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Gold Wedding Shoes

Are you a bride thinking about gold wedding shoes for your wedding?  Are you considering them but not sure how they will look with your dress?  If so, here are some tips to think through before you decide.

1.  Color

Do you like the color gold?  Is your dress ivory or cream?  Or, does your dress have gold rhinestones on them?  If you answered yes to at least one of these things, then gold may be the right color for you.  If your answer is no and your dress has silver rhinestones, then you may want to consider silver wedding shoes.  The gold has to match your dress and the beading on your dress, otherwise it will look funny.

2.  Sparkle

Are you looking for something that sparkles?  Or do you want something that is more toned down.  Gold comes in both a shinier color and a matte color if you want to stick with it.  The sparkle is really pretty and really helps the shoe stand out.  Also, depending on the style, it will sparkle differently.  For example, if you have strappy shoes, then it will sparkle, but won’t be as intense as pumps since the straps are usually thin.  Either way, make sure you are comfortable with the sparkle of the gold.

3.  Shade

Make sure you know what shade of gold you want.  Besides being matted or sparkly, gold also comes in many tones.  There is a deeper tone that is closer to bronze and a lighter tone that is closer to yellow.  The deeper tone is more traditional although the lighter tone can be a little more girly and fun.  One tip is to buy 2 different pairs and try them on with your dress.  This way, you can see how they accent your feet and your dress at the same time.

4.  Jewelry

Many women tend to have silver wedding bands and silver engagement rings.  If you are one of those women, don’t worry.  Gold and silver are being paired together by many designers so you won’t have a problem if you want to mix the 2.  If you do choose gold shoes, try to choose a gold necklace and gold earrings to match.  This will make everything more consistent.

5.  Traditional vs. non-traditional

Gold is actually a very traditional and elegant color.  However, make sure you are comfortable with wearing gold wedding shoes since they tend to be a bit more non-traditional than white or ivory wedding shoes.  Also, remember, gold shoes will be a lot easier to wear in the future to your Christmas parties or any other cocktail parties that you will be going to.

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Wedding Arrangement And Flowers For Wedding

Sophistication, relaxation, romance in soft tones or bright colors to warm up the environment, these are some feelings that flowers can bring to the mood of your party or ceremony. The choice of flowers for your wedding is an important point, because from them will determine the style of your party and of course a large variety of flowers and styles should be taken care that are not made exaggerations that end up ruining your party .

Opt for seasonal flowers, as well as being easier to find them, they are cheaper and you will surely find some you like. But never forget, the flowers should be in harmony with the rest of your decor, both in style and color to create a harmonious environment.

Some flowers have a wide variety of colors and it’s up to you to choose which has more to do with your taste and style.
* The shades of red heat the environment;
* Shades of yellow and orange look great at weddings during the day to radiate the hues of the sun, and provide a touch of softness and delicacy;
* And pink tones give your style a more romantic mood with a retro air;
* White flowers are classic and are used with glasses become fashionable;
* Tropical flowers and strong colors are more suitable for rough environments or tropical beaches or even outdoors.

Besides the flowers you can also use other elements to complement your decor and glass vases, as well as create wedding arrangements of various styles and models, give an air of elegance and sophistication. Other items that can be used are lamps and candles, both in churches and reception, which create an air of coziness and romance. So use and abuse them, but be careful where they will be used as nothing more annoying than falling from the candles on the tables candles or dripping hot wax in the hands of your guests.

Despite so many options for decorations, colors, styles and opinions, never forget the main thing: It’s your wedding day so it’s only you the choice of this; it is the realization of his dream and not the others. Then hire a florist, who is aligned with your taste and style, which you pass trust, so you can worry about the other items of your wedding and when the big day, enjoy the party along with their guests who are the most important people in your life.

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Christmas Wedding Bouquets | Wedding Bouquet

Novelties Many novelties already have a wire pick inserted at the bottom, so you can very easily insert this directly into the floral foam along with the flowers. If your accessory has no pick, simply take a piece of heavy wire, heat up one end of it by holding it in a flame, and the insert the heated wire into the base of your novelty. If you novelty moves on the wire (up and down or around and around), put some glue right where the wire enters it. This should secure it. Balloons Balloons add a festive feel anywhere. They can be filled with helium to float in the air in your arrangement. Helium balloons need to be securely anchored. You can do this by having them tied to colorful ribbon. Tie the ribbon to a little wooden pick and knot them firmly. You can then insert the wooden pick into your floral foam. The wood will expand from the moisture, making your pick all the more secure. Candles Candles area favorite at weddings. They create a beautiful, soft, romantic atmosphere, making them perfect for weddings. You can purchase plastic candle holders that look like a little “cup” with a large plastic point below it that can be inserted into your foam . These holders come in different sizes. Your candles should fit into them snugly – that way you know they will be secure. The base of the holder anchors into your floral foam and keeps your candle from tipping over. If you can’t find a candle holder the right size, you can push the candle directly into the floral foam. First cut the base of the candle to a bit of a point to make insertion easier. Push the candle slowly, straight down. Do not twist the candle as this could make the hole larger than it needs to be and make the candle less secure. Only try this method with narrower, smaller candles. Larger pillar candles will be too top heavy and will fall over easily. You can also make your own candle holder. You take at least 5 wooden picks about 4 inches long and use rubber florist’s tape to tape them evenly spaced to the base of your pillar candle. You can then gently insert the picks into your floral foam. You don’t have to use florists’ wooden picks, you can use less expensive wooden skewers for kabobs. I prefer not to have the candle actually rest on the floral foam. The moisture of the floral foam could travel up the wick of your candle. The best way to prevent that is to use the florists’ plastic candle holders. Second best is to make your own holders with the wooden picks.

Wedding Hair: Preparing For The Wedding

A day before the wedding. The jitters are taking over your nerves, you are scrambling to get the last-minute details to be polished and at the back of your head you are wondering if everything’s complete. What else should be done? One item in the itinerary should be your hair.

Even if there is a stylist scheduled to fix your hair on the wedding day, you still have responsibilities in making sure that it is in tiptop condition. Apparently, hair that has not been maintained won’t be as manageable and cooperative as a hair that is pampered. Here are a few tips that could help you (and your hairstylist) make the bridal look ever so flawless.

Condition. Deep conditioning is key to achieve that perfect bounce seen in movie stars’ locks. It is recommended to condition your hair a day before the wedding and follow up with a shampoo only during the day itself. Too much shininess may leave the hair to be too silky and slippery to style and handle. The hair spray or get might not be enough to hold hair together once it is too smooth.

Oil. A hot oil appointment 24 hours before D-day might be too late already, let alone inappropriate since it’s simply too late. But then ample amounts of oil may help give your hair that natural glow. Where else can you get it from but from nature? Brushing your hair does make your scalp produce more natural oil for the strands. Don’t over do it though, tend to it in the morning, before and after a shower and before sleeping.

Shine. The wedding hair holds a great pride in its shine. Brides are seen with great shiny hair, be it black or in any other shade. Sleek and structured styled hair does need the shine most, so make sure that yours shines like a star during the walk to the altar. Apply hair serum or anti-frizz wax to get those locks to glisten on the day.

Sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep does actually have an effect to the hair’s general condition. Surely, it would be too nerve-racking to get some decent shut eye during the last night that you are a single woman but then do try. At least 8 hours would be enough to de-stress you from all the preparation and prepare you for the long day ahead. Wake up the next day feeling excited, well-rested and with shimmering hair ready to be styled.

The hair might be a small part of the whole preparation process for the wedding but it still is an important detail that needs special attention. If there is one day which should never ever be a bad hair day, it certainly is not your wedding day. So look great, feel great and be great on the most perfect date of your life, with a little help from your hair.

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The Perfect Wedding

The long wait is over and you have finally been asked the four magic words “will you marry me”. And then all the planning and excitement begins! You have the location to decide upon, your wedding dress, accessories, wedding menus, the perfect photographer to capture your day, pretty flower decorations, bride’s maid outfits, cake, music, the first dance- oh the list is exhausting! You just wish someone could read your mind and work out everything for you! Yes – your wish shall be fulfilled – we present you with exactly this – the ultimate wedding planner tools to help plan, save and share the most special day of your life!
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Our Wedding Supplier Directory- here’s where you will find most of your answers! As promised, we are here to help you to the minutest detail. We have an expansive list of suppliers to aid your decision making process plus graphics to “show” you what the wedding dress or the accessories or the maid’s dresses look like. The My Planner tool is a virtual personal assistant. You can provide a budget, create a to-do list, keep a track of all your appointments, post the “preferred choices” to the “Inspiration Board”, create a guest list, and even plan the seating arrangements, RSVP’s and your very own personal wedding website! You can make changes online whenever you like, save online, e-mail or even print out. Wedding planning made easy! has all the prerequisites for a wonderful wedding -the stylish tastes of today’s brides and grooms as regards to weddings bands and DJ’s, wedding apparels with a touch of exclusivity for all – the groom, the bride, moms’, dads’, maids and best men! Complete with tips on wine selection, menus for the wedding dinner, moreover, you can share tips and get some suggestions from other registered brides to be and grooms. And not to forget the honeymoon locations listed.
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Wedding Invitations and Stationery Australia How To: Wedding Invitation Wording – Informal/Modern

This is an interesting article written for informal or modern wedding invitation wording.

There are a few rules you should keep in mind when wording your wedding invitation and stationery:

Who is inviting your guests?

The style of wedding invitation and dress code should match the wording of your wedding invitation

Check your spelling and grammar

Wedding invitation wording can be a contentious issue!!! The wedding invitation wording isn’t always based on who is paying or who is paying the most! Weddings are emotional times for families and friends, so it’s always best practice to be upfront and flexible.

If your preference is for a more modern, casual or relaxed wedding, you should consider the following when constructing your wedding invitation wording:

* Modern wedding invitation wording does not typically use titles before names
* Use relaxed language, eg. ‘&’ instead of ‘and’
* The inclusion of phone numbers and email address in RSVP details

Once again it is important to be clear about who is inviting your guests, with more modern wedding invitation wording your options increase. For example: the bride’s family may be hosting the guests, the bride and groom may be hosting the guests or the bride, groom and all parents may be hosting the guests!

Sample wedding invitation wording, where the bride, groom and all parents are hosting the guests.

Kay & Clint
together with their families
would love
to celebrate their marriage

You may also like to incorporate the use of a short poem or romantic saying on your wedding invitation, for example:

You have shared in our children’s lives and now we
Alan & Robyn Stoles
are delighted to invite you,
Todd, Regan & Samantha
to celebrate the love and marriage of
Ava and Harrison

Once again, the wedding invitation wording and dress code could coordinate, for example if you would like a beach, cocktail or garden wedding, where the dress code is casual, lounge suit or after five, then your wedding invitation language should reflect this.

Another issue is which printer is the most suitable for printing your invitation.

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing to print your wedding invitations is, laser or inkjet?

Printer options can greatly affect your wedding stationery choices, below are some useful tips on what printer you can choose to print your wedding invitations.

If you are creating your own wedding invitations, the printer you are using can determine your paper choices. Many manufactures will state on their packaging what printer the paper is compatible with – test printing is always advised if you are unsure. Some papers with inclusions and most handmade papers are not print compatible at all, so choose wisely.

A useful tip to keep in mind when selecting your wedding invitation paper and stationery is, if the paper is metallic or pearlescent, it isn’t suitable for an inkjet printer. The wet ink does not adhere to the metallic/pearlescent surface of the paper and therefore will not dry and simply smudge off. You can purchase a special pouch to rub over these papers which places a coating on the paper and then you can use it in your inkjet printer. Once again, test printing is always advised.

If it does not state on the manufacturers labeling what printer the paper is compatible with, consult the customer service representative. Always ask which printer the paper is compatible with, this includes your envelopes.

What’s the difference between printers?

The difference between laser and inkjet printers is heat, toner and ink.

A laser printer works with heat and dry toner, like a photocopier and takes large barrel-type toner cartridges. Laser printers are usually more expensive to purchase, especially colour laser printers, however are generally more economical to run in terms of consumables (toner).

An inkjet printer works with wet ink and takes smaller flat box-type ink cartridges. Inkjet printers are usually less expensive to purchase compared to a laser printer, but are generally more expensive to run in terms of consumables (ink cartridges).

Laser printers will give your print work a sharper more professional finish and you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry.

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Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding dream come true. The goal is to make your Key West destination wedding stress free, beautiful and unique. From simple Key West wedding on the beach to tropical key west wedding at sunset with all the bells and whistle, Tropical wedding Key West planner will do it for you. So let Tropical Wedding Key West plan your next event in style. Their team of experts takes advantage of the weather, location and everything possible to make your event the perfect one. No other event planner will address all your concerns like Tropical Wedding Key West. Your satisfaction is their number one goal. Let them plan your beautiful dream beach wedding or tropical event. If you can dream it, they can make it come true.

They have the best wedding planners, wedding are one of life’s greatest milestones and have been for centuries. Get Key West wedding planner ideas and use their Wedding Planning Checklist to help with all of your Key West Wedding Planning needs. Start Planning a Wedding in Tropical wedding Key West today! Tropical wedding Key West on the Beach are so Romantic, Elegant and Tropical. Weddings in Florida Keys are just beautiful! Their approach is to be personable and energetic, as well as unobtrusive. They are devoted to giving you and your guest the most beautiful, romantic and affordable experience of a lifetime. Planner’s listen to you and make it happen in the most realistic terms, if something that can’t be done; they can help turn your idea into a better one that can actually work. They will give you peace of mind, they make sure you enjoy your wedding moment and be a relaxed guest at your wedding and not a stressed-out problem solver. They really do understand your vision for your wedding and they’ll make sure your wedding day is the happiest day of your life.

Key west Planner make sure that lot of attention is given to you and to your big day, be it large or small wedding everyone gets the VIP treatment, they know family truly cares about your wedding and they will do everything they can do to make it everything you envisioned and more! They will create you dream day just ask and they will make it happen.
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They offer effortless planning for every aspect of your wedding day and affordable key west wedding package, Relax, enjoy your big day and leave the rest to them, so be dazzled not frazzled.

They will make sure your life together as husband and wife has a fairly tale beginning!

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The Best Beach Wedding Attire for a Gorgeous Look

The wedding day is probably the best day for any couple and as a matter of fact, every couple would want to make their wedding day a day to reckon with. Beach wedding is one of the most interesting kinds of wedding. As the name implies, the wedding takes place near a beach. The most interesting thing about this kind of wedding is that it is graced with the wonders of nature. The beautiful picturesque, the soft breeze and the scenic beauty all grace the event. Most importantly, both the bride and the groom should be adorned in the best beach wedding attire made with the best materials and depicting rare beauty and elegance. The number one name to reckon with when it comes to best beach wedding attire for both the bride and the groom is WeddingTropice. The wedding dress expert has been making top notch wedding attires since 2006 and has helped countless numbers of couples achieve their dream wedding. You would not want to have a shabby looking wedding dress mar your best day, would you? This explains why you need nothing else than the top notch wedding dresses provided here. When you talk of style, WeddingTropicecomes to the frontline as they offer couples unique styles and elegance in all the wedding dresses they produce. WeddingTropiceprides itself in making wedding dresses of the best quality and also customizing these dresses to your exact requirements and needs. No matter what your requirements are, you can trust the top notch wedding dress producers to give you the best. They can customize the wedding dresses to match your size, style, design and so forth. With the countless numbers of wedding dress producers online and offline, the real question is: why should you choose WeddingTropicefor your wedding dresses. The answer to this question is simple. The services offered by WeddingTropice are centered on offering you greater value for your money and of course that is what every couple needs for their big day. With the unique best beach wedding attire provided in WeddingTropice, you will be sure to make your wedding day really the best day. All you need to do to take advantage of the top notch services they offer is to contact them for designing, manufacturing and supplying of the best quality wedding dresses at the most competitive price you can find online. Weddingtropice is serving the Best Beach Wedding Attire for a Gorgeous Look.

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Wedding photographer India, Top 10 wedding photographers in India, Best wedding photographers in India, Indian wedding photographer

It is no coincidence therefore that Indian wedding photography is dominated by amateurs. hard to think of any genre of photography that ) I refer not only to photographers who just entered the profession. I am also referring to an overwhelming number of software-professionals, call-center executives, bank managers, copy-writers, disk-jockeys, etc who moonlight as wedding photographers.
However not all India wedding photographer should necessarily be loaded and poignant. There are more humorous moments in a wedding than an average wedding photographer would care to record. For example the bridegroom getting rubbed the wrong way during the haldi ceremony. Or a bride yawning during the course of her wedding. This is not so rare since Indian brides are so overburdened with the long marriage rituals that sleep deprivation inevitably shows up on their big day.
With the India wedding photographer awash with amateurs, no one can really say which way wedding photography in India is headed. The market however has acknowledged their presence. Magazines and event companies hold annual wedding photography prizes. The Wedding Photographer of the Year organized by Better Photography- a premier Indian photography magazine is angled at this army of amateurs. Hundreds of amateur wedding photographers in india apply and take a shot at winning the contest.
Rajasthans grand palaces offer breathtaking venues for weddings. The palace weddings have a regal charm which make even simple wedding ceremonies look grand. Old magnificent palaces are all over this desert state and are regularly hired as wedding venues. The most popular destination weddings in Rajasthan happen in Udaipur, followed by Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.Arrangements are necessary and planning is very important because that will be your guidance in making a beautiful place even more beautiful that will fulfill every desire of marriage. With the help of our wed lock india Photography you capture those beautiful arrangements that you made on your wedding and capture every single moment with our photographer of your wedding. Photography is one part of wedding and plays a very crucial role in collecting the good memories of any wedding. When you have good Top 10 wedding photographers in India of your wedding you will love to share your photos with other because you know that they are the best.With our photographers you the photos that are completely amazing and when these photographs will be clicked you will not know that when they were clicked. When you will have those photographs in your hand you will be like when these beautiful picture was taken. Our photographers are very experienced in wedding photography and know when and how to capture the pictures of this wonderful event in a much advanced manner. They give their every effort in capturing the best moments of your wedding. They take pictures of both significant and insignificant moments because no knows when all these moments will become very precious. Such a good place like Lake Tahoe does needs a professional photographer to make your wedding memorable.

Place and decoration also plays an important role in making your wedding a complete success. Although ate, Indian wedding photography will give your wedding an exception and make your wedding very special. Beauty and calmness indulging into your wedding will definitely mark your wedding special and will give you a reason to remember it for rest of your life

Increasing importance of wedding planner in Mumbai

The celebration for two people’s bonding to tie them together for lifetime is the ceremony of wedding. This is a crucial turn in every individual’s life when one steps into the real world with more responsibilities for settling his family life. After marriage a person is supposed to get a support for lifetime and such support is only separable through death. Therefore, the event of marriage is celebrated with great zeal and joyousness. A successful marriage ceremony marks the happy beginning of a new life for every individual.
Mumbai, which is one of the most populous cities of India, witnesses lots of marriages taking place daily. In the normal course marriages take place through lots of celebration through performance of many rituals according to customs and reception. Therefore, the arrangement for such celebration is a big task that the friends and family of the bride and the groom has to undertake. However, the maximum burden for managing and arranging for the celebration comes on the shoulders of the closest of the bride and the groom like their guardians, siblings, best friends and at times on the bride and groom themselves. In the course of managing for these they miss the enjoyment of this celebration.
It is out of this that in Mumbai professional managers and planners for managing events like wedding, birthday and anniversary parties, corporate meetings, etc have cropped. Even institutions not only in Mumbai but in other cities as well have cropped up for imparting education on event management courses have come up. You would be able to find a wedding planner in Mumbai to manage and conduct the event of your marriage. With their assistance you would be able to enjoy your wedding ceremony in a stress free manner. You would not have to worry for any kind of arrangement for your wedding if you hire a wedding planner in Mumbai.
There are a large number of requirements that need to be arranged for a wedding ceremony. For example, firstly, you will have to get invitation cards ready, and then there are bigger needs such as arranging a wedding hall and then decorating it, making seating arrangements there, etc. One of the major requirements that need to be taken care of arrange for good food to offer to your guests. All such small and big requirements need to be well planned and organized to make your wedding ceremony a successful one.
A good wedding planner in Mumbai would take care of all such requirements. They can be your professional help during any wedding ceremony. They have a large team to arrange all works properly and get things done perfectly and in time. They have contacts with the best wedding decorators Mumbai who would be able to decorate your wedding hall in the best manner. Again, they have contacts with flower suppliers who would provide fresh flowers, which is a major need at any Indian wedding for various rituals and decoration purposes. Their contacts with best caterers assure that your guests would be served with the best quality food.
If you were to make all such arrangements yourself then you would have to contact the wedding decorators Mumbai, caterers, electricians for lighting, florists and many such others separately. Whereas when you hire a wedding planner in Mumbai, you can leave all these responsibilities on their shoulder and enjoy the wedding ceremony. Sometimes, due to such responsibilities you are unable to welcome and treat your guests properly and with care. If you are freed from such responsibilities you would be able to take care of your guests very well. Furthermore, the wedding planners can make arrangements for different types of entertainment programs for the pre-wedding ritual days and main-wedding ceremony day.

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