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Chroma Key Photography Techniques

Chroma Key Photography refers to the process of creating a picture by combining two images through photography. In this type of shooting, a photographer places the foreground subject against blue or green background. This background is then removed and made transparent that allows the selected background image to reveal.

A photographer should follow a few essential techniques or steps without which such photography is incomplete. First, you photograph the foreground subject against an evenly lit and green or blue colored background. If you mount a cloth or a paper on a wall, you should ensure that it is not creased or folded from any side. Unnecessary folds can cause shadows in the image. Photographers use green or blue color specifically as these colors are sensitive to the image sensors in the camera. One should also ensure that the foreground subject contains as little of the background color as possible. For instance, if the subject has blue eyes then a photographer should use green background color. There is another example to decide the choice of a background color. For instance, if a photographer wants to show the subject in a green hilly area he should use green color in the background. In such a case, it is easy to merge this shade with scenery of green colored hills. One should place the subject from the background as far as possible. This prevents from producing undesirable shadows on the subject. The foreground subject should be well lit and the light distributed should be even. Even distribution of the light prevents any shadow falling on the subject’s face or clothes. During earlier times, a photographer removed the background colors on film. Then he laid the film physically over a second image. With the advent of digital imaging and digital compositing, one can remove the background color by digitally selecting the color and deleting the colored background. In this process, a photographer generates the transparency for overlay on the new background. When the process is completed, a subject can be placed at any unbelievable and imaginary part of the universe in the image.

If a photographer uses chroma key photography effectively, it can produce the best results. The process is popular for photo shoot, magazines, newspapers, news stations, documentaries, portrait photography and many other purposes.

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The Art of Celebrity Photography

Many collectors of photography are interested in celebrity photography, and it doesn’t always matter if it’s Bobby Jones photos, Robert F Kennedy photos, or Sophia Loren photos. What is important to the person who collects celebrity photography is that the person is or was famous in some way. They want to know that they have something of value and not just another photograph that is worth nothing out of their hands. Collecting celebrity photography is a hobby for many people—they enjoy collecting photographs of current or past celebrities regardless of who they might be.


Photographs of famous people are issues of importance with celebrity photography. Whether it involves a Cole Poerter photo or Tina Turner photos is of little importance. The only thing important to the collector of celebrity photography is that the person is well-known. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be someone who is famous in a good way—some people even collect photographs of gangsters and other infamous people from history. The choice of photographs depends on the collector and what they are looking to gain from the photos. Sometimes it may be someone who has a link to the past with that person or just a means of fantasizing. On the other hand, the collector may be someone who just happens to enjoy collecting photographs of anyone famous and will even collect Woody Allen photos because he is famous in the entertainment world.


Collecting celebrity photography can be both rewarding and expensive since some people’s photographs command a very high price among collectors. People have collected photos of famous people for many years, but sometimes they take it to a higher level and go beyond collecting the photos that appear in magazines—they want real celebrity photography, real photographs to put in an album or hang on their wall. has photos of many famous people to help indulge you in your hobby of celebrity photograph collecting.

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Photography Studio Guide

There are various factors which could help an individual in establishing such heights of photographic excellence. While some of these factors are given their due relevance like the photographers camera to mention one, there are some others which stay in the background of the photographers list of priority but play an extremely vital role in the clicking of high quality pictures. One such integral part, in the process of photography, is a photography studio.


Whether you are a small time photographer or a professional company into the business of clicking memories, it is always important to rationalize the cost that you are incurring. However, one will not want to compromise on the picture either. That is where the concept of studio photography, helps photographers to accomplish both feats at once. A photography studio can provide an illusion of the real presence of various sought after destinations of the world right within the four walls of the studio. The illusion is created by effective 2D or 3D photographs, in front of which the model is required to pose. Its completeness has been proved over times through various snaps which have been clicked through the cameras of some established and high acclaimed camera men. Not only are studios restricting themselves to location photography, also known as location studios, they also provide blank solid coloured backgrounds for the photographers to use for photographs. Such clicks, with solid coloured backgrounds, are used for different purposes all over the world.


The next question that arises is the ways in which you go about hiring a photography studio. More than this question, the question which consumes the mind spaces of various photographers is how to choose from among various available options of a location studio. One could hardly go with the reviews and the past experiences of compatriots when it comes to studio photography. Self experience is the best mode of accumulating information. Photography studio hire can, thus, be done through checking out various studios and finding out those ones which suit ones needs. This can be done through the internet too.

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Aerial Photography Services

Aerial photography refers to the process of capturing images of objects such as landforms, infrastructure, vegetation, and human settlements from elevated positions. Photographs may be taken either by a photographer or by cameras mounted on aircrafts, balloons, poles, and parachutes.

This type of photography has grown significantly and become a very useful way of collecting important geospatial data. For instance, the construction of mega structures such as cities, roads, and railway lines depends on the data that is collected through air photography.

Aerial Photography is also used for many other purposes such as creating maps, studying weather patterns, surveillance, land use planning, and environmental assessment.

Professionals who depend on aerial photography services when executing their work include engineers, land surveyors, architects, and geospatial information systems experts. Aerial photography is the best source of data for different types of projects and specifically those that rely on spatial data from one geographical location at regular intervals.

Other categories of people who use this service are advertisers and movie producers. In both cases, aerial photography is used to create unique scenes that cannot be achieved on cameras on the land surface.

An aerial photography company will utilize an array of equipment and different planes with outstanding capabilities to perform on any project in different locations. For instance, some companies use twin engine planes that are fitted with advanced and powerful cameras to undertake aerial photography. Forward motion camera is commonly used in aerial photography to compensate for earth movement which distorts images. This camera is designed to capture sharp images and minimize blurring.

The advantages of aerial photography are that it has the capability to stop movement. Secondly, it has a greater spectral sensitivity than the normal human eye. Lastly, it offers great spatial resolution and geometric fidelity than ground methods.
There are different companies that offer aerial photography services. They also offer related services such as mapping. Some of the typical aerial photography services that are provided by aerial photography companies include the following:

Precision Aerial Scanning

Precision aerial scanning involves the use of a digital scanning equipment to capture high resolution images. This activity requires a superior and quality scanner. Scanning services is employed in engineering, architecture, and other similar fields.

Airborne GPS controlled Photography

This involves the use of cameras guided by a global positioning system to capture images. It is mostly used by surveyors because of its efficiency and accuracy in collecting data.

Inertial Measurement Unit controlled Photography

This entails the use of differential GPS in aircraft and inertial measuring units in sensors to precisely position and provides parameter orientation for sensors. This exercise is part of mapping and involves using images to compile and extract features and elevations.

Oblique photography services

Oblique photography refers to a kind of photography where the camera axis is tilted vertically at a certain angle. The function of this type of photography is purely intelligence. Because of their large scale errors they cannot be used in cartography.

The other kind of service that is being offered by aerial photography companies include is controlled vertical aerial photography and processing. All these services require special equipment and professional to undertake.

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Photography for Beginners

Thanks to digital technology, photography which was once a forte of a handful has now become a hobby for many. But the notion that anyone wielding a pocket camera is an expert and can replace a professional is outrageous. Photography is an art and needs an ingrained ability to capture the perfect moment in a perfect manner.

Photography is an extensive art that includes several forms like portrait, landscape, wedding photography, fashion photography etc. Prominent among them are photojournalism, documentary photography, action photography, macrophotography, micro photography, aerial photography…the list is endless. Photojournalism is all about shooting facts…life as it happens. The pictures are powerful enough to engage the viewer’s attention and manage to convey an emotion. It takes years of experience and training for photographers to excel in photojournalism. Documentary photography is similar to photojournalism. The only difference being that this is meant to serve as a historical document of a particular period in time. Macro photography is an art that’s usually preferred by amateurs. A photograph of the subject is taken at close range. Subjects generally include insects, flowers, texture of an object, etc. Pictures taken in such close proximity reveal interesting details about the subject. For beginners who are overwhelmed with the choice offered, there’s plenty of help available.

Beginners looking to take their passion for pictures to the next level can get guidance, on the basics, right from choosing the right camera to perfecting the picture, and even editing and developing through a number of websites that aim to help the beginner. A professional photographer in Edinburgh usually has his own website, wherein he discusses the different aspects of the photograph and the technique associated with the photograph. To get a clear picture of this it’s important that a beginner is aware of basic technical terms like the rule of thirds, leading lights etc.

Websites on photography managed by a professional photographer in Edinburgh should be able to help you to understand these terms. These websites speak in detail about composition, exposure, the correct us of flash, how to use the natural lighting to its optimum, and also discuss about details such as managing files etc. These websites offer a practical and focused approach to include details about what a beginner should know to develop a creative and proficient style thereby developing a seamless photographic style. These websites also highlight their points with photographs to demonstrate the different styles and points that are explained.

These websites are a must visit for beginners with a passion for photography.

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Maternity Photography Help

Do you like the idea of maternity photography but don’t know where to begin?  Below are simple answers to questions about having your portrait taken while you are pregnant.

Where is the Photo Session?

There are three basic options for a location of your photo shoot.  

1.  The photographer’s studio

2.  Your home

3.  Outdoors – for example, a park or beach

What should I wear?

If you are going to be outside choose clothing appropriate to the setting.  If you will be photographed in a park wear comfortable, casual clothing.  However, if you are going to be photographed in a studio or your own home, then you have more options.  There are two popular trends in maternity photography with regard to clothing.  Flowing cloth such as a sheet is used to wrap your body in such a way that highlights your belly.  Another common practice is to shoot the expectant mom in her pre-pregnant clothing.  Of course your jeans won’t fit.  Folding down the jeans accentuates your belly.  Many professional maternity photographers work with you to expose as much or as little skin as you would like in the portrait.

What is included in the price?

Just as the prices vary from studio to studio, so does the portrait package.  It is common for portrait photographers to charge a fee for the session.  Purchasing any photographs and/or items is in addition to this charge.  The sitting fee covers the time and materials for the photographer to take the photographs.  Apart from that you will be offered several different picture packages.  Packages can range from a single portrait print to a hard cover bound book and many different sized images.  

How long is the photo session?

Be prepared to spend between 1 – 2 hours during your maternity photography session.  Having time for the photographer to get to know you and help you to relax and feel comfortable will translate to better portraits.

Who should I hire?

Getting recommendations from trusted friends is a great start your search for a maternity photographer.  Find several different professional photographers in your area and interview them.  Ask if they specialize in maternity and newborn photography.  Look at their portfolios to get a feel of their style.  Go online and compare different styles.  Decide if you want a freelance photographer or perhaps you may want to hire a larger studio.

Hire a specialist.  Maternity photography is a specialty within the field of portrait photography.

Does the thought of having a maternity photo shoot make your head spin? Are you feeling blah, but want a beautiful maternity photograph? Find out what tricks professionals use to make you comfortable, feel pretty, and bring out your glowing beauty.

Portrait Photography Surrey

Looking for professional Portrait Photography Surrey?

Why not be different and instead of having the photography taken in a studio setting ask a professional photographer to take Portrait Photography Surrey in your favourite location. Be creative and you can benefit from stunning pictures with a backdrop of your choosing. There might be a local park that you adore, a secluded seaside setting, or the grounds of a grand stately home that you could use for a few hours.

Theres no need to restrict yourself to a studio because Portrait Photography Surrey will be provided in any location that you like. Speak to the professional photographer who takes portrait photography Farnborough about your unique requirements and theyll be more than happy to cater for your needs, in your chosen photographic location.

Book the family for Portrait Photography Surrey

When was the last time that you all got together for a reunion? Wouldnt it be lovely to gather the family together for group pictures that will become keepsakes for the future? Bring Granny and Granddad along, send invites for Uncles, Aunts and cousins; itll be the treat of the year.

Family Portrait Photography Surrey is just one of the services provided by a specialist provider of photographic services. They take portrait photography Farnborough and Portrait Photography Surrey for couples, families, individuals or groups of friends.

Make this year memorable and bring your family together for momentous Portrait Photography Surrey.

Create a powerful portfolio

Need Portrait Photography Surrey for professional purposes? Are you thinking of taking up modelling and want to do agency work? Promote your unique look with Portrait Photography Surrey and land those all important modelling jobs.

Professionally taken pictures are powerfully persuading and the skills of an experienced photographer will help you to compile a packed portfolio of photographic images.

In a studio setting, the comfort of your own home, or outside location, the Portrait Photography Surrey captures a series of captivating images, with you as the main focal point.

Get your modelling career off the ground with Portrait Photography Surrey or portrait photography Farnborough and provide agencies with prime pictures used for promotional purposes. can provide the best Portrait Photography Surrey , with well experienced photographers on hand to complete the portrait photography Farnborough to how you want.

Pet Photography 101

In our world, animals often have the most unique looking attributes. They have the best color of hair or fur. They’ve distinct textures that mask each inch of their bodies. Over all, they are totally diverse type of species which makes it fascinating to photograph them. Especially, if they are our pets and we are inclined to take to heart pet photography to preserve the memories we have with them.

In pet photography, each image might be thought of a work of art. This doesn’t exempt any sort of pet. A great deal of individuals actually have their pets, especially dogs or cats; get painted for a portrait or even a picture shoot on their own for posterity’s sake. Even typical families have a picture or two of their dogs or cats, particularly when they were cute small puppies and kittens.

Most folks usually are into pet photography simply because they wish to do something strange or unnatural. Should you scoured the world wide web, you would see a great deal of humorous images that feature animals doing techniques or performing human things. Of course, some are carried out by accident while most of it was designed by their keepers. An illustration would be a dog sleeping and it has a beer can in its paw. That’s adorable and hilarious at the same time. That is certainly the wonders pet photography can do. They simulate the acts of a human being into some thing magnificent.

In today’s modern day age with lots of technological software to develop art, a lot more and much more people are taking pet photography and really editing them to turn out to be horrifying, intriguing or humorous. Others do it for the love but most would just want a keepsake of very good old times with their cherished animal.

A lot of pet photography enthusiasts, especially those who trained and studied, would go for artistry like photographing only their pets eyes in facets that make it look genuinely outstanding and artistic. Or they could take only parts and parts of their pets’ bodies and then proceed to make a collage out of it. It really all would rely on how much creativity and cooperation you get from your animal. That is certainly why pet photography is now regarded as a very good company endeavor aside from the typical subjects which are humans.

Cohesiveness may be a tiny hard, especially for those which are untrained and unpredictable. But if you’ve patience and a still hand, you may still get a few artistic shots from your animal in the course of the pet photography session. Well, whatever the reason or the design of the photo shoot is, it’s essential that we all want a picture of our furry greatest friends utilizing our pet photography skills. You can have fun and even make money once you get more skillful in pet photography.

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Beach Photography

Of all possible settings for photography, the beach is possibly the easiest and most popular. When taking photographs on a beach, you virtually always have optimal lighting, and you have an array of costume possibilities. And what’s more, is you have options with beach photography outside of sunrise or sunset pictures.


With Myrtle Beach Photography, you can have portraits done including family, couple, wedding, and senior portraits. Due to the versatility of the beach, you can dress in styles ranging from bathing suits to turtlenecks, though we suggest using lightweight “breezy” materials. A cotton sundress, for example, is going to flow with the winds often present at the beach, and adds to the tropical feel of a beach portrait.


Other advantages of beach photography come in the shape of the pier, and newly available boardwalk. These two attractions can also be used as props, creating a fun and nostalgic atmosphere for your portrait, as well as offering a sense of romance.

Myrtle Beach Photographers offer the ability to break out of the mold, and take beach photography to a whole new level. No more plain old backdrops, plastic faces, or tired themes. Bring life and soul into your pictures, simply by taking a trip to the beach. In doing so, you say “good-bye” to the geometric mold of the studio, and “hello” to your beautiful family.


Beach photography offers seniors the sex appeal of the beach, without being over-the-top so the parents can enjoy them too. Seniors can now have an individual yearbook photograph with a beach background as opposed to colored lights. And if you’re having a beach wedding, why not have a photographer that knows how to contend with the strong winds, and incoming waves? We want your pictures to capture the perfection of your special day. After all, a grain of sand is just one of the memories you will make.


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Photography Amateur

Five years ago he came into the world of photography after an absence of 20 years.Then I have a photographer of “Wrestling, I gave a face to the jokes, etc..:
Q – What is the difference between a professional photographer and packing the family Happy Meal from McDonald’s?
The Happy Meal can feed a family of four – Answer.
I started photography for the love of it. Finally I decided that whatever I do, a professional photographer will run my business cards and wait until the phone was ringing had become. I’ve been wrong my love for photography with success as a professional photographer.
For me as a “professional photographer” wet all the joy that photography has given me in recent years. I took jobs that were not profitable or difficult. I do not have the time and find out what type of photography that offers the greatest benefits from effort invested time and resources taken. I was not paying attention, where were my best potential customers or as “more than the offer” in my service to them. Although he was about to start my business to “professional photography” with the best intentions, plans, enthusiasm and commitment, I would probably doomed. Of course, I realize that this “and then” the money, enthusiasm and hope. Behind is often 20/20.
Now I’m back and my excitement and enthusiasm is even more intense than twenty years ago. The world of photography is the explosive growth and change almost as quickly. Since I am old now, should I take to mature and better able, thoughtful decisions and investigated. Well, sometimes I play my age. Sometimes …. Here are some of my classes.
The biggest aspect of the current picture is for me the technique. I prefer to shoot digital. Digital I can learn and practice more than I could with the film. I can also manipulate the image to obtain the best possible image. Technology helps me find information to help me in business decisions. Technology now allows me, my prospects and market specifically to them. He is blind marketing exercise.


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