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Memorable Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

The dress, location, date and band are some of the key components of most wedding receptions. All the effort and planning that goes into a wedding day can be overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect. One aspect of a wedding reception that often provides a great opportunity for the bride and groom to connect with their guests is the table centerpieces. There are several key factors to consider when selecting what and how to approach centerpiece ideas. It is possible to have unique and gorgeous centerpieces that can accommodate any budget. Below are just a few ideas that can be tailored to fit the general theme of your wedding and show your personality on each table.

A great idea for low-budget weddings is having a different framed photograph on each table of the newly married couple. Choose photos that are both personal and humorous, touching and romantic. Embellish the frame with flowers, candles, or multicolored stones to finish off the look. Pictures are perfect for shy tables that need a conversation starter.

Interactive centerpieces are a fun way to entertain guests while the wedding party is taking care of group photographs out on the lawn or greeting newly arrived guests. Choose the traditional method of disposable cameras to get adorable candid photographs or leave a book on the table to record discussions about the bride and groom. Consider creating a short trivia game with questions revolving around the happy couple. Simply add a few libations and watch your guests have a fantastic time.

Incorporate items that reflect the location and season of the wedding. Was the ceremony on the beach? If so, load up the tables with handpicked shells, glass vases of sand or even flamingos prancing about your wine flutes. Christmas weddings lend themselves to a variety of options, like custom gingerbread houses that the guests themselves can help decorate. Use the materials that may already be available to have a ceremony and reception unlike any other.

It is better to go slightly muted than overly extravagant. Not only will you stay within your budget but your guests will love the extra thought that went into the design of their tables. They might even forget that they were seated next to the aunt who never stops talking.

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