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Cuban Love Notes

How do you do nothing? Up until a few months ago I had no clue. Anytime I attempted to do nothing, I’d think about the next thing that needed to be done. Admittedly I’ve never been good with standing still. I figured the best way to cure this would be go to a place where I’d be forced to do nothing. In my opinion there’s no better place than a tropical paradise.

Believe it or not, I had never been on a vacation. Sure, I had visited New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; however it was only for a few days and not an all inclusive resort. For years I watched people around me escape to warmer temperatures, listened to their stories of sun, sand and waves, and wondered when it would be my turn.

Determined to not let another year without a vacation pass me by, I booked an all inclusive package. And Cuba was the destination of choice! It’s worth mentioning that Sean and I narrowly missed purchasing our tickets from Conquest Vacations, which ceased operations the day of our purchase. This proved to be a blessing in disguise because we were able to get a 4 star ocean view room in the newly constructed Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria near Santa Clara, Cuba.

The moment I stepped off the plane, I realized you don’t just visit Cuba, you feel Cuba!! From gentle breezes, soft sandy beaches & melodious ocean waves to the warmth of the people and their endless generosity, Cuba is beautiful!! Our resort was exceptional and immaculate, with attentive and accommodating staff. And the food was simply delicious! The food was so delicious that we passed on attending our 3rd a la carte and opted instead to have dinner at the buffet.

Our beach was glorious, private and secluded! It was so refreshing to take it easy. Watches were forgotten and we didn’t care. If wanted to know the time we looked up and saw where the sun was positioned in the sky. Even the way we walked was different: chill and relaxed. It was so cool I had to give it a name: the Cuban stroll.

A typical day on the resort went like this: slept in, showered, changed, ate, went to the beach, sunbathed & slept, swam in the ocean, sunbathed & slept some more, swam in the pool, got ready for dinner, went to the disco & then slept. We repeated this for 6 days, 7 nights. Lol, you get the idea!

By far, my most memorable day was our day trip to Santa Clara. Arranged by our tour operator, it was a full day of activities: we rode an old-fashioned train ride into Remedios, visited the oldest church in Cuba, toured a cigar factory, had lunch at a beautiful restaurant and explored the streets of Santa Clara. Poignant for me was our visit to the Ernesto “Che” Guevara Monument and Mausoleum, which was such an incredible experience! Ernest “Che” Guevara was an admirable man and is a hero to many people not just in Cuba but around the world! We were inspired to learn more about him and his legacy! One of the books we purchased was The CIA Against Che by Adys Cupull and Froilán González, which discusses the possible involvement of the CIA in Che’s death.

Before I knew it, my week had come to an end. Although I was sad to leave, I knew I’d be back. When I landed in Toronto I couldn’t help but notice the sharp contrast in how everyone moved through the airport. Gone were their lazy strolls and laid back demeanour. Everyone was in a rush and made a mad dash out of the airport, back to their busy lives.

These days, I’m slowing down whenever possible: if I’m not wearing a watch, it doesn’t matter; unexpected free time: I take a walk or curl up with a good book; and on those special lazy afternoons: I’m by the water reminiscing about Cuba and anticipating the next time I’ll be back in the Atlantic Ocean catching a wave. You know, that really great wave you fall into without hesitation, knowing it will carry you exactly where you need to be.

Mucho gracias Cuba!

Nadine Gooden is a writer and founder of NavyJade, a company which provides freelance writing and editing services, using concise, clear and relatable words to captivate and effectively convey your message to your target audience. For over 10 years Nadine has been applying her writing and editing skills to a variety of projects for some of Toronto’s most prominent executives. Possessing a fluid, rhythmic and vivid writing style, Nadine is dedicated and passionate about her craft and has proven experience in composing and fine-tuning words for her clients.

Loving Your Husband

As my husband and I sat down to our weekly bible study-to work on the ‘Loving Your Husband’ or in my husband’s case, “Loving Your Wife’ bible study-I was left wondering if this study was really for me. After all, I was the one always sacrificing in my marriage, the one always lifting the extra finger, and the one going the extra mile. Why should I be asked to re-evaluate my role in this marriage? Why wasn’t I learning how to change my husband? To make him a better mate?

But as each week passed, I soon learned that the thorn in my own eye was jeopardizing the marriage I so desperately wanted. I had to put forth an effort to see myself in a new light. I had to learn to see what needed to be changed and accept the things that didn’t and I had to learn to take responsibility for my own actions and stop trying to change my husband. This was not an easy task for me as I grew up having a very low self-esteem and self-worth.

It took nine long years (after meeting my husband) to build up the confidence to accept the fact that my flaws and imperfections were part of being human and that they didn’t make me an unworthy person. And now I was being asked to not just accept my flaws but to re-evaluate them so that I could learn from them and in the process learn why I did what I did. I thought I’d quit before I ever finished the study, but as each week passed, I left with a new sense of freedom. I left feeling good about myself, the things I learned about myself, and the things I knew I needed to change. Each week left me wondering if I had done my best, if I could’ve done better, or if I was pointing fingers to make myself look better.

It wasn’t always easy. In fact, there were times I couldn’t believe the guilt signals God gave me. You know them, don’t you? That feeling deep within you that makes you aware of your wrongs, the signals that nudge you to accept responsibility and apologize-even when you don’t want to?

As time passed, I could see how God took my life’s path and redirected it in such a way that He lead me to my husband-who in turn, through his uncertainty of Christ, drew me closer to God. For you see, my husband grew up knowing about God and His Word, but he never really had a relationship with God. I, on the other hand, thought I always had a relationship with God, but soon realized that conversations alone weren’t enough, I needed to get to know Him through His Word-the Bible.

Doing the ‘Loving Your Husband’ and ‘Loving Your Wife’ bible study changed our marriage forever. Instead of always pointing fingers and finding fault in one another, we began to look at how we each played a role in our arguments. We learned to take a step back and re-evaluate the roles we played, and then return with a clearer understanding of how we may have hurt each other. We relearned the importance of making time for each other, going on “date night,” and doing little things to show we care. And we learned that allowing God into our marriage was not only a spiritual requirement, but the medicine to heal all hurts. Allowing God into our marriage meant our marriage would be built upon a firm foundation-not shaky ground. And it meant that our paths would forever intertwine.

By the time the bible study was over, I had fallen in love with my husband all over again. Its deep studies, meditations, prayers, and devotionals reminded me of all the good within my husband. Taking the thorns out of my own eyes wasn’t easy. There were many things I wish I never knew things about myself, but in the end, the things I learned were the things I believe helped save my marriage.

If you haven’t attended a bible study geared towards building a better relationship with your spouse, I encourage you to take a step of faith and sign up for one today. It can be the difference between loving your husband and simply living with the man you’re married to, as a roommate.

Loving Your Husband Book
Cynthia Heald
ISBN: 0-89109-544-6

Loving Your Wife Book
Cynthia Heald
ISBN: 0-89109-575-6

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I Love You Still

I love you still.

Who can really say
that it wasn’t enough ‘then’
when the quota expected
is always doomed to be The Judge
by The Jury of its needed-sum
found in the next moment,

A moment that has passed by
the just-then
like a bolt of lightning speeds past
a match factory’s malfunctioning
lightning rod assembly?

Some will say it was a blessing
that the factory was saved,
others will admit that its having burnt down
the fire department was a greater loss,
particularly on a night of 4000
successful swings and 1 miss.

There’s a shade-sliver
of a disgruntled god in all of us…

It’s enough to make us both Inn-keeper,
Demolition operator, Tenant and Contractor
all in one night (or at dawn
if you’re a morning person.)

To “Keep your eye on the Ball.”
The ball that’s the same shape of your eye,
yet is retina and pupil less,
that’s stitched together
and wound for winding’s sake (?)

I’ve watched things became thingy-er.

I’ve witnessed the fluidity of romance
erased away
by the paper tearing,
antique desk scratching,
blunted eraser of the mysterious
Time Never Told,

That ticking whose origin is mimicked
in the conscience-lifespan of bombs,
the lateness of conscience in a lifespan
measured by Just Now
and the lifespan of a conscience late,
which is so oftentimes felt as eternal…

Do you forgive me for the love
I could not propagate due to our
field’s undetermined boarders,
fence lines
who kept us separately awake at night
with their winding up
of old barbed wire,

the sounds of rust flakes
touching down
on newly rolled out wax paper,

the breaking and crumbling up
of already set concrete corks
and the grinding stirring mixing
of the ready made new gypsum
so to plot again
more and more and more,

So far out of ourselves
that the Earth alone simply gave up
all its promises to us
as a place that could contain
our dream’s annexing

And set us loose,
willy nilly
into the wind of silly seriousness,

Dances that raged and unbound
prisoners in us more ancient than the
invention of chains, dungeons
and religion?

Can you forgive the crying of a baby
who cannot tell its tale,
who cannot express its field of vision,
who cannot because it can
and is doing something else,

Something unbound and yet
wound up for life’s sake;
let go into this world
as a being who gathers
even while planting,

Who comes home
with the field’s soil-fur
beneath its nails
since it has succeeded in
crawling all the way so to
give to you the witnessing of
its standing up and walking
from its own love for the first time?

I wonder in this nighttime
because I am lost.

I do not need to remind myself
of this directional confusion,
my bellybutton confesses everything,
every which way but loose,

Because a loosely spun together orb
cannot ever merit a home run,
it cannot resist enough that initial
impact to be rewarded its soaring freedom,
that success that none can catch,
that success that all see going overhead,
beyond their expectations
and ability to fully feel its
particular brand of personal privacy,

When it finally lands
as an incognito famous sphere,
rolls a little
and recalls the palm
who last held its perfect stitches
against its callused lifelines.

I love you still.

May 7, 2009

Loving Your Partner

When I used to talk to girls, I saw them as beautiful creatures that god had created. Little did I know that girls were meant for every guy and not just every girl was meant for me. I was always seen as the funny guy, the guy that knew how to make a girl squirt milk out of her nose, literally!!

Somehow when I turned 16 everything changed for me. I started to realize that the more you talked to a girl and the more you listened to them then that would be the connection between the both of you. Without realizing, I had become every girls fantasy guy. I was the guy in school every girl talked to. But little did I know that instead of being the dating guy, I had become the friend guy. Without knowing whether I was in a right position I started taking action on every girl that taught of me as their guy friend. I was wrong because not only didn’t they see me as that type of guy but they stopped talking to me.

I know my ways around girls and I know how to score the hot ones but I realized that girls like to be ignored sometimes and they feel like they can’t breath when you keep asking, “Are you OK?”, “Are you alright?” I had realized I was the opposite of what I was before. I wasn’t the guy every other guy was jealous about, I was the guy every other guy laughed at because they seen me with girls but they knew I was nothing but a friend. I changed my ways and went back to being the jerk and being the ignorant guy, yes I lost girl friends but I knew that I wanted to be the ladies man again. I had it again, I had found my Mojo once again and soon had girls begging for me.

Until I met a girl who I just believed was the most cool amazing chick ever!!! No I didn’t have butterflies but I wanted to be with that girl every day and talk to her every day. I had met the girl of my dreams, the type of girl you can tell everything to, the type of girl you can fart in front of. She knew how to make me smile and laugh and make the milk squirt out of my nose. Trough it all I learned that every girl is a friend but when you meet the girl you like to be with then both of you will know what its like to have something for each other. A girl doesn’t want a jerk who treats her bad, she wants the opposite, she wants a trustworthy friend that will promise to be with her and hopefully can lead her to the altar.

Guys don’t think that by ignoring a girl will make her be into you more, she will be bored and will soon go to someone else who listens to her. Whether you learn the hard way, whether you get your heart broken, it is up to you to decide how to speak to a girl and how to let her know how much you feel. I learned from many girls that they like listeners and people who can actually hold a conversation. I met my girl and I believe you should find yours too.

My name is David and i know what its like to be in love.

Love the Sunflowers

Between August 1887 and January 1889 Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh produced eleven pictures of sunflowers. Four were completed in Paris and seven in Arles, located in the South of France.

The specific decorative purposes and iconographic connotations Van Gogh associated with these striking and oddly statuesque blooms remains a popular topic for scholarly debate. That being said, we do know that for him, sunflowers were emblematic of the French midi.

His dedication to the subject of sunflowers was partly derived from a desire to breath life into what he considered to be his lackluster Dutch palette. Painting flowers of any kind, he believed, allowed him to enliven and free his palette of dull monotonous grays.

Here the ailing flowers, gathered together in an earthenware jug, are built up with a thick and brilliant impasto to the point that their tough texture is not only visible but also palpable. This thickness of paint lends to the image a realistic quality that is ultimately countered by the shockingly bright yellow background that renders the image more decorative than representational.

It is in this way that Van Gogh’s depiction of sunflowers astutely puts on view the artist’s dueling fascinations with the reality of his subjects as well as his desire to create boldly decorative juxtapositions of colors.

Also of interest with respect to his sunflowers was the involvement of Paul Gauguin in their production and collection. This particular work was intended to decorate Gauguin’s bedroom.

Between October and December of 1888 Van Gogh and Gauguin worked together in Arles. While their friendship ended rather tragically, the two did indeed positively influence one and other’s oeuvre during the heyday of their stint as neighbors and painting-partners.

Gauguin in fact owned many of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers until he was forced to relinquish the paintings in order to finance his South Seas voyage. Gauguin did, however, continue to stand by the proclamation of their significance for contemporary art and in 1888 immortalized his friend in the act of painting sunflowers in a work now installed at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Emily Ally is a modern art historian and writer for Art Revived (, the leading provider of high quality reproduction oil paintings at an affordable price. Find more of her work on the Art Revived blog:

Love Poem Activities

So what can you write love poems on anyway? Well, we will discuss the different types of love in later sections but there are also some activities you can use to help you write love poems, even if they are just for practice.

Use your loved one’s name. Write the person’s name vertically on a piece of paper. Use each letter to create a line of a poem.


To love you
Is the greatest gift
More than gold or jewels
Or riches or fame,
Treasures or any worldly possessions
Holding you completes me
You are my darling everything

· 13 Ways Poem. Write a poem listing 13 ways or things that you love about the person.

· The Word Game. Pick one word at random, or have someone pick one for you. Then write a love poem by using this word. This will make you creative.

· Picture Poem. Get a picture from a post card, magazine, etc and then write a love poem based on the picture. A picture of the beach might remind you of being there with your loved one. Blue sky may inspire you to write about her eyes, etc.

· Use a picture from a magazine, a post card or a family photo album, etc to help inspire you to write a poem. If you have a picture of the person you are writing the love poem for, this might be very helpful.

· ABC Poem. Just like the name poem, you write the alphabet, or part of it vertically and then make a poem for your loved one from it.

· Descriptive poem. Write a poem that describes the special person; her hair, eyes, lips, skin, etc. This is a great way to give an image of the person and to practice imagery in your writing.

· Word list. Make a list of words, just random words and then sit down and write a poem based around these words.

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles and the author of How to Earn a Living Writing for the Internet as well as two poetry anthologies and a how-to poetry book. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content.

Love Or Genotype?

Sickle-cell anemia is a genetic disorder that cut across all races and as of today, it ranks amongst the topmost challenges of modern medicine because there is yet no clear-cut remedy to it. It is a problem inherent within the blood system, the biochemical basis and features of which could not be expounded within the context of this write-up. Among the limited management methods available are blood transfusion and recently bone marrow transplant in addition to the use of drugs such as nicosan and anti-adhesives.

The fact that the victims of this genetic disorder suffer as a result of the ignorance or selfishness of their parents makes it quite pathetic. Anyone who has ever been a witness to the great anguish that a sickler goes through during a period of crisis will definitely not need the eloquence of a preacher before reconsidering taking genotype incompatibility as one of the numerous risks of life.

Until the recent times when the grave consequences attending the total negligence of genotype started taking a worrisome turn, true love, which is considered by all as rare and only God-given, would have been all that is required for a couple to walk down the aisle to exchange nuptial ties.. Today however, as the fear of bearing a sickler as a child becomes the beginning of wisdom, a million dollar question that all intending husbands and wives must answer in their decisions about whom to marry is: what takes preference: Love or Genotype? And it is not alarming that of late such a question has in many cases started to generate serious confrontations between the head and the heart.

Taking the fore among the plenitude of arguments in support of love is the fact that love in its trueness is rare and so is the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right, without any qualms, a no mean feat. As such, many people have opined that it would rather be too costly to forgo love, not even in the instance of genotype incompatibility. Coming at the heels of the afore is also the argument that risk-taking is an integral part of life, and life without one of such risks is simply bland. So if genotype incompatibility is another of life’s numerous risks, why not?

However, it is noteworthy that marriage between two carriers of the sickle cell trait (HbAS) could only be described as an irrational plunge into troubles. According to Mendelian’s principles of inheritance, such couple risk the tendency to produce one sickler in every of four children that they bear. But as the principles of Mendel are based only on probability, likelihood is there that in a most unfortunate situation, the couple could even have all their children born as sicklers, irrespective of how many!

I would conclude by saying that love is divine and true love is a blessing, but each man and woman going into wedlock must not entertain sentiment when the issue of genotype comes to the fore. It is desirable to marry the person that one really, truly loves but one must also consider what the future with such a person holds

The author is an avid researcher in all fields and has attained mastery in most of them. He writes to educate others.

Renew Your Love

You fell boring with your love and you are trying to last your love over and over again? It’s sometimes not easy and you have to find a middle ground long enough to build lasting love. Below are things you can do and you should avoid to make up cycles your love:



Build Trust –


This is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship. If you don’t have trust or can’t build trust, there is no point in trying to continue the relationship. Work on your trust issues, whether you are able to do it with just the two of you or you need to seek professional help with a counselor or marriage therapist. This will really help the two of you build trust which is the foundation for lasting love. This is extremely important in any relationship and without it, you will just continue to experience the breakup/makeup cycles that plague you now.


Laugh Often –

When you and your partner spend time together doing things that you both enjoy or find fun, and you laugh together often, those great bonds that hold you get stronger. This is the key to a lasting relationship and healthy love. You don’t have to spend all of your time together being serious. Be fun and have fun; enjoy life. Do the things that both of you really love to do and simply enjoy each other. This is a great way to work on the dynamics of your relationship and keep things happy and keep those bonds strong.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff –

There are so many things that you could get upset over, but the truth is that it’s just not worth it. Men say things that come out all wrong sometimes and women often convey bad or negative images when they are only trying to show that they care. This is a huge problem in relationships and without realizing that we just can’t help our genders, we will fail in our relationships. Think about something before you get upset about it and determine whether it’s really something worth getting upset about. If it’s not, just don’t!


Using these tips and tricks, you can get out of that breakup/makeup cycle so that you can build lasting love and a strong foundation!


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He Can Love You

Do you want your man to fall hard?  Do you want tips to secure him for good?  Are you ready to love him back?  What do you have to give?  Hint: Sex is not the answer to any of the above.

He can love you if you have something special that others don’t.

Men obviously love gorgeous women but they secretly love  a wonderful personality even more.  A sweet woman with a kind heart captures a man and it shows you have plenty inside of you.  Real inner beauty is very attractive and makes it easy so that he can love you.

Your man doesn’t not want to be with a snotty girl who enjoys gossip and poor attitudes towards people.  You think he wants to be in the restaurant talking and you interrupt to point out another patron’s chubby legs and her knock-off handbag?  Nope.

Happiness is hard not to notice on anyone and your man loves your smile.  Men love being with a happy woman who loves to laugh and your man definitely prefers you in a constantly good mood.  If you love to laugh and smile, he’ll love to be with you as you laugh and smile together.  No man wants to be with a miserable grouch.

Making him feel he is with a woman constantly PMS will drive him away in a hurry while the opposite will keep him close by.  Bratty girls lose their man and charming women keep them holding on.  You have to be a nice and he can love you right.

You may hear the three words but not likely if you don’t have your act together.  Your man won’t stick around if you aren’t working hard to pay your own way and be an independent woman.  A financially stable women is sexy and shows great responsibility for her own actions in her life.  If you rely on your man, parents, or others he can leave pretty quickly and be honest with yourself to know you don’t want a man with a mess of his life and career either. He can love you if you give him plenty to love.

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Loving Yourself

The one person we all tend to overlook when we think of love is ourselves. Yet – whether we are in a relationship or looking for that special person, whoever he or she may be – the manner in which we regard ourselves will have a marked effect on how we relate to others.

I am not talking about an ego driven love for ourselves that makes us vain, conceited and blind to our failings but instead an acceptance that the person we are, warts and all, is a person capable of being loved by another and able to love in return.

You may have heard of the expression ‘as above, so below’, this expresses the theory that whatever happens on a small level is enacted on a greater universal level or vice versa. A practical example of this is the idea that where the planets are placed in the sky will signify not only our personalities, but will also indicate, through their movements and their changing interrelationships with each other, what opportunities and challenges we may face on a day to day basis. This is the prime spiritual law from which all others are drawn. Each law will have a positive effect and a negative effect. The law I wish to discuss in the context of this article is that covering the law of attraction and it’s polar opposite the law of repulsion.

We, as humans, communicate with each other verbally and non-verbally. It is easy to recognize peaceful words and gestures as opposed to aggressive ones and act accordingly. From this we form opinions of people, especially on first meeting them. However, we can be misled as it is relatively easy to use dishonest words or gestures. There is another subtle level on which we communicate and that is psychically. We radiate ‘signals’ indicating our spiritual energy to others which are acted upon unconsciously. It is impossible to send out misleading or deceptive psychic signals. What is within us will be transmitted outwards. When we connect with someone, we send out a thread of energy. The more we interact with them, more threads are produced, combining into a virtual cord. Some couples develop this link to such an extent that there is empathy or telepathy between them. This empathy will exist only when the link is based on higher level positive energies. The lower energies or negatives will preclude any understanding. The higher energy is love and its opposite is hate. If we assign chakra colours to the emotions then love will be a violet colour whereas hate will be red.  If through our love we can accept unconditionally our own or another’s failings then the cord’s colour can approach, and in some circumstances adopt, a white radiance, since white is the combination of all colours in the spectrum. Where there is total hatred and rejection then a black colour will be present since black is the absence of light.

Not only should we consider the purity of our psychic signal but also we should ensure it has strength. Think of it like this. A small household candle can emit a pleasant light which can dimly light its surroundings but as we move away from it its radiance diminishes until it is not visible. In contrast a lighthouse or beacon emits a more powerful light capable of being seen from miles away so ensuring safe passage for those utilising its presence.

So what can we do to send our signal out brightly and strongly? We can start by looking at ourselves honestly. If you wish, take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. List all you regard as positive about yourself in one column. For example words like kind, generous, approachable etc. Then in the other column list what you feel to be your failings. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself but what may surprise you is the fact that the good column will be longer than the bad. Now for a bit of editing, Look at each negative and see if it can be changed easily by adopting an alternative attitude. For example you might have written down ‘SHY’, could you join in some group activity or society to make you more confident? Draw a line through each changeable item. Do the same in both columns because sometimes we can try too hard to be kind, generous etc and this can draw manipulative people to us. Once you have finished editing the list look at the items left uncrossed, accept that this is the real you and start loving the real you. Yes, you may not be glamorous but this may be balanced by your intellect. Not everybody is looking for outward beauty they may find someone with an ability to mentally stimulate them very attractive. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By accepting that you are not perfect and by being willing to change those flaws that can be changed, you will brighten your signal colour and increase its strength. You will make yourself more psychically noticeable. Also be willing to forgive yourself for mistakes in the past for this will also clean up your signal.

Surround yourself with happiness. Don’t dwell on the past, you can’t change it how hard you try but you can change the future by how you act in the present. Don’t mope around listening to sad music. Find a happy song, a happy film or DVD. Read a funny book. The happier you are, the brighter and stronger the signal you radiate.

If you are trying to find love, send out an advert on your psychic radio station. Visualise what attributes you would like in a partner and broadcast your willingness to meet such a person. A word of warning, don’t be too precise in what you want from a potential partner. Be willing to accept that Mr or Miss Right doesn’t have to be perfect in every way. Just like you they are human with built in flaws.

Finally, remember the words of the George Benson song;

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

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