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Scrapbooking: A Healthy Interest and Recreational Activity

When the Englishmen found it beneficial to collect notices, recipes, poems, quotations, and also photos as a method to keep in mind loved ones and also significant events in the 15th century, the history of scrapbooking started. It still remains one of the most well-liked crafts individuals get a kick out of, centuries later on. Perhaps this can be credited to the truth that scrapbooking is more than simply putting together memorabilia. Read on to discover its some other benefits and utilizations.

Leaving Legacy

If you adore scrapbooking as a pastime, you’ll have the ability to share pieces of your extraordinary life to your grandkids long after you’ve gone from this world. You could feature basically anything, from a lock of your tresses to snapshots as well as love letters from your significant other; whatever holds meaning to you is most appreciated. Reading through your scrapbook will certainly be a great means for them to study pertaining to you and remember you.

Gifting Purposes

Some individuals find it truly tough to consider a present to provide their loved ones for special functions– whether it’s for a birthday, wedding ceremony, or bar mitzvah commemoration. If you absolutely desire a significant present that the recipient would certainly treasure forever, a scrapbook would be a a right product. It’s exceptional, creative, and will certainly last for a long time.

Having a Good Time

Many people have scrapbooking as a leisure activity simply because it’s fun. It supplies a different kind of thrill when you stroll down memory lane and also gain the strength to pick which memories you desire to include in the project. It never has monotonous as there are consistently brand-new as well as imaginative scrapbook ideas you can easily try.

Getting Rid of Clutter

If you are among those people who keep pictures as well as additional useful mementos in the attic until you do not know exactly what to do with them, scrapbooking is a terrific way to take care of the hoard. Not only will it get rid of clutter in your loft space, it additionally allows you to maintain products of terrific worth. All you require are handy scrapbook kits to help you get started with the collection of the memorabilia.

The simple idea of pasting a good snapshot on a scrapbook paper is soothing as you may remember on all the wonderful things that have actually taken place in the picture. Grabbing the essence of fond memories with scrapbooking can easily calm even the most troubled heart. Check out for more information

For more details, search scrapbook ideas, scrapbook kits, and scrapbook paper in Google for related information.

High Fashion Women’s Clothing For Wholesale Prices

The fashion-conscious woman often struggles to find the money and time to fuel her passion and allow her to purchase the designer evening gowns and celebrity styles she needs to look her best. With, we meet that need by offering top-quality woman’s fashion clothing at the most affordable prices rivaling those of wholesalers, yet without the need for any special wholesaling privileges. Our conveineint online shopping environment makes shopping fun and removes the time constraints that keep some woman from looking their best.

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You Have Found Your One-Stop Shop

At, we have made it our goal to provide everything you need for a stunning, trendy wardrobe. While we specialize in formal dresses, including Bat Mitzvah dresses, evening gowns, Quinceanera dresses, prom dresses, and homecoming dresses, we also have an extensive line of cocktail dresses, as well as cute clothes like t-shirts and casual, sexy blouses, skirts, hats, and socks. You can also complete your outfit with a stylish purse that appears to have come straight from the runways of Paris, yet has a price tag that allows you to purchase two or three to stock your closet. Don’t forget to look into our black dresses and sexy dresses by designer fashion creators while you shop.

Shopping Made Easy

When you visit the mall to shop for the hottest styles, you first must get over the shock of the price tag. Then, you must spend your entire day walking from store to store to find the right outfit. While shopping can be fun, putting together a whole outfit at the mall is time consuming, because you have to find all of the pieces in just the right size, which may not be possible at just one store. By shopping online with us, you avoid this hassle. Everything you need to build a complete, fashionable outfit is found on our website, from socks to hats.

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Shop Today

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Get Out of the Slump! – Brilliant Ideas for Your Wedding Planning Business

Have you ever felt like your business was in a slump?

No phone calls from clients. No emails to read. And dust gathering on your wedding emergency kit. Is this what is happening to your wedding planning business?

Ive been there too.


Who doesnt hate being in a slump. I hated it too. But then I realized that there were 3 brilliant ideas that could surely get my wedding planning business out of the slump and help me be surrounded with smiling brides and grooms.

Do you want to know what I did?

What I did was to look at the core of my wedding planning business. And there I had it


So, here they are. These are my tips to get your wedding planning business out of a slump:

1. Work on your relationships with past vendors – No, the idea is not to cry over the phone as to how your wedding planning business is in a slump. In fact, the idea is to get in touch with them and let them know how much you enjoyed working with them the last time. You can also top it off with a funny wedding picture or an elegant piece of ribbon to let them know that you loved their style. Next time when they are meeting with clients, you will be the first person they will think of.

2. Work on your relationships with former clients – How can former clients help you with your wedding planning business? Well, if you liked working with them then you will love working with their friends. So, make sure that you keep in touch with your clientele. Give them a call or send them an email. They might have a few friends who are planning to get married and you might have a few potential clients right there. Dont forget to remind them how much fun they had with you during their own wedding!

3. Form strong online relationships – So, your wedding planning business is in a slump. Now, thats a perfect time to try and build some online relationships. A slump is what made me start writing an ezine. And now I have over 6000 brides subscribed to my ezine. This ensures that I have a steady flow of clients. If blogging is your thing, then this is the right time to begin a blog. Or maybe you want to try out some social networking sites. All these online methods are usually free or require very little investment of money. So, use some online tools to put yourself out there and create some everlasting online relationships.

Wedding Planning Business Advice from Ciara

The lesson here is that you cant get business if no one can see you. You need to put yourself out there and focus on the relationships again. I find that now more than ever Im buying from people that I have relationships with because I need their service and I want to support them in their passion.

In fact, I have a rule. Whatever I buy for my wedding planning business comes from small business owners. If you are wondering why, here are two valid reasons. Firstly, some wonderful people supported me in the beginning and now I want to do the same by supporting others. Secondly, I am building another relationship for my wedding planning business because a small business owner is more likely to remember me and refer a client than a big store, where I am just another person, who just walked in.

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What To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Party DJ

Parties are an important affair where the host constantly needs to make sure that all his guests are well taken care of. Among the many things that he needs to arrange, party entertainment is by far the most important. No host wants his guests to get bored at his party. This risk needs to be mitigated by all means possible. Every party needs an entertainment arrangement to cater to the guests. Especially when the gatherings are huge where there is high possibility of nearly all invitees showing up, this factor cannot remain overlooked.

One such gathering is a wedding celebration. While some people like to keep it largely private, some prefer organizing huge parties and inviting all the people they know. A long list of guests means that the host cannot always personally entertain the guests. When this happens, an alternative needs to be devised in a way that the guests feel comfortable. Music is the first choice that people run to in times like these. The right kind of music to set the mood at a party works like magic. When the guests are still arriving, the music can be light, transitioned and flowing. During ceremonies, a more traditional touch can be added to it with the wedding DJ’s flair. DJs also handle special moments of a celebration by playing selected songs at such moments. This creates a different atmosphere. When the fun mood sets in, groovy music can be brought into the scene. Music can then start flowing back to being light as the guests start to leave.

It is important to hire the right wedding DJ services in order to get the most out of it. Some DJs would just play random songs and mix them up to create a faux-DJ experience. Just mixing up pieces of music is not the true essence of a disk jockey. There has to be meaning behind it too. At sensitive celebrations, it is important to set a theme to the mixes that a DJ creates. This helps to carry the crowd in the flow of the celebration very effectively. Thus, when choosing to hire a wedding DJ, make sure you understand he actually knows this stuff.

Also, it is necessary to check with your DJ well before the celebration for the kind of songs you want played at the party. You don’t want to deal with goof-ups or awkward moments because a risky song got played. Since it is the host who knows his guests well, he can suggest safe songs to the DJ to keep prepared for the party. The host can also share his songs with the disk jockey and have them played.

Having a talk with your DJ before the celebration is a wise thing to do. It gives you an opportunity to speak to him about the dos and don’ts at your party. There may be some restrictions or control you would want practiced for some reasons. It is necessary to communicate them to the DJ beforehand. Arranging for your guests to have a good time is not difficult at all. You only need to invest some time.

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Increasing importance of wedding planner in Mumbai

The celebration for two people’s bonding to tie them together for lifetime is the ceremony of wedding. This is a crucial turn in every individual’s life when one steps into the real world with more responsibilities for settling his family life. After marriage a person is supposed to get a support for lifetime and such support is only separable through death. Therefore, the event of marriage is celebrated with great zeal and joyousness. A successful marriage ceremony marks the happy beginning of a new life for every individual.
Mumbai, which is one of the most populous cities of India, witnesses lots of marriages taking place daily. In the normal course marriages take place through lots of celebration through performance of many rituals according to customs and reception. Therefore, the arrangement for such celebration is a big task that the friends and family of the bride and the groom has to undertake. However, the maximum burden for managing and arranging for the celebration comes on the shoulders of the closest of the bride and the groom like their guardians, siblings, best friends and at times on the bride and groom themselves. In the course of managing for these they miss the enjoyment of this celebration.
It is out of this that in Mumbai professional managers and planners for managing events like wedding, birthday and anniversary parties, corporate meetings, etc have cropped. Even institutions not only in Mumbai but in other cities as well have cropped up for imparting education on event management courses have come up. You would be able to find a wedding planner in Mumbai to manage and conduct the event of your marriage. With their assistance you would be able to enjoy your wedding ceremony in a stress free manner. You would not have to worry for any kind of arrangement for your wedding if you hire a wedding planner in Mumbai.
There are a large number of requirements that need to be arranged for a wedding ceremony. For example, firstly, you will have to get invitation cards ready, and then there are bigger needs such as arranging a wedding hall and then decorating it, making seating arrangements there, etc. One of the major requirements that need to be taken care of arrange for good food to offer to your guests. All such small and big requirements need to be well planned and organized to make your wedding ceremony a successful one.
A good wedding planner in Mumbai would take care of all such requirements. They can be your professional help during any wedding ceremony. They have a large team to arrange all works properly and get things done perfectly and in time. They have contacts with the best wedding decorators Mumbai who would be able to decorate your wedding hall in the best manner. Again, they have contacts with flower suppliers who would provide fresh flowers, which is a major need at any Indian wedding for various rituals and decoration purposes. Their contacts with best caterers assure that your guests would be served with the best quality food.
If you were to make all such arrangements yourself then you would have to contact the wedding decorators Mumbai, caterers, electricians for lighting, florists and many such others separately. Whereas when you hire a wedding planner in Mumbai, you can leave all these responsibilities on their shoulder and enjoy the wedding ceremony. Sometimes, due to such responsibilities you are unable to welcome and treat your guests properly and with care. If you are freed from such responsibilities you would be able to take care of your guests very well. Furthermore, the wedding planners can make arrangements for different types of entertainment programs for the pre-wedding ritual days and main-wedding ceremony day.

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Brunch Wedding Receptions Are Becoming a Cost-Effective Alternative

While receptions at lunch or dinner time are still the most popular there are people who are having wedding receptions at other times of the day and often these are arranged to coincide with their honeymoon plans or other factors that make it more convenient to have a reception possibly in the morning or at brunch.

This also affects the type of catering and the costs involved in your wedding reception and can often be a lot more cost-effective to have your reception earlier in the day where different foods and alcohol are consumed and also where any after reception party might not be included in the wedding plans.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget then it is well worth considering alternate times for your reception as a cost saving exercise while still adding a bit of variety and personalization to your wedding.

There are other factors that can also save you money by having your reception earlier in the day even to the extent of paying less for any musicians that you require as it will be at a time of day when there is less demand for their work and you can usually get it at a reduced rate.

Other things that need to be considered when determining what time you will have your reception include the season that you will be getting married in and whether you can rely on the weather to be suitable during that time of the year.

Once again you should keep an open mind and not stick to specific guidelines if you prefer to do something different or if your finances or personal situation dictate alternative preparations.

Something that people often remember when they go to a wedding reception is the food, whether it’s good or bad. When choosing your menu keep in mind that just because you have a favourite food it doesn’t necessary mean that all your guests will like it as well.

Yes, it’s your wedding but you are spending a lot of money so you want people to like what is being served.

It’s always a good idea to offer your guests a choice on what they would like to eat for your wedding reception People may have food allergies, vegetarian or religious limitations so this way they can choose what they would like to eat. A vegetarian choice would be a good alternative.

People are reluctant to eat what they are unfamiliar with so don’t be too adventurous.

Your guests are going to be wearing their best clothes and no one is going to want to eat anything that is messy or stains their clothes. It could well spoil your day if you or anyone else spilled food on your wedding dress you would not be happy and any stain could show up on your wedding photographs.

Get ideas from past weddings that you have attended and duplicate the things that you liked.

Along with all the variety that people are adding to their weddings these days is the fact that people are choosing various different types of receptions that best suit their needs and their personalities.

Jayne Waldorf lives in England with her husband. She would like to invite you to her new website where you will find advice, information and merchandise relating to dating, relationships, weddings, and marriage.

Hannah & Grant’s Wedding

The Marriott Hotel Regents Park, otherwise known as the Marriott Swiss Cottage, was the venue for the fantastic wedding of Hannah & Grant.

I had worked with Grant’s family many years before when I covered his brother’s Barmitzvah, and Grant mentioned to me how he and Hannah would love me to cover their son’s Barmitzvah one day if they are lucky enough to have a son. How lovely is that? Now I really feel part of the family.
The weather was just perfect, and one of the highlights of the day was the few quiet moments we had going around St John’s Wood after the ceremony to take some outdoor photos. St John’s Wood is where I grew up, so we started off with the location that was the view from my childhood bedroom window; the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, made infamous by the Beetles in 1969. Hannah & Grant crossed the Zebra crossing (with their shoes on) to the delight of all the tourists who had gathered there.
Thereafter we went to Violet Hill where there is a beautiful, intimate, little park. The sun was setting behind the trees and the sky was all different shades of gold which made a wonderful backdrop for some romantic shots.

But probably the highlight of my day were the shots that we took outside the public lavatories in the park. Strange though this might seem, the Ladies and Gentlemen signs had just become illuminated and it tickled my sense of humour to use these signs together with Hannah and Grant for some of my more Vogue posing. They saw the funny side too, and I warned them that I didn’t want to be asked to Photoshop out the toilet signs later on for their album. They looked at the images on the back of my camera and promised me that they would stay as they were.

Later on in the day, Grant made a wonderful speech which even brought tears to my eyes. He talked about Hannah his wife and how he was the luckiest boy alive to have a wife who wears a nurses uniform most days of the week. They are a beautiful couple inside and out. If I could bottle and sell all the love that they have for one another, I would be a very rich lady indeed!

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.

Holiday Party Games Add Fun to Any Party

Holiday Party Games can make a party and there are games to match every group’s tastes and level of activity. When planning the party be sure to get prizes for the winners of the Holiday Party Games. These can range from seriously nice to funny prizes. The guests will enjoy them all. Have games supplies ready to go, the best way to dampen a party mood is to make the guests wait while the host tries to quickly gather up pencils and paper or whatever game supplies are needed. The game supplies could, with some advance planning, be in holiday colors or even have small decorations attached. Consider some of the following Holiday Party Games. Remember, most or all can be tailored to the ages and interests of the guests.

One of the best Holiday Party Games to start with is “Name that Christmas Carol”. Put on a CD of Christmas carols and play the first few notes of a carol, then pause the CD. Let the guests shout out the name of the song. Each player who guesses correctly gets a point. If no one gets it right start from the beginning of the carol and play it again going a few notes farther each time until someone or several people shout out the right answer. The guests will be active and have a great time with this game.

Christmas movie Trivia is a great holiday party game because like the carol game everyone will be able to join in. Before the party make a list of trivia questions about Christmas movies both classic and recent. Make some very easy and others really hard. Let the guests play individually or break up into teams.

Christmas History Trivia is another in a long line of fun holiday party games. This time make a list of Christmas trivia in general. Ask questions like, “Who is the real person that Santa Claus is based on?” or “Who started the practice of putting Christmas tree in homes.” Or “What is the history of the candy cane.” Not only will the guests enjoy themselves, they will very likely learn some things about Christmas!

“Santa’s Reindeer” is a version of a Victorian era parlor game, the Preacher’s Cat. The idea is to describe Santa’s reindeer using every letter of the alphabet. First player says something like, “Santa’s reindeer is an Adorable reindeer.” The second person says something like Santa’s reindeer is a Bad reindeer. The third person now has to use a word that starts with a C to describe Santa’s reindeer. Each person uses the next letter of the alphabet to describe Santa’s reindeer. Each player has ten second to come up with a word to describe Santa’s reindeer. Those unable to do this are out and the group gets smaller until only one player (the winner) is left.

Mrs. Party… Gail Leino gives her two cents worth on entertaining at the holidays with holiday party decorations . Plus, she creatively provides information on free party games activities, decorations, party favors, recipes, menus, and party supplies. Plus, original Holiday music theme and movie song lists to add a special touch to any celebration.

Purchasing The Right Mask In Order To Astound Everyone In A Masquerade Mask Party

Fun and excitement has a way of overwhelming folks who wear masquerade masks and also for those that see them during a certain occasion or necessary event. Masquerade balls have been very popular that a lot of guilds remain capable of manufacturing thousands of different masquerade masks. They need to please their consumers therefore their creations are masterfully done.

Masquerade parties have been well known to be fun and nice events where individuals get a likelihood to enjoy a rest from the real world. They can become someone they have invariably dreamed of being, if solely for a few hours, because they are able to modify their appearances through the employment of the masquerade masks.

There are many types of occasions and events that are well fitted for throwing a masquerade ball. Before, masquerade ball masks were used solely for masquerade parties. However, as time went along, folks loved to adapt this party theme to suit with many other events. One of the events that seem to be necessary for the teens is the well known prom event.

Prom season has become very concerned with masquerade themes. The teenagers at the party seriously want to dress up and also desire to look stylishly stunning. Carrying a beautiful mask really adds to the sweetness of their outfit and to the general environment of the party.

Sweet 15 and sweet 16 parties for the Latino community have additionally been a standard event with the use of masquerade masks. Young women extremely love to wear huge masks with tons of feathers and jewels. It makes them look wonderful and thus, it makes them feel nice during the event. Masquerade ball weddings have conjointly been really popular within the past several years. A halloween wedding is one of the masquerade ball weddings that are actually fun and exciting. In addition, your wedding can definitely be unforgettable with this sort of theme.

Another important event where masquerade masks are always used is New Year’s Eve. This is often a massive celebration for everyone. Hence, through the employment of masquerade masks during a masquerade party, this can really be a great manner to start out the year.

Brent Archer loves going to special events that require you to wear cheap masquerade masks. You can finally rest and have some fun by going to one of these events and getting away from your regular life.

Asian Weddings Has Become A Trademark For The Whole World

Weddings’ main purpose is to make two loving persons enter into a happy relationship bond for life time. Two people liking and loving each other call for weddings only when they decide to live both their lives together. They promise each other to share every bit of happenings in each one’s life, supporting each other in odd times and loving each other ever and forever. So much high on feelings, this occasion is considered to be the most valuable occasion in the couple’s life. Hence, anybody who wants their wedding to be one of the best in the world is never wrong. The wrong thing is not everyone gets the opportunity to live those moments which they have imagined or dreamt of.

Again, the purpose and the process for weddings have evolved a lot over time. Previously, there were no gatherings, particularly in the ancient times, and no high celebration apart from the happiness which the couple felt for the unity. But, in recent times some forms of weddings, especially the Asian weddings have changed the ways, from how it was carried out beforehand.

Asia is the biggest continent and there are several countries and several races which uniquely follows their traditional ways of marriage. So, it will be quite difficult to draw out the proceedings for each and every race. But, one thing is common in all of them and that is high arrangements and religious works are pretty long.

The Asian weddings are considered to be unique according to the specific countries. The Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Sri Lankan are some of the forms of the wedding happening in Asia. One thing which is availed maximum here, are the event planners. Considering high amount of preparations to be made in the marriages out here, the need for the event planner is must. They are experienced and are highly updated about the recent trends in the market which would make your wedding an example for many and the interesting thing is that they do it in cheap way as well. Hence, if you are going for high arrangements then an event planner, particularly an experienced one, must be hired.

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