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Some tips to organize a wedding reception

The wedding day is not only the moment when two people seal their union, it is also a chance to celebrate. Certainly the ceremony, be that religious or civil, is the solemnest moment of the day, we might say that it is the climactic moment, the core of each wedding day, but the lunch or dinner with relatives and friends is definitely the moment when bride and groom release their tension and can really have fun with their guests. No matter if you organize your reception in a restaurant or if you choose a different location, perhaps a villa in a picturesque place: in any case the reception is an essential feature of your wedding, and it has to be organized paying attention to many different things.

First of all, you need to consider the budget you have at your disposal. A sumptuous reception can really fleece you, especially if you have extended the invitation to many people. According to Eurispes, which has carried out a survey about wedding costs in Italy, the reception is the part that most affects the total costs of the wedding day: the reception in Italy costs on average 6,000 euro, and in general we can say that in the south of Italy receptions are usually more expensive than in the north. The average price of receptions in Italy is so high also because only few couples choose a reception for few people: according to Eurispes, indeed, over 55% of couples invite more than 100 people. Thus if you have a limited budget you might want to consider the idea of a less sumptuous reception, with a smaller number of people, and choose a standing buffet or, if you would like to do something unusual, you can offer an informal reception, organizing a barbecue or a picnic.

If you want to choose something more traditional, spending a bit more money, you can organize the reception in a restaurant. The choice of the restaurant is to be done after considering different factors. First of all, the style of the restaurant: before you book have a look at the room where the reception is supposed to take place and discuss the table arrangement with the person in charge of this. If you want to be sure that food and service are good, you can have a dinner in the restaurant before you book. Secondly, if you do not have an alternative location where to take photos, be sure that the restaurant has a garden or other nice places. Last but not least, consider the distance to the restaurant from the church or the town hall, which should not be too long, especially if some of your guests come from far away. All these variables are to be kept into consideration also if you choose another location, like an ancient villa or a castle, the perfect places if you want your wedding to be a fairytale one.

Another important choice is that of the reception time: it usually depends on the time when the ceremony takes place, and the most popular moments are dinner and lunch. But if you want to try something new, you can organize a breakfast, a brunch or a drink in the aperitif time.

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How to Choose a Unique Wedding Reception Venue

For years, brides have been willing to settle for the usual venues for their wedding receptions. The ceremony would conclude and the guests would head to a banquet hall, or a country club, to dine on chicken, prime rib, and a wilted salad. The focus was on the bride and groom, who would dance the night away beside a live band or DJ and would then be bid farewell with a toss of the rice. In recent years, things have begun to change. Some brides are looking back to simpler times before weddings became complicated, expensive affairs and hosting their receptions in quaint, out of the way locations. Others are turning average spaces into something spectacular for their big day. Locations like a public warehouse or a fulfillment have become destinations for wedding receptions.

Another option for a one-of-a-kind reception is a farm or barn. Some farm owners have realized they can host events on their property and they renovated spaces to make them more party friendly. In other cases, a bride may find a location that needs some work and take care of the decor herself. If the exterior is scenic and pleasant, it does not take much to create dining space and an area for dancing. Using a barn or farm for your wedding reception creates a feeling of rustic simplicity most couples love.

Those with access to a shopping mall after hours, or who can speak with the mall’s manager about renting the empty space, have the perfect, spacious reception venue on their hands. Not all malls will be right for the idea, but many feature elaborate courtyards and center courts where mall events take place. Imagine setting up a banquet area and dance floor in this space for your reception. If the bride is known for her passion for shopping, she will love celebrating her nuptials surrounded by shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

Many people are lucky enough to know a homeowner with a home big enough for a wedding reception. A private residence may be one of the most cost effective locations for a reception you can find. Depending on whose home you are using, there may not even be rental cost for the space. If you are using a private location, work with the homeowner to make sure you create an atmosphere they approve of for your reception. The last thing you want is to damage the space you have been offered out of the kindness of someone’s heart.

Your final option for a unique, affordable wedding destination is celebrating in a community park or open outdoor space. You may need to speak with the local government about space rental, but fees are usually very reasonable. Having an outdoor reception means you will be relying on the weather to enjoy your special day, but there are few scenarios that provide a more scenic, enjoyable time on your special day. If you are planning a spring or fall wedding, consider turning a local park into your private party venue.

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Unique Reception Entertainment on Your Wedding Day

People always look forward to weddings. Whether they are part of the entourage or just simply guests, to be a part of this romantic event is truly exciting. For your guests, regardless whether they have traveled far or have always lived nearby – how do you keep them entertained and not sleep through the whole wedding reception? Here are some exciting ideas that you have in your wedding reception:

– Photo Booth – Remember those photo booths where you drop a coin, and you get to do silly poses? You can put an updated version of these photo booths and have them at your wedding reception. There are photo booths up for rental, and instead of a small enclosed photo area, the photo booths now are open, have a huge backdrop instead, and there are props that you can use. For the backdrop, you can make it personalized to contain your name, and for some, you can use images or the couple’s photo. For the props, they can either be full costumes or lots of silly hats and colorful wigs. The photos are normally printed immediately so the guests can also take them home as souvenirs from the event.

– Singer or a Band – If your budget can afford it, or if you have friends or relatives who are singers or are in a band, you can hire them and do your reception music. No need to hire Celine Dion or Elvis Costello, an upcoming or a budding artist can have a more forgiving talent fee. You can visit recording studios in your area so can get an idea of who to get.

– Wine Tasting Station – No other drink spells romance more than wine. You can set up a wine tasting station at your reception and have your guests see and taste the different wines available. The booth should have a sommelier or an expert that can truly describe and give more information about each wine. This is a twist to the traditional toast – made more modern and fun.

– Chocolate Fountain – And no other food spells romance more than chocolate. Have a chocolate fountain in one side of your reception hall, and apart from being a dessert lovers dream, it can easily be a conversational piece where you can have your guests mingle and warm up to each other. Have a variety of biscuits, fruits and marshmallows as your guests will indeed be coming back again and again.

Receptions can be as simple as an intimate dinner or as exciting as a party celebration. Depending on the mood that you want to set, you can create that perfect reception atmosphere by choosing the right reception entertainment. Whether an elegant wine tasting booth or a fun photo booth, what is important is that everyone gets to have fun and you get to enjoy your wedding in an ambiance that you truly love. Make your wedding extra special by providing entertainment that will knock everyone off their feet, whether because of the alcohol or the chocolate bliss.

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Wedding Reception- Tips In Selecting A Good Venue

Most brides and grooms know where they will be holding the ceremony before they decide where to have the reception, so we have compiled five observations that can help you when selecting your venue.

Distance – If people must drive a time consuming way to get from the ceremony to the reception, some will get distracted or decided to do something else. Try to keep the reception within less than 30 minute drive of your ceremony. If it is not possible to get a reception hall close to your ceremony, make a caravan.

Have the Bride and Groom leaded the parade, as well as people will follow you to your reception.

Time – Time is just like the distance issue. If your reception is several hours after the ceremony, people will get busy doing other things and not show up for the reception. Try to start the reception within an hour or two of the ceremony
Size – People like their personal space, as well as they have most likely spent an hour packed into a church for your ceremony.

If you let them spread out, they will enjoy themselves more. Make sure your reception hall has plenty of room for your guests. The people renting the location might tell you it holds 200 people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will hold 200 people comfortably! Make sure to visit the venue before booking.

Climate Control – Having a summer wedding? Is your reception hall air conditioned? If people sweat while just sitting, they won’t dance. On the flip side, if they are cold they won’t dance either (who wants to dance in a parka?). Also make sure you know who has control of the thermostat so the temperature can be adjusted if needed. Chances are your reception will be warm and stuffy while all the guest are there, but as they trickle out during the night the room will begin to cool down.

Smoking – This is a hot button issue, but if your reception hall is non-smoking, you can fully expect smokers to leave your reception for 15-30 minutes every hour. If enough of them leave the reception area, you may get a huge percentage of your guest just hanging out in the smoking area. This can be a huge problem if you have lots of smokers in your wedding party. You must not allow smoking, but it is something you should consider, especially if anyone has health problems like asthma or allergies that could be triggered through smoke. If you decided not to allow smoking in the reception area, how close is the nearest place for a smoker to go? Is it close enough that you will be able to get needed wedding party members during events like the bouquet toss or garter auction?

Facility coordinators will no doubt bring up several other factors for you to consider when you interview them for your booking, but these are frequently missed items, especially if they don’t favor the potential venue. If you keep the overall picture in mind and work with your wedding planner or event coordinator on the decorating ideas, you will no doubt have an enjoyable and memorable wedding reception.

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Planning Tips: DJ At Your Wedding Reception

After wedding ceremony is over, now it is time for your wedding reception; an occasion that also has its own importance.  In your wedding reception, people come to congratulate you for your new life with your partner.  On that day you also need to entertain your guests.  A DJ at your wedding reception should be such that he is able to handle the guests in a perfect manner.  All your family members and friends should appreciate the entertainment as they have come to celebrate your day.

To choose a DJ for your reception day requires a great amount of time and dedication.  It is necessary to choose a perfect DJ for your reception who can make all your guests happy.  It is better to choose a professional DJ who knows how to entertain everyone and knows different kind of songs for different people.  People of different age groups and different tastes will be present at your reception, so your reception DJ should have songs for all kinds of people to make them happy and enjoy your reception.

The DJ that you choose should be able to adjust himself in the space available at the venue.  He should possess equipment that does not disturb the guests or the décor of the room.  A beautiful room can be quickly ruined by an amateur DJ setup on the edge of your dance floor.

It is always better to choose a DJ whom you have seen performing at a friend’s wedding reception. Without seeing the performance it is not wise to hire a DJ for your reception.  He may spoil your day and make your guests leave early.

It is better to choose a professional DJ/Emcee because they are more flexible than a live band.  Secondly, it will be more reasonable as live bands may cost much more than your budget can afford.  It is customary to provide food to the performers at your party.  So, if you hire a live band you may have to serve food to many people but if your hire a DJ there is only one or two people generally.

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Strategies On How to Give a Perfect Wedding Reception Speech

Whether you can give a perfect speech at any event, such as wedding ceremony, depends a greatly on the amount of time that you prepared before. Giving speech at a wedding is much more formal than others where you can ad lib or come up with a few jokes to get you through as there would be many guests. If you want to give a good impression to everyone about your speech, then you should write it down, review it and rewrite it, therefore, you can remember about what things you will be talking. Careful preparation and practice will make you feel more confident. 


Do Your Homework

Find out about the person or the people you are toasting, particularly if you do not know them well. What are their interests? What is their background? Are there any stories you can tell about them to help the audience know them better? If you are toasting the bride and groom, talk about how their relationship blossomed or talk about the prospect of a wonderful life together or the family environment they have come from, which should stand them in good stead for the future.


Humour is Good

It is a happy occasion so everyone is ready listen to your wedding toast and to be entertained. It is not hard to get people to laugh. This means you do not have to try to be overly funny. Warm, humorous stories always go down well.Many people present will know each other and will know amusing stories within the family or their own circle. You can pull on these stories to help make a point. Make sure any jokes are tasteful and do not embarrass anyone. While humour helps relax the audience and get their attention, when it comes to the actual toast, your comments should be serious and sincere.


Personal Presentation

Present yourself well. Make sure you have not had too much to drink. If you are chewing gum, get rid of it. Before you stand to talk, take a few deep breaths and calm yourself. Try not to move around nervously, as this makes others nervous. Carry notes of your speech to help you stay on track. If you do need to read your notes, do not read into them – use them as reminders then put your head up and talk directly to the audience. Do some practice before the day to help your confidence.


Not Too Long

No not drag it out. If you cannot say it in 3 or 4 minutes, then you are probably saying too much. Do not ramble aimlessly as you will soon lose your audience. There is really no set form for making a wedding toast so the format, the content and the length will be up to you. This means you will be totally responsible for how it turns out. If you are having trouble preparing it then get some help. Say it out to someone who can help you.


In the end, if you have spent enough time on its preparation and done your best to deliver it well, your wedding toast will be a success and you will make a positive contribution to the day.


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Tips For Choosing a Caterer For Your Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony, all the guests will retire to the reception location for drinks and food. The reception is very important for the wedding. Though the wedding dress will command the attention of most guests, many invitees will judge the wedding by the reception. The food served especially will be the talk of the guests as they leave the venue.

It is so because the reception usually marks the closing of the wedding and the last event will be the one to be discussed as the guests leave for home. To get a lasting impression on your guests, you have to employ the services of a top caterer who is experienced with formal events. In the process of selecting a choice, you will have to take note of these points so you end up with the best one.

Get relevant references from the caterer so you are assured about her competence. A wedding is a formal event at which you need to offer classy and formal meals. You will not want to embarrass your guests with a sub standard, off-season service.

To enable you have complementary services for convenience and lower cost, look for a caterer who will give you seating, cutlery and crockery so that you don’t bear any further cost and inconvenience with transportation. This way you are able to get your reception set up in no time for the guests to have their food and drink.

A proficient caterer will save you headaches and embarrassment on your wedding day. Getting a competent cook will ensure that your meals become tasty, appropriate and well served. It will be ideal if your caterer can come along with her own assistant who will help serve the guests and see to the decoration too. After the wedding, all you have is the refreshment. Take great care to ensure that your guests leave your ceremony with happy impressions about your food.

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Taking Charge of Your Own Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions can take a huge chunk of your wedding budget. In some cases, they can take as much as 20% of your costs. It is so because it is important for the wedding that is the time that the guests will refresh themselves. It is the time that everyone needs to get seated and enjoy themselves. Again, that is when they get to interact with the couple. Much of the costs at the reception borders on decoration, seating, venue and catering. Though the burden of the reception can be shifted to a wedding coordinator or consultant, you can make your own arrangements for budgetary reason or when you simply want to do something for yourself. Whichever reason you can organize your own wedding reception with a few tips.

For reason of budget and fun, you ask your friends, family and associates to help with the catering. You can decide on the food to cook by looking at the profile of your guests. When it comes to the venue, you can get a town hall location which is very cheap to rent. You can hand balloons at the entrance, place live plants at the walls and short petal flowers like rose and lilies for your centerpieces. You will want to find a venue that has a lot of parking space so your guests will feel comfortable. If you are marrying in the church, you can use the same venue as your reception location. You will use the seating and the decoration. This option will best suite location that has ample space for tables.

Arranging your own wedding reception will give you a high degree of control over how you want the event to go. During this time, you can incorporate a lot of customization into your settings, do the thing that you personally wish to and most importantly control the budget. You also have the option to customize the event as much possible. You do not have the limitation a professional so you can in your own amateurish way introduce new concepts. There are so many things you ca try. Most importantly, doing it yourself affords you the opportunity to personalize the event to your taste. You have control over the color tones, fabrics and even floral. This is the best time to tell your guests what you personally wish for yourself.

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Tips For Wedding Guests – Part 2 – The Reception

At the wedding reception, there will most likely be a seating plan. You can check this and then you’ll have an idea where you will be going once inside the room in which you will be eating.

If it is a formal affair, there will be a greeting line or line-up. This is an opportunity for the couple and sometimes parents and even bridal party to greet guests personally and thank them for coming. Its handshakes and hugs.

After not eating for hours, you are approaching tea time and depending on the time of year, possibly darkness. It is now it is time for the Wedding Breakfast. Clever eh?

The couple will be introduced and all the guests greet them into the room. Once they are seated, everyone else can sit down. You can usually expect 3 courses + coffee and champagne and 3 speeches: Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man, along with a few gifts to key persons. The champagne is for toasts during the speeches.

There may be disposable cameras on the table, for you to snap the other guests. It’s a good idea to make use of them but don’t forget to charge the flash before making a picture. Then keep your fingers away from the flash and the lens when making your picture.

You may well be asked to fill in a guest book. If you are not the kind of person who can make something up on the hoof, you may wish to have a sentence or two worked out in advance, perhaps saying something positive or just wishing the couple good luck and happiness.

During the meal, circulation time or in the evening, try and spend some time with the couple. They invited you so clearly want to spend time with you. All too often, everyone thinks the couple are too busy and try and give them space. In the end they can end up feeling lost at their own party. The couple may circulate during the meal but they may feel too overwhelmed themselves. Remember they are the same people you normally see in jeans and a t-shirt and now they are sandwiched between parents on the top table and would probably appreciate you giving them a temporary rescue of a chat about the stag or hen do, their honeymoon plans or just whatever it is you normally do together.

On the whole, most couples prefer to be the only ones on the dance floor for at least the first half of their first dance, so if you have children with you, please hold them back between the time the DJ or entertainer introduces the first dance and a point when they invite other people to join them on the floor. This is not the case 100% of the time and some couples can’t wait to not be the only ones on the floor. It’s worth checking if you think you’ll have a job holding the kids back.

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Effective Seating For Wedding Receptions

Seating is a key element for a great wedding reception so make sure you give it the attention that it deserves. You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible so they will stay and enjoy themselves. Give people plenty of room so that they can see what is going on all around them. Depending on the type of wedding reception you are hosting that can include the band, the food, the wedding party, and of course the delightful wedding cake.

Long tables can be a good idea as can round ones. No matter how you try, people aren’t going to be able to avoid sitting with their backs to something. However, if you provide enough room for them they can easily move their chairs in a new angle to be able to see what they want to. Avoid cramming too many chairs at one table. On the same subject you need to avoid having too many tables in close proximity. Make sure that wedding reception location offers adequate room for the number you will have in attendance.

Try to station the tables and chairs strategically to get the most from them. For example short rows of many tables may be better for you than longer rows of them. You also want to have clearly defined aisles so that people can get in and out of their seats without being disruptive to others.

The music will likely be loud and you don’t want to have seating too close to it. Otherwise those sitting there will become annoyed. There is no possible way that they can have a great conversation with those around them if they can’t even hear themselves talking.

You may want to offer a few tables and chairs for younger people to enjoy as well. These should be children old enough to be away from their parents for a while but where someone can still keep an eye on them. Getting shorter tables and chairs for them will make the wedding reception more comfortable for them. They and their parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness in this regard as well. By the same token you may try to get a few high chairs so that younger ones have a place to sit too.

The common dilemma is if you assign seating or if you allow your guests to find their own location. There are pros and cons to doing each one of them. When you allow your guests to sit where they want to then there aren’t any hurt feelings over where they ended up. You also don’t have to continually shuffle them around because you discover that your friend Kim can’t stand your husbands friend Tom.

On the other hand when you allow people to sit where they want to you can end up with quite a mix of people out there. It can be harder for you to locate someone or when food is being served if you have had them RSVP what type of meal they would like to have. Take your time to decide which option works best for your type of wedding reception.

If you want to have a wonderful wedding reception where people are eating, laughing, interacting, and staying until it is over you need to make them comfortable. Effective seating for your wedding reception is worth putting some extra effort into so that you won’t have to worry about it when the event is taking place. Explore some different layouts in advance too. You don’t want to be trying to piece it all together the day of the wedding when you are decorating or even the night before.

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