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Tips to Save Your Marriage

Millions of married couples in the world are coping with the Herculean task of saving their marriage. Many seem to have done all their best but could not make a headway, consequently, the marriage they have so much cherished had to crumble. If you are one of those who still want to save your marriage today, you should read three tips below to bring life back into your marriage.


To start with I would like to emphasize on a truth I believe you already know. Every marriage is different, so is yours. The success of your marriage to a very large extent depends on you, and in extension, on your partner as well.


These tips, when applied devoutly with patience, could really turn around your marriage and put a constant smile on your face.



The first part of the road to saving your marriage is love. This love has to be sown consistently by you in the life of your partner. It could be difficult at times but the end result of it can be overwhelming. To begin with, you try to be yourself as much as possible and be sincere with your partner. Do the things he enjoys, and as often as possible let him know how much you love him, and how you really appreciate everything he has done to keep the marriage going. Moreover, be prepared to stand with him irrespective of any storm, and let him know this too. Everyone likes someone they know they can always lean on. Do these and see the changes they will bring to your marriage.



Sacrifice at times may seem very futile especially when your partner failed to reciprocate your efforts. Honestly, you don’t strive to make your marriage a success just because you feel your partner is also striving towards the same thing. No! You should strive to make your marriage a success whether or not your partner is also striving. This is the true meaning of sacrifice. As you may have seen, sacrifice in marriage is not always easy, but it definitely pays.



Passion may be mellowed, but romance can be kept alive with just a little input. Be romantic! You just can’t predict it or ‘get it’ perfectly. So just be good and get creative. For instance if your partner enjoys it whenever you stroke some sensitive parts of his body, whenever you have the opportunity do it. You will be surprised how this simple act will bring you both together.


The above tips are very effective, and I urge you to follow each of them to the letter. Just try. You will see how your marriage will be turned around.


Solve marriage Problems

Don’t worry with your problematic marriage. Read this article to solve all your problems and get the love back into your marriage.


Of course there is a lot more to solving marriage problems than what I give you here, but what I give you here should get you off to a good start.


People often ask me why marriage is so difficult and why it causes so many problems. My answer is always the same: “Marriage does not cause problems, nor should it be problem laden. Marriage should be a vehicle of love.”


However, every married couple faces an occasional problem. The difference between a successful marriage and a failing marriage is what they do with the problems, or better yet, what they do with what causes the problems.


In this article I will reveal two of the most common “marriage problem causers” and give you solutions to each so that you can exchange these problems for a loving and caring relationship.


Marriage: Solve Problems Through Thoughtfulness!


Thoughtfulness is the opposite of self-centeredness. Continually putting yourself and your desires before your spouse will kill a marriage fast.


I’m afraid that the idea of loving self has gone way too far and plays a huge part in destroying happiness and marriages. No, you should not love yourself by putting yourself before your spouse.


True love always shows concern for the other person and is willing to sacrifice for the well-being of the other person. So love your spouse and be thoughtful of his or her needs…and watch the problems dissipate and the love grow.


Of course, the ideal is both of you putting each other first. That’s what love is all about.


Marriage: Solve Problems Through Loving Respect!


Showing disrespect is another marriage killer. Whenever you show your spouse disrespect (or visa versa) you are shouting to your spouse, “You are not valuable to me.”


Too many married people feel like dirt because of the way they are treated by their spouse. Don’t be guilty of doing this to your spouse. Show respect for one another. Be careful to speak kindly. Use the words “please” and “thank you” often.


Men, treat your wives like ladies. Open the door for them. Speak to them gently and lovingly. Listen to what they have to say attentively. They need to know they are important to you.


Women, let your husbands be men. Don’t ignore what they say, but show that you care about their ideas and opinions. Nothing hurts a husband more than feeling like his word means nothing. They too, need to know they are important to you.


Marriage problems do not have to dominate your relationship. If you are having problems with your marriage, solve them by starting to put the above advice into practice today.

Also, keep in mind that there is much more to solving marriage problems than the above. To find more ways to solve marriage problems, go to this Marriage Solve page. Or, if you want a complete solution to your marriage problems, go to now!

How To Save A Marriage

Have you ever been in a circumstance in your marriage in which you feel that you cannot stand anymore and want to finish everything? That “I want to divorce but my husband doesn’t” is a very common situation among wives.


You see, sometimes the situation ends up seeming so helpless that it seems silly to keep going. Yet often times the fact that one spouse isn’t ready means that there just may be something left in the marriage.


Certainly if your husband is abusive then there’s no reason for you to stay. But if you’re in a relationship that has just gone awry, with no abuse, then there may be some hope at the end of the rainbow.


Very often it’s simply a communication break down.


Sure you hear that all the time, but what you don’t hear are the specifics of what may be causing that.


Resentment is probably the number one factor.


If you’re saying “I want a divorce but my husband doesn’t” then you’re probably feeling a great amount of that resentment right now toward your husband. Only you could possibly know the cause, but it’s probably worth asking yourself where this resentment stems from, and if there’s any way of getting past it.


Especially if you have children! It’s not always best to keep a marriage alive even with children, but usually if possible a child will get more out of seeing you work your problems through than to simply give up.


Resentment is a nasty word in marriage and can lead to divorce, without one spouse even knowing what the heck happened.


It takes some self reflecting, and some major honesty on your part, but if you’re in a situation where you’re saying “I want a divorce but my husband doesn’t” you owe it to yourself to at least try to figure out if this is the problem, and maybe get through it.


How to keep marriage endless?

Anyone hopes that their marriages last forever, however, some marriages gradually become old over time. That is why many people are trying to find out the precious medicines for their marriages. Below tips can help you keep your marriage endless.


 Always do fun things and laugh together


Although your life has many problems and difficulties, you should often do fun things and laugh together. It contributes to lessen stress as well as tiredness in your life. Let the laughter connect you with your husband or your wife.


 Keep your characteristics


Each person has own characteristics that make you unique. In some countries, women have to depend on their husbands so their characteristics gradually lose and merge with their partners’ characteristics that called codependency. Most of problems in marriage are rooted from the conflicts in making decision on something. That is reason why you should not unite your characteristics.


 Show your faith


It is vital for you to let your partner know your constant faith and not to have an intense amorous relationship. This bonds can bring to you new feeling and excitement but it also is the main culprit that ends the marriage.


Take care yourself


You had better take care of yourself in all fields from physic, emotion as well as spirit. Your attraction can motivate your partner that makes your marriage continue growing.


 Take care your partner


It is essential to take notice what your partner changes. This action shows that he / she has been still your great concern. In the human’s life, there are many changes. For instance, you will look older at the age of 45 than at the age of 15 or you seem more beautiful with your new hair style. Observing your partner changes and supporting them are some additives to strengthen your marriage.


With these tips I make sure that your marriage will be healthier and happier. But if you have an affair, you really need professional help rebuild trust in your partner’s mind. Start with these tips to see sweet things in your marriage.


Dr. Neill Neill, psychologist, author and columnist, maintains an active practice with a focus on healthy relationships and life after addictions. He is the author of Living with a Functioning Alcoholic – A Woman’s Survival Guide. From time to time life presents us all with issues. To find out what insights and guidance Neill shares about your particular questions, go to; or

Save The Marriage: The Marriage Maharishi

Making things work for a couple seems to be a little complicated at times, but is truly possible none the less. There are actually many things you can do to  Save the Marriage, and ultimately more important reasons to do so. If you have been facing the dilemma of how to save your relationship, then here are some few tips you can start with to prevent your marriage to crumble to pieces.

If you will look at the marriage statistics worldwide, you will discover that even about 60 to 65% of second marriages still end up getting divorced. This only boils down to one thing and that is -no matter how many marriages a man or woman may take, if he or she is not properly guided by the techniques and strategies that bind a good and successful marriage, then such person is really doomed to fail in every marriage.

But then, this should not be part of your options, and you should take these thoughts out of your system. You must know that you have been in the relationship because of great reasons that should not be neglected. Every couple goes through the same problems as you do, and so you should not be disheartened with the way things are turning out. All you need to do is to settle your differences properly so you would continue to make things work the way you want them to.

If you still remain unconvinced about the program, you can always check out the testimonials of couples who have previously been having marriage problems but then were helped by the said e-Book. By leafing through its pages, you will come across step-by-step strategies on saving your marriage in no time at all. The best thing about it is that it has been proven to have 90% success on all marriages wherein couples read, believed and therefore, succeeded.

What is more, there have been a lot of testimonies saying that the  Save the Marriage guide is actually a non-provoking method that couples with failing marriages can follow. There is no proposition about having to attend marriage counseling, or perhaps an idea of having to change the other spouse to make everything work.

In fact, the guide is founded on saving the relationship by simply following the eight methods provided in the book. Should one technique fail in one problem, then there are 7 other strategies you can choose from which will definitely address and fix the problem. That way, making your marriage sparkling clean and fresh once again becomes much easier.

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Save The Marriage: Making Your Marriage Work

It cannot be denied that when you are in a relationship and that relationship gets all muddled in chaos, it is so difficult to see things clearly. That is why it is always helpful to find a marriage-saving guide to help you see things more clearly, minus all your sentiments and feelings about the other person.

Grab a copy of the Save The Marriage e-Book so that you will be guided with the best techniques to alleviate your indifferences and make your marriage work for the better. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of spouses filing for divorce thinking they will feel vindicated when they do so. But then again, even if they have been cheated by their deceitful husbands, it is already too late for them to realize that they also had a part in the marriage’s failure.

On the other hand, if you are merely trying to solve problems of a romantic affair with your boyfriend or girlfriend, this book is not for you. The book is geared towards saving marital crises in order to enhance marital relationships. That way, if you are a spouse and you discovered that your husband is cheating on you, you will absolutely be helped by this book of Save The Marriage.

Make it a point to grab a copy of this book by Leo H. Baucom which offers not just one strategy to solving marriage problems, but eight of them altogether. In that way, in case the technique you have used did not work well for the marriage difficulty you used it for, you will still have seven other strategies to use.

Also, check out the testimonials in the reviews you will browse through so that you will get the pulse of the couples who have purchased the book and have followed its instructions and guidelines. As a matter of fact, you will surely be delighted when you read from the reviews that Save The Marriage has helped save marriages of about 90% already.

Let the book guide you in putting your marriage back to its right track. By simple leafing through its pages, you will find that the book has so many insights about having wisdom for both the husband and the wife which is in fact, the ultimate key to having a successful married life. That way, you will not be feeling gloomy about your marriage woes anymore. Last of all, with this book, you will also enhance your sense of commitment to saving your relationship which is very essential in saving a marriage. Without such commitment, every failing marriage is doomed to not succeed.

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Books On Marriage Help – Find The Right Marriage Book To Save Your Marriage

Marriages usually start out on cloud nine, but sooner or later reality and life set in causing conflict and there were no books on marriage given you on your wedding day to refer to. The most important aspects of your life, marriage and children, are not taught in school and few of us get good advice from our parents.

There is no shame in needing marriage help, and you are to be commended for seeking books on marriage to help get through those rough spots and maybe even saving your marriage by stopping a divorce; if things have gone that far wrong.

The worst thing a married couple can do is pretend everything is alright when it really is not. Ignoring the problems merely compounds the damage the longer it goes untreated.

You may not want to be seen shopping at the local bookstore under the marriage help section, the privacy of seeking help online is quite convenient. Frankly, much of what you might see at the mall with a glossy cover and photo of the “learned author” with that knowing look, spectacles in hand and titles behind their name is really just drivel.

Books that sell at a retail outlet rely on an attractive cover and the name of the author. Notice I did not say reputation of the author.

Just because someone with a talk show or someone who has been on a talk show and sold a lot of books does not mean that anyone was helped!

I could write a marriage book that would resonate well with men, sell a lot of copies and make me popular among men. Unfortunately the same words that would make me a popular author among men would likely alienate women from the marriage to those men.

Saving a marriage is not about saying things people want to hear, it is about finding ways that two people are not connecting on the level they need to. Most times that includes telling those individuals things that hurt a little bit to hear.

Not the way to get popular as an author, is it? When the results bring those two people closer together, stop the divorce, and return love to the marriage, though, was it worth it?


Author reputation is very important, but not as purveyor of fancy words that are sweat to the ear of the book buyer. Reputation needs to be based on couples success at reconciliation, restoring love in the marriage and thus saving the marriage from divorce or life long unhappiness.

That is one thing that is pretty cool about the internet. People selling a product like a marriage book will not last long if their advice does not result in positive results. These authors are not relying in fancy covers, getting on Oprah or bribing a book chain to put them on the aisle rack.

Instead these people look for feedback and referrals of couples who have used their material to put their marriage back together, rebuild trust and reignite love.

My advice is to stay away from some lettered author with a nice profile photo on the jacket of a book stuffed full of platitudes, feel good lines and self edification.

Look instead for someone selling a book on marriage with positive feedback from real people who were helped by the content they not only read but actually applied to their marriage.

I know of one of these books on marriage that is filled with advice that works with people from around the world who will testify to the benefits they received from it.

Do not worry about someone seeing this book on your table, download it right away and read it in private. The address to go to is Turning your marriage around can begin today.

Books on marriage can stop divorce or just improve your married life. At download this book right away and you can read it in private.

Mr. Scott has enjoyed assisting people with relationship and marriage issues for many years now. Please note that he may occasionally receive some form of compensation when recommending other experts services or products.

How to Save Your Marriage – Traditional Marriage Counseling Or a Marriage Repair Guide?

Once you reach the point where you’re looking around for help to save your marriage then you’re no doubt very worried and very confused about what you can realistically do to save the marriage.  Perhaps you’ve tried a succession of different methods and none of them have worked very well.  Then if that’s the case I’m going to suggest to you that you take a good look at using one of many marriage repair guides and books that are proving to be successful for many couples.

Why a Marriage Repair Guide Might Help You Save Your Marriage

The truth is that in many cases when a marriage hits the rocks, there is usually one spouse ready to walk away and end the marriage and another who desperately wants to work at saving the marriage.  The fact that you’re here reading this article, I’m going to assume you’re the spouse who wants to save the marriage!

Traditional marriage counseling has been the chosen method that many have used to try and save their marriages.  Well the reluctant spouse is the basic reason why so many couples who opt for this method of expert help, will fail. 

It is widely reported that many couples go for counseling and then come out with even more problems than they went in with.  The reluctant spouse is basically dragged to counseling by their eager spouse.  The reluctant spouse them proceeds to sabotage the counseling sessions and the counseling fails.

With a marriage repair book or guide, it doesn’t matter if your spouse is on board with saving the marriage or not.  These guides take into account the fact that you might be trying to save a marriage on your own.  On your own, you can get hold of one of these guides and start working through the program.

Once you have understood what you need to do to save your marriage as outlined by the guide, then you can start putting your knowledge into practice.  Your spouse will see how serious you are, how effective what you are doing is and your reluctant spouse won’t be reluctant any more.

What is also really worth pointing out about these guides is the best ones are written by the same experts and professionals who would’ve 10 years ago set up practice in an office and saw couples face to face.  However, with the growth of the internet, these experts are now offering their expertize online to thousands of people.

Not only that, the cost of face to face traditional counseling can run into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars – not many can afford that!  These new marriage repair guides and books come at a fraction of the price.

So Don’t Risk Your Marriage Ending Because The Traditional Method Has Failed You! Get serious right now about repairing your marriage. Get hold of the best marriage repair book I know and use that to rescue your marriage. Save My Marriage Today is without a doubt the best chance of saving your marriage. Click on the link for real success and save my marriage today. Saving your marriage is possible so click on the link right now for more help


Do you feel like it is impossible to communicate or talk to your spouse?  Do you feel like you have to bang some pan’s together or throw a pan at your spouse to be heard? Probably no matter how hard you bang or yell; your spouse never hears your cries for help to save the marriage.  Many of us feel ignored and are you trying to get heard.

We live in an amazing time in the world. With one click of a mouse, you can communicate with anyone in the world.  Email, instant message, text … it is quick, easy and free to communicate today.  Your ability to communicate with the outside world has become increasingly easy. But my guess is that your ability to communicate with your spouse has become increasingly difficult.

Information communication is NOT personal communication.  Advancements in Technological give us many many communication options but they aren’t personal and we have to have that personal touch with our spouse.

How do you communicate with your heart? You can’t email that. Our electronic world doesn’t give us that personal touch. PERSONAL communication is the game changer. Listen closely PERSONAL Communication can help to save your marriage.  It really will determine the success or failure a marriage.

Visualize this scene. A woman and man happen to meet on a bus and engage in quick discussion. They were both headed home to LA after a day in northern California.  After more discussion, they learned that they were both headed to the same subdivision. In fact, they realized that they had the same son and lived in the same house. They finally discovered that they were married.

Don’t quit the personal conversations.  If you are going to use email and text to your spouse, make this the secondary form of communication.  You must really hear each other from the heart.  You must feel the emotions and understand the context of where each other is coming from.  You’ve got to be able to hear the silence between the words, hear the little sounds and really understand the silent meaning of a tense lips or teary eyes. You’ve got to be able to hear what is radiating from each other’s heart. 
What can I do?  You must educate your self on communication and much more.

What you need to do is renew your relationship. If you want to help save your marriage you must really care about saving it.

So … how do you get back to a place where you and your spouse care about each other again?

This is one of the things that’s unique about the Save Marriage Course approach to repairing a relationship instead of traditional counseling.  The first priority must be the DECISION and then getting back to mode of love and care.

Do you remember when you fell in love?  I bet your communication was good. In fact, when you’re connecting and caring, you communicate with a subtle touch, the wink of an eye and you can finish each other’s sentences.

It isn’t about traditional communication but has everything to do with the in-depth connection between those who care about each other. 

If you want to learn how to re-connect with your partner again, try the Marriage Fitness system on my website or at-least signup for my free mini-course.

Greg Alan was trained in Psychology from Cornell and has some great knowledge regarding successful relationships.  Get more helpful tips at Save My Marriage Course. Visit my website for my free mini-course.

Marriage And Marathons

The beginning shot was heard, followed by a loud cheer and planes flying over head. Slowly but surely, the pack crossed the starting line and began their journey down the 26.a pair of mile course. I stood there on the sidelines and was shocked to find my eyes welling up with tears. The emotions were strong. I felt pride and worry as my husband, Chris, crossed the beginning line and began this journey that he had been anticipating for months.

I headed back to the automobile, thankful to induce out of the cold and even additional thankful that I was not running 26 miles today. I grabbed my map of the course and headed down the road to some extent where we could cheer Chris on. We tend to arrived approximately half dozen miles down the road by one of the water stations. It was the turn around purpose for those running the [*fr1] marathon. Runners were streaming by. Most were still smiling and nobody looked cold anymore.

It had been attention-grabbing to see who had return out to dare this feat. There were some who checked out the peak condition of their life. Some were older however still puffing along and putting one foot in front of the other. Some ran along with an exponent and some spouses jogged along side by side. As individuals created the turn around, I heard them cheering every alternative on.
Soon, my husband jogged by. I whooped, cheered and and took pictures. He smiled confidently and kept running.

After taking care of a few errands, I met up with my husband once more at the 18 mile mark. All the runners looked completely different now. Each now shuffled along. Some walked. The grins were gone, and in each eye was a boring determination to stay going.

I showed the same excitement this point when Chris shuffled by. I used to be amazed to determine him still running, albeit significantly slower. He gave me a weary smile and I promised to meet him down the road a bit. I did this 2 more times. Every time, all the runners looked more and more tired, but most were still running, and also the determined look was still the same. I came to comprehend it was sheer can that was enabling them to place one foot in front of the other.

As I found a spot at the finish line, I found tears in my eyes again. Each runner looked simply as tired because the last time I saw them, but many smiles had reappeared as they gave all they had and crossed the finish line. Somehow, I found myself wishing to be there with them. I realized that only those who paid the value of running those 26.two miles could revel in the victory and accomplishment of crossing the end line.

I saw some couples cross the end line together. Every would grasp hands as they neared it and cross hand in hand. I envied them and wanted I was out there with Chris. I had to kid myself. Earlier, I was glad to not be one amongst them, and currently, I actually yearned to join in their wonderful accomplishment. Soon, I saw my husband’s kind come back during the last hill. The pride in my heart was indescribable. I screamed and cheered at the top of my lungs until he was across the finish line.

I met him on the other side- medal dangling around his neck. He looked exhausted but there was a way of pride once you looked in his eyes. He did it. All the nervousness and anticipation was now gone. It had been replaced with pain and pride. On the ride home, he thanked me again and once more for my support along the way. I kept shaking my head and thanking him. I felt I had gained even more than he had that day. I learned a lot concerning life watching him run that marathon.

What struck me the hardest was the dedication, determination, and energy it took every of these runners to meet their goal. It suggests that, something in this life that is value something needs effort. We tend to cannot accomplish great things while sitting on our couches. We cannot feel those feelings of pride and achievement by wishing it so. We have a tendency to must be willing to enter the race and work laborious for it.

And this includes our relationships with our spouse. Several people assume that our wedding can be awesome by wishing it so. Nothing is farther from the truth. A good wedding is like a marathon. You must prepare for it before you enter into it. And whereas running that race, there can be times where you’ll be shuffling along, tired and miserable. However, you’re determined to endure it as a result of you know that smart times are right around the next bend. In wedding, you each should be every others inspiration, and each other’s cheerleader. If you are doing, you’ll enjoy your successes and good times together. You’ll love your spouse all the more as a result of you know how much effort you both routinely build to keep it a cheerful one.

I challenge you nowadays to affix the race together with your spouse and understand the triumph of a cheerful relationship that you simply each worked exhausting to create and nurture. It isn’t simple, but nothing valuable in this life is.

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