Using Trade Show Booths To Capture Long Tail Audiences

When you’re at a convention, there can be an overwhelming impulse to make as broad an appeal for your product as possible. You want everyone who comes into that exhibition hall to find your marketing interesting, and be drawn in to learn more. Yet a surprising number of businesses make their marketing so general that it ends up blending in with all of the other exhibits, severely minimizing its potential impact. In many cases, the best way to get your exhibit noticed is to target the long tail by providing specific, interesting marketing that will appeal strongly to targeted, quality visitors.

Understanding Long Tail Trade Show Booths

The long tail concept is an old one amongst marketing experts. They noticed that broadly targeted messages were having an inferior impact; in a bid to appeal to everyone, they were actually appealing to no one. In response, marketers started fine tuning their message to more specialized subsets of the general group. Because they got no response to broad marketing, they focused more specifically on some at the possible expense of others.

Specific Appeal, Remarkable Results

When you make a targeted approach, you are statistically more likely to get responses. This is true regardless of what marketing medium you use, whether it be running a TV ad or designing your trade show booths. In most cases, the response to a more targeted, specific ad surpasses what would be expected from a generic campaign by a significant proportion. Many companies have difficulty choosing to focus on just one subset of their possible client base, even though the statistics support the wisdom of that choice. In the end, almost every company sees significantly improved returns on their marketing investment when switching to a more targeted method of designing booths for trade shows.

How To Target Your Table Top Displays

Once you’ve made the choice to specify your exhibit, you need to decide what market you’ll be targeting. Depending on your field, this choice may be made for you. But if your product has broad appeal, it can be difficult to determine the best place to focus the messages of your table top displays. The best way to determine the ideal focus is by conducting research and utilizing focus groups. Focus groups allow you to survey your potential clients and gauge their reactions to possible new initiatives. Always get as wide a survey of individuals as possible for the best results.

Implementing Your New Strategy

After conducting interviews with focus groups and selecting your new emphasis, the final step is to actually put your new plan into effect. This can be the most stressful step for businesses not used to the idea of targeted trade show booths. At this point, all you need do is remain confident. If necessary, review literature supporting the long tail theory and relax by seeing statistics that support your move. If your company is like most, you’ll see an immediate quality traffic increase, and your entire company will benefit.

Chris Harmen is an author for Skyline, leading providers of trade show booths in Orlando, Florida. As a top regional source for table top displays, Skyline has provided hundreds of event solutions to Florida companies.

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