Your Child’s First Birthday

Making a choice of a 1st birthday party theme may not even cross your mind. You’re so excited about the occasion, it makes sense to buy streamers and table decorations in a theme of ones, ones and more ones. However, a theme that more fully expresses the meaning of this 1st birthday can make the occasion more meaningful to your child as he or she grows up. Let’s take a look at some examples to illustrate.

Many babies have favorite objects in the nursery, such as a big, soft turtle toy. Perhaps it’s the color or texture, but for whatever reason, baby loves that big sot guy. Such favorites may be loved and dragged around for years. In any case, your child will have happy memories associated with that toy, even into the teenage years. Here, maybe a theme of turtles would be the way to go for your 1st birthday party theme. A turtle shaped cake, in the colors of the real guy, won’t be forgotten. Visit a party supply store for turtle theme decorations

Here’s another example. You’ve decorated the ceiling of baby’s room with those stickers of stars and planets that glow in the dark. If baby giggles, smiles expressing delight when the lights go out, you’ve got another terrific 1st birthday party theme idea. Make your streamers out of strings of gold stars. Stick some of the glow in the dark stars on the tablecloth. So, the idea is just to think along the lines of creating some good memories.

While baby is not going to understand the significance of gifts, you still want to have some fun stuff to play with, in addition to some meaningful mementos, marking the birth year of your sweet little one. Choose gifts that are age appropriate that baby will get a kick out of, such as mobiles, fuzzy cuddly stuffed animals, and talking ones. Go crazy with streamers, festive and abundant decorations and a humongous cake. These elements of the party make for great photos. Your child will later appreciate knowing how much she’s meant to you for all these years.

Along with fun-today toys, this momentous occasion deserves a few memento style gifts. Many parents want to memorialize this 1st birthday mainly in photos, but there’s no reason to confine yourself here. Just as sweet 16 birthday parties often include coming of age gifts such as sweet 16 pendant or charm bracelet, your ‘custom’ 1st birthday party theme creates loving memories. Your baby will certainly enjoy these mementos as he or she gets older.

Ideas for mementos might include a personal copy of your family religious texts, with places in which to write in dates of events of religious significance, such as confirmation, a bar mitzvah or baptism. Christmas ornaments of baby’s birth year can become a family tradition. You can have ornaments inscribed with your baby’s name as well. Music boxes and snow globes usually remain treasured items right into adulthood.

You’ve spent so many hours, holding, cuddling and kissing that baby, no one knows your child’s delights better than you. Create a 1st birthday party theme suited just to your unique little bundle of joy. Both parents and child will have richer memories as a result!

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