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Photo Booth


1. Two orThree hours of photo booth time, with unlimited turns in the booth
throughout the rental period! Also available 4 hours and five hour packages.

2. One on-site photo booth technician for the duration of your
event*. This technician is experienced and knows the intricacies of the photo booth. Usually the operator is one of the owners of Philly Photo Booths.

3. Extra-large digital photo booth: 6 feet x 3 feet – seats 2-3
, but the seats come out so as many as 5-11(Current Record) people
can crowd in! With or without Photo front, your choice!

How many can fit in?

4. Four photos are taken in a row at the single push of a button!

5. The 4-photo strips printed within 20 seconds. We use dual printers to speed up printing.

6. ALL Photos are taken in COLOR with a $1200 NIKON DSLR Camera.

7. Duplicate strips are automatically printed – One as a favor and one for the scrapbook.

8. The strips can be printed out in COLOR, B&W, ore one COLOR & one B&W.

9. Your choice of layout: 15 layouts available. Your Choice!

Here is the most common layout:

Other layouts, CLICK HERE.

10. Custom color (or B&W) graphic with event name and date – you
indicate color, font, and wording and we’ll create it for you,
or you can provide your own! See logo on layout above!!!

11. We bring a Prop bin, with silly sunglasses, hats, boas, and other fun items. NO Extra Charge.

12. Commercial liability insurance up to $1 million, which is required by
most venues. No Extra Charge!

13. CD archive supplied to you of every photo taken at your event.

14. An ALBUM is placed online at in a secured area, so
that you and your guests can download more memories. GO Now and check out a couple of sample galleries that are open!!!

15. Delivery to your venue, set-up and removal included and does not infringe on your 3 hours. An extra charge may be required is your event is more than 30 miles either from Philadelphia or Newark,Delaware.