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Sweet Pick up Lines

Women love sweet pick up lines.  They will never go out of style because they make a woman feel special. The trick to the sweet pick up line is that you don’t come across too nice or too old-fashioned.  Modern women don’t go for a Prince Charming routine with some guy trying to lavish over-the-top complements.


Another trick for the sweet pick up line is to remember that after you deliver it, you must move from approach to attraction.  Otherwise she’ll view you as the nice guy she happened to run into or, worse yet, as a friend.

Here are some basic rules for using sweet pick up lines.  They’re very straightforward and easy to remember.


Be genuine.  No woman wants to feel like a target.  When approaching a woman with a sweet pick up line pay attention to what she’s doing.  For example:  You see a woman you want to meet in the fresh vegetable section of the grocery.  Casually go up and check on the vegetables near her, then say “Looks like you like to eat healthy.  What are you planning to make with that?”  After she answers you, then say, “Wow, that sound delicious.  I’ve been cooking healthy, but I seem to make the same thing all the time.  Got any ideas I could use?”  You’ve gotten her to talk with you in a relaxed way about a genuine topic of interest.


Make your voice relaxed, smooth and deep.  The tone of your voice can actually cause arousal in a woman.  When you speak in a relaxed manner, and keep your voice even and use deep tones, then she’ll know that you’re confident and not at all nervous about talking with her.


Remember to flirt.  Remember to flirt.  Remember to flirt.  Sweet pick up lines are great openers, but flirting will step up the attraction.


Connect with her in other areas of interest.  In the case of the girl at the grocery, go from healthy cooking to favorite restaurants to a favorite night spot and so on.


Move things to the next level and get out of the friend zone.  When you’re talking with her introduce yourself and get her name and number.  Then make sure to call her later that evening or the next day.



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Nothing Sweet About Sugar

The definition and context in which the word “sweet” is used varies in the type of sentence you put it into. Like “you are so sweet” meaning you said or did a kind act. Sweet can be used to describe the smell of a fragrance, like flowers or perfume or aha taste. The big one the sense of taste that we either run from or attract us like bears to honey.

Let’s face it; a huge number of the world’s population has some form of an addiction to sugar. Though we may want to deny it, let’s fire off a few questions to clear up any misconceptions on if you have an “addiction to sugar”

Have to have something sweet every day?

Have to have a pop, soda, or soft drink every day?

Can’t have coffee or tea without sugar?

Just need a sugar fix?

I am not about to attempt to try to change or start a petition to separate the word sweet from sugar, but think about the destruction sugar has inflicted on human kind bodies. Now, that won’t be such a bad idea after all huh!

Ok, besides the immediate gratifying taste what is one good benefit for sugar consumption to the body? Take as much time as you need, do as much research as you like, but there is absolutely nothing, nada good about this stuff.

All the glucose our blood needs is meant to be pulled from the nutrients we consume in the form of carbohydrates found in the fruits and vegetables we eat, not from processed sugars.

When it comes to sugar; we use too much and be known to us sugar is found in just about everything we consume; from breads, to salads in some fast food resturants, to dressings, sauces, to microwave meals, to cough syrups and medications. Sugar in one form or another is an ingredient found in surprising places.

Google the following “sugar in the bloodstream” and you will be awakened to a world of nothing but negative affects of sugar consumption. Sure you may not see what it is doing internally right now, but it does show up eventually on the outside. Weight gain, bad teeth, low energy, and tired broken skin are only a few symptoms of the damaging effects of what the use of sugar can do to a body.

Health studies reveal that sugar depresses the immune system, raises the insulin level, which inhibits the release of growth hormones, and high blood pressure to name a few is sufficient information that should encourage us to consume less of it in our nutritional plan. Health studies conducted have proven that the consumption of sugars have been known to cause and contribute to over 20 negative affects on our health. Sugar is a huge contributor to weight gain, obesity, headaches, depression, acidic stomach, diabetes and the list goes on. So, we may not be able to 100 percent avoid all the processed sugars, but we can make the switch to cut back on our sugar intake by practicing the following

Get into the habit of reading labels and if sugar isn’t in sitting on the lower end of the ingredients list, don’t get it.
Avoid all together pop, soft drinks, and fruit juices unless you’re juicing your own.
Reduce or eliminate the use of sweeteners like corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and pasteurized honey.
Consume more fresh fruit and vegetables and drink more water lots of it.

What will be the outcome? A healthier body inside and out and our organs will thank us; plus the added advantage of having more energy, feeling and looking better. So the bottom line is; let’s get into the habit of reading labels and make the decision to limit or reduce drastically the consumption of all forms of sugars from our lifestyle.

I am the music, the song, and the dance. My life is the whatever expression I choose to give it. I decide how fulfilled or not I’m going to be; my faith or lack thereof, the positive or negative attitude I decide on embracing or rejecting. I am given “today” to live, so I’m going to give it my all and live the best I can for today.

The Trouble of Sweet

People have asserted for years that children who have consumed too much sugar will show signs of hyperactive behavior. There are some debates from many studies about this issue; some studies said sugar has much effect on children’s behavior, while others said more researches are needed to prove the statement.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of reasons to restrict the amount of sugar your toddler consumes. For one, sugar is totally without nutritional value, it provides no vitamins, no minerals, nothing but calories. And the calories that sugar contributes to a toddler’s diet can better come from a more worthy source. For another, sugar often keeps bad company; it is frequently found in combination with other nutritional undesirable, unhealthy ingredients, such as fats and refined grains, or we can say it’s just an “empty” food. For yet another, sugar and sugary foods contribute significantly to tooth decay and may contribute to obesity

Sugar may also be sued to improve the taste of third-rate ingredients (in a tomato sauce, for example, when tomatoes lack flavor of their own), and ingredients lacking taste are often also lacking in nutrition. And because it increases the body’s need for chromium, which is involved in the way the body handles sugar, sugar may also be indirectly implicated in the developments of diabetes.

But possibly the best reason to keep sugar out of your toddler is to help him avert lifelong struggle with a demanding sweet tooth and the problems that come with it. Research shows that children who eat a lot of sugary food early on are more likely to grow into sugar-craving adults

In order to minimize the sugar intake to your toddler, you should know more about sugar, which usually has many names, including brown sugar, raw sugar, turbinado sugar, fructose, glucose, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup solids, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, corn sweeteners, dextrose and sucrose. Avoid these when shopping for ready-made foods (particularly if they rank high on an ingredients list or if two or more of them are anywhere on a list) and when cooking for your toddler at home. Save exceptions for when there’s no other choice – at a party for instance.

Restricting sugar doesn’t have to mean restricting sweets entirely, however. Sweets made with fruit-sweetened treats or look for ready-made ones in your supermarket or health food store. A not insignificant bonus, such as fruit-sweetened cakes, cookies, and muffins are much more likely to incorporate nutrition ingredients (such as whole-grain flours) than other commercially prepared sweets.

Writen By dini kusuma
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Sweet promotion – Communication with sweets

Promotional sweets may serve as A pleasing business gifts at the time of fairs, presentations, conferences and during day-to-day communication with clients a souvenir to the company’s partner as well as to the company’s employee. a prize at an advertising action a part of a brand, service or product advertising campaign.

Sweets business means gifts, which find their way to and influence the receiver in an unusual and effective way. Sweets Communication may become an indispensable and a long-term part of company’s an internal and external communication. Sweet hampers makes beautiful gifts for both children and family.

All one has to do is to choose a prefect sweet item to be packed with beautiful pack wrapper and inscribed with the name, address, logo and address of the company over it. When the sweets approaches to your clients, associates and customers, they feel good about your cordial consideration and you conceive a place in the heart of all those.

Humans will always be in love with everything nice and sweet. In fact, the way we crave for anything sugary is something inherent and inescapable. This is probably the reason why people from all ages are such candy fans. Admit it or not, we all love candy and this is probably the reason why these adorable sweeties never go out of trend. This human candy craze started with our prehistoric fathers stealing honey from beehives which was quite dangerous but quick to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. From beehives, man started to enjoy the sweet juices of plants like sugarcane and corn while mixing them with water, fats, nuts and even chocolate. This eventually laid down the bricks for all the candy varieties we know today.

These days we want to munch on our Caramacs and suck on our Jumbo Banana Split Lollies because they’re sweet both to our tongue and our memory. Just one mouthful of jelly beans is enough to make us travel back to those days when we stood with wide-eyed joy at the counter of our favorite candy store while trying to decide which of those goodies were on our own personal sweets menu for the day.

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Delighting your Sweet Tooth with Sugar Free Sweets

Imagine sugar, cultivated from sugar cane, sugar beets as well as other organic plant resources, yet how could it become unfavorable for you? Whenever something appears too good to be true, it often is the scenario. Unfortunately, apart from its favorable taste, sugar contains some redeeming aspects. It contains no fiber or nutrition, is crammed with useless calories, and sometimes, increases your blood sugar that may eventually cause insulin resistance. All this appears to be the best reasons to control eating sugar or rather pick sugar free sweets.

Many individuals acquire huge quantity of sugar in the form of processed starches, fruits, milk and other foodstuffs. These foodstuffs at least contain little nutrition. Yet, innovative technology in processing foods and affordable has created it favorable and convenient for food makers to utilize processed sugar completely is packed foodstuffs. These items attract consumers with their sugary taste. Even foodstuffs that people often never think of as goodies, like bread and pasta sauces can be packed with additional sugar in single form or another. All this along with the many amounts knowingly consumed id candy, desserts and some other goodies. The torso just is not made to process these ample quantities of sugar, and too much ingestion has triggered to countless health concerns.

The superb option is to begin the children off right primarily through injecting healthy weight loss and restraining their sugar consumption. However, for people who have already obtained the sugar taste, which include adult family members, surrendering all sweet goodies may be hard to execute. Limiting sugar intake to an often sugary treat perhaps is not damaging, as long as it never trigger excess. Still, in case you or a member of the family had already developed related health issues, even this idea may not be a choice, but trying to get a few sugar free sweets may definitely help.

Fortunately, it is not important to give up all sweet foodstuffs. Today, there had been superb developments in sugar replacements. Although there are still controversies about the safety of synthetic sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, medical researches continue to test and analyze them. Likewise, there are numerous organic sugar replacements on the market and in usage in sugar free sweets available today, like sugar alcohol such as sorbitol and stevia, although few may have adverse effect on their own. Although with moderation, these sugar products and replacements created with them may enable anyone to admire few sweet goodies once more. In taste, quality and choice, the alternative now may be very enticing, having delectable sugar free sweets, chocolates and cookies and other sweet treats to have that includes the popular Whey Chocolate.

Of course, make sure to analyze the labels to determine that the product will meet your specific health needs or concerns.

The Biggest Breakthrough In Chocolate Innovation! Introducing Whey Chocolate™ Your Taste Buds Won’t Know The Difference, But Your Body Will. Please see this site for more info.

Promotional Sweets – How Sweet it Is!

Everyone knows that people like to eat sweets and that is why a lot of companies are ordering promotional sweets as part of their advertising campaign. But they are also looking for new and different ways that they can promote their business with promotional sweets instead of simply giving them out.

Here are some new ways that a company can use promotional sweets to get their business noticed.


This is something that a lot of stores do around Christmas time. They give out promotional sweets, such as chocolates, with discount coupons inside the wrapper on certain days. It gives the person a discount up to 100% off their purchase. This is especially a good idea to send to people who are new to the area – a piece of candy with a coupon attached. You send them the promotional sweet with the coupon in it and you get a new customer.


Remember the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory? The same thing can go for promotional sweets. If your company is having a function such as a picnic, or you are sending a representative to an expo, you can use promotional sweets to give out prizes. There can be a system, such as bars with certain coloured stickers on them get a certain level of prize.

Advent calendars

There are advent calendars that have promotional sweets in them. These can be given out to employees when the advent season begins and that way they can have a chocolate each of the days that are leading up to Christmas. They are also a great item to present to the children of employees to help them mark off the days that are leading up to Christmas.

Simply because your name is put on promotional sweets, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with the way that you use them. They are a great item that you can use to welcome new people to the neighbourhood and to get your company and products noticed. They are also a way to entice people to come back to a booth when you give them out a conventions and expos with the possibility of winning a prize.

Promotional sweets are an item that you can use to promote your business in many different ways and to make people excited about your company and products. It’s true that you can hand promotional sweets out, but everyone does that. People who do something new and different with their sweets are the ones that get noticed and remembered.

Promotional sweets are something that everyone likes and enjoys. Use your company’s sweets the right way and you will find that the time and energy that you spent on thinking of new ways to use them will be well spent.

Seal your next business deal with a kiss – a chocolate kiss that is, and you will find that your customers keep coming back for more. Promotional sweets can lead your company to a lot of sweet deals and sweet dreams.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK’s leading online supplier of promotional sweets and other Promotional Products. You can also find a wide range of Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items at Eco Incentives.

Indoor Sprouting Raw Food For Fun and Nutrition

Indoor sprouting raw food for fun and nutrition can be made easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. Before most people become sufficiently motivated to consider growing their own sprouts, they usually undergo a transition period during which they prefer to purchase their sprout already-grown. If you are one of these people, look for alfalfa, mung (common bean sprouts), garbanzo, lentil, and mixes of other seeds, as well as sunflower, sweet pea and buckwheat baby greens at your local health-food store or supermarket.

However, there will come a time when you will want to improve the quality and variety of sprouts in your diet, thereby having the opportunity to become an indoor gardener, the benefits of which are considerable.

Why sprout? Economic savings, freshness, quality, ease of digestion, oxygen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, no pesticides or chemicals

Guidelines for sprouting:

1. Dry-seed Storage: store raw nuts, seeds, grains, beans, and legumes in a sealed container in a cool, dry place (refrigerator and freezer are best), thereby lengthening the dry-storage life of your food. Remember that only raw seeds sprout.

2. The soaking Stage. Soak all nuts, seeds, grains, beans, and legumes before using them even if you plan to cook them. This process constitutes an incubation period that eliminates enzyme-inhibitors (toxic acidic factors) from the seeds. Starchy seeds (grain, legumes) should be soaked in warm water. For nuts and larger seeds that are soaked for more than 12 hours, replace the water after the initial 12 hours. Measure the appropriate amount of seed and place it into a container. Add at least twice the amount of water as there is of seed.

3. The Sprouting Stage. After the seeds have soaked for the recommended time, pour the cloudy water (houseplants thrive on this water) and rinse the seeds well.

Place the sprouting container so that the soaked seeds stay well-drained yet moist, get adequate air, and are kept warm in a dark or semi-dark location during the germination and sprouting stages.

During the sprouting process, rinse and drain the growing sprouts every 12 hours (in extreme summer heat, rinse in cool water every 6 hours).

4. Greening. The small vegetable-seeds usually cultivate chlorophyll after developing their first two leaves. Place these sprouts in strong, indirect sunlight for 1-2 days to maximize greening.

5. Harvesting. To harvest most sprouts and baby greens, place them into a large bowl of water to wash away the hulls. Allow the cleaned sprouts to dry for several hours before putting them into the refrigerator.

6. Sprout-Storage. To store sprouts in the refrigerator, place them into glass or plastic containers lined with paper-towels to absorb excessive moisture.

Learn more about my personal story discovering and applying proven principles of indoor sprouting raw food for the Hippocrates health lifestyle. Cindy Soto is a Certified Health Educator from Hippocrates Health Institute.

NCR Millona 16 Revealed

The NCR Milona 16 is known to be a lightened, upgraded and implicit faster Ducati Desmosedici RR and has just unveiled at the World Ducati Week at Misano. Let’s enjoy the tuning product via the following pictures of NRC Millona:


The Italian tuning specialist has attached the 200bhp MotoGP replica with carbon fiber main parts like the all-new frame and swingarm, rims, fuel tank, half-fairing, rear subframe, tail unit, and front mudguard. Along with the titanium and aircraft-grade aluminum, the bike’s dry weight is reduced to 319lbs, or an impressive 71lbs less than what Ducati obtained. Utilizing performance Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes, NCR’s M16 comes to a much sweeter ride. Even though it can not reach significantly over 200bhp, which is the standard bike’s horsepower figure, the retuned engine is at to generate a whole different rush across the powerband.


Ducati Desmosedici RR before becoming Millona 16


NCR Millona 16 tuning vehicle


The NCR Millona 16 now makes over 200 hp at the rear wheel and utilizes carbon fiber bodywork, titanium engine components


NCR is set to unveil the world’s most extreme Desmosedici road bike on June 10: a carbon framed, 200bhp, 145kg version of the already exclusive Ducati MotoGP replica


NCR Introduces Millona M16 MotoGP Sportbike

It can reach 200 hp and a top speed of 190 mph



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I study about mechanic at present. My hobby is collection information about mechanic, vehicle, cars, automobile, etc.


Most people make the same mistake over and over when on diet even though there are a lot of information available for them. It is not about little mistakes where you ate a slice of butter or fried food that was not in the diet plan, but bigger mistakes which leads to failure of your weight loss plan. You need to understand these mistakes so that you can overcome these errors.

Some people have a all or nothing attitude which complicated their diet plan that becomes impossible for them to maintain. They enter the kitchen, select everything that doesn’t fit their plan and throw it in garbage. Planning to be the perfect dieter their plan may work for a week or a month. After that everything is ruined and they go back to local store and buy everything they threw into garbage and start gaining all the lost weight. If you are this kind of dieter then you need to stop this and start making small changes to what you eat so that you will have a slower but steady weight loss.

Another mistake people make is that they think dieting as a sacrifice. They start avoiding food they enjoy the most on their way to losing weight. But after achieving your target you get out of control and start indulging your favorite foods as you did not learnt to moderate eating bad food. The solution is to include a little of everything in your diet but in smaller quantities. Even chocolate.

Set realistic goals. You can lose 10 pounds in a day. Start with two pounds a week for a month. Some weeks you may more less weight, some weeks more or even you may gain weight. Keep progressing as this is natural and you will realize it as you keep track of everything.

There is no need to worry if you have made these mistakes. You can only achieve goal by learning from your mistakes. Be committed to your diet, learn to eat food in moderation and you will enjoy being a healthier person quickly than others.

Jake Sully has been writing articles on health and fitness for over two years now. Also check out his blog on Danskin Yoga Pants and Bikram Yoga Clothes which helps you find the best yoga pants for your workout.


Kerala is fastly emerging as honeymooner’s paradise as the place has attractions one of its kind and unmatched by any other tourism destinations in the world. It is blessed with scintillating beauty of nature, lovely backwaters, exciting cities and stunning beaches; refreshing hill stations and leaving back all the beaten track the state also have exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, home to many colorful and varied species of birds and animals. Kerala also provide wonderful opportunity for couples to experince the magic of ayurveda therapy which rejuvenates the mind body and soul and give a new life to romance in Kerala and share intimate time together sharing love and care for each other.

Kerala honeymoon packages offer couples to celebrate their once in a lifetime vacations in a dream way and make the holiday the most cherish moments of lifetime. It has exciting range of tourism destinations among which the top that allures the couples the most are the scintillating Munnar Hill Station, nature blessed Alleppey and Kumarakom backwater, exciting city of Cochin, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuary of Periyar and Thekkady, etc. All these places are visited by honeymoon couples the most as these places provide romantic ambiance to enjoy time in solitude exploring the exciting attractions of these scintillating cities.

On your honeymoon tours kerala visit to Cochin, famous for its finest beaches and backwater destinations and more of all its historical attractions. Cochin is located 220 km north of the Capital city and is popularly famous as the Queen of Arabian Sea. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Kerala and you cannot afford to miss Cochin on your Kerala honeymoon. Here visit to some of the exciting tourism attractions that include Fort Cochin, Chinese Fishing Nets, Mattancherry Palace, Jewish Synagogue, St. Francis Church, Bolghatty Island, Willington Island, etc. Apart from these you can also enjoy backwater cruise and romantic time along the serene and sun-kissed beaches of Cochin beautifully fringed by the swaying coconut trees. Truly visiting Cochin of your Kerala honeymoon in an experince that both of you will cherish for a long time to go.

Apart from Cochin you can also enjoy the beauty and magnificence of Alleppey and Kumarakom backwaters which are the iconic attractions in the state. Both the places are an integral part of backwater tourism and offer newly wedded couples to enjoy the journey of lifetime over the traditional houseboat also called Kettuvallam in a delightful and memorable way. Alleppey and Kumarakom are amazingly beautiful and are not only famous for backwater destinations but at the same time for their natural beauty and pleasing climatic conditions. Alleppey loving called Venice of the East is also famous for its coir industry, houseboat holidays and it one of the prominent place where the snake boat race is host during the time of the Onam festival. All these attractions also enhance the beauty of this favored backwater destinations while Kumarakom beauty is enhanced by the exotic bird sanctuary, now home to varied species of birds and creatures some of which are rare, endangered and commonly found.

Apart from all these there are many other exciting tourism attractions in Kerala which couples can visit on their kerala honeymoon holidays. Last but not the least, don’t miss to enjoy the lip smacking south Indian delicacies prepared in the melting pot and add new taste to your life which will take a long time to go. Kerala is a sheer magic and is sure to work wonder on your honeymoon vacation to make it the most cherished moments of lifetime.

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