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Okavango ? Make Sweet Memories While Being With Mother Nature

If you are planning to get a shy of relief from your work life in the forthcoming holiday vacation and enjoy a memory making holidaying in a green environment, where the Mother Nature will make you enthralled with her refreshing charm, then consider Okavango to fulfill your desire.
Okavango is situated in the Kalahari River in the Bostwana desert. This is the largest inland of the world that covers around 15000 square kilometers. This delta inland is the seasonal and permanent habitat of a large number of animals, such as Nile crocodile, hippos, African Bush elephants, African buffalo, Zebra, antelopes and much more.
The papyrus and reed rafts play a very important role in providing cohesion for the sand in Okavango. The flat surface of the delta is rising slowly and that’s due to high amount of sand. Presently, the delta has 5 ethnic groups, namely Bugakhwe, Wayeyi, Dceriku, Anikwhe and Hambukushu; so if you are a people lover and passionate about gathering knowledge of different ethnicities then Okavango would be an ideal destination for you.
The perfect time to visit Okavango is during the months of May to October, when you will find zero or very little rainfall there and a charming weather. Then the nights can be very cold, so you should not forget to take warm clothes with you.
The smartest way to plan your Okavango tour is to do that with an experienced South Africa Travel Agent. You will find the presence of a number of South Africa Travel Agents online, with whom you can contact, communicate and plan your trip at very economical price. Before you start journey, plan everything about the tour – where to stay, what to see and how long to stay, and an experienced agent will help you out with this efficiently.
So, what are you waiting for? Make this upcoming holiday vacation one of the most remarkable holiday memories with a family trip to Okavango.

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16 Tips For Eating Healthfully on a Budget

When people think of healthful food, they often think it costs more. Yet, during the Great Depression, some people actually got healthier because they could no longer afford the frills of processed foods, which were made of refined wheat and sugar. With a bit of planning and armed with the following tips, you can actually get healthier and at the same time spend less!

1. Go to your local farmer’s market at the last half hour. Buying at the local farmer’s market assures you that you are not buying irradiated food (which is full of toxic free radicals), whereas if you buy from the supermarket, even produce labeled organic might be irradiated! Also, talk to the farmers: often they use organic methods, but cannot afford to go through the process that it takes to be able to label their food as “organic.” Go when the market is about to close, when the farmers will often give drastic reductions. I have seen fruit go from $ 4 a pound down to $ 5 for everything that fits in a bag.

2. Ask the farmer to bring you a box of weeds next time. Offer $ 20 for a box of weeds to a farmer using organic or sustainable (nontoxic) methods. Weeds are usually discarded, but are more nutritious (alkaline and mineral-rich) than the foods growing around them! Use them in salads and smoothies. Dandelions are an example, and are very detoxifying to the liver.

3. Go vegetarian or reduce meat consumption. Meat is expensive; nuts and especially seeds as a source of protein are much cheaper. If you feel you must eat meat, cut back to no more than the size of a deck of cards or your palm, 3 times a week. Buy only meat from the healthiest animals, from reputable markets where you know the animals are free range and organically fed (grass, not grain). Eating a little of healthful food is better, much better, than a lot of toxic food. Other good sources of protein are eggs from flaxseed-fed chickens, greens, hemp seed powder, sprouted beans and grains, and kiefer (raw if possible).

4. Eat in, not out. Forgoing even cheap, fast food restaurants will save you money. Learn some simple fast recipes that are packed with nutrients, such as steamed vegetables topped with grated walnuts or flaxseeds, smoothies made with fruit and greens, and raw soups.

5. Eat raw. Eat as many raw foods as you can. 84% of the vitamins are destroyed by cooking. 100% of the enzymes are killed when you heat food over 118 F. Minerals are coagulated and difficult to assimilate. In cooked food, because of coagulation, the protein is 50% less assimilable, as research showed at the Max Planck Institute for National Research in Germany. This means that a person needs to eat twice as much protein if it is cooked as opposed to raw.

6. Sprout organic seeds, grains, & lentils. Sprouting is an inexpensive way to get a nutrient-intense superfood. Simply buy some organic lentils and grains and a sprouting jar at your local food co-op, then order some organic seeds online. Soak the seeds, grains or lentils overnight, rinse with pure water, and let the jar sit by a window. Rinse two to three times a day. By the third day, most sprouts are ready to eat and should be refrigerated if not eaten immediately. (You can get sick if eating moldy sprouts.) Go online to learn more. Anne Wigmore, a pioneer in the raw food movement, went to India and taught beggars to sprout their beans and rice. The difference in their nutritional gain was enough to get them off the streets, no longer needing to beg!

7. Grow your own food. During the Great Depression, this is how many people fed themselves. For those without a yard, hydroponics make it possible to grow food inside your home!

8. Go into the wild! Learn from a local forager how you can safely pick wild berries and greens. Find a book that tells how to choose wild edibles. (Just be sure to read the details so you don’t make the same mistake made by “Into the Wild” Christopher McCandless, who died from eating wild food that was toxic.) Wild foods are actually much richer in minerals than conventional hybrid foods are. Don’t forage in the city, unless you are certain the weeds or greens have not been sprayed with toxic chemicals. Avoid wild mushrooms, which are too risky and potentially deadly. I know people who ate some, thinking they matched the definitions of edible mushrooms in the book, but got very sick and took a long time to recover.

9. Ask local farmers if you can trade something for food. Trade labor, or services or goods. Bartering is the wave of the future, though the IRS may not like it.

10. Make everything from scratch. Processed, prepackaged foods are not good for you anyway. Learn to love whole foods, and you will not only save money, but be healthier.

11. Eat less! Studies have shown that we live much longer if we gradually reduce our caloric intake by 30%, yet consume food very rich in nutrients. You can live on a lot less food than what you think, and eating healthful food actually decreases your appetite. When you eat cooked, processed and/or junk food, your body is starving for nutrients and you are never really satisfied.

12. Go to the supermarkets and ask them to give you what they throw out. I know some people who dumpster dive at grocery store, preferring to eat fresh produce that has reached its expiration date and is tossed in a trash bin than to eat cheap cooked food. I don’t blame them, but there is an easier way. Many of the stores routinely toss perfectly good produce because it has bruises or is somehow not picture-perfect. Ask when you could pick these items up before they get tossed.

13. Join co-ops. Local food co-ops offer quality food at lower prices than supermarkets. You can buy organic and sustainable foods, foods in bulk,

14. Buy in bulk. Buying in large quantities is almost always cheaper. Nuts, seeds, and fruits can be bought in bulk and stored in the freezer. Grains, lentils and beans last a long time in sealed containers. Ask you grocer for discounts for buying food by the case, then split it with your friends or neighbors.

15. Join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Go to to find where your local CSA is. On their site they explain, “CSA is about community. CSAs are frequently formed by farmers, but a number have been formed by consumers. CSAs offer opportunities for people to meet in a different way and address important community issues. Some CSAs make sure that the CSA initiative does not exclude low-income families through its pricing policies. For example, several CSAs are organized as part of regional food banks, and at least one CSA offers employment for homeless individuals. Another CSA, formed by a church group, links suburban and inner-city residents. Many CSAs take on the task of helping to re-educate us all in how to shift our diets to include more fresh produce when it is in season and how to store or preserve for winter months. Some CSAs also take on composting shareholders’ food scraps.”

16. Don’t throw any food away! When fruits or vegetables look like they aren’t being eaten in time, dehydrate them till they are perfectly dry and they will last much longer in an airtight container. The dried fruits can be used in trail mix, while the dried vegetables can garnish a salad or be used in a soup. If you get a temperature-controlled dehydrator, you can maintain the enzymes and nutrients by not going above 118 F. Also don’t discard carrot tops, beet tops, weeds, and greens from the bottom of cauliflower. All of these are rich in minerals and can be used in soups, salads or smoothies. Pulp from juiced fruits and vegetables can be mixed with seeds to make crackers in a dehydrator. Anything inedible, such as a banana peel, can be composted in a small bin to enrich the soil used for growing food.

Susan Schenck, LAc, MTOM, is a raw food coach, lecturer, and author of The Live Food Factor, The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet, known as the encyclopedia of the raw food diet. Go to to get a free chapter from her book.

What You Need to Know When Planning a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party that is expected to be successful and unique is not an easy job. Even if it is one year, sweet sixteen or fiftieth birthday celebration a lot of planning is needed to make it grand occasion. You will only agree with me if you have experienced what I’m talking about. Often times, you may forget some important things due to crowded items on your brain. However, here are some party ideas that will help you to achieve a unique party as you intended.

Every birthday anniversary is great occasion; therefore, articulate the party idea by putting into consideration the sex, personality and age of the celebrant. This will definitely help you to determine the scope of the party. If it is a “50th” birthday party, you ought to know that it is mainly a gathering of gentlemen and their families. The planning will be different because it not a jamboree for kids.

No matter the birthday party you are planning, your invitation card will give your invitees an insight of what your party will look like. That means you have to design your invitation to speak well of your party. You can make your invitation artistic and creative by personalizing it that will convey all the necessary information to your guest. Or you may buy more than a few beach balls and inscribe the party information on them with an ink leaving directives to arouse the curiosity of your guests when they received it. You may include dressing formula if you like but the date, time and venue must appear in the invitation card.

On selecting the venue of the occasion, be mindful of the caliber of your guests you are inviting because, the location must be fantastic to paint the exact picture of your party. Parties have different venues for several personalities, gentlemen parties are better hosted in reserved areas and it is usually an exclusive party,

Make adequate provision for sumptuous and appetizing food that will appeal to your guests. Drinks are quite inevitable; you have to provide assorted type of drinks both soft and alcoholic for your guests to gulp down their throat after the delicious food before ushering them to the dancing floor.

Finally, planning a birthday party is not easy because lots of things are involved. However, all birthday parties needs to be carefully planned because that particular age come only but once in lifetime, therefore, you have to plan and celebrate it with pageantry.

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Sweet Tweet

A lot of people underestimate twitter it seems. I’ve been looking at a lot of companies and how they interact with twitter and I just can’t believe it. They fall into the trap of making a twitter account and then neglecting it of anything more than a few cursory throw-away tweets. There’s no attempt made to leverage prime options for connecting with their customers. It’s a sad state of things that companies neglect such a powerful tool. It’s understandable as it was relatively new. A few years ago. But now that it’s out, and now that there are leaders in the market driving new and innovative ways to interact and leverage the website it’s just inexcusable, really.

Take for instance the twelp force I’ve talked about previously. Why aren’t more companies doing that? Why are companies like Marriott protecting there tweets? They only have 78 followers as of writing this article. They could be tweeting about deals, they could be tweeting about work they are doing. Anything would be good. But they aren’t even tweeting at all? It’s embarrassing. While they might be doing anything with twitter, doing just something isn’t ver good either. In fact, in some cases it can be more harmful than doing nothing. But like Socrates said, an unexamined life is not worth living.

What you need is an executable twitter strategy. Before you jump into the water you need to be wearing the proper gear. Jumping in with nothing at all may be fun, but it can get you in trouble- double trouble if the water is cold. You need to prepare yourself. You need to know what you are representing and how you are going to represent it. You need to understand the ins and outs of the platform. You need to have something of VALUE to tweet about. And most of all, at least to me, you need to have some kind of funny bone. The most famous or “successful” people on the web generally are pretty funny. So work on your 160 character delivery, buck-o.

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Sweet Honey

Bee product is prevalent health food, because of its miraculous effect, the unique role and from natural science and consumers, and it becomes one of the world’s health care market beautiful scenery. Honorary President of China association of bee products in wood said: “if the bees are friends of human health, bee products are natural source of nutrition, royal jelly, and honey bee pollen.” As people health consciousness enhancement, bee products by more and more people know and recognition in the elderly, especially fond of bee products more. Bee products association Luo Meng legend, bee products “sweet business is business,” bee product production cost low, but the use of bee products, not only can be used as a daily food to eat, but also can participate in the adjuvant therapy, price is close to the ordinary people. Some of the immediate effect is bee products, while others need longer, and use of bee products must persevere.


For thousands of years, with the unflagging honey have many unique nutrients.

1.Honey can be absorbed easily and directly by human body glucose and fructose, about 65-80%,

2.All kinds of amino acid, including the human body cannot 8 essential amino acid syntheses, 0.3%,

3.Human serum levels of almost equal to contain more than 20 minerals, 0.06%,

4.More than 20 species of promoting human growth and metabolism of vitamins,

5.It contains a variety of active enzyme.


Now on the market with honey, often false with high fructose syrup made its color and lustre, false honey, very clear. Consumers should choose purchase is quality assurance products. Consumers can identify the quality of honey by the following simple methods recommended by

1. Taste and smell: when you choose and buy honey, consumer can taste the nose smells, observe the mouth of oil or whether there is honey, general quality good smell and taste sweet honey with delicate fragrance and flavor, fragrance of too rich, if possible, poor quality of adding flavor with honey bitterness, acerbity, sour even smell.

2. Good quality of moisture content of identification: honey, sticky sexual content, use glass rod will provoke disinfection, honey, very long filamentous will become. Water dilute of honey feel very high.


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Sweet Potato

Now is the season of sweet potato. In the dry autumn and winter, a bowl of porridge with sweet potato benefits our body health a lot. Then, eating sweet potato moderately is helpful for reducing weight. But we cannot rely on eating sweet potato to lose weight; our bodies need balanced nutrition. No matter what food, we all want reasonable consumption.


From the perspective of losing weight, the greatest help of sweet potato is: because it contains more food fiber, which can stimulate bowels effectively, and promote defecation. But even so, we also cannot rely on eating sweet potato to reduce weight, because of the sweet potato oxidase containing an enzyme easily in the intestines, of co2 gas. Eating more easily result to abdominal distension. The sweet potato content is high, so eating more easily lead to upset stomach and vomiting acid water.


Eating sweet potato does not put on body weight, and we need balanced nutrition. Sweet potato is a basic food, not like many fruits and green vegetables, it is most rare. The general food is acidic, such as grain, poultry meat, etc., and the body’s PH value of 7.34, so it can help the body to keep acid-base balance. While eating sweet potatoes can lower blood cholesterol, prevent sub-health and cardiovascular disease and other “modern disease.”

Do you want to know how to eat sweet potato is more nutritious? First, we should avoid eating raw sweet potato. Many people in the South like to eat raw sweet potatoes. Sweet potato contains high Starch Content and, more difficult to digest if eaten raw, cooked the best food. Heated to high temperatures also allow digestible soluble fiber, so that shorter sugar chains, increased sweet potato sweet. Second, avoid eating alone. Eating sweet potatoes should be compatible with the other cereals. One to eat, then because of lower protein content will lead to unbalanced nutritional intake. Therefore, advises that the traditional sweet potato cut into the blocks, and rice porridge is more scientific.

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Party or birthday time sound system rental on event starts

Let’s encounter it; a party without songs just isn’t really an excellent party. When you show as much as an event and there isn’t any music, live or else, it’s probably at greatest a borderline dull event and also you start looking at your own watch wondering how long you need to stay to be courteous. Music pumping, or even the perfect music playing quietly within the background, is what has got the guests going best. People unwind, mingle more and are apt to have a better time. Since most people don’t have a superior quality sound system on hand and all set for any party, if you’re planning an event then something to think about is a audio rental nyc sound program rental. This means which you can use someone else’s high quality equipment, just for the actual party, without having to invest hundreds or 1000s of dollars in stuff you won’t use regularly.

Take for instance a large milestone birthday. Maybe your daughter is actually turning Sweet 16 this season. Or, perhaps your spouse is actually looking 40 straight within the eye. It’s definitely time for you to throw a party. You take your time worrying about the visitor list, and just create a few calls for the audio system rental. Order some food from the local restaurant, and, BAM, you’ve got a great party that your financial allowance can handle and the actual guests will remember as well as talk about for a long time.

You don’t have to stay a big city to obtain the high tech sound system rental nyc that is wonderful for you and your occasion. Small towns, even in upstate Ny, have plenty of local companies which are standing by, ready that will help you create the rocking party you need to have. Finding a sound program rental in Watertown isn’t any more difficult than in Nyc! Francis Audio Visual is really a local company with lots of experience and know-how with regards to event planning. You still need to do the dusting and vacuuming to organize for the party (or look for a location other than your house!), but they could make the event memorable for you personally!

Sound visual equipment systems may operate swimmingly even as soon as multiple windows square calculate open. Several feature on-screen selections for image changes, Connect in nursing adjustable tilt remain and inbuilt speakers with regard to true transmission applications.

Staging Connections is how the solely NYC audio visual rental company to provide same-day full-service audio visible productions and audio visible rental anyplace in ny town. We tend to lease audio visual rental and supply climbable service solutions, in addition to webcasting and medical conference management.

For further details, please get on our website or give us a call. Looking forward to listening to from you soon!

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Which Bridal Headpiece is Right for You?

When it comes to planning out your wedding day, it is important for brides and grooms to work together so that they can plan an event that reflects who they both are as a couple. Entering into a marriage is about setting aside selfish needs and putting each other first.

That goes for a lot of things on your wedding day: the cake, the colors, and the venue. But when it comes to deciding on what a bride is going to be wearing on her big day, it the decision is all her own.

One thing many brides-to-be don’t realize before they start planning their wedding is that there is a lot more to a bridal ensemble than just the perfect dress. Trying to figure everything out at once can be a bit overwhelming, so when you are coordinating your outfit it can sometimes be easiest to start at the top.

This could entail any number of lovely bridal headpieces. Traditionally, a simple veil is what a bride wears on her wedding day. But today veils fall into their own separate category. They can be added and matched to different headpieces or they can be done without completely.

But for now we are going to focus on figuring out which bridal headpiece is the right decision for you.

Pins and Combs

A simple bobby pin won’t do on the biggest day of a woman’s life, so there are a number of different hair-styling accessories that will be sure to make your hair look extra special.

When your bridesmaids are busy fussing over your hair before the ceremony and between portraits, it is a great idea to have on hand the Set of Six Crystal Hair Jewelry. These two-inch long hairpins each have a dazzling clear crystal on the end for a little extra shimmer on the altar.

If you are looking for an original addendum to your hair, you can’t go wrong with the Bridal Silver Floral Hair Clip or Pin with Crystals and Pearls. This is a gorgeously rendered silver flower with a single pearl in at the center of the blooming petals. This lovely piece also makes a handsome pin for a grandmother of the bride or groom.

The Galina Bridal Comb with Pearl Clusters is another great choice for a bride who has a little bit of a princess in her, but doesn’t want to go too over the top. The top of the comb is decorated with clusters of Swarovski rhinestone crystals and individual pearls. It measures 3 ¾” long x 5/8″ high. It will look great in a French twist or positioned at the top of your veil.


Of course there are some brides that have a lot of “princess” in them and they want to go over the top with everything on their wedding day. That is perfectly fine and sincerely understandable. Women who want their wedding day their way crown their heads with a striking tiara.

The Bridal Shallow Silver Tiara with Round Crystals is slightly more sleek and subtle than others of its ilk. Think more “Princess Leia” and less “My Super Sweet 16.” It is intricately designed with a single stone at the very center.

For more of a Cate Blanchett as the ethereal elf goddess in “Lord of the Rings” look, you might want to consider the Gold Tiara with Metal Flower Design and Crystals. This tall and earthy tiara is made of gorgeous metal leaves and flowers that have crystals and rhinestones strewn throughout it. It measures 14″ long by 5 ½” wide and 1 ½ ” tall.


Headbands are a great way to let a bride’s hairstyle shine while adding a little bit of additional flair and sparkle. They are also the perfect way to top off a veil.

The Bridal Fabric Headband with Beaded, Crystal Embroidery and Sewn Beads is a fantastic accompaniment to a number of exciting veils. Light will shine off this simple and elegant headband as you walk down the aisle. It is available in either ivory or white.

Radiant purple jewels give the Special Occasion Headband with Purple Faceted stones an entirely unique look. Ten individual stones line this thin and exciting headpiece. Smaller clear crystals space them out. Ensure a totally original accessory on your big day with this breathtaking piece of jewelry.

You can also don an even more luxurious Headband with Large Floral Motif when you seal your vows. The five oversized flowers are emblazoned with a shining mixture of crystals and pearls. Tiaras aren’t the only headpieces for a woman who wants to be queen for a day.

Part of picking out a headpiece is deciding what kind of person you are and what type of wedding you want to have. Consider these options and don’t be afraid to try on something that isn’t normally “you.”

Cassandra Poe is a freelance writer who writes about wedding accessories such as bridal headpieces.

Ways People Print Their Own Invitations, Stationary And Gifts On Their Personal Computer And Printer

Not too long ago, the computer and printer technology, screen platesetters and an imagesetter were pretty basic. The print that was executed on a computer printer was back ink only and was not especially clear. It was also printed on a special kind of paper with holes along the sides to link into the printing equipment. If you were planning a wedding and had to get invitations, you needed to visit a paper shop and custom order them to be printed.

Also, if you were having a big party that you needed to send other kinds of fun invitations out, you had to visit a shop too. This all was expensive and often took 4-8 weeks to get everything printed out. If your charity was having a special event or your small company needed a sign, you also had to go to a business that made signs. When you wanted to make a personalized gift for a family member this also had to be specially ordered and took a couple of months to complete. All of these things now can be done at your own at home in a shorter time frame for much less money and will be finished as soon as you want.

If you are planning a wedding, one of the first things that will set the tone and offer the guests an idea of what kind of wedding it is going to be is usually based on the type of invitations sent. Many brides are now making the invitations themselves using special software for just that purpose and a nice quality laser printer. This allows the bride to really customize an invitation that they desire and can create. If they have certain colors that they wish to incorporate for their wedding, it may be done on the invitation instead of in the old traditional ivory one with black print.

This also can be done for other celebrations or events where you wish to have printed invitations like a 50th anniversary, a sweet 16 surprise party or a graduation party. Many people just buy the cards that are already made at a craft store or stationary shop and then you can fill in the information about the party and print them on their PC. In fact, stationary stores now carry all of the items you would need to make your own invitations and stationary at their stores. There are still customers that want to order the old way too rather than trying to figure out how to print out their own.

Personalized gifts using family photos are also a wonderful item you can make from your own computer and printer. Things such as photo calendars or photo enlargements that may be framed are all things that can be done at home. Also, pictures printed on transfer paper that can then be ironed on various fabrics such as a t-shirt, canvas bag or apron are also great ideas for a personalized gift for a relative or friend. A lot of the things needed to make these are found at a craft shop.

Connor Sullivan recently reviewed printing equipment and was impressed with the technology used today in the imagesetter. He ordered screen platesetters for his office printers.

What’s So Great about Homecoming?

What’s so great about Homecoming? Everything! Homecoming is typically in September and is the first formal event in the new school year. Anticipation for the event is high, and almost everyone in the whole school comes. Homecoming is a fabulous time for girls to show off their styles in the latest fashions, dressing up in glorious gowns that are the envy of those unable to attend. The guys are less enthused about dressing up, but are eager to show off their style and masculinity by coming with one of the prettiest girls in school.

Because Homecoming is such a special event, particularly if you are in the running to be the Homecoming Queen, you need to start planning for it early. This planning is especially important when it comes to choosing the right dress because designer dresses undergo limited production and sell out quickly. This limited production will make it impossible to find this year’s best styles unless you shop early; however, it will also ensure your dress’s uniqueness at the dance.

The key to choosing the best dress for you is to select a designer’s style that you like, admiring the fresh new designs available for this year. My personal favorite designers are Jovani and Flirt. I particularly like the Jovani “Beyond the Prom” style which could double as a magnificent New Years Eve party gown. Once you’ve found a designer you like, shopping and trying on gowns is fun. But as the selections available from your favorite designer may be limited in the store, you should consider shopping online.

Online shopping for a gown is easier than it sounds, and you have a much better chance to purchase your dream gown before it sells out. The most important thing to remember is to carefully take your measurements and compare them to the size chart of the designer whose gown you want to buy. The size charts vary by designer, so don’t make the mistake of looking at one designer’s size chart and selecting a dress by a different designer based on that chart. For example, my size in the Jovani “Beyond the Prom” style is a size 4, but in the Flirt gowns I would need to order a size 6.

Order your dress based on the size you are at this moment, not the size you plan to be after you try the latest miracle diet splashed across the cover of a women’s magazine. If the miracle diet works and you drop 20 pounds this month, great! A qualified alterations person can easily take the seams in and you’ll be gorgeous. If you buy the smaller size, chances are good that you will be too stressed worrying about whether the gown will fit to stick to a diet.

Ordering a gown online offers the advantage of more selection, giving you the chance to choose a dress that no other girl at the dance will have. And you can find terrific prices too! With less overhead than a department store and the ability to focus on one product, the online stores will have a variety that other stores don’t, giving you a much better deal. In fact, after trying it out, you may never buy from the department store again!