What’s So Great about Homecoming?

What’s so great about Homecoming? Everything! Homecoming is typically in September and is the first formal event in the new school year. Anticipation for the event is high, and almost everyone in the whole school comes. Homecoming is a fabulous time for girls to show off their styles in the latest fashions, dressing up in glorious gowns that are the envy of those unable to attend. The guys are less enthused about dressing up, but are eager to show off their style and masculinity by coming with one of the prettiest girls in school.

Because Homecoming is such a special event, particularly if you are in the running to be the Homecoming Queen, you need to start planning for it early. This planning is especially important when it comes to choosing the right dress because designer dresses undergo limited production and sell out quickly. This limited production will make it impossible to find this year’s best styles unless you shop early; however, it will also ensure your dress’s uniqueness at the dance.

The key to choosing the best dress for you is to select a designer’s style that you like, admiring the fresh new designs available for this year. My personal favorite designers are Jovani and Flirt. I particularly like the Jovani “Beyond the Prom” style which could double as a magnificent New Years Eve party gown. Once you’ve found a designer you like, shopping and trying on gowns is fun. But as the selections available from your favorite designer may be limited in the store, you should consider shopping online.

Online shopping for a gown is easier than it sounds, and you have a much better chance to purchase your dream gown before it sells out. The most important thing to remember is to carefully take your measurements and compare them to the size chart of the designer whose gown you want to buy. The size charts vary by designer, so don’t make the mistake of looking at one designer’s size chart and selecting a dress by a different designer based on that chart. For example, my size in the Jovani “Beyond the Prom” style is a size 4, but in the Flirt gowns I would need to order a size 6.

Order your dress based on the size you are at this moment, not the size you plan to be after you try the latest miracle diet splashed across the cover of a women’s magazine. If the miracle diet works and you drop 20 pounds this month, great! A qualified alterations person can easily take the seams in and you’ll be gorgeous. If you buy the smaller size, chances are good that you will be too stressed worrying about whether the gown will fit to stick to a diet.

Ordering a gown online offers the advantage of more selection, giving you the chance to choose a dress that no other girl at the dance will have. And you can find terrific prices too! With less overhead than a department store and the ability to focus on one product, the online stores will have a variety that other stores don’t, giving you a much better deal. In fact, after trying it out, you may never buy from the department store again!