How to Start a Profitable Temporary Tattoo Parlor Business in your Spare time

Starting your own temporary tattoo parlor is a terrific way to survive in this economy where one needs multiple income streams to survive.

Creating your own business is the key and here are 5 reasons why this is such a great idea:

A readymade market already exists: There are a huge number of consumers that already know about and love temporary tattoos. Therefore, you will not need to educate your customers about your product. Temporary tattoos appeal to kids all ages, college students & adults. Few products that have such wide consumer appeal.

A great way to develop an extra income stream: If you are currently own a business or are employed, you will not need to give up your current job. Selling temporary tattoos is a profitable business that can be conducted on weekends and evenings while you keep a regular job.

There are many places to set up your temporary tattoo business: You can set up your business at craft fairs & school fairs, proms, flea markets, carnivals, biker rallies, holiday events, private parties, etc.

Booking private parties is very profitable: You can book your temporary tattoo service for private events such as Sweet Sixteen, Bachelorette and Bar Mitzvah parties and charge a few for the day or evening. In high income areas this fee for a private party can be $ 1000 or more.

High profit potential: There is an opportunity for you to earn up to 1000% profit. Temporary tattoos are available wholesale from several online companies for as little $ .25 to $ 1.00. Customers will easily pay $ 1-2 dollars to have the small ones applied and often up to $ 10 for the large designs.

it’s easy to set up: Your Temporary Tattoo Parlor can be as basic as a covered table with a few colorful boards showing the variety of tattoo designs offered. You can set this up anywhere that there is a crowd.

The possibilities for this business are as great as your imagination. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to make extra money… selling temporary tattoos could be the answer!

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