Photo Party Invitation, Photo Card and Photo Thank You Cards for All Your Photo Stationery

Photo Party Invitation, Photo Card and Photo Thank You Cards for All Your Photo Stationery

The Photo Party Invitations, are one of the most unique ideas in stationery for lots of different reasons. For shoppers who’ve spent much time in brick and mortar greeting card stores, one reason should be obvious. All of those rows of cards are being sold at hundreds of outlets all over the country and that means none of them are truly unique. On the other hand, Photo Cards, are always one-of-a-kind because no one else is going to use the same photo on their stationery.

Although most card buyers can appreciate the benefits of choosing a Photo Card, they may worry about the cost. Having something customized in that way can be a pretty expensive proposition under most circumstances. If they shop at Invitations inStyle, however, they can purchase Photo Thank You Cards, without worrying about spending a fortune. A photo can be added to any card design at no extra cost.

Saving Money on the Photo Party Invitation,

No matter what type of Party Photo Invitations are chosen, the price of the cards won’t go up. That’s because Invitations-inStyle already offers low prices daily on their selection of stationery. The stationery prices here are some of the lowest in the industry. Plus, customers don’t have to pay extra to turn any card design into a Photo Birthday Invitation or other type of Photo Stationery, Additionally, customers can benefit from some extra deals. When they spend a minimum purchase, they get FREE shipping on their order. They also receive 10 FREE cards when they place an order.

Benefits of Photo Cards

Imagine the look on the face of a recipient who opens up an invite or announcement to see the smiling face of a nephew or granddaughter or a shot of the whole family. The card becomes an instant memento, especially for relatives and loved ones living at a distance. Holiday Photo Cards are one of the best examples. Perfect photos for this use might include a family photo in front of the fireplace or even a shot of the kids playing in the snow. Almost any photo can do the trick.

Picking the Picture for the Photo Card

Customers wanting to create Christmas Photo Cards or Photo Birth Announcements, need to think about what makes the ideal picture for the stationery. All customers have to be sure of is that the image is saved in a digital format. Otherwise, the image won’t be able to be uploaded. Since the majority of photographs taken today are done with digital cameras, most of the time this isn’t going to be a problem. Now for customers wanting to use older images they can be digitized using a scanner at home or going to a printing or office store.

Reasons to Send Photo Thank You Cards

One of the most innovative uses of the picture combined with stationery are Thank You Photo Cards. While people usually think about putting a picture on the holiday cards or on the announcements for babies, but nothing could be more special than saying thank you by sending along a special photo. Of course, the Baby Photo Thank You Cards would be an ideal choice because loved ones won’t be able to get enough of seeing that adorable little infant.

Customizing the Photo Thank You Card

Even with the photo added, customers can still find different ways to make the cards even more unique. They have more options available than they may have considered. For example, photo graduation thank you cards could be made more unique by changing the ink color to match one of the school’s colors. Another option would be adding a personal message to the Anniversary Photo Thank You Cards. The message might be a poem, a few song lyrics or any type of message directly to the recipients from the guests of honor. All of these options are available at and won’t add anything to the cost of purchasing the cards.

Another Great Idea: Photo Party Invitations

While announcements, greetings, and thank you messages may also seem perfect for this style of cards, Photo Birthday Invitations are another option. A baby picture on an invite for the 40th or 50th birthday might be a great choice, for example. The picture of the little one would also be a great choice on the Photo First Birthday Invitations. For any type of party or gathering, photos can make a huge difference in the uniqueness of the Photo Party Invitation.

Regardless of the occasion, stationery needs to be something truly special. A photo can make all the difference. The Photo Party Invitation is definitely one of the best solutions available for customers who want a one-of-a-kind stationery option.

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Eternal Bouquets – Unique Bridal Accessories For Beach Weddings

When you’re planning your UK beach wedding, there are so many details to consider. Wouldn’t it be great to have one important part of your wedding, the flowers, handled by experts and wouldn’t it also be great if those elegant flowers never withered and died? All this is possible if you choose bridal accessories like bouquets that are hand crafted by expert artisans from materials like freshwater pearls, sparking Swarovski crystals and gleaming glass seed beads. Created to last a lifetime, these eternal wedding accessories can be designed to compliment both your dress and your wedding’s colour scheme. Here’s some information about these essential beach wedding bridal accessories.

Bouquets for a Beautifully Coordinated Seaside Look

Take a moment to study both your dress and the jewellery you’ll be wearing. Chances are your dress is embellished with various decorative elements and that your jewellery was chosen to enhance both your dress, whether or not you plan to wear a wedding veil or bridal tiara. When designing your bouquet, you should also consider the style, tone and character of your wedding. Beach weddings are exceedingly popular and by their very nature, they tend to be somewhat casual in tone. But many times, these weddings do have classic or traditional touches. Your bouquet should reflect both the casual and traditional elements of your seaside wedding.

Essential Design Elements for Your Beach Wedding Bouquet

Creamy freshwater pearls or Swarovski pearls are a great choice for an elegant bouquet that echoes the wedding’s marine theme. Iridescent beads that glimmer with a rainbow of colours are also good to include. Tiny seed beads that are iridised, clear or pearlised will continue this custom look. Finally, pewter seashell charms add a truly custom look to this important wedding accessory. The colours of the bouquet should be inspired by the sea and shore, so soft blues and greens are a good choice. You can also add accents like ivory or white ribbon and elegant gold or silver metallic touches that will gleam in the sun. Stems are generally silver plated and then bound with white or ivory satin ribbon, depending on your dress’s colour. An organza bow surrounding the bouquet is a great choice to finish this beach-inspired look.

With a little forethought and planning the bouquet for your UK seaside wedding will pull together a variety of traditional and contemporary bridal accessories and elements for just the right look.

Wayne Merchant, a professional jewellery designer, has been with for the last 6 years. He is also an expert author on many subjects, including jewellery, wedding gifts, and bridal accessories. specialises in handmade tiaras, jewellery and wedding accessories.

Two Sweet Flowers

Two Sweet Flowers

Father and mother are like two sweet flowers in every home.

They give strength and courage to each to go forward.

Their care and concern for each family member is unforgettable.

All the time they pray for the welfare of all the children.


They are like two flowers of the family.

Basing on those two forces we look to the world and do our duty beautifully.

Returning home we forget our sorrows and anxieties serving them heartily.

They dispell all darkness and weakness from us and show us light and direction.


They are like two tranquilisers for each member of the family.

For them only we come to this world and work better and become fulfilled.

They drive out all  tensions,worries and anxieties by their presence.

We feel elevated by their sweet words of hope,which make sense.


Life is short and realising this we should serve them well.

They sacrifice their lives for the welfare of their children.

We should serve them well so that after they pass they will bless us from heaven.

We should give them all comfort and happiness so as to make our life brightened.


They are more experienced than us irrespective of our knowledge and education.

Some times their words and advice taste bitter.

But those have deeper meaning which makes our life sweeter.

We should obey their advice and go forward to achive always something better.


Their love for us is unconditional which shows their Divinity.

They are like two Divine beings and we should pray them with all sincerity.

We should work hard to be successful in our life.

This  will make them happy filling their minds with serenity.


They have made us like the clayman making pots from clay.

We can never forget them even if we are in a chaotic world and feel ourselves to be swayed.

All efforts should be given to keep them happy and contented through out their lives.

Then we will be blessed by the Divine and will see light.


With that light we can dispell all darkness from our path.

By serving them we will find flowers on our way.

The way though difficult will be simple.

With positive minds we will go forward and all goals will be achievable.


They work hard for us only to keep us happy.

In this world of delusion we should not forget their beauty.

We should do all works keeping them contented and happy.

They will be happy and we will be blessed keeping ourselves always clean and tidy.


By our love and affection they will live longer.

The love and affection which they have taught us we should give them so in return.

They are the two sweet flowers in our home.

Even if they will go their fragrance will never be gone.










Christmas Parties in Liverpool

Having a Christmas Party in Liverpool

If you think it’s too early to be festive think again, it won’t be long before our thoughts turn to the holiday season in December and if you’re in charge of booking the office Christmas celebration, you’ll know only too well that there’s no such thing as organising it too early! The UK is famous for its beautiful vibrant cities and there is certainly plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to host your annual social event of the year. The Christmas party needs to be memorable for all the right reasons and choosing a suitable destination can be a big part of the night’s success. Here we take a look at Liverpool and how its lively atmosphere can contribute to your Christmas party this year.

The Importance of the Office Christmas Celebration

The annual office Christmas party is a special social occasion and not just as way of allowing your guests to let their hair down. In the daily routine of office life, it can be easy to forget to take time to get to know our colleagues or employees, even those we work with every day. The Christmas party is a chance to bring everyone together in a relaxed atmosphere and give people time to laugh and joke about work whilst also getting to know each other. Coupled with a fun activity and the Christmas party can have a very positive effect on team building and working relationships.

Why Liverpool?

Since being crowned the European Capital of Culture in 2007, the city has received a lot of investment and as a result some fantastic areas have been refurbished putting some added glitz and glamour to the city’s nightlife. Whether your office or party group is located in the area or the surrounding regions, Liverpool is easy to get to either by the M62 for cars or Liverpool Lime Street Station by train. There’s a great buzz of nightlife in the areas of Fleet Street and wood Street where there are popular chain bars such as The Walkabout Bar and O’Neills. There are also some bars aimed for students where you will find a young and lively atmosphere, like the Jacaranda for example, or if you think live music should be on the agenda, it’s always worth checking out what bands are playing at the well respected Barfly on Seel Street.

Themed Christmas Parties in Liverpool

There are a whole range of party ideas that you could celebrate your Christmas party with. From festively themed nights, to specific tribute nights like disco evenings, ABBA tribute bands or even a Take That tribute band! For a city that is famous for its music scene, a musically themed Christmas party certainly won’t disappoint. 

For more information on Liverpool Christmas parties visit: Eventa

Personalised Photo Frames

If you’re looking for that perfect gift, you may want to consider personalised photo frames.  These are an unique option that you’re not going to find in the average store but which would be ideal for many occasions.

Wedding Party Gifts

Personalised photo frames would be a nice choice as gifts for the members of a wedding party, for example.  Gift selecting for these individuals is always a challenge, but with these frames you will be making a good choice.  The frames come in multiple colours so you can use them for both the bride’s and the groom’s party members.  Each frame can then be personalised with the individual’s name and the date of the wedding.  You could even add photos from the wedding or of past good times you’ve shared together.

Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts

What would be more special for parents than a personalised photo frame, preferably one that contains photos of you, or perhaps of their grandchildren?  One idea is to purchase a triple photo frame.  Place a photo of yourself as a child in the centre with a photo of each of your parents on the other sides.  Add up to three lines of your very own message to your parents and you have a one-of-a-kind gift they will cherish forever.

Anniversary Gifts

If you’re looking to give something special to your spouse to celebrate the day you became man and wife, look no further than these picture frames.  You can choose his or her favourite colour picture frame, add any message you’d like (perhaps including the date of your wedding), and several special photos.  While this might sound like a great gift for women, men are more sentimental than they let on sometimes.

Graduation Gifts

When children grow up and leave university to start their new life, these personalised picture frames make a nice gift.  Chances are they’ve collected lots of photographs from their days in higher education that they want to treasure and possibly display.  The frame allows them to easily and elegantly do just that.  The date of graduation can be added, as can the name of the university and the graduate’s name.

Post-Holiday Gifts

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy the photo albums either.  They make great gifts for yourself, too.  For example, after you return from a fabulous holiday abroad, you might want to choose a few of your favourite photos and add them to the frame.  You can use the personalisation option to add the name of the location, the dates of your trip, and even the names of the other people in the photograph.

Corporate Gifts

What if you need gifts for your top clients, vendors, or sales staff?  These frames work ideally in that capacity also.  You can have your company logo added to the frames before they are presented to the recipient.  That way each time he or she looks at the frame, not only will they appreciate having their favourite photos on display in such an attractive manner but they’ll remember your business made it possible.

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Planning a Dream Wedding – Location, Location, Location

All the experts will agree that a dream wedding will begin with a location found in dreams. This should be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your spouse, so a unique, unfamiliar and distinct dream location is a must. To find this location, it will take considerable thought. Think outside of the locations you have been to events at, including those that you have attended others weddings at. These may seem brilliant, though they will be already too familiar.

Not to completely avoid them if other ideas don’t present themselves. Should you, and your spouse, brainstorm a number of times you may find it much easier to pin down the perfect choice. Among the choices you will want to free think on will be many outdoors, perfect picture taking spots, simple or complex, and that offer elegant possibilities. For the perfect location to stage your wedding, you will eventually need to make that final pick. While it’s your greatest day, be sure it appeals to your guests as they will be part of what it takes to make your dream day.

The second part of a dream wedding is the guests. The more the merrier, however the larger the more interaction details and accommodations you will need to make as well. Of course you need to include those that are closest to you, your spouse, and both sets of parents. Beyond them, however, you will also want others to attend. Your guest list is a factor that may have noticeable impact on how much travel will be involved in creating your dream wedding.

It’s your dream, not theirs, though the more great memories of this cherished moment the more there will be to talk about many years from now. To put this together you will want to be sure to account for what you need to do to keep everyone attending from stressing you, your wedding party, and each other. It can just multiply. Narrowing the guest list a little as you it grows can aid you in putting the perfect balance together, with little stress when you need it the least. Be sure to keep within your financial constraints to.

The last thing is of course the events that will occur on that great day to assure there are many great pictures, memories, and stories to look back on for the rest of your years. To truly achieve this, you will need your wedding to be more personal and fun than those you have ever attended before, or will in the future. Invitations, vows, flowers, and many decorations will be the initial ingredients to put this all into place. Creating a once in a lifetime, one day event will bring all the above together. The look and feel will be the next step. It will begin with guests arriving. The environment should be the two of you, on your great day with everyone getting caught up into it positively.

For the bridal party and grooms it will already be practiced for their roles in this great event. Brainstorming on the beginning and all the way through to the end of the event may aid you to identify potential problems that you can eliminate before anything is ever ordered for the occasion. Take your time planning every aspect of your great day. Think about those involved and how they may best lend to it as the day progresses, and be sure to get as much reminders as possible. With a great effort in its creation, the day stands to be the greatest day in you, your spouse’s, and hopefully everyone involved lives as well.

Helen Reicher is a freelance writer offering professional writing services on a wide variety of topics. For information and to contact Helen, please visit

Party Ideas London

Struggling for Party ideas London this year?

Think you peaked at the party last year? Planning for a kid’s party can be so much fun but there are plenty of parents that struggle for Kids Party ideas. Last year it was a pirate theme with pin the tail on the donkey and before that a bouncy castle was involved. This year you can make things a little easier and consider Party ideas London that are tailored to your child’s needs. Arts and crafts parties could be just the ticket if you want unusual Party ideas London this time around.  You can arrange one of the crafty parties through an exciting company that provides a host of party ideas.  Kids Party Ideas are in abundance on the website that advertises Party ideas London. Pick a theme and the kids at the party will have an amazing time bringing a host of creations to life.

Kids go potty for Harry Potter

Why not use the young wizard as the theme for your kid’s party; it’s one of the most popular Party ideas London? Exciting arts and crafts parties can be Potter based if you use this theme are one of your Kids Party Ideas. Everyone who attends the party can have a go at making wands or capes, golden snitches or Griffindor swords, or any other feature that a wizard can’t cope without. The Harry Potter theme is just one of the many fantastic Party ideas London that your children can enjoy this year. There are football themes and fairy themes, workshops and crafty ideas of all kinds amongst the Party ideas London. Select one of the Party ideas London for your children and they can invite their friends around to make jewellery, home decorations, keyrings or mobile phone decorations, as part of their fun gathering.

This is going to get messy

Who said it wouldn’t? Sure, some of the Party ideas London involve a number of messy arts and crafts materials but that’s all part of the fun. Kids love getting messy anyway and if they permissions to do so, it just adds to the sense of the occasions. Unleash your child’s creative ability with one of the Party ideas London. Take pride as they paint plates or mugs, decorate their own trinket box, or funk up a notebook in their own unique way. Pick one of the Party ideas London that you know they’ll love, or better still, let them choose the Kids party Ideas for themselves. You need never be short of party themes again thanks to the brilliant Party ideas London that are now available. helps you create the perfect birthday party; visit our site today for more information on Party ideas London and Kids Party ideas


Wedding Photo Connection Has Announced The Launch Of Its Six New HD Editing suites

Each of the new edit rooms incorporates the latest in state of the art HD edit gear including the new Sony HVR – M35U. The HVR-M35U supports Sony’s new Native Progressive format recording. The HVR-M35U records and plays back HDV 1080i60, 1080i50, 1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24, and DV/DVCAM 480i60, 576i50. Like the HVR-M25U, the new HVR-M35U is NTSC / PAL switchable.

The HVR-M35U also offers 4CH audio recording and playback, and can record HDV 4CH audio signals from the i.LINK input. Additionally, the HVR-M35U offers an integral monaural speaker for convenient audio monitoring, capable of playing back a mixed audio signal. The HVR-M35U also offers various digital interfaces which include i.LINK for DV/DVCAM and HDV I/O, a dual function HD/SD SDI output connector, as well as AES/EBU BNC connectors. TC OUT is also supplied via a BNC connector. In addition to it’s compact design, other features this new deck shares with the HVR-M25U is a ClearPhoto LCD plus 2.7-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) 16:9 panel for video monitoring, as well as support of both mini and standard size video tape cassettes.

The HVR-M35U also incorporates the Duplicate Plus feature for operational convenience similar to that offered in the HVR-M25U, with the added integration of the new Native Progressive recording formats. Like the HVR-M25U, the new HVR-M35U also offers 1080i to 720p conversion capabilities (through the analog component and SDI outputs only), as well as HD to SD down conversion. There is no doubt that Wedding Photo Connection clients will benefit from the addition of the new studio suites. Also to the clients benefit, the company has yet to announce a price increase for its HD edited video packages.

In addition to the upgraded edit suites Wedding Photo Connection has also upgraded the primary cameras used by its wedding photographers. Wedding Photo Connection has purchased several of the new Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and will now use the Mark II’s previously used as an A-camera as back-up

Redesigned from the ground up, the 1D III has many new and improved features.
The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is all about speed – quickly capturing great shots of fast-moving subjects in even the toughest circumstances. When you must get the shot – this camera delivers. What it delivers is 10 frames of 14-bit, 10.1 mp, 1.3x, RAW images per second for 3 seconds in normal shooting situations with a reasonably fast memory card installed. Canon’s dual “DIGIC III” processors deliver unprecedented levels of speed, responsiveness and image quality.

Ready to shoot within 0.2 seconds of power on, the EOS-1D Mark III can capture and process over 100 Megapixels of image data per second, rapidly clearing the image buffer to allow up to 110 frames in one burst. Images are processed at 14 bits for a total colour depth of up to 16,384 tones per pixel, compared to 4,096 tones from 12 bit images. The third generation CMOS sensor incorporates a new pixel design that works together with on-chip noise reduction circuitry to ensure high image quality at ISO 3200.

The option to expand to H:6400 benefits professional wedding photographers where the use of flash is not permitted or desired. Canon has redesigned its auto focus system to include 19 cross-type sensors with sensitivity up to f/2.8, spread out across the AF area to better accommodate off-centre subjects. An additional 26 AF assist points are used to aid AF tracking for improved accuracy.

A dedicated AF button on the back of the camera allows users to instantly switch auto focus on or off while keeping their eye on the viewfinder. The viewfinder is now brighter and offers a wider angle of view. The camera’s new 63-zone metering system gives our photographers greater level of control over exposure. The bright 3.0″ LCD monitor provides 230K pixels resolution for precise framing and reviewing of shots.

New to EOS, Live View mode enables our photographers to frame without having to look through the viewfinder – particularly useful for shooting from awkward positions. The menu system on the EOS-1D Mark III has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the LCD size – menus are easier to read and use. A choice of 57 custom functions gives our photographers more options for customizing camera settings to their requirements.

A new My Menu option allows our photographers to store frequently used settings on a separate menu for faster access. Settings for new accessories such as the Speedlite 580EX II and Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – can be controlled directly from the LCD. The EOS-1D Mark III incorporates a range of practical enhancements. Shutter durability has been increased by 50% to 300,000 cycles.

The body is protected by a magnesium alloy casing with dust and moisture resistant seals. The EOS Integrated Cleaning System provides further reliability by reducing sensor dust, minimizing the need for manual cleaning on assignment. To avoid corruption of captured images, a warning appears on the LCD and an alarm sounds if the memory card door is opened while images are still being written. Interfaces include video out (for display in both NTSC and PAL formats) and USB 2.0.

All in all we believe our clients will benefit from the new camera lineup by providing cleaner, crisper images as well as enhanced color saturation to each and every image.

About Wedding Photo Connection

An industry leader for more than two decades, WEDDING PHOTO CONNECTION (WPC ) has provided professional wedding day photography and video coverage to thousands of NY / NJ wedding couples. WPC is recognized as the largest and most established photography company in the New York metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with QUALITY, VALUE and outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE, all at affordable prices. We welcome you to discover WPC and join our growing family of satisfied customers.

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Hire or Rent a photo booth in Australia

A photo booth is an application used to take snap shot photos and video clips using a web camera. In Australia, there are plenty of photo booth places. They help capture great moments that will be remembered for a very long time. Take an example of a wedding. A wedding is only a one day event but people want to remember it in many years to come. You can hire a photo booth so that guests will take pictures. Taking the pictures will be a fun affair for you and your guests and they will be a perfect reminder of that day as they can make their own duplicates.

Weddings are at the front row in hiring photo booths. Photo booth supplies give variety of ideas as to how you can put the photo booth into the ceremony. Some suppliers offer the classic photo booth which has features like; a video monitor, which allows guests to see everything from inside, A photo CD which have the entire days pictures for the newly weds and web hosting services with online albums for the guests. Scrapbooks are also offered thus the guest can put their own photos and present it as a gift to the newlyweds.

At corporate events, photo booths can be hired too. This is because most people at the event are not acquainted to each other and so the photo booth can serve as a way to break the tension and get to know their personality. Photo booths are good ways to excite people. Many hiring services have come up with an idea where people can have their photos taken with any background. This is called “green Screen”. It makes the guests be creative in taking pictures, put them in their scrapbooks and after the event is done they will still remember who they met at the event. It is a very good offer. They also bring silly sun glasses, hats, and many more cool fun items to wear when taking the pictures.

Birthdays are also occasions why one should hire a photo booth. With a large number of people at the function, a picture booth is necessary since it is able to capture a bigger number of people. This is a good way to capture the moments and treasure them for a very long time.

One of the best photo booths in Australia is the digital photo booth. They are being used at many events as opposed to when they were being used at game facilities. They are hired at hourly rates where most hiring services give discounts to customers who hold many events. The other is the classic photo booth. They bring a lot of entertainment and fun to the events as family and friends make jokes around and make silly faces when taking pictures. Everyone forgets his or her stresses and enjoys the moments.

Next time you have an event go the extra mile and hire photo booths for a fun filled day you will remember always.


photo booth hire melbourne is one of the best photobooth rental services company in melbourne for corporate events, weddings, birthday parties or anniversaries.

Sleepover Invitations, Slumber Party Invitations and Sweet 16 Invitations for Sweet Sixteen Party

Slumber Invitations, Sweet 16 Invitations and Sweet Sixteen Invitations for Sleepover Sweet 16 Party

Sending out Slumber Sleepover Party Invitations, is one of those activities in the life of a girl that are special. Slumber parties create lifetime memories for girls and their closest friends. They can bond over popcorn, scary movies, and gossip. While many of these events are fairly casual, many are going to need Slumber Invitations,, and these cards can also be customized right here at the site.

Raising a teenage daughter culminates in the buying of Sweet 16 Invitations, and, of course, the party itself. These elaborate parties can be very expensive for parents but with some smart shopping decisions, such as choosing for the invites, savvy moms and dads can keep the whole celebration within a respectable budget without eliciting the wrath of their teen drama queen.

After all, parents know that girls want certain things for the party, including special Invitations Sweet 16 Party. One thing they will definitely love about choosing cards here is the ability to personalize their Sweet Sixteen Invitations so they are 100% unique.

Personalizing Slumber Invitations

Buying Slumber Party Invitations through Invitations-inStyle provides another benefit: personalization. Girls can pick their own cards then modify the font, the ink color, and the message. They can even add a photo to the Slumber Party Invitation to make it truly something special.

Sweet 16 Invitations: The Start of Something Memorable

Everyone knows that this birthday isn’t just any birthday. It’s a special time when a young woman gets to have a fabulous celebration that signals she’s all grown up. Girls spend their whole childhoods sometimes dreaming of the perfect party for their 16th birthday. And parents can easily invest thousands of dollars in the celebration not even including the gifts. When a party is this important, no ordinary stationery is going to be enough. The birthday girl deserves a one-of-a-kind Sweet 16 Invitation. Thankfully, Sweet 16 Party Invitations Cards, from this website are something special just like the birthday girl herself. Each card is designed in-house by a team of creative designers so they won’t be the same cards available everywhere else.

Saving on Sweet Sixteen Invitations

For the girls, the uniqueness and style of the Sweet Sixteen Invitation takes precedence over everything else. For the parents, price is usually going to be a factor. At this website, card prices are always inexpensive. But that’s only one way parents save money by shopping at Invitations inStyle. Because the website offers 10 FREE Kids Birthday Invites, with every purchase, parents don’t have to pay for as many cards or they can easily add a few more people to the guest list. If they make a minimum purchase, they can also get FREE shipping for their entire order. That’s another huge way to save, especially considering the high cost of shipping these days. The site offers the savings parents want with the great selection of Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations, daughters want.

The Usefulness of Sleepover Invitations,

Having girls over to spend the night is just part of being a girl. Sleepovers can be useful ways to celebrate a birthday or to make another special event, such as the end of the school year. Although these events are usually fairly casual, sending an invite to the parents is always a smart idea. Other parents appreciate having a hard copy of the party details. By offering a large assortment of Sleepover Invitation choices, the website lets parents and their children decide on just the right card for the occasion. Not only is the selection great but the cards can be in the customer’s hands fast. The same day the customer approves the Sleepover Party Invitations proof the Slumber Invitations are printed and shipped to ensure fast receipt.

Whether having a 16th birthday for a special girl or just sending out Slumber Invitations, this is the right place for the perfect stationery.

Sarah Porter has written several articles about Free Sweet 16 Invitations, Printable Sweet Sixteen Invitations, Personalized Sweet 16 Party Invitations, Printed Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations, Cheap Sweet 16 Invites, Online Kids Birthday Invitations, Custom 1st Birthday Invitations, Unique Birthday Invitation Wording and many more for and