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Think in Living Color For Your Exhibition Booth

No, I am not going into cosmetics and clothes today (although that would be a nice topic to talk about) but instead, let’s take the same scenario or concept right into how you coordinate the colors that you use within the small space that you’ve been given during an exhibition or road show. Generally speaking, companies try to keep to their corporate colors whenever designing their exhibition booths, but this does NOT always have to be the case.

Take for instance, a product brand. Corporate identity and branding for a products stands alone by itself and they don’t have to overlap if they don’t share the same color scheme. If you’re a manufacturer chocolates and the colors don’t go with your logo color, do you have to bend over backwards just to ensure that the colors match or at least go together?

Absolutely not!

This is when you’re trying to bring attention to a particular brand. Another thing to take into consideration is your competitor. Red, black, yellow and orange are popular colors to use amongst many international brands….for, well, very OBVIOUS reasons. They stand out and attract eyeballs like no other colors can. If you have to use these colors, go ahead and use it but here’s my advice, check with the next booth or your competitor.

What you want to do is to ensure that the colors that you use differentiate you from your competitors and not confuse your customers about whom and what you are. Some people try to ride on their more popular competitor’s wave by using similar color combinations while designing their exhibition booth but I would advice against it.

You are you and you have your own corporate identity. Surfing on another person’s wave is going to make you lose out on identity in the end. So, forget about trying to be like your competitor, think about how to make the design of your exhibition booth different and better than theirs.

Use vibrant colors to make your exhibition booth stand out is a difficult and arduous task but not impossible considering the fact that you would be fighting against a sea of competitors from direct and related industries. Put your team of people together and brainstorm of unique ideas that hit straight to the heart and the use the right colors to attract them.

For all the time, effort and money that you’re going to be putting on the show, it’s worth it to spend a little time on thinking about how to make your exhibition booth design stand out in LIVING COLOR.

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Secrets For an Effective Exhibition Booth Design

A professional exhibition booth design can help you in promoting your goods and services in the best way possiblle thereby leading to higher sales and growth rate.

An exhibition design plays a vital role in making the exhibition booth appealing. The exhibition stands are the best tools for marketing the brand in public. The exhibition both designs comes in varied designs such as portable pop up stands, modular stands, portable banner stands, literature stands, panel and pole stands.

The brief description of the exhibition design is as follows-

Pop up display stands can be assembled faster; they are small sized and so can be easily moved from one place to other. This stand comes in affordable rates.
Custom display stands are basically large in stature and are inflexible. These stands are most popular for their catchy and vibrant look.
Trade show truss systems provide you everything you need in a portable truss display, are extremely versatile, innovative, are a great value for your Trade show dollar and extremely quick and simple to set up.
Banner stands are other common choice for professional portraying of the exhibition booth. These stands are affordable and can be housed in a carry bag.

The exhibition designers must understand the importance of exhibition design. The designer must remember that art work is only a tool of portraying products and not the purpose of exhibition. Exhibition design is coupled with many factors such as lighting, layout, charts, color, exhibits and outreach planes. A good exhibition design is the integration of all these factors.

The design of the exhibition booth should be simple and not complex. The booth design should be designed on giving instant message to the viewers. The banners, graphics and the text should be clear and striking. The displays should highlight the main point such as special products, new products and discounts. All these attractions can be highlighted by attractive lightning, layout or location of the display boards.

The exhibition must have a specific theme to give desired message and leave a long lasting impression on the viewers. The exhibition booth should be designed from viewer’s perspective and target viewers taste and response should be researched before selecting the booth design. A certified and professional booth designer can guide to plan an attracting booth design.

Exhibition stands can be chosen by considering budget, re-usage and size of the booth you are planning to have. Shell scheme stand is an effective booth designing technique. It consists of rented floor space coupled with lighting, carpet and walling. Here, the exhibitor has the choice to bring own display units and counters or can hire them from the contractors.

The products and finishes of the exhibition booth should be carefully accomplished as it reflects the business identity and brand value of the exhibiting company. The booth design can be made more attractive by incorporating audiovisual features such as plasma screen, high impact graphics, attractive lighting and interactive touch screens in the exhibition booth design.

Creative discipline in the architecture, interior design and product development of the exhibition booth is a must check. So, by taking proper measures exhibition design can be made attractive and appealing.

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What Color (Temperature) Is Your Trade Show Booth?

It’s not easy being green. I’m not talking about Kermit. Or being environmentally friendly.  I’m talking about the color your trade show booth emits as potential customers pass by. More to the point, the color temperature. Is it cool, like green or warm like yellow? Dark, bright, inviting, boring, what? That color will help draw in your customers and prospects. It’s not the actual colors you choose, but the design, displays, and importantly, your booth staff’s attitude and energy. Business-to-business trade shows are a staple in mega-industries like medical devices or pharmaceuticals. Monstrous three-story booths feature plasma TVs and attractive models offering wine and cheese tastings. But many small businesses take a shot at displaying their wares to consumers at local trade show or festivals at one time or another. Some get it and do very well, others, well, not so much. I was an exhibitor and visitor at the Austin Green Living and Home Products Expo recently.

There were dozens of local, small businesses — from burger shops and tea companies to storm windows and landscapers. But there were just a handful that created a sense of place that made you want stop and chat. Those booths looked professional and inviting, had smiling representatives and cool “stuff.” You don’t need a big budget to make an impression. But that first impression is vital and happens very quickly. You have about three to four seconds to snare a passerby and turn them into a prospect. The Green Living Expo gave booth design awards to landscaper Goodness Grows and sustainable builder Reclaimed Space. These companies took the time to build attractive, inviting product displays and gave their smiling, friendly booth staff matching, branded shirts.  

Many companies make an investment in their booth by hiring a marketing coach to conduct a pre-show workshop. Role playing, message development, and a simple sales training session can make your booth get results.  If you’re not ready for that step, here are 10 simple tips to make your booth a customer magnet.

Be the brand. If you have a company logo or color, be sure your booth design reflects that. Matching, tablecloths, flowers, even a simple home table lamp can add warmth. Matching team shirts might look corny, but they make an impact.
Build it. Spend a little money to get an attractive back display or banner that hangs nicely with your corporate logo. Don’ t try to do this yourself. I have seen so many booths that were clearly put together in someone’s garage. Yuck.
Brag about it. Say something. Anything! Even a simple “Hi!” I am shocked at how many exhibitors just stare at people passing by. I mean, what the heck are you there for? Why did you bother to show up if you’re not willing to risk being friendly? Step out slightly into the aisle to hand people a card or brochure. You’ll be surprised how many people will take the item, stuff it in their pocket and read it later. If your already talking to a prospect, your booth can speak for you. Hang up a sign with a eye-grabbing headline that brags about what your product or service can do for your customers. Think about it like a sensational headline or a really short Twitter tweet.
Be prepared. Brief your team on your goals for the show. Set up a daily goal of prospects to shoot for, or for product booths, daily sales. Reward team members who get the best numbers each day. Maybe a steak dinner or bottle of wine. It will keep them more engaged in the sales process.
Be generous. Share samples, tastes, swatches, something that engages your customers. Offer something free. But don’t hand out chochkies — giveaways — that don’t tie to your product. If you are selling wine, give away a corkscrew with your logo, phone, and website.
Be smelly. At the Austin Greenshow, Terraburger flipped some free mini burgers. People flocked there for a taste.
Be smart. Schedule lively tabletalks that actively engage customers. Be entertaining and interesting. Give a product demo.
Be selfish. Insist on getting something from your prospects. Many people are willing to give you their contact info for a premium giveaway item like a cool water bottle that they get right away, not in a drawing.
Be smart. Do NOT cluster in a corner with your booth colleagues and crack bad jokes. It’s rude, and it is a guaranteed way to miss prospects. And avoid chairs too. People won’t see you if you’re sitting down.  Never, ever talk, text, tweet, chat, browse, or check your email on your mobile phone.  In fact, turn it off!
Be happy. Smile like an idiot. Even if your feet are killing you.

Richard C. L’Amie is a small business marketing blogger, consultant, coach, friend and fan. Visit his blog at

See Your Photos On The Internet When You Use The Photobooth

How many times have you stopped in a shopping mall to get your picture taken in a photo booth? We’ve all done it a few times. After all, it’s all kinds of fun. You can make the faces you don’t get to make in family photos, and, it only costs a couple of dollars. Everyone loves doing it, from kids to senior citizens, and a lot of people even use the photos for their passports and other forms of identification. But, until recent years, all you could get was a strip of four black and white photos. Today’s photo booths still provide black and white photos, but now, you can also get colour and sepia tone, and some machines even print portrait sized photos, and you have a choice of how they appear, such as charcoal sketch, a pastel painting, or of course, a regular photograph.

Photo Booths Are Fun For Every Event

No matter what type of event you are planning, you are going to need to have things to entertain people, and a photo booth is ideal. It is not nearly as expensive as other forms of entertainment, and, it is something that everyone loves to try out. When you rent your photo booth from photo studio, there will also be an attendant on hand, so you will not have to worry about anything going wrong, malfunctions, people not knowing how to use the machine, etc. And, everyone who uses the photo booth will have a souvenir to take home with them, and, they can also post their photos online to share with their friends and family members.

Go Digital With Your Photos

One of the biggest advancements in photography today digital photography, and this advancement is also being used in modern photo booths. When you rent a photo booth you not only have the option of having your photo strips, you can also post your photos online, and share them with your friends and family through such social networking websites as Facebook and Twitter.

Putting your photos online is really easy. All you have to do is use the photo booth. All of your photo strips will have a digital code that you can enter online. If you can not find the digital code, you can also use the date and name of the event the photos were taken at. The photos will appear on your screen, and you can then register with the site so you can use more of the fun features offered. Make comments on the blog, and even play videos of the different poses in your photos. Then, you can share your photos, and let your friends have loads of fun looking at the photos of the event.

Howard Symington is a Director of Paparazzi Studios and Mobile Photo Booths, Australia’s largest suppliers of Mobile Photo Booths to the Wedding, Corporate, Parties, Conference and Events industries. Paparazzi’s are the only mobile photo booths in Australasia that automatically download photos and videos to your favourite social networking websites for instant sharing.

Creating the trade show display booth

The display boards are the important items used to present and promote the products and services of the company in exhibitions, trade shows and other marketing campaigns. The trade show desgners play a crucial role in advertising the brand in the market. There are various ways in which a display board can be placed in the trade show booth. It gives the audience with simple yet detailed information in regard to your business. The boards and various other materials like bannerstands, exhibition graphics, large format graphics etc will grab the attention of the customers because of its great appearance.

The trade show display board can be designed easily for the trade show; firstly you need to create a logo design in which the name of the company has to be prominent and bold. The boards are good way to convey the information, and thus the name of the company has to be placed on the correct location to identify the information with your business. The graphic design of the logo of the company has to be clear and large, so that it is clearly visible from far distance. The next step is to create the hoardings and important text for your boards, the highlighted part has to be designed carefully. If you want to your all items on the board, make sure that you give sufficient information with correct words and phrases about your products. Also the text used in the display board has to be large and readable so that the potential customers need not take much time in reading the information. Make use of illustrations in your so that you can be assured that people will have a look at them and your will stand out for itself among your competitors. The main motto of designing the display boards for your exhibitions is to grab the attention of the potential customers, so you have to be sure that it is full of colors and easily noticeable.

You can add brochures in your trade show booth, creating a small pocket on the display boards which you can fill up with leaflets, catalogues to boost up the advertisement for your business. As you cannot include all the information about the products and services over the display board, it will be better to create brochures to provide all the relevant information to the potential customers. These were certain tips to design the display board for the trade show and other promotional events, if followed properly; you can be assured that your advertisement will prosper.

The high quality exhibition graphics in the form of banner stands and trade show displays are an excellent way let the people know about your business without spending an extra penny from your pocket.

Importance of an Exhibition Booth

People would stake declare that they don’t mind if their buyer base is just not expanded. Due to the rarity of this perception, most enterprise-minded individuals are all the time in search of new methods to draw individuals from as many various areas as possible. A part of this process consists of organizing an exhibition stand at events. However merely throwing one thing collectively is not going to work anymore, if it ever did. They have to be professional.

1. When placing the sales space collectively, you will need to ensure that any and all textual content is correct. or, it’s not a good suggestion to let pamphlets, banners and different objects go to press if they don’t seem to be checked for spelling errors first. Relying on the dimensions of the venue, the booth in Exhibition India may very well be uncovered to hundreds of people. If one thing is misspelled, the exhibition stand might turn out to be the joke of the event. In spite of everything, how critically can individuals take a enterprise if the enterprise can’t be bothered to make use of appropriate grammar? It’s not in any respect professional.

2. One thing else that may harm any makes an attempt at professionalism while designing an Exhibition in India includes the usage of appropriate lighting. Amateurs are extra susceptible to not realizing that individuals have to have the ability to see their merchandise nicely and effectively so as to wish to purchase or spend money on them. Unhealthy lighting is just not all the time the fault of the booth space; the constructing the place the occasion is being held might very effectively be dark. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless very important to convey alongside lighting that may assist make the booth space seen and straightforward to see. Considering forward isn’t a nasty thing.

3. Customized Stands in Exhibition India also needs to be very clear about what the product and theme is about. The stand might be competing with dozens if not tons of different stands, and for the typical client this may be overwhelming. They won’t know the place to start out, and that’s the reason it is necessary and crucial for there to be no confusion on both end. If the buyer doesn’t perceive the booth, they are going to transfer on to the following one, taking away potential business. That is one thing else that may make a stand seem sloppy and unprofessional.

The world is at all times altering, it doesn’t matter what an individual chooses to believe. What abored for an enterprise prior to now might not maintain true for today. Due to this reality, an enterprise wants to pay attention to how they put collectively their Customized Exhibition Stands for particular events in Exhibition India.

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Portable Photo Studio Offers Quality Pictures

Portable photo studio consists of many things, which are essential for quality photography. In studio, we have everything managed in a proper way. However, today due to the changing trends, you can find portable photo studio in the market too. This studio is handy, as you can easily carry the tools of this studio in a box on any other location of your choice.


This box is similar to a briefcase and thus, you can easily carry it anywhere. In fact, the special feature of this photo studio is that, you do not have to carry lights along. With the help of flash present on the camera, you can easily take perfect and bright photographs. Hence, it eliminates the need to carry delicate equipments in your box.


There are varieties of portable photo studios available online as well as at offline stores. Thus, you can easily choose a portable studio that suits your needs and budget. In fact, you can also get discount on various portable studios. Therefore, make sure that you spend sometime in searching these studios.


However, the price varies according to the quality of portable photo studio. Hence, see to it that you purchase quality studio at cheaper rates. There are many benefits of this studio, as you can use portable photo studio for both personal as well as official purposes. In fact, you can also make money from this studio. Therefore, it is essential to purchase quality equipments if you desire to make money from small investment.


As these studios do not consist of lights, you need to make sure that you create good background, so that you can capture perfect images with the help of flash. With the help of this studio, you can easily make money and expand your photography business through advertisements. Hence, make sure that you practice photography before investing on studio.


Gathering total information on portable photo studio can really help you a lot while purchasing one. As you can get perfect and quality pictures, investing in a Portable Photo Studio can be a good idea.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for Light Studio and Photography Studio.

Trade Booth Display Solutions

In these modern times, when everyone is fiscally wise, even a layman would know what the importance of trade shows in a business is. No one can deny that such events give a boost to a business. There has been a stud that suggests that most of the people owing some or the other business believe that trade shows are very helpful for business promotion. Nowhere else, one would get such a high competition and high concentration of potential customers.

Participating in trade shows and exhibitions is beneficial for new as well as established business. No matter what the size of the business is- what matters is how you present yourself and of course, the products. Though there are strong chances to get a vast customer base, it is equally challenging a task to attract them. Your products, selling techniques, quality- everything takes the backseat and the first and foremost challenge remains to attract buyers to your stall. Only if they come to your stall, you can pitch upon selling a product.

Well, there is a dire need to make your booth look visually attractive. Certainly, it requires a lot of efforts and planning. Another important aspect is advertising. One should understand that these events are just tools to promote one’s business; therefore, promotion holds the center.  If all the things are in order and you just didn’t pay much attention on the promotion part, things are likely to fall flat. Advertising is the key to success of a business. In this competitive world, it’s extremely important to stand out and that is possible only when your point of sale speaks about itself. Good promotion material, boards, literature always helps attract buyers. These are time-tested methods employed by many successful people.

The idea beneath the layers is to present your business very well and use smart publicity material to grab attention of people. Smart literature stands, Elegant counters and podiums can give a visual uplift to a point of sale. Each detail in the stall should be given special attention. Customized uniforms, table covers/ wraps help a long way. Banners are of course just indispensable part of trade shows. No one can even think of arranging a booth without banners. One can also pay extra money to the organizers to get one’s display boards fixed at various important points such as at the entrance etc.

These days many stylish trade display solutions are available in the market. Not only stylish but also pop-up booths are very easy to fix. Nowadays, Pop up Displays are just apt for trade events and these are very light-weight, compact and easily portable. The set-up time of pop up displays is hardly 2 minutes. So arranging a booth and its promotion has become quite trouble-free and effortless. Relevant and eye-catching visuals are just like cherry on the cake. Though pop-up displays come with header lights, back-lit or glow display boards are extremely eye-catching.


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Banner Stands

Portable Display Booths

With the use of portable display booths, one can easily display goods in an attractive way. So get the best portable display and make a wonderful display of your premier goods.

A trade fair is platform for businesses and industries to display their products and services. It involves substantial marketing research and studying the ongoing trends in the market scenario. They also provide many opportunities for companies to augment product visibility and brand image, while promoting existing products and driving sales. Display booths that need to be set up in trade fairs are the all important tool to boost your brand name and generate leads. Different kinds of display booths are readily available in the market, and you need to select one that best fits your requirements. Portable booths come as a convenient and efficient exhibit tool that is designed for air and ship travel. You may also choose to set up the exhibit booth all by yourself, doing away with the need of professional aid, saving the hassles and unnecessary expenditure.

Features of a Portable Display Booth:

You may not require a full-size display exhibit booth, hence you may choose from many other options available, such as tabletop displays. These are smaller in size and more competent versions of panel and pop-up displays. They are also convenient to travel along with.
Pop-up exhibit display booths are very convenient, lightweight, portable and very easy to use.
Portable booths are ultimate in the sense that they can be broken down into units that can be stacked in a single carrying case. This makes shipping and transportation much easier as well as cheaper. It also does away with the nuisance of multiple displays booth components not reaching the place at the similar time.
You can also look for portable exhibit booths that have a wheeled storage case. The wheels make moving the portable booth case around far much easier, and neither do you have to wait for the conference employees to move your display material around or pay for their services.

Kinds of Portable Display booths:
Portable pop-up booths are very convenient in the sense that they are portable, lightweight and very easy to assemble. These portable booths are not only for small trading units, but also used by large companies in trade fairs and conventions. Pop-up exhibit display booths come in two kinds – floor as well as tabletop models. They also can be used as a combination so that they can be easily assembled and transported to large conventions. There are also these modular displays, truss systems, panel displays and banner stands available.

You can maximize returns on your marketing investment with customized trade show display booths and printed graphics. Portable display booths make an ideal place for displaying graphics in large conventions and trade show events. The objective of most exhibit display booths is to drive business. You need to set up your trade show display booth so that your display will stand apart from the others in this competitive environment. You need to decide on which exhibit booths will best permit you to cater to your conference objectives. You should be able to set up pop up displays in minutes, and that can be re-assembled from their all-in-one cases and thereafter convert into portable trade show podiums.

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All about Portable Photo Studios

Portable photo studios are a good option for photographers these days. Photographers can make money and can run their businesses successfully with such studios. Therefore, it is essential to gather tools essential for starting a photo studio at home. With investing on tools such as camera, background, props and lights, one can easily make money by clicking quality photos.

You can easily earn with such a studio, but it depends on you how you run your business. Many professional photographers earn handsomely per day by working part time. However, you can also earn decent income, because it is not that difficult. Thus, you can easily make money with the help of portable photo studio.

For starting your photo studio at home, you need to have a digital camera or 35mm film and strobe light. With the help of these tools, you can easily set up your own portable photo studio in your home. As these tools are handy, you can easily carry them at any other location. By this way, you can easily make money by spending less.

In fact, now you can also distribute your brochures and business cards to people, so that you can gather attention. This is the best way for advertising your portable photo studio. Another method of advertisement is newspapers. Through newspapers, you can display full details of your photo studio.

In fact, you can also place your advertisement on the Internet. However, before advertising about your photo studio, make sure that you gather important information regarding photo shoot. Photography requires skills and thus, practice photo shoot on different subjects before investing on a portable photo studio.

Capturing beautiful images and displaying them on your portfolio can really benefit your business. Many professional photographers capture beautiful images, but fail in marketing their businesses. Hence, make sure that you display beautiful and amazing photos, so that you can easily gather the attention of people.

Portable photo studio can really offer you huge amounts, but you need to run your business carefully.

Nelson Carlin writes informative and unique articles about Photography studio and Light studio. One thing that separates Nelson Carlin from others is the passion he puts into it, knowing full well and respecting the time viewers spend on reading his work.