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Planning Out Someone Elses Wedding Is Even More Fun!

Aren’t you the lucky one?? Its your best friends wedding, and out of all the family and close friends she could’ve picked anyone but she picked you. Don’t you feel special? But now you have tones of responsibilities on your hands. Oh no! No need to get the pre-wedding jitters right now. It truly is an Honor. Your best friend trusted you so much that she wanted you to plan the entire occasion out. Worry not we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you make the wedding day memorable.

Let us get started with simple Duties that you will have to perform right away! First things first you’ll have to pick out some exquisite invitations. Wed suggest that you should visit the place with your friend of course. She should have a look at the invitations as well. Once that’s all settled send the invitation cards out for printing and well leave it at that. Now! Call up all your friends and your friends friends and relatives and set up timings for brides maid dresses and fittings. Time is of the essence here got to hurry up. Now when that’s done you’ll have to make arrangements with the florist and seek out an elegant venue for the wedding. Of course you can use the yellow pages.

Secondly, assuming that the bride has picked out her wedding dress your next job will be to get it altered if needed a nip here and a tuck there! You have to make the bride look very special. But remember don’t out shine the bride,she picked you to be her best mate and it truly is an honor to cherish. Thus, so far this is the end of day one!

Now you have to brain storm some superb gift ideas to hand out to the guests and the wedding and of curse some special gifts for the bride and groom. For the guests don’t go all out with fancy things at all. Visit your nearest novelty shop. Pick up a few dozen items such as decorative roses and little carry bags and thank you cards for the guests. You can make the purchases in accordance with the guest count. Remember that it is the brides big day you are planning for. She must feel special. Visit her favorite store pick up a few items for her that suit her mood and style. And by no means get the bride a home appliance.. She has a house and yes she already has a toaster.
It is not suggested but if the bride and groom want to try something spontaneous you can help set up fun games for the party goers as well as the bride and groom. That should add a bit of a dazzle to the party.

Wedding dances are always an eye catcher especially if it has been thoroughly coordinated and rehearsed easily said that they are truly the show stoppers.

Finally the most important duty for the Maid of honor set up an astounding speech for your best friend the bride. Nothing will make her feel as special when you’ll take center stage and express you gratitude love and support towards the bride. Write a fantastic speech mention your childhood memories and mention all the great times you spent together. Nothing else will bring a tear of joy in the eyes of the bride when shell be reminiscing about all that you friends have shared.
Finally end the speech with a toast. Request everyone’s blessing and prayers to be with the newly weds.

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Planning a Dream Wedding – Location, Location, Location

All the experts will agree that a dream wedding will begin with a location found in dreams. This should be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your spouse, so a unique, unfamiliar and distinct dream location is a must. To find this location, it will take considerable thought. Think outside of the locations you have been to events at, including those that you have attended others weddings at. These may seem brilliant, though they will be already too familiar.

Not to completely avoid them if other ideas don’t present themselves. Should you, and your spouse, brainstorm a number of times you may find it much easier to pin down the perfect choice. Among the choices you will want to free think on will be many outdoors, perfect picture taking spots, simple or complex, and that offer elegant possibilities. For the perfect location to stage your wedding, you will eventually need to make that final pick. While it’s your greatest day, be sure it appeals to your guests as they will be part of what it takes to make your dream day.

The second part of a dream wedding is the guests. The more the merrier, however the larger the more interaction details and accommodations you will need to make as well. Of course you need to include those that are closest to you, your spouse, and both sets of parents. Beyond them, however, you will also want others to attend. Your guest list is a factor that may have noticeable impact on how much travel will be involved in creating your dream wedding.

It’s your dream, not theirs, though the more great memories of this cherished moment the more there will be to talk about many years from now. To put this together you will want to be sure to account for what you need to do to keep everyone attending from stressing you, your wedding party, and each other. It can just multiply. Narrowing the guest list a little as you it grows can aid you in putting the perfect balance together, with little stress when you need it the least. Be sure to keep within your financial constraints to.

The last thing is of course the events that will occur on that great day to assure there are many great pictures, memories, and stories to look back on for the rest of your years. To truly achieve this, you will need your wedding to be more personal and fun than those you have ever attended before, or will in the future. Invitations, vows, flowers, and many decorations will be the initial ingredients to put this all into place. Creating a once in a lifetime, one day event will bring all the above together. The look and feel will be the next step. It will begin with guests arriving. The environment should be the two of you, on your great day with everyone getting caught up into it positively.

For the bridal party and grooms it will already be practiced for their roles in this great event. Brainstorming on the beginning and all the way through to the end of the event may aid you to identify potential problems that you can eliminate before anything is ever ordered for the occasion. Take your time planning every aspect of your great day. Think about those involved and how they may best lend to it as the day progresses, and be sure to get as much reminders as possible. With a great effort in its creation, the day stands to be the greatest day in you, your spouse’s, and hopefully everyone involved lives as well.

Helen Reicher is a freelance writer offering professional writing services on a wide variety of topics. For information and to contact Helen, please visit

3 Cost Cutting Tips on Wedding Planning

During these turbulent times, it is pretty difficult to plan the wedding of your dreams at a reasonable price. It can be especially difficult trying to plan your wedding in a pseudo-perfect climate like San Diego or Los Angeles. These cities are great locations to have weddings, but if you’re not careful, can cost you a pretty penny.

Some ways to save a little when you begin to plan the perfect San Diego wedding or Los Angeles
wedding would be:

1. Have Your San Diego Wedding Outside – it has become increasingly popular to abandon the traditional church wedding and have a glorious wedding by the bay or ocean. In cities like San Diego and Los Angeles, ever increasing numbers of couples are having their ceremonies outdoors, in parks, on Mission Bay, the piers and on the beaches. Having a wedding outdoors is usually less expensive because you typically are at a location that has natural beauty therefore lowering your decorating budget. Typical costs to reserve a San Diego or Los Angeles park cost between $ 50.00 and $ 200.00 versus the average $ 300 – $ 500 to reserve a church.

2. When Receiving Quotes, Mention an Event vs. A Wedding – It’s sad but true, many venues will raise their prices if they know that your event is a wedding. When getting quotes for catering, venue rentals and equipment, try to ask very generic questions allowing you to gather the information you need without divulging any pertinent information. Once you gather the needed information, you can use it as a bargaining tool to negotiate a price when you talking to the vendor about the specific details of your wedding.

3. Determine What is Most Important to You and Budget Accordingly – Planning a Wedding in San Diego can end up running past their budgeted means because of lack of preparation. Ideas like, fireworks being set-off at the reception seem like a good idea, until you call a Pyrotechnics company and learn that it will cost $ 6,500! Sit down with your fiancé and discuss what are “must haves” and “can do withouts.”

These tips are just a few examples of the tools Sweet Memories by Candi, a San Diego Wedding Consulting company utilizes to ensure that you get the wedding of your dream at the best price available. Please contact Candi Kizer San Diego Wedding Planner for more information.

10 Things to Think About While Planning Your Wedding Day Schedule

Weddings are usually highly coordinated activities involving several different vendors, friends, and family all working together to make the day a success. If one fails, the whole wedding is at risk. Because of this you want to find vendors with an excellent track record and make sure your friends and family have what they need to help you. Also, giving enough time to your vendors will also help avoid delays and handle any unexpected surprises. You can ask your vendor how much time they need, but usually by the time you have selected your vendor the schedule is already set. Below are some tips to help you plan for each vendor.

Makeup Artist – Plan for about an hour and a half for the application of the bride’s makeup. If your bride’s maids are getting makeup too find out if your artist will have a helper or how much longer they will need. Bride’s maids will need less time for makeup.

Hair Stylist – Again a Hair Stylist can take another hour and half. If you use the same person for both makeup and hair some time can be saved and you won’t have a situation where one professional will be waiting for the other one.

Dressing – It’s important to consider how long it will really take to get into that dress. Seldom is it as simple as putting it on and leaving. You will have your hair, nails, makeup done which will require extra care. There will also be about 20 people all running around getting things done or distracting your attention with last minute preparations.

Travel – If you are going to a hair salon or going to the makeup artist, don’t forget this little travel because it adds up. Also if you are going from the dressing location to the ceremony in a limo, allow extra time because it takes longer to get everyone in the limo and the trip is slower. Plus the photographer will want to take pictures of you and the bride’s maids with the limo, in the limo, etc. It may seem strange to plan for these little delays but in the end this is what ends up delaying the wedding the most.

Photographer – If you want the photographer at the dressing location, you usually only need them 15-30 minutes early. However also consider the time you are actually leaving the dressing location to get to the ceremony. You need to leave time for your photographer to be there a few minutes before the ceremony to do some setup. Your photographer is also going to shoot plenty of formals after the wedding. So plan to have something for your guests to do (cocktail hour) so the photographer can finish as quickly as possible. Normally the formals can take 30 minutes. However, if you have lots of required shots or a very large family plan for much longer. Don’t plan for the photographer to leave the reception early either. The time starts to slip and usually the last things at the reception are the cake and the bouquet toss. You don’t want to miss the pictures of these.

Videographer – Much of the same applies for video as it does with photography. The videographers usually film the occurrences of the day and don’t take your time for things like formals. You should decide if you need before ceremony video or not. In any case the ceremony and reception are key to film if you want a video.

DJ/Band – Make sure the DJ can get into the venue as early as they need to setup the equipment and test the sound. You don’t want to delay things because of a microphone problem. Depending on the amount of equipment you should ensure the DJ can start setting up an hour before the reception.

Ceremony Location – You want to make sure the location is accessible early enough for the room to be decorated. Also leave time for video/photographers, musicians, and official to prepare, though they should have enough time assuming they can setup while the decorators do.

Reception Location – Again, leave time for the decoration, video, photographer, and DJ. Also don’t forget about the cake decorator and caterers. After your ceremony and formal photographs, you will still need to give the photographers and videographers extra time to setup at the new location. Will you have a temporary bridal room at the reception location where you can wait until your party gets announced? If not, consider taking the scenic route or joining the cocktail hour.

Caterer – It can be much better to have the reception venue do the catering or use the caterer referred by the reception venue because they need to know the location very well and have a good working relationship with the reception staff. Also consider the amount of time it will take to get everyone served. This often goes beyond expectations pushing other activities later in the evening. Usually brides are concerned with the cost difference of buffet and plate service. Find out the estimated serving time of each of these for your number of guests and it can help make your decision easier. Food stations and family style can help speed things up while keeping costs lower than plate service.

No matter what you plan, everything can change. Keeping these things in mind while planning will help your wedding be a huge success.

John Biggs

Wedding Songs – Planning Your Evening Entertainment

Wedding songs can present many couples with something of a dilemma – they want to inject their own personality into the entertainment, but worry that their taste will not be to everyone’s liking.

There are certain genres of music that don’t cross the great divide of musical taste. Thrash metal, rave music and rap are just three which would not immediately leap out as being suitable for a wedding. But if you are fans of these types of music there is no reason why you cannot include some choice songs on your playlist. The key is to strike the right balance between your tastes and those of your guests.

The success of your evening entertainment relies upon your guests having a good time and in general that means getting them up off their seats and on to the dance floor. If you hire a DJ to perform a disco then they should be able to create a playlist that has something for everyone and will keep everyone dancing throughout the night.

Chances are that a number of your guests will share your musical tastes so that in itself means that it will not just be you two up on the dance floor. Seeing a number of people dancing to music that they do not know can often encourage many others to stay dancing themselves, just because they are having a good time!

When making a playlist it is important to consider the age range of your guests and what you know or suspect are their musical tastes. Whilst no-one wants to head down the cheesy wedding disco route, incorporating a few cheesy tracks can get people in the mood to dance and keep them doing so all night. You should also consider that your more elderly guests are most likely to leave after the wedding breakfast and shortly before the evening entertainment really gets going, so make sure you play something for them early on.

Try to keep the tempo of the music fairly constant but change the type of music so your guests don’t die of exhaustion! For instance, play some pop hits, followed by some rock n roll, followed by some classic hits. Playing a constant stream of rock anthems could see your guests retiring early through fatigue!

At the end of the night you will want to consider what you play as the last song. Some couples choose a slow song whilst others go for something more lively or back to those cheesy disco tunes again! The choice here is very much down to you; you can end the night on a high with a lively number or remind everyone of the romantic nature of the day with a slow dance to a favorite love song.

Mae Andrea is a professional writer who collects wedding favors and wedding related articles. Another interesting part of her collections is the list of wedding songs especially gathered for all couples out there.

Simple Tips To Make Planning Your Wedding A Breeze

Many of us have daydreamed about the day when we will walk down the isle ever since childhood, right down to the gown we will wear, what our hair will look like, and the colors in our bouquet. Planning your wedding, although tremendously exciting, can often feel overwhelming without some sort of guidance.

For those seeking a more non-traditional wedding, you may want to consider having it on the beach. It is a beautiful ambiance and can be a lot cheaper than having it elsewhere. Also, try to have your reception at a location that is walkable or easy to get to from the beach.

For a destination wedding, start planning a year in advance. You will need to find out what kind of permit you need: language might be a problem if you are going abroad. You might need passports and visas too. Find caterers and other services in the area in advance to communicate with them as much as possible.

Make sure to let any parents attending your wedding know the itinerary for your day so they can work situations like naps, changing diapers, feedings, or bedtimes into the schedule. They can also plan to have a babysitter, if necessary, and know when they’ll have to leave to go home to relieve her.

It can be a great idea to provide your guests with direction cards from the reception site back to major highways. You can have these at the reception, so that anyone who needs them can easily pick them up. Not everyone has a GPS in their car, or can use mapping software. Having direction cards can help to make everyone’s evening end well.

Ask one of your shutterbug friends to do the pictures for your wedding. Professional photographers are expensive and, with the advent of digital cameras and editing software, often an amateur can do just as good of a job. Tell them to forgo the wedding gift and just give you a disk of digital images instead.

Do not plan a destination wedding without taking the legal requirements of your location into account. Whether it is residency requirements, fees, or any other red tape – you should have all your needs addressed – before you begin the task of booking hotels and services for the big day.

If you are the bride, make sure to include you include your fiance’s parents, especially his mother, in your wedding plans. Even if you’re not thrilled about the prospects of your mother-in-law being that involved, it is a nice way to extend an olive branch and make her feel like she is a bigger part of her son’s special day.

Planning for your big day does not have to feel overwhelming, by listening to advice and suggestions of those who have gone before you, you can organize the day of your dreams with a minimum of stress and anxiety. You might even find that you enjoy planning for your wedding almost as much as the big event itself!

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Planning Your Wedding With Your Own Homemade Wine – Part 2

In Planning Your Wedding With Your Own Homemade Wine – Part 1, we discussed the cost savings of making your own wine to serve your guests at your wedding reception as well as some of the things you’ll need to think about when making wine for your big day. But not only will making your own wine help you to save money, you can also stamp your homemade wine with your personality to make the event that much more special. Let’s look at some other things you might want to think about and plan for:

What’s Your Style?

Traditionally, white wine comes in clear bottles, while red wine generally is bottled in bottles with a green tint to them. Other tinted colors such as brown are also used to bottle red wine. There are also a variety of shapes of bottles but the most commonly sold at home winemaking supply shops is the standard “Bordeaux” style bottle. It is quite possible that your local wine supply shop will only carry green and clear Bordeaux bottles, so you may not be aware that there are a variety of bottle styles and colors that you can choose from. How about Cobalt Blue colored bottles for your red wine? You might be able to match the wine bottle color to your main colors of your wedding reception.

Perhaps you have a favorite bottle but can’t locate it in the retail market – something like the unique shaped bottle that La Fiore Chateauneuf-du-Pape comes in. Find a restaurant that sells that wine and ask them to keep those bottles for you instead of throwing them into their trash or recycle bin. All you’ll need to do is rinse them out and sanitize them, and you can then fill them with your wine.

Whatever you decide, it’s best to have your red wine in a bottle that is a different color from your white wine bottles for easy identification.

What’s In A Label?

Although many of the more expensive wine kits come with attractive labels that identify the grape variety or style the wine is made from, most of the less expensive kits do not have such labels. However, your local wine supply shop will likely have a large selection of labels that you simply moisten and then stick on your bottles. But there are other options as well. You could have your own custom labels, designed by you. Information on the label could include the type of wine as well as the bride and groom’s name and the date of marriage. You could choose your own graphics that will go on the label.

Know someone artistic? For some extra pizazz, ask them if they will hand paint the bottles for you instead of you sticking on labels. If you find such a person, be sure to have some extra bottles of your wine to give them as a thank you gift for all that work!

To match the label, be sure to choose capsules that co-ordinate with the colors of the label and the bottle. Capsules offer additional protection to the cork closures in the bottle.

To Cork Or Not

Although some believe that using synthetic cork is a sign of an inferior product when it comes to wine, this is absolutely not true. Many of the finest vineyards in the world are moving towards synthetic corks and even screw top openings for their wines. There are many reasons for this which is beyond the scope of this article, but you will have two choices as far as the closures you use on your homemade wine bottles: Natural cork and synthetic cork.

When making the decision whether to use natural or synthetic cork, consider where and how you will be storing your bottles of wine before the wedding. If using natural cork, you will need to be storing your wine filled bottles on their sides, ensuring the cork is in constant contact with the wine. This helps to prevent the cork from drying out and shrinking, which could allow for air to enter the bottle, oxidizing your wine. If you will need to store your bottles standing up, then definitely choose the synthetic cork which does not shrink, and therefore does not need to be in constant contact with the wine inside the bottle.

If you are going to go with the more traditional natural cork, choose the best and longest corks you can get, especially if you are going to be aging your wine for more than a year. They offer the best protection to your wine in the long run. Stay away from “conglomerate” cork which is made up of pieces of cork, glued together and then shaped. Stick with the best cork stoppers you can find.

Planning your own homemade wine can be an exciting and fun activity for your wedding! Not only will you save a ton of money, but you’ll have an opportunity to put even more of a stamp of the character of the bride and groom on that special day that will be remembered for a long time!

Ian Hugh Scott has been making his own wine for years. As well as wines from commercially available kits, he has discovered the pleasures of experimenting with other ingredients such as black currants, strawberries, blueberries, and even ginger and parsnip! Follow along with Ian’s regular home winemaking activities.

Wedding Planning in a Recession – Big Day, Smaller Budget

In these belt tightening times should you have to down-size your dream wedding? If you are going to be a little cost conscious where should you start? For many couples, and in particular, brides-to be, years may have been spent dreaming about their Big Day. Now the big question has been asked and accepted, and you may wondering whether you should be tightening those bridal purse strings. However, you can still have your dream wedding without going totally overboard with your finances. Try some of these less obvious budgetary constraints:

Engagement rings. No-one wants to look at their engagement ring and be constantly reminded of that economic down turn. Do you or your fiancee have any inherited jewels that you could utilize? Your Great Aunt Ruby’s diamond ring may look a bit tired as it is, but pop the diamond in a new setting, and hey presto! Custom jewelers can create masterpieces for you out of your family stone. Well known jewelers such as Verragio and Tacori provide semi-mount engagement rings, so you can select a setting you absolutely love, and then have your own diamond set. This can be a very cost effective approach to having your dream engagement ring.

Wedding rings. If you love the look of platinum wedding rings, but would prefer a less expensive metal, then perhaps palladium wedding rings could be right for you. Palladium is from the same metal family as platinum, and like platinum it is naturally shiny and hypoallergenic. While palladium wedding rings will be a little more expensive than white gold, they will be substantially less costly than platinum. Best of all, palladium never needs to be rhodium plated to maintain the luster.

Unusual venues. You may be able to find a more cost effective wedding location than a traditional reception venue. Do you know anyone who has a fabulous cottage in the country, or by a beach or lake? Take the time to check the costs of various catering companies. You will be astounded at the price differences.

Limit the cast of thousands. Do you really need to invite your third cousin who you haven’t ever seen? Or your father’s bank manager? Stick to close family and friends. Striking a few people off the invite list will quickly pay for other costs such as flowers, cake, and the photographer. Explain to anyone who is miffed that you felt awkward displaying conspicuous consumption in these times.

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Think About the Weather When Planning Your Beach Wedding

While it’s unlikely that you can improve on Mother Nature’s beautiful beach setting you can enhance it on your Florida Destination beach wedding day.

A few things to keep in mind here are, well, really only one thing that is key…weather. You’ve chosen to have your wedding on a Florida beach. The fact is, Florida is a windy state. While that may seem redundant given that it’s surrounded by ocean, its your wedding day we’re talking about here.

The one sure-fire way around any threat of inclement weather is to tent the entire area. You can get a tent that has 3 walls so that the entire beach front is visible to everyone or you could get a tent without walls to allow as much of the natural beauty to be seen. Either way, if weather is an issue where you live, you may want to seriously consider the tent option. Tent rentals are widely available throughout Florida but I recommend booking well in advance

If you do rent a tent you can have a ball with the décor. Depending on your location you could use large bunches of grapes along the tent poles and as centerpieces. The same can be done with lemons or a combination of lemons and limes.

For a very classic look, small faerie lights can be wrapped around all of the poles and can frame the edges of the tent to create a beautiful setting for your guests. Lights should be used regardless if you’re planning an evening reception.

Another advantage to renting a tent is you do not have to worry about damaging the house if you’re renting it. Aside from using the kitchen and bathroom facilities, guests will no reason to tramp through the house.

If you decide that the tent option isn’t for you and you’re going to take your chances with the weather, or if you live somewhere where weather is cooperative to such events, there are several lovely décor options you may want to consider.

White, folding chairs with tulle bows can create a very pretty setting on the beach. Have the chairs face the water so you can enter from the house and your guests can enjoy the beautiful view.

At the end of the aisle you can choose to erect an arbor or you can simply stand with the officiator and let Mother Nature speak for herself.

While these decorative ideas are lovely and classic, the most beautiful beach wedding I attended had the guests standing about as the bride entered from the side with her parents. The aisle was made of beach wood collected from nearby only hours before and the casual atmosphere was reflected in the brides calm, smiling face. It was an amazing wedding.

Whatever you choose keep in mind who’s coming. Some guests may need to sit down due to age or injury. It’s also a good idea to make sure your guests know ahead of time that there will be no seating during the ceremony. That way they have a shot at wearing the proper footwear.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and a beach wedding in Florida is a wonderful way to celebrate it. Click here for more complete details on planning and hosting your perfect Florida Destination Beach Wedding

5 Stupid Ways of Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget

Wedding planning is tough enough as it is without being forced to stick to a small budget. That said, you really can’t hope to have any sort of wedding planning success if you keep making mistakes and spending more money than you have to. Planning a wedding on a small budget requires smart preparation, wise organization, as well as a plethora of clever, money saving ideas.

The Stupid Ways of Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget…

1. Not Setting a Realistic Budget. “Winging it” is NOT an option, sorry. Such a tactic might work for playing sports, getting out of a speeding ticket, coming up with an excuse for your boss, but it just doesn’t work with planning a budget wedding. If you don’t set a budget, you’re flying blind and will spend WAY more than you can afford. Sit down, talk to your partner, find out what you can afford to spend.

2. Hiring a Wedding Planner. Are you kidding me? How do you expect to save money by hiring a middle-man (or middle-woman)? You can do everything they can do, just at 5 times LESS the cost.

3. Buying a Super Dress. This isn’t a $ 10,000 wedding, it’s a budget wedding that requires sacrifice. One sacrifice has to be the dress, sorry! You don’t have to look like a hobo, but you can’t very well spend thousands on a new designer gown and expect to come in under budget. Consider these options instead: second hand, antique, non-traditional, renting.

Quick Note: Just because planning a wedding on a small budget requires you to get an inexpensive dress, that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly as sin. With the money saved, you can easily hire a good seamstress and make the necessary changes.

4. Doing the Fancy-Schmancy Meal. What don’t you get? This is a BUDGET wedding, you can’t be spending money willy-nilly. Bring food costs down by doing a buffet style meal where guests serve themselves. Offer cheaper, easily prepared foods which don’t require paid servers. This weeds out those extra costs and it even offers a GREATER food variety to your guests.

5. Alcohol Fest. Weddings are not supposed to be frat parties, so the idea of an open bar is just insanely idiotic. Having a good time is one thing, but paying for people to get completely hammered on your big day is something else entirely. Instead of taking this route, buy the alcohol and drinks yourself in bulk quantities. Beer, champagne, wine, and other non-alcoholic beverages can be very cheap if you know where to look and what to ask for.

If you can avoid these foolish and costly ways of planning a wedding on a small budget, not only will you be able to create a great wedding, but you’ll be able to do so with just a few thousand dollars!

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