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Planning Out Someone Elses Wedding Is Even More Fun!

Aren’t you the lucky one?? Its your best friends wedding, and out of all the family and close friends she could’ve picked anyone but she picked you. Don’t you feel special? But now you have tones of responsibilities on your hands. Oh no! No need to get the pre-wedding jitters right now. It truly is an Honor. Your best friend trusted you so much that she wanted you to plan the entire occasion out. Worry not we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you make the wedding day memorable.

Let us get started with simple Duties that you will have to perform right away! First things first you’ll have to pick out some exquisite invitations. Wed suggest that you should visit the place with your friend of course. She should have a look at the invitations as well. Once that’s all settled send the invitation cards out for printing and well leave it at that. Now! Call up all your friends and your friends friends and relatives and set up timings for brides maid dresses and fittings. Time is of the essence here got to hurry up. Now when that’s done you’ll have to make arrangements with the florist and seek out an elegant venue for the wedding. Of course you can use the yellow pages.

Secondly, assuming that the bride has picked out her wedding dress your next job will be to get it altered if needed a nip here and a tuck there! You have to make the bride look very special. But remember don’t out shine the bride,she picked you to be her best mate and it truly is an honor to cherish. Thus, so far this is the end of day one!

Now you have to brain storm some superb gift ideas to hand out to the guests and the wedding and of curse some special gifts for the bride and groom. For the guests don’t go all out with fancy things at all. Visit your nearest novelty shop. Pick up a few dozen items such as decorative roses and little carry bags and thank you cards for the guests. You can make the purchases in accordance with the guest count. Remember that it is the brides big day you are planning for. She must feel special. Visit her favorite store pick up a few items for her that suit her mood and style. And by no means get the bride a home appliance.. She has a house and yes she already has a toaster.
It is not suggested but if the bride and groom want to try something spontaneous you can help set up fun games for the party goers as well as the bride and groom. That should add a bit of a dazzle to the party.

Wedding dances are always an eye catcher especially if it has been thoroughly coordinated and rehearsed easily said that they are truly the show stoppers.

Finally the most important duty for the Maid of honor set up an astounding speech for your best friend the bride. Nothing will make her feel as special when you’ll take center stage and express you gratitude love and support towards the bride. Write a fantastic speech mention your childhood memories and mention all the great times you spent together. Nothing else will bring a tear of joy in the eyes of the bride when shell be reminiscing about all that you friends have shared.
Finally end the speech with a toast. Request everyone’s blessing and prayers to be with the newly weds.

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Tips For Planning A Wedding

Most people think or dream about their wedding day from a very young age. It is the most memorable day of most people’s lives. You don’t want to rush it or forget to plan something. It will take a lot of time and effort to plan your perfect wedding and the following are a few tips to guide you down the right path.

The first thing you need to decide on is a location. Do you want to travel somewhere to marry, or just get married locally? Do you want it to be in warm weather or a colder location? These are just some of the major questions that you will need to answer before you can pick an actual location. Once you have decided the general area for you wedding, you can then begin searching for the exact spot. You can find it by talking to people in the area, asking your friends and family, and even looking on the internet. Make sure that you go look at the place in person. You won’t be able to get the entire feel of the area and building by just looking at pictures. You will want to look at the neighborhood surrounding it as well, and this can only be done in person.

After you have the locations, it is time to start planning some of the smaller things. You will want to decide on what type of food that you want served. Although you won’t be eating too much of it, it will be what all the guests are looking forward to. It is possible that the place you choose to get married offers food services as well. If they don’t, you will have to try and find a trusted caterer that can bring in some food for you. The food can be very expensive, so plan well and try and find out a close estimate of how many people are going to attend. This will help eliminate extra meals that just cost you more money. You also will want to find someone who can help decorate the area with flowers. For example, if you are marrying in New York, you could search the internet for flowers New York to find many places that can help you choose the perfect flowers for your special day. There are numerous other plans to be made, but this will give you a good start to having the best day of your life.

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Fun Ways to Serve Chocolate and Tea Wedding Favors

You may be the bride looking for the perfect wedding favors. What do you choose? How do get something your guests can enjoy? Will they be too expensive? How can I make them more personal? These are all important questions every bride eventually must ask herself when choosing wedding favors. A great reception gift idea is to use edible favors. They are often quite cost effective, easy to personalize, and commonly popular. While other favors chosen with care can be popular with guests, food never goes out of style, especially if its sweets like chocolate. Another new idea for edible receptions presents is tea. It a popular beverage among women and you can provide different varieties to suit every possible preference at minimal cost. Looking at the potential of these two gift ideas are an excellent starting point for your reception gift planning. Here are 5 ideas and suggestion to help you choose the type of chocolate and tea guest presents that you’ll need.

First off think about the theme you will use. If you are using an edible favor it can like over reception presents come in shapes or colors that match various themes. Chocolate is especially good as it can be made and used in several ways. One idea is baked goods. They keep well are normally popular and can be easily made in shapes matching virtually any theme a bride can think of. Brownies and cookies are especially good choices for this. Another choice if you can find it is pure chocolate or chocolate based candies. You can find them in virtually any shape and they will be a favorite with a large portion of your guests. The same goes into choosing tea gifts try matching flavor or personalizing the teabags to match whatever them you are basing your wedding off of.

Another great idea is to have a buffet with chocolates and teas. You might not know what certain guest might want. Some might like milk chocolate better than dark chocolate or earl grey to orange black cut pekoe. So why bother worrying? Set up a buffet that guests can choose from. This way you can distribute your edible gifts more efficiently and guarantee that people will get the choice they want. It also gives the added pleasure of variety. Rather than buying kind of chocolate or tea you can make a statement providing different flavors and types.

Another great idea is to find favors that can be personalized with your initials or pictures or even a short and “sweet” message. This can elevate your edible gifts to the next level. Rather than being just desert, you give your guests at the end of a meal. You can use personalization to say thank you to your guests. Also as I said before tea bags are ridiculously easy to personalize. You can match tastes with people preference or add an image or short message on the bag itself.

Recently I came across another unique idea. Say you want to do something significant that will be more lasting than favors. A great idea is to also give a certain amount on behalf of guests to a favorite charity. You can then use your chocolate and tea favors in order to promote the charity and encourage further giving from your guests.

Edible favors are great because they have almost limitless possibilities. Use these suggestions just as starting points and use your imagination to find even more fantastic ways to use and present them.

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