get a great present for.

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Idea Launches A Helpline To Facilitate Day-to-day Conversations In 16 Different Languages

Idea launches a Helpline to facilitate day-to-day conversations in 16 different Languages

-Now, mobile users across the country can Break the Language Barrier by simply making a phone call
-Call Idea Helpline 9826012345 in Madhya Pradesh for Conversational support

Indore: The idea to use the mobile phone to seek conversational help when away from home, as suggested by Sirji to the four idiots in the new Idea advertisement, is now a reality! Idea has demonstrated that assistance on conversations in different Indian languages can be made available on the mobile platform, by launching countrys first Language Helpline which will offer conversational support to callers, in as many as 16 languages. Indeed, What an Idea Sirji, in a multi-linguist country!

Any of the over 650 million mobile users in the country who have to move out of their homes for Career, Education, Travel and other prospects in life; or need to communicate with people talking different languages in their own surroundings, can now avail this unique service from Idea.

For instance, a Bengali speaking person who needs to have a conversation in Hindi, with a vegetable vendor or a cab-driver in Madhya Pradesh, can just dial 9826012345 and seek assistance on Hindi. The caller needs to verbalize his message and the same will be translated by the Idea Helpline agent, instantly on the phone. Input to the agent needs to be given in Hindi or English only for translation in the desired local language.

Callers can call any of the 22 customer care helplines of Idea from anywhere in the country, to get assistance on the language spoken in the circle where the call is being made. For eg: The Bengali caller in Delhi can call the Idea Helpline number of Tamil Nadu for assistance in Tamil if the need arises.

Announcing the launch of Language Helpline, Ms. Anupama Ahluwalia, Senior Vice President Marketing, IDEA Cellular said, Our consumer research revealed an interesting insight that people struggle to communicate with other fellow Indians when they move out to other parts of the country where a different language is spoken. Ideas consumer oriented approach led us to the development of a unique and novel concept – Language Helpline, to offer real-time assistance on day-to-day conversations to those who need to communicate with local people in their preferred language. The Idea Language Helpline is a demonstration of the power of mobile telephony in bridging language barriers and will take the brand to a new level of consumer connect.

Ideas Language Helpline is available across all 22 telecom circles and in 16 Indian languages Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Urdu. Language assistance will be offered on the most spoken language(s) in the circle. The helpline number is the Idea customer care number of that circle and can be accessed by Idea subscribers as well as any other mobile user.

Ideas customer care IVR has been revamped to incorporate the Language Helpline. Callers seeking assistance on language will be directed to the Language Helpline through the IVR menu in a user-friendly manner. A dedicated team of agents who understand and speak the local language have been deployed to assist callers. A nominal charge of 50 paisa per 3 minutes will be applicable for calling the Language Helpline.

The list of all 16 languages and the Language Helpline numbers can be accessed from

Idea Cellular had earlier launched its Break the Language Barrier campaign, which suggests a Champion idea to use the mobile phone to build bridges with people speaking different languages. Idea Brand Ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan, features as a mute chaiwalah in the ad who conveys this idea without speaking a word. The Idea Language Helpline is an extension of the campaign which is touching millions of Indians across the country.

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Making A Memorable Mother’s Birthday In 5 Sweet & Unique Ways

If you want to make your mom’s birthday special and memorable, simply include the following ideas in your to-do-list: treat her with a day off, honor her with a party especially devoted to her, give her an out-of-town experience, make her happier with a portrait or a collage, and put everyone’s greetings in recordings.

Every mother deserves sweet surprises on her special day. If you want to let her know how much you value her being your mom and friend, then never miss this opportunity to do so. The following lists are sweet ideas that will truly make a special and memorable birthday for your mom:

Treat her with a day off

A surprise day off would truly be lovely for mom. Prepare her breakfast by waking up earlier than she does. Breakfast in bed would be even better. Another option would be taking breakfast in the formal dining table than the usual breakfast in the kitchen or breakfast nook. Let everyone in the house write dedications for her so that you could include those greetings with the bouquet of flowers to be put on the dining table. Let everyone wake up earlier too so you can have time to talk while having breakfast. Because you’re giving your mom the day off, make sure you do the household chores or you can hire a maid for a day or a week.

Organize a party in her honor

This is a great plan for wonderful 50th Birthday Ideas, or 60th or 70th and so on. Organize a birthday celebration for your mom by coordinating with other members of the family or your mom’s friends. You can use this important day to give her a surprise. You can have a little program during the celebration. Have your siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces perform a special number; let your dad and friends of your mom to say some special words for her; play her favorite songs; and organize some games.

Treat her to a vacation

One great gift your mom would love is a romantic getaway with your father. If you have siblings, you can all contribute to this sweet gift. Include tour packages, accommodations and tickets for plane or cruise journey to make the gift complete.

Offer her something to display like a collage or a portrait of herself

Surprise your mom on her special day with a collage of her pictures. Include photos of her youth and current ones. You can include family photographs or solo pictures of her in the collage. You may also blow up a beautiful portrait of your mom and put it in an antique frame. Have the same photo printed in three different hues and in three different fames to give it a more contemporary look.

Put everyone’s greetings in recordings

Beyond any doubt, a compilation of greetings will truly touch your mom’s heart. Have your personal greetings, together with your family members, her friends and relatives recorded. To make it more touching, record the voices of the little ones by letting them sing songs or recite poems.

With any or a combination of these ideas, your mom’s birthday will surely be a day she will treasure forever. With all her sacrifices, she deserves to be treated with all things unique and sweet.

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