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Customize your special day with JenlyFavor’s exciting party favors

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Favors are good way to share your special day with your friends and family. How to find a unique favor in affordable price is a question people always ask. Do it yourself favor is the answer. In jenlyfavors, you can find all the material you need for your DIY favors, like favor boxes, organza bags, ribbons, miniature favor decoration flowers, mini butterfly, Jordan almond, and party mints. And in jenlyfavors, with our 17 years experience in this industry, we give DIY favor ideas to our customer. We have pictures, instruction, and videos to show you how to make your own favors step by step. You will be surprised to see that it is super easy to do. You can decorate your favors with a cost of pennies!


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Order Liquor Online For Parties

Every house or office must have hosted an alcohol party function at some point of time , if not regularly. Social gatherings where food and drinks are served have become an integral part of the modern society. Parties now are even marked on the basis of the quality of liquor being served there. Big parties definitely require a bulk supply of liquor, but now one need not take the hassle of buying it oneself. There are a lots of websites offering its visitors the comfort of buying liquor through online shopping. Now, one can even order corporate liquor from certain websites. One of the reliable website is ‘ebottleo’, where one can order liquor online. They promise to deliver the orders on time and the minimum time taken is 24 hours, but can take up to 48 hours depending upon the availability of stock.

If one is thinking of hosting an alcohol party function, ebottleo is the one stop destination to order corporate liquor including any quality wine and champagne. The most important part is, one can order liquor online, that means the person is saved from the hassle of going to the market or collecting the bulk amount himself. This website would totally act as a savior for the corporate houses, who need to host alcohol party function regularly. However, a quiet romantic evening can also be made special with the exquisite brands of wine supplied by ebottleo , as it is said a good wine definitely helps in setting the right mood. So, for an office party or individual consumption one can order liquor online and get it delivered at the doorstep. Ebottleo promises to offer a prompt an efficient delivery for any kind of alcohol requirements. Hence, from now on, one need not collect liquor personally for an office party, rather just go to the website of ebottleo. One can order corporate liquor, and ebottleo would make the prompt delivery. Minimal surcharge is taken for the services.

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Dress Ideas For Hen Parties

Your marriage date has been fixed and you have started to make different plans for the day. Like every other women, you also have some special planning and desire for the day. Therefore, you do not want to waste time. You want the days before your marriage to be unforgettable. Your friends have planned hen party for making some fun with you before you get married and start a new phase of your life. You are very much excited about this hen party idea and you want to make the best of each moment. Well, there is nothing new about it. Every woman who is about to get married prefer to make their hen dos unforgettable.
To make the weekend trip or the hen night with your friends memorable, you should be careful about every factor related to the party. If you want to have some fond memories of the hen parties , you should be careful about every small factor related to the party. Always remember that you are the center of attention in the party. Therefore, it is your duty to maintain the charm of the party. On the day of your party, you should be charming and happy. You should be in the best of your mood so that you can make everyone happy in the party.
It is always important for you to remain in the best of spirit in the party but that is not all that is expected from a lady who is about to get married. As the party has been thrown by your friends in your honor, you should give importance to the dress you wear in the party. Many a times, women make a common mistake. As they remain very busy with the arrangement for their marriage, they forget to give due importance to the hen party. They do not give much importance to the dress they wear or the jewelries they select for the hen party and so they spoil the mood of the party.
When you are going for the hens night out with your friends and near ones, you should give importance to your dress. Consider a few dress ideas for the party and select the one, which you find to be the best. The dress that you select should not only be bright and beautiful but also it should make you feel comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable, you will not be able to enjoy the party and all the efforts of your friends to make the party successful will be in vain.
Hen parties are organized to cheer up the bride before her marriage. It gives her the opportunity to spend some fun time with friends and refresh her mind before starting a new phase of her life. Hen parties have become a very popular event in the present days. Therefore, it will be not be a difficult task for you to find the perfect dress for the hen party. If you want to enjoy the party and want to make it memorable for everyone, you should pay due importance to the dress ideas.

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The History of Birthday Parties

We all like to be the centre of attention, just for one day every year. Which is why so many of us, especially our kids or those who just like a particularly good excuse for a night out, have birthday parties to celebrate everything about us, inviting our very closest friends and family to enjoy our special day with us. Except, traditionally, new party toys or a night out might not be quite the reason birthday parties became so popular. Originally birthday parties were less about decadence and much more about perceived protection. Originating in Europe, the tradition of hosting celebrations on one’s day of birth were initially aimed not at children, but instead at royalty and other important persons. This was back in more superstitious times when people were more keen to believe in the presence of evil spirits to explain phenomena that science has since explained away. It was believed that evil spirits were more attracted to people whose birthday it was and so people would gather to protect their monarchs, and later their friends and family too, from harm. The gathered group would bring good thoughts and wishes in the belief this would keep them safe. Gifts were also brought to help too, starting the tradition of birthday presents, but even in more superstitious times it is hard to see how they thought this might keep their loved ones safe. Still, their apparent myopia has become our modern day gain, with us all now expecting and receiving numerous presents to keep us, if not safe, then at least rather happy. Cakes also pre-date modern birthday customs. In medieval times objects such as rings and coins were placed into a birthday cake, in the – again superstitious – belief that the finder would be brought luck or wealth or happiness. The tradition of birthday parties changed through time as people became more spiritually aware, and the start of the modern day birthday party can be traced back to Germany where they were repackaged especially for children and called kinderfeste. Here, candles signifying the child’s age would be lit and left burning all day. From here the significance of birthday parties evolved into what we know today. The significance is still firmly aimed towards the young, with children’s toys being given as presents and cakes prepared with candles, all harking back to the earlier traditions. We may have added a few superficial extras such as party games and party toys, but the core elements remain the same. Traditions vary of course all over the world. In many African nations, single birthdays are not revered as special days at all, while in other cultures it is normal for the birthday boy or girl to be the one handing out presents or chocolates. Closer to home, Danish traditions insist that children’s toys be placed directly around the bed so they can be enjoyed immediately upon waking. But when it comes to our own traditions, we owe a lot more to superstition than self-indulgence.

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Using Candy at Parties

It is rare to find someone who does not like candy, especially because there are so many different types out there. It is equally rare to find someone who likes all kinds of candy, and most of us have particular tastes in what we like. That is why serving candy at a party is a great idea, since you know everyone will enjoy it at some level.

Due to the fact that people have different tastes, you need to be sure that there are a multitude of candies for people to choose from. This ensures that everyone can find something they like, as well as provide more variety. Even if we had an unlimited amount of our favorite candy, we would get tired of it if that was all we had, and would desire to switch to something else. The more types of candy you have, the more people you will please, and to a higher degree.

It is not difficult to acquire candy for your party. Since you will need a relatively large amount to accommodate for so many people, you should go to a party store which realizes these needs. Candy at these stores comes in big packages, and just one bag can feed almost an entire party. Being that candy is very inexpensive, you can provide many kinds of candy for dozens of people and not spend more than ten to twenty dollars.

A wise idea is to also include sugar free candy in your assortment of choices. This allows people who have blood sugar problems, including diabetes, to still partake in the fun, as well as anybody who just wants to cut down on sugar. Sugar free candy can taste as good as regular candy, but it has fewer negative health effects. No matter what, as long as you get a fair amount of quality candy, you can be sure to have a satisfied party.

Roy Mustang is the proud proprietor of a blog specializing in educating people about the benefits of sugar free candy

Music Tips For Parties

I am going to give you some quick music tips to get the party up and runnin’.

First thing is what is what type of crowd is going to be at your party? What kind of music do you think they like? Ask a few of your friends who are going to the party. There are many different types of crowds that like many different kinds of music. I have been to some parties where no one was feelin’ the music. And they all left. I felt sorry for the host, because you take all this time and effort and the music sucks. You definitely don’t want that. Sounds simple, but people mess it up all the time.

Secondly, what kind of gear are you going to bump your music on? Some of the best parties I have hosted were with DJs. I guarantee you have you said you had someone DJing your party people will come. If you know someone who can DJ that is a plus, but if you don’t then you can find one on Craigslist. There are DJs looking for gigs all the time. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a DJ. Unless it is a huge event or you got the cash anyways. You can find a decent DJ for about $ 50-$ 100 dollars depending on how long you want them to spin. Three to four hours usually does the job.

Extra Tip: When hiring a DJ, make sure you know what type of gear they are bringing with them and what type of gear you can supply (cords, speakers, turntables, etc.).

If you can’t afford a DJ and it’s just a regular party than you got other options. I usually throw parties without a DJ so no worries. You can use anything that plays music really (iPod, Laptop, Zune, etc.). One advantage of a laptop over an iPod (unless it is an iTouch) is that you can download songs while the party is going. So if someone requests a song and you don’t have it you can download it. An advantage for an iPod is that it is even more portable. You don’t really have to worry about anyone knocking it over like the laptop. It is pretty durable. So decide on your gear and make a song list. Put them in any order and make sure no other songs that are not on the song list accidentally plays during the night of the party. Random songs that pop up out of nowhere can be very disturbing. It also disrupts the party. Trust me. All By Myself does not sound good when blasted in high volume. Make sure your song list is around 60-80 songs depending on how long you want the party to last. Not all the songs on the list will be played; you might have to change a song, because the crowd isn’t feeling it. Remember cater to the crowd. To make the music flow even better use a program that has a crossfader. Winamp and iTunes both have them. A crossfader helps reduce all those silent parts at the end of songs.

So you got your gear and your music playlist. What you need now are the speakers. Please do not use weak pathetic 10W computer speakers. If you do it is a slap to the face to all the people that go to your party. These songs require heavy bass and good treble to get people on the dance floor. The size of the speakers will be dependent on the size of the room. Club Banger songs has lots of bass, so get speakers that can handle it. I would recommend tower speakers, a subwoofer, and an audio receiver.

Caution tip: The speakers need to be loud enough so every single person at the party can hear it, but not loud enough to attract attention from the outside of your house. If you don’t have neighbors that are cool with you bumpin’ music until the night of dawn they will probably call the cops. If they do, than your party will get busted up for sure. You don’t want that. Test out the speakers before anyone comes to the party so you don’t have to mess with it later.

There you have it some music tips for a party. If you follow these tips you should be on your way on hosting a great party. If the party is successful, then people will want to come back for more. And since I keep you updated with the latest Club Bangers you shouldn’t ever have a problem with the music selection at your parties ever again.

Music Guide for Hip-Hop|Club Bangers

5 Sweet Tips For Using Your Chocolate Fountain

Been to a party recently? Bet it featured a chocolate fountain on the dessert table. Now that you’ve tasted the fun, you are probably excited about hosting a chocolate fountain at your next shin-dig. But unless you are an experienced user of these towers of decadence, your dessert table and your guests are likely to be covered in a deliciously sticky mess. Here are a few tips to keep the chocolate flowing and the tablecloth clean.

1. Freeze the food ahead of time so the chocolate will harden immediately. You can freeze fresh fruit such as strawberries, banana chunks, pineapple chunks and seedless grapes. Throw in a little mango for something more exotic.

2. Prepare for drips. If you prefer not to freeze your food items, better be prepared for plenty of “oops” and “oh-no’s”. The best thing to do is to use a pretty plastic tablecloth to cover the food table, and set out plenty of small dishes and napkins for your guests. A basket filled with “wet wipes” never hurts. Even if you do freeze the food, accidents are going to happen. By planning for them, you and your guests will be able to relax and enjoy the party.

3. Put out some small spoons. Some foods aren’t really meant to be dipped and do better if your guests can spoon a little chocolate over their pound cake, sponge cake, or lady fingers. This will keep the crumbs out of the chocolate, allowing it to function properly.

4. Choose the right kind of chocolate. If you are offering naturally sweet foods like marshmallows and fruit, stick to dark or semi-dark chocolate. You might offer a second fountain filled with milk chocolate for less sugary foods like pretzels. If you can’t offer separate fountains, try mixing equal parts dark and milk chocolate to make a yummy blended chocolate that goes well with everything. White chocolate is always a decadent hit and is expected at the more sophisticated events like weddings and black-tie social gatherings.

5. Don’t be shy. Put up signs that remind guests of “no fingers please and “no double dipping”. Excited party guests can forget their manners. Help them out by supplying plenty of cocktail toothpicks and bamboo skewers for appropriate dipping. Having the right dipping implements will also reduce drips and accidents.

Follow these five tips, but then use your imagination to get the most out of your chocolate fountain. Let the dipping begin!

The author is a chocolate lover and party animal. She recommends using a stainless steel chocolate fountain which can be found online at the Chocolate Fountains For Sale website.

Sweet Moments of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez often make headline on newspapers and magazines whenever the young celebrity couple are caught to be together. Some days ago, many people saw this hot boy have a quick kiss with Gomez outside the Vanity Fair Oscars Party held at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, California. They even hand in hand walked the red carpet and stayed close to each other during the evening.

On Tuesday (March 1, 2011), Bieber turns 17 and celebrated his birthday with Gomez at a Los Angeles’s mall where they shared sweet moments together while going shopping. After stopping at D&G and Louis Vuitton, the rumored pair grabbed some frozen yogurt at Pinkberry and came back to his car.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are captured when they walk around a mall in Los Angeles


Eating sweet frozen yogurt at Pinkberry


A sweet moment of love between two stars. Justin Bieber hand in hand stands beside Selena Gomez


The couple pops into D&G and Louis Vuitton


Selena naturally poses in front of cameras and curious people


Justin will perform at the Rascal Flatts’ special concert on ABC that airs on Mar. 12, 2011. Besides, he will appear in a never-seen-before clip from the music video for “That Should Be Me”.


They shared a few warm hugs


They share something fun when Bieber drives the car


The couple was also spotted when they enjoyed Justin’s 17th birthday dinner at Maggiano’s by Chris Brown with other close friends



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Is it Amnesty? You Bet Your Sweet Bippy!

One thing I have learned over the years is that there are plenty of Chomsky-esque, center-right leaning wordsmiths out there too. It isn’t just those on the left that are abusing the poor English skills of Americans to promote socialist agendas. Believe it. Particularly when it comes to the latest attempt at giving amnesty (and the current “comprehensive immigration” bill in the Senate IS Amnesty). And I can prove it by simply using the words as they are defined, not as some would like them to be defined.
Let’s begin shall we?

Amnesty is defined as “the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals” (source: Webster’s Dictionary). What we find at issue here is usually the word “pardon” and it’s meaning. Ok, what does “pardon” mean?

Once again we turn to Webster’s Dictionary to find that pardon means “1 : INDULGENCE, 2 : the excusing of an offense without exacting a penalty, 3 a : a release from the legal penalties of an offense b : an official warrant of remission of penalty, 4 : excuse or forgiveness for a fault, offense, or discourtesy (source: Websters)

Ok, so we’ve got several definitions for that word, three of which basically say the same thing and summed up in the single word of the first meaning, “indulgence”. That makes the definition of amnesty “the act of an authority (as a government) by which “indulgence is granted to a large group of individuals.” Ok, what is an “indulgence”?

Indulgence, as defined by Webster’s is”1 : remission of part or all of the temporal and especially purgatorial punishment that according to Roman Catholicism is due for sins whose eternal punishment has been remitted and whose guilt has been pardoned (as through the sacrament of reconciliation), 2 : the act of indulging : the state of being indulgent, 3 a : an indulgent act b : an extension of time for payment or performance granted as a favor, 4 a : the act of indulging in something; especially : SELF-INDULGENCE b : something indulged in”.

Also, to “indulge” means “to treat with excessive leniency, generosity, or consideration”.

So an “indulgence” is an “excuse” or “way out” (synonym: lenient). It is a forgiveness (as definition 1 states) of part or all of a punishment through generosity or consideration and leniency. So “indulgence” is basically when “part or all of the punishment has been remitted” giving us amnesty defined as: “the act of an authority (as a government) by which part or all of the punishment has been remitted to a large group of individuals.

Notice that an indulgence is when “part” OR “all” of the punishment is remitted. The important word here is “part”. Because the right leaning Chomsky wanna-bes would have us believe that “amnesty” only occurs when all of the sins and transgressions of illegals are forgiven and only when they are not required to pay anything or have any punishments dealt to them for their actions. They claim that because there are new penalties and procedures, which still require some punishment to be meted out, that this cannot possibly be “amnesty”.

But we can clearly see they are wrong. Existing law requires certain punishments and measures to be taken against those in this country illegally. Giving them a “way out” of those punishments through what amounts to the purchasing of indulgences certainly DOES remit “part of the punishment” that is required of them under current laws.

We can play word games all we want, but we cannot rewrite the facts.

That the definition of one word can be inserted into the definition of another word defined by using it is a pretty basic skill; one that we all learned in grade school. And it clearly defines the act of rewriting the current laws for which certain punishments are due to change that punishment as indeed being amnesty.
So sorry to all you out there that cannot understand that, including you Mr. Bush. The fact is the current law has penalties and this Senate bill serves the purpose of granting illegal aliens a means of obtaining amnesty from those penalties. Period.

Author’s Note: This article is based on the original post at American Conservative Daily by J.J. Jackson on May 25, 2007 “Is it Amnesty? Yes. It is”.

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative and the owner and Lead Editor of American Conservative Politics – The Land of the Free and American Infidel T-shirts. His weekly articles can be read at Liberty Reborn

Party Catering (charlotte, Nc) Services Are Now Easy To Find

Throwing you daughter a “Sweet 16” birthday bash? You may have organized the venue, the DJ, the lighting, and the invitations but what about the food and drinks? Well you can take the easy way out and just hire party caterers who will take care of all the food problems. The caterer prepares the dishes and presents the food. Besides that they are also expected to help clients decide on a menu, serve the food in either a la carte or buffet mode, provide the necessary serving dishes for the food, clean up after the event and at times even provide a venue. Hiring a party catering service is not difficult but choosing a good one to do the job can be tricky. So to help you find one here are a few guidelines.

* Make a list of a few catering services: Ask family and friends for recommendations. List a few names of services from your neighborhood to give you more options. You can also check in telephone directories.

* Go meet them: Meet the caterers and discuss the details of the event, like the venue, the date and time of the event, what you expect from them.

* Food inspection: Sample the food that will be served at the event, check if the ingredients used to prepare them are fresh. Check the kitchen for hygiene standards. Create a menu, keeping in mind the dietary needs of the guests.

* Check credentials: See if they have legitimate licenses to run their business. Check their insurance coverage as well.

* Additional services: Check with them if they provide any additional services like cleaning up after the party. Ask them if they provide rentals like tables and chairs, table linens, plants, china, flatware, glassware, bar glassware and serving equipment. Find out if they pack up the leftover food after the party. It’s a good idea to ask if these additional services would cost anything or if they are covered in the price quoted.

* Budget: Discuss your budget with them and make sure all costs are covered within your budget. Ensure there are no hidden costs, so that there are no surprises when you receive an invoice from them.

Now that you know how to look for a service to do Party Catering (Charlotte, NC), I am very sure your daughter’s party will be a great success. If you or anyone you know is in need of party catering then log on to the website of Bedder Bedder and Moore Delicatessen Caterer.

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