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Photo booths at weddings and How cool are they?

Everybody loves to have amazing photos especially once it comes to wedding photos. Every bride and groom would cherish those photos taken on the most special day. It is for this reason that photo booths popped up on the professional wedding photography scene some 150 years back.
A glimpse into the history of Photo Booths
Photo booth concept was given by William pope and Edward pope of Baltimore in 1888. The first working photo booth was developed by French inventor T. E. Enjalbert (March 1889).The digital photo booth was developed by Anatol Josepho in 1925 and since then it became popular.
The modern day photo booth
Today, in the age of social media (Instagram, Facebook), we are all “connected” and we love taking “selfies” and sharing them with our friends on social media.
The same thing is happening at the weddings where joyous participants would jump at any opportunity to capture the best moments of the event in the most amazing settings. A wedding booth is trending big time to allow every photo enthusiast on a wedding to enjoy the best clicks of the event.
Why is it trending?
Smiling couple with mobile phone
It is a unique idea to have a photo booth at wedding for the under mentioned reasons:
• In a normal “run of the mill” wedding, you would find the wedding pictures that show people, cakes and dancing. But photo booth is a new and distinctive idea that allows the participants to go “beyond” the ordinary and usual. It is for this reason. Wedding photo booths are also being used by Hollywood celebrities in their parties and weddings.
• Photo booth provides a “Fun Spot” for fun and entertainment for the guests of every age where guests can act funny and click some extraordinary photos. Photo booths provide an endless entertainment to guests throughout the wedding party. Androids are making it possible for guests to even make short video clips and instantly share it with their friends and family.
• In a wedding without photo booth, it takes time to get your photos back in the album form. However, in a photo booth you can print photos right after clicking them. With Photo booths, you can also make an album of the wedding ceremony (making it possible to gift these photos to the guests at the end of the wedding event). You may also add some funny captions on the photo of a specific friend.
• Photo booth may stream a live video to your friend (who is unable to attend the ceremony). This would help you to share your great moments of wedding with a friend many thousands of miles away from you.
• Photo booth is a much more cost effective option. Some wedding couples choose wedding photographers to provide high quality photos but it is a time taking and laborious undertaking. To reduce the cost and timely delivery of your wedding photos, it is preferable to book a photo booth. Guest can pose in different styles of their choice and without botheration of a photographer asking for a “Smile” .
• Another big advantage of photo booth is availability of different themes (that can be instantly changed by computer). Each guest can select the theme of his or her choice on the spot. Guests can even custom design a new theme to surprise other friends.
Wedding is a highly enjoyable and memorable event of anyone’s life. Having a photo booth at your wedding is surely an innovative tool for great photo capturing.

Four Great Bar Mitzvah Presents One Can Give

If you have time to attend a Bar Mitzvah, you may think of offering the celebrant a Sacred Scripture with Hebrew and English versions, custom-made jewelry, gifts with religious meanings, as well as something in line with the birthday celebrant’s interests.

A Bar mitzvah refers to a memorable occasion in Jewish man’s life. It is known as a symbolic event which is ordinarily marked the boy’s 13th year with a massive celebration including the boy’s parents, family, friends and other loved ones. Giving gifts is also included in this affair and if you are attending a Bar mitzvah, you might give the celebrant anything to give your assistance and love for him. Here a fewUnique Bar Mitzvah Gifts:

Sacred Scripture with Hebrew and English versions

A Holy Bible is a significant part of the Jewish faith so a Sacred Scripture can be a timely and meaningful present. Some of the Jewish young man are taught Hebrew language so it’s essential to offer a Bible with both English and Hebrew versions of its texts. Add a much more mermorable touch to the gift by creating a front cover having an inscribing of the celebrant’s name and the date of the celebration. You may also pick Bibles which are personalized or bound in leather to make the giftpresent more special.

Custom made jewelry

Another wonderful present that will definitely last for years to come is a piece of personalized jewelry with details that commemorate the important celebration. You may offer a watch, ring, necklace or bracelet to the birthday boy that is inscribed with his name or with traditional Hebrew sayings which include “mazel tov,” that could be loosely interpreted to mean “good luck,” or even having traditional emblems like the Star of David. You could give jewelry made of silver or gold and adorned with precious stones to make it even more exceptional.

Presents having spiritual meanings

Bar mitzvahs are essentially religious event, so presents which have Jewish implications are great. You can offer a yarmulke or kippa, which is a skullcap that Orthodox Jewish men commonly wear to comply with the required head covering. You can create this present more personalized by making an embroidery on it which features the young man’s name or decide on a design or color which suits his preference. Alternately, you could choose to offer a mezuzah case, which is a decor used which has prayers or piece of parchment which highlights Hebrew lines that is place over a door. Another gift suggestion might be a Jewish prayer shaw or a tallit. Tallit refer to the stuff which are popularly given at bar mitzvahs and you might opt to either give a traditional tallit or a contemporary and personalized one.

Any items associated with the birthday celebrant’s likes

You could even opt to offer a present to the birthday guy that will help his hobbies and interests. Boys with the age of 13 have a wide variety of interests. You may ask the celebrant or his guardians for suggestions on what he may like to accept. It migth be a musical supply if he is fond of music, or gadgets, clothing or even sporting equipment.

There are no required presents to offer at bar mitzvahs thus you could select any gift you think will absolutely reflect your views for the celebrant.

Written by Danica Reynes. For more suggestions on Unique Bar Mitzvah Gifts, make a visit at

Corporate Holiday Parties

Is this what your corporate holiday party looks like? The office invitation goes out. On the night of the party, you get dressed up. You and your spouse show up. There’s quiet conversation during cocktail hour, then dinner is announced. You search for your seat and realize with dread it’s next to someone you don’t like. This is going to be a long night. Halfway through dinner, the VP or President of the company gets up. He gives a speech about how great everyone is. He tells a joke or two and someone laughs a little too loudly. You keep checking your watch to see how soon you can escape.

Someone in the office would put together seating charts. Many people dreaded getting stuck next to someone they didn’t like and having to spend most of the night making polite conversation. Instead of boosting employee morale, holiday parties did the opposite. Monday it was back to work and people breathed a sigh of relief that they wouldn’t have to repeat this ritual until the next year.

Nowadays, holiday parties can be fun. Some companies realized that creating a fun atmosphere creates happy employees. The formal dinners are gone. In their place are Casino Nights, Cabarets, Themed Nights and more. Instead of a sit down dinner, appetizers and buffets are letting people mingle with whom they want to. Having a blackjack table or roulette table lets people get to know each other without pressure. It’s a fun way to relax after a year of hard work.

Another idea for a fun holiday party is Prom Night. Think ball gowns, bands, and buffet tables. There might even be a Flamenco guitarist for out on the balcony where lovers of all ages escape for a breath of fresh air under the nighttime stars.

For companies that like to include the entire family, consider a storyteller that tells stories for adults and kids. These kinds of events let people dream again. Inspiration breeds creativity.

If it’s an adult-only celebration, why not have a Cabaret show? Let people sit back and be entertained. For those who are daring, let them join the cabaret. People will be smiling and laughing. It’s a great way to bring people together. Besides, you might find out that someone in the office has a lot more rhythm than you thought.

By creating a fabulous, fun environment, employees become more social with one another. At a holiday party, the goal should be to encourage bonding and to get to know co-workers in an atmosphere outside of the job. It’s amazing how quickly people open up when they are relaxed and having a good time. The goal is to engage employees. Holiday parties should be fun. Get creative and enjoy the results.

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