Holiday Party Planning – Don’t Be Afraid of It

A great time to be with our friends and family is to throw a holiday party. For holiday party planning you have to be well prepared, so it is not an easy party to plan.

There are many important holidays and those are great for large reunions. So, with different holidays we will have different kind of parties with specific themes. Fourth of July parties, for example, are pool parties and barbecues mainly. For Thanksgiving holiday we will have dinner parties and for Christmas we can throw a cocktail party. To plan a good holiday party is fun and not to much difficult. It is not so different than planning other parties.

 The guest list will still be your primary care. You will have to get plenty of food for all the people that will attend. Consider a venue and buying all the supplies and may be renting the tables and chairs. For this kind of parties take in consideration that for the holidays themselves you will need some preparation. If you plan a holiday party on Christmas you will have to shop for gifts and decorations and to do all the Christmas preparations on top of your party planning. All of this can be a little to much and you may need some help. Ask a friend to plan the party with you or hire a party planner.

The holiday itself will give your party a theme so make it special by planning fun and unique activities. Do some research and pay attention to the little things that will make your party special. May be a good idea is to make stunning invitations. At a Christmas or a Hanukkah party you may buy a small gift for your guests and send it with the invitation as a tag for the gift. For a Thanksgiving party invitation you can heat the paper in an oven a little and write the message in a language that old time pilgrims may have used. Use your imagination. Holidays are the best moment to let the child in you to come out. Everyone look forward to holidays to be able to shake the worries and the stress that our fast life bring. Our goal is finally to make our guests to talk for a long time about the good time they have at our party.

Planning an amazing holiday party will make our guests to really treasure that year and always remember you and to look forward to your parties.

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Get Well Soon, FPI and Other Parties

June 1, 2008, will be remembered as a black day in the history of Indonesian democracy. A group of people from different walks of life — Balinese Hindus, Javanese Catholics, Sumatran Protestants, Buddhists and Confucianists from Celebes and Muslims from all over Indonesia were beaten up by radicals.

What was their mistake?

They were not Ahmadis, as suggested by Munarman, published on Kompas online service. Indeed, one of them was a Muslim girl belonging to a family aligned with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). She was hysterical, she threw away her veil screaming, “I am ashamed to be a Muslim.”

I wonder, if Munarman in the Kompas online article was the same Munarman of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia. To my knowledge, and from what I have been reading about this organization — they claim to be non-violent.

I hope he is not the same Munarman. For, if he is the same Munarman, that would put him on the spot, for defending the radicals who beat up our Indonesian brothers and sisters when they were demonstrating peacefully, defending and upholding Pancasila as our state ideology. If this is so then he may have to change the image of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, which he has so far portrayed as a peace-loving and non-violent organization.

The rally at Monas organized by the National Alliance for the Freedom of Religion and Belief was supported by dozens of organizations and many, many prominent citizens of the country. And, it was not to defend Ahmadiyah, or any other sect — but to defend our state ideology.

My dear members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI); my dear Munarman, the defender of FPI and what they did; my dear members of Indonesian Ulema Council — do please take time to talk to the victims of what happened last Sunday. I did, and my finding was astonishing. They represent our country in its entirety. They belong to different religions. They have different
professions. Yet, they stood united to defend our country, its ideology and its Constitution.

What happened last Sunday is an insult to Islamic values, as I understand them, as also understood by all my Muslim friends, without a single exception.

The language used by Munarman, as published by Kompas in its online edition, does not at all reflect the law of the land. This is why I wonder if it is the same Munarman quoted, or misquoted. For, Munarman of Hizbut Tahrir, to my knowledge, is a man well versed in law. He is a man of law. Les us hope, it was not the same Munarman.

Violence is a sickness.

We all inherit it from our long evolution from amoeba. As humans, we must polish ourselves and overcome this inherent violence. All religions, all religious teachers and teachings are but tools and medication to that end.

FPI, and all the radicals, their supporters and their advocates — are today in dire need of this tool to polish their souls. They need this medication to heal their beings. So, my dears, please get well soon!

His Excellency, our President, has been saying that violence is not the answer. To that I add, “Love is the only solution.” Try love, my dear friends at FPI, MUI, HTI and other groups which are directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly defending or supporting violence and violent acts. Friends, if you feel you have not been doing that, have not been defending or supporting violence, then good for you. You are healed!

The police have been sluggish in their move against the FPI mob, quoting religious sensitivities, while religion was used as the justification of the FPI, while beating us, our people, the Indonesians… Reason: It could trigger more riots.

Not understandable, not acceptable.

If it was your wife, your child, your sibling or your parent being beaten up, what would you, my brother policeman, do? Wouldn’t you arrest them on the spot?

One of my friends was beaten by an elderly person, in his fifties. One of the youngsters smashed a child against a wall. Several pictures, even videos have been given to the authorities, and now are on YouTube for everone to see and evaluate.

The political opponents of the present government see this incident as a “set up”. The people who attacked the alliance members were prepared with nailed bamboo poles and stones. How could the police let them carry these weapons of violence?

“FPI is supported by some …”, if the allegations are true then those supporters better begin to count their days before they are exposed. Soon, very soon. The arrogance, with which these radicals, their supporters, defenders and sympathizers have been making statements, prove that they indeed enjoy support of certain people “up” there.

Many like to believe that all these incidents are set to divert our attention from the core issues faced by the country, such as the oil price increases, et cetera, and et cetera. If the blood of our masses are shed for that purpose — then shame on all of us.

Know the truth, and it shall set you free — the truth is, our country, our nation, our state, is presently very, very weak. We are unable to hospitalize these radical elements in our society suffering from the contagious sickness of violence. The truth is that if they are not immediately hospitalized, then this entire nation can suffer from the same sickness. There are bound to be reactions, as we have already seen happening in Cirebon.

Mr. President, please, please, please… Take up arms, save our nation! To my radical and violent brothers and sisters, one more time: “Get well soon! For violence is not the answer, as mentioned by our President. It is a sickness.”

This article is also published on Jakarta Post, June 05, 2008

Anand Krishna,
Spiritual Writer (

Food Party Planning

An important consideration in food party planning is your budget. How much can you afford to spend? You may prepare the food yourself, or get friends or family members to help. Hiring a caterer is another option. Much of this depends on the type of party you are having. Once your budget has been established, you should decide exactly what you will serve.

The next important consideration in food party planning is the guest list. How many people will be attending your party? You cannot estimate adequate food quantities unless you know how many people will attend.

After you have created a budget and a menu, you will need to estimate the quantities of food you will need. If you plan to serve appetizers and finger foods, you can use the following guidelines:

– 5 appetizers per guest for the first two hours of the party
– 3 appetizers per guest for the latter portion of the party

Proper estimation of fondue quantities depends on what you serve. Here are some general guidelines:

– Meat: allow approximately 7 ounces per party guest
– Shrimp: allow approximately 7 ounces per party guest
– Cheese: allow approximately 6 ounces per party guest
– Fresh Fruit: allow approximately 7 ounces per party guest

If you are serving sweets or desserts:

– Allow 1 slice of pie or cake per guest
– 5 ounces per guest for pudding, custard, or mousse
– 6 ounces of ice cream or sorbet per person
– 4 cookies per guest

If serving a meal, you can decrease the appetizer quantities slightly. Allow approximately 1 ½ pounds of food per meal per person. If you are serving pizza, allow approximately 3 to 4 slices per party guest.

When estimating beverage quantities, remember to include ice for serving drinks and icing them down as well. A good rule of thumb for estimating ice is to allow one pound of ice per guest. If the party is outside and during the hot summer months, you will need to allow more.

One gallon of punch or tea will serve approximately 8 guests. If you are serving canned sodas, allow 3 per person. Expect party guests to consume approximately 2 cocktails per hour, less as the party progresses.

Decide early in your food party planning the type of serving dishes you plan to use. Be sure to include napkins, glasses, cups, toothpicks, and silverware. You will also need trays for appetizers.

Potential problems can be avoided by planning your party ahead of time. Create a checklist early in your food party planning. Know which foods can be prepared prior to the event date. Have your shopping done a few days before the actual party date. Do your food party planning efficiently and properly. Your party will be a success, and you will enjoy it more. Have fun!

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Cuban Love Notes

How do you do nothing? Up until a few months ago I had no clue. Anytime I attempted to do nothing, I’d think about the next thing that needed to be done. Admittedly I’ve never been good with standing still. I figured the best way to cure this would be go to a place where I’d be forced to do nothing. In my opinion there’s no better place than a tropical paradise.

Believe it or not, I had never been on a vacation. Sure, I had visited New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; however it was only for a few days and not an all inclusive resort. For years I watched people around me escape to warmer temperatures, listened to their stories of sun, sand and waves, and wondered when it would be my turn.

Determined to not let another year without a vacation pass me by, I booked an all inclusive package. And Cuba was the destination of choice! It’s worth mentioning that Sean and I narrowly missed purchasing our tickets from Conquest Vacations, which ceased operations the day of our purchase. This proved to be a blessing in disguise because we were able to get a 4 star ocean view room in the newly constructed Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria near Santa Clara, Cuba.

The moment I stepped off the plane, I realized you don’t just visit Cuba, you feel Cuba!! From gentle breezes, soft sandy beaches & melodious ocean waves to the warmth of the people and their endless generosity, Cuba is beautiful!! Our resort was exceptional and immaculate, with attentive and accommodating staff. And the food was simply delicious! The food was so delicious that we passed on attending our 3rd a la carte and opted instead to have dinner at the buffet.

Our beach was glorious, private and secluded! It was so refreshing to take it easy. Watches were forgotten and we didn’t care. If wanted to know the time we looked up and saw where the sun was positioned in the sky. Even the way we walked was different: chill and relaxed. It was so cool I had to give it a name: the Cuban stroll.

A typical day on the resort went like this: slept in, showered, changed, ate, went to the beach, sunbathed & slept, swam in the ocean, sunbathed & slept some more, swam in the pool, got ready for dinner, went to the disco & then slept. We repeated this for 6 days, 7 nights. Lol, you get the idea!

By far, my most memorable day was our day trip to Santa Clara. Arranged by our tour operator, it was a full day of activities: we rode an old-fashioned train ride into Remedios, visited the oldest church in Cuba, toured a cigar factory, had lunch at a beautiful restaurant and explored the streets of Santa Clara. Poignant for me was our visit to the Ernesto “Che” Guevara Monument and Mausoleum, which was such an incredible experience! Ernest “Che” Guevara was an admirable man and is a hero to many people not just in Cuba but around the world! We were inspired to learn more about him and his legacy! One of the books we purchased was The CIA Against Che by Adys Cupull and Froilán González, which discusses the possible involvement of the CIA in Che’s death.

Before I knew it, my week had come to an end. Although I was sad to leave, I knew I’d be back. When I landed in Toronto I couldn’t help but notice the sharp contrast in how everyone moved through the airport. Gone were their lazy strolls and laid back demeanour. Everyone was in a rush and made a mad dash out of the airport, back to their busy lives.

These days, I’m slowing down whenever possible: if I’m not wearing a watch, it doesn’t matter; unexpected free time: I take a walk or curl up with a good book; and on those special lazy afternoons: I’m by the water reminiscing about Cuba and anticipating the next time I’ll be back in the Atlantic Ocean catching a wave. You know, that really great wave you fall into without hesitation, knowing it will carry you exactly where you need to be.

Mucho gracias Cuba!

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Best Teen Halloween Party Planning Tips

Organizing a Halloween party is a thing we mostly think about a long time beforehand. This is the reason why the tips below are intended to help you plan your teenager Halloween party on a budget without keeping your teens from appreciating it.

When planning such an event, the first thing to do is to define the rules and let your teenager choose who is going to be in charge of what. Once it is done and everybody agreed with the conditions, you can go further in your party planning.

Few weeks in advance of the Halloween party, determine the theme the party is going to be about. Then, have your teen write and send the Halloween party invites in which they’ll include an RSVP and the subject of the party. Doing so will allow you to know how many guests you’re going to deal with as well as if you can hold the party at home or rent a bigger area for this. In addition, you will have a precise estimation of the amount of money you’re going to let your teenager to spend.

Having picked out a party theme will assist you to get the decorations that will match the budget you defined. Supposing you desire to avoid important expenses, you can utilize your used Halloween ornaments you preserved in the attic or the garage: there are surely a few of them that would work wonders this year ; or find more affordable material so that you economize money on your shopping expenses. You can also get various prop objects that can also add sound effects to harmonise with the Halloween party atmosphere.

Two weeks in advance of the party, buy a Halloween costume which should be in harmony with the selected subject. Costumes can be ordered online, which will provide you with the opportunity to spare time and get some belated bargains.

A new measure is the one concerning the party activities. While you can allow your teen to pick up the activities with your own guidance, do not make them consider that whatever interference which alters their determination of an inappropriate game was actually yours.

Then decide on the kind of aliments as well as beverages to provide. Are you going to make a meal or only several scary snacks? What sort of drink are you going to supply?

One week before the Halloween party control again with the list that you have made and search for any missing things. In the day prior to the party ensure to set up the outdoor decor because it needs to be as close as it can be to the Halloween party night; indeed, you don’t wish the decor to be broken by reason of of a capricious atmospheric condition.

When the Halloween party day comes you can make several board signs on the yard pointing at the house for the guests to learn where the party is held.

If you wish to have step by step tutorials on how to plan a Halloween party for children, teenagers and adults in addition to a lot more ideas, you’re welcome to visit our collection of the most creative Halloween ideas which will help you celebrate your party with a blast.

Add Appeal To Trade Show Booths Using Postcards

Every business needs a well thought and designed marketing tool that will creatively and effectively showcase their products and services. There are basically a lot of choices to choose from: letterhead, special event brochures, catalogs, posters, newsletters, product sheets, and presentation folders among others.

With the availability of powerful printing and designing software, businesses can now create materials in just a short time. Because conveying a professional image is critical to get attention in the market, quick and easy printing is conveniently possible.

Among the marketing materials available today, there is one that is often overlooked by many business owners: the postcards. Postcards are actually a unique and powerful way of marketing a business. They are the ice cream topping in a cake. Unknown to many business owners, post cards are effective to use during trade shows. Just like business cards, post cards give customers a quick and good overall view of a business. People can grab it in your booth, keep it in their bags, and read them later. Because they are exceptionally cheap to produce, you can stock up as many as you want to use during the trade show.

Many business owners create multiple post cards and stick them in their trade booths to create an appealing show. If you are planning to attend a trade show soon, here are tips for you to consider in designing your post cards:

Create a remarkably attention-grabbing post card design.

Because many other businesses will be contending for your prospects attention, it is critical that your post cards are striking and eye-catching. They should be able to pull attention to your booth in just a few seconds and encourage them to pick up your cards. You can consider a catchy headline or photo printed in high resolution that will easily catch peoples eyes.

Present your contact information completely and compellingly.

Keep in mind that your post cards serve as mini billboards. They represent your business and serve as your face in the crowd. So, it important that you present your contact information such as your business name, address, contact number, and email completely. Anything that would encourage your target customers to respond immediately should be included in your post cards. Make sure to deliver the information loud and clear to ensure your message is delivered and received accurately.

Include a special offer.

When it comes to postcard printing, you need to take advantage of every space available. So, consider printing your headline and contact information in front and print special offers at the back. This would surely attract peoples attention. You can consider printing a discount coupon at the back or a free gift item a customer can redeem when they visit your store. These can help you get customer response as quickly as you desire.

Design your trade booth similar to your post cards.

Keep in mind that you are handing out your post cards in your booth. So, why not take advantage of every opportunity presented to you to entice as many customers are you can? Why not design your booth similar to your post cards? Just make sure that your design is not similar to last years design. Showcase your creativity with a new and fresh design this year.

Reuse your postcards.

If at the end of the trade show many post cards are left, do not throw it away. You can still use these cards as attachment to your traditional mails long after the show is over.

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Seven Tips to Select Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts

Wedding is an important event in an individual’s life. Gifting something different, elegant and unusual brings in joy and happiness in the life of newly wedded couple. Wedding gifts are not only elegant and sophisticated, they can also be fun. Your gifts should communicate your best wishes, however at the same time they can also bring smile on the couple’s face.

Over the past few years, many people are opting for environmental friendly wedding presents. Eco friendly gift items are the symbol of joy and good health for the couple. They help in making their lives better and rejuvenating. There is a wide variety of such wedding presents available in the market to select from.

Check out few tips that would help you buy eco – friendly gift items:

1. Choose a gift exclusively made from recycled materials. Nowadays, recycled materials are widely used for making vases, glassware, dinnerware, lamps including other works of art and design.

2. As compared to other types of gifts, hand crafted gifts make for a perfect alternative. Some popular hand made gift items include pepper and salt shakers or hand made throws and blankets.

3. One of the best wedding presents is to donate something in the honour of newly wedded couple to some socially responsible organization, an environmental organization or any other social group that interests them.

4. In case, newly wedded couples have an eye for gadgets, consider gifting solar powered appliances such as solar chargers and solar flash lights.

5. Consider gifting them organic food. Nowadays, a large variety of organic food is available in the farmer’s market or other departmental outlets. You can also look for these food products online. Make sure they deliver vegetables and fruits to your place.

6. Organic plants or gardening supplies, a bush or tree make for perfect eco friendly gift items because not only they promote the environment but also enhance the beauty of newly wed’s home.

7. You can also gift them an annual pass to a museum or a national park. Gifts like these brings a joy and pleasure to the newly wedded couple. Whatever you gift, make sure couple cherish it for a long time to come. Wedding presents like eco friendly gifts are unique and memorable.

Bar Decor And Accessories

Having a bar inside your home is a great addition, especially if you can find bar decor and accessories at a low price. In the end, you should be able to find any items for which you are searching, as long as you look hard enough. Some people search for bar art, while others are merely looking for novelty items like lights. Make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it before you start your renovations, as this will make things much easier on you.

The first thing you will need to do before looking for bar decor and accessories is determine where you will set everything up. The key is to find a location that is central enough to be used consistently, but will not take up too much space. Most people end up setting up their bar in the basement and then using the basement as an area to entertain guests. When you put your bar decor and accessories in the basement, it allows you to entertain your guests in an area that is away from the rest of the house. That way, it does not matter as much if things get a little bit messy, since the mess will be hidden until you have time to clean it up. Some people also use their attics as a bar because it is a location far enough away from everything that you will not disrupt the rest of the house.

The material that you use is extremely important, as it will give your bar a certain theme. Most people go with a wooden bar, as this is simple to construct and will stand up against all kinds of abuse. You can also go with a wood base and then cover it with other items like marble and leather, which will give it a more elegant feel. If you are able to add some bar art to this look, it will definitely make your new bar a source of envy amongst your friends. If you are looking for a truly cost effective solution, you can also construct your bar out of plastic. As long as you are careful with this material, it should last long enough to be useful.

When selecting your bar decor and accessories, it is essential that you have a good idea of what types of furniture you wish to use. Having the right seating arrangement can make or break your room, so carefully design an arrangement that will suit all of your guests’ needs. It might pay off to have some stools located at the bar and then another area with couches and other comfortable chairs for viewing sporting events. After all, the comfort of your guests should be the most importance part of this experience, since you want people to return to your bar time after time.

Come up with some fancy lighting and bar art to finish off this room and your project will be a success. Most of the bar decor and accessories that you choose will be of personal preference, so take a look around and see what you can find.

Welcome to The Art 4 U Store, inside you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality bar decor and accessories.

Loving Your Husband

As my husband and I sat down to our weekly bible study-to work on the ‘Loving Your Husband’ or in my husband’s case, “Loving Your Wife’ bible study-I was left wondering if this study was really for me. After all, I was the one always sacrificing in my marriage, the one always lifting the extra finger, and the one going the extra mile. Why should I be asked to re-evaluate my role in this marriage? Why wasn’t I learning how to change my husband? To make him a better mate?

But as each week passed, I soon learned that the thorn in my own eye was jeopardizing the marriage I so desperately wanted. I had to put forth an effort to see myself in a new light. I had to learn to see what needed to be changed and accept the things that didn’t and I had to learn to take responsibility for my own actions and stop trying to change my husband. This was not an easy task for me as I grew up having a very low self-esteem and self-worth.

It took nine long years (after meeting my husband) to build up the confidence to accept the fact that my flaws and imperfections were part of being human and that they didn’t make me an unworthy person. And now I was being asked to not just accept my flaws but to re-evaluate them so that I could learn from them and in the process learn why I did what I did. I thought I’d quit before I ever finished the study, but as each week passed, I left with a new sense of freedom. I left feeling good about myself, the things I learned about myself, and the things I knew I needed to change. Each week left me wondering if I had done my best, if I could’ve done better, or if I was pointing fingers to make myself look better.

It wasn’t always easy. In fact, there were times I couldn’t believe the guilt signals God gave me. You know them, don’t you? That feeling deep within you that makes you aware of your wrongs, the signals that nudge you to accept responsibility and apologize-even when you don’t want to?

As time passed, I could see how God took my life’s path and redirected it in such a way that He lead me to my husband-who in turn, through his uncertainty of Christ, drew me closer to God. For you see, my husband grew up knowing about God and His Word, but he never really had a relationship with God. I, on the other hand, thought I always had a relationship with God, but soon realized that conversations alone weren’t enough, I needed to get to know Him through His Word-the Bible.

Doing the ‘Loving Your Husband’ and ‘Loving Your Wife’ bible study changed our marriage forever. Instead of always pointing fingers and finding fault in one another, we began to look at how we each played a role in our arguments. We learned to take a step back and re-evaluate the roles we played, and then return with a clearer understanding of how we may have hurt each other. We relearned the importance of making time for each other, going on “date night,” and doing little things to show we care. And we learned that allowing God into our marriage was not only a spiritual requirement, but the medicine to heal all hurts. Allowing God into our marriage meant our marriage would be built upon a firm foundation-not shaky ground. And it meant that our paths would forever intertwine.

By the time the bible study was over, I had fallen in love with my husband all over again. Its deep studies, meditations, prayers, and devotionals reminded me of all the good within my husband. Taking the thorns out of my own eyes wasn’t easy. There were many things I wish I never knew things about myself, but in the end, the things I learned were the things I believe helped save my marriage.

If you haven’t attended a bible study geared towards building a better relationship with your spouse, I encourage you to take a step of faith and sign up for one today. It can be the difference between loving your husband and simply living with the man you’re married to, as a roommate.

Loving Your Husband Book
Cynthia Heald
ISBN: 0-89109-544-6

Loving Your Wife Book
Cynthia Heald
ISBN: 0-89109-575-6

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How to Parent a Difficult Teen (16-18)

The last thing any parent wants is for their teenager to be difficult. If you have a difficult teen between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, then we understand that you are in need of desperate help. You do not want your teenager to pass over into adult life in a negative mood. As we continue this article, we are going to give you some advice that you can use.

By now, most of the girls will be physically mature and have completed puberty. As for the boys, they may still be maturing physically. Your teenager may have some concerns about his or her shape, weight and size. Eating disorders at this age are very common, especially for females.

Your teenager more than likely has an interest in the opposite sex and the time spent with parents may have decreased. We know it may be a difficult process, but you should have your teenager find the time to sit down with you and talk. If your teen looks as if they are annoyed, then don’t annoy them even more by asking them what is wrong continuously. Instead, simply tell them that you are there for them if they ever need anything. If they have something on their mind, then they may come to you willingly.

Pay attention to the teenagers behavior. Ask him or her if they have suicidal thoughts, especially if they are sad and depressed a lot. This is not going to cause them to have these thoughts, but this will show them that you care about the way they feel. During this time, if necessary, then you should seek professional help.

No matter how difficult that teenager is, when you see that they have completed a fine task and have accomplished something, then you should always compliment them. In the end, what your teenager is going through may be just a phase, but no matter what, you should always be there with arms wide open.

Do you want to learn exactly how to eliminate your child’s out-of-control and defiant behavior without using Punishments, Time-Outs, Behavioral Plans, or Rewards?