Party Decoration Strategies To get a White Themed Party

Labor Day is just a week away and generally this holiday weekend signifies the conclude of summer months along with the conclude of wearing white colored. Therefore, why not go out with a bang that has a white colored theme social gathering? Here are some get together ornament tips which includes some finger food items ideas for any bright white social gathering idea.

Very first, set the tone for the white subject occasion with an invitation that particularly states what the get together is all about. Last summer time I attended a white colored celebration topic special affair and on the invitation it particularly stated which you had to put on white colored to gain entry into the occasion. Believe me, when it can be mandatory which you put on white and also you never, it’s apparent!

Future, consider social gathering decoration tips. Some fast and uncomplicated flower arrangements making use of all vibrant flowers are a have to at the same time. Roses, hydrangeas, orchids, mums, daisies are all readily obtainable flowers that you can use for these arrangements.

Submerge a very white Cymbidium orchid in a small glass container and perhaps add an accent colour with all the glass beads. Or, do a reverse shade flower arrangement for your bright white idea social gathering by employing vibrant rocks, a clear glass container and putting in a green, yellow or pink Cymbidium orchid.

Other social gathering decoration concepts include vibrant votive candles, pillar candles of different heights and shapes at the same time as white colored taper candles will not just add a good ambiance for your function but also stay within your subject. Should you can’t lease bright white furniture or never have it commonly available, then choose up some massive vibrant pillows or bean bag chairs and throw those on the floor to help accent your white get together idea. Naturally to your food, rent or buy white linens, white china or (plastic will work at the same time) and do not forget a white colored dance flooring.

Now listed below are some quick and simple finger foods strategies to get a vibrant subject social gathering. These selections can effortlessly be observed at your local marketplace when you do not have the time to prepare them prior for your event.

1. Choice of white European cheeses and sliced crostini

2. Garlic, plain and eggplant hummus accompanied by sliced pita bread

3. Artichoke heart bruschetta offered on an endive leaf

4. Brie and pear quesadilla

5. Skewers with tortellini with parmesan dipping sauce

Of course, finger food suggestions for dessert can incorporate the following:

. Very white chocolate fondue or heated marshmallow sauce for dipping fruit

. Vanilla cupcakes

. Frozen bananas rolled in coconut

And let’s not neglect your bar menu. Generate a white colored get together theme specialty drink list and never overlook to contain:

. A Bright white Russian

. Vanilla vodka about the rocks

I hope you are able to use a couple of of these very white occasion subject strategies along with the party decoration strategies talked about above for your conclude of summer season celebration over the Labor Day weekend. The finger food items suggestions mentioned are readily obtainable and not too costly and will enable preserve your very white concept party intact. Until following time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it uncomplicated, delicious, stylish, fun & reasonable to all!

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Wedding Photography Tips & Guide – ‘E’ Equals Editing

Editing and selecting the best shots

Even though editing would only take place at the end when you’ve got the shot’s, it’s important to start with the end in mind at the beginning, as you’ll see that editing can make all the difference, especially to get your photos looking professional. Its important to keep this in mind when getting the shots as when you know the possibility’s with editing the photos, you’ll look at the scene differently and not just as it appears in camera.

Ok, first thing is to get all the shots together from the day, create a folder in your system, maybe “wedding photos” probably good to do it in the “My photos” folder in windows, as this will make easier viewing later, in the folder create sub folders for each card you have and up load each card in to its own folder, if you have the option to change the file you may find it useful later to change the file name to an initial plus a 2 or 3 digit number. i.e., if you get a card from John Smith, copy the shots to the folder “John Smith” and re name the files as js001, js002, js003, then for Julie Jones card, name the folder to “Julie Jones” and the files to jj001, jj002 and so on with all the cards from the day. Now once Complete back the whole wedding photo folder up to disk immediately, and as disks are only pennies, make a couple of copies for safe keeping.

Now with all the photos backed up you can begin to edit them, I would first create a duplicate of the original “wedding photos” folder for editing, this can be done by right clicking on the folder and selecting copy, then paste, this will give you a copy of the folder with all the photos in. this is the folder to use for editing. Keep the original folder with the original photos in whilst you complete the editing in the copy folder.

When editing, look for shots of interest, shots that say something, or tell you something about the day, even with the use of editing in the camera you’ll still probably have kept some shots that are just no good, they could be:

· Either far too light or dark to retain any detail
· Totally out of focus
· Blurred
· Important detail on the shot to small to enlarge
· Of no interest or relevance
· Repetitive or duplicated

Don’t delete them just yet if they are:
· A bit light or a bit dark
· Have a colour cast (the shot looks yellow or blue or an odd colour)
· A touch out of focus
· The main point of interest is off center or leaning
· The whole shot is crooked

The main point of interest is small or distant on the shot:

There are objects in the foreground or background that are distracting.

Light & Dark shots.

Thanks to photo editing suits this isn’t always a problem, many have an “auto correct” option that will work well and save an otherwise lost shot. If you are a more advanced user, then use the levels. If you can fix the shot this way that’s great, if not then try and convert them to black and white or sepia, then adjust the brightness and contrast to get the best result, or better still use the levels. For very light shots, maybe try adding a “soft focus filter” to the shot, and converting to black and white to give a classic “High Key” shot.

For dark shots try to bring in the highlights and leave the rest of the shot dark, maybe add a “grain or noise filter” to make more moody.

These methods may really save an otherwise lost shot, it may even end up being a really great shot.

When it comes to the editing I believe its better to show you with a video rather than write about it. So I’ll be putting some basic editing videos up on the site. I’ll use Photo Shop Elements 1, or another simple program readily available to download for free, simply to show just how affective simple basic edits can be, and that you don’t need any real skill or fancy editing suite to achieve great results. I’ll be putting up editing videos to show you the simple and basic techniques can be really effective.

Melbourne’s Best Bars – Berlin Bar – Review

Have your identification papers at the ready! 

Berlin Bar is one of those hidden treasures, waiting patiently to be found by the masses. Decadently fitted out, Berlin Bar exudes the creative style and prowess that set Melbourne’s great cocktail bars apart. And the best part is it’s really two bars in one! 

The Berlin Bar transports you right to into the heart of 1960’s Berlin; just follow the cobblestone alleyway up Corrs, slip through the red-oak door and up two flights of dimly lit stairs, past the burlesque bar on the landing. Here you will be greeted by a locked iron cast door. Press the buzzer and wait – a staff member will be with you shortly to verify your credentials and lead you in to the sophisticated West Berlin parlor, replete with white and brown leather upholstery. 

If thats not to your fancy then you might try sneaking over the border, through Checkpoint Charlie and in to an East Berlin bunker. 

Here you can sit by your very own piece of the Berlin wall, where ammunition crates and even a bathtub – you read that right – replace the need for regular tables. 

The bar is generously stocked with all the usuals as well as some very unusual imported drinks. There is a highly personalized cocktail menu on offer, with a host of unique concoctions and, at $ 20 each, you’d expect nothing less. Beers, wines and spirits are a touch on the expensive side, but its important to remember this bar provides table service and only admits a relatively small number of patrons at once.So at least you don’t need to wait in line for a drink. 

Although Berlin Bar has a wide appeal to many, its pricing tends to exclude the younger crowd. Most Berliners are mid-20’s or later with just a hint of pompous sophistication. 

As a final touch, suspended above the staircase entrance, a red-light sign reads “Ich bin ein Berliner,” President Kennedy’s infamous gaffe where he proclaimed himself to be a jam doughnut, rather than a citizen of Berlin. And who knows? With all the alcoholic goodies on offer here, you too, may be speaking in tongues by the night’s end. Bookings essential.

By Joel Kennedy for Melbourne Bars and Function Rooms

Studio Photography London

Book a budget setting for Studio Photography London

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High quality low price Studio Photography London

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It’s all about footage

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The Love Predator

Every living thing predates, which simply means life eats to stay alive, both materially and, for humans, emotionally. Though some say all life feels.

We have learned only very recently in human history that we are the abusive predator, who predates not just for food, but also for everything in sight, making us the most greedy species. This trait is not entirely villainous. It comes from our favorite talent-making choices-a powerful opportunity we haven’t yet learned very well how to manage.

Our greatest awareness of excessive predation is our abuse of the environment and the resultant extinction of animal species. Many of us feel profoundly worried and ashamed as a result of this new comprehension. Some of us even feel terrified that we’ve already done irreparable damage-global warming-that may eventually extinct our species.

And yet, in spite of learning such hard lessons, curiously we are the least aware of our most heinous form of abuse as a predator-the misuse and abuse of each other. Way out in front, the most dominant event in human history, of all peoples and cultures, and the most prevalent form of our behavior toward each other has been the mass murder of as many people as possible at any given time and technology. In spite of our increasing awareness of such foibles, we continue to act in the arena of violence toward each other as if it is both necessary and inevitable, requiring massive armies, defensive strategies, hugely intimidating military technology and the deadly sting of secrets and secret opps. All of which is perpetually in danger, as it always has been, of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But all of this, no matter how horrendous, is only the tip of the iceberg of human abuse of the procuring act of predation-eating to survive. In dozens of more subtle ways we predate each other emotionally and financially. We have, for instance, made profit the most sought-after aspect of human exchange, by our unfortunate belief in ownership. This assumed to be virtuous necessity is the right of the first procurer to discover a new element or opportunity, to extract tolls from anyone thereafter needing to use it. By virtue of their first-use we’ve granted them title to what for eons included the ownership of other humans. The necessary aspects of ownership can easily be handled in other ways, like a lifetime lease.

To justify this I-can-do-with-it-what-I-want abuse we pretend the finder invented what humans can only discover. Nature has already done all the necessary inventing. All technology, good medicine and creative effort is simply an imitation, at times cleverly rearranged and represented, of nature’s ways, to the extent that we know them. In other words, we all plagiarize nature. It’s the only option available.

With all this on our conscience, there’s still one more aspect of our excessive predation, which might ultimately be our most damaging one. It’s by far the hardest form for us to acknowledge, that we predate each other within the context of love-which unwittingly includes our children. We do so, not knowingly, nor because we are bad people, but because we have no other way of getting what we all need all our lives-to be loved, supported, encouraged and admired as part of giving our lives support and significance.
Though we pretend otherwise, we have not yet effectively arranged for that to take place within society in general. Indeed individuality-what is special within love-is regarded generally with great mistrust as unloving selfishness, kept under wraps by the primal command, above all else, to serve others. When for individuals good comes in a great diversity of forms. And all chicanery hides behind various notions of the general welfare, with the usual assertion, “it’s for your own good”.

Family is still the only place that, at least to a significant extent, we’re treated in that right manner-as special. As we already know, human nature will never thrive-or learn-in any other environment. A hundred years of psychotherapy has taught us that much, at least with respect to children and animals. We have yet to fully realize that adult humans are no different.

But most important, we have still to acknowledge the simple, but painful truth that, in seeking what they need within the same social context, adults will always win a competition with their children, no matter how hard they try to avoid doing it. We didn’t used to care. But nowadays we all try; yet it can’t be done. Needs don’t wait for permission. They automatically demand, and children, equally automatically, step aside-in ways seen by no one at the time.

Many, if not most readers will cry out how wrong this assertion must be! Yet only one piece of evidence is necessary to verify its truthfulness. It’s something we’ve learned only within the last 100 years, that family produces as much harm as good. Family itself, in its traditional form as arbiter and policeman of culture’s habits and biases, is outmoded, in need of significant transformation-an unthinkable thought because it seems so disloyal to the font of our comfort. We hate to think about the big picture of what families have become: a mixed bag. Indeed, at times with genetic help, all psychic dysfunctional symptoms were learned, or genetic vulnerabilities exacerbated and made much worse, within families of origin. From one generation to another we pass along our prejudices and foibles as well as our virtues.

Human prosperity has enabled us to perceive our family origins as the mixed bag they really are, mostly by providing an alternative place of intimate resting and exchange-the workplace, now available, at least in better financial times, to most people. Without another experience-option, independent of our origins, we couldn’t have finally seen the shortcomings of that ancient font of security and wisdom-family, clan and culture, which is at the core of most religions, in the simplest words, ancestor worship. Thus, until very recently in human history, we’ve been unable to look askance at the hand the feeds us.

Perhaps it’s time to consider whether parenting needs to become more professional, in the sense of handling adult and child needs in different contexts. Children used to be reproduced in large numbers to add to the labor force of the family’s livelihood. When large families seriously dilute what one child receives. Siblings, who in big families act as additional caretakers, are very dysfunctional parents; they’re only kids, can’t very easily handle the enormous responsibility of another’s life, and have their own life and its needs to attend.

Nowadays we realize that, if done primarily and fully to the benefit of the child, it takes more than the one or two adults to do the job-particularly if adults are to have ample time to serve the continued evolution of their own lives, hopes and dreams. Over time we’ve added teachers, babysitters, live-in caretakers, etc., which help, but none of which adequately accomplish what the child, or the parents need-very special personal care that integrates all the pieces together. Children don’t do that very well unattended. We’ve added pieces to the child’s life, but children don’t learn in pieces. Only adults can do that.

So what is the primary problem with families, as they are currently structured? What aspect of family damages individual growth and development the most? The answer verifies the innocence to which we can all lay claim. There is no fundamental villainy here. The problem is that family requires adults and children to compete for their need-gratification at the same font. Though we are strongly encouraged to think otherwise, adults need just as much benefit from family as children do-yet they need, in some ways, very different things. What’s more adults need things they can’t get anywhere else, including the workplace, though it’s a useful alternative. Very good parents try and circumvent this inevitable competition by putting their needs aside, when truth is it can’t be done. Needs will find their way out of any carefully constructed love-fortress.

No villain created this problem. We simply haven’t evolved nearly as far as we think we have. We’re still trying to get-it-right the first time, when we don’t yet know what that really means. Though it’s very difficult, even terrifying for some, to look upon ourselves in such tentative, seemingly critical ways. Instead we usually think and operate as if we already know what it means to be human, institutionalizing one mistake after another-and then taking eons to escape our own carefully constructed bad habits-like tyranny.

As an example, that particular perfidy is usually viewed as an oppressive intrusion. When it is most likely that no one imposed it upon us. We cried out for it when first we occupied this planet in tribal, social sedentary ways, terrified of a life that seemed filled with happenstance and the unfathomable, what easily became chaotic and out of control. We demanded the presence of a human god who could mollify and influence the cruel heavenly Gods who dominated and tormented our lives by, for instance, bringing famine or flood. It’s taken us thousands of years to get over this bad habit of wanting Big People to take care of what frightens us-and we still haven’t finished. We continue to elevate some people to a position of superiority, like the rich and famous, and then envy and adore them, the remnants of tyranny, what we now call inequality.

To consider revising the ways family works, in order to make it a more effective provider of what we all need, is part of a bigger picture: to learn to see ourselves as an evolving species, instead of an already-arrived-in-wisdom one. It’s a more frightening, contradictory course to take. But it’s also a more powerful one, to perceive all things from as many perspectives as possible … and never stop doing it. That effort produces a form of balance that is more evolved than balance concepts available in Eastern Oriental philosophy, which resolve negative experience and emotion by learning to live entirely in the positive. When negative and positive elements always coexist simultaneously, the negative to educate us, and the positive to give us rest, reassurance and encouragement.

My additional works can be seen at this website:

Wedding Planning in a Recession – Big Day, Smaller Budget

In these belt tightening times should you have to down-size your dream wedding? If you are going to be a little cost conscious where should you start? For many couples, and in particular, brides-to be, years may have been spent dreaming about their Big Day. Now the big question has been asked and accepted, and you may wondering whether you should be tightening those bridal purse strings. However, you can still have your dream wedding without going totally overboard with your finances. Try some of these less obvious budgetary constraints:

Engagement rings. No-one wants to look at their engagement ring and be constantly reminded of that economic down turn. Do you or your fiancee have any inherited jewels that you could utilize? Your Great Aunt Ruby’s diamond ring may look a bit tired as it is, but pop the diamond in a new setting, and hey presto! Custom jewelers can create masterpieces for you out of your family stone. Well known jewelers such as Verragio and Tacori provide semi-mount engagement rings, so you can select a setting you absolutely love, and then have your own diamond set. This can be a very cost effective approach to having your dream engagement ring.

Wedding rings. If you love the look of platinum wedding rings, but would prefer a less expensive metal, then perhaps palladium wedding rings could be right for you. Palladium is from the same metal family as platinum, and like platinum it is naturally shiny and hypoallergenic. While palladium wedding rings will be a little more expensive than white gold, they will be substantially less costly than platinum. Best of all, palladium never needs to be rhodium plated to maintain the luster.

Unusual venues. You may be able to find a more cost effective wedding location than a traditional reception venue. Do you know anyone who has a fabulous cottage in the country, or by a beach or lake? Take the time to check the costs of various catering companies. You will be astounded at the price differences.

Limit the cast of thousands. Do you really need to invite your third cousin who you haven’t ever seen? Or your father’s bank manager? Stick to close family and friends. Striking a few people off the invite list will quickly pay for other costs such as flowers, cake, and the photographer. Explain to anyone who is miffed that you felt awkward displaying conspicuous consumption in these times.

Mae Smith is the webmaster of where you can design your own engagement rings or custom handcrafted jewelry and shop for Tacori settings prices when viewing our Tacori rings, jewelry, and wedding rings or make your own custom jewelry.

Rent Photo Booth Tips and Information

Renting a photo booth is the growing hot trend in weddings, party planning and more. Everyone loves a photo booth, they’re easy to hop in take a few silly shots and instantly have the pictures printed as keepsakes. When you rent a photo booth, you are giving your guests that added bonus to remember your event and you are also getting a unique way to capture moments you may otherwise miss. Here’s all the information you need to know to rent photo booth.

What can you use a photo booth for? Surprisingly, a lot. Weddings are an obvious choice, but have you ever considered renting a photo booth for you next corporate event or trade show. This will add that extra touch for your clients or make your booth the go-to booth at trade shows. You can also rent a photo booth for birthday parties including sweet sixteen parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversary parties, holiday parties, family reunions and more. If you work at a school, consider all the possibilities. Try renting a photo booth for a prom, homecoming or a Valentine’s Day dance. They also tend to be big hits for class reunions and graduation celebrations.

What exactly is a photo booth? Basically they are small and take up minimum space. The traditional variety is simple structures with curtains, lights and of course the camera. More modern versions have a solid shell with various backgrounds you can choose from when you rent photo booth. Some even allow the guests to choose black and white photos, as well as decide when they are ready to snap the picture. Additionally, some allow the renters to decorate the exterior of the booth in their own design to match the theme of their specific party. There are many photo booth rental companies on the market today. You should look at several to decide what type you want and what will suit your needs.

When looking for a photo both rental you want to be sure to gather some important information before you make a decision. Of course cost is a big issue and if you rent one in your area, the cost may be less than having a photo booth brought to you from far away. There also may be a minimum number of hours you must rent the booth, so check that it matches your needs as you don’t want to pay for it longer than you need it.

You should also see what comes with your photo booth rental. Most companies send a worker with the booth for the entire rental period. This is important because you don’t want to have to deal with set up, tear down and troubleshooting at your event. A worker will handle everything associated with your photo booth rental. Additionally check out how many pictures your guests can print, as this will determine how long they are in the booth. Also check out how many total pictures you can print at your event. Your best bet is to get unlimited pictures for the duration of your event. Typically a photo booth rental comes with an online album of all the pictures taken at your event. Make sure this is included because guests love to go online and look at every picture. Finally, some companies offer to print double strips of your guests’ pictures, one strip for them to keep and one strip for them to give to you. Some companies even give you a scrapbook to put all the copies of your pictures into.R

Take advantage of this growing trend and rent photo booth for your next event. Not only will your guests love it, but you will benefit too!

Sandy Winslow is a writer of many subjects including event planning. All the information you need to rent photo booth and get the best deal.

The Sweetness

The Sweetness

Each one has a greater degree of sweetness in himself.

The power of nurturing lies inside of every one.

The man has the capacity to nurture himself in any situation of life.

By that life becomes sweet and he smells the swwet fragrance of life all the time.


The art of nurturing the self is required at every moment.

Nurturing the inner child like a mother we can save ourselves from many dangers.

The cry of inside should be clearly heard and suitable measures should be taken to soothen the cry.

Life demands infinite love,care and nurturing and we have all of these inside ourselves.


We can give many things to life by constantly taking care of each moment.

We can save ourselves from worries and anxieties if we nurture ourselves better.

We can develop Godly care within ourselves and there by free our lives from all shackles.

God wants his children to remain happy always and therefore He has given us His powers.


We have the powers of God and we have the best doctors inside in all situations of life.

The inner doctor is constantly at work and see that everything inside and outside is running perfectly.

We should feel the presence of inner doctor to save ourselves from any danger.

The inside calling is very sweet and clear and if we cling to this calling we can make our life better.


We are the masters of our own emotions and by developing the intelligence we can fruitfully utilise the emotions.

We are our own emotional mentors and there is lot of advice inside ourselves.

Emotions if taken care of perfectly by the help of the  inner mother, will show us light.

The inside light removes all darkness from life if we feel and realise it and life becomes brighter.


There is always a sweet mother inside each of us,who takes care of us from moment to moment.

We should taste the sweetness of mother in the form of love,affection and care.

Then we can make our life better and can be successful in any endeavour.

The inside mother has enormous strength to nurture us any time,any where and there by can bring us success and glory.


Our life is vital,but short and we have many roles to play in this short span.

We have our duty to self,family,society and nation.

By nurturing self we can make ourselves sweeter individuals.

Our sweetness will benefit to all around us and we will progress in life and feel like free birds.









A Wedding Invitation Blog To Include In Your Wedding Invitation

Getting married is one of the grandest events of life you will experience, and keeping chase of all the moments is evenly important. One way to chronicle your Wedding planning process is to initiate a Wedding Invitation Blog. You should start this prior to sending out your Wedding Invitations.

Blogs have rocketed in popularity, teenagers, with CEOs and even grandmas Blogging about their interests and lives. Why not writes a Wedding Invitation Blog to connect with your clients, keeping everybody informed on your Wedding progress? Even after the Wedding bells have ringed, you will have a beautiful diary of all the decisions and moments decisions leading up to your special day.

Another good reason to compose a Wedding Invitation Blog is if you are planning a terminus Wedding or if you anticipate mostly out of town Guests. For a destination wedding, it is a good idea to upload Photos of your Wedding destination, as well as activity and accommodation information. For a Wedding where you bear many out of town Guests to attend, a Wedding Invitation Blog can serve much the same intention and showcase your wedding location, area as well as offer practical travel details in an easily approachable format.

By including links to travel information on your wedding blog, you can forego enclosing this information in your wedding invitation. A Blog is not normally a one-sided Journal, but a current conversation. Invite your Guests to respond and comment, making a dialogue that keeps you engrossed with your Guests.

You should as well upload Photos of you and your fianc. You would show engagement Photos, as well as photos your tribulations and planning trials. Take Photos of the Wedding party assaying on tuxes and dresses for your Blog Photo Album. Include Photos from your Bridal shower so invitees who were not able to attend can still enjoy seeing you on photos.

Dont forget about sweet short video clips. If you fess up a Video Camera and upload most memorable scenes from various Bridal events, your Guests will feel let in the process. If you are entertaining a Destination Wedding, get Guests charged up by including Beautiful Photos from your destination. If you plan a trip to both finalize and visit Wedding plans, document this on your Wedding Invitation Blog through video clips and photos. You may even come after in convincing a few wavering guests to make their Plans to attend.

Whether you go all out and let in numerous video clips or photos or keep it simple with appropriate travel and Wedding Information, your Guests will enjoy taking part in your progress to the aisle, and your Blog will provide you a priceless keepsake.

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2010 Louisville Baseball Bat Reviews

Louisville has a long and respected history in the baseball bat industry, but they’ve falling behind in the composite segment of the market. They’re 2009 entry into the high end composite category, the Triton, was met with a tepid reception. For 2010 they’ve changed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to their line-up except for cosmetics. They didn’t even make an attempt to fool us into believing they made any changes. The verbiage for their 2010 bats is identical to the verbiage for their 2009 bats. They even changed the name of their second tier composite bat for the third year in a row without changing anything about the bat. This is extremely disappointing from what most consider the holy grail of baseball bat manufacturers. On a positive note they have adjusted their pricing policy to align the price (except for the EXO) to the material of the bat.
Here’s the breakdown of the Louisville line-up:

Louisville Composite Bats

TPX Triton – A 3-piece bat made with 100% composite material with Louisville’s stiff handle and a balanced design. The 2010 Triton is the exact same bat as the 2009 model except for a putrid blue/yellow color change that makes it look cheap. This bat has by far the largest barrel I’ve seen on a baseball bat. As I’ve stated in the past, it would be in Louisville’s best interest to either call this a multi-piece bat or stick to a true 1-piece design. Instead they continue to market it as a three-piece bat bonded together as a one-piece bat. I’ve hit with the Triton and seen high school kids use it in games and it seems to be a quality bat, but it just hasn’t caught fire. You will rarely see it in a high school games and almost never in College. Even on a College teams using Louisville bats the players choose the Exogrid, Omaha or H2 (in that order) and not the Triton. The retail price remains at $ 399.99 for the Adult -3 model. If you like this bat you’ll save about $ 100 by picking up the 2009 model on the discount rack (and have a bat that looks good). I recommend the Easton Speed for experienced players who want a 100% composite bat.
TPX Dynasty Composite – This 100% 7C composite, one-piece bat has the Louisville stiff handle and a balanced design. This bat is the same bat as the 2009 Omaha Comp and 2008 Catalyst. Louisville seems to be playing musical chairs with the name of this bat and decided the old Dynasty name would make sense for 2010. I believe this bat is an excellent second tier composite bat choice for two reasons. First, it has a great price at $ 259 for the Adult -3 model. Second, it has a proven track record being a Catalyst/Omaha Comp. An excellent choice for those looking for a lower priced composite bat.

Louisville Hybrid Bats:

H2: The 2010 model is the exact same bat as in 2009 but with one major difference, they’ve adjusted the price to what a hybrid bat should be! Do you believe in miracles? It looks like the H2 did not sell well in 2009 and they were forced to price it correctly. It’s a two piece bat that bonds the pieces together to make the claim that it’s a one piece bat (we’ve already covered this). The 100% composite handle is Louisville’s stiffest which is saying something. The barrel is a 100% ST+20 alloy barrel and a balanced swing weight design. The Adult -3 model retails for $ 299 in 2010 $ 70 less than its retail price in 2009. You can also find the 2009 model for even less.
Exogrid: The EXO continues to chug along! It’s been one of Louisville’s best selling bats and the 2010 model is identical to the 2008 and 2009 models. Clearly their going to milk this golden goose for as long as possible because it continues to retail for an amazing $ 369. In my opinion this bat is closer to a 100% alloy bat then a hybrid but with the carbon sleeve cut into the handle it’s in the hybrid category. I believe the price of this bat is way too high and I can’t recommend it when for an additional $ 30 I can get the 100% composite Triton. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good bat but I just can’t recommend pulling the trigger at $ 369. If you love this bat find the 2008 or 2009 model. It’s the same bat and will cost you a lot less money. As mentioned no change to the design it’s still a one piece, 100% alloy bat with some metal cut out of the handle and replaced with composite material. It comes with Louisville’s stiff handle and a balanced design. As mentioned earlier, most players on College teams who use Louisville bats swing the Exogrid.

Louisville Alloy Bats

TPX Omaha: The Omaha also continues to chug along. It’ a one -piece, 100% alloy bat with the Louisville stiff handle and a balanced design.. The 2010 is the same bat as the 2009 model and is priced at a reasonable $ 199.99 for the Adult -3 model. It’s a great choice for those who are not looking to break the bank to purchase a baseball bat. Many players on College teams with Louisville contracts prefer to use the Omaha instead of the Triton or H2.
Omaha XT Stiff: This bat has apparently been out since last year but I’ve not seen it anywhere except on the Louisville website. I don’t know if it’s a hybrid or an alloy all Louisville says is it has ST+20 alloy and extra stiff composite reinforced transition. Seem odd to call this bat the Omaha Stiff when all Louisville bats are known for their stiff handles and the H2 has the stiffest handle of all.

Louisville makes quality bats but they need to decide if they’re going to jump into the multi-piece bat market or not. If you’re coming out with a multi-piece design tell me it’s a multi-piece design and why that makes sense. Don’t tell me it’s bonded to be a one piece bat.

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