Throwing The Perfect Adult Halloween Party

If you think that the Halloween season is a little bit dull, think again! You don’t need to be a child to enjoy the inspiration and excitement that this holiday can provide.

Consider throwing a party for your adult friends! This can be a fun way to act like kids again.

When throwing a Halloween party, your biggest decision will probably be if you should have guests come in costume or show up in their everyday clothes. This is entirely up to you, depending upon which you think your friends will be more comfortable with, but of course, a Halloween party gets into the spirit of the season when all invitees are in full masquerade.

If you decide to go the costumed route, consider doing a theme for your own get-up. For instance, grab your spouse, significant other, best friend, or mom and plan a costume extravaganza.

You could be Frankenstein’s bride to your hubby’s Frankenstein or you and your best friend could dress up as the devil and an angel. If you really want to be imaginative (and have your guests get their creativity working hard) plan a black and white party.

Party goers can dress in all white or all black or a combination of the colors. You might have partiers dressed as cows or in white with polka dots and you may have some guests who are not in a costume at all, but are dressed to fit with the theme.

The best part is that the outfits will go perfect with your darkened, shadow-filled Halloween party. No Halloween party would be complete without the right decorations to add doom and gloom for such an event.

You can buy decorations at a store, or make your own or do a little bit of both. Grab a large rectangular-shaped box and cut the top off of it.

Now, paint it black or dark gray and you have a great coffin decoration -you can also hide in it to scare your guests if you want! Purchase dark-colored bulbs to put in your lamps and you’ve got your lighting in place.

Place spider webs complete with rubber spiders draped off of your ceilings and your friends will be brushing up against creepiness all night long. Of course, add decorations of orange and black to your party room to bring the entire experience together.

Add lots of atmosphere to your party with something really creepy and fun like a fog machine. With the proper lighting in your home or the hall where you are hosting the party, a fog machine will create dramatic effects like the spooky cemetery next to your local church.

Expect your guests to look extra mysterious when they are walking through the foggy graveyard, or downstairs family room. While your fog machine is whooshing away, add lots of candles – think pillar candles in all sizes – to further lighten the mood without the use of lamps and electric lights.

Not only will candles give you a more old-fashioned, shimmering look to your party, but the shadows they cast on the walls will further play tricks on the eyes of guests. If you are having the party at your home, you might want to contribute to the mood of the evening with a continuous running of scary movies on your DVD player.

You don’t even need to keep the sound turned up on the TV, but if you have an array of creepy flicks to play during the evening of the party, your guests might enjoy taking a breather for a minute or two in front of the tube. If you are not sure what to add to your Halloween movie collection for just such an occasion, you can start out with typical monster classics like Halloween, Psycho, the Shining, the Amityville Horror, and the Exorcist followed up with more recent additions like Se7en and the Blair Witch Project.

Hoping that your guests cut a rug at your October 31 gathering? Well, give them music they can use!

You can create your own CD of tunes for fun and laughter and dancing with lots of creepy songs available off of the Internet. Of if you would rather, you can simply buy a CD with Halloween party songs on it.

Better yet, use your new spooky music CD for a karaoke game for your guests. Let them choose their favorite spine-chilling track and then go for it with a microphone and all.

There are endless possibilities when it comes planning. Have a blast!

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