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The Sweet Flower

The Sweer Flower

The voice of the sweet flower is echoed through out the day.

The fragrance gives the traveller zeal and enthusiasm to work with freshness and endeavour.

In order to keep the flower fresh and smell it’s fragrance he works perfectly and with all sincerity.

He does his duty smiling and making all his transactions enlivening.


The work,the thoughts and the transactions of the day contribute to the freshness of the flower.

The traveller is well aware of this and keeping in mind the beauty and fragrance of the flower he works silently.

He never wants to loose the beauty of the flower and he wants his flower to remain fresh till his death.

The flower is his treasure and strength since his childhood and  makes him forget the tiredness of the journey.


When night comes and the traveller goes to bed the flower in the silence of night slowly sprouts up.

The beautiful fragrance soaks all the thought process and he succumbs to sleep’s slumber.

The dreams become sweet and enlivening and also become truer as the days pass.

The traveller becomes very happy,because he has the sweet flower with him,which is a great treasure.


The sweetness of the flower becomes so great that the traveller finds each day a success.

He thanks God for giving him such a sweet flower amidst the chaos and the conflicts of the world.

He feels the sweetness in all his thoughts,words and deeds and his duty become calmer and smoother.

Doing all the duties he returns with out murmur and works for the family and society.


The flower and the mind are inter dependent,if one becomes weak the other one is affected.

The traveller is well aware of this,so he tries to keep both the things in perfect order.

He prays the Lord to keep him always fresh to do his duty more vigorously every day and achive his dreams.

The flower is nurtured by nature,therefore he loves the nature.


Where ever he goes, he sees the flower with him and takes care of it with love and affection.

Let all the people of the world end all their conflicts and develop brotherlihood and love.

By that the combined fragrance of all the flowers will give the world a different mode..

There will always be peace,progress and prosperity giving all a lot of encouragement and hope.










The Sweetness

The Sweetness

Each one has a greater degree of sweetness in himself.

The power of nurturing lies inside of every one.

The man has the capacity to nurture himself in any situation of life.

By that life becomes sweet and he smells the swwet fragrance of life all the time.


The art of nurturing the self is required at every moment.

Nurturing the inner child like a mother we can save ourselves from many dangers.

The cry of inside should be clearly heard and suitable measures should be taken to soothen the cry.

Life demands infinite love,care and nurturing and we have all of these inside ourselves.


We can give many things to life by constantly taking care of each moment.

We can save ourselves from worries and anxieties if we nurture ourselves better.

We can develop Godly care within ourselves and there by free our lives from all shackles.

God wants his children to remain happy always and therefore He has given us His powers.


We have the powers of God and we have the best doctors inside in all situations of life.

The inner doctor is constantly at work and see that everything inside and outside is running perfectly.

We should feel the presence of inner doctor to save ourselves from any danger.

The inside calling is very sweet and clear and if we cling to this calling we can make our life better.


We are the masters of our own emotions and by developing the intelligence we can fruitfully utilise the emotions.

We are our own emotional mentors and there is lot of advice inside ourselves.

Emotions if taken care of perfectly by the help of the  inner mother, will show us light.

The inside light removes all darkness from life if we feel and realise it and life becomes brighter.


There is always a sweet mother inside each of us,who takes care of us from moment to moment.

We should taste the sweetness of mother in the form of love,affection and care.

Then we can make our life better and can be successful in any endeavour.

The inside mother has enormous strength to nurture us any time,any where and there by can bring us success and glory.


Our life is vital,but short and we have many roles to play in this short span.

We have our duty to self,family,society and nation.

By nurturing self we can make ourselves sweeter individuals.

Our sweetness will benefit to all around us and we will progress in life and feel like free birds.









Home Sweet Home

A home is a place where we live for good with our dear ones. It is the place having an emotional address of my grandparents and of course mine own. It can’t be denied that home is the supply base for a man’s physical and mental needs. It is from home that a man inherits the cultural and social tradition,learns how to cope up with different situations of life. The positive influence of a home makes a perfect social being bubbling with the spirit of benevolence and humanity. It is the negative influence that turns one to the way to hell, devastation and chaos. Home thus plays a great role in shaping the personality of a man making him either a god or a beast.

At home the child is reared under the guidance of the parents and the elders. They influence it in an immense manner. The child in the very beginning leans to follow the steps trodden by its superiors, watching them from every corner with minute details. If the home corner is a really cozy one , perfect abode of peace and tranquility the baby grows up in a healthy manner. From the very beginning dreams loom large in his eyes and he determines to follow the foot prints of his superiors. In the long run it is noted that he is a perfect man in the true sense of the term.

If the home front is busy with constant war and tussles the baby can’t find the path, hover in the dark, and finally can’t but choose the wrong direction failing to thrive properly. It is not the baby who in the long run becomes a devil it is the people of the home who goad it to the way to destruction, misleading it at every moment with absurd ideas. The baby who regular watches its father to beat its mother in a sate of intoxication and the mother in return using filthy words in a state of perpetual despair can never be a healthy baby in all respect , the hell beckons it all the while.

It is often noted that parents who are generous may lead their child to the way to generosity. It is absolutely true that a generous parents can make a generous youth with a broad outlook and a soft corner. The child that notices its parents to show kindness to every man irrespective of caste and creed must be a perfect social being in the later years. The child that watches parents doing menial deeds is sure to do every thing in a bad way.

Thus if we want to make our home a real sweet place next to Paradise we must brood hard that home is a temple and it is our duty to maintain its serenity and holiness. If we are successful in our mission to make our homes temples we are sure have a great generation that would make history in the time that is about to come.

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Sweet Chicken BBQ Kebab

Chicken is a versatile food that can be cooked hundreds of ways. Famously cooked on the grill at barbecues and absolutely delicious drizzled in sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. Next time you have a barbecue, consider using this recipe for a sweet grilled chicken recipe you cannot resist!

Sweet orange chicken kabobs 


3 cups of pineapple chunked
¾ cup of sauce
4 ½ tablespoons of frozen orange juice concentrate thawed
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 pound of boneless skinless chicken breast
Salt and pepper
1 package of skewers


Begin by preparing your chicken. Rinse well and place onto a cutting board. Slice into 1-inch pieces and place into a bowl in the refrigerator, while you prepare your orange sauce and slice peppers if you have not done so already.

Mix barbecue sauce and frozen orange juice concentrate until well blended. Add salt and pepper to taste. Begin placing pineapple, peppers, and chicken onto skewers.

You may do this in any pattern such as

1 pineapple
1 chicken piece,
1 green pepper,
 1 pineapple,
1 chicken piece,
1 green pepper,

 etc…, continue working this pattern until skewer is full.

Next, you will need to prepare your grill. Fill grill ¾ full with quality coals as this too will affect your flavor. Spray grill with nonstick grilling oil for best results. Light coals and allow to burn to medium high heat. Once desired temperature has been reached carefully, place your kabobs on the grill.

Be sure to leave about an inch between each kabob as you place them onto the grill. Divide your prepared sauce and place half aside. Use the remaining half of your orange sauce to baste your kabobs throughout cooking. Grill your kabobs for about 8 to 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked thoroughly. Remove from grill and serve with white rice.

The remaining sauce can be used to drizzle served kabobs or place in a small cup for dipping.

These kabobs are great for dinner parties. They are easy to cook and can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator covered until you are ready to cook.

Also, if you so desire, you may add different things to your kabobs such as onion pieces, mushrooms, plums, apples, and fresh tomatoes. This grilled chicken recipe is very versatile and the sauce can be used to create masterpieces with pork and beef as well!

Barbara loves being outdoors, gardening and cooking. Her Chicken BBQ recipes are already famous among those who know her. She is a regular contributor to

Retro Sweet Gifts

With or without occasion, gifts are always the sweetest. The act of gift-giving alone is particularly rewarding as it allows us to experience the joy of making someone smile. What’s mysterious is the fact that the best gifts aren’t even the most expensive or those with material value. There is no one in the world who can argue that the gifts that tug at our heartstrings the most are those that bring us the simplest pleasures as human beings. In this arena, retro sweets are tops.

Whether it’s a loved one’s birthday or your anniversary, surprise her with a boxful of her favorite traditional treats. But you’ll need some creativity for this. Think of those sweet and sugary varieties that she might have adored as a little girl. You may want to skip those Pint Pots for Heart Throbs and Jelly Bean Love Hearts and then stuff in those Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Strawberry & Cream Lollies, Friendship Rings, Jelly Cherry Lips, Scented Satins, Love Hearts Dip, ABC Alphabet Letters, Candy Love Hearts Lipsticks, Ruby Red Chocolate Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Candy Necklaces and Champagne Glass Chocolate Eggs. Think of a really nice way to make this box more romantic – red ribbons, maybe, and get a personalized box with her name on it.

Men are not excused from the charm of these traditional sweets, especially when they’re given in boxfuls. For the man of your life, imagine how he’ll love getting those Black Jacks, Pint Pots, Lager Tops and Space Dust. Of course, you don’t want to give him something that leaves that sweet tooth hanging. Throw in those Wham Bars, Kola Kubes, Chocolate Footballs, Drumstick Lollies, Jelly Bean Love Hearts, Love Hearts, Fried Eggs, Friendship Rings, Strawberry Whips and Jelly Cherry Lips and he’ll just love you more.

Or if you simply want to reconnect with friends you used to raid that local sweets shops with when you such candy creatures, let them drool all over again over those Rhubarb and Custard, Mini Love Hearts, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Refreshers Chews, Sherbet Fountains and Drumsticks.

Surely, these traditional sweets can do more than satisfy your sweet tooth. They can revive memories and friendships and that sense of being a child all over again.

If you’re worried about the creativity part of giving retro candy gifts, you can always checkout wholesale sweets shops online. They usually have the widest varieties and the best gift arrangements to melt anybody’s heart.

Retro Sweet Sherbets

The word sherbet can take on many different meanings. In some parts of the world, sherbet means a fruity drink. In others, it’s fruity ice cream. But for those of us who are simply yearning for a blast from the glory days of candy, sherbets are ABC Alphabet Letters, Apple Pips, Blackcurrant Giant Flyers, Candy Necklaces, Coal Dust, Cola Crystals, Cream Soda Sherbet (aka American Cream Soda)
Dip Dabs and so much more fruity retro sweets that are such delights to our tongues!

Can there be anything better about that generation of candies? Yes. Having them all over again right now. If you still can’t believe it, search the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of wholesale retro sweets shops with their vast supplies!

The same brands are definitely there and the same tastes for sure! What you’ll love about sherbets is their every refreshing fruitiness! Sometimes, when candies give us a monotonous sweetness we almost couldn’t anymore appreciate, a fruity twist always does the trick. Its fresh taste provides some sort of spark that gets our appetite rolling.

Sherbets come in many attractive shapes and sizes. There are those that are round, some are elongated, some are heart-shaped and some look like beans. Whatever their appearance, they truly stand out as favorite traditional sweets. Children love the fun ways they look and the many things that can be done with them. Candy Necklaces are a favorite of little girls. Mothers also appreciate those letter-shaped sherbets which help them teach the alphabet to their toddlers in an interesting and attention-grabbing manner. Kids in general enjoy dipping their sherbet lollies into these fizzy fruity powders before dunking them into their mouths. It must be people’s natural love for fruits that makes sherbets such a hit.

For the adults who were once kids when these sherbets first won their hearts, these fruity treats are more than a passing fancy. These retro sweets could actually bring them back in time when all they cared about were their candies and their candy-crazed gang. It’s particularly sweet to be able to taste those old-fashioned treats all over again while reminiscing about those good old days when the only problem in the world was how to buy your next bag of sweets from the local candy store.

Among other traditional sweets, sherbets might be considered some of the healthiest simply because they are fruit-based. Fruits are known to be rich in vitamins that are necessary for strengthening the immune system. This makes them all the move beloved in the world of retro sweets!

Man and Sweets

Humans will always be in love with everything nice and sweet. In fact, the way we crave for anything sugary is something inherent and inescapable. This is probably the reason why people from all ages are such candy fans. Admit it or not, we all love candy and this is probably the reason why these adorable sweeties never go out of trend. For as long as we’re around, there will always be candies in the world. Wholesale or retail, there will always be a market for these goodies. And when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth, retro sweets are always on top of the list.

Whether you’re talking about candy bars such as Banana and Custard Nougat, Banana and Custard Nougat, Black Jacks, Black Jacks, Caramac, Curly Wurly, Fruit Salad, Frys Chocolate Cream, Frys Orange Cream, Assorted Mojos, Frys Peppermint Cream, Frys Peppermint Cream and Giant Refreshers, lollipops such as Jumbo Apple Lollies, Jumbo Rhubarb and Custard Lollies, Jumbo Treacle Toffee Lollies and Jumbo Tropical Fruit Lollies or gums such as Eyepoppers, Fireball Jawbreakers, Fizzy Blue Bottles, Fizzy Vampire Teeth, Floral Gums, Fruit Gums, Fruit Gums, Fruit Salad Gums and Giant Smooth Cola Bottles or plan and simple lovable jelly beans, these old-fashioned sweets have shaped our childhood one way or another. We’ve had great friendships over these sweet tooth adventures and we’ve had such great memories of that local candy store that almost felt like our second home. In short, candies were and are very much a part of our lives and there is quite an interesting history behind this.

This human candy craze started with our prehistoric fathers stealing honey from beehives which was quite dangerous but quick to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. From beehives, man started to enjoy the sweet juices of plants like sugarcane and corn while mixing them with water, fats, nuts and even chocolate. This eventually laid down the bricks for all the candy varieties we know today. Then and now, man always knew what to look for in candy which is simply a sweetness regardless of the ingredients used.

Familiar sweetness is,of course, more appealing such as what those traditional sweets offer. These days,we want to munch on on our Caramacs and suck on our Jumbo Banana Split Lollies because they’re sweet both to our tongue and our memory. Just one mouthful of jelly beans is enough to make us travel back to those days when we stood with wide-eyed joy at the counter of our favorite candy store while trying to decide which of those goodies were on our own personal sweets menu for the day.

Indeed, man has come a long way when it comes to satisfying his insatiable sweet tooth. Today, those unforgettable retro sweets are a celebration of all things sweet and lovely.

Craving Sweets

Specially, it seems like that Craving sweets is natural with women. Unfortunately, it can get out of hand which leaves people wondering how they can stop craving sweets. If you are wondering the same, perhaps you would benefit from knowing why you have sugar cravings.

Why Do You Crave Sugar?

First of all, you have to understand that this is biological in nature. When you feel tired or depressed, the sugar levels in your blood are low. This means that the feel-good hormone, Serotonin, in your brain is also low. The body reacts by craving sweets. Once you eat or consume sweets like chocolates or cakes, the brain releases the Serotonin. Unfortunately, the brief bursts eventually subside and since you are still depressed or tired, you will still feel the need to eat sweets.

Craving sweets may also be attributed to severe stress or adrenal fatigue. Not everyone understands what adrenal fatigues means. Basically, this results from severe stress. When people have little sleep or practically no sleep or when they are overworked, they will generally experience severe fatigue. Accordingly, they will also experience intense sugar cravings.

Your diet can also cause sweet cravings. If you have been on a low-fat low-carbohydrate diet for a significant length of time, chances are your body will become insulin resistant. When this happens, the body will send signals to the brain prompting you to eat more sweets even though you already have ample glucose supply in your blood. Many people who use appetite suppressants are not aware of this. They don’t know that by constantly craving sweets, they also increase their fat deposits even if they are eating less than usual. However, they do not feel the need to stop the craving since they figure they are already addressing the problem by eating less.

Perhaps, It is in Your Genes

Many researchers believe that craving sweets may be attributed to a gene variant that helps in maintaining and handling sugars. Constantly craving sweets may caused by this gene urging you to hunger for sweets like sodas, cakes and chocolates.

The researchers and scientists from University of Toronto claim that this particular gene, the glucose transporter type 2, actually assists the brain in regulating food intake. They conducted a study on two groups of people – one group with regular gene and the other with a gene variant. They then compared the eating habits of these two groups.

The first group consisted of 700 individuals who were in perfect condition. These people were asked to make a record of their diet and eating habits over a course of one month. The other group consisted of about 100 overweight individuals who were in the early stages of diabetes. They were not taking any diabetic medication. They were asked to record their eating habits over three days, and then to record their diet again for another three days after the lapse of two weeks.

Researchers discovered that regardless of their health and condition, the people with the gene variant ate more sweets than those people with regular gene. However, they did not see any difference in the fat or protein intake of either group.

Craving Sweets – How to Deal with It?

There are some things that you can do in order to curve your sweet cravings. You are likely to place your health at risk if you keep on gorging on chocolates. So, how do you stop yourself from cravings sweets?

a. Eat small meals every two to four hours. This way you will avoid cravings. Just make sure that you keep your meals small or light. Otherwise, you would gain a lot of weight.

b. Relax. You need to relieve yourself of stress. So, you should give yourself time to relax. Hit the gym. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Read a good book. Stress can trigger sweet and carbohydrate cravings. You should make sure that you have a stress management plan set up, so you can relax every now and then.

c. Exercise! Regular exercise can relieve stress. You don’t have to go to the gym. You can go for a walk or take up jogging. Just make sure that you exercise at least every other day.

d. Avoid skipping meals. Many people avoid meals or restrict their calories thinking that they are going to lose weight faster. In truth, they are only actually starving themselves. Craving sweets also comes in the same territory. Do not deprive yourself of food especially if you are hungry.

Craving sweets is not a whim. Often, there is a biological reason behind an incessant craving for sugar and carbohydrates. If you are constantly craving sweets, you should try to determine what is causing the need, so you can address the problem properly.


JP Lizzy Offers the Sweet and Delectable Mocha Mint Tote Diaper Bag

JP Lizzy Diaper Bags designs for the mothers on the go who need function and organization to make their day right, and also some fun as well represented by the JP Lizzy Mocha Mint Classic Tote. They design for the Mom who is in search of a diaper bag that is durable enough to withstand the duress of a long day, weighs very little if it has to have any weight at all, always look fresh, and fashionable would be an added plus. Their signature bold lines and vibrant colors make them popular with Mommies and Daddies who are happy to be recognized as a parent who totes diaper bags.

Fresh Mint Enlivens the Rich Dark Classic Chocolate Tote

There is nothing shy about JP Lizzy Diaper Bags. Clean lines with the hottest styles popular in handbags that Mommies can find in the most exclusive boutiques, these diaper bags incorporate all the best in style while converting fashion bags into functional diaper bags with a happy attitude. The Mocha Mint Classic Tote straps on your shoulder or your stroller with a high quality and good looking statement of, I am a Mom and proud of it. The mint candy striped interior and polka dot ribbon accent give a fresh feel to the rich dark chocolate tote that integrates into every season and harmonizes easily with your wardrobe.

JP Lizzy Diaper Bags Offer the Best in Functionality

The Mocha Mint Classic Tote is a mother’s dream of baby bag functionality. If you are a Mom who is constantly on the go, you need to user friendly equipment to carry not only the baby essentials but yours as well. This tote is created from a wipe clean micro fiber inside and out that saves you valuable time in maintaining an elegant and professional demeanor. The magnetic closure is a godsend when you are juggling car keys, baby, stroller, shopping bags, cell phone, the rest of the family, and every other piece of the puzzle that Moms manage.

The interior features one large, zippered pocket, 2 open easy access pockets, and 2 adjustable bottle pockets while the exterior has a side pocket on either end for cells, wallets, snacks, and any other baby or Mommy essential that you need to have quick at hand. For added protection, the tote has metal feet to keep it out of dirt and guard against the normal every day wear and tear. Measuring in at a good-sized twelve inches high by fourteen inches wide and six inches deep, the Mocha Mint Classic Tote is even roomy enough and sufficiently sturdy to easily carry most laptops.

JP Lizzy Diaper Bags are Award Winning

If it sounds like we really like the JP Lizzy Mocha Mint Classic Tote, then we have done our job correctly in this discussion. Some baby bags are popular because everyone says that they are popular; others because they really are great. When a designer like JP Lizzy Diaper Bags receives the iParenting Award for Best Product for Baby Gear and Equipment, you know that they are worth your investment.

Cora Lee is the owner of BlissLiving, widely known for a huge selection of JP Lizzy Mocha Mint Tote including unique JP Lizzy Diaper Bags, custom mother’s jewelry, designer diaper bags, and exclusive baby gifts. has been featured in US Weekly and People Magazine’s Celebrity Babies and Pregnancy Magazine, and has been listed as one of the highest rated sites by the Better Business Bureau, with A ratings, for five years in a row.

16 Tips on Doing the Sugar Buster Diet – Reduce Your Intake of Added Sugar

Starch makes up good food, and it makes you feel good. A fasting requires fewer sweets as typically explained by many. Scientists claimed that starch consumption might lead its way to risks of strong cell damages, and it weakens the white blood cells causing less immunity in the body. Excessive glucose in the body will increase your calories and afterwards obesity will occur. Contemplate on the side effects of eating too much sucrose-filled snacks to make your healthy living sweeter. Before indulging yourself to your sweet cravings with this starving method, indulge first to these sixteen tips on doing the Sugar Buster Diet to lessen your caloric intake. Dieting is sweeter when you take into considerations these guidelines.

1) Venture into a weekly approach of how much starch is increased in your body. This may be hard to do, but for you to make it easier, trace down a week-by-week starch consumption to keep track of the food you eat.
2) Substitute sweets into fiber rich foods like brown rice and wheat bread.
3) Maintain consumption of healthy snacks.
4) Eat chocolates or hard candies with moderation.
5) Water down the sugary content of fruit drinks.
6) Have knowledge in finding out the alternate and scientific meanings of sugars like fructose, glucose and check out ingredients such as corn soup, maple constituents, honey and juice concentrates etc.
7) Do away with artificial sweeteners as alternatives to supplementary sweeteners.
8) Avoid raw or preserved snacks as much as possible.
9) Make a little restriction for your children from extremely sweet hard candies.
10) Measure cautiously the amount of starch putted in your drinks.
11) Create a starvation plan focusing on sucrose intake when setting up to lose weight.
12) Make your children understand the effects of too much sweet in their health without threatening them.
13) Focus on maintaining a well-balanced diet.
14) Avoid excessive sweets during breakfast.
15) Make an unsweetened coffee or tea by putting a spoon of honey.
16) Have a strong preference for nutritious recipes.

Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?