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Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

Weddings are the most exciting moments for women. And there is probably no other occasion in the world that can match her interest, enthusiasm, energy and zeal as when she is preparing for her own wedding. Of course, there will be many things to consider. This is, so much more than agreeing to her beau that she will be his for life. This is also about the practical side of marrying someone and one of the first most practical issues she will be sharing with her groom-to-be will be the choice of a wedding reception venue.

There are many things to look into, from the size to the facilities to the food to the decor and practically everything that is bound to have an effect on the overall experience of the guests and, most especially, of the wedded couple. Choosing a reception venue itself can be very tricky. There are many things one might be tempted to prioritize over the others when, in fact, everything is essential in their own right. For example, a couple who is on a tight budget might be tempted to choose a venue just because it is cheap. This may be an option they feel they need to take, but on the other hand, they cannot simply pick just any venue for an event that is bound to happen only once in their lives – between the two of them, at least. So this must be a special venue, not necessarily expensive, but it has to be something that they both feel passionate about.

On the other hand, there are also practical issues that must be considered as a couple chooses the right venue for their reception. Sometimes, these things are taken for granted, but this is only because people seem to forget that these details are actually the cornerstone of the success of their reception. When one of these fails, there is a tendency for the other aspects of the celebration to fail as well.

For example, guest seating capacity might seem very trivial to some, but when you get the venue with the wrong seating capacity, you can expect your guests to be either uncomfortable with space too small or awkward with a place too large. Of course, the payment policy is something to be considered. Do you have to pay the full amount and when do you need to do that? At the last minute, one never knows what could happen so it would be perfectly wise to take the time to know about a venue’s cancellation policy.

There are many more practical issues that need to be addressed and for this reason, most couples decide to hire a wedding planner or organizer to make sure they are stress-free on their wedding day. True enough, when you let the experts handle things, you’re assured that they can do it better. For example, a wedding planner based in St Charles, Missouri will know the best deals around for a St Charles wedding the way only a wedding planner in that place will.

St Louis wedding locations in Missouri can be varied from Churches to parks and gardens while reception can follow at any of the several St Louis banquet centers you can choose from.

Tips For a Perfect Wedding Reception

Many couples place more attention on the wedding reception more than anything else. The reason is simple. The reception marks the closing stages of the event and any bad impression made there will be how the entire event will be judged. Coupe will like their invitees to walk away with pleasant memories about the ceremony so they will put in all effort to make the reception great. How does a couple ensure a remarkable, joyous and comfortable wedding reception for their guests?

Your guests should be adequately seated. Plan for double the number of guests you invited so that you have excess tables and chairs rather than shortages. You should personally find out about how many tables the location has instead of relying on the promises by the vendor. You must decide on the décor – whether it will be part of the price you will be paying or you will be providing your own décor.

The couple should not keep the guests waiting. They should arrive early at the ceremony. This way they show respect for the guests and indicate that they value their presence. Again, it is not courteous to leave the place too early. You must sit through with your guests throughout the event and leave after the major events have taken place. Again, the coupe should not detach themselves so much from the guests. You must greet them and let them know that you recognize their attendance.

Couples should make every effort to make the reception glamorous. You can adopt cost savings measures on other aspects of the wedding to get a fitting reception. You need to see off your guests with pleasant impressions. A great reception is one during which the guests feel as comfortable as possible, were served right. Once you get these right, you are o your way to memorable wedding reception for your guests.

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Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

The first thing any bride needs to think about is where the reception will be held. If you have not chosen and reserved a reception location now is the time to do so. All wedding receptions are different and each location can change how the bride will need to decorate. Before you can really begin planning your decorations you really need to know where you will be decorating.

Once you know the place and the hours (daytime, midevening or late night receptions could all vary by a lot) it is time to think about the decorations. You can start simple by determining the linens, silverware and glassware that you will be using. Just by determining these few items you will be able give a certain feeling to the reception such as casual, elegant, formal or family friendly.

The entryway into the actual reception can also be decorated. Many brides and grooms prefer something simple like a sign, monograms or pictures of the happy couple that their guests will pass on the way in. If you are looking for something a little more decorative you could choose an archway decorated with lights or flowers.

One common way to decorate is by using centerpieces on all the tables. The table centerpieces can be the same, or they can alternate by table. Some of the more common wedding centerpieces include flowers and candles. If you are looking to be even more modern you could have a large glass bowl filled with edible treats and surround that with flower petals.

Once you decide on the centerpieces for your guest tables, it is time to think about the wedding party table. You can either use the same centerpieces, similar ones but a little nicer (just like how the bride has a bigger bouquet than the bridesmaids, it is perfectly acceptable for the nicest centerpieces to be on the wedding party table), or you can choose to use something completely different and unique.

Whether you are having a full buffet or you just have an appetizer table you can take the time to decorate these tables as well. Making these tables extra special just requires you add some flower petals, personal pictures or even use different linens than the rest of the tables.

The cake table is also usually decorated. The cake serving utensils are usually on the table from the beginning of the reception for everyone to see, this is especially nice if they are monogrammed or have some special meaning to them.

Of course there is more decorating you can do, utilize any other ideas you have especially any centered on a wedding theme or wedding colors. This article just listed the basics, evenly broken up into manageable tasks. Hopefully this will help some brides cut down on the stress.

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How a Reception Desk Helps Your Business

We all know that saying: “Make a good first impression.” It has been proven true so many times and can really be related to anything. One of those things is the reception desk. When customers walk through your front door, you want them to be blown away. You want them to see what you have to offer in only the first few seconds. When you make that good first impression, make sure it is with the right reception desk.

In our world today, so many people are bustling about, selling and buying. This economy is struggling to stay on its feet and there isn’t time to waste. Wasted time could mean a lost opportunity, and in turn, a lost job. So, when opportunities arise, we have to take them, and take them with full force. If people see the right reception desk, they won’t stop to think for even a second because they know that you are the right person for the job.

A good reception area and more importantly, reception desk, have become a staple in modern societies way of creating a successful income. Sure, quality products make up for most of the work, but a smart businessman or woman knows that every facet of his or her business must work in tip top shape in order to succeed.

There is a reason why the reception desk is known as the “front face” of the organization. This is where a customer first sees what is going on in the company and where he or she makes a first decision towards using your company for future endeavors.

It is simple marketing, really. If you market the face of your organization properly, the rest will follow. When someone enters your front doors, this is where he or she will schedule appointments to talk to you. A pleasing reception desk will help in sealing that deal and selling that product.

Any cosmetologist will tell you, if you take good care of your face, you’re more likely to do more in life. The same goes with businesses and reception desks. Take good care of the face of the company and your business will go go further.

Not only must you have a good looking reception desk, but it must also be tidy and uncluttered. If it is cluttered, the customer will get the impression that you don’t care about your work. If it is clean, the customer will feel as though you are very professional, and will want to do business with you.

I know what you’re thinking. “Reception desks? All this for reception desks?” Yeah, I know reception desks may sound like a small thing when you have so many other things to worry about, but hey, what have you got to lose?

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Ways to Look Your Best For the Reception

Weddings are beautiful events and celebrate the joining of two people who are truly in love. These two people (but mainly the bride) has spent months, even years organizing and planning their big day so being invited to join them is a pretty special thing! So how do you look your best for a wedding reception?

The first thing to think about is what sort of wedding is it? This is usually printed on the invitation and will state what sort of dress code to wear. Some couples like to have black tie receptions while others like their guests to enjoy themselves and be as comfy as possible. Some couples even go down the route of themed receptions!

If you are attending a black tie reception then it is essential that you turn up in your best tuxedo or suit. Women will take this as an opportunity to buy the best outfit they can, so why shouldn’t men do the same? As with all black tie events you should look the part. This will involve shining your shoes, buying a new bow tie and investing in a classy set of cufflinks. People are often unaware of the impact that cufflinks make but for men, cufflinks are the equivalent to women’s jewelry. If you are looking for a cufflink then you will have plenty of sets to choose from. If you are new to cufflinks then there are a few different types you can buy. You could go for a classic style of plain gold. You could try something a bit more daring and go for novelty cufflinks. Or you could even go the whole way with some ball and chain wedding cufflinks! I’m sure the happy couple will see the humorous side and will make for a great conversation piece!

If the reception is more of an informal get together then feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Try to remember that if you are attending the ceremony too you should have an outfit that will suit both settings. Go for an outfit that is classy but will be able to let you party the night away too! This can be done with the addition or removal of some times.

For example if you were wearing a suit and tie to the ceremony, it will make you feel more comfortable (and therefore more likely to enjoy yourself) if you can take the jacket and tie off when you arrive at the reception. For women it may just be a case of packing a spare pair of shoes. Those killer heels will look great in the wedding photos but not so great when you are writhing in agony on the dance floor! Also the use of a cardigan or shawl may be handy if the reception is outdoors or goes on long into the night.

So whether you are going to a tasteful ceremony and reception at the country club or are rocking out with a group of bikers, try to dress the part and give the happy couple a day that they will never forget.

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White Wedding – Colorful Reception

For brides who are torn between having a traditional white wedding and a festive colorful wedding, there is a great option: have both! One trend that is on the rise is to have a very classic white wedding ceremony followed by a reception with a vibrant and vivid color scheme. For tips on how to pull off this dual style wedding, read on.

More and more brides are deciding that they really want to have it all for their weddings. This is why it has become so popular to have a traditional bridal gown for the ceremony and a sexier dress and fabulously trendy crystal jewelry for the reception. Brides feel like they can find a way to express both sides of their personality, the traditional and the contemporary, instead of having to decide between the two. The white wedding ceremony followed by a brightly hued reception follows the same idea.

The trick to having a successful wedding with two distinctive halves is to choose a few elements that you can carry throughout the entire event to give it some continuity. You want your guests to be pleasantly surprised when they make the transition from ceremony to reception; you don’t want them to think that they are at the wrong party. So although the ceremony and reception will have different color schemes and different atmospheres, they should still retain some similar characteristics.

An easy and subtle way to link the ceremony and reception is with the flowers. You can select a few favorite blossoms to highlight, and feature them in white for the ceremony and a bright color for your reception. There are any number of flowers that would lend themselves to this beautifully. The bride can carry a bouquet of white peonies, hydrangeas, and roses for a classic and demure spring wedding. Punch up the reception by creating arrangements from hot pink peonies and roses accented by fresh green hydrangeas. This is a fantastic way to have two distinctive décor schemes that still feel cohesive.

As for the rest of the design scheme, just try to establish some sort of common thread between the wedding and reception. For instance, if your ceremony was very formal, perhaps you could decorate your reception in rich shades of plum and navy. An all-white wedding ceremony in a garden could be followed by an informal reception decorated in pinks, yellows, and lilacs. Unique touches like displaying your flowers in garden urns is a nice way to make the reception echo the ceremony, while still having a totally different color palette.

It would be really fun for the bride to find a way to add some of her bright colors to her attire for the reception. It can be as simple as swapping out one set of accessories for another. For the classic demure bridal look during the ceremony, the timeless beauty of pearl jewelry is ideal. To transition to the party after the service, the bride can exchange her pearls for a set of crystal bridal jewelry that has been custom ordered in her bright colors. It will only take a moment to make the switch, but the impact will be dramatic, and definitely signals that the bride has gone into “party mode”.

Choosing two separate color palettes for your ceremony and reception might be a little more work, but it also means that you do not have to choose between your serious side and your fun side. Indulge both sides of your personality to create one truly unique and memorable wedding. It will truly be a one-of-a-kind event.

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Ideas For an Elegant Wedding Reception

The wedding reception marks the closing stages of the bridal event. It is the time to refresh your guests after they kept sitting for hours and partaking in your event. The wedding reception has a great impression on your guests because it is the last of all the ceremonies. It is also the most anticipated because that is when you play the music, serve the drinks and food. All guests look forward to a great reception so the couple must make every effort to get it done right.

The first point is to hire a consultant. It is more effective to offer a little money for such services than to organize a show that will be substandard. Coordinators usually have qualifications in PR and event organization so they are able to mange the reception with elegance. From years of experience they know how to decorate a hall so it achieves a glamorous look. They are also able to contact efficient florists, caterers and DJs to make the occasion grand and entertaining. These coordinators know how to arrange seating for the best interactive experience of guests and get bandsmen that will play admirable tunes for the day.

A great reception makes the right wedding. The guest will leave your ceremony happy and talking about how elegant your event has been. Plan ahead and look to eliminate every inadequacy that can impact on your guests. Ensure that the room is not too hot or too cold, arrange for decent seating and let the food be good. Choose a DJ who is skilled enough to play appropriate music and do not place strangers at one table. If you are holding a grand event such as one that follows a formal wedding, be sure to have ushers who will take the guests to their seat. Arrange the seating such that couples are able to have one table. Once you are able to do that, your guests will enjoy the day.

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How Phuket Bars Can Add To The Fun Of Your Upcoming Wedding Celebration

If you are planning a wedding, Phuket has many resources that you can use to make your celebration memorable and visually stunning. There are many different Phuket Bars, restaurants and clubs that may be appealing to you when you are planning your upcoming wedding, Phuket. It is simply a matter of deciding how you will incorporate establishments such as Phuket Bars into your Wedding, Phuket and what style of Phuket Bars will interest you the most and be the best fit for your needs.

Many people who are planning a wedding, Phuket will be looking for areas where they can celebrate the successful completion of their rehearsal and have an intimate dinner before the larger celebration takes place. For this kind of event, they may be looking for Phuket Bars that are quieter and more relaxed than some of the Go-Go clubs and beer bars that make up a large percentage of the Phuket Bars that are available. Some Phuket Bars have themes that include Irish Pubs or have more sophisticated atmospheres. These may be more suitable as a site for festivities connected to your wedding, Phuket.

However there is often more to your time in Phuket than just the wedding itself. You may also be looking for great Phuket Bars where you can dance the night away or have a few drinks to toast your upcoming union. You may also be looking for hot spots that you can direct your guests to so that they can have a much more enjoyable time. This can be especially important if you know that your guests will be attending your wedding as part of a large vacation. In this case you may want to include information about some of the more colorful bars and nightclubs that operate in the area.

Many people worry about the reputation that the Phuket area has had in the past. There are still some clubs that allow their patrons to have an experience that is more adult themed than other clubs may allow however the area in general is really cleaning up its act and its reputation is changing. Now many people are attracted to the area because of the natural beauty, the friendliness of the locals and the activities such as surfing that the beaches can offer to visitors.

If you are not going to be able to visit the area in order to see these clubs and attractions for yourself you may wonder how you will let your guests know about any of them. This is where the many tourism websites that are dedicated to the Phuket and Patong areas can come in handy. They list everything from restaurants to nightclubs to natural attractions and can make it easier for you to provide your guests with ideas about things that they can do and see while they are in the country.

Taking the time to plan the comfort and amusement of your guests can elevate your wedding from a fun event to a truly memorable experience that your guests will be talking about years after it has taken place.

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Organising Your Reception Area

Whatever your business, if customers or potential clients are likely to be visiting, then to give them the best impression of your company you need to give them a good experience right from the very start. For many companies, the place where people will start to form their opinion of you is at the reception, so having an organised and comfortable reception and waiting area is integral.

Having the right meeting furniture and office tables is one thing, but if you dont have the right reception area, people are going to feel underwhelmed no matter how much effort you have put into the rest of your offices.

Having a stylish reception desk is not going to put you back a whole lot more than having a generic one, but the difference in the impression it will create can be immense. Not only that, but a higher quality reception area will also have many more places for storage and will be designed much more intricately with the user in mind, meaning that the staff on reception can keep a much more orderly space around them, yet again creating a very good impression on those visiting.

The reception should be laid out in an inviting way, leaving enough space for visitors to feel able to relax, with a wide range of interesting (and current) literature for them to read whilst they wait. Having comfortable chairs in your waiting area is also important as, if the guest has to be kept waiting, they wont even notice if they are made as comfortable and welcome as possible.

That isnt to say that if you create the right reception you can skimp on everything else. Your meeting furniture and office tables should be not only good quality, but also versatile enough for you to arrange them as each individual meeting needs, creating the most conducive atmosphere to achieve the results you want to see.

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Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

When throwing a backyard reception, what happens there is limited only by the constraints of the space and the flexibility of your imagination. If you want to have a barbecue, go ahead. If you want a luau, party on. Taking the wedding reception outside of the reception hall affords the bridal couple a lot of freedom if they’re ready to accept it. Here are some ideas to make a backyard wedding reception easy and wonderful.

In a traditional reception hall wedding reception, there is a dance floor surrounded by tables. In less-formal receptions, some people choose to forego some of the tables and serve appetizers, but the layout is pretty much the same. In a backyard wedding, you can choose any layout you like. Instead of a circular arrangement of tables and chairs, try using the topography of the space to create conversation areas. They could be standing tables around a swimming pool full of lily pads and sunflowers, comfortable lounge chairs on the deck to watch the sunset from, and other groupings of chairs and tables around the yard. Place a food station at each conversation area, and the guests will naturally flow from one area to another.

Decorations need not be extravagant in a backyard wedding reception. Play up the yard’s features with extra flower plantings and possibly the addition of some flowering trees. Small flower arrangements of roses or carnations on the tables and about the reception area will go a long way toward creating beauty and ambiance. The cost of decorations could be cut in half, and perennial flowers and trees will be wonderful reminders of the day for many years to come. If the yard you’re using doesn’t have many features to play up, create a dance floor and surround it with tables. Erect a tent above the dance floor and swathe the tent poles with tulle. String fairy lights up the poles and around the tulle and place lanterns on the tables. It creates a perfect ambiance for an evening garden wedding.

Theme weddings are fun in backyard gathering spaces. You can create a high tea with finger sandwiches, teapots, petit-fours, and prissy flower and herb cuttings. You could also create a masquerade ball with gilded tablecloths and ornate decorations.

Some nice additions to any garden or backyard wedding reception are arbors and gazebos. You could place a flower-covered arbor at the entrance to the reception, and the newlyweds could walk underneath it to be announced to the guests. A gazebo is a fun place for a conversation station, or could even serve as the space for the couple’s first dance.

Use your imagination and let your sense of play run wild for your backyard wedding reception. There is a lot less at stake when the reception is in your own backyard. Let this be your day and dress it up with dreams. Plant a flowering tree and decorate it with a commemorative plaque. With a little luck you’ll dance in that gazebo on your fiftieth anniversary.

Alex Lemone is a bridal, engagement, and wedding writer. For more reception ideas or other useful wedding ideas, see Wedding Ideas Etc.