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Planning A Simple Wedding, While Making It Memorable

Planning a simple wedding is becoming more common and is totally socially acceptable. Many young brides and grooms are foregoing the traditional extravagant weddings and keeping it simple. This doesn’t mean they are foregoing elegance or style, and simple weddings can still be a special day that the bridal party and guests will remember for years to come.

The cost of having traditional wedding receptions has risen abruptly, causing the bride and groom to look at unusual places for their reception. Beautiful weddings have been held at backyards, beaches and parks that keep simplicity in mind. Some of the most remarkable weddings I have attended have been at unexpected locations including places where the groom proposed to the bride.

The wedding I attended at our local bowling alley was absolutely memorable. The groom proposed to the bride there and that made it even more special. The wedding invitations and wedding decorations were all done in bowling motif. The groomsmen had on rented tuxedos with bowling shoes. The mother of the bride wore a spectacular dress decorated with a bowling theme. Even the wedding cake had the bowling theme. This simple but imaginative wedding was extraordinary.

Another simple wedding I attended was in a beautiful park that overlooked a beach near San Diego, Ca. Simple weddings can be so romantic and elegant. The brides dress was billowing in the ocean breeze and the entire wedding party toasted the bride and groom with the finest champagne that was local to the region.

Many brides have wedding receptions in their own backyard or a close relative’s yard. With some creative decorating, these types of wedding parties are a joy to be a part of.

When planning your simple wedding event, it is important to have your wishes known and followed. Many times, family will tell the bride where they should have their wedding, regardless of the cost, and if you state your desire to simplify things early on, it will quickly take the stress out of trying to please everyone. It is the bride and groom who will ultimately make the decision, but it would be nice to get the family involved to help with all the details that go into planning a wedding.

Simple weddings can allow you to get creative with wedding invitations, your wedding attire, the decorations and entertainment.

A wedding planner or wedding consultant can help plan your wedding as long as you let them know exactly how you want everything. Now is the time to speak up and let it be known that your style is simple, yet memorable.

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Tips For a Spectacular Outdoor Wedding Reception

It is possible to have a spectacular outdoor wedding reception. Yet there are things that can go wrong so covering all of the bases will ensure you aren’t disappointed with it. Think about what could occur with the weather. If rain is possible you want to have coverings just in case. Make sure you secure decorations very well too because you never know when gusts of wind will come up.

Be careful with outdoor wedding receptions in the summer though. You don’t want your guests to get too hot. You also have to consider what people will be wearing for the occasion. If you have on a huge wedding dress and many of the men are in suits then people will be very uncomfortable. An evening time reception though can be just right due to the temperature and you won’t have to worry about the sun.

When you have an outdoor wedding reception you do have quite a few choices of locations. It can be in someone’s backyard or a public park with a gazebo you can decorate. These are free forms of venues for such an occasion so it can help you to save money. On the downside though you won’t have the luxury of all the tables and chairs being provided. Make sure you check into how much it will cost to rent them.

You can also consider an outdoor wedding reception at a country club or other location where they will rent you the areas. Adequate bathrooms are a necessity, and this can be a concern when the wedding reception is outdoors at someone’s home. Placing signs on the doors entering the home can be very useful if the bathrooms aren’t easily identified as someone walks in.

Keeping food at the right temperature is vital with an outdoor wedding reception. Appetizers and foods that need to be kept cold need to be placed on ice. Foods that need to be kept warm should be done with heating plates and through other means that will be practical for the location of the event. Drinks need to be kept cold too so that guests can be properly refreshed.

You may want to consider renting a huge tent that can hold hundreds of people. They can help you to transform a simple yard into a place for a wonderful wedding reception. They also will keep the sun out, the rain out, and allow you to have your event regardless of what the weather has to offer. You can usually rent them for an affordable price and even have them set up for you. This is certainly something for you to look into before you make your final decision.

The idea of an outdoor wedding reception is one that many people love. They want to be able to save money and if the location has a great view then it is even better. Make sure there is plenty of room for the event to be hosted though. If not, then it will be a bad move and your guests won’t be comfortable enough to stay and enjoy the occasion with you.

Before you decide, take the time to decide what type of reception you want. If you want a live band, it is going to be practical for them to play at your parent’s home in the backyard? You do have to take noise ordinances into consideration. You want to be respectful to other people in the neighborhood as well. The types of foods you plan to serve as well as the weather for the time of year are huge factors for outdoor wedding receptions. The more you find out the better off you will be for hosting such a spectacular event.

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Brunch Wedding Receptions Are Becoming a Cost-Effective Alternative

While receptions at lunch or dinner time are still the most popular there are people who are having wedding receptions at other times of the day and often these are arranged to coincide with their honeymoon plans or other factors that make it more convenient to have a reception possibly in the morning or at brunch.

This also affects the type of catering and the costs involved in your wedding reception and can often be a lot more cost-effective to have your reception earlier in the day where different foods and alcohol are consumed and also where any after reception party might not be included in the wedding plans.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget then it is well worth considering alternate times for your reception as a cost saving exercise while still adding a bit of variety and personalization to your wedding.

There are other factors that can also save you money by having your reception earlier in the day even to the extent of paying less for any musicians that you require as it will be at a time of day when there is less demand for their work and you can usually get it at a reduced rate.

Other things that need to be considered when determining what time you will have your reception include the season that you will be getting married in and whether you can rely on the weather to be suitable during that time of the year.

Once again you should keep an open mind and not stick to specific guidelines if you prefer to do something different or if your finances or personal situation dictate alternative preparations.

Something that people often remember when they go to a wedding reception is the food, whether it’s good or bad. When choosing your menu keep in mind that just because you have a favourite food it doesn’t necessary mean that all your guests will like it as well.

Yes, it’s your wedding but you are spending a lot of money so you want people to like what is being served.

It’s always a good idea to offer your guests a choice on what they would like to eat for your wedding reception People may have food allergies, vegetarian or religious limitations so this way they can choose what they would like to eat. A vegetarian choice would be a good alternative.

People are reluctant to eat what they are unfamiliar with so don’t be too adventurous.

Your guests are going to be wearing their best clothes and no one is going to want to eat anything that is messy or stains their clothes. It could well spoil your day if you or anyone else spilled food on your wedding dress you would not be happy and any stain could show up on your wedding photographs.

Get ideas from past weddings that you have attended and duplicate the things that you liked.

Along with all the variety that people are adding to their weddings these days is the fact that people are choosing various different types of receptions that best suit their needs and their personalities.

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Wedding Reception Venues Will Make You Realize Your Dream Wedding

Nothing is as important in your life as your D-Day. It is something you have subconsciously planned for most of your life and when it’s time, you want to make sure you do your best to deliver the best possible event. A great wedding will not only be a part of your memory but will also be remembered for years by the invitees. Wedding is not just about making arrangements for tying the knot; it includes everything from the dresses of the groom and bride to dcor, menu, drinks, transportation, floral arrangement as well as the venue of the reception.

It all starts with the kind of wedding you plan to have. Some people want simplicity, whereas some want pomp and grandeur. Budget is another important concern on most of the people’s mind. The aim is to get the best out of the available resources and have the best possible presentation.

Everyone has different criteria for a wedding reception venue. Location is the thing that is going to make a difference in any kind of wedding that you want to have. Banquet halls make great venues for wedding reception. They are usually located close to or within residential areas, making them easily accessible. Major hotels also have banquet hall facilities available for business as well as wedding events. Since we usually find a variety of sizes in Banquet halls, these halls can accommodate a variety of capacities of guests. So, whether it is a big wedding or a small family wedding, banquet halls will offer a great venue. These are especially convenient during unpredictable or harsh weather. Whether it’s freezing cold or sweating heat, banquet halls will provide extremely comfortable environment.

Marquees are also a good option for out-of-door weddings. A marquee offers the benefits of being spacious as well as airy, making it most suitable for outdoor weddings in the summer season. Setting up a marquee is a simple task that can be conveniently done in your own garden or a close by open space. It is best to consult a marquee rental company that will take care of the marquee setup, along with other facilities such as dance floors, food, drinks, table, chairs, crockery, dcor etc.

If you want to go all unique and exquisite, plan a cruise wedding. This is going to be something that people are going to remember for years to come. There are specially designed party boats and cruises available for rent for wedding receptions, where everything such as food, drinks etc. are catered for. You might also be able to find beach side restaurants that specialize in wedding receptions.

It is important to consider all the factors in totality before you decide on a wedding reception venue. Convenience and location must be your utmost priority for any kind of wedding reception.

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How Color Schemes Affect Wedding Receptions

When you walk into wedding receptions, you immediately notice the color scheme. You may see it in the linens, floral arrangements, decorations, lighting, table gifts and more. The color pattern can offer a sense of excitement, romance or seduction. The colors a person chooses says so much about who they are and what they like. It’s a way to bring your personality into the wedding.

Finding a color scheme can happen organically by choosing a few favorite colors and working them into an arrangement, or it can be based around the season of the wedding: spring weddings generally have bright vibrant colors, summer weddings use soft, romantic colors and fall and winter weddings traditionally involve deeper jewel-toned colors.

If your wedding fairytale is based on a favorite movie, or if you want something really unique, try consulting a color wheel. Color wheels pair opposites and similar colors. Or head to a florist for their recommendations. Most florists keep photo albums of their work, so you can get ideas there. Another option is to go to a paint store and pick up swatches with colors you think might work. The ‘in’ color this season is purple and shades within that.

Color schemes can also be based on a theme. Is the wedding a Hollywood themed wedding, or a 70’s style wedding, or a beach wedding? These might help guide the color palette chosen. For Hollywood wedding receptions, think about black, white and red. For a 70’s style wedding, browns, oranges and yellows would work. A beach wedding might pair robin’s egg blue with gold and ivory.

Now that you know what colors you want to use, it’s time to start putting together the rest of the wedding. Invitations can have an image to reflect a theme, or can use your color scheme in the ink, paper color or envelopes. You may even want to use a ribbon to tie around the invitation. Remember, this is the first glimpse your friends and family have as to what’s to come.

From there, the color scheme finds it way into the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s socks and the groom’s vest and/or tie. One consideration may be choosing a color for the bridesmaid’s dresses that flatters most skin tones. Other colors from the scheme can be pulled into the bridesmaid’s flowers or jewelry. Sometimes choosing black for a bridesmaid dress, depending on the season, can create a dramatic backdrop for the bride.

Bridesmaids might wear a neutral color to let the color scheme stand out with flowers or jewelry, or their dress may be part of the color scheme. Remember to coordinate with your venue, so you colors don’t clash with decor that can’t be changed. You can always add colorful table linens, decorations, party favors and tons of flowers.

From simple color schemes of yellow and white to schemes that involve four or five colors, these choices will make wedding receptions come alive. Be true to colors that embody the bride and groom, who they are and what their personalities are like.

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Have a memorable Las Vegas wedding

Being located in the Nevada desert, just an hour flight from LA, Las Vegas is the most awesome city. What a place to have your wedding! Just arrive- you don’t require bringing a thing.

All you require is $ 55, a Social Security Number and identification to get a license. You don’t have to bring the flowers, rings, wedding dress or tuxedo- all can be offered with minimum fuss! Or you may select from the packages available on Las Vegas wedding receptions. Here is what you should know:

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Riviera Wedding Chapel: A graceful wedding chapel for inexpensive wedding reception in Las Vegas with a genuine option to the typical “in-and-out” rush wedding.

Caesars Palace: The Palace Chapel offers an unrivaled location, coupled with incredible service and assistance in planning your wedding.

Imperial Palace wedding Chapel: It offers an option of two gracefully decorated chapels with lovely chandeliers, furnishings and built-in video cameras.

Sahara Weddings: the wedding suites at the Sahara Hotel are an option to something more than a quick Chapel wedding and an incredible option for wedding or memorial Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel: It offers the biggest selection of wedding packages including outdoor ceremonies, theme weddings, and the highly popular Elvis weddings.

Vegas wedding Chapel: It comes with Italian Indoor wedding garden with Flowering Mountain and romantic Old-World Chapel.

Things you should know about Las Vegas wedding photography

How many years of experience does your Las Vegas wedding photographer have, how many weddings your Las Vegas wedding photographer does every year, are you the person who will photograph my wedding; do you have a professional studio, what type of equipment you use, do you have any liability insurance, can you take studio portraits. What payment policy you follow. Do you offer any money-back guarantee?

Or, maybe you’d prefer to have inexpensive wedding reception in Las Vegas when it’s all done for you! There are many who specialize in undertaking the entire package, including wedding chapels, ceremonies and locations including wedding planners, outdoor weddings, photographers and videos. Regardless what you choose, you can stay assured that your Las Vegas wedding will be a memorable event.

Chapels fall into two categories: hotel chapels and stand-alone. To shortlist your options, start by looking for the chapel database. You may also visit the website of the chapel, where most have pictures and package details. If cost is a problem, think about a weekday ceremony, which is usually lower priced than weekends.

The Reception

Many Las Vegas wedding chapels and hotels and have on-site reception venues and catering available, making it simple to jointly plan a ceremony and a reception. Once you have a short list of favored chapels, discuss options related to reception with consultants from every before making a final decision.

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Grand Or Simple, Take A Look At The Different Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions don’t follow any one celebration or catering style. It’s completely up to the couple. What does dictate which style to choose is budget. Tighter purse strings means going a little easy on the menu and guest list while deep pockets can literally buy anything.

For those with small budgets

Champagne and cake: Dinner receptions may be the norm these days but it’s not a rule. If money’s tight yet giving guests a memorable reception is important, have a champagne and cake celebration. It’s simple and sweet (literally!).

To go with the idea, have the reception in a garden or a park. The simple setting will complement the reception choice while giving guests a beautiful place to mingle in.

Since cake is all there is to eat, you’ll need to order enough. That goes for the champagne too. What you can do to add variety is place an order for cookies or plan a cookie table. The entire setup will still be much cheaper than a lunch or dinner reception.

Brunch: Starting the day early allows you to leave faster for your honeymoon. A brunch reception is perfect for this and it’s cheap too. Items can consist of favorites like eggs benedict and cinnamon rolls, muffins, fresh fruit and meat choices such as ham, roast beef and bacon. Coffee is, of course, a must and you can include alcoholic faves like champagne and cocktails. Don’t forget the cake!

Brunch is a better idea than breakfast because it starts towards noon. If you must have a breakfast reception, be prepared for a smaller turnout especially if most guests live far away.

High tea: Break away from the norm by having a high tea reception complete with steak and kidney pie, scones, sliced fruit, small sandwiches, jam tarts, a couple of tea varieties and, of course, the wedding cake. Include champagne for toasts.

Like brunch, high tea is a great idea for saving money while giving guests a hearty meal. It’s also a little unexpected because most receptions are typically lunch or dinner.

For larger budgets

Cocktail: A cocktail reception is classy and easy to organize. There’s no extensive food menu to plan, just light items that go with drinks. A full bar or a specific selection can be chosen.

Bruschetta, shrimp cocktail, crudite, truffle eggs and roulades are a few examples of food choices along with honey baked ham and seafood marinara. There are many other menus to choose from, these just give you an idea of the type of food served at cocktail receptions.

For the drinks, cocktails, wine, liquor, liqueur and beer will do. Signature concoctions can also be had.

Dinner: Dinner receptions are the most expensive but the best if done right. There’s time for dancing, mingling and all the traditional wedding do’s.

Since dinner receptions are held much after work when everyone’s ready to unwind, there’s no rush and even guests from out of town have time to attend. If you love tradition and a huge celebration, this is the one to go for.

Don’t let a small budget prevent you from having the time of your life. As you can see, there are several ways of marking this happy occasion without going broke. For a more celebratory feel, choose a theme complete with dress code.

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Wedding Receptions and DIY Projects

The economy is pretty tight. That means that people are trying to spend less money. And that also means that people are attempting to find DIY ideas for wedding receptions that will decrease costs. But doing it yourself is NOT worth the trouble unless the results are going to be utterly fabulous.

Check out this quick list of DIY suggestions that are fairly easy to tackle and look terrific:

1. Classy centerpieces can be had without a high price tag or intensive experience. There are many options that work, but we’re going to feature one that can be completed by almost any bride, mother of the bride or bridesmaid without any previous experience or crafty genius!

The centerpiece starts with a simple bowl and a Styrofoam ball. Place the ball in the bowl. Insert nice, silk flowers of your choice throughout the Styrofoam ball. Insert small pieces of greenery throughout the arrangement randomly to finish it off. A different option that works out nicely is accomplished by collecting glass vases (varying sizes) and filling them with candy (different types that suit the colors of the wedding receptions). Or for a more personal touch you can aim for something unique to the bride and groom at hand. For instance if the bride and groom are antique collectors you could use antique vases for centerpieces (with fresh flowers).

2. Favors at wedding receptions can be a big deal…and a big expense. Cut back on the traditional expense they create with a few simple DIY projects: matchboxes, seed packets or CDs.

CD compilations can reflect the taste of the bride and groom. They can be a copy of the music played during the event. They can be meaningful songs to the bride and groom, etc. Matchboxes can be personalized to actually be a record of the event with date, time, venue name, etc. Seed packets are always a classic favor for wedding receptions. They are usable and they’re a great gift.

3. The Guest Book: DIY ideas for the guest book can be hard to come by. But they’re out there. The guest book is traditional. It’s also expensive. The expense is often questioned due to the infrequency of use the guest book gets after the nuptials.

One fabulous DIY idea for the guest book is to enlarge a copy of the engagement photo have it put behind a great matte and then propped up on a large easel by the door with a pen handy. Guests sign the matte instead of a traditional guest book. The bride and groom then take it home, frame it and hang it in their new home as their first family photo.

The DIY projects popular for wedding receptions can save a lot of money. But due to the unique nature of this particular event…it’s also very important that money isn’t the only factor involved in the project. Doing it yourself to save money alone can really affect the overall aesthetics of the event. Be careful that what you’re accomplishing is actually in line with the style and tone of the reception before you take on a project.

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Ideas for Including Children at Your Wedding

When a bride and groom set a date to get married, often the entire family will want to be there. Many Melbourne couples will invite children and nursing mothers to their wedding day celebrations. The following tips are intended for those looking to include the little ones on their big day.

Including the little ones on your wedding day can present a challenge. Making sure children have a fantastic time without stealing the limelight, takes careful planning. Families being brought together by a marriage often have small children, and newborn babies. If you already know there will be kids at your wedding, aim to create a relaxed, family atmosphere, during the reception. Wedding receptions in Melbourne are traditionally a family event.

The Setting

If there are going to be lots of young children present on your big day, pay particular attention to the lay-out and style of the reception area. Some settings available for Melbourne wedding receptions are more child-friendly than others. If you are unsure, speak to the management before booking. Make sure there are no breakable objects around when the kids arrive.

The Ceremony Only Approach

As a compromise, some couples choose to only invite children to their ceremony. You can make the little ones feel special too during your ceremony by them each a confetti bag, so they can join in. Some couples will have already decided that the reception is going to be an adult-only event. This way the adults can party without worrying about what time the children have to go to bed.

After all, if the celebrations end too late, the children will be up way past their usual bedtime. Kids tend to get over exited when they are tired. When there are tears and tantrums, this all adds to the stress which you will want to avoid on this memorable occasion.

Baby-Friendly Reception Ideas

Perhaps you have friends you want to invite to your wedding, who have newborn babies. New mothers often feel reluctant to join in the celebrations at a wedding reception, if they feel it is not child-friendly. Let them know that you are expecting then to bring their babies. Set aside a quiet place so that feeding can go on in private.

In general, babies are far easier to control than young toddlers, for example. A newborn is going to need feeding and changing during the reception. However, a newborn baby won’t turn any napkins into planes, or shout comments during the speeches. When it comes to seating your guests, allow any nursing mums to sit in areas which have easy pram access. With any luck, the babies will be sleeping during most of your celebrations.

Seating Children

If your reception is being held in the morning, afternoon, or early evening, there is no reason why you can’t include some child guests. A good tip is to seat the children together at their own table. Seat the kids with an adult, to make sure that everyone behaves. This way someone is responsible for keeping an eye on them too. You can serve special child-friendly fruit juice cocktails with umbrellas.

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Tips for Creating Your Wedding Schedule

A wedding day is never complete without a schedule. Everyone involved in making a contribution to the day’s events needs to have information to do their job. It’s normal to get nervous on your wedding day, but having a schedule will help you to make the most of this special occasion.

Final wedding plans are never complete without a schedule for your wedding day. The timing of each part of your big day is critical. All the people involved in the key aspects need to receive a schedule, even if it is just to let them know when and where their services are going to be required.

The Benefits of Having a Schedule

Brides are naturally going to have nerves, and be exited on the day they take their vows. Having a clear vision of how the day will unravel helps to keep a sense of time and perspective. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose track of time during all the excitement. The wedding schedule is there to help maintain your vision of how the day’s events will go, even when the hours start to fly by.

When it comes to drafting your wedding schedule, restrict it to one page in length where possible. Where someone has a specific job to; do give details only to the individual concerned. Amend versions of the schedule as required for the: caterer, florist, photographer, and entertainment. The best tip is to keep any instructions as brief and as specific as possible. Only include details such as maps and parking instructions where necessary.

Wedding Day Preparation Schedule

When you have your schedule for the ceremony and reception planned, you will also find it useful to have a preparation schedule for your wedding day. Everyone’s wedding day is different, so it stands to reason that the schedule will also vary. Whatever time of day you plan to get married, the order you prepare is likely to involve the following:

1. A good Breakfast.
With wedding nerves it is difficult to think about eating breakfast. However, you don’t want to faint on the way to the altar. Make sure you have some fruit and yoghurt if you feel you can’t face eating much.

2. Hair and Makeup
Your wedding day is likely to start with having your hair and makeup done with your mother and bridesmaids. Think about how long each hair style is going to take, and how much attention is going to be paid to all the ladies’ makeup.

3. Dressing
Allow plenty of time to dress before the photographer arrives.

4. Set a time for your florist to show you how to hold the bouquet. Have them deliver the buttonholes to the men.

5. Pre-Wedding Photos
Schedule a spot for your photographer and video producer before the ceremony. You can include group shots with friends and family.

6. Transport to the Ceremony Venue
Arrange to pick up any family members who will be travelling with you to the ceremony venue.

Melbourne wedding receptions can take place in a range of different locations. Melbourne has much to offer, with a range of options for getting married and arranging a reception. Wedding receptions in Melbourne are usually booked up a year or more in advance, so it’s a good idea to leave plenty of time to book.

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