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Things to Consider in Finding the Best Wedding Photography

Wedding celebration is something you need to get ready everything perfectly for that special day, involving the wedding photography. It becomes one of the essential things to record the memorable moment, thus you will have the documentations to look at someday. This photography will allow you to remember the time when you and your spouse are united as man and wife.


Selecting the company for your wedding photography can’t be claimed as the simple duty, since you should make sure that the company has a lot of experiences in handling that event, so you can find the guarantee that they have the tools and other requirements needed to make the best photographs as you want. And you can ascertain the company’s experiences in this type of photography by looking at their photographs from the former project they have ever handled. You will see then, whether their style is the one you need. There is no doubt to say the truth that you call for much money to recruit the qualified photographer.


One of the most suitable ways to get the best photography is by choosing the photo studio that has the best reputation in your area. How do you know about the reputation? It’s quite easy anyway. Just ask to couples that have recently gotten married. They will surely give you references and opinions about a certain studio that can give the best service for this photography. You will know then, what you should and shouldn’t take.


What is the last thing in getting this photography that you should consider very well? The answer is the same for everything we prepare in a particular event: price. It becomes the essential part, right? As the matter of fact, many studios offer the various packages due to the fact that consumers are coming from a lot of different levels. Therefore, be sure to get the best wedding photography service in your own price range.

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Wedding Digital Photography – How to Do the Best Job Possible

So you’ve been asked to take the photos at your friend’s wedding. You’ve tried to persuade them to hire a professional, but they are happy with you. Don’t panic, they asked you because they like your style. Wedding digital photography is no different from other photography, but there a few things you need to consider when planning for the big day.

Turn off the sound on camera – there is nothing worse than the sound of electronic beeping during a solemn moment.

Take more photos. A perfect moment will only happen once so don’t stint on the number of photos you take, this is one occasion when less is definitely not more. And don’t automatically discard shot you don’t think is good enough. Judicial cropping or editing may capture a moment you didn’t expect. The blurred shot of the flower girl – maybe there is an artistic photo here. Stand back and objectively (or perhaps subjectively) evaluate each shot for its own merits.

Be prepared! Make sure you have spare batteries and multiple memory cards. Know the wedding venues and times. Check out places where you will be able to stand during the ceremony. Think about the shots the bride and groom will want of their big occasion and how you can move between them during the proceedings. The same applies to the reception venue. It is important to know where the speeches will be given and where the dancing will take place. When checking for locations for posed shots think about the background and places you can get good group shots of the entire wedding party.

Be comfortable with the operation of your camera. A wedding is a busy event and at times a quite stressful one. There will be little opportunity to repose or reshoot if you hesitate with a shot. One option to reduce stress on you the photographer is to have an assistant. This could be someone nominated from the happy couple or someone you organise yourself. This person can spend time rustling people into groups, setting up shots and generally keeping things moving. This will leave you free to concentrate on the wonderful and flexible shots that come from wedding digital photography.

Think about using the continuous shooting mode that your digital camera has. This will allow you to capture a second shot after the main shot has been taken. Sometimes you can just guarantee everyone will have their eyes open and be smiling one second after the shot is taken – don’t miss that opportunity.

Weddings are a celebration. Make sure you cover off the tips above and your contribution to the day will be priceless.

Vince Terry is a freelance photographer and writer. Vince’s work covers wedding photography, modeling, event and commercials. Vince also sells photos on the Internet. Wedding digital photography is one of many articles he has written on digital photography. If you want more tips and techniques on digital photography and learn how you can earn money from your photos you can visit his site at

Wedding Photography Tips & Guide – ‘E’ Equals Editing

Editing and selecting the best shots

Even though editing would only take place at the end when you’ve got the shot’s, it’s important to start with the end in mind at the beginning, as you’ll see that editing can make all the difference, especially to get your photos looking professional. Its important to keep this in mind when getting the shots as when you know the possibility’s with editing the photos, you’ll look at the scene differently and not just as it appears in camera.

Ok, first thing is to get all the shots together from the day, create a folder in your system, maybe “wedding photos” probably good to do it in the “My photos” folder in windows, as this will make easier viewing later, in the folder create sub folders for each card you have and up load each card in to its own folder, if you have the option to change the file you may find it useful later to change the file name to an initial plus a 2 or 3 digit number. i.e., if you get a card from John Smith, copy the shots to the folder “John Smith” and re name the files as js001, js002, js003, then for Julie Jones card, name the folder to “Julie Jones” and the files to jj001, jj002 and so on with all the cards from the day. Now once Complete back the whole wedding photo folder up to disk immediately, and as disks are only pennies, make a couple of copies for safe keeping.

Now with all the photos backed up you can begin to edit them, I would first create a duplicate of the original “wedding photos” folder for editing, this can be done by right clicking on the folder and selecting copy, then paste, this will give you a copy of the folder with all the photos in. this is the folder to use for editing. Keep the original folder with the original photos in whilst you complete the editing in the copy folder.

When editing, look for shots of interest, shots that say something, or tell you something about the day, even with the use of editing in the camera you’ll still probably have kept some shots that are just no good, they could be:

· Either far too light or dark to retain any detail
· Totally out of focus
· Blurred
· Important detail on the shot to small to enlarge
· Of no interest or relevance
· Repetitive or duplicated

Don’t delete them just yet if they are:
· A bit light or a bit dark
· Have a colour cast (the shot looks yellow or blue or an odd colour)
· A touch out of focus
· The main point of interest is off center or leaning
· The whole shot is crooked

The main point of interest is small or distant on the shot:

There are objects in the foreground or background that are distracting.

Light & Dark shots.

Thanks to photo editing suits this isn’t always a problem, many have an “auto correct” option that will work well and save an otherwise lost shot. If you are a more advanced user, then use the levels. If you can fix the shot this way that’s great, if not then try and convert them to black and white or sepia, then adjust the brightness and contrast to get the best result, or better still use the levels. For very light shots, maybe try adding a “soft focus filter” to the shot, and converting to black and white to give a classic “High Key” shot.

For dark shots try to bring in the highlights and leave the rest of the shot dark, maybe add a “grain or noise filter” to make more moody.

These methods may really save an otherwise lost shot, it may even end up being a really great shot.

When it comes to the editing I believe its better to show you with a video rather than write about it. So I’ll be putting some basic editing videos up on the site. I’ll use Photo Shop Elements 1, or another simple program readily available to download for free, simply to show just how affective simple basic edits can be, and that you don’t need any real skill or fancy editing suite to achieve great results. I’ll be putting up editing videos to show you the simple and basic techniques can be really effective.

The Art of Photography

Photographers have an interesting relation and obligation to the world. Photography is such a powerful art that it is often debated. The lighting, angle, and other conditions that a photographer chooses for a photograph determines the response from those viewing the art. The same object may be photographed by two different artists and using the tools of the trade may cause very different reactions.

Photography is used in everything from leisure family vacations to forensic evidence in a court room. Photography is an excellent means to express yourself but viewing photography is really where the gratification for the art comes in. Viewing great inspirational photography and images can elicit feelings, memories, and emotions. A simple photo of The Eiffel Tower may give you feelings of romance. Even if you have never been to Paris, your brain will relate the photo to a romantic evening out dancing, which may entice you to go on that procrastinated date night.

A beautiful photograph of a barn out in a field may jog ones memory of their grandparents’ home, which was always peaceful. Every time you would visit Grandma she had fresh baked bread. The image captures your memory and you quickly realize that you are thinking of that warm bread just out of the oven, you can almost taste it!

A photograph of the 9/11 Tragedy will undoubtedly bring up emotions of sadness, anger, and courage for all that were lost and saved in that horrifying event.

Photography can persuade beliefs and opinions as well. A political photo such as an unborn, well-aged fetus can turn a strong belief in pro-choice to a strong belief in pro-life.

To sum up the effect the art of photography it can be said that it often speaks louder than a voice. Photography have many uses and many effects throughout the world, it carries a language that has no barriers. Through photography the world is able to share emotions, opinions, and communicate like no other system available. With technology today it is possible to take a photograph from the stars and moon to the core of the Earth, and the use of photography will only grow as it has always done, forever changing our world.

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Bird Photography Tips

A few people have emailed me asking for some bird photography tips and tricks of the trade. After some thought on the subject, I have come up with the following 10 tips for photographing birds.

Practice with the Locals. The best way to become familiar with photographing birds in your own backyard. What birds can you photograph at home? Do you have a birdfeeder or birdbath set up in your yard to draw birds in? Use these local birds to see behaviors such as how close you can get before they spook, and whether they eat at the feeder or take the food to somewhere nearby to enjoy it. Start by photographing birds in your yard to get used to their movements and feeding habits.

Timing is everything. Most species of birds eat in the morning or late afternoon. Get to know the habits of the bird that you are photographing and where it returns every day to feed.

Walk softly. Learn how to approach birds quietly and with very little movement. This goes for all wildlife photography.

Be respectful of nature. When photographing a bird, or photographing any wildlife, never corner the animal. Be mindful that the bird has a way of escape if it gets scared. This helps to ensure that the bird does not begin to fear all humans because of one disrespectful one.

Be wary of the weather. If the weather is threatening, the birds will tuck themselves where they will be safe from the weather. It may be best to just try another day.

Know what you want. Study bird photographs. Most bird photographs were the result of countless hours of waiting, and perhaps returning for several days to the same location that the bird frequents. If the image that you seek is of an Osprey catching a fish, the odds are very small that you will just happen upon that opportunity and get it, especially with the perfect light and background.

Do not chase. It sometimes is hard to finally see the bird that you want to photograph and not chase it around wildly. Be conscious of your movements and the signals that you giving to the animal. If you act frantic, don’t you think that the bird will too?

Behaviors make the best bird photographs. Photograph birds doing natural movements such as pruning, bathing, or feeding make for much more interesting photographs than a bird sitting on a wall.

Prepare in advance. When you know where you are going, and when the bird will be there, it is easy to get a chair and tripod set up so that you are ready to photograph the bird when it arrives. Do your homework.

Be patient! I always have to reiterate this with new wildlife photographers. The bird is not going to arrive and ask for its photo to be taken! It is a blessing when the opportunity for a great photograph happens. Appreciate it!

Deidre Heindl is a professional wildlife photographer, and the owner of the site Images By Deidre. To learn more, or to see her photographs, please visit her site at:

Photography at Jacksonville

Photographs are snapshots of memories, frozen in time, for our convenience. They allow us to look back on past events which have faded in our memories, and relive the happenings of the particular time. This is especially applicable during momentous occasions such as weddings, birthdays or so on, when it is always enjoyable to just sit back, flip through the photo album and recall the good times that have blurred in our recollections. But of course, memories are only as good as the quality of the photos that encase them. Although seemingly just a physical snapshot of past events, photos can also be a great way to capture the essence of the moment, just like a souvenir or keepsake from times past.

Many people have been bitten by the photography bug lately, especially since good quality cameras and photography equipment is getting increasingly common and affordable. This means that there are many amateur photographers out there, who can actually help out during any events whenever possible. Nevertheless, not everyone is an expert, which means that sometimes their good intentions turn out less than perfect. So, in order to make sure that your joyous or momentous occasions are well documented in photographic form, it is always a great idea to engage in the service of a professional photographer, who guarantee the quality of the photos they shoot. One such professional photography service in the Florida area is Liz Golden Photography Inc, which is based in Jacksonville, and specializes in wedding photography, maternity photography, family portraits, studio portraits and other such services.

They have extensive experience in the field of photography, considering that they have been in the business for quite a few years. Liz Golden Photography also have a large portfolio of past photos, events and models that they have been hired to photograph and catalog. This portfolio is available both at their physical shop and also in soft copy form at their online website, meaning that any potential customers can look through their specimens and decide for themselves whether or not they like Liz Golden Photography enough to engage their services.

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Wedding Photography Posing – Keep These 3 Rules in Mind When Working a Wedding

There is a wedding and you need to get the best shots possible of each special moment – and believe me, there are many who at a wedding. These are the Wedding Photography Posing Tips to remember for this happens and the couple is happy with the final results.

1. They mainly focus on the bride. The traditional values of the demand for this – which is always # 1. Before you are about to take a picture, always, always check that you are looking your best. If not, take a short time to solve the problem. She might feel uncomfortable or the angle can not be the most flattering. Only once shot looks great.

Of course, you need to take photos of the bride in the action too. Just remember – it’s easy to exaggerate, so it is necessary to focus on the bride.

2. It is not necessary to take all the photos of the wedding itself. You can arrange a separate time to meet with the bride and groom either before or after the ceremony. This will create a space where the couple is under no great pressure as they are on the big day, and feel relaxed and open. You find that you can pay more attention to your photos, and the results speak for themselves.

Log in to this session prepared. Collection of ideas suggests that you do – and also consider the following rule, # 3. You could look at journals and general magazines including the picture to see examples of couples in poses that seem interesting. Take these ideas with you to the session so you can try out.

3. Mix and tell a story. Believe it or not, but in reality wedding photos may seem surprising when it is done in an unorthodox. For example, in addition to all the photos absolutely necessary, as the couple left in a limousine, you can take pictures that are out of their element. Some great examples that I remember seeing are couples standing in a bathtub, or the couple running together on the street, and so on. It is a great way to get photos that really stand out and leave a lasting impact.

Now, take these ideas and make them yours. Calculate how you can combine in their routines and plans, and really experience them. It takes a lot of practice to be good at this, but that’s what it takes to become a great photographer, not good – practice.

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Wedding Photographer Bristol: – Some Advice Regarding Wedding Photography Gears

If you are new to the wedding photography business, then there are so many things which you have to know and consider. The most important thing is the creativity, which comes from inside, but the other major things are the perfect gears to make your creativity even more perfect. So, here I would like to suggest you some of the major gears, which helps you in enhancing your creativity.

• Camera(s): 

You must carry two cameras one as primary and the other one is for the backup purpose.

• Lenses: 

A wide angle or short lens of 14-28mm or maybe an 18-50mm for the group photographs or some other creative shots. 

A telephoto(s) lens of around a 28-70mm or even a 70-200mm is another good investment for candid or and close-up shots.

When you are carrying two cameras together, then use wide angle lens for the group photographs on one and the telephoto lens on other for the candid photography.

• Lights: 

A powerful flash with a power-pack is the best one to carry with. This will make you to concentrate more on the shots rather than on the flash settings. This power-pack also give some relieve from the continuous charging of batteries. If not having enough budgets to carry power-pack, then at least use the chargeable batteries for the camera and for the flash too.

A light kit with at least two lights and stands two umbrellas or soft boxes. It is always best to photograph the groups with a professional lighting system.

• Memory Cards or Film: 

Instead of facing problem regarding shortage of memory cards or films, you must carry several memory cards or photo films with you. Several photographers use to carry several films together.

• Other Important Gear 

Camera or “AA” battery chargers 

Pocket Wizard to synch the lights 

Light Meter 

Extension cords and power strips 

Lens cleaning kit 



Breath mints 

Optional: laptop, portable burner, iPad or similar device

• Important person: 

Having a second shooter that you work well with and trust is exceptionally important. They support in capturing cutaway shots, candid moments, or shots you may have missed, and they help keep everything flowing efficiently. It’s always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes.

Being a Wedding Photographer Bristol is not an easy thing. You have to carry all your stuff and gears together with you and sometimes you have to wear some of those gears while shooting a important session.



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Photography for Beginners

Thanks to digital technology, photography which was once a forte of a handful has now become a hobby for many. But the notion that anyone wielding a pocket camera is an expert and can replace a professional is outrageous. Photography is an art and needs an ingrained ability to capture the perfect moment in a perfect manner.

Photography is an extensive art that includes several forms like portrait, landscape, wedding photography, fashion photography etc. Prominent among them are photojournalism, documentary photography, action photography, macrophotography, micro photography, aerial photography…the list is endless. Photojournalism is all about shooting facts…life as it happens. The pictures are powerful enough to engage the viewer’s attention and manage to convey an emotion. It takes years of experience and training for photographers to excel in photojournalism. Documentary photography is similar to photojournalism. The only difference being that this is meant to serve as a historical document of a particular period in time. Macro photography is an art that’s usually preferred by amateurs. A photograph of the subject is taken at close range. Subjects generally include insects, flowers, texture of an object, etc. Pictures taken in such close proximity reveal interesting details about the subject. For beginners who are overwhelmed with the choice offered, there’s plenty of help available.

Beginners looking to take their passion for pictures to the next level can get guidance, on the basics, right from choosing the right camera to perfecting the picture, and even editing and developing through a number of websites that aim to help the beginner. A professional photographer in Edinburgh usually has his own website, wherein he discusses the different aspects of the photograph and the technique associated with the photograph. To get a clear picture of this it’s important that a beginner is aware of basic technical terms like the rule of thirds, leading lights etc.

Websites on photography managed by a professional photographer in Edinburgh should be able to help you to understand these terms. These websites speak in detail about composition, exposure, the correct us of flash, how to use the natural lighting to its optimum, and also discuss about details such as managing files etc. These websites offer a practical and focused approach to include details about what a beginner should know to develop a creative and proficient style thereby developing a seamless photographic style. These websites also highlight their points with photographs to demonstrate the different styles and points that are explained.

These websites are a must visit for beginners with a passion for photography.

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Photography from Salt Lake

A marriage is a un of two folks who is in love and is blessed with God’s adore and wisdom. Each several have a wedding strategy and wedding photography is in no way absent in the listing. It is such a beneficial souvenir to glance at.

Marriage photography in Salt Lake is as important as any detail in the marriage ceremony, that is why it is greatest to employ a skilled photographer so that photographs would arrive out as pretty as the appreciate of the few for every other. Poses, snapshots, stolen pictures are a great phrases to be remembered for a lifetime.

Photos taken by family members and pals with their digital camera are also an added attraction to the fabulous marriage album that incorporates the window to the previous. Moreover, picture paints a thousand words. It symbolizes the extremely information of the marriage and it comprises the laughter and romance of that time of day. The importance of images lies with the memories that can never be erased and can be appear over in the future.

Well, getting no pictures to appear is heartbreaking. A heart will break due to the fact the recorded visual image in your head is not enough to suffice your thirst of the previous. Given that wedding ceremony is only as soon as in a lifetime nevertheless other folks are too fortunate to have it yet again, may as effectively make it a historical past.

A record complete of pleasures, really like, commitment and details. Couples who grow previous will usually be enthusiastic in exhibiting photos to their grandchildren. They will say that this is the daytime when they have rejoiced in tying the knot. The later era would know the story of their roots by way of the superb remembrances alive only via marriage images.

What’s more, photos serve as a financial institution in which you can withdraw the unfailing attractive working day that introduced happiness to anyone who is in enjoy. A single factor for certain is specific; you need to have images in your wedding ceremony day. It is a should that all people should follow and do. Remembering everybody which includes the folks who have joined the union of two men and women. The love they have confirmed and the gesture they manufactured might be recovered and remembered by unveiling a image. The ring, the cake, the church and the reception can be witnessed via it. Furthermore, it is critical to don’t forget that have existed but with out the presence of images, the historical past of it has disappeared along with the passing of the clouds. For Photography in Salt Lake go to

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