Photography And Fashion

The life of a photographer is like that of a poets or writers. His perception of the world becomes his style and he lives to understand and grow in it. Art is something that comes naturally to a person, it can be taught but cannot be compared to natural or inborn talent.

There are many different types of photography and one of the latest kinds is glamour photography, as the name suggests it captures glamour, fashion and beauty at its best. The subjects in this genre of photography are usually female models and they could be clothed or semi-clothed depending on the rules and regulations of the country. However there is a line separating glamour photography and pornography. The background, light, cosmetics and air brushing techniques that are used in this style add to the glamorous and sensuous effect of the image.

Glamour is usually synonymous with fashion, and fashion includes everything from clothes and footwear to makeup and hairstyle. Though clothes are the centre of attraction everything else that goes with it cannot be ignored at all. Hair and makeup are equally important and its really important to consult hair and makeup artists to do you up for important occasions like weddings! Wedding hair and makeup is different from other occasions, its more elaborate and needs to be given a lot of thought to. First thing it needs to go with your dress, if you are wearing an elaborate gown with a lot of frills and lace you could go for a simple hairstyle or the entire effect would be too loud, similarly details like whether you would wear a tiara or veil can also affect your bridal hairdo.

One of the most glamorous and fashionable cities in Australia, which is also the capital of south Australia is home to a number of professional photographers who have made their mark in glamour and wedding photography, it is the city of Adelaide! World class Australian photographers like Allison Hernach are members of the Australian Accredited Professional Photography institute, an institution dedicated wholly to the art of photography. Such institutes have helped pros and amateurs to understand this art and has thus given the world some of its best photographers!

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