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Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scott Albright

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scott Albright
St. Paul's Parish was the setting Sept. 5 for the wedding of Lauren Elizabeth Tyrrell and Dr. Benjamin Scott Albright, both of Silver Spring, Maryland. The bride-elect is the daughter of William and Angela Tyrrell, Scranton. The bridegroom is the son …
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From Neighborhood Drinks to Wedding Toasts
For several years, Alli Lander and Chris Logie, both 37, lived around the corner from each other on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, hung out at the same Irish bar, shopped at the same Duane Reade and took the subway from the same stop.
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Holiday Party Planning

Holidays are a great time to hold a party. And fortunately for the party planning enthusiasts, there seems to be no shortage of holidays. From New Years Eve down to the Winter holidays you have more than a few holidays to choose from. And holidays are a time where people like to let loose and have fun so you’ll have no shortage of people looking to celebrate either. One thing to look out for when throwing a holiday party is letting people know ahead of time, especially if it’s a particularly major holiday, as there are likely to be many different events going on during that particular day (or night).

One party idea that works especially well for holiday parties (as well as housewarming open house parties) is the buffet. The reason being is that he flow of guests will usually be staggered. And with people coming in at different times, a buffet is perfect. You can also invite more people than usual, which is usually the case with holidays.

So you’re wondering how to go about getting a buffet planned? Well, much of the preparation can be done in advance. Not only that, but the food service aspect of the buffet is less “labor intensive” than for the average sit down meal. The only area you must be careful to ensure is that every guest has a place to sit while eating.

The requirements for this type of party are relatively easy as well. All you need is wine and beer as well as nonalcoholic beverages. If you want, you may serve cocktails, but with the buffet style, they’re not expected or necessary. You will also need hot plates or chafing dishes if you’re going to serve hot food, as well as professional help to staff them.

You’ll also need a sufficient quantity of serving platters, plates, silverware as well as glassware for all of your guests, as well as a large table for the food and a smaller table for drinks. This kind of party can work when held at any time during the day. You can host a brunch, lunch or a dinner in buffet style. No matter what time you plan your party, you should allot approximately three hours for it.

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Weddings, Jersey style: A fresh start for former high school sweethearts

Weddings, Jersey style: A fresh start for former high school sweethearts
Weddings Jersey Style: Eliezer Vasquez Jr. and Kari Silvers Eliezer Vasquez Jr. wed Kari Silvers at Rodes Barn Swedesboro, NJ 10/23/15 (Alex Remnick | NJ Advance Media for Remnick. It was "impossible not to completely fall in love" with him …

Weddings: Riley McNeely & Riley McNeely- Honeycutt
Riley and Brandon were united in Marriage Saturday, November 14 at 2:00 in a beautiful outdoor wedding on the lawn of her Grandparents in Easley SC. Reception followed. Riley is the daughter of the late Tim McNeely and Tammy M. Aldridge & Jim …
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If You're Gonna Crash a Wedding, Crash It Like Kendrick Lamar

If You're Gonna Crash a Wedding, Crash It Like Kendrick Lamar
Crashing a wedding is sometimes a rude thing to do. It's rude, for example, if you're there drinking the drinks you weren't invited to drink at the reception, or stealing hookup prospects from legitimate guest-list invitees on the prowl. So if you're …
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Dave says: Don't leave your pocketbook at the wedding altar
Lots of people have beautiful, memorable ceremonies and even small receptions for less than $ 1,000. Sure, you can run out, go into debt and wear an $ 8,000 wedding dress for a few hours on one day of your life. Or, you can find one that's much cheaper …
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Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Bat Mitzvah gifts hold special significance in a young Jewish adult. Jewish customs allow a male child of thirteen years or a girl child of twelve years to read for the first time from the holy book of Torah. The thought behind having a Bat Mitzvah function for a thirteen or twelve year old child is that up to that age their parents hold the responsibility for their children following Jewish religious customs, but after the Bar Mitzvah ceremony the child becomes responsible for his or her actions and can take part in all Jewish social customs and gatherings.


This occasion is marked by a ceremony which takes place in a synagogue. This is followed up with a grand party for the family members and friends of the girl child. During this occasion the child and sometimes the family too is presented with gifts to mark the special occasion. Bringing gifts to the child also helps the family in their celebration of the occasion. Bat mitzvah gifts are presented not at the time of the ceremony held in the synagogue but at the reception party.  Most children are given Judaic gifts related to Jewish religious customs like kiddush cups, tallis, or tefillin. Tallits and Shabbat candlesticks are sometimes also given, especially to girls. A tzedakah or charity box is a very thoughtful and useful gift. You also have a wide choice of religious books that would make an ideal gift. In general, such gifts give the child a better understanding of his or her past and heritage, and help to perform the religious ceremonies better.


The most popular gift is money, which can be used later in the education or other specific expense of a child. There is an interesting thing to be kept in mind if you are giving some form of cash as gift. The Hebrew word for ‘life’ has gematria, or the number 18, as its numerical equivalent. So Bat Mitzvah presents of money are considered very auspicious if the amount is in multiples of 18.


 As the ceremony of Bat Mitzvah is held for the coming of age of the girl child so other impressive Bat Mitzvah gifts can be small and elegant pieces of jewellery that will be an asset to the child in the long run. There is no fixed gift that has to be bought. However it is better to shop for a gift for the occasion keeping in mind the age of the child.





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Photographer goes on epic rant about how cell phones ruin weddings

Photographer goes on epic rant about how cell phones ruin weddings
A photographer's epic rant is going viral after he pleads for wedding guests to put away their cell phones during ceremonies. Thomas Stewart, of Australia, recently posted a photo on Facebook of a groom leaning around a crowd of people holding phones …
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Weddings of the week: 'I stole her number from my mate's phone'
The couple became engaged, started building a home together, organised and celebrated their wedding and embarked on a month long honeymoon. Angela, 27, says she and Scott, 28, are now able to look back and reflect on their relationship and an …