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Art or Science: the True Nature of Digital Photography

Art or Science: the True Nature of Digital Photography

What is the true nature of digital photography? Many people have been asking this question for a long time. In fact, when people ask the question about the true nature of digital photography, they often mean to ask whether it is art or it is science.

Here are some arguments for both sides:

A) Art – many people consider digital photography as an art because it allows for an expression of emotion. They believe that digital photography is a continuation of the art of drawing or painting. You see, digital photography is just like painting in the sense that although it does take accurate pictures of reality, it also allows for some modification through the various digital tools available today.

Even without the editing many people still believe that digital photography is art because of the fact that it does take an artist’s eye to find a great subject of digital photography. The nature of digital photography as an art has something to do with the fact that an artist is able to express emotions and statements through visual subjects.

The supporters of the “artistic nature of digital photography” also argue their case by stating its ability to convey emotional messages through aesthetics. The beauty of each photograph, of course, needs also to be credited to the person taking the pictures. One of the strongest arguments for the artistic nature of digital photography is the fact that the picture is rarely really what is seen with the naked eye. Through the camera and computer, a person can alter the image in order to present what he or she wants to show.

B) Science – some people argue that science is the true nature of digital photography. One argument is that photography, unlike painting, actually comes from something existing and not from a painters mind or emotion. This can be very persuasive since, indeed, a photographer does not actually make photographs. He or she merely takes them.

Another argument regarding the scientific nature of digital photography is the fact that the editing that people do and adjustments that photographers make are based on a series of steps that can be narrowed down scientifically. People who argue for the scientific nature of digital photography may reason that the same series of steps can be taken in order to achieve the same results. There is a certain quality of constancy about digital photography that renders it a science.

But what is the true nature of digital photography? We have read the various arguments supporting science and art. There appears to be no solution to this question, right?

The true nature of digital photography will always remain to be a paradox. This means that though it can be considered as an art, it can also be considered as a science. When is the paradox of the nature of digital photography solved? Well, it is solved when a person takes a digital photograph.

The true nature of digital photography lies in the hands of the person who takes the pictures. The way a person treats the process defines the nature of digital photography for him or her. It is not absolutely art nor is it absolutely science. The true nature of digital photography is a paradox. It might seem to be contradictory, but it is somehow true.

Former Tech Employees Choose Fun and Family with a TapSnap Franchise

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) December 09, 2013

Valerie and Blake Nicholson both had long careers in technology at internationally known companies. After the birth of their third son, they decided to find a way to combine their love of technology and people while building something for the future.

Their solution: use their retirement accounts to purchase a TapSnap franchise. TapSnap is a modern take on the photo booth that leverages the latest advances in touchscreen technology with the incredible popularity of social media and digital photo sharing. It’s also one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “10 Most Promising New Franchises.”

Valerie Nicholson is enthusiastic about the service: “TapSnap is great for making sure guests have a blast at weddings, corporate events, trade shows, golf tournaments and more. The system enables event organizers to bring guests closer together, generate buzz for their event (while it’s still happening!), and create photo and video mementos of any special occasion.”

Once the Nicholsons had their hearts set on TapSnap, financing the venture was the next step. TapSnap recommended Guidant Financial, who assisted them with a 401(k) rollover. “Guidant simplified an otherwise complex process and enabled us to focus entirely on the business itself. Their team is exceedingly professional and responsive,” says Valerie.

Blake Nicholson sums up the new venture: “For us, one of the best things about having this business is the excitement of building something together. We want to be an example for our kids, of following your dreams, and also leaving a legacy for the next generation.”

The Nicholsons will start accepting event bookings for TapSnap next week—just in time for holiday festivities. You can find the Nicholsons’ TapSnap franchise at, email them at blaken(at)tapsnap(dot)net or give them a call at (512) 800-0766.


TapSnap is the next big innovation in event entertainment and franchising, bringing sophistication to the photo booth. Open-concept and instantly connected to social media, TapSnap blends a high-tech product with an innovative franchise model, and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about TapSnap by visiting or calling 1 (877) 577-0566.

Guidant Financial

Guidant Financial helps individuals create the life they want through innovative small business funding. They are the premier provider of Rollovers as Business Start-ups (ROBS) in addition to offering traditional funding options such as SBA loans, portfolio loans and unsecured credit. For more information on small business financing, visit Guidant online at

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Make It Fun! Birthday Party Themes Are A Great Idea

Make It Fun! Birthday Party Themes Are A Great Idea

Decorating a birthday party according to a theme not only makes it easy to plan, but it also makes it fun! Themes add life and adventure to birthday parties, allowing party goers to lose themselves in a make-believe paradise. Now that’s the stuff great birthday parties are made of! So to help you find a birthday party theme and appropriate decorations, here are some great ideas that will turn an ordinary birthday into an extraordinary birthday party! But a word of caution to eager buyers, before purchasing birthday party decorations of a particular theme it is important to consider two things; the age appropriateness of the theme and the likes/dislikes of the person whose birthday you are celebrating. So now that you know, here are some great ideas for birthday party decoration themes!

For kids, a birthday party means excitement and color, so don’t disappoint them. A great party theme for children is a fantasy theme; usually a theme from a Disney movie or a favorite storybook will turn any birthday party into a fun-filled festival! A great theme that has been favored by many a little girl has been ‘Cinderella’s Midnight Ball’ and the best part is that it is a theme that can easily be created just by decorating the backyard with lights and elegant streamers and anything that you think will give the theme a truly magical feeling!

Another popular theme in recent years has been the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme, and it is amazing to see how backgrounds of wrecked ships, drift wood on lawns and chests overflowing with shining treasure can make the movie jump off the screen and come to life.

Okay, so the kids are grown and no longer enjoy childhood theme parties. Well you still have many, many options for adolescents and young adults, and you may even find yourself enjoying the party too! A favorite birthday theme party among teens and even adults is the ‘Hawaiian Luau’ theme. Grass skirts, coconut bras, tiny umbrellas, tropical shirts, candles on wicker stands, festive garlands, Hawaiian cuisine and even real sand; what’s not to love about this theme! Surely you can understand why this birthday party theme is a classic.

And if the birthday boy/girl just happens to be a little older, you can spice up the party theme by making it an infamous ‘Pool Party’. A crystal clear blue pool heated by warm sunshine makes the best first impression on party guests, and when they see the floating lounges in the pool, sun glasses spread out everywhere and huge beach balls just waiting to be thrown around, your guests will definitely find out first hand exactly how much fun a themed birthday party can be! Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Paula’s Photography Shoppe – In Home Photography

Ft. Mitchell, Alabama (PRWEB) October 18, 2009

Paula’s Photo Shop is an in home photography studio. We transform your home into a studio. We will travel anywhere in the states of Alabama and Georgia. We provide quality photos at affordable rates. We provide convenience of traveling to your site of preference. Specializing in child and infant pictures but are experienced with all types of photography to include weddings, family portraits, school pictures, bar mitzvah, parties of all kinds. We are not limited in what we can do or where we can go. You will treasure your photos for a lifetime. Paula’s Photo Shoppe maintains integrity, professionalism, and satisfaction guaranteed. Please call for an appointment today at 1-800-531-3143 or visit our website at

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Marble Media LLCs Offers a Day-in-the-Life Family Photo Project for Treasured Memories

Fort Lee, New Jersey (PRWEB) August 09, 2013

Compared to most months of the year, August is perhaps the quietest, which can put the pressure on parents to keep kids occupied during the final countdown to a new school year. In the latest blog from online parenting blog site titled “Day-in-the-life Photos,” guest blogger Liz Ernst offers parents a fun option for capturing candid, every day events on camera, and getting the whole family in on the action.

“Parents take a lot of family photos on special occasions like holidays, birthdays and vacations,” Ernst says. “So we end up with plenty of shots of our kids ripping open gifts on Christmas morning, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at birthday parties, and shoveling sand at the beach or holding a marshmallow in a campfire on family vacations.

“Of course it’s important to gets shots of these important moments in our children’s lives, but it’s just as important to capture the every-day moments in their lives too.”

Ernst says that parents should learn to spend a day from time to time traipsing after the family and photographing their comings and goings, snapping away without setting the stage or posing them, but simply capturing moments of kids being kids.

Photojournalists take these types of candid photos every day to capture a moment in its purest form, Ernst says, and these are the photos that evoke raw emotions.

“From the baby’s first moments of wakefulness after a nap, to a toddler’s discovery of the dog’s food bowl, to your pre-teen reading something so intently they’re in another world, it’s these day-to-day moments that are easiest to forget over the years, and the ones we cherish most when they are captured in photographs,” Ernst says.

Another “day-in-the-life” photo option is to arm everyone, even the kids, with a camera or cell phone and have the whole family capture the scenes from their own perspective.

“Some may want to pose certain shots, and you should let each family member choose their own style of photography,” Ernst says. “Over time, they can develop a very unique style that makes each subsequent ‘day-in-the-life’ photo shoot more exciting, more challenging, and more rewarding.”

“It will be fun to see everyone’s perspective on the family’s activities throughout the course of a day – playing, doing chores, talking on the phone – ordinary activities on an ordinary day.”

Ernst suggests that parents and kids create a “day-in-the-life” album on a photo-sharing site like Instagram to share images with grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

“Years from now, these are the photos you’ll cherish most,” Ernst says. is a great place to find new ideas and get answers to parenting questions, and advice for child raising conundrums. For more information, visit the website or email info(at)mommyhotspot(dot)com.

About Marble Media LLC:

Marble Media LLC is a creator of high-quality, content-rich blog sites that provide expansive coverage of relevant information to readers who make up a wide range of demographics. The Marble Media LLC team of expert writers covers a wide range of specialties including travel, food, health, fitness, social media, marriage, parenting, technology, weight loss, fashion and much more.

For more information on Marble Media LLC’s offerings and advertising opportunities, visit the website, or email sales(at)marblemedia(dot)com.


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Give Your Wedding Favours The Personal Touch

Give Your Wedding Favours The Personal Touch

One wedding seems to blend into another and looking for alternative ideas can be a struggle. Here are some great tips for making your wedding favours as unique as you are!

Ensure your wedding favours are unique wedding favours, encompassing everything you and your partner are about. Rather than going for traditional boxes or nets, why not design your own cookie wedding favour? A personalised wedding favour is so much more memorable for the guests who attend your big day. Many brides are now purchasing personalised ribbon for wedding favours. This way, brides can choose from a wide selection of favour boxes and organza bags and turn them into a personalised wedding favour by adding personalised ribbon.

Most couples choose to have their names and wedding dates printed on personalised ribbon for favour boxes, although some brides do have the guests names also printed on ribbon – a great idea for a place setting too.

Another way of providing guests with a personalised wedding favour is by attaching a tag. This personalised wedding favour tag may state the names of the bride and groom along with their wedding date or the wedding venue name or a short message from the happy couple to the guests.

A unique wedding favour such as this is well received by the guests and once the contents have been consumed, there is something left to have as a keepsake. In essence, all brides try to offer unique wedding favours to their guests but there is nothing worse than receiving a gift similar to one you have previously received at a wedding. Bear this in mind when you are deciding which wedding favours to offer your guests at your wedding because people do remember a unique wedding favour or a personalised wedding favour more than one which is non specific and seemingly not very well thought out.

Of course, not all unique wedding favours are edible. There are many gifts that can be given to wedding guests that are inedible such as wedding favour coasters, photo album favours, picture frame wedding favours and candle wedding favours. These are just as easy to present as personalised wedding favours, again with the addition of personalised ribbon or a personalised tag. Your guests may well be equally impressed with your innovative and novel ideas as you provide them with a quality alternative to edible wedding favours.

Instead of spending out on wedding favours, some brides choose to offer guests a piece of wedding cake beautifully presented in a personalised wedding favour box or a pretty organza bag. For brides who choose to give their guests some cake in a bag, they can attach a personalised wedding favour tag or tie the top with personalised ribbon. Either way, it is a lovely way of being a bit different and really offering your guests a unique wedding favour exclusive to you.

Taking Wedding Photography to Greater Heights in Costa Rica

(PRWEB) June 30, 2014

These days, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to photography is not as easy as it once used to be. With the advance of digital technology, quality cameras have become inexpensive enough that every bride, groom and maid-in-waiting fancies themselves a photographer. Professional photographers who make a living from their work need to constantly look for angles and competitive edges that set them aside from the multitudes of amateurs out there.

John Williamson, a well-known wedding photographer and resident of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, has been at it for over 15 years. Knowing that he needed to up the ante and stay ahead of the game, John recently purchased a quadcopter–a remote-controled helicopter device with four propellers which can lift a Go Pro camera and capture amazing aerial images.

“For me, it’s about being able to offer something that the others don’t have,” said John. “It’s not just about being a great photographer–it’s about being a great photographer with the right equipment.”

The quadcopter has allowed John to offer a service for his clients which is unique to the area. For weddings, it offers a bird’s-eye perspective of the ceremony, or reception, with a macroscopic feel. The quad allows him to capture the entire ceremony in context–with the surrounding beach and rainforest.

For architectural photography, John can now offer a specialized service to prospective home sellers as well as vacation rental owners–allowing them to also stay ahead of the curve with aerial photography. Real estate firms and vacation rental agencies are seeking out his services to help publicize their homes for sale. Aerial photos are uncommon, draw attention, and add a professional edge to a property or event that could not otherwise be achieved.

Most people underestimate the value of professional photography. Professional photos can make the difference between a property that sells in one month and one that sells in one year. Good photos can affect the occupancy rates of rental homes and condos. They can also change an average wedding on the beach in Costa Rica to an event that is immortalized in time and memory.

For more information, please visit:

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Wedding Invitations Set the Tone of a Wedding

Wedding Invitations Set the Tone of a Wedding

Wedding invitations are one of the best ways to set the tone of any wedding. This is because the bride and groom may have little contact with some of their wedding guests prior to the wedding since many wedding guests are distant family or family friends that may not be an immediate force in their lives. This makes it imperative that the bride and groom use the wedding invitations to set the tone for the wedding.

When the time comes for the bride and groom to choose wedding invitations, it is necessary that they already have their wedding colour scheme and tone set for the wedding. This can be anything from a simple colour scheme to something as elaborate as a beach theme wedding or a winter theme wedding. This can all be conveyed to the guests by choosing the right wedding invitations.

The guests will know the proper etiquette and attire required at the wedding after receiving the wedding invitations. This means that if an invitation is formal and elegant that wedding guests can expect a formal and elegant affair. In this case they would recognize the necessity to dress formally. If the wedding invitations are casual or delineate a specific theme, then the guests will realise that the dress requirements will be less strict and more comfortable. There is little that is less embarrassing than being overdressed or underdressed at such an important occasion. All eyes should be on the bride and groom and not the woman in a ball gown at the beach theme wedding. If the bride and groom choose to do so, they can physically include the proper dress requirements at the bottom of the wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations convey all of this information to the wedding guests when the bride and groom choose them properly. This means choosing the right cardstock as well as the right font and lettering style. An expensive wedding invitation that is written in an elaborate script will tell guests that the wedding will be an elaborate affair. A cheaper invitation will indicate that the wedding is going to be more casual. This means that the bride and groom should not try to shave their budget by purchasing cheaper wedding invitations.

The wording of the wedding invitations is one of the biggest indications of the tone of the wedding. There are several ways to choose wedding invitation wording. Most invitation retailers will have examples of popular wording. These can be used as is or mixed and matched to fit the bride and groom’s style. The bride and groom also have the ability to write their own wedding invitation wording in order to personalize their wedding invitations.

The bride and groom need to consider all of this information carefully when choosing the perfect wedding invitations. It is crucial that their guests have all of the necessary information including what to expect from the wedding event itself. This will help them to prepare for the wedding including their attire, a proper gift, and expected etiquette.

Why You Should Order a Photo Blanket and How to Do It

Why You Should Order a Photo Blanket and How to Do It

Have you ever seen a photo blanket before? Better yet, have you ever heard of a photo blanket before? If you have never seen or heard of a photo blanket before then you are missing out on something amazing. Photo blankets are the new way to create and preserve memories for years to come.

A photo blanket is a blanket with a black and white or color photograph constructed onto it. There are many individuals who automatically love the concept of combining a photo and blanket together; however, others do not. If you are one of those individuals it is likely that you are wondering why you would need a photo blanket. The reason is simple because it could add a personalized touch to your home.

Making a photo blanket is not as easy as it is to make a photo t-shirt. There is a lot more design and skill that must go into developing a photo blanket. Because a photo cannot simply be ironed onto a blanket it is often difficult or impossible for an average individual to do without the proper training. For this reason many photo blankets are purchased from a company or an individual who makes them for a profit. The easiest way to find an individual or company who specializes in making photo blankets is by using the internet. Simply by keying the words photo blanket into a search engine you should be provided with a list of photo blanket makers.

While the internet has made it easier to find blanket makers they have also made it easier for low-quality products to be purchased. When trying to select an individual or company to design your photo blanket you will want to make sure that you know who you are dealing with. A company website should offer any relevant training or experience and it should definitely show photographs of completed blankets. If you purchase a photo blanket from an individual or a company who does not provide samples or important information you are putting yourself at risk for being scammed into paying a large amount of money for a low-quality product.

The amount of time it will take for your photo blanket to be completed will all depend on the individual who is making it. If you need a photo blanket for specific time or event you are encouraged to place your order well in advance. Once the completed product is received you can do whatever you want with it. Whether you choose to cuddle with your blanket or put it away for safe keeping you will likely be pleased that you made the purchase.

Scottsdale Ranked #17 in the TOP 25 Arts Destinations

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) September 01, 2012

Award-winning art and wine event producer, Thunderbird Artists, will compose Arizona’s leading fine art events in Scottsdale beginning October 26, 2012, and running through March 24, 2013.

Since 1981, Thunderbird Artists has played a very important role in uniting gifted, renowned and emerging artists with patrons from across the world. The quality of their jury process has never wavered, even during these difficult economic times, and compromising has never been a consideration. Like the athletes at the Olympics in London, Thunderbird Artists introduces the champions of the artworld and exposes the finest art arenas in Arizona.

Thunderbird Artists Stage Four Fine Art events in the City of Scottsdale.

Waterfront Fine Art & Wine Festival – October 26, 27 & 28, 2012.

Thunderbird Artists will line the banks of the Scottsdale Waterfront with the greatest juried selection of renowned artists, fine wines and talented musicians. Patrons adore strolling throughout spectacular paintings, bronzes, glass, stone, copper, clay sculptures, photography and jewelry, all while listening to live musical entertainment and sipping fine wines. The Scottsdale Waterfront is a superb backdrop for this event providing romantic reflections mirroring tents, art and attendees across the waters. Show hours run 10am to 6pm Friday and Saturday and 10am to 5pm Sunday.

Thunderbird Emporium of Scottsdale – November 16, 17 & 18, 2012.

Thunderbird Emporium of Scottsdale displays a magnificent fine art collection of paintings, photography, bronzes, clay, stone, metal, wood sculptures, jewelry and more. To celebrate the holiday season, Thunderbird Artists has expanded the American craft mediums to include; fine clothing, unique textiles, sophisticated accessories, sculptural candles, home décor, gifts items, exquisite quilts, wood sculpted Christmas sculptures, Christmas ornaments and more. With decorated artisan’s booths lining the banks of the waterfront the reflections of vivid colors will dance across the waters. The aroma of chestnuts roasting on an open fire adds to the ambiance of the holiday season and spirit of shopping. This European festive marketplace embrace the fun of sipping micro brews, fine wines, tasting chocolates, old fashioned fudge and listening to Christmas Carolers. There will also be fresh flowers, marzipan and European Christmas sweets and treats. Thunderbird Artists’ partnership with the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce is sure to become another one of Scottsdale’s Signature Events. Show hours are 10am to 8pm Friday and Saturday and 10am to 5pm Sunday.

Arizona Fine Art EXPO – January 10 through March 24, 2013

This event is home to artists working in studios that are open to the public for 10 weeks straight. Fine art is exhibited and for sale in a gallery setting under 44,000 square feet of festive white tents. This is a unique experience as patrons can visit with the artists, watch them working, enjoy the café, stroll the 2-acre Sonoran desert sculpture garden, attend Garden Parties, take art classes and more. Held at Scottsdale Road and Jomax, this show is just five miles south of Carefree in North Scottsdale or ten minutes north of Loop 101 on Scottsdale Road. This event runs daily, 10am to 6pm, where artists will be found painting in all mediums, sculpting clay, carving stone, drilling or etching stone and wood, etching hand made paper and gourds, designing and sculpting jewelry, plus much more.

The Arizona Fine Art EXPO is home to the American Healing Arts Foundation (AHAF), an Arizona 501c3, non-profit veteran organization. AHAF provides free art classes and art therapy classes (all supplies included) for our great American Veterans.

Waterfront Fine Art, Wine & Chocolate Festival – February 15, 16 & 17, 2013.

What better place to bring a fine art, wine and chocolate celebration then the lovely banks of the Scottsdale Waterfront. The day after Valentine’s Day romance still fills the air and hearts of the attendees that will love the ambiance of sipping fine wines, strolling throughout the finest art arena while listening to great musicians. Attendees that love and admire gourmet chocolates and fudges will get fulfillment from the chocolatiers at this event.

Thunderbird Artists continues to jury and stage the greatest art experience for patrons, by showcasing spectacular juried paintings, bronzes, glass, stone, copper, clay sculptures, photography, jewelry and much more! The popular Scottsdale Waterfront has attracted tourists from throughout the world, surrounded by luxury apartments, specialty shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants and outdoor cafés. Scottsdale offers a free trolley service for locals and tourists that runs daily.

Thunderbird Artists festival admission is $ 5.00 and, because they strongly support American veterans, will be donating $ 1.00 from every admission ticket to the non-profit charity, 501c3, American Healing Arts Foundation. They donate an additional $ 1.00 of each admission to other non-profit charities such as; Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, Sunset Kiwanis of Fountain Hills and the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, 25% of gross wine tickets are donated to the wine hosting charities; Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, American Healing Arts Foundation, Surprise Sundancers and Sunset Kiwanis of Fountain Hills.

To learn more about Thunderbird Artists call 480-837-5637 or visit

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