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Personalised Christmas Sweets are Tricky Marketing Tools

Christmas is the time when people send sweets and gifts to their dear ones to show their affection and love. In this festive season, people also love to accept sweets and gifts especially the children. However, business professional consider this season as a peak time to promote their products and services.

Personalised sweets are great ways to say “Thank you” to valuable customers in this festive season. If you are a business professional and thinking how to promote your product and services of your organisation then the best and effective way is to consider the personalised christmas sweets.

Personalised christmas sweets comprises a collection of wrapped candies and sweets that allow you to emboss the name of your organisation in an attractive way or as per your preferrence on the box, bags, dispensers or packs. In the market, there are professional companies who provide the services of emobossing your company’s name or logo on the gift in attractive ways that can instantly grab eyeballs. If you scour the online market, then you will find sweet bags, sweet blister packs, sweet bottles/jars, sweet boxes, sweet dispensers and sweet tines that are presented in a fancy way wrapped by gliterring paper with provisions to emboss a person’s or company’s name on it.

Personalised Christmas sweets carry much signifcance than mere gifts. They are interpreted  as affection and sending of warm wishes for the Christmas and the coming New Year.

As the online market is flooded with personalised Christmas sweets and gifts so it is very important that you should carefully pick sweets as gifts. If you are targeting children or family then you can opt for the promotional sweets collection that includes sweets, jellies, candies, mints and pastilles that can be purchased in quantity of kilos or in hundreds.

Sweet dispensers are also popular promotional christmas gifts that can be considered as tricky marketing or promotional products. Some of the hot sellers are Big Display Dispensers, Big Pyramid Dispensers, Midi Sweet Dispensers, Mini Sweet Dispenser and Oval Displat Big are few high selling personalised christmas sweets dispensers that can easily grab the eyeballs of people. is a leading confectionery supplier of Personalised Sweets, lollipops, chocolates, confectionery items and drinks. You can choose Christmas Sweets from a wide range of our confectionery items.

Personalized Branded Sweets : Show that you care

Whether you are a business owner or a common individual, having a mutual bond with others should be a primary motto. It not only infuses good business relationship with your business associates but also lets you come closer to your loved ones.

People adapt a number of innovative ways to convey their messages to their dearest and nearest one but the personalized branded chocolates have their own place in the crowd of other gift items. These personalize sweets offer immense benefits both to the business people and the individuals in several ways. Lets discuss both the aspects one by one.

If you run a business, perhaps this is the foremost way to get noticed in the minds in the business associates, clients, employee and customers. Sweets are those objects that have special place in every ones heart. You can gift them some beautiful gift packets of personalized branded sweets on any occasion.

The merchandise industry is now getting bigger than ever and adapting this very innovative method to launch and promote the product in the market is the new strategy tool. Once consumers get the gifts scribed with the name and logo of the company, they incline towards the product and services of the company.

They will  love your cordial gift for sure. It will motivate your employees to execute the tasks with even more enthusiasm. This method of advertising is a great tool of brand building and product publicity. All you have to do is to arrange personalized branded sweets in some good gift packs with touchy customized messages to enhance the relationship.

People across the globe are now finding the unique way with these branded sweets to wish their near and dear once on any of the occasions whether  its wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other event. It extends a great feel of cordiality for those and a sense of closeness with you. Your beloved ones are very special to you so you can make them happy with just a gift pack of personalized branded gifts. Once they will get your love in form of your gift, you will attain a great place in their heart. Your beloved ones are very special to you so you can make them happy with just a gift pack of personalized branded gifts. is a leading confectionery supplier of Personalised Sweets, lollipops, chocolates, confectionery items and drinks. You can choose Personalised Branded Sweets from a wide range of our confectionery items.

Snacks Industry, Business Franchise And Indian Sweets

Globalization and improved living standards have affected the food habits of people at large. It is snacks that are gaining big momentum in the menu of food items in almost every urban home. And having snacks food at a restaurant or procuring the same is a humdrum affair. This has led to the rise of the snacks industry. With most people in cities stuck to hectic work schedules, or to say, becoming a part of corporate culture, the corporates are resorting to having snacks food items. Though it is not a healthy lifestyle yet it is the trend. It can be healthy only if you have food items that are hygienically prepared and those that have the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and all essential nutrients required for the body. The quality of food you have also affects your overall bodily constitution. Hence, it is recommended that if you have snacks, have them from restaurants that have carved distinctive identities of delivering only quality items. Such restaurants will have chains of restaurants across the country as part of business franchise.

The escalating intake of snacks, or in detailed terms processed and fast food is no doubt creating a change in the dietary pattern of the people at large. The expansion of nuclear families has also led to the demand of snack foods or eating out in restaurants. Right from potato chips to veg. snacks like pav bhaji, vada pav, pakoda, paneer pakoda, bread pakoda, burger, soya masala wada, samosa, cheese corn balls, kachodi, samosa roll, soya tikki, gobhi pakoda, paneer tikki, and more, the menu includes all. The snacks industry in India will witness further rise with passing time in the future.

With the rise of the snacks industry arise business franchise opportunities. A reputed restaurant today expands its reach across regional, state, and national boundaries via business franchise. Controlling of the business concept, securing protection for trademark, securing know-how, etc. are in the interests of the franchisor. The franchisee has to use the franchisor’s logos, signs, and trademark not to mention about the uniforms to be worn by the staff. This is not the end of the story. The franchisee has to follow the rules and regulations of service in accordance to the pattern followed by the franchisor. The advantage associated with a business franchise is worth mentioning. The franchisee will not only get a reputation that has already been created but also witness good sales right from day one, especially if the brand happens to be popular.

Almost every Indian home in towns and cities does serve Indian sweets after lunch or dinner or as accompaniment with tea, coffee or beverages. In the Indian sweets segment, it is Bengali sweet that holds a prominent position. One example of Bengali sweet is the rasgulla which is the most liked sweet food not only in India but also across the world. The taste of Indian sweets is well maintained by reputed brands like Bikanervala.

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[03.12-16] Eleventh Five-year Development Of China’s Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Industry

Refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China, “15” two years ahead of full completion of the planning objectives, and the growth rate higher than expected, especially in 2003, suffered “SARS” significant impact, is still two years ahead to achieve “ten 5 “target, indicating that the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China has a strong development strength. Although a few key products, production declined slightly, but there are new products in new economic growth point, still to a large increase in the overall objective. Air conditioning refrigeration service sector continued to expand, whether industrial, agricultural, construction, commerce, scientific research, national defense construction, culture, education health, or people living in the clothing, food, shelter and can not do without refrigeration air conditioning lines, off-round development of society and the economy’s driving force of this great industry for the development of the industry provides a large space. Restructuring of the industry in the product made great progress, all kinds of products in the quality, grade, variety, size and function has basically meet the needs of different users. Organizational adjustments have improved significantly, has emerged a group with strong competitiveness of large enterprises or enterprise groups, and the ever-increasing industry concentration. High in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry has been a good application, many enterprises have greatly improved the level of technical equipment, such as computer-aided design, manufacturing technology has been used widely; last enterprise reform and ownership restructuring, there is new progress, many enterprises have set up a modern enterprise system, a variety of economic sectors have a common development, especially in the private economy has developed rapidly, and some private enterprises have become the backbone of the industry. All this constitutes a refrigeration and air conditioning in our country a solid foundation for industrial development, also is ahead of schedule, “15” objective reason.

“15” refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China during the main problems

(1) refrigeration and air conditioning industry structure in China have unreasonable. One point of view from the industry structure, production, business and more low-end products, high-tech product companies less, but have their own intellectual property products, manufacturers less; second is from the product structure, the varieties of small, low grade, some Product upgrading slow, the product still can not adapt to changing market overall demand; third type of air conditioning products, specification, production is much greater than refrigeration equipment; fourth is to provide services for the people’s living standard product surplus, and to improve the overall strength and development of advanced productive forces, inadequate services, products, resulting in significant imports of such products, or rely on joint ventures; 5 from the regional distribution, refrigeration air conditioning most of the major manufacturing companies located in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim region, central and western rarely; there is the production concentration needs to be improved, should raise a large enterprise (or group) product diversification of production capacity to the early formation of the industry’s “aircraft carrier” to strengthen the capacity to resist risks .

(2) the overall technological level, high-end product development capabilities, manufacturing capacity shortage, the high-end market controlled by others. High technology, high value-added product market is almost all industrial countries by foreign control, such as centrifugal chillers, 90% of the market by the United States Trane, York, Carrier and McQuay products occupation is an example.

(3) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry standard system inadequate, standards lag behind the industry. Although the standard coverage has reached 80%, due to the standard level is low, it is difficult to adapt after China’s accession to the WTO and further improve people’s living needs. Another standard has not yet been fully aligned with international standards.

(4) for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is lagging behind the development of complementary products. Such as environmentally friendly, energy saving refrigerant research and development, production and yield far can not meet the growth of refrigeration air conditioning, high prices needed to purchase a large number from abroad.

(5) shortage of talent. In fundamental research, technological innovation, new product research and development and other areas the lack of leading talent, in the lack of equipment capable of operating advanced equipment, senior mechanic, a direct development of restricting the production and technological progress.

(6) of the energy-saving, environmentally friendly products shortage. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly products is the industry direction of sustainable development, all the enterprises in this respect has been insufficient to slow the development of such products, resulting in the consolidation and expansion of domestic market share weakness, difficulty in opening up international markets.

“Eleventh Five-Year” refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China during the development objectives and priorities

21 century, 20 years is China building well-off society in an important period. The next 10-15 years will be the cause of our country critical stage of progress go hand in hand, so long as to seize the opportunity, hard work, will achieve full development.

Refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China two years earlier in 2003, the full realization of the “15 Plan” goals, is expected to “15” liberty at the end there will be new growth. For the successful completion of “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for more than two years time, which is the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” extremely favorable basis.

2010 industry-wide gross industrial output value, sales income of the average growth rate of 10% -20%, and will reach more than 1.5 times in 2005, 2010, 2020, based on double .

Exports expected annual average growth rate of over 9%, up 1.23 billion U.S. dollars in 2005, 2010, is expected to reach 1.892 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 is expected to reach 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, is more than 4 times in 2000.

Industry will have a significant economic growth in 2005 reached 2.7 billion tax planning; profit of 4 billion yuan in 2020, which were expected to reach 3.6 billion tax profit 5.3 billion.

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How to Turn Donations Into Marketing Magic – Retail Marketing Tip #16

I know they’ve been knocking…

Earthquake relief, school fund raisers, sports boosters, the high school choir is going to New York, your church needs a new roof – the list goes on and on. Everyone wants you to donate something for their raffle or silent auction, or door prize.

You want to help. Anyone with a lick of compassion does, but after a while the relentlessness of the requests begins to wear you down.

Call it “donation fatigue”.

You may be tired of it, but think about it a little differently and you’ll realize these folks represent a marketing opportunity, and a very solid one at that.

You have something they want – a donation. They have something you want – their members coming into your store.

If you treat these fine folks with respect you’ll find that giving donations can be a wonderful source of new business. Here’s one very effective way to get the most from this opportunity…

Rather then giving an item, donate gift certificates. That way the person who “wins” your item has to come into your store.

A good rule of thumb is to make your gift certificates between 25% and 50% of your average sale. If your cost of goods is at least 50%, and you keep the gift certificate value at less than half of your average sale, the worst you’ll do is break even. On the plus side, you’ve generated lots of good will and at least one new customer.

Consider giving the group several smaller gift certificates, rather than one larger one. You’ll get more new customers this way.

And keep testing. Give away different denominations of certificates – $ 10, $ 20, even $ 50 and then check the results. Compare the redemption rate, average sale, the “buzz” that each created, what type of customers were they drawing in, etc. Pretty soon you’ll find the size that’s right for your business.

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By Bob Negen

The Beginner’s Simple Guide Pro Traveler Planning To Set Off On The Caribbean Trip

Discover the Island Treasures of the Caribbean Ports of Call

The cruise company and its liner, the route plied by the ship, the seasons, and the package preferred by the traveler determine the ports of call on the cruise. Deciding on the itinerary is usually the hardest part of the cruise bearing in mind the islands that abound the Caribbean and the scenes that it offers. Some ports are busy all year round while others are frequented only at specific times of the year. Here are some of the best ports of call and island stopovers when on a cruise in the idyllic Caribbean. In the island of St. Thomas one can experience globally competitive shopping and great deals on this wealthy island. San Juan in Puerto Rico offers voyagers a trip back in time as early as the 16th century with its old architecture and stunning islands natural scenery. Some renowned ports of call which are frequented by tourists comprise of Grand Cayman, Aruba, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Curacao, Antigua, and Cozumel.

On Board Dining in Caribbean Cruises

A feature of Caribbean cruising is the dining experience that presents different food varieties and flavors with every ship having its own special way of making the passengers experience this. On cruises, it is either you choose to have a freestyle dining where you eat at anytime and anywhere you want to or take the fixed style dining where everything is set from the restaurant to the schedule of having the meal. Buffet service which is available for the three main meals is an ordinary and casual dining option. Specialty restaurants serve diverse yet palatable cuisine which cannot normally be found in ordinary meals such as the buffet and needs a reservation. Other snacks like hotdogs, pizza, ice cream and more are available in poolside kiosks or snack booths. While cruising the Caribbean, one never goes on an empty stomach with the various eating places on board cruise ships.

Easy on the Pocket Caribbean Cruise

Cruising and travelling on a budget would greatly depend on the travelers choices of itineraries and planning. There are those people who want to reserve their money for shopping, land excursion, and other things on visited islands so they keep their on board expenses on a tight budget like accommodation and meals. On a Caribbean cruise, the preference of cruise lines makes a big part of the appropriated budget. Booking early is a great way to start your cruising experience, so make sure to check which liners offer the best deal ahead of time. Between the months of February to April, prices are low, so try looking for discounts on off peak seasons. Technically, short cruises that often take a weekend up to five days cost less than longer ones lasting for weeks or months. As excursions may be a bit costly, you may opt not to spend much during these times, just seeing these attractions is good enough to make a lot of memories.

Fun at Sea with Carnival Caribbean Cruises

Nothing beats the unforgettable fun that one can get from Carnival Cruises. They espouse the mission of giving each passenger a delightful enjoyable cruising adventure. The accommodation consists of spacious and well furnished staterooms with lavishly decorated interiors provided with signature Carnival Comfort Beds and also has round the clock room service. On board the liners, one can do a lot of things such as getting pampered at the spa, touring the art gallery, dipping at the swimming pool, shopping at the Fun Shops, jogging at the top track, playing at the Carnival Waterslide, having a good time at the Atrium together with friends or associates, and touring the shores when docked in the ports of call. During the nighttime, you can be one of the night owls who cannot resist the never ending parties at clubs and bars, casinos, and impressive production shows, musicals, and comedy. Carnival Cruises are guaranteed to bring fun and entertainment to all.

You will never get bored when on a journey with the Caribbean Cruises that will make you feel energized. Holland America Line Cruises are aplenty ranging from casual and relaxed discos to formal Las Vegas shows and musicals.

A Beginner’s Comprehensive Advice To Visitors Planning To Travel On The Caribbean Trip

Unearth Caribbean Ports Island Jewels

The cruise company and its liner, the route plied by the ship, the seasons, and the package preferred by the traveler determine the ports of call on the cruise. Deciding on the itinerary is usually the hardest part of the cruise bearing in mind the islands that abound the Caribbean and the scenes that it offers. Some ports are busy all year round while others are frequented only at specific times of the year. Some best picks for ports of call and stopovers on the Caribbean are mentioned hereafter. First is the St Thomas Island, one of the richest, where tourists can find great buys and can shop in a world class setting. For history enthusiasts, the San Juan Island at Puerto Rico abound with old buildings some even built in the 16th century and also abounds with scenic spots. Other popular ports of call include Antigua, Cozumel, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Grand Cayman, Aruba, and Curacao.

Caribbean Cruise Restaurants

One of the highlights of Caribbean cruising is the dining options that are plenty, offering varying food choices and every liner has their own distinctive means of presenting it to the passengers. There are main dining rooms offering traditional dining or fixed seating where you get to stick to a schedule and place of dining; or you can opt for flexible dining or open seating where you get to eat anytime of the day together with most of the guests. For something more relaxed, a casual dining option is available served in a buffet service for all three main meals. For those who wants to experience a more intimate and exclusive dining, there are places to eat that offers new taste and flavor which most of the time cost much and needs to call in for reservation. Snack bars and pool side buys and tidbits are for purchase like hotdogs, burgers, pizza, and ice cream. The different combinations of the culinary creations on board make every cruiser free from worry about going on an empty stomach.

Accommodation Types in Caribbean Cruises

Going on a Caribbean cruise is equally made perfect by staying in the best accommodation type or cabin of your choice. Cruise liners have ships sailing with quite a few room choices, all depending on the cruise line companies and the size of the ship. Staterooms or standard rooms are the most economical and smallest of all with only the essential furnishings available and no window most of the time. For those wanting a glimpse of how the Caribbean Sea and neighboring islands look from their room, then Ocean view rooms are the best alternatives having a window or porthole in addition to larger dimensions. For those who would want to experience and breathe the fresh Caribbean ocean breeze and have a wonderful view, the cabins with verandas would be the best choice. Plush accommodations such as the suite cabins offer a spacious bathroom and are packed with gorgeous embellishments and complete in-room facilities. Regardless of the accommodation type, what counts most in the Caribbean cruise is that you get pleasure from the cruise making it worth what you spend.

Easy on the Pocket Caribbean Cruise

Cruising and travelling on a budget would greatly depend on the travelers choices of itineraries and planning. There are those people who want to reserve their money for shopping, land excursion, and other things on visited islands so they keep their on board expenses on a tight budget like accommodation and meals. Cruise lines of choice play a major role if you want to cruise the Caribbean with just the right resources. Booking early is a great way to start your cruising experience, so make sure to check which liners offer the best deal ahead of time. There are also some who take advantage of discount cruises especially on off peak seasons of February to April. Cruises of shorter duration of two to five days usually cost less than cruises of longer length of up to a month. Excursions during cruises can also cost more, so if on a budget a cruise with fewer excursions would be a wise choice.

One can take their pick from the Caribbean Cruises that suit every passengers preference. You can choose from the many Holland America Line Cruises such as a stateroom, a cabin with balcony or window, or even a suite.

Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha bikes are recognized for their stylish sporty looks that attracts every passion loving person. Every Yamaha bike has got true masculine design with great list of resourceful features and technical specifications. The company understands what are exactly the needs and demands of a fun loving and enthusiastic people from their bikes and constantly comes out with something really new and innovative. Yamaha bikes have been manufactured on three basic keywords: Power, Style and Speed that makes it winner of its sport. There are numbers of Yamaha store where you can get and analysis your preferred Yamaha model, which have been featured in very unique manner and designed to accomplish your desires in graceful manner. Yamaha FZ16 is the robust looking sport bike having perfect combination of new style and power. If you have set your mind to purchase a sporty bike then Yamaha FZ16 is the perfect option for you. This Yamaha FZ16 review precisely describes you the details of the bike and guides you to make a right and favoring decision. Yamaha FZ16 has got an envious look with its stunning and sturdy dimension of 1975 (length) x770 (width) x1045 (height) mm. Its overall high profile is maintain by multi-reflector headlamp, colorful backlight, digital LCD dashboard, bold fuel tank, side panels, grab rail, rear grab bar, footrest design, stylish muffler, seat and tyres. Mechanically, Yamaha FZ16 has been boosted with a powerful air-cooled, 4-stroke, SHOC, 2 valve engine, which is able to generate peak power of 14PS at 7500rpm and a peak torque of 14NM at 6000rpm. The engine has displacement of 153cc along with 5 speed gear box, which is equipped with constant mesh wet multiple. This Yamaha bike claimed to be offer you top speed of 114km with below average mileage around 35kmpl & 46kmpl in crowded city roads and on highways respectively. Front Disc brakes are quite powerful and commanding in order to offer you smooth and safe drive. The placement of handlebars, footpegs, seat, rear grab rail and other features keep the rider in comfortable and sporty position, even on long drives. But, Yamaha FZ16 lacks with a kick start and leg guard. provides you complete information about the bike through its expert writtenYamaha FZ16 reviews along with other quality options from various brands at very affordable price with discounts.

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Pani Popo – Sweet and Sticky Samoan Coconut Buns For Your Hawaiian Luau

Pani Popo is the traditional name for a sweet and sticky bun that originated in the South Pacific Islands of Samoa. The bun is soft and doughy and it is baked in a sweet aromatic coconut sauce. It is the perfect choice when planning a Hawaiian Luau or any other tropical themed party.

This recipe makes up to 25 small buns.

You will need:

5 ½ to 6 ½ cups plain all purpose flour
1 packet yeast, 7g (¼oz)
2 ¼ cups milk
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp butter 30g (1oz)
1 tsp salt
Canola Oil

In a bowl mix half the flour with the yeast.

In a saucepan heat the milk whilst stirring, add sugar, butter and salt till warm and butter has just about melted. Add this to flour mixture and beat with an electric mixer on low speed for 30 seconds scraping bowl constantly.

Start adding the rest of the flour until you get a good doughy texture that is easy to pull but not dry. Knead on a lightly floured surface for 10 minutes.

Shape the dough into a large ball place in a large bowl coated with canola oil, rolling it around to make sure the entire ball is coated. Cover with a tea towel and place in a warm place to rise for 45 minutes to an hour, such as over a sink of warm water, in the oven on the top shelf with a bowl of hot water beneath or even in the back window of the car.

Punch down the dough and roll into balls.

Place the balls into a large ungreased baking dish, cover and let rise for another 10 minutes.

Now to make the sauce:

2 cans coconut milk

¾ cup sugar

Simply combine the coconut cream and sugar and pour over the buns.

Bake at 190°C (375°F) for 20 minutes.

Important note: The sauce will bubble up and spill over if the dish is not large enough, so use two baking dishes if necessary. Always place a tray under the baking dish to catch any spills; this will save you a lot of clean up afterwards.

The Party Mums is a great place to start when planning the perfect party for your kids. We love to keep it fresh and healthy wherever possible and you’ll find many great recipes for an array of wonderful theme parties including Tropical Parties and Hawaiian Luau’s in our fun food pages.

Enter the New World of Mobile Technology with iPhone 4 16GB SIM free

Believe it or not, even before the release of Apple iPhone 4 16GB Sim free the gadget was so popular that the first batch of 10k+ iPhone devices got sold out in just three or more days in UK mobile market. Built with excellent functionalities & architecture, the iPhone 4 is one of the most popular mobile devices in UK. Also one of the most exciting features of this iPhone 4 gadget is the affordability. Even after having loads of innovative & ingeniously crafted features, the iPhone 4 price still bring smile on the buyer’s face since the price tag is quite reasonable.

Going further into the specifications & features of this commendable gadget, the iPhone 4 black comes with incredible outstanding 3.5 Inch wholesome Multi-Touch display, incorporating a very high density color and pixel. With 960×640-pixel resolution & 800:1 contrast ratio (typical), the phone offers great picture viewing & video watching experience to the user. However, with elegant design & excellent structure, the phone entails Fingerprint-resistant Oleophobic coating front and back which keep the looks young & vibrant. Moreover, the iPhone 4 16GB Sim free measures 115.2 X 58.6 X 9.3 mm in dimensions & weighs almost 137 grams, offering quite lightweight experience to the users.

With awe-inspiring features like video calling, you can connect with your friends and family easily. With live videos, you can see the looks of the person you are talking at the other end. Moreover, with inbuilt high-tech connectivity features, the iPhone 4 let you enjoy the unrestricted network & internet reception, right from your room.

Having integrated with wholesome 5MP camera, the iPhone 4 16 GB unlocked mobile allows you to click the clearest image or make a finest video. Additional features like LED Flash, photo & video geo-tagging are also present in the camera. And with the illumination sensor present at the backside of the phone, you can also capture crystal clear photos even in night.

Even after being integrated with so many unique specifications which are not seen commonly, the iPhone 4 price is still inexpensive which gives relief to the buyer’s pocket. This is one of the main reasons behind huge demand of this iPhone 4 16GB Sim free in UK region.

Additionally, this iPhone 4 16GB also incorporates all the standard mobile phone features with good number of entertainment apps.

Lastly, with strong battery backup, the iPhone 4 16GB offers talktime of up to 7 hours on 3G network & up to 14 hours on 2G networks.

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