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How It works

How it Works

Your guests enter our photo booth, close the curtains and touch the state-of-the-art touch-screen monitor.. We provide a prop bin of funny hats, big sunglasses, boas and professionally made signs to add to the fun and excitement. You and your guests pose for four pictures. After each picture is taken, your guests inside the booth see themselves and the guests waiting in line are delighted to entertained by the monitor on the outside of the booth. After the last picture, all four are displayed for all to see. Your guests then each receive a strip within 20 seconds. Then the scrapbooking fun begins!!! More guests enter and the fun begins all over again.

Here are 3 sample strips that every guests will receive. . Each photo takes about 20 seconds to print on our $1800 printers. Unlimited photos are printed (one for each guest in the pic) We then print an extra pic for the keepsake scrapbook..

One of the biggest features of our packages is that we provide a scrapbook. We help your guests put their photos in the scrapbook and then write the appropriate love note or sentiments. You will cherish and keep this scrapbook as a momento for decades to come. Please give us a call at 215-826-7406, so that we can answer any questions.

Watch a short video of scrapbooking at one of our events: