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Best Teen Halloween Party Planning Tips

Organizing a Halloween party is a thing we mostly think about a long time beforehand. This is the reason why the tips below are intended to help you plan your teenager Halloween party on a budget without keeping your teens from appreciating it.

When planning such an event, the first thing to do is to define the rules and let your teenager choose who is going to be in charge of what. Once it is done and everybody agreed with the conditions, you can go further in your party planning.

Few weeks in advance of the Halloween party, determine the theme the party is going to be about. Then, have your teen write and send the Halloween party invites in which they’ll include an RSVP and the subject of the party. Doing so will allow you to know how many guests you’re going to deal with as well as if you can hold the party at home or rent a bigger area for this. In addition, you will have a precise estimation of the amount of money you’re going to let your teenager to spend.

Having picked out a party theme will assist you to get the decorations that will match the budget you defined. Supposing you desire to avoid important expenses, you can utilize your used Halloween ornaments you preserved in the attic or the garage: there are surely a few of them that would work wonders this year ; or find more affordable material so that you economize money on your shopping expenses. You can also get various prop objects that can also add sound effects to harmonise with the Halloween party atmosphere.

Two weeks in advance of the party, buy a Halloween costume which should be in harmony with the selected subject. Costumes can be ordered online, which will provide you with the opportunity to spare time and get some belated bargains.

A new measure is the one concerning the party activities. While you can allow your teen to pick up the activities with your own guidance, do not make them consider that whatever interference which alters their determination of an inappropriate game was actually yours.

Then decide on the kind of aliments as well as beverages to provide. Are you going to make a meal or only several scary snacks? What sort of drink are you going to supply?

One week before the Halloween party control again with the list that you have made and search for any missing things. In the day prior to the party ensure to set up the outdoor decor because it needs to be as close as it can be to the Halloween party night; indeed, you don’t wish the decor to be broken by reason of of a capricious atmospheric condition.

When the Halloween party day comes you can make several board signs on the yard pointing at the house for the guests to learn where the party is held.

If you wish to have step by step tutorials on how to plan a Halloween party for children, teenagers and adults in addition to a lot more ideas, you’re welcome to visit our collection of the most creative Halloween ideas which will help you celebrate your party with a blast.

The Benefits Of Party Planning Software

For those who hardly plan any party, the party planning software may not be very important. However, for those who handle frequent events this tool becomes a necessity and one can simply not do without it. For the professional event planners who are faced with numerous big and small events then this tool is a must have.
When looking out for the best party plan software it is vital to keep in mind that some of them are specific to a certain type of party for example weddings, birthdays and the like. On the other hand some are generalized and can handle any type of event. Some of the soft wares are available free and can simply be down loaded from the internet.
For those who plan a diverse range of parties, then the general software will be the most ideal choice. However, there are those who specialize in a particular function such as wedding planners and the software they select can target specifically that area.
The general party planning software addresses every feature of the party and they are custom made to suit different needs. The different sections guide the user on the data they require to fill out and consequently get a detailed report. Areas such as budget, menu, shopping list and the like are well covered. The beauty about this software programs is their ability to come up with a detailed timetable that guide one on when to carry out a specific function.
Party planners are ideal MLM software programs as there are able to handle multi level industry events to detail. Most of these events are usually huge and address participants from the globe. Manually handling such events can prove to be a rather daunting task but with the help of this multi level marketing software the entire challenge becomes neutralized.
One can come up with soft ware generated reports targeted at the participants. Areas such as contributions can be addressed and actually look justifiable. This will soft ware programs are both cost and time saving.
This soft ware programs are excellent direct sales software programs as they aid in organizing sales related functions which have become increasingly common these days.

multi level marketing software is discussing about one of the effective elements which hold a lot of importance in your self running organization called party plan software or MLM software.

Planning a Great Theme Party for Halloween

It is fun to make believe, no matter how old you are. Theme parties are a great way to escape into another world even just for a few hours and a theme Halloween party is a perfect way to do it! There are so many different theme you can use for a party the hardest part won’t be the planning, it will be choosing a theme!

Kid’s Themes

When it comes to choosing the perfect theme for your party, the sky is the limit! But, to make your party completely successful you need to consider your guests. What are the ages of the party goers? For elementary school aged kids you can choose from any of these themes – and more:

Cartoon Character
Princess (for an all-girl party)

This list should spark more ideas that will fit your kids! Make sure the theme is general enough so that all the kids can come up with some sort of costume.

Teen and Adult Theme’s

With older kids and adults you can venture into the scary and retro categories. These are a little hard to pull off with little kids because they have no idea what the 80’s were and scary costumes are well, scary!

Here are a few ideas for teen and adult Halloween theme parties:

Movie Characters
Retro – use a decade like the 60’s or 80’s and let people interpret it as the like. These parties are fun and outrageous!
Horror Movie Villains
Murder Mystery
Couples Costumes – This can be fun if you are having a couple’s party. Guests can come as famous movie or book characters or fun things like bacon and eggs or salt and pepper!

Planning Your Party

Once you select a theme it is time to plan. Make invitations that go along with the theme you choose. For instance, if you choose a movie theme you could make the invitations look like a movie reel or movie tickets. For a retro party you can use something that is iconic from the time period – like big flowers and psychedelic colors from the 60’s. Make sure you give yourself a couple of weeks to get the invitations out and allow people time to get a costume.

Your menu can either go along with your theme or have a traditional, Halloween theme. Since it is a Halloween party, even if you go with food that goes along with your theme you can still serve it in hallowed out pumpkins, cauldron, and other Halloween props.

Plan fun games that will go along with your theme such as trivia. For instance, you can ask questions about 80’s movies or different Star Wars characters, clothing styles and music from a certain time period. For kids parties, have a themed scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving and a piñata.

A themed Halloween party can be fun to plan and fun to host. Give it a try, you will find yourself planning themed events for every holiday!

Cathy loves Halloween and enjoys all the fun festivities! She also enjoys a great cup of gourmet hot chocolate on a cool, fall evening. Of course Cathy makes the best hot cocoa using her hot cocoa maker for the perfect cup of cocoa every time!

Start planning an election day birthday party

September 08, 2010 Written by: Tyna Lewis

Election day is not too far away. Before you know it, it will be the second Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and voters will be headed to the poll to take part in the democratic process. If you know somebody who has a birthday coming up around the time of election day, and who is interested in politics, why not throw them an election day-themed birthday party? Combining one of their passions with the celebration of their birthday will certainly give them a time to remember!

For starters, you’ll want to send out enticing invitations. Since it’s election day, you should consider including a lot of American imagery in your announcements. One route you can take is to use plenty of red, white and blue. Invites that are decorated with the American flag is can be a good choice. Your friends will surely get in the spirit when they receive an invite printed on the stars and stripes. Another way you can pay homage to the political process with your invites is to send out ones that are adorned with the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties. Regardless of their party affiliation, the donkey and the elephant will be likely put a smile on their face.

Once you have selected your invitations, you should turn your attention to decorations. As was the case with announcements, you should include an abundance of the nation’s colors. Patriotic flag garland is a good place to begin. You can string it along the inside of your home to provide a perfect backdrop for the party. Red, white and blue metallic door curtains may also be a shiny addition to your shindig. Along with garland and a door curtain, think about hanging some patriotic swirls that contain flags and other uniquely American images. If you really would like to add a unique stamp on your election day bash, you should arrange a life-size stand up of President Obama. Your guests will definitely love having the opportunity to take a picture with a cut-out of the commander in chief.

While decorations and invitations are both important aspects of the birthday party, you need supplies as well, to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. To begin, you should purchase an ample supply of red, white and blue paper goods. You should make sure that you acquire paper plates, cups and napkins for your guests when you serve food.

A staple of birthday parties over the years has been balloons, and your election day birthday bash should be no different. Inflating some red, white and blue balloons will be a great addition to your gathering. Finally, how about having some noisemakers for your guests when the results are announced? If their favorite candidate emerges victorious,they will likely want to celebrate.

For political enthusiasts, there are few things more exciting than election day. The compelling nature of exercising a fundamental right combined with the celebration of a birthday will result in a great time had by all.

Tyna Lewis is a Birthday Party Decorations and Party Supplies  news writer for Windy City Novelties.

Planning the Bachelorette Party Menu

Most bachelorette parties involve food in some way. Whether going to a restaurant to eat, having the party catered, or doing a pot luck, eating is a great way to get the party started. Consider the theme of the bachelorette party when thinking about the food.

When organizing the party, the planner needs to consider the bride-to-be’s taste, but also the guests. When going to a restaurant, it is good to choose a restaurant that offers a variety of options. After all, there may be people at the party with special dietary requirements such as those who are dieting, have diabetes, are vegetarian or vegan, or who have food allergies. If the invitations are sent out soon enough, special dietary requirements may be given to the planner when responding and she can then go from there to plan the menu.

Of course, if the bride-to-be is set on going to her favorite restaurant and it only serves a certain type of food, be sure to notify the guests. They may want to eat beforehand then just munch on something small at the party.

If the party is being held at a place other than a restaurant, food will need to be provided, but the diets of others should still be considered when planning the menu. If it is being catered, see if there is a vegetarian plate available or one that is low in fat and/or calories. The menu can be simple or elaborate, based on what the bride would like and the budget for the party. The planner may also want to take into account the party activities. If the party is merely a gathering of family and friends, a heavy meal may be more appropriate. But, if the party is going to go out for the night for some type of activity, the planner may want to keep the menu simple.

If planning a pot luck dinner for the bachelorette party, the planner needs to know what everyone is bringing. This can prevent duplicate or triplicate items as well as let know what else may need to be covered, such as a bread or dessert. Regardless, the planner should not be the only one responsible for setting up the food and cleaning up afterwards – she wants to have a good time as well! Others should offer to help make sure everything is set up properly before the party starts and that everything is cleaned up after the party.

There are many different types of menus that can be planned. Something simple like grilled chicken, beef, potatoes, and vegetables make a nice easy meal that makes for a relatively easy clean up. Even simpler is a variety of sandwiches (don’t forget a vegetarian option) with chips and raw vegetables with dips. A party with great finger foods such as wings, pinwheels, cheese balls, meatballs, dips, raw vegetables, and sausage balls is usually always a hit. Don’t forget the drinks either. This should also include a variety such as a punch, soft drinks, tea, and water for those trying to cut out the caffeine.

The most important thing to remember when planning a bachelorette party menu is good friends, good times and good food!

For more information on Bachelorette Parties and Ideas you can visit her website.

Bachelorette Party Planning Basics

Bachelorette parties are a fairly new tradition. Originally brides celebrated primarily with the bridal shower. But more recently the tradition of the bachelorette party was introduced, it is based off the concept of the bachelor party (as you can probably tell by the name) and serves as a way to for the bride to celebrate in a fashion that doesn’t necessarily have to be as prim and proper as a bridal shower would be. It is a chance for the girls to really have fun and let loose a little bit before the wedding. It marks the departure from an independent life to a committed life in marriage. Because of the importance of this event, you need to be on top of your game when conducting your bachelorette party planning.

A few rules you should follow when planning a bachelorette party include rules for who pays, who should be invited, and what type of event to plan. The bride shouldn’t have to pay a dime. All costs should be divided equally among the participants (minus the bride). Also, anyone that’s invited to the bachelorette party should also be invited to the wedding. It’s ok if someone invited to the wedding isn’t invited to the bachelorette party but if someone is at the bachelorette party it would be strange if she were not invited to the wedding as well. Also, when planning the festivities, it is important to make sure the bride will be comfortable with everything. You certainly don’t want to hire male strippers if it’s something the bride will not enjoy.

To go into more ideas for bachelorette party planning, you can pretty much do anything as long as it is something that the bride will have fun doing. The events can range from nice and relaxed to wild and scandalous. A couple ideas for a nice relaxed party include weekend getaways to a spa center, an amusement park, the beach. An event that allows the bride to let loose a bit more include trips to the club with a scavenger hunt (a sample task would be getting a random guy to do a body shot off of the bride). Also there’s always the option of hiring strippers or going to a male strip club. Whatever you plan, just make sure it’s something that the bride will be comfortable with.

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Party Planning Checklist – Five Essentials

Are you planning a party and worried you’ll forget something. Believe me when I say it is not a pleasant experience to be in the middle of a party and realize you’ve forgotten something. It might not even be something that big (and these are usually the things easiest to forget about) like napkins for example, but it would still put a damper on the party. That’s why a great tool to use in the preparation process is a party planning checklist. Unfortunately there is no one checklist that works for all kinds of parties. And fortunately there’s a very simple and reliable process in creating a checklist. This process involves items involving budget, items involving guests, items involving location, items involving refreshments, and items involving supplies.

The first thing in your checklist should be related to your budget. Write down your budget at the top of your party planning checklist so that while creating your checklist, you will be able to see your budget and plan accordingly. This will help you correctly determine the number of people to invite, supplies, venue, etc.

The next thing on your checklist should be items related to guests. This part of the checklist should have items like creating your guest list, purchasing invitations, having your invitations prepared, and mailing them out. You should include a date which you want all your invitations out by so that your guests will have plenty of notice to save the date in their calendars and RSVP.

Your checklist should also have a section dedicated to your location. If you’re holding the party at your home, then this is already taken care of. But you’ll still want to have items like what kind of setup will need to be done and how far ahead of time you need to start to be ready in time for the party. If you’re booking a venue, you’ll need to have items like browsing locations and booking a location. You’ll also want a date set for the time you have your location by so that you’ll have a date and location set to put on your invitations.

For refreshments you’ll need to figure out if you’ll be hiring catering. If so, you should have items like getting quotes from different vendors and having the food and price figured out. If you’ll be providing the food yourself, you’ll need to make a list for what to buy and what needs to be done to get the food prepared.

Finally you’ll want to have items such as the supplies you’ll need. Also, depending on the type of part you’re planning, you’ll need to include miscellaneous things such as hiring a videographer or photographer. As long as you make a checklist, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Even if you’re not sure you have considered everything, as long as you start preparing ahead of time and have your party planning checklist made out early, you’ll have plenty of time to look things over and add to your checklist.

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Planning the Perfect Office Christmas Party

Although there is still more than six months to go until Christmas rolls around again, many companies will be thinking of booking their Christmas party in order to ensure that they have the best venue. While colleagues might still be complaining about the previous Christmas party, you are the one that is tasked with planning the next one. It is a thankless job that has not been made any easier by the current economic climate. There are thousands of possible venues that you can consider but finding the perfect one that satisfies that ever decreasing budget is not easy.

By holding these staff Christmas parties businesses want to celebrate a successful year and motivate their staff for the year ahead. It is amazing what Christmas time can do especially when it comes to inter-staff relations. Even those that dislike each other all year long can put aside their differences at this time of year and discover that they can actually enjoy a good friendship. Management gets to hear what the staff really think about things and, over a glass of wine or a beer, the staff can relax and discuss all the things that have happened during the course of the year.

If you are looking for great tips in finding the perfect venue for your Christmas party, one function centre is happy to offer some.

Before you choose a location for the party, consider where everyone lives and try to find one that is central. By doing this you will ensure that everyone will be able to get home with minimal difficulty and so will have no excuse for not attending the function. However, if your budget permits and the party will be out of town, then you need to find somewhere that will offer plenty of adequate accommodation for everyone.

Type of venue:
Depending of the atmosphere that you are wanting to create you will need to choose the appropriate venue. If you are looking for a formal event or even a casual one, this will need to be taken into account. Hotels are great if your party is to be a formal occasion. However if you are going with something more casual, then you might prefer to choose a restaurant. Function centres are there to host any kind of occasion and will be able to provide you with a choice of function rooms as well.

Style of party:
Invariably, the guests will range in ages and you need to bear that in mind. Certain people might prefer just to sit around, drink and talk, while others will want something a little more active, with a dance floor, for instance. By utilizing function centres you will be able to have access to different function rooms that will cater for everyone’s needs and preferences. Make sure that your guests understand that there is a dress code. Formal events, such as black tie occasions, might boost the morale of some of the staff but for others the expense involved may well prove to be a deterrent. Find a compromise, such as a smart-casual dress code. In this way you will be catering to everyone and not a select few.

Food is a major part of any Christmas party and one that you will need to consider carefully. You might go with the traditional turkey and trimmings or something else. Table seating needs to be addressed too. For instance, do you intend to have silver service or will your guests be able to help themselves at a buffet table? Buffets certainly do have their advantages which makes them popular with most people. Guests are able to circulate among each other, but, remember, buffets can also make some people rather greedy!

Some companies choose to book their venues as early as January or February, while others prefer to leave it until around November, although by then, most prime venues will have already been chosen. Do what you can to make the Christmas party that you organize one that will be fondly remembered by all the guests. Get ahead of the rest though and start looking early for the perfect venue.

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Planning a Great Birthday Party For Your Child

Planning a great children’s party is child’s play when you follow a few rules.
Where? Scope out a great place to party as early as possible. If you’re doing the party at your home, do you have enough space? Kids are small but the need to run around. Make sure you’ve childproofed the house. Check to see that heavy and tall furniture is secured to the walls. Cover electric outlets and so on.
Chow. A kid’s birthday party doesn’t require fancy or expensive foods. Many moms knock themselves out preparing a feast for their little guests only to find out that the little ones are too excited to eat. They’d rather run around with friends instead of sitting down for a meal. Have plenty of snack and finger foods. Before you put any food out, ask yourself, “How will this look on my carpet and walls?” Face it, kids are messy. Keep the foods neat and easy to handle. Go easy on the sugar and caffeine too. Kids don’t need to be any more jumpy than they are at a party.
Who’s Invited? A birthday party is a great time to get to know your children’s friends and their parents. While a big party in nice, sometimes too much is too much. Younger children should invite fewer children than older kids. Make sure you encourage the parents of young children to not just drop and run off. It’s safer for their children and a nice way to make new friends.
Goody Bags. You’ve got to give out goody bags. It’s the unwritten law of children’s birthday parties. But, you don’t have to go nuts or spend a ton of dough. A great resource for goody bags is Oriental Trading. You can find them easily online.
Photographer. If you’re planning a big birthday event, you may want to consider hiring a photographer to capture the moment. Your child is little for only a little while. Parents never regret having too many images of special family occasions when their children were tiny.
Decorations. Get creative! Pick a theme for the party that the birthday boy or girl really loves. Helium balloons fill up a room and add color and movement. Nothing says “birthday party” the way a bouquet of balloons do. Consider Mylar balloons as party favors, but be careful. Balloons are a choking hazard and should never be given to babies.
Entertainment. Get your party started the right way with solid party entertainment! Why not book a DJ to crank out some tunes and get the kids dancing and involved in party games?
Caricaturists. All of your guests will enjoy getting their portraits done at your party. It’s a very special party favor that your guest will keep for years and years.
Balloon Twister. Oh boy! Balloons! Balloon doggies, hats, butterflies, dinosaurs and more. A great balloon twister can make the most amazing balloon sculptures that your guests will adore. Not recommended for very young children because they tend to break the balloons repeatedly and broken balloons are a choking hazard. Lot’s of fun, but use your head!
Face Painting. The children will line up to get their faces painted. They’ll be transformed into monsters, puppies, cats and superheroes. Be aware that face painting takes time. You may need tow or more hours to paint all the children’s faces at a party. Make sure the face painter is using paints that are water washable and nontoxic.
Magicians. We saved the best for last. A magic show is hands down the best birthday party entertainment you can give your child. It has everything, amazing trick, hilarious jokes, silly gags and more. Some magicians are also jugglers and ventriloquists too. A great magician will do a show that feature plenty of amazing magic as well as plenty f audience participation. The birthday child usually becomes the star of the show and helps with some of the bigger tricks.
Finding a great magician isn’t hard. You don’t have to be a Houdini to find a great children’s magician for your party.

To find your perfect party performer anywhere in the United States, call Bryan McGovern. Bryan is the birthday party wizard at Hijinx Entertainment. He can help you find the funniest and most amazing party entertainers. With a large variety of America’s top magicians, Hijinx can help you find the perfect entertainer for your child’s birthday. For free birthday advice, visit Hijinx at or call 877-688-3133.

Simple Graduation Party Planning

Planning a party can be quite difficult, particularly if it is your first time. That is the same for graduation party planning and any other kind of party. There is always an element of doubt that you have everything covered and indeed you can fear you have missed something big. However with a good plan and a lot of common sense you should be able to very effectively plan a graduation party. Depending on the kind of person you are, it may be harder or easier. My close friend is always making lists and is very detailed in her approach to everything she does. For her it is important to get absolutely everything on the list and she will then be very exact in her approach. For me planning at her intensity is not quite as natural and I need help from other people. One thing for all of us, when you are giving a party in your home, there is a natural tendency to try and do all of it yourself. That includes all planning, organising, cleaning, catering, clearing away and being a DJ. It is a lot better if you will be getting help and that help should be part of your plan. You will still need to work hard, but you don’t need to do it all.

To calm my nerves I do like to walk through the main things that need to be done. My simple high level graduation party planning is to send out invitations, arrange caterers, arrange house cleaning and freshen up, arrange entertainment and photographer, arrange decorations, arrange games and prizes, buy favors and of course set a budget. Add to that a last minute checklist and a plan for the day then I feel more relaxed. I do have a very detailed checklist which includes centrepieces, tableware, tent rental, thank you note paper, guest list, date, will I co-host with another parent, and things like taking pets to a friends house. All of this is in date order starting from 3 months out and including daily activities leading up to the party and an exact plan for the big day.

With the party being at my home I do get a bit obsessive about how my home is presented. I take the task of tidying up all plants, flowers and bushes myself and stand across the street to see what it all looks like. However it is a party needs a host so getting caught up with too much detail on the day will not help me circulate. The pan needs to include getting everything ready and in place before the party starts and also how helpers will be useful in freeing up the hosts time. Things can go wrong but at least trying to be the perfect host is worth it.

Graduation party planning for a larger venue, bigger number of guests, a school party or a party at the park will be different in terms of the detail and the level of help. It may still be the same overall outline but the task times will be a lot higher.

There is lots of detail at and lots more on all aspects of graduation at