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Wedding Photography – Your Essential Checklist Before Booking the Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is very important and is a decision that must not be taken lightly. On the wedding day this is the one person that you are most likely to spend lots of time with and it is essential that you get along very well. If you are stressed or uncomfortable around the photographer it will show on the photographs and it will ruin your day that is designed to be so special.

One of the main reason of meeting the photographer in advance is to make sure you can work with him and that he is able to deliver the style you are looking for. Try and interview at least three photographers before you decide on the one you are going to book. Make your research the soonest possible; the sooner the better as good photographers tend to be fully booked quit early. Use recommendations from friends, family or colleagues who worked with him or her in the past.

This checklist has created to help you find the photographer who best suits your style and avoid spending time and money on things that you don’t really want or you can not afford to buy:

– What is their style? Contemporary, traditional or reportage
– Do they use digital camera?
– Do they visit the venue before hand if they haven’t work their before in order to get an idea on the location?
– How many hours do they work?
– How much they charge for overtime?
– Do they charge travelling costs?
– In the price is VAT included?
– Will they be the ones that they will show up on the wedding day or they are going to send someone else?
– Ask to see previous weddings, not a few shots but the whole wedding album.
– Is it possible to get references?
– How soon after the wedding will they be able to provide the samples
– Who has the copyright?
– Does the price include any reprints?
– What happens if he gets ill on the day? Does a back up plan exist?
– How do their fees work, per shot of per package?
– Ask for a breakdown of the cost; does it include the album?
– What is their payment plan? How much deposit is required and when the full payment is due?
– Do they have insurance?

Meet the photographer at least three times before the wedding day. Let them know what you would like and what your style is. Provide a list with the must have shots and appoint a family member of one of your bridesmaids to help the photographer with the family and group shots. It will save him time and it will save you money. Try to find ways to make the day as easy as possible and avoid adding stress to an already stressful day.

Penelope Vasiliou-Magoulianiti is the founder of Penelope’s Exclusive Weddings; a company specialising in organising weddings in London and in Cyprus.

Why Use Portable Batting Cages

A regular baseball cage is a must for those who play baseball or even for those people who want their children to be engaged in baseball. The functions of standard batting cages are to give limits to baseballs or softballs, so that you do not have to go to a far place to pick up the balls; and it gives you a space where you can practice and improve your skills in batting. You will also not waste time worrying about baseballs going astray and accidentally hitting someone else’s window, or worse, face.

However, more and more baseball aficionados and players choose portable batting cages because of their additional benefits. Aside from the benefits stated in the previous paragraph, portable batting cages can be transported or moved from one place to another. This is very ideal for those people or baseball teams who are always on the road, going to different places to compete. It also allows you to move your cage indoors if the weather turns bad outside.

This type of batting cage can also be easily disassembled and stored away. This feature is very ideal for those who have small backyards. For example, if the baseball season finally ends, you can just disassemble the batting cage and store it in a nice place while you can use the previously used space for other purposes, such as parties or barbecues.

Moreover, if your decision for buying a portable batting cage is because your children enjoy playing baseball, this type is the best option for you. Once your children grew up, they might have a different interest not at all related to baseball. If this happens, it is very easy to disassemble the batting cage and put it away for storage or you can easily sell it to your neighbours or other people who might need it. By doing this, you can get at least a part of the amount that you had to pay when you bought the batting cage after your children could enjoy practicing in it. Not only this, you also will be able to help those people who are on a low budget but in dire need of a batting cage.

So instead of installing a permanent batting cage in your backyard or school ground, why not get yourself a portable batting cage to enjoy its features not available in standard batting cages. Buying one of these portable batting cages is very beneficial for homeowners, schools, sporting complexes, or baseball teams who are always on the road and have limited space.

If you would like to learn more you can read about batting cages and practical tips on using a batting cage to improve hitting.

Idea Launches A Helpline To Facilitate Day-to-day Conversations In 16 Different Languages

Idea launches a Helpline to facilitate day-to-day conversations in 16 different Languages

-Now, mobile users across the country can Break the Language Barrier by simply making a phone call
-Call Idea Helpline 9826012345 in Madhya Pradesh for Conversational support

Indore: The idea to use the mobile phone to seek conversational help when away from home, as suggested by Sirji to the four idiots in the new Idea advertisement, is now a reality! Idea has demonstrated that assistance on conversations in different Indian languages can be made available on the mobile platform, by launching countrys first Language Helpline which will offer conversational support to callers, in as many as 16 languages. Indeed, What an Idea Sirji, in a multi-linguist country!

Any of the over 650 million mobile users in the country who have to move out of their homes for Career, Education, Travel and other prospects in life; or need to communicate with people talking different languages in their own surroundings, can now avail this unique service from Idea.

For instance, a Bengali speaking person who needs to have a conversation in Hindi, with a vegetable vendor or a cab-driver in Madhya Pradesh, can just dial 9826012345 and seek assistance on Hindi. The caller needs to verbalize his message and the same will be translated by the Idea Helpline agent, instantly on the phone. Input to the agent needs to be given in Hindi or English only for translation in the desired local language.

Callers can call any of the 22 customer care helplines of Idea from anywhere in the country, to get assistance on the language spoken in the circle where the call is being made. For eg: The Bengali caller in Delhi can call the Idea Helpline number of Tamil Nadu for assistance in Tamil if the need arises.

Announcing the launch of Language Helpline, Ms. Anupama Ahluwalia, Senior Vice President Marketing, IDEA Cellular said, Our consumer research revealed an interesting insight that people struggle to communicate with other fellow Indians when they move out to other parts of the country where a different language is spoken. Ideas consumer oriented approach led us to the development of a unique and novel concept – Language Helpline, to offer real-time assistance on day-to-day conversations to those who need to communicate with local people in their preferred language. The Idea Language Helpline is a demonstration of the power of mobile telephony in bridging language barriers and will take the brand to a new level of consumer connect.

Ideas Language Helpline is available across all 22 telecom circles and in 16 Indian languages Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Urdu. Language assistance will be offered on the most spoken language(s) in the circle. The helpline number is the Idea customer care number of that circle and can be accessed by Idea subscribers as well as any other mobile user.

Ideas customer care IVR has been revamped to incorporate the Language Helpline. Callers seeking assistance on language will be directed to the Language Helpline through the IVR menu in a user-friendly manner. A dedicated team of agents who understand and speak the local language have been deployed to assist callers. A nominal charge of 50 paisa per 3 minutes will be applicable for calling the Language Helpline.

The list of all 16 languages and the Language Helpline numbers can be accessed from

Idea Cellular had earlier launched its Break the Language Barrier campaign, which suggests a Champion idea to use the mobile phone to build bridges with people speaking different languages. Idea Brand Ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan, features as a mute chaiwalah in the ad who conveys this idea without speaking a word. The Idea Language Helpline is an extension of the campaign which is touching millions of Indians across the country.

For further information, please contact:
Atul Malikram
[email protected]

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Small Wedding Planning

Although, weddings can be very costly today, you can still make it your dream day. Having a small wedding for a few close friends and family members, will enable you to be a bit more flexible with some of the details than you would otherwise.

At a small wedding, you will have more time to spend with your friends and family, and it will be far less stressful. You will be able to concentrate on the finer details and make sure everyone has a great time.

Tips for small wedding planning:

Tip 1:
Smaller weddings generally seem more personal than the large social events some people choose. When you are planning a small wedding, you have a lot more options on where to hold the event. You can have it in your home or a friend/relatives home or you could have a garden wedding. Other venues could be historic inns, museums, historic homes, and on a train or a boat. Some of these places may not advertise availability for weddings, but that’s because they don’t want enquiries from people holding large events. It’s always worth asking.

Tip 2:
Depending on your budget, you can have hors d’oeuvres, a full buffet, or go for a full catered event. If your wedding party is small enough, you can even reserve a room at your favourite restaurant. Some restaurants will even print a special menu just for your event and you can choose to make it as simple or as lavish as you wish.

Tip 3:
Use flowers that are in season. Ask your florist about the best in season flowers. Let them know what you want and your budget. Also be aware that out of season flowers can also be cheap and may help in decorating in other areas, such as the hallway. Leaving your ideal flowers for decorating the tables etc. However, don’t worry too much about the flowers, as guests are more likely to remember the food than the flowers.

Tip 4:
Have a small wedding cake for display and a large sheet cake to cut and serve from the kitchen. You can serve the cake as the dessert after the meal.

Tip 5:
You will be able to involve your guests for when planning a small wedding. You could have each guest sign their name and write their sentiments on the tablecloth. Through time, these could be embroidered onto the tablecloth to be passed down through the generations.

Tip 6:
Give each member of your families a flower, and have them line the aisle. As the bride proceeds towards the altar, she takes each one and assembles her bouquet as she goes, symbolising the contributions the family makes to this union.

Tip 7:
Ask each of the guests to say a few words about the couple, or ask them to write a few things down ahead of time, and compile them into a document for one person to read out.

Tip 8:
Make your wedding program more into more of a booklet and keepsake. Include messages to each of the guests and explanations of why you chose your flowers, readings, colours, music, etc. If your wedding is held in a unique place, give some information about it.

Tip 9:
Be your own ushers after the service. You can greet each guest as they leave the service.

Tip 10:
Have a guestbook for all your guests to share comments and messages. You could have a page for each guest and will be a great keepsake of your day.

Tip 11:
Have your photographer take photos of all your guests, either in one large group photo or as couples, families etc.

Tip 12:
Have a slide show of photos of each of you from childhood and on up through meeting each another. Include photos of each of you with your families and other guests. Then show the slides during the reception, either with music you have created or with some narration.

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Planning Your Office Christmas Party

If it’s down to you to make this year’s office Christmas bash the most successful in company history then you’ll need to start planning now! If you can get the basics right then the stage is set for the perfect party and you can relax and enjoy the fun.

It might seem ludicrously early to even begin thinking about celebrating Christmas but if you want your company to have a night to remember it’s worth making that extra effort and hopefully everyone will thank you for it!

Decide on a budget

Find out from the outset what your budget will be because your party depends on it! There’s no use making big, elaborate plans if there just isn’t the money there but don’t worry if the cash doesn’t match your expectations it won’t have any bearing on how much fun you can have. As long as everyone is clear from the outset, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises in store for bosses or staff.

Who’s Who

You’ll need to know very early on who will be invited to this year’s Christmas party. Is it purely for staff or will clients or suppliers be on the guest list too? And don’t just assume it will be the same as last year. Budget constraints may mean clients aren’t invited this year, or maybe your company is asking partners of staff along for a change. And if the company is split across several sites and departments then you’ll need to know if you are organising one big celebration or a smaller, more intimate get together.

Name the day

Be realistic when deciding on a date. Whichever day you decide upon there will always be someone who can’t attend. Don’t try and please everyone, just book early and make sure everyone knows well in advance and if you have refusals don’t take it to heart. If you want to maximise your company’s attendance then sending out a group email with a selection of dates to choose from might be in order, but even then you will always end up excluding someone. Depending on how busy your office gets at Christmas time you may decide to have your party slightly earlier than most, and there is an increasing trend to wait until January when diaries are less full and prices are cheaper!

Booking a venue

Location is key here. Once you know a date and roughly how many people will be on the guest list it’s time to start thinking about your venue. Once you have decided on the type of venue, whether it be a hotel, pub, nightclub or restaurant, the most important factor consideration is the location. It makes sense to have the party relatively near the office so everyone is familiar with transport links. However glitzy the destination, staff are unlikely to want to make the trip to a different town or part of London with no means of getting home. If you must do it, then consider laying on transport to a recognised location, such as a main train station or tube stop.

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The Wedding Song

The Wedding Song

You will want wedding reception music and ceremony music. Ceremony music and reception music can be used for the Prelude, Processional, Bridal March, Interlude, Recessional, First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Cutting the Cake and for the Bouquet Toss.


You may want music as people enter the church. Generally this is soft background music, for example a classical guitar. This is music that sets the scene so that the guests know that the ceremony is about to begin.


Music as the bridal party begins the walk, perhaps a guitar and vocals.

Bridal March:

It has become more popular to do away with the traditional “bridal march” and instead play music that is more meaningful to the couple. e.g.” If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys”. Or follow the popular trend and dance down the aisle. What about, “Ain’t No Other Man- Christina Aguilera”.


Traditionally music played just after the prayer or the lighting of the candle; perhaps, a solo clarinet.


Music that is played as the newly married couple leave the church. This is usually a very upbeat/celebratory number, “I Feel Good- James Brown”.

Wedding Reception Music

When choosing your wedding reception music, you must remember that you have guests. Not everyone will want to listen to Metallica or Tom Waits for the entire time. Make sure that the music you play is diverse, and will appeal to everyone.

Generally if you are hiring a wedding band, they will provide you with their set list. If your favourite song is not there the band can usually learn it for you, at an extra cost.

It is becoming popular nowadays to run the wedding reception to this schedule:

Hors d’oeuvre: As guests gather and socialize (sometimes while you are having your photo taken) jazz music will play in the background.

Dinner/Speeches: Again it has become fashionable to intersperse the speeches with sets of jazz music, progressing to pop/rock tunes towards dessert.

1st dance wedding songs: The bridal couple will take to the floor, with their personal special number. This can then be followed by the father/daughter or mother/son dance

Party Music: Once the cake has been cut, the party music comes out in force. There should be a good mix of classics and modern tunes, to get everyone off their feet and dancing.

Black Velvet are a wedding band that can cater to all occasions. Visit there website and request for a free demo.

Planning a Toilet

When tackling a lavatory, the first issue you should do is create a rough arrange of the rooms dimensions and layouts (windows, door etc.). When it involves the look, unless you’ve got an plan in mind, it is best to seem at photographs or designing guides on websites and in showrooms to get a feel for the decor you like. Ask yourself questions such as ancient or contemporary? It’s important to keep in mind the rough size of your toilet; many loos are tiny in nature and can take more concentration than others.

A clear modern layout is perfect for tiny bogs like this. When you’ve got done some research you’ll be able to start to piece along a design specification and a to shop for list for your rest room; not everyone may be a shower person, some like a bathtub once during a while therefore this is often personal to every and each individual. Currently your design specification is geared up, the following highly vital task is creating a budget and to ask yourself whether or not you will be fitting it yourself or getting somebody in to help. Keep in the mind the budget as you’ll wish the most effective quality bathrooms you can get and they will be more expensive than you think. There are also technical things to think about if you are utterly changing the layout of your lavatory – plumbing, electrics…

Designer bathrooms are a massive market right now and there is more choice than ever thus it’s easy to find a rest room suite to satisfy your needs, whether or not your style is additional classical bogs than innovative. However, baths can be the most intricate to shop for – there is a wide range of various sorts of baths: Jacuzzi, freestanding and corner baths just a few of your options. Create sure your arrange is detailed in timing, the identical when renovating any area things should be done in an exceedingly specific order else you may have to redo things.

I’d suggest installing the essential bigger things: bath and shower 1st then toilet and sink before the likes of fittings and taps. Continuously check for leaks when fitting bathrooms. Lighting is terribly necessary to get right and will change the entire look of the room; modern bathrooms would like tons of sunshine particularly those without any natural light. When everything is in place and operating, floor is down and walls are complete is when you’ll add the finishing touches and go accessories looking – towels, shower curtains, mirrors etc. Loos would like to be stylish yet liveable they have be easy to wash and storage must be neatly organized. Once your luxury bathroom suite is all match in and in operating order; and your accessories in place, you can fancy your rest room for a while, or if you’re like me some years until you become bored with the color or the layout and need to redecorate.

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Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha bikes are recognized for their stylish sporty looks that attracts every passion loving person. Every Yamaha bike has got true masculine design with great list of resourceful features and technical specifications. The company understands what are exactly the needs and demands of a fun loving and enthusiastic people from their bikes and constantly comes out with something really new and innovative. Yamaha bikes have been manufactured on three basic keywords: Power, Style and Speed that makes it winner of its sport. There are numbers of Yamaha store where you can get and analysis your preferred Yamaha model, which have been featured in very unique manner and designed to accomplish your desires in graceful manner. Yamaha FZ16 is the robust looking sport bike having perfect combination of new style and power. If you have set your mind to purchase a sporty bike then Yamaha FZ16 is the perfect option for you. This Yamaha FZ16 review precisely describes you the details of the bike and guides you to make a right and favoring decision. Yamaha FZ16 has got an envious look with its stunning and sturdy dimension of 1975 (length) x770 (width) x1045 (height) mm. Its overall high profile is maintain by multi-reflector headlamp, colorful backlight, digital LCD dashboard, bold fuel tank, side panels, grab rail, rear grab bar, footrest design, stylish muffler, seat and tyres. Mechanically, Yamaha FZ16 has been boosted with a powerful air-cooled, 4-stroke, SHOC, 2 valve engine, which is able to generate peak power of 14PS at 7500rpm and a peak torque of 14NM at 6000rpm. The engine has displacement of 153cc along with 5 speed gear box, which is equipped with constant mesh wet multiple. This Yamaha bike claimed to be offer you top speed of 114km with below average mileage around 35kmpl & 46kmpl in crowded city roads and on highways respectively. Front Disc brakes are quite powerful and commanding in order to offer you smooth and safe drive. The placement of handlebars, footpegs, seat, rear grab rail and other features keep the rider in comfortable and sporty position, even on long drives. But, Yamaha FZ16 lacks with a kick start and leg guard. provides you complete information about the bike through its expert writtenYamaha FZ16 reviews along with other quality options from various brands at very affordable price with discounts.

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Ideas For Terminating Weight Quickly

Have you been searching for pointers about shedding fat fast? Then grab a cup of espresso and pull up your chair, simply because this is the write-up you should study.

In this article, I’m likely to describe three pointers to support you complete losing excess weight fast. Very first, I’m going to be discussing reading the dietary labels on the grocery items you purchase. Subsequent, I’m going to be discussing decreasing sugar. Lastly, I’m likely to wrap it up with all the idea of eating only as a response to hunger.

Right after reading this post, you’ll be able to start shedding excess weight fast and obtain the side advantage of becoming much more appealing for your buddies, perform associates, and those you meet in public.

Study the nutritional labels in your grocery items

Don’t fly blind. Know what you’re putting inside your physique.

Don’t take a product’s substances for granted. To be successful at shedding fat fast, you should double-check the components of one’s grocery merchandise. Also, do not just skim the label. Double-check the product’s serving sizes, particularly in relation to how a lot of calories you will be consuming per serving.

Reduce sugar

Cut out the sugar out of your coffee and gentle drinks. These kinds of drinks do not fill you up, and but the sugar content can stop you from dropping excess weight quick.

Avoid processed meals. Such non-sugary processed meals generally contain hidden sugars. Go through your labels and you will be shocked how much sugar is in peanut butter, canned fruit, ketchup, soups, as well as bread.

Be wary of buying fat-free diet grocery objects. The fat that has been removed is often substituted with sugar to cover the lack of taste typically supplied by body fat. Not surprisingly, fat-free diet items are typically higher in calories.

Eat only like a response to starvation

We generally consume, not simply because we’re hungry but simply because of psychological factors in an try to really feel better. Ironically, consuming like a response to emotions usually ends up creating us really feel worse, because of us overeating, starting to be drained or bloated, and the consuming of extra but pointless calories.

To become effective at shedding weight quick, you ought to force your self to eat extra meals daily but consume smaller portions. Then be attentive to your body as to how you might be feeling after each meal. Are you bloated? Are you currently drained?

Build the sense of tuning into your body to comprehend whether or not you are actually hungry or only consuming in response to unfavorable emotions or like a habit-response motion.

Now you’ve got the 3 needed components which are important to suit your needs to take into account before you shedding excess weight quick. Initial, reading the dietary labels on your grocery items. Second, decreasing sugar. Lastly, eating only like a response to hunger.

Ignore these 3 needed components and you might be dooming yourself to failure, so put these components into practice and you will be able to and begin receiving much more favorable social interaction, whether from close friends, organization contacts, your employer, or a new relationship and meet your objective of losing fat quick!

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Six Steps to Planning a Great Party

Julie was known for being a last minute kind of person so it was no surprise to anyone that she started planning a party for 100 guests just two months before the actual event. Her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary was looming and the idea was to have a big gathering to celebrate the occasion. As reality set in, Julie started calling every business in the phonebook that advertised Cincinnati catering and Northern Kentucky catering services. It soon became apparent that she had missed a window of opportunity to set things up effortlessly and would be spending much more time and attention than if she had planned properly.

When Julie finally connected with someone who could take her as a food service client, she was grateful that at least the food would be taken care of but she needed to nail down many more details to ensure the party would be a success. She enlisted the help of her friend Connie who was able to talk her through the many steps that were left to arrange.

Some of Connie’s ideas included:

1. Determine if invitations should be mailed and if so, decide what would be the absolute latest date for an RSVP. This is such an important step and one that determines how much food to order.

2. Decide on whether to have a sit-down dinner or a buffet. Many people find a buffet more desirable so guests can mingle and visit freely with each other. While both have their own unique qualities, usually one or the other is most appealing to hosts and will determine the tone of the party. Many people choose buffets for the casual mood it sets and for the ease of serving.

3. Taste the food to be served to ensure quality and to see if it is really to your liking. Amazingly, something can sound so great and not really taste that special even though it has a big price.

4. Consider hiring a photographer to come to the event to capture family pictures both candid and posed. This is a great idea when so many relatives are gathered in one place.

5. Arrange to display wedding pictures of the bride and groom for a sweet and nostalgic decoration. A nice touch is to use the colors that were in their wedding to decorate for the 50th anniversary party.

6. Set the mood with music from your parents’ era. Consider hiring a pianist or even a small strings group to give an elegant flare to your party. If there is room for it, arrange a dance space where people can truly have fun reminiscing and dancing to old favorites.

As Connie worked with Julie several lists were drawn up and thoughts were organized and what had been random thoughts became concrete suggestions and well ordered ideas that would make her party special and truly honoring to her parents. Julie was surprised to find that she even enjoyed gathering the pictures, suggesting several musical selections and choosing wonderful gourmet foods that her chosen vendor offered to supply. The weeks flew by, the party was a huge success and now Julie has wonderful family pictures in a lovely album to remind her that with a little planning and and some personal touches, a great party is very possible to achieve.

Connor R. Sullivan and his wife recently threw a great graduation party with the help of a Cincinnati catering company.