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“Earth Hour” Celebration Rallies Candle Lovers

Plymouth, MA (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

Earth Hour raised the world’s consciousness of our planet. It also raised an extra $ 13,000 for the World Wildlife Fund, thanks to PartyLite, the world’s largest candle party company.

Earth Hour took place at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night, March 29, 2014 — wherever you happened to be in the world. The idea was simple. Turn off your lights for one hour and “use your power” to express your commitment to the planet.

“Turn off the lights and light up your candles? We’ve been helping people do that for more than 40 years!” said Rob Goergen, Jr., President of PartyLite Worldwide. “So as the 2014 Earth Hour was approaching, we wanted to do something really special.”

“In North America, we focused on one of our most popular candles for four days surrounding Earth Hour,” said Michael Norris, President of PartyLite Americas, “and we pledged to donate one dollar to the World Wildlife Fund for each of those particular candles sold during those days.”

Although PartyLite sells dozens of different kinds of candles, as well as candle accessories, flameless fragrance, wax warmers and other home décor products in 21 countries, the Earth Hour donation was limited to PartyLite candles sold in the United States, Canada and Europe.

“Europeans are generally quite sensitive to issues like energy conservation and agricultural sustainability,” said Martin Koehler, President of PartyLite Europe. “So we focused on the PartyLite Brighter World™ candles during the two weeks leading up to and after Earth Hour.

“These beautiful, natural soy blend candles come in three exotic fragrances,” he said. “Thanks to our alliance with the world’s largest fragrance house, Givaudan, we already support sustainable agricultural practices and conservation techniques in the small, faraway villages where the botanicals are sourced that produce the rare essential fragrance oils for Brighter World candles. These candles were an excellent fit with the Earth Hour celebration.”

In the United States and Canada, the featured candles were GloLite by PartyLite™ Pillar and Jar Candles, one of the company’s best-loved candle types.

“GloLite by PartyLite candles are created using our own proprietary technology,” said Goergen. “You light the wick and the entire candle just glows from top to bottom. They are absolutely amazing in a darkened room – just mesmerizing! We knew they’d be a great choice for people observing Earth Hour – the perfect candle when you’re gathered with friends or family, turning off the lights, lighting up the candles and spending one very special hour celebrating the beauty of this wonderful planet that we all share.”

For more information, visit the PartyLite Facebook page or go to

About PartyLite

PartyLite is the world’s #1 party plan company selling candles, candle holders, flameless fragrance and wax warmers as well as holiday and home décor in 21 countries through nearly 52,000 independent PartyLite business entrepreneurs. PartyLite ranks #31 in the Direct Selling News “Global 100 top revenue-generating direct selling companies.” Based in Plymouth, Mass., PartyLite is a member of the Direct Selling Association and the Better Business Bureau. In 2014, PartyLite celebrates 41 years as the global leader in its category and 24 years as a member of the distinguished Blyth family of companies (NYSE:BTH). For more information, please visit

DIY: Create a European-Inspired Holiday Wreath At Home

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 1, 2006

The holidays are a time of tradition and celebration with family and friends. Decorating for the holidays can help make them more festive and fun. Tatiana Chelekhova of Mila Design wants to add some “holiday cheer” to the season by offering a simple tutorial on creating a European-inspired holiday wreath.

This short tutorial will help you to create your very own holiday wreath. You can use your wreath for gift giving, decorating your front door or simply to beautify your home or as a centerpiece for the dinner table.

Step by step wreath making:

Tools you will need:

12” to 24” floral foam wreath for dry flowers, jute rope, green florist’s wire, toothpicks, wire cutter, & knife


Crab apples, Ash Berries, Rosehip berries, Sunflowers in seed stage, Bear grass, Spanish moss, Oak or Maple leaves, and green moss

Step #1: Creating a Wreath Background

Cover the floral foam wreath with Spanish moss, securing it to the wreath with four-inch pieces of florist’s wire, bent into a U-shape. Thread some Rosehip berries on Bear grass. Then take bunches of 4-7 stems of Bear grass and with a looping technique, tuck them with florist’s wire into the inner and outer sides of the wreath. Tucking jute rope with some knots on it will give your wreath additional lines and visual movement.

Step #2: Securing Techniques

Apples are attached to the wreath with two parallel toothpicks. Cut Sunflower stems as short as 2” and push flowers firmly into the wreath’s foam until the flower is resting on the wreath’s surface. If the stem of the Ash berry is strong enough, just push it into the wreath’s foam (be sure to allow 2” of stem to be inserted into the foam). If a stem is not as strong, wire a toothpick to it and it will easily penetrate the foam. You can use the same technique using maple or oak leaves.

Step #3: Decorating

Decorating the wreath involves a technique called “grouping,” in which you randomly place groups of ingredients scattered throughout the wreath.

To make the wreath looking like a real masterpiece, follow the golden rule of a composition: Recurrence + Balance. Start with the brightest ingredient – Ash berries. First place 6 groups of 2-3 clusters of Ash berries and then balance these groups on the wreath by adding smaller clusters of berries. Then, in the same way, group the Sunflowers. Finally, add the smallest ingredients – apples. To add further interest, and cover any foam showing, use little clusters of leaves and green moss.

The holiday season starts at the front door with a wreath, welcoming people to your home. To create a warm, romantic atmosphere, place your wreath in the center of your table with several pillar candles in the middle. If you have long rectangular table, make two or three small wreathes and spread them along the table.

Tatiana would be available to discuss additional tips/tricks as well as ways to create a dramatic table setting for the holidays.

About Mila Design Special Events & Florist:

Mila Design, established in 1985 by International Award Winner, Designer Tatiana Chelekhova, is a European inspired florist that specializes in weddings, family events, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, home, office and holiday flower decorations. Mila Design employs a team of only the best designers in Chicago. Everything at Mila Design is custom made and one-of-a-kind. Mila Design will work closely with each client to establish a trust factor by providing only excellent products and services. For more information please visit: Hours by appointment only: 2325 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60622 | 773. 395.0231 | [email protected] All media inquiries should be directed to: Shelly Cellak: [email protected] | 773.398.6154

“On behalf of the City of Chicago, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Commissioner Lois Weisberg, we would like to recommend the services of Mila Design Special Events. The company has proved outstanding in creating one-of-a-kind and stunning floral decorations for many of the Mayor Richard M. Daley’s official events.”


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Professional Images Photography Announces Christmas and Holiday Photography Services for December

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 15, 2013

As the Holiday Season kicks into high gear, companies small and large have been in the planning phase since early in the year. Christmas Holiday Party Photography and Onsite Printing Photography will be in high demand and Professional Images photography is ready to provide the very best of what they do.

Professional Images photography offers a wide variety of photographic services for any size group. Roaming photography to capture the fun and excitement is always the first thing companies want and Joseph Rodriguez’s 20 plus experience always delivers. The images can be put online for the guests to view and order and with choices of packages and Holiday card selections are delivered via postal service.

Another service is onsite printing photography that provides the ability to print up to 8×10 of the couples or packages onsite and in minutes. The prints are produced in as little as 7 seconds for a 4×6 and as long as 30 seconds for 8×10 prints. Many companies are finding this the perfect addition to giving back to their employees.

Holiday Parties are fast paced and full of many activities to keep guests busy and Professional Images Photography portraits are quick and professionally photographed. Packages can be printed onsite or mailed within a week or less of the event to insure guests have plenty of time to mail photos in Christmas and Holiday cards. Green Screen Photography is another service that provides unlimited backgrounds of your choice, making any event a hit.

Professional Images photography continues to be the leader in Corporate, Convention and Event Photography. Innovation and thinking outside the box is what makes a company like Professional Images stand out from the other photography crowds. Bookings are filling up fast.

About Professional Images Photography:

Professional Images Photography provides Convention Photography, Event Photography, Event Photo Marketing, Tradeshow photography and Green Screen Photography since 1987. Based in San Antonio, TX with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, NY, Houston, TX and Las Vegas, NV.

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Rick Herns Productions Announces New Web Presence, Showcasing Theme Parties Available For Corporate Events

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Rick Herns Productions, an award winning corporate event and party planning company in the San Francisco Bay Area is pleased to unveil a new web portal that enables its clients to access hundreds of images of previous events, helping them find inspiration for their next corporate event.

Celebrating 25 years of business in the Bay Area, Rick Herns Productions has arranged spectacular events for many Fortune 500 companies, two US Presidents and The Rolling Stones. Over that time, Rick Herns Productions has created thousands of themed events, and has amassed a vast array of props, costumes, stage sets and decorating details that are available to stage any themed event imaginable. The company also provides the music and entertainment to enliven the events.

“Silicon Valley has always been a center of creativity, and Bay Area companies are always seeking innovative ideas to engage their guests and reward their employees,” said Rick Herns, Company President. “By combining the goals of our clients with the creativity of our event planning team, we have produced an exceptional portfolio of events from small private parties to mega events for several thousand guests. We are pleased to be able to present some of these examples on our web site for clients to browse and provide inspiration for their next company party.”

Rick Herns Productions partnered with local marketing agency WSI Digital Marketing to develop the online presence. WSI specializes in providing business owners enhanced visibility online, and increasing the profitability of its clients by drawing in more visitors, and increasing the conversion of visitors to customers. “Rick Herns Productions is a great client to work with,” said Dave Steer, President of WSI Digital Marketing in Sunnyvale, CA. “Representing their highly creative offerings, not only on a regular web browser, but also across tablet and mobile devices was challenging, but rewarding. We are happy that we have managed to capture the imaginative heart of Rick Herns Productions, combined with the highly professional nature of their business.”

Rick Herns Productions is now accepting immediate bookings for company picnics and summer parties, and recommends that companies preparing for end of year holiday parties make bookings as soon as possible to ensure availability. Announces Plans to Expand Their Line of Motivational Word Stones and Pocket Tokens in Order to Focus on the Church, School and Corporate Markets

Annapolis, MD (PRWEB) January 6, 2008 has decided to focus on large scale sales of their engraved word stones and pocket tokens by targeting corporate, church and school sales. The word stones and pocket tokens are used by these institutions as motivational tools, fundraising items and incentives. carries an extensive line of word rocks and pocket coins and has recently expanded the line to include a variety of custom designs as well.

The word stones and pocket tokens are reasonably priced and well made. The pocket tokens are made of lead free pewter. The stones come in a variety of materials including glass, river stones, marble and pewter. Both the pocket tokens and word stones can be custom designed.

“ has seen an increase in large event sales in the past year and we look forward to concentrating on this trend,” says Brenda, the owner. In addition to business, school and church sales, has seen the word stones and pocket tokens used for funerals, weddings, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, retirements, encouragement, sports team motivation, hospital gift bags, bereavement, memorial, etc.

“The stones and tokens carry positive messages and are an inexpensive way to pass on a meaningful thought,” Brenda says. Customers are constantly sharing how they have used the stones and tokens in positive, meaningful ways. They are also an excellent way to memorialize a loved one. also carries a wholesale line of stones and gift bags. These items are perfect for Christian bookstores, yoga centers, gift stores, New Age stores and Hospital gift stores. Most retail for under $ 2.00 each making them very affordable.

# # #

Virtusculpt Launches Ca-Me-O Personalized Gift Line

Sedalia, MO (PRWEB) May 12, 2010

3D character maker Virtusculpt has launched Ca-Me-O, a new personalized gift line consisting of personalized cameos and personalized charms. Each Ca-Me-O is a miniature sculpture crafted from the user’s own photograph.

Each Ca-Me-O personalized cameo is made out of ivory resin and mounted on genuine black Onyx with a choice of settings. The Ca-Me-O pendant is set in solid Sterling Silver and comes with an 18” bright silver plated chain. A bright silver plated cuff bracelet is another setting available for this unique approach to personalized jewelry.

Each Ca-Me-O personalized charm is made of solid Sterling Silver and hand cast by New England artisans. The 17mm charms are perfect additions to any bracelet, while the 21mm pendant charms look great when worn on a silver chain.

Ca-Me-Os are intended for teens, mothers and grandmothers and will be offered as gifts for graduations, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Valentine’s day. Users can upload their favorite portraits to create Ca-Me-Os at or Ca-Me-Os are also available from school portraits through the on-line store at Inter-State Studio & Publishing.

To create each 3D Ca-Me-O, Virtusculpt uses the same patented model creation method which it uses to create its personalized characters for video games and virtual worlds. The 2D to 3D software turns standard portraits into accurate 3D models with a unique 3D geometry for each individual.

Virtusculpt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inter-State Studio & Publishing Company, the largest family-owned school photography and yearbook publishing company in North America.


Global Security Associates, LLC., Provides Security Advice to Event Planners on the Do’s and Don’ts of Event Planning

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 4, 2007

While it goes without saying the world’s political climate has had an impact on planning large scale political events and sporting venues, now social gatherings are seeing the same ideology being applied, but for different reasons. Event planners are well aware of the necessity for security at corporate events and parties but there is a growing need due to liability, that security also be present at many other seemingly innocent social gatherings. This is because across the U.S. legislators are quietly making rules governing the need for security under what is sometimes called the “Social Host” law.

Events planners for any size venue need to be conscience of how to mix in the right amount of security to keep participants safe and keep the flavor of the event from being lost. “Security is no longer reserved for just the famous. Security is now commonplace for executives, their families and even their kids’ parties,” explains William McGuire, president and CEO of New York-based Global Security Associates. Global has expanded services to assist clients in recognizing their vulnerabilities. As a full-service security firm events handled range from exclusive private parties at country clubs to “A” list events all over the world. “A professional party planner has enough to worry about on the day of the event. A security company versed in handling events will make sure the operations run smoothly from working with existing on-site security to the seamless delivery of food, the entertainment and VIP escorting.”

The news here is that executives are not only at risk when they travel or hold delicate shareholder’s meetings, but also at parties they host or even their kid’s parties. “Where ever there is a potential for things to get out of hand and a threat to anyone’s well being exists, there should be security to diffuse any potential situation,” explains McGuire. Keeping people from being a risk to themselves; whether alcohol is involved or not the goal is to head off any problems saving VIPs from any potential embarrassment. At Global a full review of the party venue takes place and then recommendations are made on how best to handle the flow of the event. “Our goal is to make sure everyone has fun and gets home safe…we don’t police a party or event, we help manage it.”

For instance, Global frequently reviews and carries out security for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteen parties. “There is too much at risk for this age group. They are experimenting and are very creative at sneaking in both drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to prevent this from happening but at the same time keeping the fun going.” McGuire recommends that parents of the guests and the guests themselves often feel at ease if the presence of a security company is known in advance. “Just our presence will sometimes head off an embarrassing incident.”

The analysis process for events begins with the asking of several questions which include: Who is the event for? How many will be attending? How long will the event last? Will there be a need to provide celebrity and or political protection? Once these questions are asked, the team at GSA will coordinate with local police, fire, emergency medical services and local hospitals. The use of the technology will also be considered. Now mobile security technology allows GSA to set up cameras across mesh networks and deploy wireless access control security for use at the event, within hours.

As events get larger, the more there is at risk. Global has been involved with such world events as the Presidential Inauguration, the United Nations General Assembly and the Olympics. Such world stage events take a special hands-on security but this same approach can be used on a smaller scale for corporate events to keep unwanted attention and attendees at bay. “What can happen in corporate events is there may be an audience that will try to make their message heard, simply because they don’t like what the company does or is involved in. This exists in some industries which may be affected by eco-terrorists: A group which has been active in destructive protests for sometime now.”

Times have changed and so to does security protocol for events. “It can be daunting to not only plan an event and then have to suddenly be a security expert as well.” Global has responded by offering event planners their expertise which will put party hosts at ease. “We are often asked to consult with event planners on various scenarios, so if we could make this process easier to understand for both the client and event planner, it is a good thing.”

About Global Security Associates:

Global Security Associates, LLC, (GSA) is among the world’s leading security firms. The company provides security reviews and personnel to companies and it’s executives throughout the world. Most notably known for its work with national and international airlines, with locations throughout the world, companies depend on Global for providing daily security operations, on-going security design protocols, updates and training. GSA has also been a major security supplier to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and international clients at locations in Europe, the Caribbean, North & Central Africa, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

# # #

Villa Siena Featured in New Book – Art of Celebration

Gilbert, AZ (Vocus) September 15, 2010

There’s no better way to mark a special occasion than having a party; just ask any of the internationally renowned event planners, designers, caterers, floral designers, photographers, lighting experts, musical entertainers, venue proprietors or other specialists featured in the 400+ page book Art of Celebration Southwest (Panache Partners). The exquisite collection is infused with hundreds of photos of the best creations of regionally-based companies like VILLA SIENA. Published by Brian Carabet and John Shand, the hardcover book is the sixth edition of a series that is being expanded throughout North America and Europe.

Intended for a global audience, the book invites readers to catch a glimpse of some of Texas’s, Nevada’s, Arizona’s, and Oklahoma’s hottest and most exclusive, talked-about galas—birthday bashes, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, fashion shows, product launches, film premieres, awards ceremonies, holiday gatherings and more—through unforgettable photographs accompanied by tips, quips and words of inspiration from the people who orchestrated them.

Art of Celebration Southwest is personified by Sabrina Porter’s creative philosophy: “Authentic elegance and beauty isn’t defined by a single element. It’s achieved through layers of design. My goal is for a space to be cohesive where all the layers come together and work as a whole.” The book is ideal for those who love a good party, are captivated by the lifestyles of the famous or are looking for event planning ideas and tricks of the trade. It will inspire casual readers and industry professionals alike—anyone who wants to learn from the masters and see extravagant parties done right—Southwest style.

A Panache Partners publication, Art of Celebration Southwest will be available at Barnes & Noble, Borders and, among other chain and independent bookstores; it will be distributed by Independent Publishers Group. Panache Partners creates spectacular series and custom publications for discerning readers and specializes in coffee-table books showcasing luxury lifestyle subjects, including high-end interior design, custom home building, architecture, golf, wine, art, event planning and travel. For more information, visit

VILLA SIENA’s most talked-about engagements are showcased in ‘Art of Celebration Southwest,’ a fine book by Panache Partners. The 400+ page publication will be filled with hundreds of photos of the hottest, most exclusive events. Interesting editorial reveals the specialists’ creative influences, processes and philosophies.

For more information on Villa Siena contact:

Sabrina Porter

Villa Siena




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The Ultimate LA Party Bus Has Arrived

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Luxury sports limousines and party buses, a luxury transportation service provider based out of Whittier, has recently added the ultimate Party Bus to its fleet. Dubbed the Yellow Monster Party Bus, the vehicle comes out just in time for back-to-school events.

the Yellow Monster Party Bus is ideal for homecomings, Friday night high school football games and winter formals. the Yellow Monster Bus, like all of luxury sports limousines and party buses’ vehicles, exceeds all industry standards and has just about every feature in the book.

the Yellow Monster has a bathroom, 5,000 watt sound system and seven flat screen HDTVs to get your party going. Inside of this one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle there’s also a dancer pole, hardwood floor and disco lights. The seats are even adjustable if you wish to make the dance floor larger.

Aside from school-related events, the Yellow Monster Bus is also perfect for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and regular nights out on the town. The unique Party Bus includes a stand-up wet bar, rear champagne bar, coolers behind the seats and champagne holders.

The luxury sports limousines and party buses fleet, which also serves Los Angeles, is loaded with Limo Buses, Party Buses and Limousines.

One of the company’s most popular features is the pickup and drop off plan, where customers literally get picked up and dropped off at their intended destinations without having to pay fees while a vehicle sits in the parking lot. The pickup and drop off plan works well with any Los Angeles Limo Bus for occasions such as concerts, Sweet 16s and bachelorette parties.

For more information on luxury sports limousines and party buses or Limo Bus Los Angeles and Party Bus Los Angeles, please visit / or call 800 983-9824

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Independence Day Celebrations Boost Valley Real Estate

Palm Springs, CA (PRWEB) July 01, 2014

Brad Schmett, Broker Associate with Luxury Homes by Keller Williams, today announced that the upcoming July 4 holiday will be a huge boost to the luxury home market as families head to the Valley to celebrate Independence Day with a variety of gala festivities offered all across the desert.

In true all-American style, the Palm Springs Stadium will offer a July 4 baseball game with the Palm Springs Power taking on the San Diego Force at 6 P.M. Friday evening. The game will be followed by a 9 P.M. fireworks extravaganza and as usual there will be plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and snow cones for all to enjoy.

Schmett commented on the fun, “Independence Day is always one of the highlights of the summer season here in La Quinta. I like to enjoy the Chili Cook-off at the La Quinta Park at 4:30 P.M. followed by the parade at 7 P.M. and of course the huge fireworks display at 9 P.M. Of course there will be an indoor barbecue block party at the La Quinta Resort and Club and PGA West at the Fiesta ballroom from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M. with plenty of fun to go around. They will also have a fireworks display just after nine o’clock with a special dinner and drinks menu at the Fireworks Lounge. This is always a very busy weekend for everyone in real estate.”

Palm Desert is never left out either and this year they’re calling in the Swing Cats Big-Band to perform patriotic music and big band sounds followed by a fireworks display accompanied by synchronized music from one of the local radio station. Expect to see picnic baskets all across the Valley as families convene to enjoy a good old-fashioned Fourth of July holiday together.

For more information on Coachella Valley July 4 Holiday Celebrations visit

To find out more about investing in Palm Springs, CA real estate visit

About Luxury Homes by Keller Williams:

Luxury Homes by Keller Williams – Palm Springs, is an exclusive, elite and sophisticated group of real estate consultants raising the bar for service in the Palm Springs area residential real estate market.

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