Olympic Bar Maintenance

Lets face it whether you spent $ 150 or $ 1500 on your Olympic bar it probably represents a significant investment on your part. If you are running a gym, especially a CrossFit or Strength and Conditioning gym, bars are definitely one of the most used and abused pieces of equipment you have. Often though nobody takes the time to properly maintain the bars. Let’s face it, the bar gets used and forgotten about, not to mention that often there are a variety of bar brands that are being used and typically the manufacturers do not send out information regarding the care of the bar. In fact I emailed all of our bar vendors asking them for information on how to maintain and care for their bars and one actually emailed me and said, “Here is our warranty information. Don’t overload the bar, don’t drop the bar.” That was it! Nothing else. I have to tell you I was floored. So, the question remains, “How do we maintain and care for our Olympic bars?”


One thing that should be obvious about bars is that they are steel. Steel rusts when it gets wet. People sweat. Sweat=Wet=Bar Rust. Bar manufacturers try to combat this by putting a coating on the bars. The most common coatings (from least expensive to most expensive) are black oxide, chrome, zinc, and making bars from stainless steel. Even with these coatings you still need to maintain the bar so hear are a few tips on what you can do.

Clean the chalk out of the knurling. If you use chalk and you are the only one using the chalk then please clean the chalk off the bar. If you provide chalk at your gym then you need to clean the chalk off regularly (probably daily). Use a small stiff nylon bristle brush to go over the knurling. Remember that chalk dries sweaty palms. How does it do this? By absorbing moisture. Guess what it does while sitting on the bar. Absorbs moisture! Any humidity in the air any moisture at all and the chalk will absorb and hold it on the steel. So if you want your bars to not rust please clean off the chalk.

Wipe your bars down regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or 3 in 1 oil. Regularly depends on how often the bar is used. If this is in your house then twice a month should be sufficient. If you are in a commercial setting then once a week would be better. If your using them a lot and in a high humidity area then you might need to do it more frequently. WD-40 works well because it is a water displacer and it dries quickly. Spray it on a rag and wipe it down giving a good even coat across the whole bar. If you use 3 in 1 oil again place it on the rag and give a nice thin coating across the entire bar. Let it sit overnight and then wipe it down again. 3 in 1 will work awesome but it will leave your bars feeling a bit more greasy then WD-40.

Most bars today have been made to be fairly maintenance free. You typically do not have to oil the sleeves. Most of the sleeves have oil impregnated bearings or bushings. Some of the higher end bars do have small oil holes in the sleeves. For these bars you would drop in some 3 in 1 oil (DO NOT use WD-40 here) and let it work into the sleeve. Again do this after use and check it before using it again for any excess that may have leaked out to wipe it up.


Bars should not be stored with weight on them. PERIOD. If you leave weight on your bar, especially if it is racked, you are just begging for a bent bar. The are designed to withstand the weight not designed to permanently hold the weight. Strip you bars. I know you are tired after a hard workout but please catch your breath and put the plates away. Not only will this protect your bar, but if you are in a gym it will make the next person who uses the bar much happier if they don’t have to strip it for you.

The bars can be stored on the rack unloaded or in a bar stand. If you can store them horizontally it is better the vertically. We highly recommend that you do not store needle bearing bars in a horizontal bar holder. Dropping the bar into the holder can cause damage to the needle bearings. Most gyms that teach the Olympic lifts (that would use a needle bearing bar) do not care about mirrors so it is very easy to make a wall rack that you can store the bars on. Potomac CrossFit did a great job with theirs. Take a look at the photo.

All in all its pretty simple to maintain an Olympic bar. A couple of minutes and you can protect your investment so that it lasts for years and years. If you have any other suggestions on maintaining your Olympic bar we would love to hear them. Leave us a comment.

Noah Alkinburgh is a father of 4, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and IT manager at Christian’s Fitness Factory – The Ultimate Fitness Equipment Supplier (http://www.christiansfitnessfactory.com). Christian’s Fitness Factory is your complete source for Commercial & Residential Fitness Equipment at affordable prices. Please visit http://www.christiansfitnessfactory.com/index.php/Bars/View-all-products for our complete line of Olympic Bars.

Incorporating Demonstrations Into Your Trade Show Booths

There are few things as exciting for event attendees as a live demonstration of your product. Incorporating one will almost certainly draw more attention to your trade show exhibits, and is more likely to result in visitors becoming customers. However, there are many things that must be considered when planning for a live display, and all of them need to be addressed to maximize your success.

Step 1: Know Your Space

The best venue for live demonstrations is one in which you can provide seating for people to watch comfortably. If there is any chance that your visitors can sit as they observe, you should jump at it. In a typical convention situation, it is rare to have such a large space. However, if you’re using your trade show exhibits at a venue such as a fair, it might be possible to arrange something. Don’t hesitate to ask the management of the show if you’re uncertain; it’s always better to know for sure than to be wondering.

Step 2: Know Your Product

When you work with an audience, you must have complete knowledge of what you’re presenting. You should be able to answer all questions with ease, and there should be further information in pamphlets throughout the trade show exhibits. For portable exhibits, though they are smaller in size, there will always be a place to add printed information.

Step 3: Hire Great Talent (That Knows Your Product!)

Having a strong presenter to actually perform the demonstration is important. This man or woman will become permanently associated with your item in the eyes of customers, and should be someone who can make a favorable impression. Choosing this person requires a tremendous amount of honest assessment, because many companies will be tempted to choose a presenter from within their own staff. While your staff is the undisputed body of experts on your items, they may not be able to sell it like a professional could.

However, having a professional isn’t always the right solution. If that professional can’t reliably learn all the details of your product, then you might as well have presented it yourself and bungled the presentation for all the good you’ll get out of it. A professional who looks at home in your trade show booths and knows every detail of your products is ideal. If that’s not possible, pick someone with knowledge over someone with salesmanship. Let your excellent products speak for themselves.

Step 4: Create Trade Show Exhibits That Draw Attention To The Demonstration

Once you have everything set for the actual exhibition, you’ll need to consider how best to attract eyes from across the room. With typical trade show booths, it’s a matter of designing the booth around your item. But when you have a demonstration, you should focus on drawing attention to the demo. When people understand that there is an imminent promise of action on that stage (i.e., that someone will soon be demonstrating something) they’ll flock to the area. At a minimum, you should include signs indicating display times. This is easily done, even with portable displays.

Step 5: Take Care Of The Odds And Ends

This step is crucial because it ensures that everything will go smoothly on presentation day. This step has you gathering anything and everything that is required for the performance. If you need an extension cord, this is when you get it. If you need to have water on hand, or perhaps some kind of prop to enhance the show, make sure you are prepared. Pack it ahead of time and ensure you have enough of everything you may need.

Step 6: Enjoy The Benefit To Your Trade Show Booths

After everything is set, you’re ready to relax and see how it pays off. Have your company’s people circulating in the crowd to answer questions, ensure that literature is readily available, and then just let events unfold. If your company is like most, you’ll enjoy a rich reward: more sales at the portable displays, and more durable and lasting relationships and positive word of mouth afterward.  

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, the noted leaders in Knoxville trade show booths. Skyline provides trade show exhibits in Knoxville and the surrounding area.

Fundraising Ideas For Youth Sports That Will Really Get the Ball Rolling

You’re finally up to bat – this time it’s your turn to come up with some fundraising ideas for youth sports. Whether you’re a newcomer to this game or a seasoned veteran of fundraising, the first thing you’ll want to do is get to grips with some fundraising ideas that have shown themselves to be successful. You want to come up with some ideas that will be both fun for the team, and profitable for them as well, so it’s time to do some research and figure out just which ideas those are.

There is no specific right way for choosing sports fundraisers. Pretty much any fundraiser can work for you if you make some smart choices. Basically what this means is that you will have to consider two important things: your sales team, which are most likely the players and maybe their parents, and the intended customer base. Once you have these two things firmly in your mind you are well on your way to coming up with some appropriate fundraising ideas for youth sports.

The size of your sales team is one of the most important factors. Is it just going to be the players doing their own fundraising, or will they have help from staff members, coaches, or supporting groups? If you have a really large group, you there are no limits to the types of fundraising ideas you can consider – even some pre-sell fundraisers have no shipping costs if you can meet minimum order requirements. To learn whether this is practical, crunch a few numbers and decide whether each idea is realistic for you based on how much each individual would have to sell in order to make the minimum order.

You also want to consider your customers when coming up with fundraising ideas for youth sports. If the kids will be selling to their fellow students, a chocolate fundraiser of course going to be very popular. On the other hand, if the kids will mostly be selling to adults, something like coffee or the green fundraiser may be better. Whatever fundraising ideas for youth sports you come up with, as long as keep your situation in mind you are bound to have a success.

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Top Weekend Parties Uk Europe

Weekend parties UK Europe are extremely popular especially as stag and hen parties. You can indulge in sporting, adventure or culture activities during the day and go wild clubbing at night. Here we bring you the top destinations for weekend parties UK Europe.
Barcelona has to rank amongst the top spots for weekend parties UK Europe and with good reason. The heady combination of the Mediterranean sun, Spanish sangria and beer and the exotic Catalonian nightlife will leave you asking for more. During the day, you can go golfing or go-karting or book a spa. A touch of culture gazing at the amazing Gaudi architecture will do you no harm!
Cosmopolitan London offers the ultimate indulgence for weekend parties UK Europe as you can gaze into glitzy boutiques, eat at hip restaurants and enjoy the legendary nightlife at Soho or Chelsea. Your weekend parties UK Europe can stretch to weeks or months as there is so much entertainment and culture to absorb in London.
Amsterdam offers cheap flights, ferries and trains and hotels. Add to that, the 24/7 nightlife and unrestricted entertainment and weekend parties UK Europe cannot get any better.
Berlin is competing hard to woo trendy clubbers with its innumerable and diverse clubs and its bars and adult venues make it the place for weekend parties UK Europe.

Prague still enthralls party goers and is definitely a popular choice for weekend parties UK Europe. You can enjoy sporting activities during the day and the inevitable dash of culture what with wonderful architecture at every turn of the street. Lively bars and pubs, all serving cheap beer and great food make Prague the place to be for weekend parties UK Europe.

New kids on the block, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the latest hotspots for weekend parties UK Europe. A steaming nightlife, stylish bars and exotic entertainment all set amongst beautiful medieval architecture is an experience not to be missed.

Enjoy weekend parties UK Europe to the fullest in Belgrade with its music-cafes, bars and clubs. Its parties thrown on river boats along the Danube and Sava rivers have become legendary.

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First Birthday Party Ideas

Wow, look how time flies! Its been a whole year of deprived sleep, changing diapers, tiny giggles, and a flutter in your heart one year ago you never knew existed. Your baby is turning ONE! This event is big, although you will always hear people say, Just do something small, she will never remember it. That is true, your child will not remember his/her first birthday party. But hey, its a great excuse to get everyone together to celebrate. So, how do we plan for such an event?

First you want to decide if there is going to be a theme? There are so many to choose from starting with the number 1. Not to worry, you will find plenty of party decorations and first birthday invitations to choose from. Or, does your baby have a favorite character? Maybe Elmo, Barney, Farm Animals? The theme is important as the first thing you do because once you have chosen the theme, you can plan the party around it.

Ok, so youve now chosen a theme. You will now need to figure out where it will be held. People normally choose to host it a their home since it is mostly a gathering of family and friends and dont forget, your baby might not be interested in socializing, may be tired and want to go down for a nap, and really, you will have plenty of years to come for birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, indoor playgrounds, etc. If you choose not to host it at home, depending on the weather, the park is a great place for a birthday party or community club house if you have one available.

Your next step would be to order the first birthday party invitations. Depending on what theme you have chosen, you can go with the traditional #1 birthday invitation, or choose one to match your theme. There are plenty of kids birthday invitations to choose from with themes like, princess, barnyard, trucks, sailboats, and more. There are thousands of birthday invitations to choose from. Dont forget to pick a time for your party that works around your childs nap time. You dont want her to get sleepy and not be awake for the messy cake celebration.

Some tips to think about:

The food:
This part is based mostly on the adults that will be attending. As for the children, depending on what age group they are and if they are mostly the same age as your soon-to-be one year old, you may just want to have little bowls of goldfish on the tables and small cut up sandwiches. Keep in mind of allergies, especially peanut butter so PB&J sandwiches might not be a good idea. Also, keep the adult food (i.e. anything a small child can choke on) out of reach.

The decorations:

Again, because your child is at an age where she wants to put everything in her mouth, or pull on the Elmo tablecloth so everything on the table crashes to the floor, I would keep decorations to a minimum.

Party favors:

Again, because children this age like to put everything in their mouth, a great and inexpensive party favor is to get small beach pails and fill them with a shovel, a deflated beach ball and a few sand toys. These are also great for taking to the park. If you want to get creative, you can personalize each one with their name. If you have gone with a character theme, a great place for favors would be www.partycity.com. They carry almost all birthday themed party favors.

Whatever you choose to do for your babys first birthday, or if you choose to do nothing at all, reflect back on this first year and enjoy every moment!

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Trade Show Booths For Small Companies

Many companies believe that their small budget makes getting great trade show displays impossible. Others conclude that because they can’t outspend other larger firms, there is no point to having any particular convention presence at all. In fact, a smaller booth run by your emerging business can be a stronger draw than a competitor’s large custom installation. The question is, how do you design your exhibits for trade shows? Good planning and careful selection of costs will lead you to a strong and wise investment in trade show booths.

Don’t Compete With The Big Trade Show Displays

As a small company, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your larger competition. In the context of conventions, however, don’t think of them as your competition. When you don’t have the funds to outclass them with a superior convention presence, you shouldn’t try. What you should do instead is focus on making the best possible impression while staying within the budget you have. If that means a shoestring as a startup, then that’s what you should do. If it’s slightly more, then use that. Never push your funds to the point where cash will be too tight.

Making An Impression With Exhibits For Trade Shows

Instead of relying on fancy gadgets like the largest companies, you should focus on what is outstanding about your own company and play that up. First, determine what your goal is at this convention. If you are a very new player, perhaps you simply intend to get your name on the map. Attracting attention from the press and from others interested in your field can be a great benefit of exhibits, and doesn’t require much of an investment. If your company is launching a new product, then you should ensure that the focus is on your new product, and trust that your company will see benefit from being associated with the product.

Whatever you choose as your goal, there is one crucial thing to remember. No matter how small or large your booth may be, it must always be the highest quality. Your company may be small, but you want to be taken seriously by everyone at that exhibition. In order to make that happen, you need to show that you’re in this business for the long term. In the eyes of most visitors, that means having a booth that is professional, sleek, and well considered. It doesn’t have to be large, but it does have to represent your company well.

Creating Lasting Value Through Brochures And Flyers

When you can’t afford to spend a lot on large exhibits, you need another way to communicate the basics about your company and product. The best way to do this is with flyers and brochures. In fact, even if you have a larger booth in the future, having flyers that visitors can take home with them is a great way to further introduce them to your company’s products and mission.

Great Trade Show Booths For Every Budget

Careful planning and wise choices will lead to a great display. Its size relative to your competition doesn’t matter. All that is important is that it represents your company well, and that it will help people know your company better and know your product. If you have achieved that, then you’ll see benefit from your exhibit.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, Toledo trade show displays experts. Skyline is a leading provider of Toledo trade show booths, helping clients create impressive exhibits without going over budget.

Basic Photography Tips

If you want to learn about basis photography then read this article all the way to the end. Specifically, we’ll discuss which camera do I buy or what name brand is the most ask question. Getting the picture is the most important job in photography. and which is better film or digital camera. After you get done you will be able to choose the right camera for you.

Which camera you buy or what name brand is vital in photography. Because basis photography couldn’t even survive without the right camera The best camera to buy is the one you feel comfortable with. You don’t want a camera that is hard to operate. Pick the camera that is easy to understand and use,that will make photography enjoyable.

Because basis photography needs to get the picture is the most important job in photography. Have you seen picture that the subject is a litter speck. You want your subject to stand out where people will know what you pictures is all about. One of the best way to make your subject to stand out is call framing. This will put the focus on your subject and make a better picture. Both Have you seen picture that the subject is a litter speck. You want your subject to stand out where people will know what you pictures is all about. and one of the best way to make your subject to stand out is call framing. This will put the focus on your subject and make a better picture. Which is why Which is better film or digital camera is vital to basis photography .

Which is better film or digital camera is a huge part of getting basis photography When I start out I used film, that was the best then. Now digital has come a long way and the digital cameras now take good quality pictures. Using digital in photography will help in putting picture on the internet much easier.

Conclusion: Basic photography is possible to understand, and you should always keep an eye out for a good camera to buy. Getting the picture is the most important job in photography. So now get out there and start in choosing the right camera for you and make your subject stand out will produce better pictures..

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4 Fun Food Ideas for Your Next Party

When it comes to party planning, the main focus is food. What will you serve? What will your guests enjoy the most? And, of course you want to do something simple so that you can actually enjoy the festivities as well. You can find some great items at stores like Chefs Catalog and StacksandStacks to help you in the preparation and the serving of the food, but the question still remains…what will you serve? Take a look below at some of the fun party food ideas that are easy to prepare, your guests will love and are affordable.

1. Fondue

Everyone loves fondue and it is an inexpensive way to serve a variety of foods that your guests will love. You can do a cheese fondue or a chocolate fondue or a combination of the two. Most of the foods go well with either and with a variety of breads, crackers, vegetables and fruits on your table, your friends will enjoy mixing and matching to create their favorite combination. Be sure that you set out plenty of fancy picks for people to dip; you don’t want double dipping so buy enough to last throughout the party.

2. Desert Buffet

If you want to do something unique, make a desert buffet for your guests. These work great for parties that are not scheduled during regular meal times. It gives the guests a chance to snack and yes, possibly ruin their dinner, but who cares; it tastes great! Set out small bite size treats as well as an entire cheesecake or chocolate cake. Include fruits and crackers and even some cheeses and popcorn to entice the party goers with a more savory pallet. You can even have people bring their favorite desert to share to help with the cost and of course the preparation of the food. Most times, they do not mind bringing a dish to the party and it can really cut down on your cost as well as the time you spend in the kitchen.

3. Make Your Own Submarines

A customer favorite is a submarine sandwich that they can put together on their own. Make sure you have plenty of fresh breads in a variety of choices from white, wheat to rye and include all the favorite lunchmeats such as ham, turkey, salami, and pepperoni and roast beef. Create a station of condiments for guests to choose from to create their perfect submarine.

4. Finger Foods

People love to have foods that are simple to eat and can be carried around the room as they mingle with other attendants. Finger foods are a timeless classic for any get together and can be created in a variety of tastes and creations. From the simple meatball to the more elegant mini crepe, there is no end to the types of food that can be served as finger foods at your next party. So, when you are thinking about what to serve, just keep it simple, make sure it tastes great and everyone will have a great time.


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Robin Burton is a freelance writer for UltimateCoupons.com

Wedding Sarees

Wedding Saree play an additional part in the wedding ceremonies. There are wide ranges of collections that are offered to women. It takes more time to select a wedding saree as there are so many types that are available in today’s lifestyle. Saree is one of the most suitable dress code which brings out the genuine attraction of a woman. Saree is a long unstitched cloth of about 6 to 8 yards. These are frequently available in a range of colors, styles, fabrics and designs.

In Rosy Hued Saree the females look stylish and smart; the pink and pinkish purple shaded upper division merges faintly with the light coral pink which is in the lower part. The entire saree is decorated with ornate floral resham worked appliques. The border is a pinkish purple scrap embellished with intricate floral resham embroidery. Pinkish purple blouse has matching borders for the sleeves.

The Elegant sarees are a set of new standards in glamour with this rustic maroon saree. The skin texture is woven with fancy floral patterns all over enhanced with fragile buttis all over, and embroidered with beads. The border part of saree is greatly accentuated with flower-patterned and decorative patterns, blown up with sequins, buggle beads, aari work, fancy thread work and stones.

In the Divine Maroon Saree the female adore the diva in you with this dark maroon saree. The body part of the saree is being scattered with stones. The border is embroidered with intricate sequin, bead, stone and zardosi work with gota piping.

The Gorgeous Paisley Saree has got its own elegance and poise with this teal green saree. The body part of the saree is being sprinkled with beads and ornamented with sequin, bead, stone, resham, zari and zardosi worked paisley motifs. The border is a gota patch decked with sequins, beads and stones.

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Renew Your Love

You fell boring with your love and you are trying to last your love over and over again? It’s sometimes not easy and you have to find a middle ground long enough to build lasting love. Below are things you can do and you should avoid to make up cycles your love:



Build Trust –


This is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship. If you don’t have trust or can’t build trust, there is no point in trying to continue the relationship. Work on your trust issues, whether you are able to do it with just the two of you or you need to seek professional help with a counselor or marriage therapist. This will really help the two of you build trust which is the foundation for lasting love. This is extremely important in any relationship and without it, you will just continue to experience the breakup/makeup cycles that plague you now.


Laugh Often –

When you and your partner spend time together doing things that you both enjoy or find fun, and you laugh together often, those great bonds that hold you get stronger. This is the key to a lasting relationship and healthy love. You don’t have to spend all of your time together being serious. Be fun and have fun; enjoy life. Do the things that both of you really love to do and simply enjoy each other. This is a great way to work on the dynamics of your relationship and keep things happy and keep those bonds strong.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff –

There are so many things that you could get upset over, but the truth is that it’s just not worth it. Men say things that come out all wrong sometimes and women often convey bad or negative images when they are only trying to show that they care. This is a huge problem in relationships and without realizing that we just can’t help our genders, we will fail in our relationships. Think about something before you get upset about it and determine whether it’s really something worth getting upset about. If it’s not, just don’t!


Using these tips and tricks, you can get out of that breakup/makeup cycle so that you can build lasting love and a strong foundation!


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