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5 Best Gold Charms For A Sixteenth Birthday

A girl’s sixteenth birthday is a very special event in most families, cultures and traditions. It is at this point that the girl moves from childhood into being a young woman and it is definitely a milestone in her life. Gold charms and gold charm bracelets that highlight this event are definitely a traditional type of gift, but can be very modern in their appearance.

There are several essential components to any collection of gold charms for Sweet Sixteen charm bracelets. The following five charms should definitely be added to your list of charms to buy for this special occasion.

Special Day In Life For funky fonts and lots of great flash and dazzle consider gold charms that include the words “Sweet 16” as the major theme of the charm or the actual charm itself. These charms are stylish and fun, sure to remind the girl about this very special day in her life.

Moving Forward As a young lady moves from a child to a young woman she will have many accomplishments in her life. Keys are often a symbol of moving forward and achieving new goals, so a few gold charms of keys are perfect for a Sweet 16 themed bracelet. You may want to combine a car charm with a key or a key for a really special type of gift.

Disc Charms It is hard to imagine a Sweet 16 collection of gold charms without a disc style of personalized charm. These charms are flat and round in shape, providing a lot of area for the engraving of a very personal message. Moms and Dads or other family members really love these styles of gold charms.

Memories Of This Birthday Birthday cakes, birthday hats, presents and even birthday balloons on gold charms are all perfect to enhance the whole theme of the bracelet. Of course you can also get little replica gold charms of gifts you are giving her as well.

Hearts It is hard to imagine any type of special occasion that heart shaped gold charms wouldn’t be appropriate. Some styles of heart charms can also be engraved, adding to the personal touch with the charm.

As a classic gift, gold charms and charm bracelets can also have a very modern twist. In addition all the family can keep adding gold charms as the girl accomplishes all kinds of other special achievements in her life. This really is a terrific Sweet 16 present and one that is sure to be remembered.

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16th Birthday: Not Your Ordinary Birthday

More popularly known as sweet sixteen, the 16th birthday is a momentous event in a girl’s life. Once you’ve turned 16, you are no longer a child, but you’re not an adult either. Still, you are in that “in-between stage,” which makes you qualified to be called a woman.

The 16th birthday isn’t a universal celebration however. Most men prefer to celebrate the 21st rather than the 16th birthday as a sign of entering into adulthood. And some cultures and families celebrate the 18th birthday instead as the year that girls come of age.

People used 16th birthdays to deem when their daughters were already of marrying age. It was recommended for girls as young as that age o find husbands already. If at 27 you failed to find a husband for yourself, you were considered a spinster for life.

Today, though the tradition of celebrating a girl’s 16th birthday still continues, the manner of celebration has changed. Also, sixteenth birthdays are no longer celebrated so that celebrant can find a husband. Instead, these are celebrated merely to mark the transition period from childhood to pre-adulthood.

If you’re turning 16, you don’t need to make your celebration a grand ball or an extravagant party, unless you want to. There are other ways of celebrating this milestone in your life.

The possibilities are endless! From an intimate dinner with close friends and relatives to parties, you can think of countless ways to hold your 16th birthday celebration. There are countless of party themes from tropical island to movie themes.

Other memorable birthday ideas are spending your birthday in the bowling alley or skating rink to have some fun with friends. Another intimate celebration is the slumber party.

Having clean fun is always a prime concern when having your party. Remember that turning 16 doesn’t mean you are free to do whatever you want. You don’t want the police barging in on your party, after all. So have fun while keeping safe!

Make your 16th birthday celebration a special one. Learn more about holding a great 16th birthday celebration right here!

What To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Party DJ

Parties are an important affair where the host constantly needs to make sure that all his guests are well taken care of. Among the many things that he needs to arrange, party entertainment is by far the most important. No host wants his guests to get bored at his party. This risk needs to be mitigated by all means possible. Every party needs an entertainment arrangement to cater to the guests. Especially when the gatherings are huge where there is high possibility of nearly all invitees showing up, this factor cannot remain overlooked.

One such gathering is a wedding celebration. While some people like to keep it largely private, some prefer organizing huge parties and inviting all the people they know. A long list of guests means that the host cannot always personally entertain the guests. When this happens, an alternative needs to be devised in a way that the guests feel comfortable. Music is the first choice that people run to in times like these. The right kind of music to set the mood at a party works like magic. When the guests are still arriving, the music can be light, transitioned and flowing. During ceremonies, a more traditional touch can be added to it with the wedding DJ’s flair. DJs also handle special moments of a celebration by playing selected songs at such moments. This creates a different atmosphere. When the fun mood sets in, groovy music can be brought into the scene. Music can then start flowing back to being light as the guests start to leave.

It is important to hire the right wedding DJ services in order to get the most out of it. Some DJs would just play random songs and mix them up to create a faux-DJ experience. Just mixing up pieces of music is not the true essence of a disk jockey. There has to be meaning behind it too. At sensitive celebrations, it is important to set a theme to the mixes that a DJ creates. This helps to carry the crowd in the flow of the celebration very effectively. Thus, when choosing to hire a wedding DJ, make sure you understand he actually knows this stuff.

Also, it is necessary to check with your DJ well before the celebration for the kind of songs you want played at the party. You don’t want to deal with goof-ups or awkward moments because a risky song got played. Since it is the host who knows his guests well, he can suggest safe songs to the DJ to keep prepared for the party. The host can also share his songs with the disk jockey and have them played.

Having a talk with your DJ before the celebration is a wise thing to do. It gives you an opportunity to speak to him about the dos and don’ts at your party. There may be some restrictions or control you would want practiced for some reasons. It is necessary to communicate them to the DJ beforehand. Arranging for your guests to have a good time is not difficult at all. You only need to invest some time.

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A Party Bus Is The Ultimate Way to Travel With Friends

One day a year should be all about you and there is no better way to celebrate your birthday than in style on board your own party bus. Whether you are turning 10 or 65 there are plenty of ways to make your special day focused on what it should be you!

If you have a birthday or a sweet 16 to celebrate, why not do it where the party goes with you on your special day? You will enjoy the day or night traveling around the city while dancing to your favorite songs with a light system and plenty of space to have your whole party dancing.

You can take the bus to a planned event, sports venue, or you can cruise the city while enjoying the various amenities included in your package. A good bus rental service will tailor the day/night around you to make your experience not only special but one of a kind.

As with any monumental birthday, turning 21 is an occasion to celebrate with many cheers and toasts to you. Let your party bus start your cheers and toasting on board your own personalized party while your driver gets you safely and responsibly to your destination(s) VIP style.

Your party bus will not only make your night a night to remember, but you will be able to enjoy the bus’s sound system, lighting system and various amenities as you hop around town so that the party never has to stop!

You are never too old to have fun!

Whether you are turning 30, 40 or 50 you have to remember you are never too old to have fun. Let your driver and your party bus take you and your closest friends and family along your journey with you.

How about a casino trip, a sporting event or just a ride around the city to celebrate you! Your party bus will allow you to bring your own refreshments along as we whisk you around the city in style!

Surprise! Imagine your loved ones surprise when you show up to celebrate their special day with a party bus to create memories that last a lifetime! Your party bus and driver will help make the day or night all that you want it to be with age appropriate refreshments, entertainment and favors for your event.

Most good services renting party buses have a variety of different buses to cater to your special day and the amount of guests you have accompanying you. Imagine inviting a dozen or more of your guests to join you on your day of celebration!

Don’t let the party start at your venue and don’t let it end when you leave. Hop on board your own party ride for a tour of the city and an experience to last a lifetime.

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Exclusive Ideas for Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

Wow!!!! Your have stepped into the second phase of life. You ought to celebrate your sweet 16 birthday party in an elegant style. To make the day memorable and full of fun, express your gratitude to your guests in the form of party favor. The favor not only expresses your thanks but also it will make your guests feel that you are very delighted to have all of them as a friend or family member or neighbor.

You can choose the favor in any form, may it be a chocolate or any personal diary, the main purpose is that you are showing your happiness on their arrival. You can also buy customized favors, if your want to be within your budget. Destination wedding favors come a little costly, but as you want something for sweet sixteen party favors, you can be within your estimated budget. Whatever favor you are going to choose, the most vital thing is that you choose according to the person you are giving. Boys and girls should be given different favors. To make your job easy, below are enlisted few ideas regarding the favors for both boys and girls.

There are plenty of gift items for girls. Not much of headache is required for selecting a favor for your girlfriend. Some of the common options are:

* Mini Set of Manicure – Your friend is going to love this favor. Generally, a girl of any age loves all those things that are going to keep her proper and prim.
* Compact Mirror- It is the habit of a girl to admire herself in front of the mirror again and again. If you give your girlfriend a compact mirror, she can easily keep it in her handbag.
* Handbag or Clutch – Girls prefer to carry handbags or clutches that matches with her dress. Chic look handbag or clutch can be the best option for you.
* Jewelry – There is no girl who does not love wearing jewelry. Get your buddies a pearl beaded necklace.

When it comes to buying a favor for boy, it is simply like starting from scratch. Boys are very finicky, thus you should vigilantly select gifts for your boyfriends.
* T-shirts – The most common favor that you can give to your boyfriend. To give it a unique look, buy some plain round necked T-shirts and print your friend’s photo on it.
* Personal Diary – It is a bit traditional favor, but boys will appreciate it because they love to maintain dairies.
* Modish Bottle Opener – Modish and exquisite bottle opener is an ideal gift. In the market, you can find them in plethora.
* Voguish Pen Drive – Yup!!! This is an innovative thinking. Diverse silhouettes and designs of pen drive have been launched that actually does not look like a pen drive.

Besides, I am of the view that any gift that you are giving should suffice the purpose of showing gratitude.

You can choose the favor in any form, may it be a chocolate or any personal diary Destination wedding favors the main purpose is that you are showing your happiness on their arrival.

Hiring Wedding Dj Services

Each wedding is exceptional, and everybody wants to make the wedding truly engaging and memorable. From decorations, lighting, photography, invitations card, cake, to cuisines and music, everything should be perfectly fine and functional to make an event unique and outstanding. Both bride and groom want to please and greet their guests to make their experience highly enchanting. In order to make the wedding day fully functional, versatile and happening, people choose different types of music services; it not only creates a distinctive wedding experience, but also entertains guests. Today, there are many reputable companies that offer outstanding music DJ services.

No doubt, wedding DJs can dissolve ultimate fun in the atmosphere and encourage family members and guests to enjoy wedding in an effortless manner. Not only guests enjoy good music, but also bride and groom too; they put their choice forward to delight the wedding participants. Your guests will have guaranteed wedding party experience and can remember your party for a long time.

Today, wedding planners also arrange an independent music company or a wedding DJ Suffolk that can offer different types of music services as per the demands and budget of the people. Professional musicians can play any music on demand in a professional manner and make the environment much more welcoming and amazing. They can meet the demands of guests and encourage people to have ultimate fun and enjoyment like never before.

Professional wedding DJ companies offer:

* Different music / DJ packages
* The largest music libraries
* Lighting, special effects
* Special video services
* Smooth entertainment with exclusive services
* Professional singers and mixers
* Standardized services

Professional music companies understand your wedding needs and therefore provide the best services to entertain your guests. They discuss everything in advance to avoid any sort of confusions; they plan according to your venue and discuss the timings before you book. If it is your wedding ceremony, then consider a harpist, a string quartet or a saxophonist and many other things to make the event memorable.

For a reception, they suggest a good wedding DJ that can help and encourage your guests to enjoy in an endless manner. Wedding DJs know what people want and based on the requirements they provide their exceptional services. Their lively and well-spoken MCs will manage almost all aspects of your wedding reception. Today, it is easy to book a music company well in advance in order to have the best time. For more details, please visit

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Make It A Smashing One With Fun-Filled Great Party Ideas

Its not a party if there nothing exciting about it or something to look forward to. Bring the old parties back, jazz them up with a smart party ideas. Put your thoughts and ideas into it and make it a smash hit.

There are party load of ideas to do this, for every occasion to suit all budgets of all age groups. Theme party, cocktail party, classic tea party, costume party, formal party, naughty party or simply a kids party, its all happening and make it rock n roll.

Lets start with the Kids. You could choose your kids favorite cartoon and organize a costume party or a theme party around it like Disney, Princess or Dora. If your kids are a bit grown up, how about a Pirate party. Or if your little one does not find this exciting enough, a Sleepover party should work. The other option is planning your party around a location like a beach, park or even McDonalds party.

If its all girls great spa parties or shopping parties seems to be catching up. While with the seniors, camping and wine parties seem to be a hit. Whoever or Whatever, keep the common interest of all in mind while organizing one. Nothing worse to be left alone in a big crowd.

Teens are a bit more challenging lot. You have give it your best shot with a dance party or a sweet 16 party. You could add a dash of color with a shopping mall party or a mystery party. Basically it should be engaging enough to keep them talking.

If you are sending out invites, get them into the party mood with creative invitations this will also keep their interest. Keep the laughs and fun going with a dash of color, taste, activities and surprise gifts. If you want to keep it simple work around an event or color or choose a movie. Put on your creative hat and finish it with a Bang!

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What It Means To Have The Perfect Location For Get-Togethers

Occasions when many people gather at a single place to celebrate a cause come once in a while. Whether it be wedding parties or a sweet sixteen, it is imperative that the celebration conclude flawlessly. Getting the perfect location for celebrations such as these means a lot to the hosts as well as the guests. The event becomes memorable and everyone attending the party has fun. It is for the purpose of engraving these events permanently in everyone’s memory that a good celebration venue is necessary.

Marriage is a very important milestone in a person’s life. Two people tie the knot to begin a new life together, sharing happiness and sorrows. There needs to be the perfect celebration arrangement to make sure that such an important event has a venue which is worth it. The wedding reception halls should have every facility required by the hosts to tend to their guests. There should be enough number of chairs to make sure all your guests have a place to sit. There should be arrangement of music and DJ to set up the perfect atmosphere of a wedding celebration. Usually, a wedding venue already comes loaded with all these facilities.

However, it would be prudent to make sure what exactly you will be getting. It usually happens that the couple to be married want a certain music artist or band to perform at their function. Sometimes, the catering halls have a package wherein they take the responsibility of getting the artists there at the celebration for you. All you need to do is just ask whether or not they can have your favorite artist available for you. Weddings are an occasion of jest and happiness. The food and drinks also need to be arranged flawlessly. You can speak with the manager of catering halls and tell them what your family members and friends like to eat. You can direct them on how to have the meals cooked. They will be more than happy to comply with your wishes.

Another important function that assumes prime importance in a girl’s life is her sweet sixteen. This celebration marks the first step of a girl into a new life of hopes and dreams. Whatever happens, this celebration needs to be a perfect and huge success for everyone present in it. There are many good sweet 16 venues in every city. The thing to keep in mind here would be that the guests you would be catering to will be all teenagers. They have a different idea of enjoyment. Thus, it would be wise to pick a venue which offers games and other entertainment suitable for teenagers to make sure that everyone is having fun. A photo booth is also an excellent add-on to the party venue. Sweet sixteen celebrations and fun can also be randomly captured by inviting cartoonists and caricature artists. The idea here is to make the party memorable, so that everyone in it sings its songs for days to come.

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16 Things Your Daughter Wants For Her Sweet 16

Girls all over the United States, for one reason or another, look forward to the day that they will turn 16. There is nothing overly special that they get to do at sixteen that they can’t do at any other age. True, they are older and more mature, but they can’t vote yet, they can’t drink alcohol, and they can just barely drive in some states. But for some reason it’s a special year for them. There is certainly also a long line of things that most young girls would like to do or receive as a present on their sixteenth birthday. With that in mind, the following list has been compiled to help parents across America make their sixteen year olds birthday wishes come true!

1. A Car. Every teenager would love a car and as seen on the MTV television show about 16th birthdays, they want it to be revealed in front of all their friends.

2. Flowers. Women love flowers and so do girls. Send your daughter an arrangement of flowers to her school. She has probably never received flowers so now is a good time to do that.

3. Earrings. Give your daughter a set of earrings that are made of real precious metal and/or stone. If you have a family heirloom that would be even better; this way she can hold on to the memory and have something to look back on when she’s all grown up.

4. Ring. Rings are a sign of maturity and your 16 year old definitely wants to exude maturity. So give her a ring made of precious metal for her birthday.

5. Manicure and Pedicure. Sixteen year olds are anxious to know what it’s like to be like their mothers. So treat your daughter to the same kind of treatments you give yourself. Take her to get her first manicure and pedicure.

6. Professional Make-Up Lesson. Let your daughter experience what it’s like to be beautiful and feminine for a day. Take her to have her first make-up lesson and professional make-up application. This will not only boost her self-confidence but will be a fun way for you and your daughter to bond.

7. Professional Hair Style. Make-up isn’t the only thing that daughters want to do. Allow your daughter the chance to get a professional hair cut and style on her sweet sixteen too.

8. New Age, New Dress. Mothers and daughters often disagree on wardrobe, so for once try and find a dress that both you and she can agree on.

9. New Room Decor. If your daughter’s room is still stuck in her toddler years, then it’s time for a change. Set a budget and update her room. Paint is one of the cheapest things you can do so if nothing else, give it a new paint job.

10. An Expensive Purse. Louis Vuitton, Coach, Dooney and Burke; any of these will make for a great designer bag that your daughter will love and love to show off!

11. Party. Almost all sixteen year old girls want to have a sweet sixteen birthday bash. If you don’t make a big deal about this as a parent you will most certainly regret and your child will never forget it.

12. Birthday Cake. Along with a party, your daughter is going to need a cake. Whether it is homemade, store bought, or bakery made, make sure she has a cake in her favorite flavor with her favorite colors.

13. Cellular Phone. If she doesn’t already have one, get her one. Enough said.

14. Decision Making Authority. Your daughter is growing up, and growing up always means more responsibility. But don’t just give her more chores to do. Allow her to make some decisions on her own. She will appreciate the fact that you trust her and she will be better for it.

15. Credit Card. These things are not only cool, but they allow you to monitor what your child is buying and how much they are spending. It is also a good way to control how much they spend especially if you get them a prepaid credit card.

16. Birthday Card from Her Parents. Never underestimate the power of love. Your teenager definitely wants to know that she’s loved from her parents and like any woman, likes to have the love in writing. So if you can’t do anything else for her, let her know how much your absolutely love her.

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